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Morning Links: McClendon becomes latest fan of Carroll

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 24, 2014 at 1:27 am with 118 Comments »
January 24, 2014 1:27 am

Good morning.

We wrap the week by talking to Pete Carroll and (possibly) GM John Schneider today.

Schneider was at the Senior Bowl earlier this week and back at Seahawks practice Thursday.

To the links:

> I wrote about the Percy Harvin saga.

> Lots of notes, including Dan Quinn on not being chosen for the Cleveland job, Steven Hauschka on the conditions at MetLife Stadium and highlights from Earl Thomas and Doug Baldwin press conferences.

> Our John McGrath writes that new Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon has become Pete Carroll’s latest disciple. McClendon was at Seahawks practice Thursday and had a conversation with Carroll as they walked off the practice field together.

> If you didn’t catch the full Sound FX from the NFC title game, check it out here and here. Very cool. There are a couple amusing parts in there, not the least of which is Richard Sherman shaking the ref’s hand pregame and Earl Thomas behind him who just decides to scream, “woooooooooooo!!!!” at the ref.

> The Seahawks are the second-youngest team to make a Super Bowl, which has SI wondering if Seattle is on the verge of a dynasty.

> SI’s Jim Trotter on Pete Carroll’s journey to NFL prominence.

> The NY Post writes about the Seahawks’ receiving corps, who say they are as good as anyone.

> I can’t get enough of this.

> A thankful Bruce Irvin talks to 710 ESPN.

> Danny O’Neil at 710 writes about the contrast in offensive styles for Denver and Seattle.

> writes about Kam Chancellor’s enforcer role. Chancellor has said he watches Sean Taylor highlights before each game. He also laughed Thursday on the side when reminded Earl Thomas is the only guy this year to get a clean lick on Chancellor and knock him down.

> Speaking of Taylor, the man who killed him was sentenced to 57 years in prison more than six years after Taylor’s death.

> Eli Manning is playing concierge for big brother Peyton.

> A discussion of Percy Harvin’s possible impact.

> The NY Times writes “transformed” Jersey City is ready to house the Super Bowl teams. The Seahawks will be staying in the same hotel they did for this season’s game against the New York Giants.

> MMQB debates the future of the extra point.

> Peter King on Super Bowl X-factors:

> One Cleveland columnist is underwhelmed by the Browns’ hiring of Mike Pettine.

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  1. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    The Richard Sherman saga is played out, and distracting. I must admit, though, that those children are adorable.

  2. montanamike2 says:

    Dynasty- i like the sound of that. The Whiners are now on the decline and the Rams could get scary depending on their draft. Pettine can enjoy his new job for 1-2 years at the most, i’m glad we’re set in the FO.

  3. GeorgiaRay says:

    Well it’s officially on!!! Buddy got pulled in the lottery and he isn’t making the trip, so the tickets are mine!!! Who else here is going ??

  4. GeorgiaRay–Congrats on getting tickets! May you bring Seattle luck!

  5. seahawkNJ says:

    Congrats Georgia! Pack your cold weather gear, it’s brutal up here. Early indications that it should warm up a bit for SB weekend.

  6. edstang45 says:

    Lucky dig, GeorgiaRay……Your the best Fan don’t let some mediocre Denver fan say nothing cuz youll shut him up…LOB I’d love to spend the week there enjoying the parties and fun, but come gameday I wanna be in my favorite chair in front of the Bigscreen warm and cozy with my game survivalkit close at hand….cheers….go hawks

  7. CDHawkFan says:

    Nothing like mentioning the M’s and watching the conversation die.

    Man their FO must be embarrassed, PC and JS have made this look pretty easy.

  8. yankinta says:

    WOW,, I’ve been saying Seahawks Dynasty for over 2 years now…. I cannot believe it’s finally coming true…. I need to Pinch myself!!! :)

  9. Yaawwwn, no one cares about the Mariners (although, i wish they were decent enough that we did)

  10. Dukeshire says:

    It’s so cool to see how close this team is. The Sound FX piece really illustrates how much love there is for one another on this team. This is obviously a very special place and time to be a Seahawk fan. Thinking back to ’05, there was a real sense that the window was closing. That team had taken years, with several playoff failures, to build and get over that hump. It really was a veteran group, whose rookies and younger players were already as good as they were going to be. Not this collection. This Seahawk team is young and still has room for improvement out of it’s best players. Dynasty? Well, let’s get that first Vince to Renton before we have that discussion. But my god, never in my lifetime, and I’ve been “All In” since ’76, has the future looked this bright. Regardless what happens next Sunday (Seattle wins by multiple scores, BTW…) the next several years are going to be incredible.

