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A normal Thursday for Seahawks at practice

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January 30, 2014 5:12 pm

What’s described in this practice report about the Seahawks is a standard day for them. We’ve seen it all year:

Seattle Seahawks Practice Pool Report
By Jenny Vrentas
Pro Football Writers of America

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Running back Marshawn Lynch was one of 61 Seattle Seahawks — the entire active roster and practice squad — practicing in the indoor fieldhouse of the Quest Diagnostics Training Center Thursday evening. Lynch sat out Wednesday, his usual rest day, but was back on the practice field today in a full capacity, running hard during team drills and even shouting along to the old ’90s rap song, “Sideways.”

“He’s fine. That’s a routine day for us on Wednesday,” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said after another 90-minute unpadded practice. “That absolutely helps him. We found a good rhythm for him during the course of the last couple years. Resting him on Wednesday really helps him get ready for the ball games.”

Receivers Doug Baldwin (hip) and Percy Harvin (concussion) also had no limitations; Harvin ran quickly and with a spring in his step. Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane (ankle) was off to the side during part of the warm-up and drills period–appearing to adjust the taping on his foot or his equipment–but he took part in team drills.

“Everybody is fine. No issues at all,” Carroll said. “It’s fantastic to have everybody going, knowing that everybody is healthy. Of course they’re excited about that, too. We’re very fortunate in that sense.”

The NFC Champions conducted their second full practice of Super Bowl XLVIII week inside the fieldhouse at the Giants’ practice facility again (where the Giants’ four Super Bowl banners hang). The Seahawks took the field at 4:30 p.m.–special teams players came out at 4:15 p.m.–and wrapped up by 6 p.m. Asked about practicing indoors again, Carroll quipped, “It’s really dark outside.”

Carroll added, “The turf is really good, hopefully much like it will be at game time, and it was plenty cold enough today.” The outside temperature was 28 degrees, and the Seahawks again opened five doors on the sides of the fieldhouse to let in the cold air.

After “Competition Wednesday” yesterday, this was “Turnover Thursday,” and the Seahawks defense came out on top. Cornerback DeShawn Shead intercepted a pass in 7-on-7 drills for the lone turnover.

“The defense won. They got their turnover today,” Carroll said.

The team portion of practice, after warm-ups and position drills, opened with a handful of 11-on-11 snaps that pitted the first-team offense against the first-team defense in the red zone. This is typical for a Thursday practice, Carroll said. The volume of the music playing in the fieldhouse was jacked up for this period. During the rest of team drills, the first-team offense and defense each worked against the scout team.

The defense was energetic and boisterous, swarming Shead after his interception and jumping around after every play that was broken up. The offense was more serious. When the first-team offense was not on the practice field, quarterback Russell Wilson was often conferencing with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, quarterbacks coach Carl Smith and his receivers–using their hands to diagram plays in the air and on the artificial turf. Wilson threw a long touchdown pass during 11-on-11 drills against the scout team.

“Today, we’re finishing up the game plan,” Carroll said. “Our third-down stuff today was a big deal. But the whole day is really dedicated to the ball; it’s a turnover day for us. So we’re working on that all day long.”

The Seahawks bussed over from their Jersey City hotel at 11:30 a.m. They had meetings, a 45-minute walkthrough in the fieldhouse, lunch and then practice, where the music selection included Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” and Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name.” After dinner, they were headed back to the team hotel.

Several members of the FOX broadcast team–including Troy Aikman, Joe Buck and Pam Oliver–were in attendance at practice. GM John Schneider came in around 4:50 p.m., wearing gray sweats, and he walked off the field after practice laughing and joking with right tackle Breno Giacomini. One position group broke its huddle by chanting, “1, 2, 3, Super Bowl!”

“The guys are really excited about the game,” Carroll said. “They’re practicing with great focus and attention to the details. And so we go to Friday and try to put together a really good day on Friday, finish really sharp, and head into the weekend. We’re ready to go.”


Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014

Denver Broncos Practice Pool Report
By Jarrett Bell
Pro Football Writers of America

FLORHAM PARK, NJ – The Denver Broncos moved their full-scale Thursday afternoon practice indoors today at the New York Jets Atlantic Health Training Center after head coach John Fox determined that practicing again on the frozen synthetic turf field outside – as they did on Monday and Wednesday – might increase risk and wear-and-tear.

“We just came indoors because it was softer,” Fox said after Thursday’s one-hour, 45-minute practice, which was preceded by a 30-minute walk-through.

“So, really, it was more for the players’ legs more than anything. The field got a little hard yesterday.”

