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Harvin will not play

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 17, 2014 at 1:44 pm with 55 Comments »
January 17, 2014 1:44 pm

Pete Carroll said Friday that Percy Harvin (concussion) will not play Sunday. Carroll said Harvin will be back at practice next week, should there be practice next week.

K.J. Wright will be back without limitations. He expects to play in a reserve role.

James Carpenter will be active this week. Unclear if he will start.

More to come.

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  1. CDHawkFan says:

    Found an interesting website on NFL concussions, someone trying to keep track this year (this was after week 16, week 17 stats are hard to get as the season is over and teams don’t have to report them).
    No stats on whether or not the player made it back the next week. Hard to believe Jax can have 11 and the Bears and Bills 1 through 16 weeks?

    Team Breakdown
    JAX – 11
    CIN – 10
    OAK – 9
    CLE, MIN – 8
    NYJ – 7
    GB, NE, PIT, SD, SEA, STL, WAS – 6
    DEN, DET, TB, TEN – 5
    BAL, KC, NO, NYG, PHI, SF – 4
    ATL, HOU, IND, MIA – 3
    ARI, CAR, DAL – 2
    BUF, CHI – 1

    None of our guys have made it back the week (7 days) after a concussion.

  2. I hope all this talk (myself included) about our lacking passing game fires up Wilson and the WRs. We need them more than ever this weekend.


  3. thursday says:

    Yeah, either we have a stricter concussion thing or other teams are fudging it.

  4. raymaines says:

    I wonder if James Carpenter has had a little attitude adjustment in the last week or so?

  5. I do hope that we keep some of the plays that were put in for Harvin…I’m thinking particularly the handoff to the slot around end that preceded Lynch’s first half touchdown. Let our next fastest receiver run them. That one in particular was a good change of pace and caught the defense off-guard.

  6. bad news – and I’m not going to blame or condemn Percy, the dude took a vicious shot to the head – it is what it is. I’ll say this, and maybe I’m just rationalizing, but it’s a much better situation to not have him (and gameplan accordingly) than to think we’re going to have him, only to lose him in the 1st quarter.

    I was really nervous about the game, maybe buying into a little too much of the hype over the Niners win streak. But over the last day or so, I’ve started to feel a bit more confident. part of it was re-watching the last SF/Seattle game, which was just a few weeks ago. that game was basically a completely even toss-up, w/really one late game play being the entire difference; and that was on the road. our HFA is pretty clearly worth something. feeling cautiously optimistic today.

  7. Would Lockette be the next fastest? (or is he not – I just remember his first stint here getting they idea he was fast -the rocket Lockette and al) Not sure I want him running that sweep – not as elusive.

  8. thursday says:

    we just gotta beat them as we’ve always beaten them. with the clink and lights out defense.

  9. GoldenGate_Nate says:

    I’ll have to revise my prediction now (I was hedging based on the assumption that Harvin would be available). Now I see a 17-9 SF win.

  10. You really can’t logically blame Percy for being out with a concussion. Unless you’re going to speculate that he is INTENTIONALLY failing the cognitive tests because he doesn’t want to play.

    As I have said many times, he either passes the cognitive tests that are part of the protocol or he is FORCED to sit out by the medical staff. That’s how it’s supposed to work anyways. He doesn’t have the choice to “play through” it.

  11. sluggo42 says:

    SF been on the road for a long time now. They are more tired regardless of what anyone says. (See how I make that un-argue able.)

  12. trout_hound says:

    Tough luck for Percy, but if we win, then the Superbowl is going to be a lot more interesting. I think the first play from scrimmage we should do a play action to Lynch and throw up a bomb to Lockette on a go to put the 9ers on their heels. Then run it down their throats.

  13. sluggo42 says:

    Sorry gnat, I hate to burst your fantasy bubble, although you have the score correct. But I’m afraid it’s the other way…

  14. Wilson is going to have to run the read option more in this game…perhaps some deep throws early to keep the Niner D off of Lynch. My suspicion is that the coaching staff and the players have known this all week and the game plan has been set knowing this…some of Baldwin’s and Tate’s comments this week seem to be foretelling.

