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News, notes and quotes: Harvin out, Carpenter likely to be active again

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 17, 2014 at 2:51 pm with 37 Comments »
January 17, 2014 2:51 pm

As our earlier post noted, Percy Harvin did not pass the tests associated with the league’s concussion protocol. He’s out Sunday. Pete Carroll said Harvin would be fully ready to practice next week.

“It’s super-disappointing for Percy, he wants to play,” Carroll said. “You could see he played his tail off when he had his chance. Just unfortunate circumstance. He’ll be back at practice next week. He’ll be ready to go to be back on the field for us. We have functioned the way we’ve functioned because we don’t let things like that get to us and how we’re thinking and preparing. We’d love to have him, but not this time.”

In a related note, Saints safety Rafael Bush was fined $21,000 for the first hit on Harvin that was also ruled a personal foul.

> K.J. Wright will play without limitations. Wright said he has a large screw in his foot kind of holding things together after he broke a bone in Week 14 at San Francisco. He said he expects to play in a reserve role. He also did anything possible to get back, even hoping and arguing to play against New Orleans last week.

“Everything feels good for the most part and whatever they ask me to do, I’m going to do it,” Wright said. “I’m not 100 percent coming off an injury. But, at the same time, I’m football ready. It’s the NFC Championship. I’m just going to have to suck it up.”

Wright said he did a lot of work in the pool. He also worked in the AlterG treadmill, plus a lot of sprints and cuts.

The doctor told Wright he could have another surgery after the season if he wanted to, but that this one would be sufficient if that is what Wright chose. So, Wright said this will be the only procedure he will have.

> James Carpenter said he expects to be active this week. We’ll see how if that means Carpenter is going to be active in order to assure offensive line depth in what is expected to be a rock fight Sunday or if he is back in the mix at left guard.

“It was very difficult, any player doesn’t want to be inactive,” Carpenter said. “I just came to work and all week just tried to help the team.”

Carpenter said he has been trying to work on “everything” after missing the offseason work because of a second knee surgery in the summer, following the surgery that ended last season for him.

> Marshawn Lynch did his weekly media duty. In a nutshell:

— Being traded from Buffalo was good. “I’m just happy with the situation I am in now.”

— Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman are good. “I just respect their game.”

— NFC title game: “Just one step closer to the big show.”

— On Pete Carroll: “He just gives you opportunity to be yourself.”

> Lastly, Michael Robinson was asked about Willis and Bowman. He said he has a lot of love for Bowman because the linebacker was being recruited by Penn State during Robinson’s final season there. Robinson also said he has love for Willis after playing with him.

“They’re really good. Those guys are definitely All-Pros. You see it all over the film,” Robinson said.

And, with this, he may have inadvertently summed up the whole feel around this game:

“They’re hard to deal with. But, you know, we’ve got something about us, too. And they’ve got to deal with us.”

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  1. I’m sick for Percy, too. I guess I’m more sick for me though. Can’t miss what you never really had though. Still think we should win…

  2. Dukeshire says:

    “He’ll be back at practice next week.” I love the attitude. THat’s the right way to think.

  3. Makes you extra jacked for the Super Bowl, doesn’t it? Knowing you’re going to get one of the best players, when healthy, in the NFL… and if we play the Pats… Bilicheat won’t have any real film how we’re going to use him (not that he’s not smart enough to not figure it out). I’m really not all that worried about the Broncos if we play them. It amazes me about the Pats though… how can they lose Gronk, Wilfork, etc. and keep chugging along like they do? I know they cheated all those years ago, but the cheater is certainly a great coach, too.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Percy will be ready for the Super Bowl. And so will the rest of the team.

  5. wazzulander says:

    Marshawn uses the word “just” as much as Russell uses “obviously”…

  6. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Percy not playing is no big deal. He hasnt played all year so who cares. This means more angry Doug Baldwin and i’m ok with that..

    I dont get playing James Carp?? Also dont understand why we dress 8 OLine guys. We could get by with 7 like everybody else does. We could use that extra roster spot on a DLine guy, especially this week against a run heavy team.

  7. sluggo42 says:

    So doesn’t that mean Percy will get 2 additional weeks to get his head right?

  8. Dressing Carpenter is a complete waste of time.

    Too bad about Harvin. Lets hope we have a game next week he can (maybe) play in.