Fox emphasized that the shift had nothing to do with the weather, which wasn’t as challenging as it was on Wednesday. It was 26 degrees outside, with a mild wind and wind-chill factor of 18 degrees when Thursday’s practice began, according to

“It was actually way nicer today than it was yesterday,” Fox said.

On Wednesday, the wind-chill was estimated at 9 degrees at the end of practice.

While working inside, Fox had the doors opened to allow a blast of cold air to circulate throughout the facility.

The Broncos are hoping to use the outdoor field for Friday’s practice. By late Thursday afternoon, the outdoor synthetic field was covered by tarp – with blowers underneath heating the playing surface.

“They’re going to heat it up a little bit,” Fox said, “Kind of like they’re doing at MetLife now. We’ll be back out there tomorrow. The issue we found yesterday was with the snow the night before, the field was a little harder.”

With weather looming as a potential X-factor for Sunday’s matchup against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, Fox is monitoring the field conditions at MetLife Stadium. On Wednesday, kicker Matt Prater and punter Britton Colquitt worked out at the Super Bowl site. Fox said the feedback about the field was positive.

There are no heaters built into the surface at MetLife Stadium.

“They’re doing whatever they can to keep it from freezing,” Fox said.

A few players – including Peyton Manning – still managed to get in some work outdoors on Thursday. During individual drills, Manning and backup quarterbacks Brock Osweiler and Zac Dysert hustled outside for a few minutes of drills.

Prater, Colquitt and long snapper Aaron Brewer also conducted some work outside on Thursday, although like the rest of the team the bulk of their work came indoors.

In all, the Broncos had another spirited practice on Thursday without pads – in helmets and shells.

There were no injury setbacks, and after practice Fox presented the exact same injury report as he had the previous day: Of the 53 players on the active roster, the only non-participant was defensive tackle Sione Fua.

“It was a typical Thursday in-season practice,” said Fox. “We had a great mind-set and great energy. We still have more preparation, and we’ll continue with that and go from there.”

Fox visited briefly during practice with team owner Pat Bowlen, who watched the bulk of practice from the sideline.

The Broncos had something to observe during practice, too, if they so desired. Large black-and-white images of the greatest figures in Jets history – including Joe Namath, Curtis Martin and Weeb Ewbank — hang on the far wall.

The biggest image, though, is of the Lombardi Trophy that the Jets won in Super Bowl III.

How fitting, with the Broncos hoping to add to their franchise’s collection on Sunday.

Fox surely noticed the banner of the championship trophy.

All week, he has talked of trying to establish a routine that is as close to normal as possible, given the demands of the Super Bowl and extended period at home.

As was the case for Thursday’s practice, they’ve had to adjust and adapt to some situations. While practicing and having weightlifting sessions at the Jets headquarters, they are having team meetings that the team’s hotel in Jersey City.

And they are even trying to make the most of their travel time. The bus ride to the team’s hotel takes from 30 to 40 minutes from the Jets headquarters.

Enough time to watch practice video on their iPads.

“With the technology today, they’re able to download the practices immediately,” Fox said. “The players and coaches will view the practice on the way to the hotel.”

That must be a quiet bus ride.

Quipped Fox, “Yeah, it is, other than someone saying, ‘What the heck were we doing on this play?’”

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  1. raymaines says:

    I think the Broncos are over matched in this contest:

  2. This is such a different experience than SB XL. I was at that game but now this is going to be different because this will be the first time ever that I actually get to watch the Hawks in the Super Bowl.

    The more I think about it, the more I keep thinking like a few of you have already said… but I don’t see how the Broncos defense is going to stop the Hawks. They aren’t above average to begin with but, as mentioned earlier, they are down 5 key defenders since November. Not only are the Hawks finally and fully healthy on offense (minus Rice)… but now they add one of the best players in the NFL (Harvin, Percy) to a team that has basically gone 15-3 without him.

    The Broncos D is lucky that it has an offense that almost always gets them an early lead, but we’re lucky in terms of having a D that doesn’t give up much especially in the 1st quarter.

    I’m not dissing the Broncos because it’s not easy to make a Super Bowl, but I think the 49ers would clobber them. I think our game last Sunday was the real Super Bowl. However, as we should know, don’t count your chickens before they hatch…

    I ordered a couple of Super Bowl pennants on ebay and there was a color printout the guy sent and it was for the Broncos and Seahawks and already had in print all of the stuff for each team with “Super Bowl Champions” listed for each. It was really weird seeing Seahawks stuff with that label. And darn cool! My credit card is going to get a workout with “Seahawks Super Bowl Champions” stuff if “we” can finally get-er-done!

