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News, notes and quotes: Baldwin slowed, Harvin expected back

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 20, 2014 at 4:41 pm with 91 Comments »
January 20, 2014 8:52 pm

Percy Harvin still needs clearance from the doctors, but Carroll thinks Harvin will practice Wednesday.

To the quick hits:

> Carroll said K.J. Wright’s foot is sore, but that he will be fine. Carroll thought Wright played well Sunday.

> Doug Baldwin is “banged up,” according to Carroll. Carroll said Baldwin has a hip pointer and will be slowed in practice this week.

> Marshawn Lynch will also get a break this week. Carroll said Lynch took a lot of hits Sunday.

> Carroll also said Brandon Mebane hurt his ankle.

> The Seahawks’ team hotel when they played the Giants is the team hotel for the NFC representative at the Super Bowl. Carroll said that was not coincidence.

> On Richard Sherman: “I look at it like, we’re doing this together and my role, what I am the most, is I’m a dad. I look at it like what would I tell my son. There’s some stuff in there, really I think you should think about. It didn’t come out the way you wanted it to be. And talk our way through that. he did. He didn’t feel right about that, so he came out and made a statement, we support him in that. There’s was a lot of great things that happened last night (yet) we’re talking about some other stuff.

“Call a linebacker or defensive linemen or a guy right after he makes a touchdown run … I understand it.”

Sherman texted an apology to ESPN’s Ed Werder:

> Carroll said he saw Jeremy Lane get hit on the 49ers’ sideline during the game and “made a big deal” about it then. Carroll said he was disappointed the official who is specifically assigned to watch gunners on punt coverage missed it. He’s waiting to hear from the league.

> Carroll reiterated what he said this morning about using James Carpenter and Paul McQuistan at left guard in place of rookie Michael Bowie, who started last week versus New Orleans. Carroll wanted to go with the experience.

> He also reiterated using Alvin Bailey as the tight end was to get better blocking on the 49ers’ outside linebackers.

> On Peyton Manning: “This is thrilling to be going against the best.”

> Asked again about guys with “chips on their shoulders,” the cliche that won’t go away, Carroll said it’s more about “grit” to him. “That’s what we’re looking for in guys. Grit is the key factor.”

> Carroll said prepping for bowl games all those times will help them in the preparation for the Super Bowl.

> Asked if he’s had a chance to personally reflect on going to the Super Bowl, Carroll said not really, but that, “When it’s the Super Bowl, you’ve got to take note.”

> Carroll said he wasn’t sure about the starters at linebacker with Wright returning. He’ll work it out this week, but is excited to have Wright back.

> On bringing guys onto the roster who have “personalities”: “I don’t want to miss out on somebody because they are not like me,” Carroll said.

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  1. DreadHawks says:

    The anger and vitriol of the 9er fans is bordering on insane. If Green Bay is Title Town then SF must be Entitlement Town. Show some dignity for crying out loud.

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  3. DreadHawks says:

    Correction……on SOME 9er fans

  4. Dread, What are there specific complaints?

  5. (Their complaints) Sherm? Refs? We made more plays than they did.

  6. I’ll carry this over from the last thread…

    We can run a 1/7 page ad in the three San Francisco newspapers:

    The Weekly
    The Guardian

    It reaches about half a million readers and would cost $890.

    The following have said they would like to contribute:

    STTBM, HawkfaninMT, Stevos, bulldog80, twillis, Dukeshire, chuck_easton, BobbyK, bird_spit, pdway, SandpointHawk, and Vegas56.

    Did I miss anyone and/or are there others who would like to do this? I assume others are probably interested, as everyone doesn’t always read every comment during the day.

    This is a rough draft of what would go in the ad, please let me know if there should be any changes/modifications if you’re willing to contribute.

    Seahawks Fans’ Apology:

    On behalf of the passionate fans of the ‘Seahawks Insider,’ of The Tacoma News Tribune, we would like to issue an apology to NaVorro Bowman, the 49ers, and their fans for the popcorn throwing incident during Sunday’s championship game. Please do not let the crude actions of a few dictate your view of most Seahawks fans.

    We are sorry and embarrassed for that despicable incident.

    You have a great team and we wish you nothing but the best except for when you play our Seahawks. However, even in that setting, we wish no ill-will towards the health of any of your players.

