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Morning Links: The day Sherman roared

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 21, 2014 at 1:31 am with 116 Comments »
January 21, 2014 1:53 am
Seahawk’s Richard Sherman celebrates with the fans in the stands after beating the Niners at CenturyLink Field on Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014. PHOTO BY LUI KIT WONG — Tacoma News-Tribune
The Seahawks’ Richard Sherman celebrates with the fans in the stands after beating the 49ers at CenturyLink Field on Sunday. PHOTO BY LUI KIT WONG — Tacoma News Tribune

Good morning.

We’ve moved into Day 2 of Super Bowl coverage and the topic of Richard Sherman’s postgame words fueled much of what was written for today.

A few thoughts before we move to the links:

> I’m not sure if the reaction to Sherman’s comments is more representative of the viewing public or what the media latches on to. Typically, I explain to people not in our business who use the sweeping phrase “it’s the media,” that consumers essentially control the media. If everyone clicked on stories about economic inequality at the same rate something about Kim Kardashian’s derriere is viewed, then there would be a lot more stories about economic inequality. You, as the consumer, dictate that. Though, I am troubled by how quickly this topic overshadowed the game. Most reporters were on the field postgame and saw some tweets fly by about the interview, but had no idea this was the main storyline coming from a ferocious and classic game. The oversimplistic narrative, “Richard Sherman goes crazy” shoving a game of that pedigree to the back-burner is disheartening, frankly. And, I’m probably hypocritical for starting us off today on the topic, though it would be almost impossible not to considering the amount written and idea behind this post each day.

> The reaction to Sherman, for me, is just another case in what has been a banner year for naivety as it relates to the NFL. It’s an odd relationship the country’s most popular sport has with the general public. The NFL is not every day life. It’s the NFL. The most violent sport in the country. As Max Unger said after the playoff game against the Saints, everyone in the lockerroom has to be somewhat off kilter to do this for a living. Think of what LaMichael James had to convince himself of Sunday in order to return kicks again after getting demolished by Ricardo Lockette. Or, how players kept working the pile while NaVorro Bowman was screaming on the ground. When some of the realities of the NFL world — from homophobia and racism in the lockerroom to players needing to enter a state of mania to play the games — result in lectures and shock from the “real” world, I always wonder what these people think it is they are watching.

> Lastly, within the reaction specific to Sherman — who is scheduled to meet with the media Wednesday — there appear to be obvious sociological issues in play here, too. I’ll leave it at that.

Sherman links:

> Our Dave Boling tackled the Sherman topic. Boling says he’s worried that sample will have people misconstrue who Sherman really is.

> Dan Wetzel at Yahoo! Sports does his usual excellent job when talking about Sherman, saying attitude and bluster like that is necessary to survive in the NFL.

> Ray Ratto says Sherman is unafraid and unchanged.

> I don’t usually link to the Paper that Shall Remain Nameless, but thought this was a nice take on the topic from Larry Stone.

> Bill Plaschke at the LA Times says fans who celebrate the boorish behavior of players during a game but can’t stomach rude postgame remarks are being two-faced about it.

> And, Peter King’s take.

On to other stuff:

> I wrote about the Seahawks moving forward and starting to eye Peyton Manning.

> Our Don Ruiz is with the Broncos and writes that Denver expects a physical Super Bowl.

> 710’s Danny O’Neil with three things we learned in the NFC title game.

> A game between Pete Carroll and Peyton Manning has been waiting for more than 14 years.

> Focus on Peyton Manning at

> MMQB writes about two unknowns who are sparking the Broncos’ defense.

> The Broncos were defending Wes Welker on Monday following Bill Belichick’s criticism of a hit by Welker that knocked Aqib Talib out of the game.

> If you want to keep up with the Post’s coverage of the Broncos, here’s the link to their blog home.

> NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league is considering dropping extra points.

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  1. DanielleMND says:

    What did Sherman do? Yell? Boast? Oh, the horror. Muhammad Ali used to do both all the time in his career.

    Want bad sportsmanship? Look at that 49er trying to take Lane’s head off on the sideline.

  2. MEhawkfan says:

    Your mini-editorial is nicely stated, Todd. Insightful and truthful.

  3. montanamike2 says:

    I wish they didn’t shove a camera in Sherman’s face seconds after he made the play to seal the game. The media portrayed him like he was Aaron Hernandez yesterday, i think the attention should have gone to the whole team.

  4. montanamike2 says:

    I liked how Sherman gave Kaep the Brady treatment before his rant. He really does get into opposing QB’s heads, Crabtree stated that Sherman didn’t really do anything. Really? How about shutting the #1 WR down and picking off 1 of the 2 balls thrown his way,(50%).

  5. montanamike2 says:

    I’m usually a little frightened by the Wes Welkers and Danny Amendola types,(versatile slot receivers), but not only do we have the CB’s for this, we also have Harvin for them to deal with. If Harvin’s presence allows us our first ring, that would help go a long way with his future with the team.

  6. We now all know we can win without Harvin it will be interesting to see what we get when we add him to the mix.

  7. djbargelt says:

    Excellent statement Todd on the general publics lack of understanding what makes up the NFL and the crazy, brutal game is in reality. Seems the public cant forsake sensationalism for what really makes a good NFL story.

  8. montanamike2 says:

    From Whitner:
    As the 49ers braced for Bowman’s lengthy recovery, they were still dealing with the sting of another season that ended just short of the goal.

    Safety Donte Whitner was irked at any Seattle fans involved with throwing popcorn and other debris on Bowman as he was carted off at CenturyLink Field.