  9. Wow, contrary to what Pete Carroll said, harvin is already ruled out of the super bowl with a broken hang nail

  10. mrchubbs says:

    Just saw Harbaugh’s press conf. on ESPN… He ended it by saying how much he loves the Beats by Dre commercial and said that the fans are kind of like that. I guess that’s his way of indirectly taking a jab at Seahawks fans… though I guess it’s not too indirect. He talked through questions some final questions from the press and ended the press conference.

  11. it’s too bad on Harvin. Were this the 2006 game against CAR, I’d guess Harvin plays. He’s stuck by the concussion protocols. Thinking back to that game, Lofa probably doesn’t finish it out were it played today after that hit he laid on the CAR FB/RB (can’t remember exactly).

    Hawks went 13-3 without Harvin (and I think Hawks still win against MIN even if he wasn’t playing), time to make it 14-3 without him.

  12. They went 14-3 with barely any harvin. Tomorrow is the 15-3

  13. Don’t count Carp out just yet. The guy can run block. He’s a huge mass that can push the big guys around. Might be just what we need to get Marshawn going with the other 4 guys.

    Speaking of which, has anyone heard anything about McQuistan? I understand the whole compete thing but has he lost out to both Carp and Bowie? I always think of McQ as being our Jack-of-all-trades guy. He can play just about any spot on the line and he’s pretty damn good doing it. He might not be an All-Pro but his value is incredible to this team. I’d like to see him get some snaps if for no other reason that to keep him in game shape and ready for the speed should we need him.

  14. Only Michael Bowie has the power for the Seahawks to be 15-3 tomorrow. A mortal like Russell Wilson or Earl Thomas must wait until Sunday for the Hawks to attain that record.

  15. MoSeahawk12 says:

    another well thought out, insightful comment from the resident tough guy.

  16. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Did you get banned from here last year for spewing garbage, including hoping that Russell Wilson broke his femur because you had mad love for Flynn? Percy’s not soft because he took an illegal head shot and the doctors won’t let him play. I’m sure you and your big mouth would get right up from that hit. Threatening Todd when he called you out, saying you’d just change your user name. You sure like to prove what a complete ass you are. Always classy radeon.

  17. This might be way “out there” but if they do have Carp active, I wonder if we’ll get any sets with an extra OL since it’s going to be a smash mouth type of game? Maybe they had him working at some RT since our new superhero took over at LG and will put him next to Breno (like an extra RT) and run the Beast over them. I doubt it but it’s interesting to think about.

    I don’t expect anyone to deviate themselves much for what got them here but there are always new wrinkles added to any equation.

  18. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Why not Bobby, the 9ers use a D-lineman as a fullback occasionally. Let’s hope that Bowie can block Justin Smith to go along with all the other great stuff he has done on this blog in the past two days. Maybe Carp will be a third tight end. Nobody would see that coming. Well, actually I guess they would, the dude is huge.

  19. Mo, you’ve become the resident Unhinged Troll. You and your comments are far worse than even Yankinta at his worst. You’ve been attacking everyone you disagree with without using any logic to rebut their opinions, only vicious insults. At least he only attacks those who name call him first, at least most of the time. Looks like you’ve lost all joy in life–I feel truly sorry for your poor family…

    So, unless and until you can bring simething to this blog besides insulting those you disagree with, Shut your face!

    I’m going to flag your comment, and every illegal post you make, insulting, bullying, and antagonizing anyone you dislike. Keep it up, your headed for banishment like a couple others…

  20. Bobbk–I think Carp may be active, but for depth and perhaps so other teams won’t know what we know: he’s (finally) finished as a Seahawk. They may play him in the hope we can get a donut for him in trade, and/or so teams won’t be sure were drafting a G or T in the first (which we better).

    Let the Bowie era begin!

  21. I heard Bowie is running fly sweeps and bubble screens, so they need Carp back on the o-line.

    Bowie doesn’t break tackles, he simply carries the entire D to the endzone.

  22. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Do us all a favor and start by flagging yourself. I mean, really flagging yourself. I didn’t realize you were the keeper of the blog. The rest of us Nazis didn’t realize you had so much power. Once again you prove to be inaccurate with your massive over reaction and generalizing. I can’t believe I used to feel bad for you. I’m not going anywhere.

  23. STTBM, what did Mo say that was any worse than what RADEoN said about Percy? At least Percy has taken repeated hits from NFL players. RADEoN has proven nothing more than that he can peck away at his keyboard. RADEoN can say what he said, and so can Mo.

    You’ve really gone off the rails. You act like you should have leeway with what you say, but then want to nitpick others. Grow up and learn how to take opposing views or ignore them. Just enjoy the NFC Championship and give your job as self-appointed blog nanny a rest please.