  11. Amen, Duke

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Again, you can’t talk dynasty if you haven’t won even one, if you want to be taken seriously.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    GeorgiaRay – That’s awesome! Have a blast!!

  14. yankinta says:

    lol,, I’m just ahead of most people…. I called Andrew Luck average,, way before most people,, I called RW the real deal, wayyy before most people (jumping out of my couch, screaming after the 75th overall pick in 2012)…. I called Dynasty 2 years ago,, now some in the national media are starting to see the possibility…… I’m not right all the time but you can count me in for 95%. :)

  15. Mitch Levy just tapped into Denver’s sports radio guys. The guys over there said they look at Russell Wilson as a “more effective Tim Tebow”. They also think Seattle’s secondary is “pretty solid”, all while they think they’re defensive line is as good as or better than Arizona’s d-line. Let that sink in…”a more effective Tim Tebow”….

  16. RDPoulsbo says:

    lol…Mariners. All I can say is at least Chuck Armstrong is gone. Just need Howard Lincoln to get out of the way and there might be hope. They might be MLB’s version of the Cleveland Browns.

  17. CDHawkFan says:

    Everyone seems to think that we can put some points up on the Denver D.

    I remember the commentators last week say that the Denver run D is solid, but after thinking about it, with all the points that Payton puts up, I assume that not many teams were in a position to run as they were trying to keep up with Manning and the 38 points a game average.

    Would be great to see ML go for about 160 on 25 carries and 2 TD.

    Have fun Georgia Ray, I am not sure I could sleep for the next 9 nights if I had a ticket.

  18. RDPoulsbo says:

    “a more effective Tim Tebow” Mark Sanchez is also more effective than Tim Tebow. That’s like saying Decker is a more effective Bryan Walters.

  19. yankinta says:

    CDHawkFan,, Denver D is 27th in Pass D and their Run D is around average. We all know they will Sell out to stop Lynch. RW will have an easy day picking that Pass D apart without their Best Corner Back. Now that PH is playing,, I am thinking we’ll be able to put up over 40 points on that Denver D…..

    Once RW gets outside of the Pocket, their LB aren’t fast enough to chase him,,, Von Miller would have a good chance but he’s done for the year….

    Ariziona D is top 5,, wayyy out of their league to be comparing,, imo. :)

  20. Southendzone says:

    I get pissed everytime the Mariners try to latch onto the Seahawks success. I don’t want anything to do with their stink of failure or any possible bad karma.

    Just sit on the side quietly and learn how to run an organization. In fact, don’t say ANYTHING, about ANYTHING until your club is 5 games over .500, then we can talk.

  21. sluggo42 says:

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around what role Percy will play. Will they just mix him in here and there, or will they try to feed him a lot? Or, start easy, but feed him more if he starts to go off, thereby opening the door for beast and co to go off?

    Is it possible the offense goes off the hook for 45 points, or something crazy, keeping Payton on the bench and thereby controlling his damage?

    That’s kinda my thought on how to contain Payton! keep him off the field with massive ball control! and they need to jam it into the end zone too. Haushk just needs to kick pats and kickoffs deep into the end zone…

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Yep. As pabuwal is fond of saying, 5% of the time you’re 95% right.

  23. Rockyseahawk says:

    I agree with Peter King, I think Doug Baldwin is going to have a big game.

  24. thursday says:

    I was so excited to see Percy play in the Saints game that it was a crushing blow when he got knocked out. So I’m trying to temper it now lol. But Denver is one of the worser teams in kickoff coverage…that could be exciting.

  25. tealskin says:

    Sluggo- Seems like the perfect plan. Keep Peyton on the sideline and let his grandpa body stiffen up a bit in the cold. Can sit and dwell abut the good old days in Omaha.