    “That’s pure ignorance,” said Whitner, who noted losing to the rival Seahawks “makes it a little worse `cuz I wanted to send those fans home crying.”

    Isn’t he the same idiot who tried to legally change his name to Hitner?
    It would have been funny if they accidentally changed it to Hitler.

  9. Southendzone says:

    When I saw last night that Good Morning America was leading advertising their show this morning with Sherman talk, I knew this story was off the rails.

    As I think back, the part I consider most unsportsmanlike and regretful was the choke sign. Everything he said about Crabtree, I’m 100% OK with, those 2 have a beef from before this game and it was personal.

    Peter King said it very well I thought, something like “He just came off the biggest game of his life, making the biggest play of his life” To top that off, it was against someone he had a lingering personal issue with.

    Hey it did fall short of “I’ll eat your children”, so that’s something.

  10. Singularitarian says:

    The problem stretches much farther than the nfl. People have been naïve since the beginning of people. People want sugar coated garbage, regardless of any common sense truth behind it. This world can be an ugly place. Issues such as war, politics, class inequalities, corporate greed and many other real issues (not just a game of football) are sugar coated and accepted as ok by the public mass until something that should have been assumed as happening comes to the forefront. “Waterboarding is a no brainer”, show a cat the footage of somebody getting waterboarded and it’s all of a sudden a big deal.

    Let me buy my lumber, but I’m appalled at the pictures of destruction of the rainforest. Let me drive my car 15k a year, but I can’t stand global warming. (But I got a Prius!!!) Let me watch athletes battle it out at the highest level possible to make it in this world, but I’m going to make a big deal when someone shows that they are real competitive and don’t sugar coat the camera

    Nothing new to see here.

    I agree Sherman was probably a bit out of line and didn’t present himself in the finest light, but I heard more about Sherman’s rant than I did the fact that Seattle is playing in the super bowl after a magnificent game and a magnificent season. It’s because people love football but think that true competitiveness and consistent trash talk don’t exist, and to a larger extent because people can’t decipher fairy tale world from reality. It’s also because people eat up drama in an unhealthy fashion

  11. edstang45 says:

    Does Sherm sometimes make you grimace? yea maybe, but when ya need a winning play who comes up with it,…Sherm, He IS the best corner, on what may be considered the best Defensive back field ever. His team mates love him. The 12th man love him the coaches love him, sorry he scared Erin Andrews lol…I’ll take him over any corner.

  12. CDHawkFan says:

    As long as Sherman doesn’t get busted with a hooker on Feb 1st or decide to go AWOL, then I think this will pass.

    In all seriousness, no one will remember this in 5 – 20 years what the heck happened 20 seconds after the game, they will remember the game and hopefully remember the Hawks as SB 48 Champs.

    Move on, just win the next game.

    Definition of Sportsmanship; Conduct and attitude considered as befitting participants in sports, especially fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, and grace in losing.

    Sportsmanship in professional sports is over-rated. Just a guess, but I assume that in a physical match between 2 people we humans perform at a higher intensity rate when we don’t like the person we are going up against. As a fan I understand not liking your opponent takes some mental preparation and probably can’t be turned off or on all that easily. Because Sherman went off so quickly after the game, a true battle to send you to the highest level of your profession, I feel those asking for some ‘humility’ on Sherman’s part are just being lazy and not considering the totality of the situation.

    Would I like to see sportsmanship, sure, do I expect it in Pro sports, no.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    Ahmad Brooks is going to the pro bowl, enough said.

  14. edstang45 says:

    Has any of your 9er fan freinds been saying the refs gave us this game?? mine have, lots of complaints about calls affecting outcome, they been jumping all over Sherm and praising Crabtree and Kaperstink. saying broncos gonna whip our but…..truly earning whiner nic for sure.

  15. montanamike2 says:

    My cousins in Sac are still raging about the bad calls, say what?

  16. Southendzone says:

    They only have 1 bad call to complain about. The running into the kicker that should have been roughing. Nothing else was remotely impactful to the game. Honestly, even if they got that free 1st down, Kapernick would have probably just turned it over again.

    The Bowman fumble recovery non-call ended up being a 15 yard gift to them.

    I wish they would have got it on the 1 yard line at that point in the game.

    And 1 call that could have gone the other way? The PF on #22 on our 4th down conversion failure that they said happened after the play was over. Well the ball was still bouncing in the air when he threw the flag, they could have conceivably gave us that 1st down there.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Yes. I work with a couple Niner fans and one will not stop complaining about the refs. There were some questionable/bad calls to be sure, but how anyone has the audacity to complaint the Seahawk fans about officiating is beyond me.

  18. FleaFlicker says:

    Go-to comeback line for any Whiners Fans: “the game was lost because of the officials? I’m sure it had nothing to do with three consecutive turnovers in the final 11 minutes.”

    Anyway, back to real football talk. If Kam Chancellor can equal his performance from Sunday night, I’m not as worried about Denver’s slot receivers. A couple bone-rattling hits from #31 and they’ll catch the same case of alligator arms that afflicted Crabtree.

  19. CDHawkFan says:

    Doesn’t help with the ESPN bloggers adding fuel to the fire. I swear Kevin Seifert is just a fan who doubles as a reporter. He predicted on Jan 5th after the San Fran GB game the following;

    The 49ers are the best team in football, and if they continue to play the way they did Sunday, they will win Super Bowl XLVIII next month.

    I highly doubt Eric/Sando or Blount would come on after a loss and explain why the fans should be even more pissed off for an existing rule (Bowman fumble recovery) and 1 questionable call (Maragos stupid attempt to look cool diving, he wasn’t even close).

