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  1. Southendzone says:

    Todd, grab that coupon off the bottom. Might as well get a free coffee out of buying that pile of crap.

  2. Meh – they want quotes!! if they can’t get them they make them.

    it is a tabloid . . . . isn’t that the way of the tabloid universe

  3. ljarllrajl says:

    Who’s on page three?

  4. thursday says:

    Wow how stupid. Like they think he’s just out mouthing off all the time.

  5. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The Daily Snooze. The bird cages will have extra liner this week. I guess they expected Sherman to sacrifice a pigeon or bite into a bat.

  6. Glossman says:

    They just want someone to badmouth His Highness, Peyton Manning so that the Seahawks will be hated even more so than they are now.

    Face it: No one outside of the NW (and us misplaced 12’s) wants the Seahawks to win this game. At least in 2005, there wasn’t any animosity toward the ‘hawks, just the seemingly universal “love” for Jerome Bettis.

    This time around, not only is the national media openly cheering for Peyton Manning (all that legacy crap is just a cover), but the Seahawks are being made into some sort bogeyman because they play tough defense and are passionate about it.

    I’m just glad this team has the chip on its shoulder that the ’05 team didn’t have. That team was a bunch of (mostly) nice guys that went about their jobs in a workman-like fashion. This team feeds off the negative energy around it, and I hope they can continue to use that as motivation for one more game.

  7. chuck_easton says:

    Understandable. You can’t have a great story without a compelling plot a beloved hero and a hated villian.

    Every national media person was ready to cast Sherman in particular and the entire Seahawk team in general as the villians bent on trash talking and showing no respect for the men on the white horses (or more accurately, the men with the white horses on their helmets).

    What does that no good, dirty, double-crossing Seahawk team do? They come in and talk about how good a team Denver is. They talk about how great Payton Manning is. Sherman says that every receiver on the Denver squad is top notch and the best group as a whole.

    Where’s the drama? Where’s the bulletin board quotes? Where’s the ability to paint Seattle as evil, brash, and immature nobodies that dare to sully the very presence of his wonderfulness, the Grand Payton?

  8. He has never said anything stupid except when he loses his temper.

    His Skip Bayless comments and his comments last week – if you really watch – He lost it in both places. He was mad and he lashed out.

    The difference about him and other guys – when he calmed down and was asked about it – He didn’t back away from the statements. He just restated them in a more calm tone. He didn’t try and say he didn’t mean it yada, yada, yada. and if you notice the only thing he apologized for was taking away from the team celebration.

  9. Dave, what are your thoughts on the possibility of Sherman’s interview etc. as a planned strategy by him? I’m connecting some widely dispersed dots here, but if you tie the following together it seems to paint that picture:

    1) the “thug” Dr. Dre commercial
    2) Sherman telling Pete Carroll specifically that he wants to “raise awareness of the secondary” so they get recognized as the best ever
    3) the “angry black man with white woman” interview (which is why I think it drew so much attention) btw I think emotion and sentiment were real, I’m not saying that was staged
    4) Repeating the “thug” from Dr. commercial as a substitute for the “n” word in subsequent interviews and press conferences and MMQB writings
    5) The New York interview where he was asked specifically if he know the Erin Andrews would have that big of an impact and he said yes he knew. The follow up question about what was his intent he answered with sort of a “if you don’t understand I can’t tell you”

    It seems like the “thug/race” message is the core theme throughout all this and it may be a stage to raise awareness of both himself and the team. Whether or not it is to raise awareness about race issues (or if that is simply a means to raise awareness about himself and team) is what I’m wondering about.

    The other thing I wonder about is the whole Dr. Dre ad campaign driving this? The headphones are seem in literally every interview and camera shot and are now mentioned in almost every story. I’m beginning to think that all of this is an absolutely brilliant marketing scheme. Any thoughts?

  10. It’s nothing more than attempt to troll Sherman so they can get some headlines and stories to write about this week. Sherman’s way too smart for that ploy.

  11. I forgot to mention that the “thug” Dr. Dre commercials started appearing on the very game of the Erin Andrews interview (A game where Dr. Dre. personally attended). And Sherman used started using “thug” after that. It does seem well planned.

  12. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  13. jawpeace says:

    The daily News headliner. Reminds me of this quote. (I am not one for swearing and in my book profanity is a weak mind trying to express itself. But the quote really fits.)
    “Damned if I do. Damned if I don’t. So all I can say is damn.”

