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Morning Links: The key for each side

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 31, 2014 at 6:58 am with 50 Comments »
January 31, 2014 6:58 am

Good Morning.

Well, that is that. John Fox and Pete Carroll just wrapped up their shared press conference in downtown New York City. It’s the last time they have to deal with the media this week. It’s Friday. The game is Sunday. Hallelujah.

I have a ton of writing (even more than usual) to do today for the News Tribune’s special section, which will be in Sunday’s paper. Sixteen pages of stories and info. Be sure to check it out.

So, quickly to an abbreviated links. I’m hoping to do a chat today, if time permits. It would be later this afternoon. Maybe another round of links, too.

Our stuff:

> Top priority for the Seahawks: Pressure Peyton Manning.

> The Broncos will try to keep the Beast leashed, boss.

> Our John McGrath writes the Seahawks-Broncos matchup has a familiar feel.

> Russell Okung has learned to be a pro.

> Our Dave Boling on Red Bryant.

> Super Bowl scene: The Bacon brothers perform on Super Bowl Boulevard.

> The suspect who allegedly led Olympia police on a 100 mph chase in a Ferrari is heading to the Super Bowl.


> Some keys to the game from Brian Billick and Rich Gannon.

> Derrick Coleman keeps using his platform to help the hearing-impaired.

> People of interest: Earl Thomas and Wes Welker.

> ESPN says Earl Thomas is the key to stopping Peyton Manning.

> The Everett Herald writes John Schneider and Pete Carroll are a perfect match.

> The authorities cracked down on Super Bowl counterfeiters Thursday.

> Peter King looks at the game and makes his pick.

> Business is booming for Peyton Inc.

> The NFL is looking to cash in even more, which is saying something considering the control and restrictions it already puts forth.

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  1. HerndonVAHawk says:

    Folks, it’s Fly the Colors Friday! I’ve got my Wilson home jersey on at work (no customer meetings today) and the 12th Man flag on my car. I’m pretty stoked! Just hoping I can concentrate enough to actually earn my paycheck.

  2. WiscCory says:

    Boys (and ladies) of the Trib blog ~ I’m boarding a plane in 30 minutes at Ohare and heading to NJ.

    I’ve got my blues on. I’m a bit outnumbered to the Bronco fans here at the airport, however proud of the Seahawks! Walking tall!

    GO HAWKS!!

  3. yankinta says:

    Prediction Time!: Seahawks 35 – Denver 17

    Go Hawks!!! :)

  4. 12th man will be represented at Pearl Harbor today….the country will be surprised again, in a good way, Sunday!

  5. Hawkenstein says:

    Hopefully this is the last Friday the city of Seattle is without a Lombardi Trophy. Go Hawks!

  6. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’ll take Earl any time. Dude’s a stud.

  7. Southendzone says:

    You in Hawaii Vegas? Like the Pearl Harbor Reference, if FDR were around he’d say

    “Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory, and our interests are in grave danger.

    With confidence in our SEAHAWKS with the unbounding determination of RUSSELL WILSON we will gain the inevitable triumph — so help us God.”

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Pressuring Manning needs to come from inside. Denying him the ability to step up in the pocket, and forcing him off his spot so he’s required to move laterally, is the key. They don’t necessarily need sacks, but they do need interior pressure. Mebane and McDonald/McDaniel to me, are really the so-called “x factors”. Seattle can win without this of course, but it will make things far easier if they do.

    BTW, last Blue Friday of the season: make it count, everyone!

  9. trout_hound says:

    Nice article on Pete Carroll fresh off the press from our boy Sherm:

  10. surelyyoujest says:

    Got my Beast Mode wolf grey’s on at work today. I’m nervous about the game already. If we win, I think I’ll lose my mind. My staff here are all scared to death Seattle will lose, cuz they know the mood I’ll be in when I arrive at work on Monday. I think I’ll be in a splendid mood however, since we’re gonna win and all. 31-17 Hawks.

    Not many Hawk fans in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but I’m getting the colors out there as best I can. And my son as well. He’s got his Wilson jersey on at school today.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    trout – That was a fun read. Thanks.

  12. montanamike2 says:

    Halifax, I love the trailer park boys.

