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Morning Links: Holmgren finally understands what the area is feeling

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 14, 2014 at 2:19 am with 78 Comments »
January 14, 2014 2:19 am

Good morning.

Mike Holmgren had an extended meeting yesterday with a small group of local media. Our Dave Boling was there.

Holmgren, who was born in San Francisco and was an assistant coach with the 49ers from 1986-91, insists he’s not torn about his allegiance for Sunday.

“I’m pulling for the Seahawks,” Holmgren said. “I’m happy the 49ers are in because those are the two best teams. I think it’s the best game; there’s a lot of good stories, it should be a really good week.”

But, don’t ask for comparisons of his 2005 Seahawks with this year’s group.

“I’m emotionally attached to those guys,” he said. “I love those players and coaches, and they accomplished a great deal that year.”

From Boling:

Holmgren said he didn’t sense the level of excitement for his 2005 team that he sees for this year’s Seahawks.

“Maybe that’s because I never got out of the building during the week,” he said. “You’re aware of the fans and aware of the excitement in the city, but now, you’re really aware. I go places and everybody’s wearing jerseys, everybody’s thinking about it. When you’re coaching, you’re not aware, you’re in your cave.”

Wait, is he a dinosaur or a cave man?

> I wrote about Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll who are essentially saying the only stat that matters is wins.

Other Seahawks links:

> 49ers safety Donte Whitner says the team’s strategy against Seattle is simple: take away Marshawn Lynch and make the quarterback beat them.

> The Everett Herald writes about the Seahawks offense.

> The Washington Post writes about how far the NFC West has come.

> focuses on Frank Gore.

> Even says the offense must find a way to get better.

> Truckload of stuff on the Seahawks and the playoffs from Peter King.

> Five first impressions of the Seahawks-49ers game from USA Today.

> The Saints have a big decision coming with Jimmy Graham.

> ESPN writes weather could influence Super Bowl ticket prices.

> Jim Harbaugh’s grandfather passed away Sunday morning prior to the game.

> Harbaugh is actually for the Seahawks limiting the states where tickets for the game could be purchased.

> Harbaugh sang a bit of Johnny Cash and quoted Al Davis at his Monday press conference.

> Here’s the Derrick Coleman commercial, in case you haven’t seen it:

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  1. Go Hawks!!

  2. That’s a cool commercial about Coleman. Good for him.

  3. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Funny quote from one of the articles above:

    On Sunday, safety Donte Whitner didn’t hesitate when asked what player the 49ers had to take away in the NFC Championship Game in Seattle.

    “Marshawn Lynch,” Whitner said. “You have to take him away. Like he said, he doesn’t run to get tackled. He’s one of the best backs in the National Football League. Very rough style. We have to take him away and make the quarterback beat us.”

    He’s right. And he also knows they’re not gonna stop Marshawn on Sunday. That’s what he was saying. Pretty dumb but running at the mouth about how you’ll be beaten is telling

    One other player currently on the 49ers roster has already confessed to someone not with the team that he believes his current team will lose this Sunday btw. I’m not a reporter so I don’t have to offer a source. But it’s factual.

    I saw ML tonight myself. And with his boys. They’re good. Calm. He handles what they need from him exactly right btw. And they know they’re going to win and when it matters. It’s palpable and unstoppable. I think that’s why they are calm.

    And when the season is over btw, I want to tell the story of a seemingly unlikely individual who literally saved everything tonight. Meaning he stopped a literal catastrophe unfolding. Not bidden or invited by a player btw. And I’m not exaggerating or making this up. Guardian angels come in curious shapes and forms. And it really happened. Someone’s looking out for all of them to become what they are meant to I think. No question in my mind about that now.

  4. Southendzone says:

    Whoa 70’s fan, you should be in radio because that was the story tease of the year. Dying to hear the details.

  5. CDHawkFan says:

    A bit out of left field, but for those of you still wishing we didn’t trade/sign for Harvin, how would you feel if he was playing for San Fran this weekend, in San Fran?

