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  1. There’s a rumor out there that RW broke his wrist.. Any truth to this?

  2. Jermichael Finley says he would like to play for Seattle if he doesn’t get a new contract from GB.

  3. Pretty sure that would be all over the internet like 10 min before it happened quick

    Not something the pool reporter would miss

  4. raymaines says:

    I’m listening to John Clayton on 710 insisting Harven shouldn’t return kick offs. His reasoning is: “Lets say PH is good for 45 plays, I’d rather those plays were all on offence…”

    What angel leaked to JC that PH would only be good for 45 plays? PH has had a tough year but outside of a concussion he seems totally ready to play a full game. And even if JC is right about about 45 plays, maybe three great kick off returns would be better than three extra decoy pass routes.

    I think JC is in a little over his head as an annalist and should stick to reporting breaking news.

  5. raymaines says:

    RW breaking a wrist is about the only thing that could derail the Seahawks. Sadly, that sort of freak accident could actually happen. I mean, who could have predicted Navarro Bowman blowing out a knee. On the other hand, it’s just as likely #18 would break his wrist and the Broncos would be forced to forfeit the game.

    As an aside….

    Years and years ago, the surgeon that did my vasectomy damaged his right wrist the day before my operation and did the procedure with his left hand. I don’t know if one thing had anything to do with the other, but I was in serious pain for a week afterward. It’s funny now. Sort of.

  6. Hammajamma says:

    Clayton is just digging in his heels on his original opinion. I think his notoriety has gone to his head. Listen to him closely and he frequently talks in circles. I believe he drives Wyman nuts.

    I lost respect for him when he pushed to fine Marshawn for not being media friendly. That’s not the role of a reporter, or whatever he believes he is now.

  7. raymaines says:

    Right now Kenny Easily is on the radio. GREAT information!! I’m sure Todd will link to it. Be sure to listen, it awesome.

  8. thursday says:

    That’s some horrible hoodoo even as a lie. Clayton is ticking me off lately and if he starts on the “ooh Harvin is so fragile hurhur” rhetoric I just might…uh, Idk, badmouth him angrily online.

    Ugh, two more days to go.

  9. That’s f’n stupid for someone to say Percy shouldn’t return kicks. IMO, he’s the best KR in the NFL (maybe Hester or Patterson is better, but, at worst, he’s top 3 at worst). Lets face it, Percy isn’t a top WR like Megatron, A.J. Green, Fitz, A. Johnson, Thomas, Dez, or a healthy Julio, among others. He’s paid because of the stuff he can do besides be a WR. He’s a good WR, not a great one. But he’s a great player because of his ability to be the best KR in the league and line-up all over, including the backfield, where’s he’s extremely dangerous. To say he should “only” be a WR is proving the incompetence of the person saying it.

  10. Hammajamma says:

    Clayton still fails to realize that a kick return, with the ball in Harvin’s hands, is an offensive play with the potential to score. Sometimes its numbing listening to him cling to ridiculous positions.

  11. Hey guys (I’m being sarcastic), maybe the Seahawks should bench Russell Wilson on 3rd and long situations and let T-Jack play because defenses know that they can rush to get Wilson and we don’t want to risk Wilson getting hurt in those situations. Derrr… Last I looked, every play in a football game is important and you play your best players whenever possible. Isn’t that why guys like ET also play ST? Yes!

  12. montanamike2 says:

    Too funny, too funny.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I really don’t care who get’s MVP for the Seahawks, however it would be nice to see Harvin get it.

    I think MVP odds will be in this order-
    -1- Wilson
    2- Lynch
    3- Harvin
    4- Thomas
    5- Sherman
    6- Baldwin
    7- Tate

  14. montanamike2 says:

    Who’s Sione Fua, is he a contributer, any good?