  13. that’s a great article by Sherman. I’ve got to remember not to let the Carroll haters get under my skin.

    agree w/Duke about the interior pass rush, Manning is a master at stepping into the pocket and avoiding the outside rushers – it’s his go-to move, but if the inside guys can be there too, it’s going to mess w/Denver’s passing game.

    this whole week has been just a little surreal as a Hawks fan, can’t believe it’s almost gametime.

  14. That article from Sherm on Coach Carroll is awesome. The biggest thing i took from it is this…he loves coach. He loves the system, he loves these guys. He wants to stay here by all means. Sherm isn’t going anywhere and he is smart enough to know he can’t lock up all the finances of the cap space for himself. Sherm will get a nice contract and stay here. (knocking on wood of course)

  15. Southendzone says:

    I like the Ferrari story! Who’s that guy’s lawyer? Saul Goodman?

  16. Rockin the wolf grey Sherman today withe blue turtleneck!

  17. I found this funny list of Superbowl predictions.

    These guys are from the Northwest and are Seahawks and Mariners fans.

    Go Hawks!

  18. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Trailer Park Boys!

    My favorite quote ever: “I gotta get my life back together and start growing weed again”

  19. Blue turtleneck Bobby? That just brought back a wave of uncomfortable memories. I could not stand wearing those things. Felt like I was being strangled. “Oh it looks good on you though.” 5 points to name that quote.

    Interior pressure would be sweet. As Sherman says, Payton’s still going to get his yards. When he gets hit hard that seems to throw off his game for a while. A couple of bell ringers would be fine by me.

    Ultimately this game is going to be determined by Russell Wilson. To be the best you have to beat the best. Well, this is the perfect setup. Go outshine Mr Manning Russell and you will be immortalized in NFL history. We believe!

  20. Dukeshire says:


  21. Derrick Coleman not only wrote a handwritten letter back to these little girls, but he got them Super Bowl tickets for their entire family and met them on Good Morning America.

    Wow. Just wow.

    And the Media is pretty much ignoring this to make headlines like “Sherman trashes Manning”, and “Manning fires back at Sherman”, trying to create controversy with phantom arguments that never happened rather than reporting on positive things that are actually real.

    This is why Marshawn Lynch wont have anything to do with them.

    I think this is one of, if not the coolest, stories in the NFL. I love Derrick Coleman!

  22. Mock turtleneck.

  23. yankinta says:

    Wow…. 26 people on ESPN picks Denver while only 12 people picks Seattle…. can’t wait for this game to start already!!!

  24. yankinta says:

    Wow,, on here 23 people/experts pick Denver and 25 experts pick Seattle… that’s more like it… :)

  25. RDPoulsbo says:

    It’s all about Blue Friday at work today. “Tailgating” themed potluck, and the office decorated in blue and green. Can’t wait until Sunday.

  26. seahawkNJ says:

    Kid that works with me just walked in and said “Seahawks fans are everywhere out there”. It is awesome. Blue and green taking over. This is the best I’ve seen the city look!

  27. bsinnitt says:

    I’m surprised that Walter Thurmond has flown under the radar this entire week. I would think his match up with Welker in the slot will be the one Manning targets most often but no one seems to be talking about it. I think Thurmond’s performance on defense, big returns by Harvin & Tate on special teams and Lynch pounding the rock will be the key factors to a 34 – 20 Hawks victory.

  28. Thurmond is the weak spot in the secondary, for sure. We all hope he steps up bigtime. But Manning isnt afraid of anyone, and I expect him to go after Sherm and Maxwell at times. I do think he’s going to go after our inside corners and Chancellor with Welker and the big TE the most though.

    And dont think Denver wont run the ball; they may try to run it alot. I also expect to see them use a no-huddle hurry-up offense to keep Seattle from substituting on the line etc…

    Seattle has to be able to move the ball and control the clock.

  29. Anybody see the story about Porn star Savanna Samson & the LOB?

  30. 5 points to Dukeshire.

    Here’s to our offense playing it’s best game of the year, statistics be damned. We’ve finally figured out our best O line combinations though we might not use them. Denver’s defensive depth is questionable. Make them work. 4 quarters of a healthy Harvin would be excellent. Lets have some fun.

  31. mocarob, was there a dvda involved?