  15. Somehow the 50% playoff passer who’s had huge INTs dropped each game is going to come in and score 17 in Seattle? I could buy a 13-10 score, but there is no way the 49ers get to 17.

  16. Not the way I wanted to start the weekend (official Harvin news not being active). Oh well… it’s not like we ever really had him in the first place.

    I’m glad Wright will be back in a reserve role. I think he’ll be able to do something things situationally well, but the way Smith and the others are playing I’m quite confident in the group that has played together this past month (since KJ went out).

    I’ll have a heart attack before the game starts if Carp starts at LG (I’ll still be watching the game from the afterlife).

    Anyone else wishing their weekend away just so we can get to Sunday? So close to the gold at the end of the rainbow and yet so far away from it.

    I know family, friends, health, world peace, happiness, etc. are the most important things in the world. But, man, of all the “unimportant” things in the world… this is, by far, the most important!!!

  17. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:


    You only scored 19 in your house with all ur guys. I realize ur playing good ball, but our defense is playing better now than we were at Candlestick. Maxwell got worked in that game, and he’s playing lights out now. I doubt we’ll start our first three drives with either 1st and 20 or 1st and 25 deep in our own territory like we did against you last time. I doubt we’ll give up a blocked punt deep in our territory as well. I’m sure there will be other interesting plays, but we’ll get at least our 17 points that we got in ur house.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Percy out doesn’t change things at all.

    We still shut down old man Gore. Lynch gets his 100 yards and Kap throws his usual 2 picks at the Clink.

    Seahawks 24- Whiners 16.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    CHawkFanIn9erLand- Maxwell didn’t get worked in that game.

  20. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    that was a pretty bad game from Maxwell

  21. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    If Kap didn’t throw a terrible pass to the wrong shoulder in the end zone giving Maxwell that INT, it would have been an abysmal game for him

  22. GoldenGate_Nate says:

    To that guy, Yakima, who was “laughing at those 98% of the Media that prefers CK over RW.” I will tell you that is a misguided perception. Nevermind the hyperbole – 98% of the media doesn’t agree on anything (hell, only 97% could agree on Greg Maddux being a Hall of Famer, and that should have been a no-brainer).

    Many people in the Bay Area feel the opposite, i.e. Kaep isn’t getting the recognition he deserves. After all, Kaep is 4-1 in the playoffs, including 3-0 on the road and a Super Bowl appearance. Much better numbers than Wilson, yet Wilson seems to get much more media love and positive press. And Wilson’s in the Pro Bowl, but not Kaep? The perception down here is that Wilson is disproportionately preferred over Kaep.

    I would bet the reality is more like 50/50 in the national media. Kaep loses votes because of his image, which is, admittedly, self-inflicted. But an overwhelming majority preferring one over the other does not exist.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Maxwell had a good game against the 49ers. Since then he has played great!

  24. I wish the Seahawks would bring in T-Jack (and sit Wilson) some random play in the game and run a full QB keeper/bootleg where he simply fakes a handoff right and runs left for his life and sees if he can get 5-10-15+ yards. We wouldn’t do that with Wilson for fear of getting him killed, but it would be a nice element of surprise, IMO. I don’t want Jackson to get killed/hurt (or SF would really probably try to get cheap with RW knowing there’s nobody behind him) but I think it would be one fun/gimmick play that would/could be productive without risk of getting our franchise player hurt. I think it’d be a great 1st down play that would at least put the team in a 2nd and short. If it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be any worse than a handoff to Turbin up the middle for 1 yard. I’d rather see TJack run for a few yards on the outside than Turbin run into a pile.

  25. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:


    After you guys lost to the Saints, your own fans were ready to have Kap strung up. Being a Norcal resident and a regular visitor on Niner blogs, I found it interesting, given that it seemed obvious that Kaps struggles were related to the targets he had to throw to.

    So yeah, for much of the season wilson was getting love and Kap was dealing with a lot of questions. It is what it is.

  26. jchawks08 says:

    Maybe if Kaep didn’t wear flat-billed baseball caps off kilter, he’d get more love.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    GoldenGate_Nate- Kaep loses votes because he sucks at making second reads.
    He’s a one trick read pony.