  26. montanamike2 says:

    GeorgiaRay congrats.

  27. chuck_easton says:

    The perception of Wilson throughout the country is that he is nothing more than a ‘game manager’.

    Great. Let them think that. Let Wilson hear all about how is isn’t a true elite QB. More fuel to the fire.

    And I agree Duke. There is no Dynsasty until there is the first Lombardi in the trophy case.

    Where the Buffalo Bills a Dynasty those four trips to the SB as losers?

    Does anybody bring up Minnesota’s four SB losses and talk of Dynasty?

    A team can only be considered in the Dynasty talk after they have a few Lombardies and Seattle still doesn’t have one.

    Cool the jets here guys. Let’s not piss off the football gods this close to achieving the dream.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Way to go GeorgiaRay! I’m very happy for you. And thanks again for the time we spent at the Georgia Dome. That was absolutely awesome!

  29. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Im going to the game!! I have 2 tickets downstairs corner end zone!

  30. I saw over/under numbers for the temp. at start of game and end of game: 27 & 17.

  31. tealskin says:

    Chuck- People think of RW as a game manager because that’s how the team has been using him. And if it’s good enough to win that’s how they’ll continue in this game. Pete believes that formula will take them over the top. Stategic game management- in every aspect.

  32. thursday says:

    It’s funny how Denver fans/media have been so dismissive of the Seahawks. As opposed to the respect I see from fans/media here (mostly). Well, it’s gonna make them look extra dumb if we beat or beat up on them. They won’t be able to wrap their minds around it.

  33. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    The weather will be fine. Its been about 10 degrees and brutal all week but next sunday looks like temps in the low 30’s will a chance of light snow snowers, 30 percent chance.

  34. GeorgiaRay says:

    I’m stressing that FedEx is going to screw me!! Anybody else in the area, or going next weekend that has a good idea on how/where to pro-funct?? MikefromNJ?

  35. GeorgiaRay says:


  36. yankinta says:

    lol,, there are those that like to say/predict things after the Fact. I’m definitely not one of those,,,

    Having said that….. Here’re 2 Dynasty Building Questions for Seahawks Fans…. :)

    1. Do we believe that Russell Okung is our Franchise Left Tackle?? If so, do we extend him while his stock is down,, in this upcoming off-season?? We all know he wasn’t 100% all season and he hasn’t played like a Pro Bowl LT….

    2. Obviously we won’t be able to keep both Golden Tate and Baldwin,,, since we have to extend Earl, Sherman and RW….. If we had to choose one to keep,, Do we extend Tate or Baldwin?? Who is better?? We’ve all seen that Baldwin can play outside the numbers as well…

  37. GeorgiaRay – what do you need exactly?

  38. seahawkNJ says:

    MikefromNJ – didn’t realize you were going too. Enjoy it man. GeorgiaRay – there are quite a few activities going on depending on when you get in and if you are staying in NY or NJ.

  39. HawkFromDay1 says:

    If adorable kids can repeat what you said verbatim, and it’s hilarious and cute, then it is by definition not offensive.

  40. Vegas56 – saw your post from last night and glad you’re wearing your Hawks gear around town. I have to say I’m missing some things in LV – particularly the sunshine! I rec’d some emails from the Scooters group and they have to be absolutely going nuts right now. Can’t imagine even being able to get in the door for the SB. Just got an email from Jackson’s (UW Bar) and they said they got permission to host a SB party even though their ties are to Green Bay. They said since it’s still NFC that they are cool with that.
    FYI – I think I remember you posting that you watched some games at LV Hilton – I ended up doing that as well – nice to see all the other games at the same time!

  41. Southendzone says:

    Good questions Yank. Especially Okung. On #2, I think we can potentially hang onto DB and Tate next year. If I remember, we can give DB a tender offer since he’s a RFA, that wouldn’t be too costly at 2nd round tender. Tate is a wild card, pretty sure he wants a big contract but I don’t know what his market is. Is he a 6M/year guy or a 10M year guy?

    To me, Okung doesn’t look ‘great’ is it just the toe? No clue. Does he like playing next to Bowie since they are both from OK state? I think so and next year our line seems like it will be very different. If you put a good pass blocking LG next to Okung, does he all of a sudden look better himself?

