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  1. And Harbarf pisses and moans to the refs after every play. These guys can talk.

    I’m glad they dislike us. It will hurt just that much more when they go back home losers.

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Who cares if a Columnist is trying to stir things up. Isn’t that their job to try and create drama?

    So far I hear nothing but respect from both teams with regards to each other.
    The players don’t care what the media says so long as they are not strong armed to speak like Lynch is.

  3. roddychops says:

    I never knew “classy” meant stabbing people in the parking lot.

  4. Southendzone says:

    Every team has fans that dress up weird, I don’t think we corner the market on that by any means.

    The 49ers have a load of freaks shown in their crowd during the last game when we played them. Who cares, do what makes game-day fun for you, you paid the money to get there. You can’t call out the costumed fans as a reason to single out any 1 fan-base because they all do it.

    The one thing we do that we believe is different or better, is make noise . Sure Baltimore, NO, Denver, and KC do the same, just say we are in that group then. The world record stuff is stupid I would absolutely give any critic that much.

    In summary, the guy who wrote that article is an oversensitive doo-doo-face. (self censored)

  5. So I just got around to reading the Hawkblogger post of 10 “facts” about the Seahawks vs. 49ers. I like to optimism, but much of the reasoning is pretty sophomoric. I;d call the article 5% valid and 95% crap.

    The blogger relies way too much on raw numbers without breaking them down. For example:

    “FACT: No player has rushed for more yards against the 49ers since Jim Harbaugh arrived than Marshawn Lynch

    “FACT: Lynch’s 524 yards rushing over that span is over 200 yards more than the nearest follower

    “FACT: No player in the NFL has more than 2 rushing touchdowns against the 49ers since 2011 except Lynch who has 5. Frank Gore has just 1 touchdown during that same span.”

    OK, so ML has faced the 49ers six times since 2011, how many other running backs have played them more than once? We play each other twice a year. Other than the Cardinals and Rams (who have both been bad until this year), no other team plays them more than once or twice every few years.

    Another example:

    “FACT: No player has had more receiving touchdowns against San Francisco in the past three years than Doug Baldwin, who has four

    “FACT: One-third of Baldwin’s career touchdowns have come against the 49ers

    “FACT: Baldwin has the 4th-most receiving yards against the 49ers since 2011 despite playing in an offense that passes less than any other in football”

    Same reasoning as above. Who else would you expect to have big numbers, maybe Fitz, but that’s it.

    And Another:

    “FACT: In Percy Harvin’s one game against the 49ers last year, he had 9 receptions in 11 targets for 89 yards, and a run for 9 yards. His total yardage of 98 yards in that game is more than any receiver for either team has totaled against their respective opponent in a single game.”

    How is this even applicable? Same player, sure, but playing for a different team in a different system.

    And the one that really made me laugh:
    “Myth #1: Michael Crabtree Changes Everything
    A prominent story line this week will be that San Francisco is a different team with Michael Crabtree, and he did not play in the first game versus Seattle. Those can be both be true statements, but still tell you very little about how Crabtree plays against Seattle.

    “FACT: Crabtree has never scored a touchdown against Pete Carroll’s Seahawks

    “FACT: Crabtree averages 3 catches and 34 yards per game vs Seattle since 2010

    “FACT: Crabtree played in Seattle last year during the Seahawks 42-13 victory ”

    We all know Crabtree didn’t really start getting it until last year. 2010 and 2011 stats don’t really apply. And, yes, he did play during the last game, but he had just come back and was rounding into form. We have NEVER faced SF with a health Crabtree, Boldin, and Davis. Has this guy watched the 49ers the past three weeks? Crabtree does change things.

    Nice try, but if this is typical fare from that blogger, I think I’ll stay away.

  6. jchawks08 says:

    One of the comments from a 9er fan:
    As opposed to some of our fans who simply beat and stab each other
    after the game

    I get the authors point about us fans. Fans are annoying. Our fans, their fans, everyone’s fans. Every team, every sport. Nothing new to see here.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    There are so many good articles to post about the up coming game and we get National Enquire type twitter garbage?

    Good grief!

  8. thursday says:

    Kinda like I’d take PED violations over arrests, I’d take obnoxious, but largely harmless, fans over ones that stab people.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Fact, you can throw all the facts and myths out the window because this is a championship game.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Agreed with Georgia, who gives a rip if a columnist from an opposing team is trying to stir things up? BTW, I read plenty of his stuff when I was in the Bay and he’s a tool.

  11. WiscCory says:

    Something I’ve learned over the years is the 49ers are like Notre Dame. People either love them, or hate them….there’s rarely an in-between.

    I can’t tell you the number of people that have come up to me the past 2 weeks, knowing I’m a Hawk fan, that wanted to tell me how much they “HATE” Kaepernick, therefore hate the 49ers. Hate is a strong word.

    The people I know that are 49er fans are really obnoxious in how they think they are the cream of the crop, and the rest of the league looks up to them. My experience is that 49er fans are much more obnoxious than the 49er players. Also, Jim Harbaugh is a jag off to the media – moreso than Lynch, and pushing towards the same level as Belichick.

    SOOOO happy that it’s the Hawks vs. 49ers for the NFC championship. Wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the most hyped Seahawk game ever. IMO, even moreso than SB40. I think of Jeramy Stevens when I think of that Superbowl hype. This week, there are many more story lines.