  24. I don’t think Carp will be anything other than OL depth, but it’s fun to speculate.

  25. Bbmate–It’s hard for me to believe you’ve read every one of Mos comments over the last week; I have. The vast majority ate of him attacking and insulting everyone he dislikes–especially Radeon and me–regardless of the content of the posts. He’s attacking people for no sane reason, and offering no rebuttal, simply vitriol.

    It’s you and Mo who have derailed. You and he have rarely commented except to excoriate anyone or anything you dislike. No analysis, just grouching that some of us aren’t sunshiny enough for your tastes, or that some of us choose to leave comments about subjects you don’t wish to discuss, or espouse opinions you don’t like. But there’s been precious little logical rebuttal from either of you.

    My comment was a reaction based on several days of comments from Mo, not just the two above.

    I have no problem whatsoever with anyone posting alternate or even opposite views. On the contrary, I find many of my most interesting and enjoyable discussions with those who hold differing opinions–like some of our past arguments; the respectful ones.

    But what Mo has been up to–and you lately, is simply attacking those you disagree with without offering a point by point rebuttal, simply insults and telling others to go away, grow up, etc…y’all sound like Yankinta at his worst, most passive aggressive.

    I don’t agree with Radeons comment saying he hoped Wilson broke a leg nor do I think anything bad about Harvin for his concussion–I’ve said he’s tough just not durable. But Radeon doesn’t deserve the crap Mo’sbeen slinging.

    I’m really surprised at your comments lately; you used to bring so much knowledge and passion and intelligence, but now it’s only acid towards other posters.

    You both have become far more negative than even me, and I’ve been extra grumpy lately.

  26. Mo–you don’t have to leave, just stop the attacks. And yeah, I think it’s up to the community to police itself, since a few have been allowed to troll with impunity, yourself included. So I’m going to stand up and say something when I feel it necessary.

    Like it or not, I’m a long term member of this community, and I too am staying. I’m not to proud to admit I’ve gone to far; I have, on multiple occasions. But I’ve apologized and pulled it together PDQ. Nate can claim the same, but all you’ve done us whine and attack.

  27. And Radeons right; our season was made by no one named Harvin. While it sucks he’s out, we got this far without him, we should be able to win without him on Sunday and in the SB. If he can play in the SB, that’s a bonus. But he’s not an integral part of this offense yet; he’s just a hope and a dream.

  28. I hope we’re all uniting and looking like this on Sunday evening:

  29. “But what Mo has been up to–and you lately, is simply attacking those you disagree with without offering a point by point rebuttal, simply insults and telling others to go away, grow up, etc…y’all sound like Yankinta at his worst, most passive aggressive.”

    STTBM, I dare you to post where I’ve personally attacked anyone recently. It seems you have a tenuous grasp on reality lately. You confuse dissent with attacks far too often. I know you and Mo have gone back and forth. I don’t know who started. I don’t really care at this point. I’m not going to rifle through reams of comments to find out.

    The fact is that Mo made a completely acceptable comment to another poster on this thread and you had to stick your nose in it and threaten to flag him. Comment about his post if you like, but threatening to flag the comment what just petty and childish IMO. He’s not a troll. I don’t believe that you even understand what that term means in the context of the internet.

    I’ve been busy lately, so I don’t post as much. But I haven’t been attacking you. You just can’t handle it when someone disagrees with your opinions or methods. You act like a hypocrite on here lately. That’s not an attack. It’s an opinion. I didn’t call you something. I commented on my opinion of YOUR BEHAVIOR. It’s best I just try to ignore you completely. I hope that you can find some joy should we be fortunate for the Hawks to win the SB.

  30. And I double dare you to find a post where I told someone that they had to go away or stop posting from anytime in the past year.

  31. MoSeahawk12 says:

    This is for sttmb and not worth the rest of you on the blogs time, so feel free to skip.
    Thanks for the permission to stay, like I said, not leaving. I’ve been here for many years as well, as so many of us have. There are plenty of good contributors that add interesting and enjoyable content to this space. I don’t believe you will find any that share your opinion of me, except maybe Radeon and unlike you, he doesn’t care. He enjoys being “that guy” otherwise he wouldn’t brag and boast to let us all know how often he gets in peoples faces and gets thrown out of places.

    You want to police the blog, by all means, we all want quality. However, I take exception to a person that says they are a fan of a team and then calls for our starting QB to break his leg. Nobody should want to see any player seriously injured and it’s just in poor taste, immature, and unacceptable behavior.