  3. Remember in the middle of the season when the Patriots offense sucked and Brady wasn’t putting up any numbers and his streak of TD passes in a game came to an end? They had receivers like they had against the Broncos (sucked). It’s not that the Broncos shut Brady down only, it was other teams when Brady didn’t have his aresonal either. I’m putting less and less stock in the “mighty” Broncos defense stopping Brady and with that Chargers game… I think they, along with Philly, were the two worst teams in the play-offs (we all know if the Bengals could have played the Chargers again with no spread that most of us would put our money on Cincy). I don’t think the horses can match the physicality of the Hawks and I don’t think the donkeys have anyone who can cover Percy either. Even if Percy only has 2 receptions for 15 yards, we all know his impact is still going to be felt on film with the amount of attention he’s going to get which will allow others to be in a better position to get plays made.

  4. seahawk44 says:

    Bobbyk……I’m thinking like you are. Let’s just hooe the officials call a fair game.

  5. raymaines says:

    BobbyK: What did I miss or misunderstand?

    You said: “I was at that game [SB XL] but now this is going to be different because this will be the first time ever that I actually get to watch the Hawks in the Super Bowl.”

    By “watch” did you mean “see on TV” where you could see the slo-mo’s and replays? Or maybe record on DVR and watch over and over?

    I don’t have a DVR and I’m usually at least half drunk by the fourth quarter so I depend on the 12th Fan or other video for my actual memory of any given game.

    Go ‘Hawks!

  6. raymaines says:


    Twenty four hours from now he should be in a yellow jacket. He earned it and deserves it.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    NFL Turning Point on NBCSP *right now* is a must see!!

  8. Gotta watch my beer intake this Sunday. Had a few to many during the Niners game and somehow deleted the NFCCG game off my dvr before I ever got to re-watch it. WTF?

  9. raymaines says:

    Apparently I can type faster than I can think. Odd because I’m a hunt and peck kind of guy. Walter Jones will be in a yellow jacket in less than 48 hours, rather than 24.

    As I type this there is 2:21:38:21 before kick off. Go ‘Hawks

  10. ray – I was at SB XL. Totally different experience, IMO, than watching it on t.v., again, IMO. Since they lost, I never had the heart to rewatch the game. I have simply seen the “highlights” of the crap like Pittsburgh being off-sides and then Locklear getting called for the hold that has made me want to puke.

    Same game (Super Bowl), just different circumstances (at game or watching it on the tube). Not saying one is going to be better than the other, it’s just different watching in person vs. alone at home.

    At SB XL I was in the last row of Ford Field behind the end zone so I could stand the whole time. I was in the end zone of the D-Jack “push off” and when the Rapist scored his supposed TD. And I was right behind the play when I saw the hole open for Willie Parker early in the 3rd and my heart sank when I immediately knew of his speed and saw that hole and… nobody would catch him as he ran away from me and the Seahawks. And the loudest I got all game was when Kelly Herndon picked off Rapist and almost ran it back for a TD. I was screeming and going psycho and everyone looked back for rows and rows at me because I was screeming so loud and going crazy and they were ALL Steelers fans, except for the three buddies of mine to my left (one who was wearing a Seahawks jersey that I lent to him – he’s really a Vikings fan).

    That experience and memories are going to be much different than being by myself in my basement (the wife is taking the kids to a Super Bowl party in town so I can be alone) but if the Hawks can win… it’ll be 100% better than XL was.

    That’s what I meant by “different.”

  11. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    You just described the worst day of my life. I remembered cursing like their was no tomorrow and breaking my snack tray that day..Sunday can’t come soon enough and I’m looking to exorcise those demons!!

    For anybody thats going sunday what time you plan on getting there? I really have no idea so I figure on getting there around 2

  12. We went in Detroit as soon as the gates opened but that was with a dome. Id say dress warm and bring at least 1 extra layer of clothes than you think you will need. I live in MN and while I know it isn’t going to be as cold as we’ll have it, hands get numb if you’re out for hours and hours, even if it seems decent when you go Inside.”

  13. pretty great game analysis & predictions from Barnwell on Grantland:

    Seems to me he’s the best football writer out there right now.

    I didn’t realize the Broncos D had so many key injuries. His prediction re Wilson’s performance (based on the personnel, esp the Denver LB’s without Miller), is interesting, and hopefully accurate.

    Trying not to get too optimistic, but starting to agree w/others’ confidence on this board.