    Best wishes to NaVorro Bowman and Mike Iupati as they rehabilitate their injuries sustained on Sunday in the coming months.

    Thank you for your time.


    ‘Seahawks Insider’ Fans

  7. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Just picked up my super bowl tickets!!

  8. Congrats. I made the game against the Steelers in Detroit but won’t be able to do it this time around. Have fun!

  9. montanamike2 says:

    I love to hear it, it’s like music to my ears. I love to hear bitter Whiners fans make excuses and complain about how they got robbed. Sherm did go a bit overboard yesterday, as a person off the field he does amazing community service. As a player with a chip on your shoulder and all pumped up after making the game winning play, i can see the need to not stick a mic in their face for a bit.

  10. thursday says:

    SF and California in general is entitlement town. I’ve never met such entitled people as I have Californians.

    (yes i obviously know they’re not all like that, but all the most entitled people i’ve met have been californians)

  11. Yes good Bobby

  12. montanamike2 says:

    BobbyK i totally support what you are doing, it sucks that if i have to pry more than 10 bucks from my wife she flips out, asian.

  13. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    I’m in for contributing, let me know where to send the ducats

  14. doubledink says:

    I think that a PayPal account can be set up and people can contribute even if they don’t have an account. I don’t know how to set it up though. Thanks for your work on this.

  15. Doug Baldwin = MVP of the NFC Championship game in my book

    8 rec for 136 yds, 17.0 avg = 2014 NFC Championship game
    50 rec for 778 yds, 15.6 avg = 2013 Season
    51 rec for 788 yds, 15.5 avg = Rookie Season
    58 rec for 857 yds, 14.8 avg = Stanford Senior Season

    Why do so many ignore the talents of DBFresh? (Hello, Jim Harbaugh?) One of the most disciplined and consistent receivers in the NFL. He’s been our best WR all year long, and we would have lost without him on Sunday.

  16. this 2-week break for marshawn is not to be underestimated. look at his production against NO and SF after the playoff bye week break. he has looked very on his game these past two weeks. Denver will have their hands full with him.

  17. I’d say Baldwin or Lynch on offense (as the game MVP) and Kam for the defense. Don’t forget DB’s kickoff return, that was huge, and right when we really needed it.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What really happened with this food throwing incident?
    Was it a group of people throwing food?
    One person spilling or throwing Popcorn?
    I have heard several different story’s now but I’m not sure 49er fans will give a rats A$$ what we Seahawk fans say.

    My personal opinion is that our Seahawk fan base doesn’t need to apologize for one stupid thug. It won’t change how we are viewed by other fans one single bit.
    The money raised would be better spent if it all went directly to the children’s hospital or some other charity.

    Now that cheap shot on Lane out of bounds is a different story and should be investigated by the NFL, and hefty fines should be handed out to that jerk.
    I doubt that the 49er fans will ever consider spending a penny to buy an add to apologize for that.

  19. freedom_X says:

    A 49er fan wouldn’t have to apologize for something a 49er player or coach or staff member did.

    Richard Sherman was bothered by the “fan” action of throwing food at Bowman and was the 1st to call it out nationally I believe. That should give some idea of how this looks.

    A PayPal account might be the best way. I’m not sure if you can make contributions without opening an account though (you could a few months ago, but that might have changed recently.) But having many small contributors is a much easier goal to meet than a few big contributors. any surplus can go to charity.

  20. Seahawk fans got a bad name by that guy and that’s the perception that does NOT represent most of us Seahawks fans. People should know that because not all of us are bad like that. I agree we can all get heated about our Hawks, but I think most (if not all) of us are good people and people should see the positive as opposed to only the negative.

  21. BobbyK… nicely done,

    I can throw in a couple of bucks for this.

  22. Todd – I just sent you an e-mail about this.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Seahawks fans did not get a bad name by that guy anymore than we get a bad name for what Sherman says, or for how we dress at games, or for our loud stadium, or for the peds, ect…
    I think one fan spilling popcorn on a injured player is rude, however why do some think an apology in an add will change the overall perception of the 49er fans about us?

    All they will do is think- “yep the seadderall shehawks fans must feel guilty if they choose to pay for an add to apologize to us.

    Go a head with the add and then look at the comments section.

    I am convinced we can never do right in the minds of most 49er fans no matter how hard we try.