    I think there would be a strong market for Okung if we allowed him to test FA.

  42. seahawk44 says:

    Yankita….I think Tate is going to have a huge super bowl game due to Harvin being on the field. And due to that, some team will overpay for his future services and he will be gone.
    Wilson, Thomas & Sherman are the cornerstones of this team going forward.
    They will require a significant portion of the cap space available in the coming years along with Harvin and a few others. I would love for them to be able to re sign Bennett, but they may not be able to.
    I see the team signing Baldwin. He has proven to be solid. I also see them drafting another WR early (but hope most early picks are used for O linemen) and, possibly restructure Rice’s deal to bring him back.
    I told myself I would not talk about next season until after the super bowl, but the future looks very bright for the Seahawks and we should all be grateful to Paul Allen for making the moves to get these football peoole in place for5he franchise. I am so excited for the city of Seattle. These fans deserve some success.
    A little prediction……
    Seahawks 34, Broncos 24

    Go Hawks!

  43. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. He is the *king* of coming in after the fact with his post-dictions.

  44. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think they keep Okung, even with his stock down. In reality, is there any choice? How many franchise LTs are going to be sitting there at 32 in the draft? His contract came before the latest CBA, so his contract was sky high to begin with, so it’s not likely to blow up even more when he’s up. In any case, he still has 2 more years on his contract, so they have plenty of time to figure that out.

    Tate may sign for a surprisingly cheap price. The WR market will be flooded with guys like Decker, Edelman and Cooper. Then there’s a draft class that’s deep at that spot. It will be interesting to see what happens there.

  45. Yank – you can’t beat this prediction can you lol-

    DEC. 27, 2011 AT 11:51 AM
    Am I going too far by thinking that Richard Sherman can redefine the CB position?

    Read more here:

  46. yankinta says:

    lol, Duke,, As Richard Sherman the Great, once said,, “A Lion does not concern himself with the opinions of a Sheep.” in my case, it’s a flock of sheep…. :)

  47. spencerdt says:

    I really appreciate Yankie doodle putting his little smiley face on every post so I know which ones to skip over.

  48. yankinta says:

    Southendzone, seahawk44 and RDPoulsbo,, I agree for the most part but if we were to sign Tate no matter how cheap,, then it’s likely that we’ll let Baldwin go when he becomes unrestricted free agent…. Is that what you want??

    I think Okung is a Pro Bowl LT. We should try to extend him while his stock is down,, this offseason…

    As for Baldwin versus Tate, I guess I have no preference,, I would say sign/extend the cheaper of the two…..

  49. GeorgiaRay says:

    Staying in Manhattan, but am wondering where all the Hawks related stuff will be going Sunday morning?

  50. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I don’t know if that counts, because you actually have verifiable evidence of what you said.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    Pabuwal – I love my response to your question. “Yes”. Uh… lol

  52. I think I was fortunate that I didn’t watch Sherman in College (I dont watch much Pac 10/12 out here) so I was just basing my opinion on his first few games with the Seahawks. Remember his first start where he came in and shut down AJ Green – a true WR stud? That was incredible. Even with Shawn Springs at his best we’ve never seen CB play like that with the Seahawks. And that was just his first game!

    If I watched him in College, I’m sure I would have taken longer to come around.

  53. Yeah, Pabs…gotta hand it to you on that one…and, Sherman wasn’t even mentioned in the post on that thread.

    Care to make a prediction on another currently unheralded Seahawk? We can check back in 2017 to see how you did.

  54. Dukeshire says:

    I think, in part, that’s what influenced my feeling about him, as I do watch the Pac 12 out here. Carroll clearly saw the raw talent that hadn’t produced stellar, or at least consistent, results. But man, I’ll give you props for seeing it quickly once he got here.

  55. seahawkNJ says:

    GeorgiaRay – that’s helpful. Aside from the SB Blvd, there is a bar on the upper east side – Carlow East. They are doing a meet up all day Friday 8AM-4AM. I think I am stopping up there. They are also doing a few events in NJ on Saturday. I haven’t seen much for Sunday yet but I will keep an eye out. If you are on FB, I follow two groups that should be helpful, Carlow East & Seahawks Fans of New York City.