  20. mindnbrad says:

    Right or wrong, it’s crazy to think of all of the positive things people (media) would be talking about this week had sherm not done what he did. would have been so awesome. the thing i’m hearing 90 percent of the time is his antics.

  21. Southendzone says:

    Throwback Pete Carroll picture I found on twitter, pretty hilarious.

  22. RDPoulsbo says:

    While media consumers do ask for what they consume, the media are responsible for driving a narrative. When it comes to Sherman, the most recent example would be his article in the 5 smartest QBs in the game. He makes Brady #6 and the national media losses their collective minds, driving a narrative that he’s consciously trying to dig at Brady. Seriously? How about how he’s the bad guy for changing his twitter name top Optimus Prime for a week? Remember that something similar happened in last years playoffs when Williams three a sucker punch at him at the end of the game, but it was Sherman that was the bad guy. He was miked up for that game and it proved he did nothing wrong, but generally ignited by the media.

    Its been clear for a couple years that the national media are driving the narrative that he’s the primary villain of the NFL. Sherman was miked up again, so well get a better picture of what went on before everything, but I’m sure that will change nothing just like last year.

    Whatever, I’m moving on. That was a great game and I’ll always view it a that regardless of everything else.

  23. Southendzone says:

    Where’s Yankinta this week? I want his take on Andrew Luck replacing Russell Wilson at the pro bowl!

  24. wallinator says:

    Last night’s On the Double w The Double S Xpress w Big Time Guests Mike Ferreri of KOMO-TV, & ESPN’s Kenny Mayne! Talking NFC Championship! Great Sports Talk OnDemand at

  25. RDPoulsbo says:

    Autocorrect was running wild throughout that post. Ugh.

  26. seahawkNJ says:

    Apropos of nothing, but walking through Times Square this morning and was sandwiched between the toboggan tower going up and Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” blasting from the speakers outside one of the stores. I take it as a sign and feel pretty even better about 2/2. Lets finish this!!

  27. Yeah, I got a real good friend who would not shut up about the refs after the game. It’s crazy, though, last I checked, the 9ers had the ball with the chance for the go ahead TD. So, that’s squarely on the 9ers shoulders. This is going to be a long 2 weeks. Go Hawks.

  28. HawkFromDay1 says:

    The only team capable of beating the Hawks right now is the 49ers.

    The Broncos have no idea what is in store for them. They didn’t play a physical team all year.

    Peyton Manning won’t be able to set his back foot all game, or do that little two-footed hopping move.

  29. confucious says:

    Sherman is a good, intelligent young man from what I can see. Well read and well spoken.
    Imagine getting emotionally hyped for a game, way up there, angry but measured. Then going one on one with one of the proclaimed “best”. Beating the crap out of each other for 60 min. while at the same time talking smack for the mental edge. Then at the end of the match you come out on top relieved, excited, overwhelmed,victorious. How would you let all of that emotion go?
    I think he did just fine. And if nothing else, everyone is talking about him. Which for a player ultimately means revenue. Smart.

  30. RDPoulsbo says:

    Moving on, there are few QBs that rely on timing routes than Peyton.A few of his receivers have flat out said if they are not on their spots on time, Peyton will just not throw the ball. That bodes well for the Hawks press scheme. That will undoubtedly be countered with a ton of bunch formations, limiting its effectiveness, but also limiting what they can do. This might have been where Browner would have been good to line up on the front guy and bottle up the crossing routes our even pick up some cheap penalties for illegal picks. If they could get one of their CBs to play that physical on the line in these bunch formations, Manning will have a very long day, forced to hold the ball longer than he’s comfortable doing.

  31. HonHawksLSB says:

    Kam absolutely owns Vernon Davis. He dropped another thunderous hit on him yet again.

    Early NYC forecast calls for temp in low 30s with 30% chance of rain. Love it!!!

  32. SnakeDoctor says:

    “The Broncos have no idea what is in store for them. They didn’t play a physical team all year.”

    How about Baltimore? Ran them in the ground in the second half.
    The game’s not in Denver so the altitude won’t be a problem, however we do need to worry about the hurry up and not being able to rotate our defense like we do.

    As for Sherman. I put some of this on the media having to get a reaction as soon as the game ends but Sherman really did not handle the situation the right way. He put himself ahead of the team. I’m sure he didn’t mean to but it happened.

    Unfortunately Crabtree won! He got in Sherman’s head and effected his judgment after the game. Now Crabtree is in the national media looking like a victim when the guy is a really just a friggin diva and piece of work.

  33. mengland says:

    The biggest news of the game will be the guy who smacked our gunner on the sideline. Hopefully $100,000 fine. How about that not being called during the game?

  34. I rewatched the game and can see where the 49ers got a bad deal on the hit on Willson and then the punt. The Bowman incident evened itself out with the Lynch fumble. The Seahawks won this game. The refs are not the reason the 49ers lost.

  35. CDHawkFan says:

    Bobby, didn’t the Willson hit/call get negated by a phantom OL holding call a few plays later that stalled the Hawks drive?

    I think that’s how it worked. What do you expect them to say after such a close game, ”you guys are clearly the better team”? I don’t think so.

    Could you imagine yourself saying we got screwed out of a victory because of 1 5 yard face mask that should have been 15? Weak.

    If they want to go there, how about the lucky fumbles? Kap fumbles and the OL advance it 5 yards, on the first play RW put a ball on his hip and lost it, Gore somehow got his back that was on his hip. And how did we not have someone around the ball on that fumbled punt? Luck wasn’t on our side for much of the game.

  36. thursday says:

    The second paragraph is perfect Todd. My exact question in the aftermath. What DO people think they’re watching? If they’re taken aback and offended by Sherman’s visceral reaction after a game of that magnitude then they need to watch a different sport.

