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Sunday Primer: Rivalry, focus, and, of course, bacon

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 19, 2014 at 3:06 am with 122 Comments »
January 19, 2014 3:06 am
Marshawn Lynch will be ready to run Sunday. / AP photo
Marshawn Lynch will be ready to run Sunday. / AP photo

Good morning. We will know later today if the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl. Buckle up.

We’ll start today with my game preview. I focused on the rivalry that has grown from the college days of Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll. Interesting that Harbaugh tried to recruit Carroll’s youngest son, Nate, when Harbaugh was the head coach at San Diego. Equally interesting is it turns out Nate and Harbaugh played one-on-one basketball during the in-home visit.

Carroll often shoots hoops. There is a basketball hoop in the auditorium the team uses during team meetings. Carroll told Russell Wilson he was the starter while shooting hoops. Just a tidbit that seems odd for Harbaugh to be doing at the Carroll home. Nate Carroll is an offensive assistant for the Seahawks.

> Our Dave Boling writes it’s imperative for the Seahawks to keep their composure today. From Boling:

Nobody’s suggesting they show up to a fistfight waving an olive branch.

Just be smart.

As much as the Seattle Seahawks will be tempted to at this point, they don’t have to prove their toughness. They’ve split two scraps with the San Francisco 49ers already this season.

Sunday, with the NFC championship at stake, along with the Super Bowl berth that goes with it, this game between two evenly matched teams will be won with execution and intelligence.

They must play with passionate intensity from snap-to-whistle and sideline-to-sideline. But after the whistle, they’ll benefit from doing nothing but walk back to the huddle as if nothing happened.

It’s called tactical restraint. Or, as Kipling counseled: “… keep your head while all about you are losing theirs.”

> The 49ers think they have improved enough to win in Seattle.

> Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News on why he thinks the 49ers will win.

> Jim Moore writes the crowd won’t be enough for the Seahawks to make it to New York.

> Cliff Avril says adapting is the key to shutting down Colin Kaepernick.

> A scout says Percy Harvin’s absence is a “giant” factor in the game.

> Here’s the game advance from the Everett Herald.

> The AP writes the 49ers and Seahawks belong in the NFC title game.

> Five matchups to watch from

> ESPN writes no Harvin, no problem.

> John Clayton’s five greatest rivalries includes this Seahawks-49ers one.

> MMQB looks at San Francisco defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.

> Here’s Boomer Esiason on how the Seahawks can beat the 49ers and get to New York:

> Michael Silver on the Seahawks-49ers rivalry.

> Picks from

> NFC championship game preview from

> Joe Montana thinks Colin Kaepernick has a lot of room for improvement.

> Secret superstars of the championship round from Pro Football Focus.

> Greg Cosell examines Russell Wilson’s “slump.”

> Bowman vs. Lynch is the matchup of the day, according to CSN Bay Area.

Sunday primer

Non-Seahawks game of the day

New England at Denver, noon

> The view from New England.

> The view from Denver.


Divisional-round playoff highlights

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Chalk talk with Brock Huard


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Bacon-wrapped meatloaf.


Today’s weather

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Todd, on behalf of those of us who only managed to stay asleep for a few hours: much gratitude for your obscenly early daily posts.

    12 hours and counting…..I can’t take it anymore. GO HAWKS!!!!

  2. DanielleMND says:

    I haven’t been this nervous about a game all season, but we can do this. Go Hawks!

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Can’t take it anymore? Lol. How are you going to deal when they’re in the Super Bowl?

    I’m totally confident that if Seattle just plays their game and doesn’t get caught up in trying to do too much, they’ll win.

  4. Macabrevity says:

    A scout says Percy Harvin’s absence was a given for this game.

  5. Macabrevity says:

    Love the ‘tactial restraint’ comment, if anything, that will get in the 68ers heads more than post-whistle scrapping.

  6. Macabrevity says:

    A lot of the talking heads who are picking the 68ers point to our loss at home vs Arizona. Funny, but none of them seem to remember that as being as close to a meaningless game for us as there ever was.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Who do want to be playing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, Omaha or New England?

