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Kaepernick has a lot to say about Sherman

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 30, 2014 at 9:07 am with 73 Comments »
January 30, 2014 9:07 am

Here it is from Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post:

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  1. hawkdawg says:

    I think when you lose, you should probably just shut up.

  2. Enjoy the game Sunday, Crappernic! LOL

  3. thursday says:

    Lol go home Kap you’re drunk. Oh, and not in the super bowl!

  4. yankinta says:

    lol,, I feel sad for him since he’s been thinking about how to respond to RS for two weeks and this is the best he can come up with…. smh…

  5. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Kinda like when you mocked Cam’s Superman gesture after you scored a TD in Carolina. Maybe shut up and not go 0 for 3 in Seattle. Maybe wear a hat that fits your tiny little head you overrated hack.
    Sherman’s not worried about you at all Kraper.

  6. Nothing against Kaepernick but it is funny coming from the guy who one week earlier did the “Superman” mock to Cam Newton after scoring a TD. Let’s just win this thing and put it all to rest.

  7. montanamike2 says:

    Sherman is in his head for years to come.

  8. Dammit MoSeahawk12!

  9. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Kaperchoke fits him well. Choked in the Superbowl last year, choked in the NFC championship this year. Has had three terrible games in Seattle and if not for all the rushing yards, would have been on the bad end of another blowout.

  10. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I must have a slightly better internet connection Galena. That’s all. You’re right there.

  11. MoSeahawk12 says:

    That’s ok Kraperdick, you will get the chance to open your season on the opening Thursday against the defending Superbowl champs in Seattle week one. You can think all offseason of what you can do, but will still end up 0-4 after week one. So glad our QB has class, poise, smarts, talent and doesn’t represent the Seahawks as poorly as Kap.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    “If” I throw it a foot farther… Well son, you didn’t. And the notion that Sherman is “afraid” of your receivers is hilarious. Kap fulfills the so very apropos moniker: Forty Whiners.

  13. tealskin says:

    Would have thought a bicep-kisser could have come up with something a little more note-worthy.

  14. Glossman says:

    Yeah Kap, if my aunt had gonads,she’d be my uncle. And if you had even a rudimentary ability to check down, you MIGHT already be a Super Bowl champion.

    Shut up and get back to your shoe collection, you hack.

  15. You mad bro?

  16. thursday says:

    Sounds pretty mad. And yes, we don’t call them the Whiners for nothing.

  17. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Best article on the Lynch media situation I’ve read. Nice job calling out John Clayton and the other media whiners, Danny O’ Neil.

  18. Southendzone says:

    When Kap should have had a minimum of 3 chances to hit the end zone (maybe 4, given 33 seconds left), and he tries that as his 1st option?

    BAD MOVE! Every Seahawk fan in the universe was crapping their pants at the beginning of that last set of downs, he should have looked to the middle at Boldin or Davis a couple times, instead he tested Sherman on the route he defends the BEST.

    I think back to his longest run of the game when the TV shows him celebrating with his teammates with a stupid goofy smile on his face. he thought he had won the game for his team in the 2nd quarter.

    Well just ask Pete Carroll…


  19. banosser says:

    This is what the 49er Insider Blog said about the Kaep throw Sherm int yesteday:

    “What Kaepernick doesn’t see is that Sherman fails to go for Crabtree’s stutter-step fake at the beginning of the route. So as both Sherman and Crabtree cross the goal line, Sherman is actually ahead of Crabtree and basically running the route for him.

    Many said if Kaepernick would have thrown the ball to the back pylon, Crabtree would have caught the pass for a touchdown. That’s highly debatable. Sherman was all over Crabtree and it wouldn’t have mattered if Kaepernick had thrown the ball up the tunnel, Sherman was with him all the way…

    Kaepernick and Crabtree are friends, and Kaepernick believes Crabtree can win against any cornerback in man coverage. Kaepernick has to realize that Crabtree is a good but not great receiver and Sherman is great. As a decision maker, he has to deal with reality not what he wants to be true.

