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Manning recalls free agency as “a public spectacle,” notes consideration from Pete Carroll

Post by Don Ruiz / The News Tribune on Jan. 29, 2014 at 9:20 am with 35 Comments »
January 29, 2014 11:45 am

Talking about his free-agency decision of 2012, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning indicated that the process, including the Seahawks’ approach, wasn’t something he was fully comfortable with. However, he followed that with a story about an earlier kindness from coach Pete Carroll.

Manning was asked “What do you remember about Seattle’s recruitment of you when you were a free agent” and why he didn’t sign there.

His response:

“You can only pick one team to go play for. It reminded me of college somewhat, that you would like to play for a lot of teams. Go play for this team for a year, maybe give this team four or five games and bounce around. It’s not the way it works; you have to pick a team. That seems like a long time ago, that free agency, recruiting, if you will. I remember it wasn’t very private. It was quite a public spectacle. I could have done without that.

“I know Pete Carroll. Pete was the head coach of the Patriots my first two seasons with the Colts. They were in our division. I knew him then, and I knew Pete when he was with Southern Cal. He actually did a pretty cool thing for me. One time, I was in Los Angeles during the summer in June, and I had some commitment there. I needed to throw, and I needed to work out. I called over to Southern Cal’s football offices, and got ahold of Coach Carroll. I asked if his receivers and quarterbacks were throwing that day, and could I come over and join the throwing session because I was getting ready for training camp. He gave me the time, and I got over there at 3 o’clock. I just wanted to join right in and throw whatever routes Southern Cal was throwing. Coach Carroll had eight receivers, four tight ends, four running backs – all stretched, lathered up and ready to go when I got there. I said, ‘What routes do you want to run?’ They said, ‘No, Coach Carroll said we are going to throw whatever routes you want to run. This is going to be your workout.’ That is about as good a treatment as you can get for a visitor to a different team. I really had a neat day throwing. I didn’t get to see him though, and I’m not even sure he was in town. He set that up for me. Of course my allegiance is always to the University of Tennessee, but on that day, Southern Cal helped me out. Coach Carroll is an outstanding coach. I know he is a great recruiter.

“I had to pick one team to go play for, and the Denver Broncos was the team that I picked.”

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  1. “Too aggressive”? I guess he didn’t like Carrol flying out to meet him uninvited. You can bet Pete had a giant check for a zillion dollars signed by Paul Allen with him.

  2. Seattle was not a front-runner, and hindsight shows this to be a good decision by Manning. Carpenter busted, we ended up with the NFL’s worst RG/RT tandem, and the fact is our line would have gotten Manning killed. And it worked out for everyone.

    Carrol flew down uninvited with Allens Private Jet to try to force the issue, since it was obvious Seattle wasnt a front-runner, and Manning didnt like that; he wanted Carrol to just say, Yes, were interested and willing to pay you whatever”, then wait in the Que with every other team on his short list until he deigned to meet with them. And he’s Peyton Manning, so that was his due. And Carrol flubbed it.

    But what else could he do? It was kinda obvious Manning was intrigued by Elway and the Broncos, and that they were a good fit.

    And we ended up with Wilson so all is well. Now we just have to beat Manning and show him what he missed…

  3. montanamike2 says:

    I think Manning wasn’t even considering the NFC, he wanted to play his brother in the SB.

  4. You have to be pretty arrogant to be offended by a coach that goes out of his way to chat with you for a few minutes, on your turf, on your terms.

    The Mannings grew up spoiled rich kids with an obnoxious sense of entitlement. Peyton hides it better than Eli…but I can’t stand either one of them, and especially after Peyton’s reaction to Carroll.

    I’m so glad Peyton Manning will not lead us to our first SB win because Manning would get too much of the credit.

    And, it’s nice to know that Wilson will still be an all-pro and entering the prime of his career when Peyton is inducted into the HOF. I think Wilson will have more SB rings than Peyton by the time he reaches the end of his career.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If you were Manning,(and couldn’t win a foot race against your own father) would you choose the Seahawks O-line for pass protection?

  6. montanamike2 says:

    Audible he’d get ALL the credit, Lynch, Sherm nada.

  7. montanamike2 says:

    The whole team.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Several of our long-standing and high-profile members were appalled by Mr. Lynch’s conduct and refusal to answer any questions,” the PFWA said in the statement.”

    Screw you PFWA!!!! And screw you too f-ing A Smith and your buddy Skip Baseless!!!

  9. I’d like to see Sherm get up there with beast and when they ask the first question Sherm could answer it for 45 minutes.