    I want a (You Mad Bro!) Super Bowl.

  8. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    It’s going to be a long 10 hours. Atleast I have something to do, the fiance and I are house hunting.

  9. Its championship day…… Go Hawks!

    9 hours and 43 minutes to go.

  10. Start fast Seahawks…..

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Seahawks 24-16.

    And one big play from Lockette.

    Go hawks!!!

  12. montanamike2 says:

    Only 1 more hour to go! Oh wait, it’s more damn…..

  13. Just over 9 hours from watching Michael Bowie win the game for the Hawks today.

  14. Michael Bowie Game MVP

    GO HAWKS !!

  15. wabubba67 says:

    Macabrevity–The loss at home against the Cardinals was far from a meaningless game. Win that game and the division and the #1 seed was sealed up with one week to go (starters could have rested a bit versus the Rams). We had everything to play for…and didn’t play well that day.

  16. montanamike2 says:

    It was Wilsons worst game of the year, i’m betting he shows up today. Feed the beast! Go Hawks!!!

  17. I can’t help but think complacency was at issue for the cardinals loss. I think the offense struggled recently because of rice going down. They came out flat again because of the week off. They’ll do fine today.

  18. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    37-19 hawkws wilson comes out of slump in big way

  19. Hammajamma says:

    I’m hoping they play “The Man” over the stadium PA every time Kaepernick is picked off today. That would be delicious.

  20. Alright. Here we go. This is it. This one is for all the marbles. As much garbage as we all give one another at times on this blog we’re now all in this together. I have nothing negative to say to anyone today (except of course 49er fans). I wish all of you a great day of watching football and hope wherever each of you is watching the game is a fantastic memory of where you were when the Seahawks won the 2014 NFC championship!

    Over the past 5-6 years of reading this blog I want to personally thank each of you for your passion, analysis, comments, complaints, and pure love of the Seahawks and the game. I’ve learned a lot about the X’s and O’s of football from all of you so if I could personally shake each of your hands I would. So you’ll have to just settle for an online high 5.

    **high five** (slap)
    I’ll be tipping my Seahawks beer glass to all of you at kickoff.

    Cheers everyone!!!

    Goooooooooo Seahawks!!

    (Sorry for the sappy, love-fest nature of my post but I really mean it. I’m just super keyed up and emotional for today’s game)

    Thanks Todd (and Eric)!!!

    Thanks everyone!!

    And the waiting begins…..

  21. Guys, put on ESPN2. Russell Wilson’s story is on from 10-11 normal people time.

  22. Hurry -up Daylight, need to get my 12th man flag up.

  23. And to quote Homer Simpson: “mmmmmmmm Bacon!”. If I could I’d have bacon wrapped in bacon, stuffed with bacon, on top of bacon with a side of BACON!!!!

  24. Wow, I didn’t know RW’s dad died :( rip

  25. Macabrevity says:

    wabubba67 – maybe not truly meaningless, but definitely less pressure on them than usual, with things ‘almost’ wrapped up compared to the Cards who were red hot and playing for their playoff lives. I still don’t think that the Cards managed to create a blueprint for how to beat us at home. As good as they were toward the end of the season, we pretty much beat ourselves in that one.

  26. But good teams playing well usually have something to do with teams beating themselves, too.

  27. Kaepernick chased out of the pocket,pulls ball down runs right into Bruce Irvin Balls out Jeremy Lane returns for TD. First SF possession

  28. My prediction is Seahawks 19-10. 4 FGs for the Seahawks. One long drive and 5 shorter drives set up by great field position. The Seahawks only get inside the SF 10 two times.

  29. Im nervous. Win this game, and I wont be nervous. I just can’t stand the thought of this team failing to get to the big game by losing to the whiners at home. Inconceivable! (And yes, that word does mean what I think it means!).

    The play calling on offense for Seattle will be huge today. We’ve got to be able to move the ball on third down, and take some pressure off Lynch.