  37. RDPoulsbo says:

    Yeah, I have a friend as a 49er fan. He was pretty livid with the refs. I’d be surprised if he even talks to me again in the next 6 months given the trash talk that built up before this game. Yes, there were a few calls that went Seattle’s way, but that’s not why they lost the game. I’m pretty sure Kaepernick serving up turnovers in every one of their 4th quarter drives had a lot more to do with their loss than the guys in stripes.

    We are extremely elated with the win, especially the way the win unfolded. In that loss, they’ve fallen deep into the depths of despair. Even more, they’re facing a reality that this might have been their last good shot at their “Quest for 6″ with the cap and FA ready to take their toll this offseason. To lose that chance to the Seahawks of all teams, was a kick in the crotch.

  38. yankinta says:

    For the Record, YankinTa loved Richard Sherman’s post game interview with Erin Andrew. I mean,, I was a little shocked but totally loved it after the initial shock wore off. I also loved that he apologized for taking the attention away from his Team’s biggest win….. I’m sure not many here on this blog is surprised by my reactions to this….. lol. :)

  39. yankinta says:

    And YankinTa totally agrees with this Theory,,
    “Dr. End: “There are fans of 30 other NFL teams who are completely envious of the Broncos and the Seahawks right now. So there’s some sort of negativity or jealous aspect. Richard Sherman voluntarily offered the ammunition for these fans to say, ‘Well, they’re not worthy of the Super Bowl.’ Those fans can maybe reframe things and justify it as, ‘Well, we may not be in the Super Bowl but at least we don’t have a team full of guys like that.’ ””

  40. RDPoulsbo says:

    On an unrelated note, anyone see the Vancouver-Calgary hockey brawl on Saturday? 2 seconds into the opening face off, both lines dropped gloves and fought it out. Only the goalies were uninvolved and there wasn’t enough refs to oversee every one of them. Ejections everywhere. Quite a different reaction to the violence in that sport than you get from the casual football fan.

  41. chuck_easton says:

    The only two blown calls that went the Seahawks way were the running into/roughing the kicker call and the Bowman strip, fumble recovery.

    The roughing non call MIGHT have led to points for SF, we don’t know. The Bowman non fumble was negated by Lynch’s fumble on the very next play and actually worked out better for SF. But the media, especially Florio over at PFT, won’t let it die because there has to be a reason the 49rs lost other than they were outplayed. They were the media and national darling.

    The Willson roughing call was actually a correct call. The rule is clear. A defensive player can’t leave his feet and launch into a defenseless receiver. Also the defender made contact with Willson’s shoulder/neck area with his shoulder pads/helmet. It’s the new reality. That play was called exactly per the rules definition.

    What really sold the Willson hit was the way Willson’s head snapped backward as he was going to the ground. At full speed the ref saw the head movement and determined there had to be contact to the head area. Right call.

  42. chuck_easton says:


    As I live in Calgary and the Flames are my team (until Seattle finally gets an NHL team) I can say even in the Hockey world that was over the top.

    Calgary’s coach, Bob Hartley, sent out the 4 line to start the game. The 4th line is usually known as the grinders, enforcers, and intimidators. Our coach claimed he did it because the 4th line scored the final goal the game before and he wanted to reward them.

    Vancouver’s coach, John Tortorella, took it as a challenge and sent out his 4th line.

    Tortorella has been suspended 15 days for the incident and Hartley was fined $25,000.00.

    So, don’t look at that incident as anything normal. A full line brawl with 8 players (4 from each team) being ejected does not happen every day.

    Vancouver’s coach

  43. CDHawkFan says:

    RD, you are right. After the season, lets promote a Crabtree vs Sherman hockey fight on pay-per-view. $50 per house. Money will be used to fund ads in the paper to apologize if anyone is seen to be throwing food at a 9er player in Seattle during the playoffs, though we have to win the game or else we pretend it didn’t happen. In that case we use the money on a PI to find out who Yanker really is.

    Yes, I did see the Van – Cal highlight. Doesn’t surprise me. Its nice that hockey has a way of holding guys accountable for their actions on the ice. Do something really stupid and get punched. I mean, say for a 15 yard penalty, who would have complained if Rob Sims would have punch Trent Cole in the face for 10 seconds after he tossed Okung a few years ago? Seems right to me (and maybe Cole wouldn’t have done it in the first place if that could happen to him).

  44. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m more of a casual Vancouver fan. I don’t want to get too attached because I feel Seattle should get a team soon. Regardless, I’ve never liked Tortorella. These things always seem to conveniently just happen to his teams. He wanted a fight it out game against the Kings earlier this year and got it.

    That was indeed way over the top, but hockey fans eat that stuff up. I think it is an interesting contrast of how hockey fans look at something like that vs. football fans that are freaking out about words said by Sherman.

  45. “Unfortunately Crabtree won!”

    Crabtree is home tweeting, and Sherman is going to the Superbowl. Crabtree won on twitter, while Sherman won on the football field. Works for me.

  46. thursday says:

    Also, I can’t understand people saying they were shocked. Everyone in my vacinity was yelling right along with Sherman. That was the moment and no one had a cool enough head to be “shocked”

  47. CDHawkFan says:

    The Calgary coach knew what he was doing when he put his line-up out there (trying to piss off Vancouver). He didn’t look over at the Vancouver bench at all, not trying to explain or defuse the situation while it blew up after the fight.

    Its on him and I am a bit surprised that he hasn’t been disciplined. They are overblowing the Tortorella attempt to do something between periods, a bit PC to me and they are missing the instigator, though Tortorella is know for his bad temper.