  10. yankinta says:

    lol,, yet Elway continues to receive all the credit in the world for signing Manning…. what a hidden treasure/signing that was,, smh….

  11. Southendzone says:

    All those PFWA members are the ones that thought THEY had the great question that had to be heard and answered by Marshawn. Of course when you hear the audio it’s the same stupid questions by everyone .

    “What’s it like to be in the Superbowl?”
    “Did you ever think this would happen?”

    Yeah, another 40 minutes of that would have REALLY been worth everyones time.

  12. MoSeahawk12 says:

    This is getting out of hand. Now the media is harassing the man. His teammates are getting caught in the middle. Tomorrow’s the last day the media vultures can wine and throw fits. Hang in there Beast!

  13. I have absolutely no problem with Manning choosing the Broncos…it makes sense on several levels. However, snubbing Carroll and Schneider the way he did was arrogant and classless. What harm would there been in hearing what they have to say and politely decline? Most people would be flattered by Carroll and effort and initiative. Manning was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, superstar football player his entire life, #1 pick in the draft, etc. I can’t wait to our defense humble his spoiled, arrogant ass this weekend.

  14. So is the rest of the week pretty much a normal week – schedule wise for the hawks – practices/walk throughs etc?

  15. Manning admitted Elway was a big part of his decision to go to Denver. And whether or not he wanted to go AFC, he did call Seattle to gauge their interest. He just didnt want them pushing him like they did.

    Carrol made a gamble to try to get to Manning, and it failed. I dont really blame him for trying, but it annoyed Manning. And yeah, Manning has a monster ego, always has. Thats not news. But he’s Peyton Manning.

    Eli seems to be a pretty good kid, regardless of growing up Silver Spoon. Ive always felt Manning has been incredible at manufacturing a nice-guy image that really isnt true, and I never liked him. That story about the female trainer from college (supposedly, teammates of Mannings grabbed her and the shoved her nose against Mannings bare ass) who sued Manning (and of course it was settled out of court) pretty much confirmed it for me that Manning wasnt his image at all. BUt who knows?

    Since he’s gone to Denver and busted his butt to come back from injury, the guy has been perfect. Nothing to get upset about. And he’s goofy and funny and generally gracious to the media..

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – Ditto.

  17. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Screw you PFWA!!!! And screw you too f-ing A Smith and your buddy Skip Baseless!!!”

    Can’t agree with this more. +1.

    PFWA just lost all my respect. Jerks.

    Leave the guy alone. You have 52 other guys to ask inane questions to.

  18. to STTBM – Despite your obvious intention, your post made me disrespect Manning – after Carroll went out of his way at USC to accomodate essentially a stranger, yet he did not pay Pete the courtesy of a polite response.
    I realize Manning is a great QB, but . . . being funny with the media, who can help your image, doesn’t make up for a private insult.

  19. to STTBM – Despite your obvious intention, your post made me disrespect Manning – after Carroll went out of his way at USC to accommodate essentially a stranger, yet he did not pay Pete the courtesy of a polite response.
    I realize Manning is a great QB, but . . . being funny with the media, who can help your image, doesn’t make up for a private insult.

  20. “Several of our long-standing and high-profile members were appalled by Mr. Lynch’s conduct and refusal to answer any questions,” the PFWA said in the statement.”

    This would become relavant if there were real questions asked as well – when “reporters” are asking for a kiss or other irrelevant questions then why should the guys have to stay –

    I agree – he has a contractual obligation, but the reporters shouldn’t get all hurt when he does come and is himself. – he is clearly NOT comfortable in the latest video – If I were him I would show up and give yes/no answers – if you don’t like those go to a different player

  21. thursday says:

    Speaking of egos, the media needs to quit being so immensely butthurt at Lynch’s dislike of answering their questions. Plenty of other players that seem to enjoy giving long-winded answers to generic questions, they don’t need Lynch.

    I like that he gave NFL Network their exclusive though, thus pissing off ESPN and making it unlikely that he’ll be fined lol

  22. montanamike2 says:

    That was the best interview too, genuine and it only took just over 6 minutes.

  23. doubledink says:

    From earlier thread, relevant here. Seriously, If you heard Clayton on 710AM yesterday, he was pretty pathetic.

    “Clayton’s radio rant yesterday just sounded like sour grapes and vindictiveness tainted with malice. He really belittled himself with that petty display. Pretty sad. You want a story? Go get one.