    And we can’t let Kraperpants get outside the Hashes…

  30. Seahawks are now up to 4 point favorites.

  31. Radeon–Normal people time lol?!

  32. DFloyd—Best wishes and a great day to you too Man! Let’s root our team on to a Championship!

  33. Slave, EST!

  34. I can verify that because:

    1. NFL games should not be viewed while eating breakfast.

    2. Monday NIGHT Football is at 5 pm for you. – It’s not Monday Evening Football.

    3. The league sets their times up as EST.

  35. BTW, this is my facebook status right now, and it’s a true story.

    I was at the grocery store, I’m wearing my Russell Wilson jersey right now, and a guy was wearing a steelers jacket, and he saw me and unzipped his coat to show off his 49ers pullover. He kept looking at me and laughing, and “I said I know what you are wearing, let’s see if they can score more than 3 today.”

    Some homeless looking scrub, of course.

  36. My little guy is going to sport his Chancellor today. I’m still undecided.

  37. Funny. Greg Cosells article says what I’ve been saying for weeks; RW is not playing well, especially on third down. He’s missing routine throws, and is tentative. He also says his big pass to Baldwin last week was late and off–it shouldn’t have been a back shoulder throw, because that allowed the defender back in the play. He also says that despite RW’s slump, his random plays with his feet could win the game.

    All this is exactly what I’ve been saying. RW is playing scared and too careful, like a game manager with scrambling ability. I’m frustrated because I firmly believe coaching is making him play this way; I believe RW is better than this and they are holding him back too much–just like games 6-8 last year.

    Interesting that I took so much abuse, but there’s no vitriol for Cosell.

    I am really praying they let RW pull the trigger and bring the attack in the passing game. I have faith in our WR corps and I think we’re better off with Kearse seeing more time than Rice.

    Just win, baby!

  38. Ok, I’ve got an official D-Jack jersey and a Largent practice jersey. Which one should I wear? I’ve been wearing D-Jack most of this year…

  39. Finally.


  40. Dukeshire says:

    Who’s raising the 12th man flag today? Holm green maybe…? That would be cool.

  41. I respectfully think you are crazy if you think we are better off with Kearse over Rice today.

  42. Duke, you will see me up there raising the flag.

  43. The more I think about today, the more calm I am getting knowing that Michael Bowie will not allow us to lose.

  44. I respectfully think you are crazy if you thing Russell is playing scared.

  45. Bobby’k–Rice is done. He’s wimpy and has lost all speed. Kearse was playing well until his injury, and then Seattle’s coaches put a stranglehold on RW and choked this offense out. He made a great play last week the only time they called his number. I expect more from him with Harvin out.

    I think it’s been the conservatism and poor play calling, rather than a lack of ability to separate by the receivers that has held our offense back lately.

    While it would be great to have someone besides Baldwin to run precise routes, I have faith in Kearse as the third guy.

  46. Cerjam—He’s playing too cautious, coached to be scared of turning the ball over. It’s a huge problem, and I blame the coaches more than RW. Read Cosells article.

  47. Its all about the ball remember.especially when the team is ahead with a defense like we have.

  48. I am glad now that they did lose a game at home this year. Don’t need the never lose at home incentive for the Niners, or the thought in the Seahawk’s heads, no matter how far back, that they can’t be beaten at home. Just as well now that that idea has been punctured.

    Very surprising to see the line move higher now, though it is not unusual to see lines bump one way or another on Sunday morning. Glad I only had to give 3.5 on Thursday. The big move was Thursday when both home favorites moved to even money. They are finding plenty of Seahawk money out there…probably a lot of big “expert” plays later this week trending Seahawk when the money line became more favorable for Seahawk bets.

  49. 6 hours and 41 minutes to go.

    Atleast we get to watch the Broncos / Patriots while we wait.

  50. Cerjam–I am aware of that. However, we lost vs the Niners and the Cards–and almost gave the game away last week–due to being overly cautious with the ball.

    This kind of offense in the playoffs is called MartyBall. Schottenheimer failed to advance three playoff teams because of it, and it got him fired three times.

    While I don’t expect a Manning Air Attack, MartyBall won’t cut it.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yep, Wilson is so scared. He just doesn’t have the guts to perform at a high level anymore. He is so frightened that he is a turnover machine waiting to happen. He’s doomed. Lol.