  28. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    And Yakinta doesn’t speak for any of the rest of us, so using him as a reference to debate us has literally no credibility.

  29. Crap.

    Here is the prediction I wrote down before I heard this bad news. I don’t know what to think of it now.


    If Percy Harvin does not play:
    Niners 23
    Seahawks 20

    If Percy Harvin plays WR for 4 quarters:
    Niners 23
    Seahawks 27

    If Percy Harvin plays WR and KR for 4 quarters:
    Niners 23
    Seahawks 34

  30. I don’t think the 49ers had Iupati when we played them in SF. He’s a great player. He’s no Michael Bowie, but he’s probably the second best left guard in the NFL. That’s a significant part of the 49er offense they were missing that day.

    I get so sick and tired of stupid comments like how the Krapster is single handedly the reason SF has this or that record in the playoffs or Wilson has this or that record in two years. Throw either of them on the Jaguars and neither of those QBs has those wins. It’s a TEAM game and, yes, both those guys have definitely helped their teams but they aren’t the SOLE reason for everything team related.

  31. “And Wilson’s in the Pro Bowl, but not Kaep? The perception down here is that Wilson is disproportionately preferred over Kaep.”

    Coming into this season, Kaep was getting more media hype based on the playoff run last year. Then he started poorly, and Wilson had a great run of games culminating in the NO win on Monday night, and the hype trending reversed. Wilson’s numbers have cooled late in the year, but he still finished with more yards, more TD’s, better completion %, better QB rating than Kaep – so the pro bowl bid isn’t a big surprise imo.

    he’s still the scariest player on the SF roster to me though.

  32. Michael Bowie, as a starter in the NFL, has a 100% winning percentage in post-season play which means he’s single handedly the greatest player in the history of the world.

  33. Beg to differ with those who say Harvin being out does not change things.

    The loss of both Rice and Harvin may be more than this team can over come. Think of SF without Crabtree and Boldin. They wouldn’t have a chance in the playoffs.

    The one reg season game Harvin played, we scored 41 points.
    We were 7-1 in games Sidney Rice started.
    With both on the field we might have been unbeatable.
    I don’t think we are unbeatable now.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Actually BobbyK- If you put Kaep or Wilson on the Jags the Colts would have had a run for their money imo for the division title.

  35. Crabtree is back at full strength now too – and he makes a significant difference to their overall offense. he didn’t do that much in the week 14 game, but that was his first game back after the achilles.

    As we all know – it’s going to take out very best effort to beath them. No reason we can’t. And those close wins over the likes of St. Louis and Tampa Bay this season are the reason why we get this one at home. Can’t ask for more.

  36. Kap doesn’t have a 4-1 record in the play-offs as a Jag. No way. Wilson isn’t 24-8 as a starter either. The Jags are better, definitely, but not to the tune of the 49ers with Kap or the Hawks with Russ.

  37. “The one reg season game Harvin played, we scored 41 points.
    We were 7-1 in games Sidney Rice started.”

    We were also 6-2 without Rice. We scored 34 against N.O. without either one. You can’t really say Harvin even counts this season, we would’ve beaten Minny w/ or w/out him. And I like Rice too, but let’s talk about him in hindsight as a worldbeater, he had 15 catches for 231 yards total in those 8 games. That’s not very much production. Kearse had 14/218 over the last 8 games of the year.

  38. But if we use common sense, we see that Rice got doubles and helped his teammates and Kearse didn’t so that’s part of the reason Kearse looks fine in comparison to Rice on paper. Lots of things look better on paper than they do in real life.

  39. Dukeshire says:

    Why would Carpenter need an attitude adjustment? Has it been reported his attitude has been the issue? I think he has more of a LOFT problem than attitude.

  40. Yeah, I’ve never heard a bad word about Carpenter as a person. Every indication points to him being a good guy. The only thing that is/was frustrating to me was when he came into camp his rookie year out of shape.

  41. GoldenGate_Nate says:

    Seattle was Crabtree’s second game back, but your point is well taken. He was just playing into form in that game.

    As far as the Kaep/Wilson debate, I’m not saying Kaep deserves to be in the Pro Bowl. I also acknowledged that Kaep brings the negative image upon himself (yes, but doing dumb things like wearing a Dolphins hat and then being an ass about it).

