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Morning Links: Moving on from Media Day

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 29, 2014 at 6:05 am with 26 Comments »
January 29, 2014 6:05 am

Good morning.

With Media Day behind us, we’re starting to wind down a bit and focus toward the game.

The players only have a total of 90 minutes of media duty left over the next four days; 45 minutes this morning and 45 minutes Thursday. Yesterday was an equivalent of their typical off day. They went to Media Day, which was an hour, then came back and relaxed. Some of the players, including Russell Wilson, went to the Celtics-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

Today’s media festivities start with Pete Carroll at 7:15 a.m. Then, every player is available after that.

Our stuff:

> John McGrath on Richard Sherman’s Media Day.

> Dave Boling on Marshawn Lynch’s Media Day.

> I wrote about surly Chris Clemons.

> Photos from Media Day.

> Super Bowl shirt sales have “exploded” for a Milton company.

> Denver kicker Matt Prater doesn’t mind pressure.

> Some fans are on a cross-country Super Bowl trip.


> Danny O’Neil writes that the Super Bowl is Pete Carroll’s shot at redemption.

> ESPN writes that Bobby Wagner is the rock of the Seattle defense.

> The Everett Herald wonders if this is the best Seahawks team in the history of the franchise.

> The 2006 Super Bowl left the Seahawks with regrets.

> Golden Tate says he wants to stay in Seattle.

> Peter King on Media Day.

> A toboggan run is ready to rock in Times Square.

> The Denver Post on Knowshon Moreno, a New Jersey native.

> Champ Bailey’s thoughts on Richard Sherman.

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  1. I’ve been out of pocket for a few days, but am delighted with everything that’s happening @ the Super Bowl. Our team is poised and getting the chance to show America what an intelligent, diversified group of men we have that perform on the field as well as they do off of it. It’s all very exciting and I can hardly wait for Sunday.

    I found it kind of funny the way John Clayton was crying about Marshawn Lynch’s lack of press appearance. On one hand I understand why the media deserves to have access to all the players during such a tremendous event, but the way he went about to make his point just sounded like a little boy that wanted to take his toys and go home.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about the game. 5 days and counting…


  2. yankinta says:

    Love this article…. Finally some LOVE for Bobby Wagner,,, I believed in this dude even when others were doubting him mid-season… I think this dude was better than Luke Kuechly last year. He didn’t play as well the entire season due to injury but this dude is/will be the best MLB in the NFL…

    We gonna have another headache when the time comes to pay him…. Love it!!! :)

  3. montanamike2 says:

    I used to like Clayton but now he’s soured on me a bit. The media needs something, anything during slow times and he’s upset that Lynch has shut him out. I guess Beastmode don’t like Slayer. Besides lately he keeps picking against the Hawks to win and i know he’s supposed to be unbiased but geez.

  4. He’s picked the Seahawks the last 2 games.

  5. yankinta says:

    lol, I dis-owned John Clayton many years ago. This dude is lazy now and living off of his previous good work….

    Here’s another Fool, Pete Prisco,, a total Seahawks hater,, he’s at it again…. I pity this fool,, :)

  6. yankinta says:

    Wow,, I just read this comment by someone,,, Is this True??

    “The Broncos haven’t won anything since they were caught cheating in the 90s, when they were secretly paying tens of millions of dollars to players under the table (salary cap gate).

    If Goodell were in charge back then, instead of Paul Tagliabue, the owners like Al Davis who were furious and wanted the Broncos stripped of their two Super Bowl rings and wanted ownership of the Broncos to be taken away would have gotten their wishes.

    It’s a shame that Denver and San Francisco pulled this off, winning multiple titles by cheating, fielding rosters that they could not have had legally under the salary cap rules. It is even more of a shame that their shenanigans have been largely forgotten.”

  7. It appears Clayton had his way… Beast forced to speak to media this morning. Mike Rob stepping in for him was the best part. I see no point to this other than to make someone uncomfortable… nothing of interest came out of the interview.

    I heard Clayton on the radio yesterday whining about Lynch shirking his responsibilities, that he’s contractually bound, etc and calling for the NFL to apply the 100k fine. In that moment he sounded like an old man trying to hang on to the old ways – a ‘get off my lawn’ jerk.

    Personally, I think Beast gave us all we needed on media day.