    San Fran was interested in him and I think would have signed/traded for him if not for the Hawks deal.

    There is a chance that he wouldn’t have been hurt this spring if under a different teams care/work out schedule, he could have been playing for them all year, home field through out and according to a lot of people on here, the player that puts us over the top if he plays this weekend.

  6. We’ll see Sunday. If Percy saves the day I don’t think anyone will ever complain about that trade again.

  7. sluggo42 says:

    It seems they are trying to plant the seed that maybe makes us alter the game plane of one big dose of beast up your gut. Like maybe if they know that we know that they know. Except at the end of the day they know the beast will still feast, and that some of them will have to step in front of the beast at a certain time that isn’t going to be fun in any way.

    But, since we know that they know that we know, we might change it up a little here and there, especially if little beast, Tasmanian devil harvin plays. Then we know what they won’t know that we know…


  8. Dukeshire says:

    You know what’s going to influence Super Bowl ticket prices? The fact it’s in New York. So ridiculously overpriced.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Stopping or slowing down Gore, (like we have the last two times up here) will be the biggest key to victory imo.

    Taking advantage of Kaeps poor throws,( like we couldn’t do against Brees) is important too.

    Percy Harvin is kind of a wild card to me. He has so much play making ability, however does he throw the rest of the offensive chemistry off at times because they are trying too much to get him involved?

    Hopefully this will turn out good with regards to Harvin but I don’t see him having to play a great game for us to win.

  10. confucious says:

    Percy is a great asset. He’s a dynamic playmaker. I fully understand emptying the billfold for potential like that. But he’s kinda like a Ferrari at a demolition derby, tons of potential but can’t handle the abuse. Alright, terrible analogy. He’s as soft as whipped butter. He’ be a great spokesman for one of those charmin commercials where they use the stuff for padding. Except the tissue would irritate his skin and he’d miss the shoot.
    Here’s an idea. If perssy is ready to play this sunday, hold him out till late in the fourth quarter when he can make that one game winning play. Then we can cart him off the field for the concussion protocol.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Holmgren’s take on Wilson-

    “I absolutely think he’s the most valuable player on a team full of fine players,” Holmgren said. “He’s young, his best years are still ahead of him. To see that type of maturity from a young man like that is really special. That kind of leadership … he’s a natural.”

    From a man that knows a thing or two about QBs.

  12. Didn’t he draft Brandon Weeden in the first round and pass on Russell Wilson a bunch of times when he was drafting for the Browns? He sure knew how to pick ‘em! He also passed on Foles a bunch of times to get Weeden, too.

  13. Those Wheeden and Richardson picks were abysmal. They would have set the Browns back years if not for the Colts swooping in to save the day.

    I guess the Colts figured Andrew Luck needed a handicap to make it interesting for the rest of the NFL.

    Holmgren even traded up for Richardson which makes it worse.

  14. sluggo42 says:

    So tell me Georgia, do you think Russell is an ok QB?

  15. Holmgren also passed on Brady 3 times in the 6th round of 2000. Yes, the Seahawks had 3 picks in the 6th round before Brady was selected.

    Holmgren wasn’t sold on Kitna and was known to be looking for a QB so it’s a mystery why he didn’t take a flier.

  16. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,,, I’m glad to hear a valuable analysis from Holmgren on RW…. I heard he’s reluctant at first to buy into RW since he passed on RW for his Browns team as the GM….

    However, JAWS is still garbage. I listened to his analysis on Sports Center last night. He still thinks CK is ahead of RW,, and thinks 49ers will win this game….lmbo,, the dude is an ignorant idiot now,, for picking 49ers against us in Seattle….. he said he likes CK for extending plays,, at least he admitted that CK isn’t able to go thru is progression yet at this point in his young career. The dude must also be blind because RW has been extending plays and going thru is progression from day one…. it’s comical to hear his analysis now.