    My point was that there are plenty of objective media types who fall in line behind either QB. There are also plenty who say it’s a toss-up. Your perception is that most prefer Kaep and Wilson is being snubbed. Our perception is the opposite.

    And, yes, many of my fellow fans were turning on Kaep after a string of poor performances, and regretting the Smith trade. I think they’re over that now, though.

    Either way, these are two great quarterbacks and I think it will be a string rivalry for years to come.

  42. GoldenGate_Nate says:

    *strong rivalry

  43. wazzulander says:

    Thats really too bad about Harvin, hopefully Kearse can regain his preseason form.

    I think the Defense goes into this gaming believing they may need a shutout to win, and I think they get it. Hawks 17, Whiners 0.

  44. Agreed, its hard to blame Carpenter for lack of effort or attitude. He was a fat rookie, but so was everyone since there was not OTA. Moffitt was a fat rookie, and never changed. At least Carpenter changed him body, while rehabbing injuries through two training camps. Maybe the knee injuries took more of a toll on Carpenter’s leg than we know. He just never seemed to improve his footwork enough to be in synch with his line mates, and Cable finally had to give up on him for the year. Strange for a guy who was good enough to start at LT at ‘bama.

    Oh well, Michael Bowie heals all wounds.

  45. GoldenGate – Do you remember the 49er championships back in the day? I do. The first SF/Cin SB was one of the first I remember. I hope you do remember because I like your different perspective (when we play SF) and I’ll, hopefully, feel “less bad” for you when we (please-please-please) win on Sunday.

  46. “Oh well, Michael Bowie heals all wounds.”

    Words more true have never been spoken.

  47. Here we go into the playoffs without our #1 and #2 WRs.

    Forget everything you know about the modern NFL.  The pass sets up the run? No.  High-octane offenses?  No.  Fullback is an outdated position?  Nope.  Neither the Seahawks nor Niners were modern NFL teams this season.  Carroll and Harbaugh are not modern NFL coaches.  High-octane offenses need not apply.

    Percy Harvin had a chance to change that, to give Carroll an added dimension he couldn’t resist to unleash despite his defensive mindset. But that dream is over.

    The quarterback with more attempts passing will lose this game.  That’s the team will have been knocked off its game plan.  One team will be more successful with its running game and stick to it. That’s the game winner in this one. There will be a few big pass plays and those may be involved in scores, but this game will be won in the trenches.  Whichever offensive line has beaten the opposing defensive line down by the fourth quarter will be ahead on the scoreboard.

  48. To me it seemed the weather kept the crowd noise a bit down from normal last week. This game will no doubt bring out the best in the 12th man it may be the loudest game ever. Kaep has history of not handling the noise well last SF game there was at several times he could not get the play called in the huddle or it took to long.The 12th man is in his head, how could it not be. Our defense is going to be jacked. I see Tate having a much better game also.

  49. I don’t think Tate can have a worse game.

  50. “we see that Rice got doubles and helped his teammates and Kearse didn’t so that’s part of the reason Kearse looks fine in comparison to Rice on paper.”

    did Rice see double teams this year?

    And I’m not trying to knock the guy, I’m a fan of his game, and his ability to make plays on the ball and be a very steady-hands guy is clearly missed, but I’m pointing out that he’s been out a long while (and harvin’s never really been in), and we’ve had good success without them.

    BTW, got around to reading the Barnwell article, and echo everyone’s thoughts, what an astute writer. Interesting observation, and maybe it’s speculative and wrong, that some of RW’s mis-throws on the slants were in part an attempt to avoid headhunting hits by Bush.

  51. I don’t have any stats at my disposal so a stat person could dispute me and win but it seemed to me that Rice got fewer doubles than previously. With that being said, he certainly got some/more than did a guy like Kearse. We’d be much, much better off with Rice this weekend over Kearse, IMO.

  52. Agree with you there. Just trying to build some optimism momentum . . .

    I’m gonna be pretty depressed if we don’t pull this one out.

  53. Gimme some Seahawks -2.5 or lower Vegas! Easy money!

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