  24. It was my idea to do something to wish Iupati and Bowman well in their rehab, and to apologize for the food throwing. And regardless of how many–or how few–threw food, it was noticed nationally and needs to be addressed.

    Thank you Bobbyk for taking the ball and running with it. I think your message is fantastic. I might have put more emphasis on wishing them a speedy recovery, mentioned that first and put the apology for the food throwing after, in order to minimize it and keep the focus on the positive.

    But this is your thing now, and you did a great job writing it. I’m on board no matter what.

    I still think we need some publicity. I think it sucks that the folks paying to fly a 12th man flag over Candlestick got plenty of publicity but so far nOne for this..

    If anyone can set up a funding site I think the thing will take off. That’s the next step; set up a funding site, then get the word out…I’ll bet we can get the half page ad that way…What do you guys think?!

  25. Georgia–Thus isn’t about changing assholes minds. It’s about letting two fine football players know they are respected. It’s about having pride. It’s about doing the right thing.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- How do we know it was a Seahawks fan that spilled popcorn on him?
    Does anyone have pics?

  27. STTBM – For all the “hate” you write, this wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for you talking about it earlier.

    I just e-mailed Todd about the funding part and will wait for his (or TNT’s) response.

    We’re never going to win over every 49ers fan but at least we’re being genuine and trying to do a good thing in terms of who we are as Seahawks fans. Not everyone agrees and that’s okay, they don’t have to contribute, but now those of us who want “in” are going to do this because we think it’s a good thing.

    I think we’ve got some great players who are great people we root for like Wilson, Baldwin, ET, and great fans… personally, I don’t want to hear about a Super Bowl that’s good vs. evil because I think we are plenty “good” too.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Georgia–Thus isn’t about changing assholes minds. It’s about letting two fine football players know they are respected.”

    STTBM- I wish you would respect some of our own players as much as you respect the other teams players.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Popcorn for God sake. Lol.

    I suppose very few of you have seen how it used to be with fans. How many of you remember the Vikings/Cowboys playoff game when fans were throwing Whiskey bottles on the field and one of them hit an official in the head.

    If popcorn is the new age whiskey bottle then I think the players are very safe moving forward.

  30. Man. As much as we can bicker with each other on this blog at times, as a diehard Seahawks fan I’m humbled and amazed at all of you for wanting to show respect to our bitter rivals for the disgusting actions of a few low life’s who have basically turned the entire nation’s NFL fan base against us. It just proves to me that this really is a fantastic blog compared to all the garbage “football blogs” on the internet. I’m proud to be a reader and occasional poster here. Y’all are a class act in my book.

    Great job on the wording of the ad message, Bobby-K. Thanks for being willing to take the lead on this little project. I think you’ll be surprised at the attention it will get.

    On another note, I’ve decided to quit reading comments about the Hawks on other sports sites as the unbelievable amount of racism and racist comments about not only Sherman but other Seahawks as a whole is just plain sickening. It’s insane. In the end it us just a game and the pure hatred (not sports hatred as that’s different, Haha) and vile comments directed at Seattle and Sherman is disgusting. Sherman basically called out a receiver known for talking smack and thinking he’s the greatest. If Crabtree has so much class then why is he still making stupid comments via Twitter and the media? I’ll tell you why. He got owned by Sherman not just on the last play but that entire game and he can’t deal with it. For 9ers fans and fans of other teams to use racial slurs and wish death and injury to a man who spoke his mind about an arrogant receiver without putting down the other team, coach, fans or players is ridiculous. And these are the same people calling him classless.

    This is all because the national media and sports fans had to watch the darling San Francisco 49ers get beat up by the lowly, small market, much hated Southern Alaska Seahawks. It is definitely the Californian Entitlement Attitude.

    I’m fine with America hating the Hawks for the next two weeks and hoping and saying that Seattle will be completely destroyed by the Broncos. Keep it up America. It only fuels the fire within every player on our team. And they wonder why Richard said what he said. The man’s a genius and has them all right where he wants them. Bravo Sherm, Bravo.

    And to say we’re a classless organization or cheaters? How about the cheap out of bounds forearm shiver given to Jeremy Lane by a player in street clothes on the 9ers sideline? I guarantee that little highlight hasn’t been played on any TV station in San Francisco. That should be the next billboard put up in San Fran by Seahawks fans. Just a freeze frame pic of the guy taking Lane out with the caption “you’re calling Seattle classless?”