    This Sunday,, stopping Gore will be the key. If we hold him under 80 yard rushing… it will be a blowout. RW will have another coming out party for those doubters,, and the ignorant critics will go quietly into the night. :)

  17. Hammajamma says:

    On Weeden, Holmgren inexplicably took him at 22, but I’m not sure it’s accurate to say he passed on Foles a bunch of times to get him. Foles went behind Wilson and Osweiler. In retrospect, I’m sure the Broncos would like to have grabbed Foles instead.

  18. ChrisHolmes says:

    Correct you are Bobby

  19. The Browns made 4 picks of their own before Nick Foles was drafted.

    In fairness to Holmgren, I have heard he did not want to draft Richardson. The owner at the time wanted a star power type of player and it was the owner who demanded they secure Richardson. Holmgren didn’t want to do it but when your boss tells you to do something – you do it.

    However, the Weeden pick was botched by Holmgren and his people.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    More on Harvin.

    I remember being so upset when John gave Jim the gift that keeps on giving for a measly 6th round pick. Boldin was arguably the MVP of the playoffs last season and the 49ers get him for a 6th round pick?

    Boldin hasn’t done anything to disappoint.

    Now when we traded for Harvin my first reaction was-

    “What in the hell are they doing giving away a first round pick, (and more) for this injury prone malcontent, spoiled brat that throws temper tantrums at his own team on the sidelines during games?”

    We have all seen enough Diva WRs in the past decade to have concern about bringing in a potential one. ( Chad Johnson, T.O, Whosyourmomma to name a few.

    After I calmed down and started hearing all the praises from the Seahawks players and coaches about Harvin I started to embrace the trade more.
    Even though I like what Harvin can add to the team,(with his play making skills) he still continues to be somewhat a bit of a mystery.

    Now Boldin is the real deal! The type of WR that this team is sorely lacking.
    Physical, smart, good hands, can take a hit and deliver one back.

    I still have high hopes for Harvin, however I would trade him straight up for Boldin, (in a NY minute) if I could. Imagine if we had Boldin plus the draft picks back and the money?

    Damn you John and Jim!!!

  21. Hammajamma says:

    Not that they’d ever admit it, but one has to wonder how much the prospect of SF signing Harvin influenced the decision.

  22. ChrisHolmes says:

    I love Jaws. But he tends to be a bit blind to what happens in Seattle, as are a lot of people.

    I know Jaws watches a lot of film. So he’s no dummy. But let’s face facts: 49ers have been one of the darling franchises of the NFL since Walsh coached there. They are right up there with Dallas, Steelers and Green Bay in terms of national relevance. They are a team that media guys pay attention to more than others.

    I bet if you asked him, Jaws would say he’s watched a lot more tape on Kaepernick than he has on Wilson.

    And also, I think Jaws, and a LOT of other guys at ESPN, are still old-school guys when it comes to talent evaluation. They just prefer the guy with the tall frame and big arm.

    Wilson’s lack of height is going to sit in these guys minds for his entire career. And only through consistent winning and production will it eventually become irrelevant, as it has for Brees.

    Personally, I’m okay with that. Go ahead and keep underrating Wilson. Go ahead and keep stupidly championing the tall, big, strong arm dudes like JaMarcus Russell. Just keep making the same evaluation mistakes over and over and over. It’s okay.

    Kaepernick is a 1st-read and run QB right now. Can he develop? We’ll see. But he and RG3 are the same QB right now. I think Kaepernick has a better chance to develop into a full-read progression QB than RG3 does, but we’ll see.

    In the meantime, I’ll take our guy. Smart, heady, huge hands, strong arm, studies his ass off, constantly trying to improve, leader, and no moment is too big for him. As Bobby said, he just has that “it” factor.

    What I want to see out of Russell now is growth in terms of consistency. Improve consistency over the next two years. By year four, a QB should be what he’s going to be for his career.

    And I hope by then he’s wearing a ring.