    If they don’t like the amount of time Shawn spent with the media, spend your energy influencing the league to further define what it means. If there is a loophole in the rules that allow him to do this, too bad for you.”

    Read more here:

  24. Southendzone says:

    Marshawn should have just got a Doctor’s note to avoid these things. I’m sure there’s a psychologist out there that would happily give him a diagnosis of fear of crowds, or some paranoid disorder. We know it would be total BS cause the guy is fine, but once he gets that from a licensed Dr, there’s no way the league could force him into these situations. And since everyone knows he’s OK, it would also serve as a symbolic FU to the league, and really who can get enough of those?

    It would be the same as if he was allergic to peanuts and they tried to make him eat a Snickers bar because they are an NFL sponsor.

    BTW, if Marshawn needs me to come to the game to think up more great ideas like this, I’m available this weekend.

  25. After reading all this and hearing the great things Coach Carroll and his team have been saying about Manning and the Broncos, I’m thinking the Seahawks have something big planned for those guys. A nice 2 or 3 touchdown win would a great payback and well deserved come uppance for the arrogant Peyton Manning. I’m looking forward to it.

    I’ve heard both the national media guys with supposed local connections, Cowherd and Dilfer, pick the Broncos to win going away. Believe it or not they both used that phrase. I believe its going to be just the opposite.

  26. SouthEZ…LOL

    I wonder if it would really work…then maybe Browner and Thurmond can get medical marijuana cards.

    Goodell seems to have more power than governors who can pardon convicts on death row. You’re better off in Texas than in his police state.

  27. wallinator says:

    Super Bowl 48 represented from interviews w former Seahawks Jon Kitna, Mack Strong, Paul Moyer, former Broncos Safety Nick Ferguson, & SB48 breakdown from KOMO’s Mike Ferreri, ESPN’s Kenny Mayne, former NFL Linebacker Adrian Ross, & Pete Carroll’s good buddy 16 year-old Jake Olson On the Double w The Double S Xpress at #GoHawks

  28. Dukeshire says:

    ESPN’s Ed Werder just reported that Lynch stated it was Seattle reporters that complained to the league about his not being cooperative regarding interviews, when he was previously fined. I’m curious if the TNT guys know anything about that?

  29. doubledink says:

    They act like a reporter has never had to develop a rapport or ask the kind of question the interviewee is interested in. The onus in on the reporter to get the story. Ask him about what he cares about, like his charity, maybe a kid in said charity whose story affected him. He might show some interest. He doesn’t want to talk about himself, so help him exalt others.

  30. SandpointHawk says:

    Found this comment over at PFT (I know why do I torture myself)…Thought you might enjoy it…

    From LegionofBoom88

    So [Richard Sherman] talks too much, [Marshawn Lynch] too little, [and Russell Wilson] just right…

    It’s the Goldilocks experience.

    Media always griping about something.

  31. public opinion is w/Lynch on this one – – even the seahawk-hating commenters on think the media should just leave the guy in peace. it’s not like there’s a shortage of guys to talk to on both teams.

    anyway . . doesn’t matter much . . .three days and a wake-up to gametime.

  32. Can’t wait for Sunday. Seems like Pete Prisco is churning out a whole textbook on how terrible each facet of the Seahawks is this week. Next he’ll be writing about how Haushcka is beatable as a kicker and how the goal posts can game plan to stop him.

  33. Antideluvian says:

    Pete Prisco doesn’t even try to disguise his dislike for the Seahawks. His “article” (really should be considered a one person editorial) yesterday on Wilson was pretty damn pathetic.

    I don’t expect sportswriters to be cheerleaders. That’s not their jobs. But if you’re going to try and pass yourself off as an expert, don’t just pull random stuff out of your nearest convenient orifice and pass it off as fact.

  34. Prisco called Wilson a “one read wonder”. I think if he were on the Broncos, he could throw for 300 yards and 2TDs every game, easily. Wilson that is, not Prisco.

  35. EzraMelech says:

    I’ve been listening to the national media and several Football sites commenting on the upcoming game. The main scenario seems to be Seahawks D vs Manning. (End of story). Our D is flat out dominant, that being said though I really think everyone is underestimating Wilson. I know he’s had slightly down second half of the season, but mark my words. As good as our D is and Marshawn is… (He’ll be a beast as usual) I’ll bet a significant sum that Wilson is going to surprise everyone. I think him and PH are going to be the X factor in this game with Marshawn cleaning up. Seahawks Win it decisively, although score might appear close. Seahawks 31 Bronco’s 24

    I’m calling it now….

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