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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yep. No surprises.

    I feel a chemistry with regards to the O-line that I haven’t felt all year up until now.

    If they really start to gel this team will be hard to stop.

    We are very lucky, (imo) with the timing of our injuries getting well this season.

  2. yakimahawk says:

    Clayton on w Wyman alluded to the fact that Harvin doesn’t look that good to play this weekend…I hope he is wrong

    From Previous post

  3. Would Clayton have access to such knowledge…or is he just guessing based on concussion? There’s potentially a lot of sheer speculation out there.

  4. That would suck but by no means does it mean we’ll lose. It just won’t be as easy. I’m holding out hope though.

  5. thursday says:

    Since the last person with info from a “friend working at the VMAC” turned out to be mostly right, here’s another one. Friend of a friend who works at the VMAC said Harvin walked past him and said “I’m in” referring to the title game.

  6. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Yeah Clayton doesnt know. He said 2 weeks ago that Harvin was going on IR.

  7. I thought Harvin couldn’t practice today even if he was recovered because he had to go through the next step of the protocol today (and I thought I read earlier that he was going through the protocol at the same time as practice)? Or should he have been cleared to at least practice by now and Clayton was going on the fact that he was out today?

    I really hope they get him on the field. Even if he doesn’t get a single touch, the more players the SF D has to account for, the easier it makes things for the Hawk’s O.

  8. And here’s hoping Brooks has a case of the flu that brings him regular volcanic eruptions from both ends keeping him in the company of a toilet through Sunday evening.

  9. We should have a pretty good idea on Thurs about Harvin. Lets hold out hope for the person first, then hopefully the player will show everyone why the twins spent their hard-earned cap room. Go Hawks!

  10. supersuckysonics says:

    Short list on both sides. Off topic I hope we blitz on first and second down all day.

  11. I didn’t hear Clayton today, but I heard him say yesterday that just due to the fact that the Seahawks waited a couple days to start the concussion protocol might be a bad sign, because maybe they thought he wouldn’t pass. Just speculation on his part.

  12. FleaFlicker says:

    RE: concussions. Heard an interesting stat from the before-lunch crew (Elise Woodward and Jerry Brewer) on KJR:

    This year in the NFL, the odds of a player immediately playing the game following removal for concussion testing is 53%.

    Essentially a coin flip.

  13. BlowMontana says:

    Harvin is a $5 million sandbag.

  14. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Percy’s playing im not even worried.

  15. Harvin is “lucky” he got his concussion on a Saturday so he has an extra day between games to get his head right.

    Hopefully he plays and plays well.

  16. doubledink says:

    you could send Brooks a bag of these. They should do the trick. lol

  17. Michael Bowie doesn’t wear a watch because HE decides what time it is.

    There is no theory of evolution. There is only a list of creatures that Michael Bowie has allowed to survive.

    Micheal Bowie doesn’t sleep. He waits.

  18. SeventiesHawksFan says:


    I have the privilege of seeing the Hawks starting O linemen on a relatively regular basis in a social setting and environment.

    Which includes the privilege of having extended conversations (mostly non football; I don’t bother them with answering fan questions) and being on a first name basis with a few of those same players.

    Several of the O line starters hang out together regularly in their free time and they are genuine friends who will unquestionably go to war together and have one another’s back. There is chemistry there on a personal level for sure. And I would think it must help also an awful lot when in the trenches.

    I also saw some of those same starting O line players just a couple nights ago (after the Saints game) over the course of several hours, and their body language, composure, demeanor, listening to them talk to one another gave me every confidence that they expect to win, are calm and very focused and ready.

    Mine perspective is just of a lay person and fan, but my view is that all is in very, very good shape internally with the O line in particular. They are not playing for just the money (though sure that’s part of it). They care immensely, do not consider themselves above their team, respect one another, trust and respect the coaches, know what they are a part of something special, and they sense the moment and seriousness and focus that it requires. And they expect to win.

    What you are seeing on the outside and on the field is what’s going on internally as well.

    And I can also say about every single one of the several current players I have met and encountered in public and private environments: They are all class acts in any setting I have personally seen them. Including being humble and completely respectful to those they encounter. Many of the strange and ridiculous things said about a few of the players here are rather misplaced and coming from a place of pure speculation and conjecture. But they aren’t worth answering either.

  19. Thanks for sharing.

  20. It is pretty incredible that the addition of Bowie at LG…and perhaps improving health elsewhere…has brought this line to its high-water point. It was an exceedingly short time ago that we thought they could be our Achilles Heel. Bowie’s performance, as well as a strong game overall against NO, has put everything in a different light.