    The live game blog was impossible to be involved with. Radeon just taking over the thing with one asinine comment after the next. Percy takes a massive, illegal head shot and now he’s soft and a pussy…trash. That kind of crap isn’t needed here or anywhere, but please keep supporting the guy. There were plenty of people that called him out for those and other comments and most of us just signed off as it was not worth it. Not one person took exception to any of my posts. I don’t recall you being there. The week before he posted that Kap tore his ACL and Todd asked him to knock it off and not spread lies. He puffed out his chest and told Todd he would just change his IP and user name and be right back. Todd asked him to please not and act like a grown up. He has been doing this type of crap for awhile and was basically banned last year, even though he said he was starting his own blog or something. That kind of disrespect should not be tolerated by anyone, let alone the guys that actually provide the blog.

    As far as me attacking everyone, that’s just false. I’m certain that my comments have been directed at radeon, a few at you, although simply agreeing with other posters comments regarding you don’t make them mine, and an occasional yank taking the bait response. Not one person other than you of course has called me out or said I’ve crossed the line. Or called me Nazi, a troll, say I have mental problems or anything else for that matter. Only you. Clearly I’m under your skin and you make a bigger deal when something is posted from me.

    You really need to look in the mirror and ask yourself who has been called out and asked to please stop complaining and bitching by several other bloggers over the past week or so. That would be you. People are pretty tired of the constant complaining and over exaggerating of the O-line woes. You were going on and on when even when the team was 8-0. The pattern hasn’t really let up for most of the season as many of posters have brought that up. There has been many posts that confirm that. None of those have been aimed at me. Several people that rarely post have even asked you to change the record or quit beating the dead horse. Those posters didn’t ask that of me, or respond to a comment I made. These are the people on this blog that you say I attack, yet they seem to be looking at you. I’ve simply agreed with a few of them and of course in your world that must make me a unhinged troll. Others posters are not bringing me up in a negative context. You can not say the same for yourself. There’s that mirror again.

    I thought bbmate summed it up pretty well actually. You want it both ways and that’s not how it works. There are many posters that have brought up your content of posts and have asked nicely to modify or bring something new in and you always take offense and basically tell them to shut up. That’s how you respond and you feel thats the right thing to do. You’re free to handle yourself as you prefer. There hasn’t been anyone asking me to change the channel. So when you point fingers, there’s always one pointing back at you. You have many pointing your way. Go back and look at the comments over the past week or so, disregarding mine and you’ll see the truth. I’m not the problem. Sometimes, there are just a few bad teammates.

    This will pretty much be the last time I waste my time responding to your comments. It’s far easier to bypass any with your clever screen name. I’m going to continue to enjoy this historic season and remain positive. I’m thankful the players on the team don’t dwell on the negative and are working hard to make it to the Superbowl and win it for all of us.

  32. Gentlemen please… Big game, let’s focus on the positives.

  33. wabubba67 says:

    Tiny bbs,

    You and I both know that your claims of not attacking anyone personally are false. Your profanity laced tirade lobbed in my direction is still posted on the Mariners website only because nobody is minding the store over there.


  34. Both of you guys are divorced from reality. Go back and read your own comments,guys. Calling me names, calling into question my intelligence and sanity, making negative assumptions about me and my family—and all without arguing a specific point or discounting my opinions with fact or logic. You say I’m negative and my comments are awful and not right, and that even if I am right, you don’t want to hear it anymore.

    If you don’t want to read my comments regarding my opinion of RW and the lines play, then skip them. I will continue to post critiques as often as I feel like it.

    And if you think Mo’s two comments to Radeon were acceptable, you’re part of the problem.

    Mo, most ignore you hoping you will get yourself together. Few will stand up
    For me or Radein because the truth hurts; our line has flat sucked all year, and RW has not had a good game in five weeks. No one likes hearing that, it seems. But that doesn’t make your behavior right or legal, simply because the mob allows it.

  35. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Reading comprehension fail.

  36. wabubba, I said I hadn’t attacked anyone personally recently ON HERE!!! As in the Seahawks Blog, you illiterate mental defect. I have personally attacked you with good reason. All you ever do is come on here to personally attack me due to your inability to deal with having your ass handed to you. You opened your big yapper, and I slammed it shut. Little baby can’t reconcile that. Good to see that I live rent free in that pea brain of yours. You better run out to the corner now before the short bus leaves without you.

  37. wabubba67 says:

    Hahahahahaha You mad, bro?

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