  8. San Fran cheated by using profits from DeBartolo laundering money for his mob friends. They won their SB’s before the advent of the salary cap, so it was perfectly legal for them to buy SB’s like Steinbrenner always tried to buy World Series. But it still sucked.

    I have no idea if Denver cheated by giving huge under the table payments to their players, I had never heard that. I would think the IRS would want to know something about that. Ive always suspected that Dallas was doing this, that seems to be in character with Jerry Jones.

    If they did pay under the table, they do deserve to have their SB’s taken away, but it wont happen. Tagliabue would have hammered them if it came out in the press, but Goodell–the man who destroyed the Pats tapes in SpyGate–would think of all the $$ damage the scandal would cause the NFL, and he’d bury it deeper than the Titanic.

    Goodell cares nothing for true Sport, or the history or integrity of the game. Those things only matter to him as part of “growing the brand” and making money. In his mind, the ends of making maximum dollars justify any and all means.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Now you’re jocking Bobby Wagner? Good lord, you’re pathological. I know for a fact you nowhere to be seen when guys like Stevos and myself were gushing over him.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM- Those great early SF teams were built primarily from the ground up, with Walsh. That did change in the 90s however.

  11. Other than a few funny comments from Michael Bennett and Lynch calling a reporter “Boss”, every single one of the interviews and questions was complete garbage. A giant waste of time.

    Seriously, every player and coach is being very careful to only spout positive cliches and say nice things about the team and the competition–as they should. So nothing “real” or interesting is said, no insights gleaned.

    Its simply a giant BS Circus where the media try to sell papers and make you waste time in front of the TV so the networks can sell ads so they can manipulate you into buying crap…

    I dont blame Lynch one bit for giving bare minimum. And I personally dont come here to read the silly and/or useless questions asked of the players and coaches. I come to discuss everything with the commenters here.

    Its great when a reporter gets an in-depth interview with a player and gives us some backstory on how they got their, their trials and tribulations, etc, or when they write an opinion piece. But the last few years, most articles are one-page less than 10 paragraphs, and pretty useless. I guess the shrinking of actual newspapers and the easy access of the internet is a big reason why the stories are so short, but it sucks. There’s very little actual content in the stories news agencies put out.

    I think its pathetic that the Writers agency is having a cow over Lynch. Their Bills beat writer referred to Lynch as “Moron Lynch” in print several times with no sanction at all. Why do you think he mistrusts all media? They earned his wariness. As long as he shows up, they should shut up. Theyre just gonna ask the same stupid questions waiting for answers that dont matter anyhow.

  12. Dukeshire–Yes, but the only way they kept the drafted players was by paying them exorbitant amounts. Their offensive line alone was paid more than Seattle’s offense. Tell me no salary cap and deep pockets wasnt just as important if not more so that accurate drafting.

    With unlimited payroll, many coaches could build a dynasty. Though, Jerry Jones hasnt since the guys from the Walker trade got old….

  13. Paid more than Seattle’s entire offense.

  14. Yankinta–Im not gonna look it up, but I’d swear you were one of those advocating to bench Wagner for Wright after Wags came back from injury and played badly in his first two games.

  15. RDPoulsbo says:

    Looks like a few people are catching on that Sherman is an extremely smart and savvy dude. It’s been a very long time since I’ve last seen an athlete in any sport manipulate the media quite like he can. With a clothing line and endorsement deals worth a lot more than his NFL contract, his marketability is skyrocketing.

    Graduating from Stanford with honors and a Masters degree in communications is paying off big time.

  16. RD–He is smart. But he’s also a very intense 25 year old kid, and not a polished politician like many seem to think he should be.

    What I like best from his SB week is his admission that he doesnt need to put anyone down/belittle them to pump himself up, and that he apologized for bashing Crabtree. That needed to happen, his earlier apology didnt go far enough.

    Sherm’s not perfect, and thats why so many think so highly of him. He’s still working on growing up, but he gets it.

    Perhaps Im in the minority, but I like Sherman more than Wilson. Russell is a nice guy, and I have no real complaints about him, its just that he’s so careful and scripted that it can seem fake. I realize he’s become the cliche’d guy he strives to be, and thats not necessarily a bad thing. But I guess I identify more with Shermans passion and intensity, so I have a stronger emotional attachment to him as a player than Wilson.