    Go Hawks!!!

  52. STTBM … we can agree to disagree on the Rice and Kearse debate. GO HAWKS!

  53. In Russ I trust

  54. Michael Bowie will not allow Wilson to play scared. Bowie wont allow Wilson to lose this game either. Book it.

  55. vichawkfan says:

    All aboard !!! Enjoy the day everyone. Rib eye for dinner!

  56. Last week we were up by 8 points, they would of had to score get a 2 point conversion and then beat us in overtime. they did get a onside kick I know and I was worried but they had a very long road to go. The best chance they really had was a pick 6 with time on the clock and Russ unlike Kaperslick did not give them one.

  57. I am happy that Bowie got to compete for and win the LG job. Interesting to see how that works out today.

    Also interested to see what happens with our LBs today. Does KJ start? Does Malcolm Smith start? Who is on the bench?

  58. averagejay says:

    I agree with you STTBM. Foot on the brake play calling. RW doesn’t run when he should. His movement outside the pocket usually creates open receivers down the field. Too conservative. Play action/Read option.

    I completely trust RW. His mistakes have been down the field…much like a punt and I am good with that.

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wilsons numbers against the 49ers last game at the Clink.

    8/19 142yds 1-td 1-int. Final score 29-3.

    I will take that performance and a win any day of the year.

    Feeding the Beast,stopping Gore and taking care of the ball is more important for us to win than Wilson playing lights out imo.

    But if he does play lights out, look out!!!

    And I agree with Bobbyk, Rice is more valuable to the passing game than Kearse is.
    Hopefully Kearse will step things up as a WR in this game like he has as a blocker and special teams player.

    Seahawks- 24-16

  60. averagejay says:

    @Darrell_Bevell, Release The Cracken!

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol vichawkfan, that’s exactly what we are having.

    Go Hawks!!!!

    And for God sakes hide the Women, children and critters. Lock yourselves in a room or basement and try to stay away from sharp objects.
    Also forgive those that are Beermotionally challenged (like myself) for what they may post, and will almost surely be embarrassed about when the go back and re-read there posts from today and tomorrow.

    Go Hawks!!!

  62. Georgia, I’d take those stats and a guaranteed win, but I’d much rather not have the stress.

  63. let there be peace among us Hawks fans today – – focus on the common enemy . . . .

    wish our game was first up today.

  64. I’m always wishing Kenny Easley would raise the 12th man flag with a video montage of his career, never more so than today. I think they place would go nuts!

    Big Walt would be more than appropriate as well, especially given his HOF eligibility and a part of the last team to win this kind of game.

    My longshot pick would be Tatupu. USC ties, loved by all fans and remarkably intense who also helped take us to the Superbowl as a Pro Bowl rookie LB. He would definitely fire up the crowd!

    I don’t know about you guys but I just think it’s all crazy right now. The anticipation is ridiculous!

    I can’t wait for that first game to start just to calm the nerves. By the way, it’s just sooooooo cool to have our game the 2nd game.

    The other way, I’d either be too high (from the win) or too low to really enjoy it whereas this way it’s just the prelude to the ultimate Seahawks season.

    6+ hours and counting…


  65. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If you don’t hate the 49er fans by now this article may change your mind.

  66. No worries Bobbyk; you think better of Rice than I do. I still have faith in Kearse et al, and it’s totally okay to disagree.

    Same with anyone else who disagrees with me about anything. Just keep it civil and it’s fun.

    But trashing me on RW’s struggles–claiming I’m negative and missing the big picture was wrong. Yes, we’re winning in spite if our offense, but it doesnt have to be that way.

    Very glad Cosell wrote that article; it vindicates me and everything Ive been trying to point out about RW for five weeks.