  56. GeorgiaRay – The only thing I know of the day of the game is the Pro Football Hall of Fame Tailgate Pre-game Party from Noon to 4 PM near the stadium. The cost is a whopping $750/person though.

  57. Well, I can guarantee that I am 100% right exactly 100% of the time when I say that Yankinta definitely likes to come on here and pat himself on the back and say “SEE SEE!! I told you all so, I was right way before anyone said anything”

    seriously man, what does that do for you to come on here like a flippin 5th grader waving your “I’m right, I am way ahead of everyone” banner? please answer the questions.

    I really have to ask what does that do for you? I don’t understand the constant need to be “right” all of the time and to tell everyone that you are WAY ahead of everyone in predicting things? What is in that for you? what do you want to hear from us so that you’ll shut your BIG YAPPER about it? good lord man. you have to know it is annoying.

    Otherwise your comment about dynasty building and questions about who should we sign in the offseason is a legit comment that engages everyone to discuss but your NONSTOP “ME ME ME I WAS RIGHT I WAS RIGHT! SEE SEE!?? I SAID IT BEFORE ANYONE!!!” I will never understand that side of you. It makes NO sense.

    anyways, I got friggin caught up in it again..dammit….o- well

    regardless: GO HAWKS!

  58. GeorgiaRay says:

    Thanks seahawkNJ, found the Carlow, sounds like a good time…we are coming in Friday midday. staying at that mid-town Hilton, so close to everything Upper…I will find those two on FB and watch to see where the “gathering” around the stadium is day of…

    Pabs, as for $750 for a tailgate, there better be some Hall of Famers there eh?!

    Regardless, it’s gonna be an awesome deal all the way around! Including the elements!!

    Go Hawks!!

  59. It’s hosted by the Pro Football Hall of Fame so yes, there are Hall of Famers and celebrity musician entertainment. Who knows, maybe Walter Jones will be there? Not something I would spend the money on, but I know its popular.

  60. SandpointHawk says:

    Here is a link to the 12’s Superbowl Party guide on Facebook. It might be of some help to you GeorgiaRay…

  61. LV, yeah it’s nice to complain about it being chilly when it’s sunny and 65! I spent 50 years in Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia/Pullman…so I feel like I’ve earned my sunshine all the time now. Still make trips up there a few times a year to see my family (now in Lacey and Tacoma), the Seahawks and Mariners. I’m looking forward to the Seahawks going to San Diego next year…easy drive from here. Around town you see maybe a few more Broncos fans than Seahawks’ but not very many more…and a lot of people stop me in stores and restaurants (even movie theaters) when they see my Seahawk shirt and say they are for them now that the Chargers or Patriots or KC is out of it. Even Saints and believe it or not a couple of 49er fans have said that to me down here. While the 49ers, Raiders, Chargers, Bears and Steelers rule down here, it is becoming a more Seahawk friendly city, more all the time.

    The Hilton is fantastic on game Sundays…always a good Seahawk representation there…but man, you need Adderal to make it through the day with every game on multiple giant screens! Dollar dogs and beers do help a bit though…

  62. SandpointHawk says:

    Oops wrong page that’s a general site…Here’s a 12’s event.

    12s Take Over New York Seahawks Super Bowl

  63. MoSeahawk12 says:

    wank is right unless wrong. Wrong happens often. Gotta get those gold stars for participation I guess. The weekends are better on the blog. Less to skip over.

  64. I can tell you Yanks picks before he makes them –

    1). Seahawks will blow out whoever they are facing.
    2). The Colts will get blown out by whoever they are facing.

  65. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I’m having a tailgate party in my driveway before heading out to the game. If anybody is interested.

  66. Southendzone says:

    You know who would be a pretty great 12th man flag raiser?

    Steve Gleason. That guy has a great story and he was a WSU Coug. Now that the playoff game with the Saints is done, the Hawks should absolutely invite him for that.

  67. MoSeahawk12 says:

    True pabuwal, unless they are playing the Cardinals at home, Colts or 9ers. Blowouts those were not. That’s 0-3, not really close to 95% by standard math. Must be that new math. Genius math I guess.

  68. You know – it would be cool to hear from guys like Unger who were here before PC and get their perception on the difference in the locker room and how the team believes in each other.

    could be pretty cools stuff!!