    Hartley just brought himself some bad press as I think everyone knows what he was trying to do which is a bit bush league.

  48. montanamike2 says:

    People want that walk off the field moment, the truth is, you can’t handle the truth.

  49. CD – you are right. That’s part of the reason we won this fair and square.

  50. boycie99 says:

    I see the Broncos OC Adam Gase called the Browns today to inform them he was withdrawing as a candidate to be their Head Coach as he wanted to focus on the Super Bowl.
    Adam Schefter is reporting that the Browns are considering Quinn.

    I hope he puts the team first and gives them the same answer as Gase if he is called.
    A decent organisation you could understand if he interviewed prior to the Super Bowl but not the mess that is Cleveland.

  51. RDPoulsbo says:

    Just saw that Gase withdrew. Seems a lot of coaching candidates have done the same with Cleveland. That team is such a joke from the top down, it’s hard to even call it an “organization.”

    I saw that with all the coach firings, they are paying somewhere around $50 mil in coaching salaries for guys not even there anymore. The Chud firing will be especially bad for the team and not just for the owner’s wallet. It will keep good coaches and players from even considering the Mistake on the Lake, leaving them as a second rate team for the foreseeable future. Hopefully Quinn sees it the same way. It’s better for him to ride the Seahawks wave for a few seasons and wait for better opportunities down the road while he gains more experience as a coordinator at the NFL level.

  52. Well said Todd. I agree with everything you said, but……

    I still think that what Sherm said and how he said it was abit much for me. I understand the circumstance around the interview – but I am pretty sure that you could have an end of game interview with Jerry Rice or Emmitt Smith or Peyton Manning or whoever and not have it sound like Sherm did.

  53. Well, I have my Super Bowl Media Day Tickets arranged. That indoor arena is all the cold I can handle lol.

  54. Because of the 2 blatantly missed calls (roughing the kicker and Bowman’s fumble recovery) plus the fortuitous spots of a few Seahawks first downs, I can ‘understand’ why Niners fans would focus on them. It’s no different than our last experience in the Superbowl.

    It’s a shame because the Hawks played tremendous football with really big plays all along the way.

    Nonetheless, I’m glad our team is going…I think we definitely deserve it…and can’t wait for the chance to redeem ourselves.

    Here’s to our first Lombardi!

    GO HAWKS!!

  55. The running into the kicker call was correct – he didn’t “TACKLE” or make contact with Kicking Leg – Does not meet ANY of the critieria for roughing. The Punter made and extra hop and ran off – how is that roughing?

  56. Southendzone says:

    What’s with the Hawk’s bad luck with SB locations? I checked the last 27 Superbowls and ranked each location either:

    1) You’d probably want to go there
    2) You’d maybe want to go there
    3) You probably don’t want to go there.

    Out of 27 superbowls, I ranked only 3 of them with a #3, you probably don’t want to go there:
    Detroit, New Jersey, Minnesota.

    Hawks got 2 of those 3 games.

    of the rest I ranked 21 at #1, and 3 more as #2s. We hitting the lottery of dog-crap cities!

  57. I think the person in King’s article has it pretty right – – Sherman went way off script, the script we’re so conditioned to hear, that we are (mostly) all trained to react negatively to it. If you take a moment to think about the context of the moment, and of course, the context of the game we all love watching, this whole thing is a big nothing.

    It’s also one more excuse for many to dislike the Hawks, which I think is a mix of residual dislike for Carroll, dislike for any team that talk and plays with swagger, and also a bit of envy.

    I was thinking about it this morning, and though I don’t condemn Sherman for a second about the interview given the circumstances, I do wish I could make it all disappear. I’ve spent more time thinking about an interview and reading/defending it around the internet, then simply reveling in the Seahawks being in the SB. And that’s backwards from how it should be. That said, it will all die down as the game gets closer.

  58. Here is the rules as a friend of mine found:

    A defender, having missed an attempt to block a kick, tackles the kicker or otherwise runs into the kicker in a way that might injure the kicker or his vulnerable extended kicking leg.

    RUnning into:

    On a kicking play where the defense fails to touch (“block”) the kicked ball, the defense runs into the kicker/punter. If such an act occurs but is not intentional, this foul is assessed

    Pretty clear to me that at full speed you would call Running into – the official never hesitated – threw the flag, watched play and immediately signaled 5 yards to the bench.

  59. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t understand the whole Sherman flap. This is nothing new for him. His emotions were clearly fueled by the intensity of the game. And moreover, he gave (inadvertently) Fox exactly what they wanted. They couldn’t get Andrews to shove a mic in his face soon enough. The NFL is reaping the rewards of build in hype for the game thanks to all the blow-hards and empty heads bantering on about those 29 seconds.

    Additionally, the comparisons to Manning, or whomever, make no sense to me. As a general rule, every position has it’s own personality. You rarely see a QB go off like that but it’s not uncommon at all for corners to bump their gums and exude that type of brash behavior. I wouldn’t change Sherman’s personality for anything in the world. He’s a classic case of someone you’d hate to play against but love on your team.

  60. Good point.

  61. xcman…Mike Peierra of the NFL was on the broadcast saying that it should have been called for running into the ‘plant’ leg…which carries a 15 yard penalty and automatic first down.

    You gonna believe your friend or the head of the officiating?

    I’m a Hawks fan (die hard), but that’s just blatantly blind.

  62. montanamike2 says:

    I think it was Rd who touched on it earlier, their window has just closed and have surrendered the NFC West back to the Hawks. Last year a few major pieces bailed on SF in the post season, i think it happens again and then they also face contracts. I love that we snagged Michael Robinson off their PS.

