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Seahawks injury report — Harvin back at practice

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 22, 2014 at 5:27 pm with 24 Comments »
January 22, 2014 5:27 pm
Percy Harvin was back at practice Wednesday. / AP photo
Percy Harvin was back at practice Wednesday. / AP photo

Here’s the first injury report of the week. Myself, and many of my colleagues, were under the impression there would not be one. After practice, they told us otherwise. So, sorry for the misinformation this morning. As you can see, Percy Harvin is back at practice and a trio of players did not practice. Note that the Broncos’ report is an estimation since Denver did not practice today.

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  1. The Mebane injury isn’t of the high ankle sprain variety, is it? Please say “no.”

  2. freedom_X says:

    Did Harvin wear the special oversized helmet for extra concussion protection? (i.e. Wes Welker style helmet)

  3. Todd Dybas says:


    Carroll didn’t specify when he mentioned it Monday. Just said Mebane’s ankle was sore.

    — Todd

  4. Hopefully it’s nothing that won’t be perfectly fine come next Sunday.

  5. From what it sounded like, Mebane will be ready to play on the Super Bowl and will resume practice next week.

  6. I definitely looks like we will be at true full strength for the Super Bowl (boy that sounds good to say). If I am not mistaken, the Super Bowl is the first time this season we have been at full strength.

  7. thursday says:

    The Harvinger looks ready!

  8. doubledink says:

    to be this healthy at this time of the year, two years in a row is a remarkable thing. We are very fortunate.

  9. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Percy is going to be unstopable. Hes like our secret weapon we have been saving all season for this one big moment.

  10. banosser says:

    What’s amazing is that we are here with the injuries we did suffer and were still able to secure the NFCCG at the CLink

  11. raymaines says:

    If I have anything at all against Pete Carroll it would have been in the 2006 Rose Bowl game, USC vs Texas when he seemingly refused to put a spy on Vince Young and the Texas QB ran for 200 yards and USC lost the national championship game 41-38.

    And no, I’m not worried that Peyton Manning is going to go off on the Seahawks. Not on foot anyway.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree Vegas56.
    Nice to see this team coming to as close to full strength as it gets this time of the season.
    And nice to see Harvin at practice.

  13. doubledink – Actually we were not at full strength at the end of last year – we lost two valuable players on the DC cement, Clem and Haushka, and it cost us the Atlanta game.

  14. raymaines says:

    Yee Haw!!

    I just bought $20 worth of Lottery Tickets at my local Safeway store!! Not only do I have 40 sets of numbers for tomorrow nights lottery, but more importantly I have two chances to win a trip for two to the Super Bowl.

    I almost never spend money on Lottery tickets (the stupidity tax) but somehow the attraction of having a chance (two chances really) at an all expenses paid trip to see the ‘Hawks kick Denver butt in NYC was too compelling not to spend a Jackson on. Wish me luck.

  15. Good luck!

  16. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Good luck Ray, hope to see you at the game.

  17. My wife’s uncle got super bowl tickets…what’s funny is he’s a recent convert and the other six uncles with money who have season tickets didn’t get em lol!

    I don’t feel sorry for them since they can’t recite the roster lol!

  18. Mark Kelso lol!

  19. Not to be a buzz kill, but full strength would have to include Rice. I know he didn’t get much love, but I believe his loud had truly hampered this offense.

    That said, we’ll still beat the Broncos.

  20. Loss, not loud. . . smh :)

  21. I agree OrrObb, Sidney Rice’s loss has been very much underestimated and ignored around here when criticizing Russell Wilson. And I’m not really a huge fan of Rice as a receiver, especially at that salary, although I like him as a person off the field a lot just based on the real rob footage.

    We run the ball more than we pass, so RW only has a few chances to capitalize on throws, especially big plays. That narrows down the margin for error, especially since he needs to find throwing lanes and the Hawks’ offensive philosophy emphasizes red line throws which require precision and arm strength to achieve accuracy.

    Sidney Rice, for all his flaws and bloated salary, was an excellent red line receiver. Basically a much taller Doug Baldwin with huge catch radius. That made it easier for Wilson to just get the ball in Rice’s vicinity with his red line throws and still get completions. Not having that element in the passing game, and maybe feeling a little pressure to be perfect on his throws I think contributed to some of RW’s “struggles”. If you look at our WR’s, Baldwin and Tate are RW’s height, only Kearse has prototypical X or Z size. ( Lockette also, but he doesn’t get many snaps) I really believe Wilson missed Rice a lot more than any of us really know.

  22. Excluding Rice, we are as full strength as we have been all year.

    Harvin will have a couple plays that are so explosive it will leave every SB viewer in awe of his acceleration and quickness.

    This is a team built to win in the playoffs and SB, especially in inclement weather.

    1. Stout running game with bruising power back. Check.

    2. Young, mobile, resourceful QB that can manufacture offense with his legs but is smart and doesn’t turn the ball over. Check.

    3. Ferocious defense that can pressure with just the front four, speedy and aggressive linebackers with size, and ballhawking secondary, including RCB with elite ball skills, a FS that can cover the whole “outfield”, and a SS that brings the megaton hammer. Check.

    4. Accurate and dependable kicking game and consistently excellent special teams. Check.

    5. Coach that knows how to prepare and motivate players for big games. Check.

    Of course I expect the Hawks to win, but not expecting a blow out by any stretch. Would love us to crush the horseface Elways and “the forehead”, but I’ll take a one point win just the same.

    Remember a couple years ago during the Manning free agent sweepstakes, that Peyton wouldn’t even get on the plane the Seahawks sent for him just to talk. The weather in Seattle probably scared him away. So this organization probably feels a little miffed by his rejection, although it ended up turning out so much better for us. In Russ We Trust. Go Hawks!

  23. Glad to see Percy back at practice and prepping for the Super Bowl. I think with Denver’s defense, Percy has a huge chance to make some big plays. Better yet, just his presence is going to open up the game some for the other receivers and BEAST MODE! Glad to have him back for the Super Bowl.

    Nobody has said much about the Seahawks beating them in the pre-season 40-10. The starters played for the first half and the Hawks led 33-7 at the half. I know this means nothing because it was JUST pre-season…but…it has to give the Hawks some confidence that this Bronco team can be beaten! As always, the defense played a huge role in the game.

    I am so looking forward to watching the Super Bowl with the Hawks in the great USA. Last time they were in the SB, I was deployed in the Middle East. This year, taking advantage of being retired from the military and going to Vegas to enjoy the game with hundreds of future friends at a pre-planned Super Bowl Party!

    GO HAWKS! Make Seattle’s dream come true! We have been waiting since 1977 for a NFL Championship!

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