  23. yankinta says:

    For all the HAWKS Fans on this Blog that are worried or depressed about our Offense or about any other things about this Sunday’s Match up. Here are TEN FACTS/MYTHS to ease your mind….. :)

    My Favorite one :
    Myth #3: Seattle has never faced a hot Kaepernick
    Kaepernick is playing terrific football right now. He finished the regular season going over 100.0 in passer rating for six of his last seven games. He totaled over 300 total yards of offense versus Green Bay and had two touchdowns against the Panthers. There is reason for 49ers fans to be emboldened by his play, but history suggests his play against the rest of the NFL has little correlation to his play against the Seahawks.

    FACT: Before Kaepernick’s first game as a starter versus Seattle, he was one of the hottest quarterbacks in football, and was coming off of back-to-back games of 100+ passer rating, including a 108.5 game in New England where he had 4 touchdowns. He left Seattle with a 72.0 rating, his worst as a starter up until that point.

    FACT: Before Kaepernick’s second game against Seattle, he set a career high with 412 yards passing versus the Packers and a 129.4 rating that included 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. He left Seattle with a career-worst 20.1 passer rating that featured 0 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

    FACT: Before Kaepernick’s third game against Seattle, he had two straight games of 100+ passer rating, including a 134.6 against the Redskins. He finished the game against the Seahawks with a 67.5 rating after being intercepted by Byron Maxwell. That game included Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin. Seattle only got 2 sacks and 3 quarterback hits in that game. It was the only time in the last 9 games that he had a rating below 72.9.

    FACT: Kaepernick has combined for a 52.9 passer rating in three career starts versus Seattle with 2 touchdowns and 5 interceptions

  24. I think the level of excitement may be higher than 2005 (per Holmgren’s sense) because of the fact that we were screwed out of the Super Bowl win that year…that puts an extra edge on this year.

    Holmgren is a great guy and it is cool he is rooting for the Seahawks…he’s given us our greatest success…until hopefully this year.

    As for Percy Harvin…I’ve seen enough to be convinced he is a difference maker for the offense, improving it in all facets just by his presence and that the results in terms of big plays and touchdowns will come. Without him our receiving corps is a bit patchwork and lacking explosiveness…with him all defenses must try to make sure that he doesn’t beat them, which opens up other avenues, such as big holes for our running backs. I’m convinced of his value, now I’m just hoping he will be there in the starting lineup and play all game.

  25. Southendzone says:

    Imagine this deal right here:

    Harvin comes back, and clearly contributes to the Hawks in the next 2 games, we win them both for our 1st superbowl ever.

    Then, his hip or migraines act up and he never plays another down for the team, we eat his salary cap hit sometime in the next 2 years and it obviously hurts our future team.

    Take it or leave it?

    Of course you take it, no Hawk fan in the world leaves that deal. So for all the downside of the Harvin deal, we are in position for it to mean EXACTLY what Schneider wanted it to when he rolled the dice.

    Put the Harvin negativity aside for a minimum of 1 more week. Send your positive thoughts to Harvin’s skull and hope he makes it through the protocol.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The same reason Holmgren passed on Wilson was the same reason many fans here thought Flynn was the better option.

    Height. 5-10 3/4 that’s it.

    Holmgren I agree is not a good College talent scout at all. That’s why he failed at being a GM here.

    He is a great QB coach though and has the resume to prove it.

  27. Hammajamma says:

    Not sure there would be this much moaning about RW had the defense not left 3 turnovers on the table. That would have made for a much different game.

  28. Agreed. If Percy clearly helps this team win the next two games (where they easily could not have without him on one of those) I think everyone would take that trade again (knowing he’d never play another down after the Super Bowl).

  29. No one here is worried about Kaepernick or even Gore beating the Seahawks.

    #1 key to the game – when Kaepernick puts the ball in the Seahawks hands (and he will several times), they must make him pay unlike the Packers and Patriots.

  30. Packers and Panthers I meant.

  31. Yeah – hopefully he doesn’t get a chance to throw it to the Patriots!

  32. banosser says:

    Put a healthy Harvin on sf and they are 2 TDs better than anyone..
    I might be more happy that he’s NOT on sf roster than actually being on ours (& not being used this season)

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I watched the Saints game again and came out really impressed by the way Wilson managed the game. Especially in the first half.