    Sorry for the long post everyone. I’m still jacked up from that unbelievable game yesterday.

    Go ‘Hawks!!!

  31. montanamike2 says:

    If we could donate a small amount as a token it would help. Why don’t we send a letter to the 49’rs organization and explain that those few individuals don’t represent the rest. We can wish a recovery and show some class that way. What do you think?

  32. Thanks for taking the lead on this BobbyK, I’d like to contribute. If you are looking for resources on how to collect the funds (and perhaps open the possibility of using this moment to do more good beyond this incident), here’s a link I found helpful:

    GeorgiaHawk, I get what you are saying, and respect you the same whatever you choose to do. To me, this has nothing to do with the 49er fans or what they think. It is for the players who put their bodies on the line for our entertainment, their players and ours. I want NaVorro Bowman and Mike Iupati, and every player out there, to know that Seahawks fans appreciate tough play and the tough spirit they bring to the game of football. Football can be a decidedly impersonal and callous business, and careers are short. A person’s life and livelihood could have just been altered forever. I want to show my respect to all the players though this action.

  33. Georgia–I have the utmost respect for most of our players. I think you mean RW. I love RW, and it boggles my mind how some people are so protective of him they blame everyone including the Devil for every mistake he makes–anything except admit RW isn’t perfect. And they cant stand any criticism of him.

    I’m still waiting for anyone to comment on Cosells article. He says what I’ve been saying, yet no one has attacked him.

    And if you mean guys like McQ–who are trying but washed up–or FatCarp–who is a fatass and lazy–than Guilty as charged. Really though, Carp is about the only player I have no respect for.

    And it’s not about that anyway. And you’d see that if you weren’t in one of your moods or just reacting because it’s me and Bobbyk leading the charge.

    This is about doing something good and right.

    You were in favor of the asinine 12th man insult flag unless I’m mistaken, but you want to joust at windmills rather than support a get- well MSG to stud players like Iupati and Bowman?

    Whatever, Dude…

  34. montanamike2 says:

    STTBM when are you coming to Bozeman?

  35. Bowman had 14 tackles when he went down. That’s a man. We all wish we’d drafted Iupati. That too is a man. They both suffered devastating injuries, and someone tossed food at Bowman.

    What kind of cynicism makes someone mistrust a gesture to overcome that?

    And I’m the negative villain..

  36. sluggo42 says:

    Good lord Georgia, just say no then. You don’t wish to participate. I can’t give a lot, but I’m proud to be a part of it. I just don’t get how you tick dude…

  37. Montanamike2–I will be on Boze tomorrow for work maybe thru Thurs. you want to get together Tues or Wed?

  38. montanamike2 says:

    Sure, where are you staying in town?

  39. DFloyd–Well said.

  40. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    BTW Percy will be back!!
    I think the Broncos will not be able to stop the beast and then we add Percy, warch out!! We’re going to go upnand down the field on them.

  41. montanamike2 says:

    I can get some meet up plans tomorrow if you wish.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    montanamike2- Now that makes so much more sense than wasting money on an add.
    but again I strongly think we have nothing to apologize for.

    If every fan base had to apologize for what one stupid fan does than every NFL teams fan base would be apologizing after every game.

    Some folks just don’t get it, we are one of the most hated teams and fans in the NFL.
    All that means to me is we have finally arrived. We are top dog, and top dogs are not liked no matter what they do.

  43. I have to check with work tomorrow, I’ve been busy fighting with my bank and preoccupied…But I will have transportation so I’m able to get around.

  44. Georgia–The point was to show respect for the serious injuries: the food throwing apology came later and overshadowed it. Either way, it’s the right thing to do.

    Especially since SF fans wouldn’t return the favor. Except maybe GGNate…

  45. Tomorrow after 6 would be great MontanaMike!

  46. montanamike2 says:

    There is some truth to that Georgia, last year my friend who loves the Falcons told me he didn’t know of one person who didn’t like the Hawks. It was a backhanded compliment to how we never beat anybody really. This year all that changes with the Niners, now we have an opportunity to rise above our portrayed image.

  47. montanamike2 says:

    Cool look forward to it.

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    sluggo42- If this is going straight to Bowman I’m in. Otherwise it is a waste of time and money Imo.