  14. EzraMelech says:

    I posted this on an earlier thread, but want to reiterate it here. I’ve been seeing all week that the media is basically making this game our defense against Peyton Manning. Don’t get me wrong, our defense is HUGE, and Marshawn is truly a Beast!!! That being said, I really have this gut feeling that Wilson is going to just shine in this game. I know he’s been off for last 4 to 5 games of the season, but something just tells me he’s going to show up BIG TIME in this game.

    I also think Percy is likely to be a HUGE X factor in this game. I honestly think Peyton will make some plays, and our defense will also make some nice turnovers. I think the game will boil down to our Special Teams and the play of Wilson and X factor Percy…. (I could be wrong of course, just a very strong gut feeling)

    Bottom line GO HAWKS!


  15. Dukeshire says:

    I too was at Ford Field for Super Bowl XL. It was surreal to be apart of them being at the biggest game of every year, and then to see them play so… flat. The refs and all that, but they played poorly. Like Bobby, it will be an interesting and new experience to watch them on TV.

    Sunday is going to be incredible.

  16. I am glad about the confidence everyone else has. I will be incredibly nervous until the clock hits :00 and we have the lead.

    I have been nervous about head and every playoff game the last 2 years. It is clear we are good enough to win, but our style of play will probably keep it close until the end. and if Denver has the ball late in the needing a score to win, I will be VERY afraid.

  17. thursday says:

    I have a gut feeling about Percy in this game. Been saying it everywhere, might as well repeat it here lol

  18. banosser says:

    And if/when the Hawks do win on Sunday.. Everyone who isn’t a Seahawk fan will say, there that makes up for SBXL! WRONG!! Nothing will ever make up for SBXL!! Even thru the poor execution of the first half and the refs taking big plays and TDs away.. We were still on the verge of sticking it in the endzone for the go ahead TD with a 1st and goal from the 1.. when instead of offsides, Locklear is called for the hold… smh

    Not even a win this Sunday will make up for THAT game in Detroit..

  19. thursday says:

    I like that Grantland article and especially when he pointed out that Bob Sanders was the reason the Colts got to the SB and won that year. “one man wrecking ball” exactly right.

    Either way, great in-depth analysis there.

  20. Dukeshire–That was an interesting article; but it was written so poorly I cant even begin to discuss it…seriously, that is a fifth-grade level of writing; simply terrible. It was so bad, it distracted me from the point of the story. Good God, some people just shouldnt write….

    Percy is not going to save the world. If Carrol has any brains, dude will be used mostly as a decoy. Not saying he cant get open, but other guys have proven to be reliable even when covered; Percy has only proven he’s fast and cant take a big hit.

    Seattle’s game rests upon the O-line and the D-line. And Wilson not being too conservative and just letting it flow. Fluck Carl Smith, the worst qb coach in the NFL…just let Wilson play for Gawds sake, the kid can win!

  21. Nothing will make up for SB 40 and Goodells crooked refs. Nothing.

    Even if we win by 50 points, the sting will still be there. No one will ever know which team was better that sad night.

    Which means 50 million people got ripped off. And no one except old-ass sports fans like me who believe that Sport is only as good as the integrity of the officials cares…

  22. Bob Sanders was amazing. And Bradley was trying to do to ET what Indy did to Sanders. Thank God we have Quinn, who doesnt bother being tricky, and uses Chancellor and ET as God intended and relies more on their talent and skill than on trickery.

    But Gawd, I hope he’s got some trickery up his sleeve for Manning….We just may need it!

  23. When we win on Sunday I will make peace with XL. We all NEED this one.

  24. montanamike2 says:

    I’m up earlier and earlier as we get closer! By Sunday i’ll probably have giant circles around my eyes from nerves and lack of sleep. The media has made this all Manning, but as Sherman said ” you a man, we a team”! If he was the best that ever lived, he’d have a lot more rings. He’s practically already in the HOF. We have the better team and i hope they show up in 2 1/2 days.

  25. montanamike2 says:

    Many props to Carroll for how fast he turned our culture around in Seattle, even other sports teams are copying it, (trying).

  26. montanamike2 says:

    At media day everyone was smiling but angry doug, i guess he didn’t like the Chris Carters diss. We all know what happened last time someone called him out as mediocre.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Eli the Ape agrees with us and he has a pretty good track record.

    I wonder if Eli the Ape saw Eli the Manning get abused by our D. lol.

  28. I will never get over XL either, but if we win on Sunday, I won’t dwell over it as much either. Some of my favorite Hawks of all-time like Matt and Walt will still be without Super Bowl rings and nothing can ever make up for that.