  63. I think the rule xcman posted says it is indeed “roughing.”

  64. The rule is you can’t make contact with the plant leg…that’s the weight bearing leg that makes the punter so vulnerable to injury during the kicking motion.

  65. Southendzone says:

    Roughing call was justified, from NFL rulebook 12-2:

    Item 1: Roughing the kicker
    It is a foul for roughing the kicker if a defensive player:
    (a) contacts the plant leg of the kicker while his kicking leg is still in the air; or
    (b) slides into or contacts the kicker when both of the kicker’s feet are on the ground.It is not a foul if the contact is not severe, or if the kicker returns both feet to the ground prior to the contact and falls over a defender who is on the ground.

    Note: When in doubt, it is a foul for roughing the kicker.

    Maragos play clearly fit item (a) above, there’s no way around it.

  66. montanamike2 says:

    There were a few make up calls both ways, but mostly they let them play.
    Will this be manning’s last game if he gets blasted and hurt?

  67. Be more specific MontanaMike…what plays are you referring to that the Hawks didn’t have go their way?

  68. The Seahawks haven’t injured a starting QB all year. They aren’t starting with Manning.

  69. Look…my point is that those calls take away from the great game the Hawks played. It gives ammo to Niners fans that they got hosed instead of just being beat. Sherman gives them fodder as well, but he does that before he steps onto the field.


  70. montanamike2 says:

    joreb i was just being general, fumbles, o line penalties. Nothing in particular especially.

  71. ljarllrajl says:

    Richard Sherman is already 3 steps ahead of the media. He told us right on camera that when you talk about him, he and his teammates play BETTER. Now we’re gonna talk about him for the next 2 weeks.

    Hook, line, and sinker.

  72. FORMER head of officiating . . . But that is beside the point. and he had been wrong before even this season

  73. Anyway – it goes both ways,

    1. Lane hit
    2. Clem was held multiple times when Kaep was trying to get outside
    3. Offensive PI on Crabtree (i know that is never going to be called but by definition it was)

  74. Leave the blinders on man…you’re only gonna see what you want to see.

    Again…my point is that I hate for the Niners to have any ‘excuses’ other than they got their asses beat.

    The way it is now…well, it’ll sound like so many fans here that still complain about the Steelers beating us in the Superbowl, which by the way, I can’t stand.

    I’m sure I’m in the minority, but IF we win and earn this Superbowl, I’ll be slowing the roll on my fanship from obsessive to more of a casual fan…but we just need to win this one for that to happen.


  75. Southendzone says:

    I’m not saying by any stretch that the calls determined the game. The Hawks were tougher and better Sunday in a battle of 2 giants.

    I’m only saying that the by the book, they got that one wrong and it was a clear benefit to the Hawks. We would have won anyways, even if we got 50 blatant Vinny Testaverde, Bill Leavy, Lance Easley calls that game, I’d still be as happy as a clam. But we didn’t, there were misses both ways and this is one that SF lost out on.

    The game was a classic NFC championship game determined by the players.

  76. Not having blinders – just saying the calls did not change the outcome of the game

  77. yankinta says:

    Is it only me or Did Any of you see that CK Kicked that Ball during a Fumble recovery…. he kicked his away from the Seahawks and 49ers O-Line picked it up….. I was yelling at the TV at that time…. That should have been a long 3rd down conversion and CK would not have been able to throw his only TD pass, if the penalty had been correctly called….. smh…

  78. Dukeshire says:

    The “kick” was inadvertent. That was not a penalty.

  79. When you lose a Conference championship game you are going to look under every stone to try to make sense of how you lost. It’s painful. Many to most of us have still not made peace with our Superbowl loss. I know I haven’t.

    To me this upcoming game is a healing event more than anything else. Win, and every ounce of energy that I’ve poured into this fanatical fandom for the last 30 years will finally find peace. Seahawk fans like me need this win. Everything after will be gravy.

  80. i saw that kick – – kind of tough to say it was intentional. Niners took a couple bad calls, but they also had a lot of bounces go their way.

    Seahawks defense/Kaep’s turnovers decided this game in the 4th quarter.

  81. I couldn’t even see the play from where we were in the stands – you see the ball come out – it disappears – then you see somebody jumping on a lineman down field.

    We were all like – what just happened!?!?!

  82. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Have fun at media day Pabs.. Im fortunate enough to have tickets to the game and couldnt get the time or money to attend at the rock.

    P.S. I think everybody should stop talking about the officiating. We won fair and square, the refs had nothing to do with the outcome. The Whiners and their fans need to shut up.

  83. boycie99 says:

    So Brady calls out Sherman.
    So, you know. I approach the game — and I have respect for my opponents. That’s the way our team always plays. We win with graciousness, and when we lose, we could do better. Some teams don’t always do that, or that’s not their program

    Is this the same Brady who was screaming after the Ref, F-bombing that was caught by the cameras and mics at the end of the game when he was intercepted agasint Caroline in November

    Yep thought so. Stop and think before you open your mouth Tom.

    You Mad Bro !!

  84. Southendzone, no offense, but I would never classify New York as a “crap city.” Yes, I realize the game is in New Jersey. However, NYC is right across the bridge and is one of the greatest cities in the country for entertainment and nightlife, plus history and sightseeing.

  85. chuck_easton says:


    Joreb is correct and you are not in this regard. The rule is clear. ANY contact with the plant leg while the kicking leg is still in the air is automatic roughing.

    SF’s punter still had his kicking leg in the air. It does look like his plant leg came down on top of Marigos’ hand but then Marigos’ shoulder pad made contact with the ankle of the plant leg.