  21. Weather is going to be calm (little wind, 20% chance of rain), and cool but not cold temps. Ideal weather.

  22. Someone has to say it do I might as well. I appreciate everyone’s comments but I have to ask a few of you:

    1. Chuck E.- We get it. You don’t trust Harvin. He has to prove himself to you. Do we have to read 5 paragraphs 3x per day about it? We get it.

    2. Yankinta- as much crap as I give you I enjoy your contributions (at times) but we get it. Luck isn’t top 5 and Russell is top 5. Do we have to read about it every damn day? When will you stop with it? We…get…it.

    3. STTBM- we get it. You will never be satisfied with the O-Line. Do you have to post about it every chance you get? Again. We ALL get it.

    I swear I appreciate everything else you three contribute but beating the hell out of these dead horse topics is sooooooo annoying. You’ve made your points perfectly clear FOR MONTHS!!!. I swear you three would bitch about the way the Seahawks WON the Superbowl as it wasn’t how YOU wanted it to be. Besides these personal complaints of mine I honestly do enjoy everything else you three contribute. I’m just worn on the blog becoming the same 3 friggin topics almost everyday. I’m finding myself actually reading what a god d*mn niners fan has to say here. It’s pure insanity!! (No offense GGNate. It’s just that your a fan of the enemy)

  23. WilliamPercival says:


    You have had me stirring with curiosity and intrigue regarding your comment about the near catastrophe the other night and an “unlikely” hero. Please feed my (our) interest and share a little more if you would be so kind. ;)

    It’s rather fulfilling to hear stories like this which give us fans more substance and reason to believe.

    Thanks in advance.

  24. Almost forgot: Gooooo Seahawks!

  25. Hey Bobby, I’m rooting for Bowie too, but let’s be careful not the jinx the rookie. You can bet Justin Smith is studying film right now thinking he can whip Bowie but good. After all, he’s still a rook.

  26. Michael Bowie has a grizzly bear carpet in his apartment. The bear isn’t dead, it’s just afraid to move out of fear of what Michael Bowie will do to him if he moves!

  27. MoSeahawk12 says:

    DFloydd, well said and you’re not alone, but you will probably get the, “don’t tell us how to or what to post” response as many of us have experienced. The three dead horses seem to need a few more wacks.

  28. thursday says:

    Dfloyd slow effing clap. Really tired of at least two out of threee of those narratives

  29. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Great story on Beast Mode is it hasn’t already been posted. We need Marshawn huge Sunday.

  30. chkn_liddle says:

    Thanks Dfloyd! Time to focus on the singular task at hand! The only axes ground here should be honed to the perfect dismemberment of the 9ers. Our team is all we got, they’re all we need! Leave no doubt 24/7. If these sentiments are good enough for Russ
    and Pete, they’re good enough for me.

  31. raymaines says:

    I admit it.

    I just can’t keep up with all of this.

    I’m checking out.

    See ya on Sunday morning.

    Love ya.


  32. Didn’t really think of it until now… but Hawks will be wearing their white jerseys should they make the Super Bowl. The Whiners had their home last year and two years ago the G-Men wore their away. Just the way the cycle goes.

  33. banosser says:

    Not to put the cart before the horse, but the SB officiating crew has been announced…

    Terry McAulay will referee his third Super Bowl on February 2 at MetLife Stadium.

    McAulay previously called Super Bowls XXXIX and XLIII. He has also officiated six conference championship games in his 16 years as an NFL official. His crew called the fourth fewest penalties during the 2013 regular season, according to ESPN.

  34. montanamike2 says:

    Having KJ back will be huge, i hope Harvin makes it back too.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, Wright will play which is great news. He’s had great games and matches up well vs the 49ers.

    And DFloydd, I echo the sentiments above others have said.

  36. chuck_easton says:


    No problem. And rest assured just as tired as you are about hearing my opinion of Harvin I’m just as tired about hearing how great he is, how much of a game changer he is and how lucky the team is to have him. Last time I checked a player actually had to be in the game to change it.

    I’ll be happy when he is either a regular contributor or gone completely.

    Sorry if it bothers you.

  37. chuck_easton says:

    And another thing DFloydd. I’m a lawyer. I can’t say hello in less than five paragraphs. Occupational hazard.

  38. It is a good thing the game is getting closer, we’d have quite a Seahawk Civil-Flame War going before too long here. If we don’t get to tear into the 49ers soon, we’ll tear into us ourselves.

  39. WiscCory says:

    Chuck, I think you’re pretty cool, and the earlier post today was well stated. Harvin may get your vote any game now. I chalk the last game up to karma.

  40. ET & Brees were mic’d up for the game.
    The results are on NBCN Turning Point this week.
    ET is psycho..

  41. That’s NBC Sports Network. Ch 220 if you have Directv.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    SeventiesHawksFan- I checked out before your post last night. Thanks for the info.