  15. banosser says:

    I have zero respect for Clayton any more… Whining like a girl for Beastmode to be fined.. Now in the biggest game of the yr Harvin shouldn’t return kicks?? You don’t play the game expecting a player to get hurt… Everyone here knows how pivotal a kick return can be in the SB.. Now the Hawks have the best one in the League healthy and Clayton doesn’t think he should return kicks LOL… He’s lost touch with reality

  16. I’m going to put more money on the Seahawks to cover the spread than I am on Wilson being named MVP but that’ll be my two big bets. By going more with the Hawks and the 2 1/2 points and a little less on Wilson winning MVP I’ll end up winning a little bit of money even if Wilson doesn’t win MVP. But if Wilson wins MVP a $100, for example, will turn into $350 with his 7/2 odds. Still not sure how much to put on it though. What’s anyone else doing?

  17. If you want to make money bet the over.


  18. “Seattle is the slightly stronger team and should be favored to win Super Bowl XLVIII with an edge of 52 percent to 48 percent.”

  19. Good read, klm. I agree that people are thinking the Broncos are so great because they had an easy time with NE (and SD). However, the Hawks are more battle tested because of actually playing good teams lately.

    One thing I’d like to add with all of those numbers is that the Broncos were good/great with a lot of players that are done for the year. That means the Broncos aren’t as good as when they put up some of those numbers that are still getting counted.

    Aside from Sid, the Hawks aren’t missing anybody. They are healthy as healthy can be. Some of those good metrics they put up were without some guys for a length of time that they’ll have on Sunday – like Okung missing a bunch of games or not having Irvin/WTIII during their suspensions.

    I realize that we could say the team is also without Browner, but I think Maxwell in there makes the team better.

    And then there’s the Percy factor. That’s adding a great player to an already great team.

    There are three ways I see the Super Bowl going:

    1. I can see the Broncos winning a close game.

    2. I can see the Seahawks winning a close game.

    3. I can see the Seahawks dominating this game and winning easy with some later Manning TDs making the score look somewhat respectable.

    In no way do I think it’s possible for the Broncos to win easy.

  20. We’re almost there, Hawks fans. I can hardly wait. The 2005-06 SB was tough. I still won’t really watch the “highlights”. I believe in this team. Any given Sunday and all that jazz, but this season seems special.

    What do I get if I’m right, Georgia? All the times you’ve said I said that this was the year. I’ll just take one free pass if it happens.

    Can’t imagine not having Harvin return kicks. Like BobbyK said, a lot of Harvin’s value is in versatility. He has more of it than any other player I can think of at this time. It’d be stupid not to. At least part of the time.

  21. banosser says:

    I got +3 at Bovada… that was too good to pass up

  22. I hope Jermichael Finley comes to Seattle. Him and Harvin will look great together on the sweat suit crew.

  23. She’s the Friday night before the Super Bowl and we’re talking about a possible FA TE that might want to come here? I love the fact that we’re now seen as a place where a lot of guys want to come play but this team was built on youth and speed. That is why we are in possible (emphasis on POSSIBLE) position to have a really good run for several years.

    Now on to important things like…. GO HAWKS! :)

  24. Errr “Sheesh” not “She’s”…..I’m old and slow…sorry.

  25. I was a ball of nerves for about a week after the nfc championship game. I’ve calmed down a bit for a few reasons:

    1. I expected a good season, but I thought a super bowl berth was a little too much to expect from such a young team. I was not disappointed.

    2. Win or lose Sunday, this team is a dynasty. A young core of badasses on both sides of the ball. They will be perennial contenders until Carroll retires, regardless. I like their chances better as they grow a little older together.

    3. It’s a game. Win or lose, I’m going to wake up the day after, and if I don’t, it’s not going to be related to the outcome of the game. Hopefully.

  26. Sorry RADEoN but I put 100% urgency on winning THIS Superbowl. This is the one for us and it needs to get done now. And I believe it will happen. I’ve expected a Superbowl win since the Atlanta game last year and had we not lost Jones and Clem we very well may have done it a year ago. Opportunities like this take a lot of stars lining up.

    Just one is all I ask for! Let it be this one.

  27. I think we should have this, the no huddle scares me a bit. I really think Wilson will have a great game and I am sure we get after Payton with our rush. 31 – 16 GO HAWKS

    GO HAWKS !!