    So even though the pass to Crabtree was the easiest throw to read and even though Kaepernick has a special chemistry with him – he never should have thrown it. And that’s something Kaepernick and most 49ers fans will never forget.”

  20. Kap is a loser and a Whiner. Lol

  21. Isn’t it awesome to be confident going into the big game? This team is unlike any other in our history in that respect. We are the best in the NFL. All we have to do now is play our best.

    Looking for Percy’s first TD of the season on Sunday.

  22. doubledink says:

    Sherman’s antics were simply setting the table for his control of the head games in the future matchups. Kap gets an entire offseason to reminisce on how he cost them the biggest game as their window of opportunity is sliding closed.

  23. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Nothing against Kaepernick but it is funny coming from the guy who one week earlier did the “Superman” mock to Cam Newton after scoring a TD.”

    My thinking exactly. Pot, meet kettle.

  24. Kaep we’ll look forward to seeing you next year and will really look forward to watching you throw interceptions to our “fearful CBs”.

    Whatever buddy, sounds like whining to me.

  25. RDPoulsbo says:

    So, if Kaepernick could have made a play, then Sherman wouldn’t be talking. Only, Sherman did make the play and Kaepernick didn’t. What am I missing here?

    If Kaep wasn’t such a loser, he’d be a winner? Then don’t lose, idiot. STFU, go home and wear your Dolphins cap.

  26. banosser says:

    Kaz Sasaki I believe would hail the 9er QB as PUNK-BITCH!!

  27. doubledink says:

    I just blocked Clayton on Twitter! LOL I wonder how many of those messages he gets? Not that he cares. But it is a way to send a message.

  28. thursday says:

    You don’t get a message at all that someone’s blocked you, not unless you try to follow them and they’ve blocked you.

  29. Southendzone says:

    Kap should shut up and get a new tattoo to remind him not to throw at Sherman, he can look at it on his forearm each time he refers to the play card.

  30. Unfortunately, I agree with some of what Kaepernick says.

    I just wish Sherman could keep his passion without the penalty and negative attention receiving slash gestures and absurd rants. Then guys like Kaepernick have nothing to crow about.

  31. One thing Kaep is blessed with is stellar O-line play. Over the last couple of years it’s not a stretch to say they had the best line in the league. His line makes him look good.

    QBs like P. Manning and Brady make their lines look good by getting rid of the ball so fast.

    RW makes our line appear adequate by buying time.

    Point being, if the day ever comes where the Niners line degrades Kaep’s weaknesses will be more exposed.

  32. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    4 days from glory.. Who cares what this jerk thinks??!!!

  33. Actually Wilson makes the line look worse. But that’s not a big deal now.

  34. seahawksteven777 says:

    Stuff like THIS is what you don’t want from your franchise quarterback.

  35. seahawkNJ says:

    I would expect every other QB in the league to say the exact same thing. I don’t even get why this is a story?

  36. yankinta says:

    Great Article!! Love this line to Doubters of Russell Wilson like Pete Prisco,,

    “Maybe one day people will follow the Seahawks lead and learn just how silly that second-guessing can make you look.”

  37. banosser says:

    ^^ Absolutely… Didn’t everyone see the Brees’ tweets??

  38. Thats pretty silly stuff from Kraperpants. And its annoying that no one outside Seattle will really care. These comments are far worse than Shermans angry tirade; they are in cold blood, and obviously by design.

    Ever notice that Kraperpants almost never gives any credit to the teams that beat him? Its always “We just didnt execute; it wasnt really anything they did”…

    The guy is a grade A Douche. Im sure glad we have Wilson rather than that dick.

  39. thursday says:

    That’s exactly right. Krappernick never gives the other team credit. I’ve noticed that from day one. He is an arrogant git who buys his own hype, no doubt.