  67. montanamike2 says:

    I think Rice was a true #1, although not a Larry Fitz. or Dez Bryant.
    When he came back from Switzerland it was obvious he wasn’t the same.
    He still made 1-2 amazing catches each game and kept the opposing D semi honest. This year it opened a spot for Kearse when he went down and he’s made some decent catches but he still isn’t a tall guy. I think our TE’s make an impact today. I think Pete has been holding Wilson back for the second half of the season, he’s got a good formula but it’s time to release Wilson. Today might be seismic if Lynch scores a few TD’s, other stadiums can be loud but nobody else can claim that! Cheers to all and remember it’s only 60 minutes to the SB.

  68. I also wish our game was the early one!

  69. HawkfaninMT says:

    Morning Sunday Routine changed a bit this morning…

    Moved my flag pole to my friends house and raised the 12th man flag in his yard. He’s having a championship party, and where I go, the flag is raised! Go Hawks!

  70. I can’t wait to beat the Niners and send them packing to their empty stadium about to be torn down….

    Bowie will rule this game!!

  71. All I can say is:


    Go Seahawks!

  72. Montanamike2–not sure if you saw my invite or were just being polite, but it looks like I will be in Bozeman this week. You up for a beer?

  73. montanamike2 says:

    I like this quote at the end of Georgia’s link:
    At least, Kaepernick is an actual football player.
    I don’t remember Kaep putting up 150 points in 3 games.

  74. Southendzone says:

    Story about last week’s game at the CLINK:

    Got to my standing room only seats, people around me all seem pretty cool, as well as the guys right above us in the 1st row behind the concourse. You all know the 1st half is going great everyone is happy, 3rd quarter not so much.

    Well the guys above us spilled their beer to some degree on the guy to my right. Bunch of arguing & trash talking ensue. I’m doing everything in my power to be the peacemaker because it just had a bad feel to it. It was Hawk fans fighting with Hawk fans, it was negative energy and at that same time, things are turning south on the field as well.

    Today is the same thing, keep up the positive energy here. The time for arguing among ourselves is over. The time for focusing on things that aren’t perfect about the team is behind us.

    Sunshine, Puppy Dogs, and Hawk-mania is all I want to see in here.

  75. 5 hours and 44 minutes.

  76. montanamike2 says:

    I didn’t read yor post STTBM sure i’m up for it. Welcome to Bozeman.

  77. Just my opinion, but I think todays game between Hawks and 49ers is effectively the Superbowl. Even with greats like Manning and Brady, I don’t think either AFC team can beat either of the two NFC teams.

    Whoever the teams are, the NFC will be a 4+ point favorite in the Superbowl.

  78. montanamike2 says:

    We meet up at the Hideaway lounge, i’ll be wearing my #31 Chancellor jersey.

  79. Did anyone see Warren Sapp predict the 49ers score 35+ points and win today? What a big bag of gas he is.

  80. montanamike2 says:

    It’s like 2 super bowls today.

  81. South–I don’t get any bad vibes from anyone today; were all on our best behavior. I hope you don’t think I’m being negative. I’m used to my opinions not being mainstream. As long as I’m not personally attacked or told I’m garbage, I’m good.

    Besides, this game is our second SB, one step from our third…this is too important.

    Good on you for helping keep the peace at the game; no need for ugliness. That’s one reason I don’t drink during games very often!

    Have fun and lets cheer our team to the SB!

  82. Southendzone I have had standing room tickets several time beer spilled from above is a hazard.I totally agree we have to bring the positive energy, be like Pete.

    GO HAWKS!!!
    great time to be a fan the best ever

  83. MontanaMike2–I won’t be in Bozeman till Tuesday at the earliest. You up for Tues or Wed night?

  84. blocis, Warren Sapp is a huge fat piece of garbage and should be discarded accordingly.

  85. Even the Bronco game is more than 2 hours away. Man, tired of waiting.

  86. montanamike2 says:

    Sure! I look forward to it.

  87. HawkfaninMT says:

    @sttbm and MTMike: If it’s the Hideaway Sunday, is it Teasers Monday/Tuesday?

  88. I’m giddy

  89. Cool, let me know where to meet we can work it out after I get my business squared away.

    The wait is killing me! I guess I will go work out to kill some time…

  90. HawkfaninMt–My wife would laugh at me if I went there! She knows I’m too much of a geeky family guy!

    Where in Mt are you?