  69. yankinta says:

    lol,, As I posted earlier,,

    “A Lion does not concern himself with the opinions of a Sheep or a flock of sheep…”

    If I did, I would be pointing out the other 60 times/games that I got it right… :)

  70. Never thought I would say this but props to Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick for showing class in defeat. Jim gave a very lucid exit interview and Colin told RW to “go get yourself a ring”. Had we lost I promise I could not root for the 49ers even though I never root for the cyborg known as Paytron Manning either. To take down the two teams that I have held the most cumulative venom towards in life would be a beautiful thing especially considering that Elway, my all time nemesis, is at the helm for the Broncos.

  71. yankinta says:

    As for the Denver game.. We all know they Love to run Eleven Personnel. Walter Thurmond and Kam will be the key to stop their running game,, out of that 11 personnel…..

    I really don’t see them stopping lynch with their base D,, they’ll be selling out to stop Lynch,, and that will allow RW run some read option play to get out of the pocket and make some big plays….. I can see us scoring over 40 points,, if the Wind doesn’t stop the passing game.

  72. I’d also like to see continued use of Bailey as our extra TE at times. Test Denver’s run defense on the edges and agree with mixing in some read option. Would love to see our offense as it was meant to be for our last game. The passing of the Lombardi torch to the next great QB!

  73. Southendzone says:

    Couple things from yesterday I found interesting about player ticket allotments.

    From a website I forgot, a guy had an article on how to get the cheapest deal on scalped SB tickets.

    Every player and coach in the league has the chance to buy 2 tickets, they are upper level and the allotments are disbursed usually the Wed before the game, so this floods the market and prices drop around this time.

    From Luke Willson interview on KIRO

    Each player on the team gets 2 free tickets, and can buy I think 13 more. 8 of those are lower bowl for $1500 each, and 5 are 2nd level for $1200 each. (i’m going from memory, might be off by a bit here.)

    Luke bought all of his and was sending a bunch of his buddies.

  74. Nobody compare Arizona D to Denver D just the DL to the DL – Denver DL is the only strength of defense. If they can control our OL like other teams have it will be a pain for us . . . . I don’t think they can. but if they play well they can get to our guys – since we know our OL is not the strongest or most consistent out there.

    If ML can get past the LOS – he will have a few BIG gains on the day. But if Denver can make him juke before he hits the line we know it will put more of a limit on what he can do.

  75. yankinta says:

    Southendzone,, speaking of Luke Willson,, I think he’ll play well for us this game. Denver D has had a hard time stopping TE.. Their Nickel CB is Champ Bailey but Champ has lost his speed. I don’t think he can stay with Luke….

  76. banosser says:

    The Denver rushing defense ranked exactly equal to ours… same number of rushing attempts, same number of yards given up… So teams rushed against us the same as teams rushed against them.. Perhaps the loss of Von Miller actually helped their run D by them having to play a larger DE, I don’t know.. but they have a formidible rush D.. they completely shut off NE rushing attack after NE had steam rolled Indy.. take that with a graqin of salt since NE was behind the whole game v Denver… So if PC/Bev come out trying to shove it down their throats they may not be really successful initially.. but if RW is forced to throw it to move the ball.. that means Manning will be able to do so as well (just against the LOB).. this is a really interesting match up and imo will depend alot on how much time Manning has to throw the ball… My guess is he will have time in the first half.. but will be be under pressure in the second.. If PC runs it at a 75-80% clip in the first half we’ll be down at halftime.. If it’s 50/50 or even 60/40 run pass so RW can take advantage of Harvin and Denver’s poor pass D we’ll be tied or ahead.. I look for the Hawks to win the second half regardliess and to bring our First Lombardi home

  77. Southendzone says:

    Yeah, Luke has looked solid this year. It’s too bad that ball in Sunday’s game was a little late to him, he would have definitely hauled it in.

    His interview on KIRO radio last night was pretty cool. He sounded really excited and like a pretty cool guy overall. Funny thing he is going to Vance McDonald’s wedding this summer, the radio host said he should wear his SuperBowl Ring to the wedding!

