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Wilson: ‘I think that I can always do better, I’ve always thought that’

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January 13, 2014 8:30 pm

Here’s what Russell Wilson had to say Monday:

(On how he alters his preparation when playing against the 49ers for the third time…) “Well obviously playing the San Francisco 49ers, they’re a great football team. It’s a team that’s in the NFC West. It shows how good the NFC West has been over the past couple of years and I think that it’s going to be a great challenge for both teams and it’s going to be a physical game, it’s going to be a game where everybody knows each other and everybody knows everybody’s techniques. So we just got to play great football and execute and be on time and make the plays when we need to make them.”

(On his evaluation on his performance…) “You know we’re winning a lot of football games and that’s the best thing. I think that I can always do better, I’ve always thought that. So there’s a lot of room for improvement and that the exciting about it. We got a huge game coming up and I’m expecting to play a great game and I’m looking forward to that.”

(On the difficulty of not getting too high or getting too low when the Seahawks are one game away from playing in the super Bowl…) “That’s a good question. In terms of not getting too high or getting too low and staying even keel, I think that when you prepare throughout the whole entire season and the whole offseason, it doesn’t change. So that’s been our mentality the whole year and to go 1 and 0 every week, to have that championship mentality, to have a championship off season, to have a championship season and to do all that, you have to be focused and be in the moment all the time. So that’s the exciting part about it right now. It’s nothing different than what we’ve been doing all year. We still got to play great, fundamental football, we still got to get first downs and get the chains moving and be good in the red zone and make plays.”

(On if he’s concerned that his statistical performance in the passing game has declined…) “I think it’s more so the function the way the game went. We’ve played some really good defenses and they’ve made some plays. There’s definitely room for improvement, especially on my part and that’s the thing I look forward to every week. I always think I can get better and there’s tons of throws in there that I can make and I know I will make. So I have no worry about that. I think the ultimate goal is for us to win football games and to be explosive and make the clutch play when we need to make the clutch play. At the end of the day, when you’re playing in the playoffs, everything is not going to be perfect. You’re playing another great football team. So it’s going to be a battle back-and-forth and you’ve got to win your one-on-one matchups and we got of it up on our blocks and the defense has to make tackles and win their one-on-one matchups. So it’s all part of the game. So I’m excited about this week of getting to see San Francisco 49ers again and we know that they have a great football team. They’re coached extremely well and their defense flies around and makes a lot of plays. So we’re going to have to be on our A-plus game.”

(On how much the success of the Seahawks’ defense affects his decision making ability…) “I never play scared. I never have, I never will. I think that for me, in terms of decision making, I always try to make the smart decision whether if I’m scrambling and looking for somebody down field or if I’m in the pocket or running down field, I always try to make the smart decision and keep the play alive. But, I also salvage the play if it’s not there and then there’s certain times throughout a game and as I’ve grown up, over the past several years and watched a lot football, watched a lot of games and played professional sports, there are certain games that you can lose because of the situation and because of the other factors that are going on. So with the wind factor this past week and all that, especially in the third quarter, we played it really safe, we played it really conservative. A lot of my throws I tried to keep down just to make sure that the ball doesn’t sail on me. So we won a great game. It was a great matchup against a very good football team. That’s the exciting part. We get to play at home again against the San Francisco 49ers, which will be a great game. Everybody will be watching, everybody will be excited for it and all that but at the same time, we have to be able to ignore the noise and play a great football game.”

(On being a competitor, if it’s difficult for him to avoid taking risks…) “I think the competitor in me always wants to make the smart decision and make the decision that helps the football team in the best way possible. So whatever that is, if it’s running the football and sliding and getting three yards or if it’s throwing it away or if it’s taking a shot down field, there are times where you’ve got to take a shot down field, there are certain situations on third down where you’ve got to make a play and its fourth down you’ve got to go for it no matter what. So all of those things, all of those variables play into the quarterback position and that’s how you win a lot of football games and trusting your defense to make plays. It’s okay to kick the ball sometimes or kick a field goal or punt the football, especially when you got guys rushing as our defense does and defensive backs that make all the plays that they make. So it’s a lot of factors that go into a game and going and winning a football game against a very good football team, like the New Orleans Saints of last week and same thing with the San Francisco 49ers.”