    You can’t change your position now. You said the call was correct and it wasn’t.

    And the roughing call against the SF DB for contact with Willson was the correct call.

    Article 9: It is a foul if a player initiates unnecessary conact against a player who is in a defensless posture.
    a) Players in a defensless poster are:

    2) A receiver attempting to catch a pass; or who has completed a catch and has not had time to protect himself or has not clearly become a runner. If the receiver/runner is capable of avoiding or warding off the impending contact of an apponent, he is no longer a defenseless player.

    b) Prohibited contact against a player who is in a defensless poster is:
    1) Foricbly hitting the defenseless player’s head or neck area with the helmet, facemask, forearm, or shoulder, regardless of whether the defensive player also uses his arms to tackle the defenseless player by encircling or grasping him;

    On the Willson hit, he had just caught the ball. The first hit knocked him off his feet, but he still had control of the ball.

    As he was going to the ground the second DB hit Willson with his shoulderpads up around Willson’s shoulder/head area causing Willson’s head to snap back and the ball to come out. The defensive player made no attempt to tackle Willson.

    It doesn’t matter that the hit wasn’t helmet to helmet. The hit was illegal according to the new rules for a defensless player. Correct call.

  86. yankinta says:

    I would buy that the “kick” was inadvertent,, if CK was not looking right at it when it happened…. he clearly kicked it on purpose,, I watched it a few times… but I guess the refs weren’t looking at CK’s eyes….maybe they thought the same thing….

  87. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Yes. I work with a couple Niner fans and one will not stop complaining about the refs. There were some questionable/bad calls to be sure, but how anyone has the audacity to complaint the Seahawk fans about officiating is beyond me.”

    There were questionable calls both ways (Sherman’s first PI, for instance).

    Bottom line for 49er fans: Kaepernick threw both of those INT’s and made that fumble ALL BY HIMSELF. No help from the refs there.

    If 49er fans want to be upset, they need to look at their QB first. He let them down in that final 4th quarter. Seattle’s defense rose up and took it away.

  88. montanamike2 says:

    Nice call on Brady boycie99.

  89. Dukeshire says:

    Obviiously he was looking at the ball. He was trying to locate it so he could get it back. No chance in the world he kicked it on purpose. You are seeing it that way because you are trying to see something that doesn’t exist, rather than an objective viewing. There were enough bad calls without the need to invent them.

  90. FleaFlicker says:

    For all the critcism we’ve heaped on Bevel during the year, I’d encourage everybody to go back to 12:06 in the 3rd quarter (start of our tying drive) and watch #78 Alvin Bailey who kept reporting as eligible to be the third TE. Two tremendous blocks in the second level:
    –First one on Bowman to clear the lane for Marshawn’s initial 12 yard run
    –Second one on the safety trying to get after Marshawn, the key block that allowed #24 to redirect right and rumble for six

    Certainly, some physical talent on display, but scheme-wise it was a brilliant answer to the SF game plan by bringing in an extra big man. Hat tip to Bevel (possibly the first one on this blog).

  91. At the end of the day…it’s the most satisfying victory in Seahawk history…to this point.

    Of course, 2/2 will be better…much, much better!!

  92. thursday says:

    Lbr here, very few fanbases are going to simply sit down and say yeah, the best team won. They’d much rather whine about how they got hosed by the officiating. So why anyone here gives a crap what Whiners fans think about the calls, I have no idea. We’ve had our share of losses that may or may not have been due to bad calls and lots of people here and elsewhere have complained about them.

    Fact is, until something changes with the system, there are ALWAYS going to be bad calls, sometimes evenly, sometimes not. Accept it and move on or keep whining about it and sound like a sore loser.

  93. bulldog80 says:

    Man there’s a lot of whining, apologizing, and attempts to justify the whining of others on this blog today. Man up you guys. No game gets called perfect, and we WON! Get over it. And enough about Sherman already. There was even some guys on here concerned about Peyton Mannings health yesterday. Seriously? My hell, let’s move onto stomping the crap out of the Omahas. We’re in the Super Bowl for crying out loud!

  94. Personally, I loved Sherman’s reaction. He is the type of guy who is honest and will not hold back, and he respects his opponents that have respect for him. If you start something with Richard, Richard is going to finish it. Crabtree is the one who tried to pick the fight with Sherman at an offseason charity event. You know Richard won’t let that go. I think he was also speaking for all the fans who have dealt with the worst fan base in the league running their mouths for years. The fact those same fans are calling us “classless” just makes me laugh. Good for him for standing up, and good for him doing the politically correct thing and apologizing.

  95. Southendzone says:

    Ok OrrOb, you got me on that one. I called it New jersey to accentuate the crappiness of the site. It would be fun to visit NYC.

  96. yankinta says:

    lol,, I said I may be the only one on this blog but there are many others that saw it the same way I did…. here’s one of them…. I consider legit because we all know Mike Florio Hates the Seahawks, and he wouldn’t be making things up….. :)

  97. steffonator says:

    Remember the 70’s Oakland Raiders? Fear baby fear, thats what they brought and people still remember those teams and players as stars. Sherman put the Pacific Northwest on the map and I love him and the rest of the LOB every one of them. What’s wrong with the NFL having a gal Erin, who has never played the game, interview an adrenaline pumped player on the sidelines two minutes after a furious battle to win a game against a player he has major issues with. Idiots. Go Hawks bring the fear baby just bring the fear and win.

  98. Hi….. I think the comparison to other post game interviews with other football players is entirely fair. They are all football players competing to win. Being a CB and ‘in the moment’ is a poor justification.

    I don’t think Sherm should be vilified, but his tone, behaviour and choice of words were the definition of a poor winner.