    Do you really think 49er fans care what we do? Maybe a few, however they already care and the rest certainly will continue to hate on us.

  49. montanamike2 says:

    STTBM Are you going out for dinner?

  50. montanamike2 says:

    If so we could meet up there.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- All anyone has to do if they feel the need to apologize to the 49ers is log onto their blogs and do it.
    I guarantee if you try that on NinerNation you will be slapped around repeatedly.

  52. Not sure if I have to hang with work people or what Montanamike. It’s all pretty fluid still..

    Georgia–This isn’t about changing Niner fans minds. I could care what they think. It’s showing class–A chance to show our quality.

    It would be cool if you were on board, but it’s okay if you’re not. Just don’t misunderstand. It’s the gesture that matters, not how said gesture is received.

  53. montanamike2 says:

    Cool STTBM, whatever works.

  54. Hawkjitsu says:

    Wow. APOLOGIZING as a fan? Paying for an article in the SF paper??? I’m of the opinion that this seems flat-out strange. To me, this sounds like a way to get noticed. But do what you feel you should do. I wish you no ill will.

  55. sluggo42 says:

    Georgia, the money isn’t going to Bowman, it’s going to a slot in the local newspapers that says we appreciate the sacrifices that their players made in the war against us. And that some jerk throwing whatever at him as he was being wheeled from the battlefield was NOT how the majority of Seattle fans feel.

    It’s called an act of class towards two warriors on the other team. You don’t have to participate, and it’s obvious you won’t. But why you feel the need to stick your negative opinion into the mix I just don’t understand, and really, it doesn’t surprise me…

  56. Hawkjitsu–This is a ploy for attention, but flying a 12th man flag over candlestick escaped your wrath? Interesting…

  57. toastmaster says:

    I’m in BobbyK. Just let us know!!! Hawks and Hawk fans are the best in the league!!!!!!

  58. haven’t seen this article linked:

    good to see a little backlash to the initial reactions . . .

  59. Montanamike–I will keep you posted. I would love to bail on work so will let you know…

  60. oldtallguy says:

    Its admirable what a few of you are trying to do with the ad in the Sf papers. But the venue is not going to be effective. Its a newspaper ad, how many of you read your hometown newspaper?. Those 3 papers probably have a combined readership if less than 50 percent. Less than 30 percent of subscribers read the sports section. 800 dollars is getting an ad that’s not going to be well noticed. If you really are apologizing for a few turds then send a get well card from Seahawk Insiders and a check to the 49ers with our apologies and let Bowman donate to his favorite charity. Another idea would be to buy a radio spot on a station during 49er talk. That way you reach the market that you’re trying to reach. The newspaper ad isn’t the way to go.

  61. “I don’t want to miss out on somebody because they are not like me,” Carroll said.

    I soooo loved this last quote!!

    On to the super bowl — the biggest question to me, How we deal with bunch formations and Welkers quickness!!!

    If we can get pressure on Manning it will be a good day for us. It think this will be a BIG day for Avril and Bennet!!!

  62. Also, Arizona and STL are finalists for Hard knocks – DO IT!!!

  63. DreadHawks says:

    @mocarab, I’m from the bay so alot of my “friends” are 9er fans I never was. Personal attacks on me and the Hawks. Of course theyre pissed at Sherm but I was called a low life and classless for following the Hawks. Another called me a cheater and that we payed off the refs. Absolutely insane. It goes on but you get the picture.

  64. montanamike2 says:

    To be honest, at the watering hole they didn’t show the popcorn thing and everyone was yelling so loud i never heard Sherman’s rant until today. I had no idea anything went on.

  65. Not sure which “terrible calls” they are whining about?!?! Seriously – after the SB the hawk fans were irate but even the guys on national media were questioning them.

    I didn’t see any media guys questioning too many calls – let alone critical ones. They want to complain about “holding on every pass play” but that is EXACTLY how they played against Carolina – also Crabtree had a clear push off in the endzone – but NOBODY was going to call that.

  66. seahawkNJ says:

    I’m in Bobby.