    I don’t see how Wilson can’t end up being named Super Bowl MVP. He’s used to going against great defenses these past few months and now he’s got a huge weapon in Percy coming back and he’s going against a totally depleted defense. He couldn’t ask for a better script than that and I don’t see any choke in Wilson so he’s going to win me some good money when I put him down for MVP. The odds are 7/2.

    Duke – too bad we didn’t “know” each other in XL, we could have met up!

  29. When the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, that automatically means they are going to be hosting the opening Thursday night game next season and we all know the ratings are going to be huge because they will be hosting the 49ers! The only reason the Ravens opened on the road this past season is because of a scheduling conflict with I think it was the Orioles.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Does anyone remember this clowns article about Carroll? Where is his follow up article saying how much of an idiot he was?

  31. Yep. That article was written by a tool and a fool. I’ve been wrong plenty, too, but that one was especially funny! Poor Mr. Happy won’t be able to transition back to the NFL! lol

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I can’t wait any longer! I gotta get my Kam fix.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I have been wrong before BobbyK, however at least when folks are wrong here on this blog they come back and admit it.
    At least 95% of us do. Lol.

  34. CDHawkFan says:

    Georgia, I guess these guys are like weathermen, 100% right about 10% of the time. I wish someone could hold them accountable for such wrong predictions/opinions. Hey buddy, if there is a chance you might be wrong, then don’t come across so strong, allow some wiggle room you fool. I wish you worked for me so that I could fire you right now. Because you were so off, why would anyone listen to you again?

    …Give Pete Carroll about one year before he starts realizing the mistake he just made. By that time, he’ll be wondering why he resigned from USC to become head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

    That fat deal he recently accepted — one reportedly worth $35 million over five years — won’t be nearly as capable of insulating his pride from all the abuse he’ll be taking publicly. The players also won’t be embracing him like they have in college. Before you know it, that constant smile that has become Carroll’s trademark will be harder and harder to find.

  35. I like how Yank was wrong 3-4 games Wild Card weekend and he still claims to be right 95% of the time. It could have been 2-4 games that weekend, which is fine for us mere mortals, but when you claim to be right 95% of the time – that’s a huge blow to the statistical line of being right that often.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    My favorite thing about him is that everyone is brainwashed unless they agree with him. Then they “think for themselves”. Lol

  37. I don’t know much about Carl Smith. What makes him the worst QB coach in the NFL? Has he not helped coach RW on the way to winning the most games ever in his first 2 yrs? Do you think Carl is holding him back at this point or the team’s Offensive game plan?

  38. Does anyone know what color pants the Seahawks are going to wear? We all know they are in their white jerseys, but wasn’t sure about blue, grey, or white pants?

  39. thursday says:

    Percy has taken plenty of big hits in the past. Watch da film. He led the league in broken tackles in 2012 before the ankle injury. My guess is that the obvious helmet-to-helmet actually concussed him the first time and the second one just did him in. But we had six other players concussed this year, are they also not able to take big hits?

    Idg this manufactured narrative.

  40. ” are they also not able to take big hits?”

    When a players brain slams against his skull due to a hit it causes a concussion. It not something a player can “take” or not take or avoid by being tough.

  41. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Great comments thursday and rbuzby. Enough have said Percy’s not tough because he was concussed on an illegal hit to the head. These same people would have gone to the hospital under the same circumstances. Or that he is always injured due to the fact that he wasn’t able to come back from major hip surgery in only four months. These same people would be out for a year or more. I still find it sad that we have some that consistently question his toughness by bringing these type of comments to this board. Ask his teammates if he’s tough or as thursday said, watch da film. Let’s hope Percy is tough enough to help us win our first Superbowl ever. Maybe then some here will accept his place on this team.

  42. Thanks, guys. can’t wait for Sunday.

  43. mocarob–Look at Smiths track record. Every year after he takes over as qb coach the TD’s shrink. He’s hyper-conservative in the red zone, just like Carrol. I think its obvious that the last 5-6 games of the regular season that they had a stranglehold on WIlson and the offense, and were making Wilson think too much. He held the ball too long, seemed reluctant to run, and was afraid to put the ball into tight windows.

    This from the guy who tore it up the last half of his rookie year and vs NO. You think he cant get it done? He’s being held back and coached to be hypercareful with the ball. It almost cost us both playoff games.

    Im not saying Wilson needs to go all Riverboat Gambler/Air Coryell, but this offense has enough playmakers to stretch the field and do whatever it wants to whomever they want to; there’s no need to run the offense as if T-Jack were running it and all our WR’s were backup talents.

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