    The nation (non-media) is truly pulling for the Seahawks this weekend! I’ve talked to many people at work and in social circles that are pulling for out boys. This is so exciting right now. Such a great opportunity for the Seahawks to significantly increase their fan base this week (and hopefully a couple more weeks).

    May the Good Lord help us if the 49ers win!

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Duke.

  13. I think that article was condescending towards football in general.
    He just tried to disguise it as an anti-Seawhawk article..
    He kinda sounded like Niles Crane talking football.

  14. yankinta says:

    I love the article,, cracks me up….. more hate = more smiles for me… :)

    but I love this response/comment by one of the 49ers fans,, even More!!

    Integritude wrote : ” I didn’t even read the author of the piece and said to myself this sounds like typical C.W whine-a-palooza about everything which he does not understand or embrace. If you read closely he also mocks San Francisco’s fan base. My guess is C.W was the guy who got beat up by the jocks in high school and has an inferiority complex against anyone who reminds him of that personality and thus tries to put himself on a pedestal, but honestly comes off as an elitist ***.

    So to answer the question: C.W annoys me more than both Hawks players and fan base – although it’s a close call. Here’s a thought, just move up there so I don’t have to be mislead into reading a sports piece written by someone who whines.

    Go Niners!!! And let’s not riot this year!”

  15. Obviously this troll columnist is one who needs to read the SF Media’s instructions from the last game on how to act as a fan. He simply does not understand when to cheer, and when to shut up…as evidenced by his tweet.

  16. SandpointHawk says:

    Gotta throw in with GeorgiaHawk on this one also…who cares what a SF hack writes?

  17. I think our coach has more class than theirs, our QB is classy while theirs is a punk, our players don’t hate their owner and don’t charge for bottled pop or water (unlike a Whiners artile I read a few years ago), and like has been said – our fans don’t continually stab people and act like the very thugs their QB looks and acts like. And the Whiners and their fans have been to as many Super Bowls this century as ours have (and won just as many).

    The 49ers are the opposite of Minnesota Golden Gopher fans of college football. The University of Minnesota only has 6 teams in the NCAA who have won more championships than they have (and there’s a lot more of them than are in the NFL), yet they don’t brag about accomplishments that happened 1,000,000 years ago.

  18. The NFC West is winning the Superbowl this year. I hope it’s the Seahawks. I love the rivalry, but I do wish it was less juvenile on both sides.

    The NFC team that loses the game on Sunday will win it all in 2015. The other team will be torn apart by the usual post superbowl victory salary demands and coaches leaving.


  19. Southendzone says:

    I think Todd just posted that link to say in a round-about way

    “Look how great you guys have it, I’d never publish such trash for my TnT readers”

  20. The Seahawks or 49ers SHOULD win the Super Bowl this year, but when you possibly have to face New England… it doesn’t matter if you have more talent, you might still lose anyways because you’re most likely to get outcoached. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. And the Broncos with Manning and those receivers are a good team, too (even though I think that team would suck without Manning, Thomas, Decker, and Welker). You don’t get to the Final Four by not being good and any good team can beat any other good team on any given Sunday.

  21. Glossman says:

    Not surprising to see this from the Bay Area, as these are the same “journalists” that ignore the the fact that Gnats fans throw batteries at Dodgers players when they visit.

    As for the game, I’m shocked that the a good portion of the country seems to want or believe the Seahawks are going to win this game. I was checking out ESPN’s Sportsnation polls about this game, and it’s about as on-sided towards the ‘hawks as I’ve ever seen a game.

    I guess I’m the eternal pessimist because I truly believe that the ‘hawks should be underdogs here, having seen how poor our passing game has been and how well the Whiners have been playing on both sides of the ball lately. Even that punk, Kaepernick, has looked good on the field, which it kills me to say. I’m truly going into this game expecting to lose, as it is hard for me to shake 35 years of suffering while expecting the worst.

    Does anyone else feel this way, too?

  22. I think we’ll win.

  23. I do Glossman. I wish I didn’t.

    I think it’s going to go a lot like the Niners-Panthers game went.

    The Niners offense can probably score 14-23 points on us, and I don’t see our offense scoring that many.

    But maybe the home advantage will cause the Niners to make a bunch of dumb mistakes, like in the last two games here.

  24. doubledink says:

    We’ll win.

  25. bird_spit says:

    Sunday yet?…the fans will be loud, and 9ers QB will make mistakes due to he is over sensitized to everything Seattle. Its cool, wet, windy, loud, and the D he is facing knows every move he makes.

    RW is facing his normal expectation in weather and noise. He is also facing a D that knows every move he makes.

    I’ll take the Seahawks even if I was not a fan.

  26. Even if we do end up losing, why can’t we all just enjoy the moment since anything is possible right now? Why wallow in your misery before it even happens? I just don’t understand that. As long as fans of this city have that loser mentality, our teams will not win anything and you really don’t even deserve any championships.

    Act as if, and maybe it will happen. Follow the lead of Pete Carroll, the positive thinker extraordinaire and the eternal optimist. Especially if you are actually going to be at the CLink, the team could use your passion and positive energy to help give the team a boost.

  27. “As long as fans of this city have that loser mentality, our teams will not win anything and you really don’t even deserve any championships.”

    This is silly. Players win or lose the games. It has nothing to do with fan mentality or what fans “deserve”.

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