  40. Yeah. It’s funny that Krap can do the ‘Superman’ but I guarantee he’d flip out and whine if a Seahawks player kissed his biceps.

  41. Tonight at 130am Marshawn Lynch will be profiled on ‘Profile 60′ and at 2am ‘NFL Featured’ will talk about RW.

  42. Hawkenstein says:

    He’s just jealous that Sherman gets to talk in his Beats by Dre commercial.

  43. sluggo42 says:

    Krapperchoke, get a life. Sherman owns you clown. I bet he has nightmare about the Sherm, hahahaha

    Really?, it took you two weeks to come up with this? Hahahahahha

    Enjoy the game, from your basement fool…

  44. Looking back I’m glad Manning didn’t go to SF. I was concerned at the time.

  45. WiscCory says:

    Don’t hate me people, however I partially agree with the one point from the tweets noted above – the one on self promotion.

    Although, Kap’s response is kind of defensive in nature, I have to admit that’s the one component of Richard’s game that turns me off. In one way, I like the Muhammad Ali type confidence and self proclamation as being the best….but say it once and then take the Lynch approach of actions over words.

    However, I do accept that’s not how Sherman works. AND, Sherm is special enough that I will always want him on the Seahawks, whether the media or public like him or not. I don’t care if creates the perception of being the bad guy – it’s worth it to have that talent on the Hawks D.

    So, Kap has a small point there, however his choice of words seems a bit childish given the result a couple weeks back. And like others pointed out, the comment about being 1 foot further is stupid. It just confirms that it’s your fault you lost, fool. **Sherman made the play when you couldn’t! End of story, start prepping for 2014, and enjoy WATCHING the superbowl.**

    I’d contribute to a bobbyk fund to have **that** posted in the SF newspapers!

  46. Hammajamma says:

    I can forgive Kaep for getting a little fiesty on Sherm. But I can’t help but conclude that the one NFL QB who dresses like a teenager also acts like one.

    As Cowherd said, wear your hat in the direction your career is headed, son.

  47. Macabrevity says:

    Kap’s just a kid. Go easy on him guys… when I saw his immediate post-game press conference and how he took the blame for the loss I thought to myself how many times my friends and I have reacted much much worse just losing a game of Madden. As a dad myself, I don’t hold it against him that he doesn’t understand his role as brilliantly as RW. Not many do…

    Speaking of dads and kids…

    I asked my two year old son this question; “who’s gonna win the super bowl buddy?” I didn’t give him team names to repeat, just that question as written.

    His response:
    “The winners…….. winners win”

    I started thinking how ‘zen’ my two year old is (who’s being raised bilingually by the way, which usually results in these types of responses coming around 3 years of age) when he suddenly added to the thought…

    “Pete Carroll the winner”

    Trust me when I say this is his own thought, and not something he’s heard me say and is only repeating.

    Kids are awesome, aren’t they?

  48. Some people are talking about how we should solidly win Sunday. I tend to believe the same thing. I think the score should be around 31-20.

    However, Today I watched an interview with the head of officiating. He talked about the pick plays that Denver runs & said they are very good at timing them just right so it makes them hard to call. Then he talked about how physical the Seattle DBs get and how people think that the refs won’t call it 5 times in a row. He said they will be instructing them to call it 5 times in a row if warranted.

    We might be in a situation like in 2005 when Jerome Bettis was on his way out. Peyton might be near the end of his career and I think we should be prepared for a lot of calls to go in his favor.. If you’re a Ref and there’s a call that could go either way, Would you be on Peyton’s side or Seattle’s? (set your Hawk affiliation aside)

  49. That Bettis thing was the most significant part of SB XL – everyone (including the zebras) were rooting for him. Not to mention the ref who was born and bred in Pittsburgh.
    And it showed. . . .
    Why should the refs be discussing ONE of the 500 rules in the NFL rule book? Obviously because it is necessary to help America’s favorite QB on his last hurrah.