  17. Sherman is a master intimidator. He sent this message – DON’T PISS ME OFF!
    Crabtree bad mouthed him before game, then showed bad sportsmanship when Sherman tried to shake his hand. Crabtree got what he deserved!
    Sherman is winning the mind game.

  18. montanamike2 says:

    I understand where you are coming from, it’s the who would you rather hang out with question. If i get a bunch of Tebow out of it instead of a party, i’d be dissapointed. I’m sure there’s more to Wilson that’s being “managed”, i hope for this game they let him loose.

  19. yankinta says:

    lol,, Never!!! I never said to bench Wagner or anything like that…

    In fact when Wagner was saying “Yeah it’s all my fault,,” to media and local newspaper,, I was the one that said ” C’mon B-Wag!! You gotta ignore the Noise!! Some of us still believe in you and still think you’re the best MLB and should have won Defensive ROY last year,, but you gotta ignore the noise!!”….. you can look that up…. :)

  20. montanamike2 says:

    I love Sherman but he did run right over to Crabtree and slap his butt and try to shake his hand. That was an intimidation that he owns him for years to come. Before the game Sherman even said there won’t be shaking hands after this game.

  21. ChrisHolmes says:

    What’s sad, to me, is that if Lynch wasn’t the starting HB, this wouldn’t be a story.

    There’s 53 guys on the roster. A bunch of our guys like to talk and will talk to the media. Lynch doesn’t and people get their panties twisted in a bunch.

    Best part about Lynch not talking is the reasons he gave Deion for not talking: it doesn’t win you anything.

    I applaud Lynch. In this day and age of guys like Chad Johnson and Richard Sherman, it’s refreshing for a guy to say, “Talk is cheap, I’m just here to play.”

    Right on. Keep it up boss.

    The media needs to get over it and move on to the other 52 guys who are willing to talk. Go ask them about Beiber, for crying out loud.

  22. montanamike2–Its more than just who I’d enjoy hanging out with. I can tell you right now, I dont have much in common with guys like Wilson and John Ryan. Lynch either. Lynch seems like he’d be a fun guy to hang out with and be around, but Sherm with his passion and intensity and the connections he makes between Sports and the world…thats something that even though I didnt grow up Black in Compton, I can really identify with, it resonates with me. From what I’ve seen, Sherm is someone I can identify with.

    Of course, Im a schmo in Montana, I wont be hanging out with any Pro Football players lol! And its likely they wouldnt identify with my and my struggles/successes…But to me, the guys on our team that I really feel an affinity with are the fighters, the strugglers, like Angry Doug Baldwin, Tate, Derrick Coleman, Sherm, Malcolm Smith, Kearse, Clinton McDonald, Brandon Mayowa…

  23. I agree, Sherm was guilty of taunting by getting anywhere near Crabtree that soon after that play. And he shouldnt have smacked his butt. The words sounded ok, but were no doubt facetious. But Crabtree’s reaction was BS too, and should have been fined. Had Crabs made the catch, and done the butt slap to Sherm, and Sherm had slapped Crabs, I firmly believe the uproar would still have centered on Sherm and that Goodell would have fined Sherm and still no fined Crabtree.

    Doesnt make what Sherm did right.

    I still think everyone got what they wanted from Sherm, and now he’s proving a point driven home by some psychology books Ive read; our true self–who we are, our character–is not defined by one action or a series of actions. Its deeper than that. Sherm is proving he’s much more than just an angry guy who taunted his opponent and then bad mouthed him after the game in an epic rant.

  24. RDPoulsbo says:

    I see the sportswriters association is complaining about Lynch’s availability to the point where they put out a public statement.

    Cry me a river.

    When are they going to get the clue that they, the media are NOT important enough to insert themselves into a non-story. Everyone’s there for the Superbowl. Lynch fulfilled his contractual duties and doesn’t have to cater to the wants and needs of a bunch of self important blow hards.

  25. doubledink says:

    Clayton’s radio rant yesterday just sounded like sour grapes and vindictiveness tainted with malice. He really belittled himself with that petty display. Pretty sad. You want a story? Go get one.

    If they don’t like the amount of time Shawn spent with the media, spend your energy influencing the league to further define what it means. If there is a loophole in the rules that allow him to do this, too bad for you.

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