  78. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Yank, so says the sheep that thinks he is a lion. my experience is this,
    1. the only thing you are 90% on is being full of crap. 2. guys who talk like you are overcompensating for something. 3. even i blind squirrel can find an acorn.

  79. Dukeshire says:

    “Eleven personnel”? I presume you mean 311 or Posse, because otherwise I’ve never heard of “eleven” personnel grouping.

  80. yankinta says:

    Southendzone,, yeah I was not impressed at all by Vance McDonald pick by 49ers,, when 99% of the nation disagreed….. but I thought Luke was a Steal from day one…. :)

    I think in this Denver game,, we’ll be running a lot of Eleven and Twelve personnel. Of course Luke will shine in the 12 personnel sets,, He may even plit the snaps with Miller in some Eleven personnel set and I doubt Denver has anyone fast enough to stay with Luke….

  81. seahawkNJ says:

    I’ve heard of 11 personnel sets, but never 12 personnel. That’s a 5 yard penalty.

  82. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Duke, 11 personnel group is a 1 TE,RB and 3 receivers set.

  83. Dukeshire says:

    seahawkNJ – If by “eleven” personnel he does mean 311. Then “12” would be 212(2 WR, 1 RB, 2 TE).

  84. Dukeshire says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma – Well then, that is 311 or Posse. But he’s not the keenest Xs and Os guy (not that it’s important to be) so clarification was necessary.

  85. Maybe it’s just me, but the further I get from the Sherman interview, the funnier I think it gets. When it happened, I didn’t see a big deal.

    Then the media buzz started hitting and then the fools on social sites who know nothing about the team started talking about what a “thug” he was and I kind of got embarassed for the Seahawks and me as a fan. Now I’m getting to the point where those emotions were crap… we are the best, Sherman is the best, and the ignorant fools can remain ignorant fools if they want but with the way the Super Bowl gets covered I think people are going to realize this next week that Sherm is genuine and educated (and about the furthest thing from a “thug” as they can possibly think).

    Go Hawks!

  86. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    NJ, 12 is 2 te 1 rb 2wr

  87. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Duke, i understand the system he is referring to is a fantasy football thing. that is almost the only place you see it consistently.
    Yank, likes to show off

  88. Southendzone says:

    I’ve heard 11, it means how many RBs and TE’s you got. Then you subtract from 5 to get the amount of WR’s but that’s not stated explicitly in the phrase eleven personnel.

    At least that’s how Hugh Millen explains stuff, I’ve heard him use it a lot.

    Hey in the Sound FX, right before the 4th and 7, I think you hear Bevell make a play call, I forgot what it was exactly but it still sounded bad-ass!

  89. Dukeshire says:

    Fantasy football? You mean video.

  90. Dukeshire says:

    So the take away is that it’s abbreviations being used here, from Madden, etc… Not having played those since college I’ve never heard of that in an attempted scheme breakdown.

  91. yankinta says:

    Wow…. Fantasy Football?? lol and smh…. As I said from day one, I don’t do Fantasy nor games…. I prefer Pure Football, the real thing…. :)

    Yes,, Eleven = 1 rb, 1TE, Twelve = 1 rb, 2 TE…., Thirteen = ??, i’ll let you figure that out. :)

    I’m not trying to show off since I assumed most of you have in depth football knowledge although we strongly disagree when it comes to player analysis….

    As I said. Denver never rush out of their base personnel. They always rush from eleven personnel. This allow Peyton to change from Pass to Run, or Run to Pass at the line of scrimmage…

  92. yankinta says:

    I mean, for those that are Big Time JAWS fans,,, I’m sure they’ve heard him use 11 and 12 personnel over and over again on ESPN…. I’m sure that’s probably what makes people think JAWs is good at QB analysis…. I think he’s Garbage.

  93. banosser says:

    @ BobbyK… I was never embaressed by it.. I thought it was awesome I love Sherm’s fire.. he feeds the D.. He is our complete shutdown corner.. he is the BEST there is and he is a Seahawk!!

    I wish Decker would put him down this week!

  94. montanamike2 says:

    That’s the first time that i’ve heard “thug” used in a derogatory way to describe black undesirables. I’ve always heard it used as literally the same as “goon”, and not in a racial way. I know i can be naive about things but i really didn’t know. Since there’s a lot of sensitivity about the issue, i’ll stay away from that word.