  43. Macabrevity says:

    Bobby K; I’m tired and bleary eyed from a long day at the office, and was scanning the thread here and somehow read your post as; “Michael Bowie has a grizzly bear carpet in his armpit”

    I thought that was the coolest thing ever, and was actually a little disappointed when I re-read the actual post…

  44. Macabrevity says:

    Doubledink…. good call on the gummy bears lol. Classic!

  45. Chuck-LOL. thanks for taking it all in stride. The lawyer comment is comedy gold.

  46. DFloydd–No problem with your comment, whatever Mo the Troll says. As long as you understand everyone is free to discuss whatever topic they choose, as long as its Seahawk/Football related. I myself am sick and tired of many topics that crop up repeatedly here–and the obsessive opinions of some (ie, anything regarding Luck, RW is God, when he farts its someone else’s fault–probably Tate–etc, etc), but I dont come on here and call them names or judge their fitness to be a parent etc because they want to discuss or opine on subjects I am bored and/or disgusted with.

    But you stated your case for your unhappiness without being insulting or rude, as is your right, so youre okay in my book.

    I discuss the line because Im overly analytical (okay, obsessive) and in my mind its the teams biggest weakness, one that has a good chance of costing us the SB. So I worry over it.

    In my defense, I posted several long comments praising the play of Michael Bowie on several threads. I also admitted Sweezy has improved, though I still think he has no business starting. Im still concerned with RW’s accuracy issues, and the ultra-conservative gameplans Carrol is now favoring, but Bowie has given me renewed hope.

    But I suggest simply ignoring comments and discussions you have no interest in rather than complaining someone dares discuss or have an opinion that you are bored with.

  47. Bobbyk–Glad to see someone else excited about Bennett. I KNEW the guy would kick ass if only we could bring him back. Im gonna scream if we lose him after this year.

    By the way, the Chuck Norris/Bennett comments are hilarious!

    Bennett doesnt do push ups–he bench presses the earth.

    Some football players were sitting around a fire talking about who was the baddest, and it went on and on…Michael Bennett didnt say much, he just sat there quietly stirring the campfire with his finger…

  48. SeventiesHawkFan–Thats cool you get to hang with the line. And its really cool to hear they are focused and behave like real men, not jackasses. But the fact remains that as a whole, they have performed consistently among the bottom 5 lines in football, and are underachieving and the Achilles heel of this team until proving otherwise. They are getting Lynch beaten to death every game, forcing him to gain 2/3 of his yards after contact. Not to mention the pass pro issues.

    However, last week was vs a good defense, and they opened holes big enough to drive a semi through sideways, and did a decent job in pass pro as well, so I am hopeful they are finally finding their groove. And as Ive said multiple times, with the addition of my favorite player Michael Bowie, things are definitely looking up.

  49. montanamike2 says:

    Michael Bowie is a stud, him and Okung have a good future on the left side.

  50. montanamike2 says:

    I’m so glad they sat Carpenter.

  51. They may as well have Carpenter turn in his equipment and clean out his locker….and send in his retirement papers…and check in to an Eaters Anonymous or something for his eating compulsion and lethargy addiction…

  52. SeventiesHawksFan says:


    I cannot speak for the thoughts of any other man, but I have a very difficult time believing that ML shares your opinion. He’s out with his O line guys often enough as well, and if you saw the way they interact and hang out with one another, you’d have little choice but to conclude that ML loves at least a few of those guys both as players and as his friends, if not all of them. It’s definitely not anything that is faked or contrived. These guys are friends and like one another.

    Whatever struggles have happened prior in the season, the offense just put up two excellent rushing performances in a row against two very good rush defenses. And they gave Russell time to throw.

    They’ve also had repeated success against running against the 49ers D line the last two years in particular. And I have little doubt that they will again this Sunday.

    No player in the league has rushed for more yards against the 49er’s D in the last few years than Marshawn. No one. Which should tell you that the Hawk’s O line can handle the 9er D line this Sunday just fine.

    My own opinion is that your (seeming) continuing concerns about how the O line will play through the playoffs are misplaced, especially heading into this Sunday’s game in particular.

  53. Thats really good to hear. Early in the season, and early last year, it was pretty obvious Lynch was pissed at the O-line play. At one point, it looked as if it was going to be a problem (about the time of Lynch giving Bevell the finger) But they are getting better, and hopefully they will continue to gel.

    I am very hopeful considering the past two games have shown marked improvement, but still worried.

    Also, Ive been disappointed that Robinson has been used so little. In my mind, we’re much more successful with him getting a good amount of playing time than just using him 11 snaps a game, like last week. Also, I think its important we get to the point where we can pick up 3 yards on third and three on the ground. Here’s hoping!

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