    The Saints were lucky they didn’t have 2 or three more turnovers in the game or it would have been a blowout.

    Wilson played smart in ,(sometimes monsoon weather conditions) feeding the Beast and Turbin to the tune of 173 yards rushing and more importantly he didn’t turn the ball over.

    In the second half the Seahawks started against the wind with a 16 point lead. No reason to start trying to act like the second coming of Peyton Manning in those conditions.

    And he helped get us a score at the end of the game to seal the victory.
    Nothing fancy, nothing spectacular, just smart and clutch.

    The more I watch Wilson I see a more consistent John Elway.

  34. I wonder sometimes whether it is the coach making the player look good or vice versa. Holmgren w/o Favre? Holmgren w/o Montana/Young? Belichek w/o Brady? Johnson w/o Aikman? And the biggest question, who really got the rings…Jordan or Jackson?

  35. Revisionist history again

  36. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I believe somebody predicted blowouts against the Cardinals as well as the last game against the 9ers in SF and we all know how those turned out. This game will be as tough and close as any this team has played in the past three seasons. That 95% wrong business is catching up.

  37. PHX – I was thinking about that just yesterday.

    Brady and Belicheck are great together – Belicheck comes up with a great game plan and then Brady executes it.

    Manning Not winning in the playoffs, to me, is more on Coaching than him. he had very few games where he was “off” but the defense or ST were on more than one occasion.

  38. On Harvin..

    He would not have played in SF any more than he has not played here. He had a hip problem before we signed him and SF may not have even taken the chance of dealing with that. PC did.

    My nervousness about the SF game this weekend is not that we lack big-play making ability that PH can deliver, it is that we lack ability to reliably convert 3rd and longs. We did not need a Ferrari to do that. But don’t get me wrong – I will take it now that we have it. But the price we are paying will limit us for years.

  39. yankinta says:

    lol,, MoSeahawk12,, I said it’d be a blowout on Dec 8th, if we held Gore to less than 80 yards of rushing,,,and we’d win a close game if we held Gore to less than 100 yards…. did we hold Gore to less than 80 yards?? Ummmm time’s up. He had 110 yards of rushing…. therefore they won and I was still right….. 95% is a Fact… sorry dude. :)

  40. TallyHawk says:

    The reason there is more excitement with this team compared to 2005 is expectations. Going into the 05 season holmgrens teams had underperformed while this team was in the verge of being in the NFC championship last year. This team was expected to be where they are. With the 05 team you hoped they would be there.

  41. yankinta says:

    This is my favorite Preview of this Sunday’s Matchup against The Seahawks and 49ers!!… :)

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    When the Seahawks play in the Super Bowl this season and if Wilson goes 12 for 22, 123 yards, 0 tds, 1 Int with a QB rating of 51.9, how much of a chance will the Seahawks have, (if any) to win the Super Bowl?

    What do you think?

  43. I am now making a prediction for this week’s game.

    If the Seahawks allow less then 50 yards of TOTAL offense by the 49ers they will win the game.

    BONUS PREDICTION: If they gain over 500 yards on offense combined with prediction number 1, the Seahawks will win in a blowout.

    And if neither of those come true and the Seahawks win a close game or even lose, I will be right.

  44. Palerydr says:

    This might have been brought up already since I don’t have the time anymore to read all the comments. Here’s why Dontae Whitner is right when he says they need to stuff Marshawn Lynch, since the start of the 2010 season the team that rushes for the most yards between Sea and SF has won with SF holding the edge 5-3. Forget all the other crap, seems simple to me stuff THEIR run game and we win.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Palerydr- I agree.

  46. Hammajamma says:

    And Kaepernick is part of their run game. To me that’s the key.

  47. IMO, the biggest variable and determiner of a win is Kaepernik. He has been inconsistent – when he is good the 49ers are very difficult to beat. When he is not good, the 49ers are much more vulnerable.

    I have mixed thoughts about Harvin when I look at the Seahawks from a long term perspective. But when I think about the next game (or two) I hope he is able to play – we need him!