  95. seahawkNJ says:

    Thanks for jogging my memory. You’re right of course…i jumped the gun there. I was raised on the wing-t…

  96. What position did you play in college, Duke?

  97. yankinta says:

    I think I remember… I think it was Zebra, Detriot, and something… I loved that play call because all 3 WR have to run go route if the Defense falls for the hard count but they run a totally different route, if there’s no offside by the Defense. ….

  98. seahawkNJ says:

    Yank – it’s one thing to come on here everyday and spit your opinions (like they are gospel) and disagree with analysts. I personally find calling another human being “garbage” – because you disagree with an opinion or dislike a players skill set or lack thereof – to be completely disrespectful and uncalled for.

  99. yankinta says:

    Found it! Just for you, Southendzone…. you’re welcome… :)

    Patch Zebra Detroit…..

  100. yankinta says:

    seahawkNJ,, lol you’re right. I meant to say I think JAW’s QB Analysis is Garbage.. but he’s a fine human being…. sorry I was multi-tasking…. :)

  101. Dukeshire says:

    As I suspected, he doesn’t actually understand personnel groupings. That’s not a big deal, but I’m just glad he admitted it.

  102. yankinta says:

    lol,, I’m the one that doesn’t understand?? lol wow… pot calling kettle….. nvm the tape speaks for itself… I mean blog.. not tape. :)

    bye, all. Hope you all have a nice weekend…. :)

  103. MoSeahawk12 says:

    schools out…..

  104. Enjoy living in a van down by the river….

  105. I’ve realized I’m letting the clown win….He’s the Terrel Owens of blogs and it just gets under my skin. I guess it is my choice for reading and reacting…..sorry all…..

  106. Southendzone says:

    I’ve seen that article Yank, it is cool. What’s even cooler is hearing the play call when Bevell, Pete, and RW are all standing on the sideline, with our season on the line figuring out what to do.

    Try to find it in the Sound-FX if you can, it’s worth it.

  107. SandpointHawk says:

    I can’t understand why he is hanging out here and not working for ESPN,Fox or CBS…Seems someone who is this smart and correct 95% of the time would be working for the network and not flipping burgers at MickyD’s….

  108. Well he accused everyone of following Jaws becuase he talks 11 – 12 etc. But since he was the one who knew that Jaws used it and nobody else did, doesn’t that mean He is the one listening to Jaws? . . . . . .. .

  109. Dukeshire says:

    It sure does, and I stand by my scheme assessments. That’s one very definite area your rhetoric is continually inaccurate.

  110. HeatherHawk says:

    1 – I have no idea what the last 20 comments have been about.

    2 – yank reminds me why I married my husband: he is humble and never points out that he is right. Even though he always is. Now that’s sexy.

    3 – anyone that thinks Tate and Baldwin are equal and it doesn’t matter who we hang on to has clearly not been watching every game this season. Baldwin is worth 3 Tates.

  111. doubledink says:


  112. We all really need to try to avoid replying to Yank. Its like when ACIB was trolling around here…the convo just fuels his fire. If we ignore his posts, maybe, just maybe he will go away for good.

  113. rramstad says:

    Very odd. Sound FX makes an error. In the second video, they indicate that the Kearse touchdown tied it up. That’s wrong. We went ahead 20-17 at that point (the score was 13-17 49ers ahead). It’s important precisely because a field goal would have only gotten us within one point and would have been very hard to make besides…

  114. raymaines says:

    I think we all aught to reassess our thoughts about YankinTa. He and ACIB are worlds apart.

    ACIB was a huge pain from his first post right through to his last. In fact, ACIB had a previous handle, something degrading about Tim Ruskell, and he was just as much of a pain then. It turns out he was basically right about Aaron Curry and Timbo Numskull, but he was still a constant pain in the blog.

    YankinTa has been downright funny lately and frankly, is right more often than he is wrong. I’ve been enjoying his latest posts, certainly more that the depressing, downer, hand wringing posts of some of our other regular posters. He has a short memory and you can’t seem to hurt his feelings. In a way he reminds me of Richard Sherman. I love that guy and would like to take him out to lunch.

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