(On if he noticed a change from the Saints’ defense when Percy Harvin left the game…) “They didn’t change too much. The Saints didn’t really change too much. They just made a couple of plays in the second half. We ran the ball more in the third quarter. We didn’t really throw the ball at all really in the third quarter much at all and I think that’s how we played it more so than anything else. We focused on what we’re doing and capitalizing on the situations that we have.”
(On if the Saints had shown cover zero at all during the game prior to the spectacular Doug Baldwin catch…) “No they hadn’t really shown much cover zero before then. They maybe had shown one on a run play maybe early in the game. That was their main cover zero blitz and we had prepare for that. I knew going into the game and Coach Bevell and myself, we had talked about it on the sideline, just knowing, ‘Okay. We know what they like to do. They like to bring pressure,’ especially in big situations. If I’m the defensive coordinator, that’s what I would try to do too. Put the pressure on the quarterback; put the pressure on the defensive line to make a play, and the receivers to make the play. So Doug Baldwin did a tremendous job of getting his release and getting open and makes an unbelievable catch.”

(On what was going through his mind when he threw the pass to Baldwin…) “You know the funny thing is I’m on the sideline and we get the ball back and I’m telling Coach Bevell. I’m sitting next to him and we’re looking through the plays and everything and I said, ‘Hey. If we get a big situation, let’s make sure and see if we can get to this play’ and he completely agreed and he was thinking the exact same thing and that’s how we think together. It’s one of things that it was like we know that they’re going to bring cover zero, were going to have to make a big play and make a big throw and get protected and sure enough, they did. As I’m getting the snap in, we checked the play and all that and as I’m getting the snap, the only thing I think about is my fundamentals. That’s what it really comes down to. Making sure that my footwork is right and making sure that my timing is right and just trust the process of all of the things that I’ve done throughout the week and all season and all offseason and that’s what it really comes down to. It’s not that complicated. It’s one of those things that you just trust with what you see and you play with your instincts and you play with your preparation and what you’ve learned throughout the week.”

(On if they went to cover zero because they haven’t shown that look on defense before…) “More so because it’s a great timing call for the defense. I forget what yard line we’re on maybe on the 45 or 50 or so and game on the line, they get Drew Brees as a quarterback and if they get the ball back, they get a chance and all that type of thing. If we attack it and we capitalize on it, we could possibly win the game right there and also if we don’t, they get the ball and they have a lot of time left. So it’s just playing smart football, always being prepared for certain situations and always being ready for certain circumstances.”

(On where Doug Baldwin’s catch ranks compared to all of the catches he’s made this year…) “Awe man he’s made so many of them. I mean the one in Houston was pretty cool. The one he toe-tapped in Houston, that was a big time catch. When you want to win a championship and we want to win big games, you have to make them in the big games and to do that in the fashion that Doug [Baldwin] did, with the weather, with the wind, with the rain, and the way the game was going and ebbs and flows of the game, making that big time catch was pretty spectacular.”

(On where the 49ers’ defense ranks compared to all of the opposing defenses the Seahawks had played against…) “First of all, there are so many great defenses in the NFC West. You think about the defense that we go against every single day; it’s as good as gets. The defensive line, the linebackers, the DBs and all that. So that’s always tough for me and then going against the Arizona Cardinals, they have tons of Pro Bowlers and tons of great players on that defense and then the St. Louis Rams, they have a great defensive line, and the 49ers have it all. They can make a lot of plays. So as first, second, third, I don’t know. I know it’s one of the best for sure.”

(On the We Are 12 wall…) “Yeah just the support of our 12th Man fans and the We are 12 wall that they painted on the wall in CenturyLink, right before we go into the locker room, it just shows how much our fans really care about us. Gets you a little bit emotional just thinking about all of the quotes on the wall and all of the experiences that people share on the wall and just the energy in that we have in the stadium  and within our fans. It just shows how great this city is and the Seattle Seahawks want to bring something special to this city and to do that, we have to play the best 60 minutes of our life. That’s the way we look at it and see how many great minuets that we can put together and see how many great plays that we can put together and see how many great days this week we can put together and see what happens come Sunday night.”