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The answer to my question earlier is here-

  49. MoSeahawk12 says:

    pabuwal, that’s as money as a prediction as I’ve ever read. Great job. I think you have ascended to the top of the always right meter at a staggering 96%. Congratulations for overtaking the self crowned king/queen/donkey of the previously high mark of 95%.

  50. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    The key to the game is keeping Kap in the pocket on 3rd down. Malcolm Smith and Bobby Wagner have the speed to get it done.

    P.S. if anybody is looking for a good laugh go to youtube and search Landaian Tomlinson music video. Its from a few years back but I only saw yesterday for the first time.

  51. Hey Todd, if you can, I would be interested to know whether KJ Wright would start if he can play this week. And if he can, which LB takes a seat?

  52. thursday says:

    Nice link yank. Those are really great points by that blogger. I look at it like this. Some in the media are acting like week 2 was an aberration and Kap wasn’t hot, Crabtree was gone, insert other excuse here. But the SB bound Niners also got clobbered in the Clink just before the playoffs. On the other hand, they barely sneaked by us in their house by 2 points, in a game they sorely needed and one that we didn’t.

    Put it this way, if the situation was reversed. I’d be worried, very worried.

  53. I’m worried about Kaep – – I know it’s usually Gore that makes plays against us – but Kaep is always such a wild card to me. Agree with pabs that he’ll put some balls up for grabs (and that we have to make him pay for those mistakes), but he is such a crazy athlete that he always has the capacity for a 50 yd run out of nowhere. Agree w/MikefromNJ that we need to be hyperaware of keeping him from doing so on 3rd downs this weekend.

    And just as a general comment re Percy, anyone who calls him ‘soft’ based on the concussion inducing hit he took on Saturday – – is ridiculous. that was as nasty a headshot as i’ve seen this season.

  54. Macabrevity says:

    Mortgaging the future to prevent a talented player (who we successfully bottled up vs Minn last season) from going to a rival is an absolutely ridiculous notion.

  55. KJ’s got a “broken foot”. Doesnt seem quite possible that he could have knitted those tiny bones back together already(?)

  56. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’m also pretty tired of the whole, well, now Crabtree’s back and that will put the 9ers over the top as well as Boldin’s stepped up and nobody can cover him. These guys have to play against our D. Our #1 D at that. Sherman has shut Boldin down on several occasions and Crabtree didn’t exactly light us up with 4 catches for 40 yards last time in SF. Carolina’s secondary wasn’t up to the task and made these guys look a little too good. I’m not saying they’re not good because they are, but going against our D will not be as easy. I expect Sherman to get well inside of Boldin’s head. I hope he tries that headbutt crap against us.

  57. We have to pressure & harass Kaep all day. If he has time back there he can do damage.

  58. For three of the four remaining teams, QBs are their key. QB goes down or has a bad game, they lose. Seattle is the only exception. Our defense and running game can, and has in the past, carry us when needed.

    As far as Kaepernick and his running is concerned, it’s not the big 40-50 yarder that keeps me up at night. He’s only had one run for more than 16 yards in three games against our defense, which was a 28-yard run in the first game here this year. What does concern me, is his ability to use his legs to pick up the first down on third-and-long. That 3rd-and-7 he converted after Gore’s long run at the end of the last game, which allowed them to nearly run out the clock, still haunts me. Can’t allow those plays this time around.

  59. yankinta says:

    Hammajamma,, don’t worry about CK running. That’d only mean, he can’t find anyone to pass or he’s hesitant to pull the trigger against Press Man coverage…. our LB have pure Speed and our D-Ends have pure speed. We want him to run…. Stopping Gore is the only key. Because that’d mean their O-Line is winning against our D-Line. That’s the only way we’d lose this game. :)

    As for the rest of the sore losers on this blow,, you make me smile….but I still got much love for y’all…. :)

  60. yankinta says:

    thursday,, I’m just doing my part in alleviating all the concerns here on this blog,,while educating on the facts as well. That Hawk blogger did a good job of educating the entire nation,, too bad he doesn’t have a big platform… :)

  61. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    We really need K.J. Wright back for this game. I think that our defensive line is composed of too many pass rushers and not enough run stoppers. We are able to get away with that because K.J. Wright, in particular, fills in hard vs. the run.