  50. yankinta says:

    John Clayton is an idiot… He picked Falcons in the NFC,, I’ve been saying before the season started that Falcons wouldn’t even make the playoff!! smh…

  51. Maybe the Refs won’t be on Peyton’s side, but a higher power is. The high temperature on Super Bowl Sunday will be 50!

  52. Kap is just a kid, but Sherman isnt? Comparing the two, Sherm reacted angrily seconds after making a huge play to send his team to the SB vs a player who is so low-class as to try to fight him at a charity event. Since then, he’s learning by degrees how wrong his behavior is, and has had only thoughtful and intelligent comments to make. He’s even said he knows he shouldnt have put Crabtree down.

    Meanwhile, Kap–who repeatedly gave teams and player who beat him no credit all season–has two weeks to come up with a response, and chooses to once again give no credit to the player or team who outplayed him, and makes rude, insulting comments. He insults Sherman and comes across like the sore loser crybaby he is.

    The guy looks, acts, and talks like an immature, spoiled teenager. Which is what he is, age be-damned. Thats why the only way his team wins is by brilliant coaching to cover up their qb’s weaknesses.

    You want to beat Sherm Kraperpants? Then better start working harder at film study and practice your mechanics with your qb coach all offseason. Its your reliance on your athleticism and poor understanding of defenses and lack of discipline that made you vulnerable to Sherman.

    Had you thrown that pass a foot higher, Sherm likely would have reacted differently. He has the best reflexes of any corner in the NFL you know…Get a grip, loser, that pass NEVER should have been thrown, and even Elway in his prime or Favre could have got that pass over Sherm. You got beaten by a better opponent. Deal with it…borrow some class if you dont have any of your own.

  53. Time to ramp up the intensity.. When’s the last time we were blown out? Jim Mora era? Fun read..

  54. Mac, hope you’ve got that kid decked out in 12 gear. “Winners win!”

  55. couldnt have got that pass over Sherm..

  56. Isn’t 50 degrees more of a Seattle temperature?

    As much as I appreciate and respect Clayton, I agree he’s way off base on the Lynch discussion. Clayton is a member of the writers’ group, so he’s defending his livlihood, but his primary role is guru, not opinions. Clayton doesn’t do interviews, so why should he care? He gets info in person, not from behind a mike. If Lynch doesn’t talk to the crowd, Clayton will have a greater audience when he gets personal tidbits from him in private.

  57. Southendzone says:

    Exactly STT, Crabtree was blanketed and Sherm timed his jump perfectly. At the point of the tip, sure it looks like there’s separation between the 2 and a different pass would have got to him, but that’s because Sherm put himself in the right spot for where the ball WOULD be.

    If it was going somewhere else, Sherm would have been there too. Sherm is everywhere, including the dark recesses of Kap’s mind. Kap needs a Robin Williams “It’s not your fault” hug.

  58. seahawks12thman says:

    This might have been posted already but it’s so cool! Way to go Boeing! Go Hawks!!!

    And you can actually track it here:

  59. Can’t think of anything more to add… you guys did great!
    What a poor loser… and it took him a week to come up with that too. Kapwhiner cannot win a war of words with Sherman… wonder what his response will be? WAIT!!! He won’t have time… he is playing in the Super Bowl.

  60. thursday says:

    Where are you seeing 50? I see 45 as a high on Weatherbug and that’s not accounting for the fact that the sun will be down by kickoff. I can’t buy 50 degrees after sunset in New Jersey in January lol.

    Also, Kraps apparently thinks our nickel defense is weak.

    I don’t personally think Peyton is going to retire after this season regardless of the result and he’s kinda said that himself. Part of the Bettis thing was due to Detroit being his hometown, not just the retirement.

  61. thursday says:

    And wow, I am now dumber for reading that Denver forum. I couldn’t make it past page two. What a bunch of morons.