  28. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @Galena, very true about last years team. Clem going down was a killer for sure, bruce irvin was too small for DE and that really hurt us. Also Jason Jones is a similar player to Michael Bennett so not having him was another big loss.. We may have a hard time keeping Bennett here because somebody may give him a ton of cash to leave. Im expecting big things from Greg Scruggs next year, he may need to fill Bennett’s role in 2014…

    Anyway I fired up and cant sleep, just want tomorrow to get here. I think Tate is going to be huge with Denver keying on our run game and also Percy.

  29. There is no such thing as any sort of dynasty talk without a Super Bowl win. Are people going to look back at the 49ers of these past 3years and talk about what a dynasty they have had because they almost won a Super Bowl and then almost won 2 more NFC championship games?

  30. montanamike2 says:

    If we win, i’ll be the first one calling dynasty, especially if we dominate. There’s no doubt we’ll be good for a decade regardless, maybe great. I think it’s funny now that Kaperless lost that the media is starting to turn on him. Mocking Cam with the Superman and bicep kissing, posing nude. Now he’s that hat backwards punk. Oh yeah the beats headphones aren’t working as well at blocking out the noise, now Sherman is blocking it all out. The Whiners chemistry is not great and it starts at the top.

  31. I’ll be fully on board calling ourselves a potential dynasty if we win tomorrow but any dynasty talk without a Lombardi is foolish, Imo.

  32. montanamike2 says:

    I agree, without a win there is no dynasty talk.

  33. Pabs, what bets are you taking?

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What do you get if you’re right natetradamus? I say the added bonus of it being Super Bowl 420.×316.jpg

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    After we win the Super Bowl Harvin will be MVP and Wilson will be the greatest QB to ever play the game.

    Lol, let’s see if we can get Chuck out of his man cave with that.

  36. pabuwal says:

    I haven’t bet on a Seahawks game all year so I don’t to start tomorrow and mess things up.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    The last Seahawks game I bet was SB XL. That will change tomorrow. I’ll be taking Seattle on the ML.

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Some interesting breakdowns here-

    If Denver can’t score 30 or more points at home against the chargers and Patriots D I don’t see how they will do it against our D on a neutral field.

    Also I think we will have good success running to the outside of the Broncos D.
    And I think we will have good success throwing deep,(15 yards or more) down the middle on the Broncos.
    Although they are good at stuffing the run on the inside I am not impressed overall with the Broncos D. They aren’t in the same class as many of the Defenses that we have faced this year.

    Also I found it interesting that the Broncos kicker has only around a 50% touch back percentage on the road.
    Overall I agree that our Offense and special teams is better than their Defense and special teams.

    Seahawks-34 Broncos 24

  39. Ray, Hamm, thursday, Bobby…

    John Clayton has lost all credibility with me. I used to love his columns in the TNT back in the early 90s when he was the only Seahawks beat reporter in town. Today he’s as big a joke as Mel Kiper — two guys who never played the game, listen to what GMs say and parrot every word they hear as if they hold some secret knowledge about football. They are both know-nothings.

    Clayton is 100% wrong in saying Harvin should not return kickoffs. He was 90% wrong about that during the season, but in the LAST game of the season, its utter nonsense. [note to egghead clayton – Harvin’s injuries have all come while playing WR, not KR)

    Clayton makes predictions constantly. If you look back at his predictions, you will find most of his guesses are wrong.

    And his latest tirade — telling the NFL to FINE MARSHAWN LYNCH for not catering to ninny TV reporters? TOTAL B.S.! Clayton has made a joke of himself.

  40. I too have lost a considerable amount of respect for John Clayton who somehow thinks he’s got some entitlement. He does now talk in circles and basically is more BS than substance now.

    His crying for Lynch to be fined was a new low for him and he needs to be ignored until he apologizes to Lynch and to Seahawks fans for piling on when it was obvious Lynch was visibly uncomfortable doing the media availability session.

  41. Percy just needs one big KR to justify the opposition having to key on him all game. I don’t think Percy should have any restrictions on him at all and JC is simply wrong again on this.

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