    In the game we lost at San Fran, I think the key play was Gore’s run. When Gore got that run, K.J. Wright was out injured. K.J. Wright, in my opinion, is one of the best run stoppers our front seven has. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Wagner, Smith, and Irvin, are all great L.B.’s. But, excluding maybe Wagner, they are more coverage type L.B.’s because of their speed, rather than run stopping L.B.’s. To really keep Gore and Kaeperdick in check we need Wright for this game.

    On offense, Wilson is due for a big game. However, I’m beginning to buy into the hype that our receivers don’t get open enough. When it comes to football I’m still a layman. However, even I recognize that Bevell needs to scheme better plays, other than 3rd down slants, to get receivers open. I don’t know, maybe Bevell needs to get Miller and Willson more involved in the passing game. Regardless, I’m really concerned about our team moving forward because I believe that our vaunted defense can’t do it all by themselves: they’ll need a lot more help from the offense if we are win these tough last two remaining games.

  62. Jeremy Bates would like to call more fades on third and short.

  63. GeorgiaHawk says:

    According to Pro Football Focus in their SeaFo article, Bennett had six QB pressures from the inside of the defensive line against All-Pro guard Jahri Evans.

    Bennett also had two forced fumbles.

    We have to find a way to re-sign him.

  64. “Hammajamma,, don’t worry about CK running. That’d only mean, he can’t find anyone to pass or he’s hesitant to pull the trigger against Press Man coverage”

    He’s arguably more dangerous running than when he’s passing. And I expectour DB’s to cover his receivers, so it’s going to come up. I think it’s one of the biggest keys to the whole game. He’s too fast for our DE’s (or anyones really).

    Just keep him in the pocket, if we can, and the pressure will get to him.

  65. Southendzone says:

    Against Kap, I think it’s important to show him different looks and jump around pre-snap on defense. 2 big things he doesn’t do well are

    1) Adjusting to the best call, if he gets confused or concerned with the pre-snap read, his strong tendency is to audible into a run. If anyone has the league pass, watch his games where he audibles and changes from Shotgun/pistol to under center. That move is like 98% guaranteed run play.

    2) Adjusting quickly enough to get his play called in time. Historically he has been HORRIBLE at this, if he’s rattled again at the CLINK, I expect him to repeat this mistake. he even does it on his home field.

  66. CDHawkFan says:

    Mac, I think you are confused. No one said that was the only or even the main issue why we signed him (to keep him from SF). Not sure why you would jump to that conclusion.

    Also Pilot, sure the Hawks knew that Harvin had hip issues, but so did the rest of the NFL at the combine before Minny took him in the 1st round. It wasn’t until June 2013 (months after the trade to the Hawks) until the hip became an big enough issue for him to miss time on the field. The last time Harvin’s hip showed up on any injury report was week 3 of the 2010 season.

  67. Pdway is right. Somebody is calling Percy soft after getting hit in the head twice? I would like to see any WR get up after those 2 head hunting hits.. Think tough guy Boldin could have continued playing?

  68. I didn’t see anybody else mention this – NFLN is replaying both 9ers games from this season. 90min versions. Today 1200pm (now) & 130pm.

    Then again 730pm & 9pm tonight.

  69. I find it interesting that our media says we have to stop Gore and their media says they have to stop Lynch. Meanwhile we have two very nasty defense. This game could easily come down to field position. Which means turnovers and Special Teams will be critical.

  70. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks mocarob,
    I just finished watching the first game. It’s worth the watch if you got the time.

  71. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And yes mocarob, I think that Boldin could continue to play. I also think Baldwin could continue to play but I agree that they were big hits and I don’t think that Harvin is soft, just that Boldin and Baldwin are tougher.