  91. montanamike2 says:

    HawkfaninMT that was pretty funny.

  92. HawkfaninMT says:

    Griz country! I’m in Missoula… Don’t hate me!

  93. montanamike2 says:

    Missoula is a good town, most of Montana is beautiful, the East side of the state not so much.

  94. I love the Griz! I have family near Missoula, but I’m in Helena on weekends.

  95. Took my RW jersey off to do some dishes… Looks like my dog is a big RW fan now.

    and yeah I have a 3 pound yorkie.

  96. banosser says:

    our DLine has to control the line of scrimmage and limit Gore’s effectiveness while putting consistent pressure on Kaep and limiting his scramble success = SUPER BOWL

  97. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. Love it.

  98. Dukeshire says:

    I love the Missoula Club. I’ve had some very fun nights in there.

  99. I’m 6-2 picking playoff games this year but the 2 losses have been the 49ers. I’d like that to end today.

  100. Macabrevity says:

    Harbaugh made it up to Everett to do some shopping apparently

  101. The NFL has asked the officials to set the tone early. Bad news for the Seahawks?

  102. As a hawks fan living in Northern California, I hope they kick the niners a**!!! Go Hawks!!!!

  103. ESPN says Paul Allen will raise the 12th Man Flag today.

  104. montanamike2 says:

    RADEoN too funny, i wonder if he has the same height comparisons to Wilson.
    Macabrevity i think the Whiners secondary is in more trouble if that’s the case.

  105. I personally would like to see a Baldwin heavy game plan similar to what Bevell called with Tate against the rams. Baldwin has been clutch all year…I would love to see him get the chance to move the chains when the 9ers are stacking the box for the beast. Bubbles, slants, maybe even an end around.

  106. AFC: Old QBs

    NFC: Young QBs

  107. thursday says:

    Saw something on Twitter talking about Harvin/Tatupu link in the concussion issue. I didn’t see the show in question, but from what I’m gathering in the comments, it sounds like he had a concussion after the first hit? Can anyone confirm that? I wouldn’t be surprised, frankly. But if true, I wish he hadn’t gone back out as we might have him this week.

  108. sluggo42 says:

    Don’t worry rad, I have a 6 lb maltipoo, and a 7 lb teacup poodle.

  109. sluggo42 says:

    Agree keif,

    Screens, end a rounds, bubbles, and beast gashes mixed in. A real gameplan instead of the same old shite!

    Let RW loose a bit, take the handcuffs off the kid.

  110. sluggo, small dogs are so much easier to take over :D i also have 2 other yorkies and a maltese.

  111. Guys, small dogs suck! Get a damned cat! But at least you dont have a Pit ir Rot, Radeon; its cliche for tough guys to have big ugly mean dogs…

    Seriously, if you love your dogs thats enough. I was just messin’!

    This game will never get here!

  112. sluggo42 says:

    They are little people, and love you no matter how stinky you make the bathroom

  113. Sluggo–My 70 lb wuss of a Black Lab agrees…

  114. Not ste screens etc will work vs the NFLs best LB corps, we need TE’s and backs to run seam routes and wheel routes all day to tire them out!

  115. IMO It will work if they are locked onto lynch. That’s all I have heard any of the 9ers LBs talk about all week…..and rightly so. However I think that is where the opportunities come from by pushing the ball outside and taking advantage of their over commitment between the tackles. Just my 2 bits….

  116. Russell Wilson versus the Rams week 17:

    15/23 172 yards 1 TD 0 INT 102.1 QB rating

    Still waiting for an explanation of how that is a bad game? And that’s not vitriol. It’s just a differing opinion. I know you get them confused from time to time.

    The Beast will pound the rock tonight. Tate, Kearse, and Miller will make some big plays. RW will play a very efficient game. A couple of big runs too. The Hawks D shows why they are the best this season and force 2-3 turnovers. Hawks 27-10.

  117. jawpeace says:

    Bobby K no Bowie this game???? What in the sam hill are the Hawks doing?

  118. Holy crap, I think Bevell read my post….I got all but the end around with Baldwin.

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