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    At least Talksomekrap isn’t dressing like a thug now! Lol, I’m waiting for the race baiters to show up for using the word thug. Lol.

  63. Macabrevity says:

    STTBM – I’m just not going to get worked up over an immature rich kid acting like an immature rich kid. I would in no way compare his immature rich kid comments to Sherm’s passion and ability to turn that passion into a positive discussion. I just can’t villainize a guy for being petty when the extent of it is a few immature thoughtless comments against our beloved team.

  64. Simply loser talk.

  65. edstang45 says:

    well Kraperstink is just beginning to WHINE…3 more years of it anyways as we go for 2 then 3 division championships in a row then 2 and then 3 Conferens=ce champs in a row and could it be three peat Krapper???? bite on that with fingers Crabbake and let the whining begin….by the way he’s damn good at it as his Coach is a great teacher

  66. You can’t take capwhiner seriously who wears his cap sideways and pants halfway down his buttcrack. Give me Wilson or Sherman any day. Sherman showed lots of class at the media events in NY and capwhiner is jealous.

  67. banosser says:

    Southernendzone… “At the point of the tip, sure it looks like there’s separation between the 2 and a different pass would have got to him”

    Crabtree pushes off just as the pass is getting to them… uses his left hand to push off on Sherm’s right shoulder.. kind of spun him away and definitely separated them.. Sherm had the athletic ability and werewithal to adjust in mid-air and use his left hand and bat it to Smith… And make no mistake that push off would have NEVER been called..

  68. thursday says:

    Ah yeah, watching Fox tonight, temps at kickoff will be in the 30s, not 50s lol.

    People should remember though, if Smith hadn’t been there to snatch up that ball, we’re talking a few more nail-biting attempts by Kraps there. Everyone’s forgotten about them in their pursuit of Lynch and chiding of Sherm.

  69. Harbaugh, during the post game said Kaep’s pass was off by inches.
    Now, Kap says it would’ve been a TD if I threw it a foot further?
    Well, don’t we all wish ifs and buts were candy and nuts?

    Well, I’ve got news for both those losers.

    First, Kap’s throw sucked.
    It might have beaten any other corner, but not one with a wingspan like Sherm’s. And Ringworm had Crabtree so locked down that he had to shove Sherm in the back to get any separation. If you watch the replay, that’s why Sherm is spun around as he damn near palms the ball and swats it away. Even if the pass was a foot higher or further, Crabtree’s momentum would have hurtled him out of bounds anyway. Simple laws of physics at work there.

    So, I hate to crush and demolish their “what if” fantasies,
    but that scenario didn’t happen and never would have happened.
    I’m all about that reality, boss. I’m all about things that actually happened in a time space continuum that actually exists, boss.

    Keep listening to your “noise-cancelling” headphones that apparently do a spectacularly poor job of cancelling out “noise”.
    Because, like Sherm said:
    “You wanted this noise, son, you wanted this noise!”
    And keep having epic brain farts and meltdowns in Seattle.
    I’ve said this before, I don’t think Kap will ever win a game in Seattle.

    Aloe Blacc croons soulfully commercial fades to black:

    You can tell everybody,
    you can tell everybody,
    go ahead and tell everybody,
    Sherm’s the man, Sherm’s the man, Sherm’s the man…

  70. If I had a million dollars, I’d be a millionaire.

    If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.

    As was said, you DIDN’T, son. And I highly doubt there was more than a 40 Whiners chance in Clink to complete that pass regardless of the location.

    Just shut your pie hole and go back to acting and looking like a goofy buffoon, Squidward Craperstink.

  71. Lol, bbmate!

  72. Macabrevity–No worries. I just think we should hold Kraperpants to the same high standards we hold Wilson, Newton, Dalton, and the rest of the qb’s to….

  73. Macabrevity says:

    Danooly, all he has is a Hass jersey… it’ll have to do, although he’ll be sleeping since the game starts in the wee hours for us.

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