  67. Great idea, STTBM/Bobby. Count me in for $20!

  68. It’s a nice gesture but you can pool 890 bucks and buy something relevant. I can see going on a niners forum and making a post, but the newspaper ad is a waste

  69. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I agree with oldtallguy. Cool idea not sure if they will care as I’ve been trying to have a rational conversation with several of my 9er friends and they hate the life out of us right now. I also don’t think that any group has to apologize for the actions of a few. There are idiot fans in every town. Those fans don’t accurately represent the fan base or city. The ad won’t change that one bit. I worked in TV advertising for twenty two years and newspaper has been dying for the better part of the past twelve or so. TV advertising is also dying and the most eyes are found online. I think you would have more reach and bang for the dollar posting something on the 49ers facebook page or official website. Or the webpage of Bowman’s preferred charity. The people that still get the paper are for the most part the older generation and aren’t big sports or football fans. Again, not criticizing the thought, but it would be nice to have impact to go along with class. I’ve asked a few 9er fans what would they do or would think would make a sincere statement and I’ve been told to go with Bowman’s charity. That’s more feel good and does more for the group that needs it than spending money on an ad for a multimillionaire football star.
    My four cents.

  70. I will contribute to a pay pal account but I am not sure they will all take this the right way. They may feel its salt in the wound.

  71. toastmaster says:

    It might actually be cool to contribute to a Bowman charity on behalf on Hawks fans. I wouldnt want it taken the wrong way though. Regardless, it would be money well spent on something tangible.

  72. chuck_easton says:

    I’m in as well Bobby.

    And this isn’t about trying to make nice with SF Fans. This is telling the rest of the NFL community that the actions of one classless fan does not represent Seahawks fans as a whole.

    The article will be picked up nationally.

    I am not at all pleased with the broad brush this one Cretan fan has painted on my reputation and I am of the opinion that should this person be identified a one year ban from the stadium would be highly appropriate.

    Georgia, just to put this in terms even you can understand. Let’s pretend the blown out knee was to Wilson and the game was in SF. Say some SF fan dumped a box of popcorn on your beloved Wilson as he was being carted to the dressing room. You would be on here screaming for a public lynching and you know it.

  73. kurtthekraut says:

    Very cool and admirable goal to pursue and I tip my hat to all involved. That said, I do lean towards the fact that haters gonna hate…lovers gonna love,….and not sure we will sway any sort of public opinion. I think flooding Navarro’s twitter account or facebook account with our disgust at what happened would go a lot further to that guy specifically. Im not about to apologize because a single band-wagon jumper had too much Budweiser. Navarro wasn’t hurt any more because of it and guess what….the loser that threw that at him,…well he will be a loser his entire life. To me that’s enough.

    Really cool of everyone though,…im just glad I wasn’t the only one disgusted.

  74. kurtthekraut says:

    Again I don’t care about what the rest of the world thinks. I care that Mr. Bowman knows that I thought it was pathetic., ESPN and the rest of the media chicken-hawks….sorry but im not apologizing for anything.

  75. I think this furor over Sherman’s comments goes away very quickly. He’ll, the photo of Sherman offering his hand while Crabtree shoved him in the face that was posted on Bleacher Report should kill it. And who cares if the rest of the country isn’t rooting for us? They were going to root for Peyton Manning anyway just like they rooted for Jerome Bettis in 2006.

    This ain’t American Idol…America doesn’t vote.

  76. Southendzone says:

    The ad is a good idea. Someone needs to own the process by creating a fundraiser site. I think gofundme has been used for stuff like the hawks banner.

  77. mrtoad64 says:

    I like it. But I also can’t help thinking…what if this dude was a season ticket holder? Somebody knows somebody who knows who this guy was. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the front office announce that as scarce as they’ve been, a season ticket has magically become available, it will be raffled off, and the proceeds will be given to NaVorro Bowman’s favourite charity?

  78. There is also speculation that the popcorn was spilled . . . . . . as the guy leaned over. I doubt it – and If I was on the waiting list for 5-6 years and they auctioned off the tickets I would be PISSED!!!!!!

    do what you will but I think it will go unnoticed. It is cool to think that we have people who want to step up, that much is cool

  79. mindnbrad says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m 110% behind BobbyK’s letter. I like it.

  80. Should we add something in there about not saying the popcorn was definitely thrown?

    Something like “if the popcorn was deliberately thrown…”

    I’m open to any changes. This isn’t “my” thing. It was the idea of STTBM and then a bunch of others are the ones who said WE should do this. I want no personal attention… I want it to be ALL of US who choose to participate.