  72. freedom_X says:

    Like anyone here called out drafting Tom Brady before the 6th round, or knew he was a steal.

    Even the Patriots passed on Tom Brady 6 times before drafting him, masters of hindsight.

  73. I too am worried about Kraperpants running. The guy runs like a damned Gazelle. He’s disgustingly fast. And he really kills teams. The temptation for Seattle will be to keep fast pass rushers in vs Kap to shut down the run, maybe spy him with Irvin or Smith. But that could leave us open to Gore, who always, always kills us, unless we use Wright. Wright was the NFL’s best LB in coverage the last few (3-4) games he played before his injury, but he’s not fast enough to get anywhere near Kraperpants in the open field (In Space is for the Muppet Show Pigs, but I digress…).

    Also, just when you think he’s gonna get sacked, he either runs for 25 yards, or throws a lazer 40 yards on a rope, and Crabtree outreaches the corner for it…

    Yes, Kraperpants has a hard time going through his progressions much of the time, but with the way Harbarf has been gameplanning, they get 3 yards, 4 yards, then 5 more…all the way to the red zone, then they score with Davis. They kill you that way. And if you load up the front to stop the short stuff, he has a huge arm and can kill you deep. ET is amazing, but he cant be in two places at once.

    Im torn between fear of the unimaginable (losing to THEM, at home) and confidence that we will whomp them senseless and the only reasons we lost last time around was due to an ultra-conservative gameplan and not having to have the game….We HAVE to win this game, and the players know it.

    But Kraperpants is not a joke. He wins. And just like last week, if we dont get any turnovers–and ET and the rest are good at dropping INT’s trying to score before they actually catch it–this game will be a real dogfight. Its the turnovers that sparked the butt-whippings we laid on them the last couple times in Seattle. Im hoping we get some.

  74. Im more worried about RW’s inability to throw accurate short to medium passes on third downs than I am him doing anything spectacular. We just need to keep the chains moving, and I could care less how that happens. If RW sees green ahead of him, I want to see him take it. 4 yards per play will drive the length of the field and score 7. Thats all that matters.

    The guy missed 3 of 5 open slant routes and most were not into the wind. Even in that weather, he should have been accurate. Its a problem, one I desperately hope he corrects. You HAVE to be able to hit those if you want to win in the playoffs. That play is MONEY if you just throw the damned ball accurately and on time. Hell, Hasselbeck made his living on third downs to D-jack that way, and if those two could do that play 4 times a game and make it work every damned time, RW and Tate or Harvin or Baldwin or Kearse sure as hell can!

    Over his final four games of the season, he threw 4 TD’s with 3 INTS. His completion percentage was like 56%. That wont cut it vs the Niners. I dont care how many yards he throws for, and I really dont care about TD passes (except they make nice stats and are fun) or even completion percentage–just as long as we’re moving the ball and scoring. When we’re not doing that–like the second half last week–the stats explain and demonstrate the problem and its effect.

    Im always pointing out that stats without context and analysis are lies. Well, RW may have only thrown 4 TD’s, but in the NO game, and the Rams game, and the Giants game, he didnt have to, we were winning anyway, and Carrol is a very conservative coach as we have seen, especially in the playoffs.

    Im nervous as hell because…well, Seattle just has to win the damned game, thats all there is to it. RW needs to get his stuff together–and I think he will. Im just a worry wart, and thats what Im doing…worrying.

  75. Georgia–Harvin played through that first terrible hit, and I think his concussion started there. I think he should have been sat at least the first half as a precaution. Repeated head trauma is what caused the eventual concussion, not just the one final hit.

    So I dont think he’s necessarily less tough than Baldwin or Tate, just less durable. His durability is in question, but not his toughness. The guy played through migraines, and once fell down on the practice field puking trying to practice through one; so to me, his toughness isnt in question. But the fact remains he’s usually got something wrong with him…

    Point being I think he’s going balls to the walls–now–to play. He really does want desperately to play and show what he can do. But he keeps getting dinged up.

  76. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- You’re right durability is a better word to describe Harvin.

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