  32. WTIII is anything but a weak corner. That’s like saying a decent QB sucks because he isn’t as good as Manning.

  33. SlickToxic21 says:

    Hey I haven’t seen it posted anywhere yet……do they wait until gameday to let us know who the inactives are?

    Just wondering if they’re going with Carp and McQ…or Bowie?

    I really am finding it super difficult to see the Hawks losing this one.
    Bad officiating will always scare me from SB XL forward…….but unless there are some bad coaching decisions….it should be a win, right??

  34. mocarob – i did hear that story. Let’s hope the LOB minds it’s P’s & Q’s. I dont want to see that it actually happens and we have to deal with the media scrutiny about it.

    On a different note, i never heard anything coming up about the 9ers guy hitting Lane out of bounds…did the NFL ever come to a conclusion about that?

  35. Dukeshire says:

    I too disagree Thurmond is a “weak spot” in the secondary. Of course it’s a higher standard here than if he were on the Cowboys or Eagles. Nevertheless…

  36. SlickToxic21 says:

    No jboard, there hasn’t been any news on the out of bounds hit.

    Last I heard they still hadn’t identified the guy.
    Maybe they’re waiting until after the SB……better be some kind of punishment for that though!

  37. HawkfaninMT says:

    Things are really quieting down now if we are posting TMZ articles!!

    In going with the “running out of things to talk about” theme… Think the LOB will be announced as such at the Superbowl? Or each individual will be announced separately?

  38. Slick – ya i agree. and you could be right…the NFL has its hands full with the SB so i’m really hoping they look at this issue deeply. Someone made a super slo-mo GIF of the hit and you can tell the dude lowers his shoulder and rips into Lane. Its way more than a guy trying to protect himself as Harbaugh claims. Just hope that classy organization gets what they deserve, cuz that was low class and dirty. And they want to call Sherm a thug..

  39. That might be the first time gang bang has been mentioned here on TNT.
    Thanks Duke.

  40. I meant that out of our DB’s–aside from Shead–Thurmond is the weak link. Which is not to say he’s a poor player; he’s a pretty good player. But he’s not come back all the way from his suspension, and he gets targeted more–and gives up more receptions–than Maxwell or Sherm or even Chancellor.

    I guarantee you will see Manning target him often. It remains to be seen how well Thurmond handles it.

    On just about any other team, Thurmond would be a fine number 2 corner. But he’ll be matching up against Welker and the big TE much of the time, and both those guys are scary matchups. But again, dont misunderstand me; Thurmond is the least of our starting DB’s, but thats not to say he isnt a fine player. He’s just not on the same level as Maxwell and Sherman, which makes him the best matchup for Denver to attempt to exploit.

    I know he’s DB Jesus to you Bobbyk, but there’s a reason he isnt starting over Maxwell.

  41. Goodell will try to bury the sideline hit. Bad press for the league is something he pathologically tries to avoid/bury/ignore/etc. He will drag it out and hope SEattle and the Media forget about it, then try to get Seattle to keep it quiet.

  42. Love Hasselbeck hosting FOX Afternoon Huddle all week.
    Dude is great behind the mic. Brandon Stokely just called DB the most under rated Slot guy in the league..

  43. Doug Baldwin may be the most underrated WR in the game, right up there with Golden Tate. Baldwin is a starter now at FL, and has done very well. If we threw the ball more, both WR’s numbers would be near-Pro Bowl levels, IMO. They really get it done with limited opportunities.

  44. Stokely & the Fox guys were comparing him to Welker.
    That’s when Brandon started talking about him improving every year and being under rated.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    mocarob – Don’t thank me, you brought it up. lol

  46. Baldwin reminds me of Bobby Engram; he just gets open. And thats high praise coming from me, perhaps Engrams biggest fan. I think Baldwin is even faster than Engram, so he’s got a bright future.

  47. On a plane packed with 12s headed to NY. Sea Tac was filled with jerseys this morning… it’s crazy to see how many are heading to the game!

    Not sure if this has been posted, but it’s pretty funny

  48. Rocking the Ricky Watters jersey for the trip there. Will pull out the Kam jersey on game day.

  49. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks for the link MRD, enjoy the game and of course….Go Hawks

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