  14. They may not be a surprise to those who follow this blog, but here is a link to Pro Football Focus secret Seahawk superstars…..

  15. man, you just can’t win . . .

    Sherman is obviously smart enough not to give the Broncos anything to get angry about.

    This games feels more real to me today, if that makes sense, it’s sunk in that we are really in the big game, and this whole work week is just a countdown.

  16. I find it comical that the Media is now pissed at Sherm for behaving himself. They castigated him for giving them exactly what they wanted, now they’re mad he won’t continue.

    While Sherman has admitted he takes cues from Ali, I don’t believe his tirade at the end of the game was premeditated; he was simply adrenalined up beyond belief, and he lost it.

    A guy I work with who seems to think he’s Holy hates Sherm and won’t even bother to learn anything else about the man. Somehow, I doubt Jesus would advocate judging anyone on 30 seconds of their life at age 25.

  17. And what the rant have anything to do with Religion?

  18. Probably not going to be a popular opinion here, but here it goes…..

    I wish Sherman would think before he speaks. If he is ‘so smart’ this is clearly something that he is capable of doing.

    I don’t care where is from, what life circumstances have brought him to this point. He is an adult with a big brain in his head, capable of making decisions and choosing words that don’t have to be a reflection of his previous circumstance.

    I think the outburst with Erin Andrews was very immature, self centred (its all about him) and did not reflect well on him or the Seahawks.

    Having said that – I love the guy. But I would rather ALL of the talk be about what a great team we have and what a great CB he is. SO I am happy that his most recent press conference went as it did.

  19. Southendzone says:

    I think there are only 3 types of people that care about that rant anymore:

    1) 49er fans
    2) 90 year olds
    3) Skip Bayless

  20. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Isn’t Skip all three?

  21. It’s weird, all the stuff I’ve seen on T.V. i.e. NFL Network, ESPN, Fox Sport 1 was showing love to Sherman and most of them were picking the Hawks to win the game. I think most of the hatred is coming from news outlets that don’t normally cover sports. So I don’t know why everyine is trippin’ about the bad publicity because I haven’t really seen any.

  22. @blocis

    You ever think that Sherman did that to take some pressure off the rest of the team? Also, come on man, you never been so amped during a game after any incredible play and started to clown, I know I have and that play just took them to the Super Bowl. I personally thought what he did was hilirarious. Wasn’t it Crabbtree who said before the game during the week that he didn’t realy watch Sherman and pretty much called him mediocre? I think that is why the emphasis was on that word in Sherman’s post game.

  23. Nice link Blocis. Just as I predicted last game, I expect Kearse to make a big play or two. He will make Bobbyk forget about Rice by game 5 next year.

    I think Tate and Lynch make the plays of the game.

  24. Xcman–Sherms rant had nothing to do with religion. My coworker is a very religious man, yet he wrote Shermann off as a scumbag because of his rant; my point was that judging him based off that one interview isn’t a very Christian thing to do, and in my eyes makes this guy a Hippocrate.

  25. Blocis–I agree, I wish Sherm wouldn’t have freaked out. But he was totally jacked on Adrenaline, and he’s been fine since, so I am inclined to cut him some slack.

  26. Singularitarian says:

    Sherman is a household name. That’s why he goes off

  27. HawkFromDay1 says:

    Dude that paper is a tabloid.

    Any paper that uses 475 point font to say “ATHLETE SAYS NOTHING” is not a paragon of journalistic integrity.

    So let me get this straight: Sherman is a thug for being loud and boastful, but he’s also ridiculously boring for not saying them…

    Welcome to the NY Daily News – ALMOST as good as the Post… ugh.

  28. seaturkeys says:

    Maybe Sherman will get so famous the amount of his next contract won’t matter.

  29. Sherman sent a clear message – DON’T PASS ME OFF!
    Crabtree bad mouthed him before the game, then slapped him when Sherman wanted to show sportsmanship. Crabtree got what he deserved.
    Sherman is a brilliant intimidator. Denver will not trash talk him.


  31. What did the fish say when it swam into the concrete?

  32. STTBM – yeah, I am happy to cut Sherman some slack. He is an awesome player and most importantly – a Seahawk.

    Still, I never liked guys like Deion Sanders who were always show boating and running their mouth.

    And I agree with whoever said this story line should be dead (or nearly dead) by now. RIP.

  33. An update to something I posted yesterday.
    Sherm’s parents (not Richard) will be on Piers Morgan tonight.

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