  81. I am not saying don’t do it – just saying I think it will go totally unnoticed

  82. Are SF and national fans really so mind numbingly stupid to believe that one fan dropping popcorn on Bowman represents all of Seahawk fandom?

    Gimme a break.

    Sure it was a cheesy act, assuming it was intentional. But there’s no reason for the media to say it was “fans” as opposed to an individual. And I’m still waiting for the picture that shows it was a guy. Are women fans not capable of this? And where is the evidence of a person throwing it? This is way way out of proportion. This is the media. They wanted SF to win and they didn’t. And why are we feeling so guilty about it?

  83. mrtoad64 says:

    Doesn’t represent us, but reflects on us. Maybe I’m just weird, but I feel proud when I see Seahawks fans stand up to give a standing-o to an opposing player being carted off after being hurt. Also, William of Occam – give me a break, guys. “If it was intentional” … “assuming the popcorn was deliberately thrown” … yes, perhaps popcorn on an injured player being carted in the tunnel “merely falleth like the gentle rain from Heaven.” Shit.

  84. Yes, I think we should say “if the popcorn….”

  85. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Maybe after this add some Seahawks fans can buy a national add apologizing to Harvin for accusing him over and over again for faking injuries.

    BTW- If Wilson was injured and the 49ers threw popcorn on him it wouldn’t change how I think about 49er fans if a few fans paid for an add to apologize about it.

  86. CDHawkFan says:

    Georgia, you might be on to something, but I have a twist.

    Since we knocked Harvin out last season, I say we take an ad out retrospectively to wish him well but at the same time tell his deadbeat ass to get off the couch and get into the game.

    I plan to go back and watch the NO game to see who got hurt so that we can take an ad out there as well, then maybe the Rams game and so on.

    As far as ”making good” due to 1 guy spilling dry popcorn, if people are dumb enough to think that represents the city of Seattle or Hawks fans, well then I don’t think we really wanted those people visiting us anyway. There are a lot worst things that happen in Seattle and every town in the world.

    People sometimes label Seattle as a soft sports town, that we don’t expect/demand more out of our teams. I sure some will disagree, but I think buying an ad in the paper for popcorn on a hurt millionaire doing his job just adds to that softness label. I just don’t see that happenning in any other major town. I am sure people will be pissed that I am trying to make that connection, but its not like this guy got punched/wife abused in the crowd/etc.

    Just can’t believe that this would be done if we lost to San Fran or if it happenned vs NO which a lot of people were pissed at Payton and the Harvin head hunting.

  87. chuck_easton says:


    Harvin has done nothing to prove that opinion wrong. Once he can start and finish even two (I’m not greedy) consecutive games I might consider that he is not either really brittle and fragile at best, or a malingerer at worst.

    So I stand by my Harvin posisition and I’m not going into it anymore.

    Now if you can stop the constant and complete daily Wilson worship or confine it to the shrine you have in your home we would all be just as appreciative.

  88. Soggyblogger says:

    I understand the desire of good intentioned people who want to apologize for the popcorn incident. Although proof that popcorn was either spilled or thrown at Bowman is indisputable, nevertheless, there has been no evidence brought forth to support the accusations that there was any intention to disrespect Bowman.

    There has been rumor spread that a child looking at the player going through the exit accidentally spilled approx. 30 kernals of popcorn – 5 of which landed on a padded and helmeted Bowman. The film clearly shows that none of the people including Bowman took any notice of it at the time.

    Most of the rumors immediately after the game were attributable to a tweet. From that single tweet the incident grew from a mountain to a molehill.

    Perhaps before an ad is placed making an apology where none may really be necessary will add to that molehill while settling nothing. Before I endorsed such an action, I would be scouring the internet for more evidence. Seeking the truth rather than adding insult to injury for the child who may have accidentally spilled some harmless popcorn on an injured player.

    The child (or adult – since I am going on rumor only) who spilled or threw the popcorn must be mortified. I feel sorry for them far more than Bowman.

    Of course, I am very sorry about Bowman’s injury as 99.9% of all Seahawks fans were. I would support an add which published the truth of the incident, but not a knee jerk response to an uninvesigated incident that may have been blown completely out of proportion.

  89. EzraMelech says:

    For the ones raising funds for the ad. Try People can give via paypal or other means and it’s super easy to set up. People can also give anonymously if they so choose.


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