    But I still love the dude.

  99. rramstad says:

    joreb, Mike Pereira is the same guy who was in charge of the attempted whitewash after we were jobbed in Super Bowl XL. He tried to justify all of the bad calls in that game, and some of them we know later were admitted to be wrong calls by the actual officials! He is the very definition of terrible and not at all someone who should be trusted in any way, shape or form.

  100. aelliott11 says:

    I could be late to this party, but I really hope you guys didn’t go through with raising $2K to “apologize” to SF for the food-throwing incident. If anyone has seen the video, it has gotten blown WAY out of proportion. That, and the video of Bowman ripping up a fan’s sign during pre-game pretty much seals it.

  101. RDPoulsbo says:

    Why are we so concerned about the 49ers fanbase? If it’s not one reason they’d be rooting against Seattle in the SB, it would be another. If SF had won, I can guarantee you I would not be cheering them on for their “Quest for 6.” Sometimes things are just that simple. Fans of other teams would be cheering for the same team they would have in the first place. They just have convenient cover to go with the one they’d be going with all along.

  102. rramstad…it’s the rule, pure and simple. It benefitted us, but ‘by rule’ it should’ve been 15 and an automatic first down.

    Don’t like it? Tough, until the rule gets changed. Had it been against us, I’m sure you’d be singing a different tune.

    I guess it’s the difference between being a homer fan and being an objective fan. You’re still missing my point…but at the end of the day, it’s about the Hawks in the Superbowl to win it!

  103. jawpeace says:

    DanielleMND (first post) you don’t know how ironic your thought was. In an article I came across yesterday. Sherman said this,
    “[Ali] understood how to manipulate the world,” Sherman recalls. “When he said, ‘The champ is here,’ he probably wasn’t that cocky. He created a persona. He was a leader, an entertainer, and he knew how to break people down in the ring. I didn’t really care about boxing, but I wanted to be like Ali.”
    Big old cool article I missed back in summer time.

    I Also watched Richard SHerman student of the game and I was thinking about the tip play he made at the end of the game. In that video he laments over missing a tip to ET. I wonder how many times he practiced that game winner on Sunday. Sure glad he did! :)

  104. orbeavhawk says:

    SORRY Sherm, YOU NEED to FEED your HUGE ego a BIG dose of “Humble Pie”
    YOU are setting yourself up for some forced feeding of it IF you don’t learn a bit of Humility!

    “Take HEED he who thinks HE stands, lest HE Fall!”


  105. aelliott11 says:

    Humble pie is for losers.

  106. yankinta says:

    aelliott11,,, lol… couldn’t agree with you more… :)

  107. raymaines says:

    Just for the fun of it, try looking at some of this from the other side. If you lived in Pittsburgh don’t you think you’d be just a little tired of Seahawk fans whining, 8 years later, about poor calls in their one and only SB? Time to let that one go.

    And how would you feel about Michael Crabtree right now if he had made the catch over Sherman, the 49er’s had won the game and then he went off on a 30 second rant slamming RS? Would he just be misunderstood, or a total jerk?

  108. All I know about the 49er fan base is, the best site I have ever seen in the stadium was watching them file down the stadium stairs a line of red ants.There was a disturbing number of them, all the Seahawk blue just stayed in their seats and soaked in the win. I cant imagine how terrible it would of been to leave that night a loser.What a game and what a perfect team to beat to get to the Super Bowl.Now lets get a win and then a few more.

  109. doubledink says:

    I let go of that SB 4 years ago. Probably 4 years too late. Not that I have forgotten but I just don’t let it eat at me like it did. That 05 team didn’t respond to the adversity well, (adversity the refs created) and great teams do. It is easy to forget that the 04 Steelers were 15-1 and most of those guys returned. They were a tough bunch. I still believe we were the more talented team that year and that’s why it stuck in my craw for so long.

    I was pretty pissed with Pereira for quite a while for the way he circled the wagons after that. But he did work for the shield, after all.

    One thing about him that irked me was I could never find where he gave his opinion of the Fail Mary play. I looked and looked. If someone has a link, please share it. His silence makes me assume he was in agreement with the way is went down. But to say so would pit him against his buds, the real refs. I thought his silence was deafening.

    I’ll give Fox Sports props though. Putting him in the booth was genius. Nobody had anything like that and he brought a knowledge of the rules and voice of the perspective of the refs that the other announcers were sorely lacking.

  110. Just ignore the noise from the national media. The Hawks may never get the respect that some here seem to want so desperately. We all we got. We all we need. We don’t need to act like a red-headed stepchild.

    “Bobby, didn’t the Willson hit/call get negated by a phantom OL holding call a few plays later that stalled the Hawks drive?”

    Exactly. That holding call on Breno was complete horse spit. The holding call on Sherm was questionable IMO. That drive would’ve been over, and they scored a TD later that drive. No call against the guy that illegally hit Lane out of bounds. I don’t agree with the call on the hit versus Willson, but that’s the way it’s being called in the NFL. Would’ve been called the same way versus the Hawks.

    Let the Whiners cry all they want. They can cry a river for all I care. We’re not getting SB 40 back, and I’m not going to let some whiny babies ruin this for me.

    Not to pick on pabuwal, but I found it interesting that both of the things he didn’t have faith in this team to do happened Sunday. RW led a 4th quarter comeback and the defense sealed the game late. Just awesome. Especially after it looked pretty bad at points during the 1st half.

  111. A blog post I did on O’Brien Schofield. A unsung hero on this Seahawks team!

  112. Everyone needs to watch this Marshawn Lynch interview. It’s done by NFL Japan. its classic!

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