(On why the Seahawks have been able to play against the 49ers so well at home…) “Well in terms of and playing the San Francisco 49ers at home and winning the way we have, it’s not easy. We have tons of respect for what they do and how they play the game of football. I think the biggest thing for us is just making the plays. I remember how lights out we were on third downs and red zone and our defense was just making play after play after play. So that’s how we have to play. We have to play with a lot of energy, our fans need to bring the energy for us, and we need to execute one play at a time.”

(On Michael Bowie’s performance…) “Michael Bowie is a tremendous athlete, he moves his feet extremely well, he’s stepped for us when Breno [Giacomini] was out, when Russell Okung was out. His intelligence of the game, he really loves the game of football. So he has tons of talent and he can do a lot of great things for us. He had played a great game this past Saturday night. So it’s going to be a challenge for him this week. We’re playing the San Francisco 49ers, one of the best defensive lines in the game. So he’s going to make a lot of plays and just do his job. You know at the end of the day, trust his fundamentals, trust his technique and I’m sure Max Unger and Russell Okung and J.R. Sweezy and Breno [Giacomini] will help him out.”

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  1. I love his comments about the cover zero – they knew it might come and they were ready for it.

  2. Thinking they have been holding the Offensive playbook close the past few weeks, waiting to open it up when needed. Well its time Coach

  3. banosser says:

    Hopefully Wilson Tate, Baldwin, Lynch et al work A LOT on slant routes & accurate throws.. 4 drives were ended due to in-completions on slant routes: 5, 4, 6 & 2 yds were missed, three due to poor throws: behind Tate, behind Lynch (down and in rub route), at Baldwin’s ankles (catchable but very low) and in Tate’s belly but not caught (could have been a good defensive play but Fox didn’t show it from any angle that was definitive)..

    Perhaps Wilson is trying to be too perfect.. guiding his throws.. something is a miss.. Just let it rip Russell, stop thinking so much

    Combine that with the 3 dropped ints, the fumble Wagner recovered but instead got an Unsportsman Like flag.. and you’re looking more at 33 or even 40-15 final.. Gotta make the SF qb pay for the mistakes he’s gonna make and clean those misfires on 3rd down up.

    Have to.

  4. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    I continue to believe that there is nothing fundamentally different about Russell and this week he will have an excellent game. And there will be a less conservative gameplan which exploits the 49ers weaknesses in their secondary.

    Carolina more than handled the 49ers in the first half and showed that they are quite beatable. I thought it was Carolina falling apart in the second half and their emotional immaturity getting the best of them more than the 49ers putting on any kind of unstoppable performance.

    Wilson did remark that he adjusted his locations his throws so that the ball wouldn’t sail in the wind. Not making excuses for his errant throws on short and ‘easy’ routes but that kind of adjustment is going to affect accuracy as well, especially in sideways rain and wind.

    I also like that there is real concern and unease about this game. The worst thing of all that could happen for a game of this magnitude is that there is any kind of loss of edge. Not that it would have happened either way, but the chances of that now happening are zero.

    The 49ers are going to get our best game. And our best game beats their best going away. Especially Russell Wilson at his best versus Colin at his.

    I think the most crucial battle to win however will be our D line versus Gore and their O line.

    I hope to God Quinn and PC have plan and strategy to make Kaep have to put together a winning performance against our D with the full roar of Century Link. Including forcing him have to throw into coverage and even lure throws to receivers Kaep will think are ‘open’.

    Bad things happen when a QB like Kaep puts the ball in the air too often against a D like ours. Tipped passes, forced fumbles, hits on their receivers and of course interceptions. All of which will happen if we put the clamp down on Gore, which I believe we will.

    The second most important battle to win (in my mind) is Marshawn Lynch into the teeth of their front seven. That would truly break them. And it was the primary reason the first game we played them this season was such a bitch slapdown.

    Yeah we stopped them cold on D and shut down Kapernick. But the body blows that took the life out of them was our success in the run game.

    And I suspect we will get more of the same this time as well.

    I see a team that is hungry, ready, focused and not going to fold. And not to the 49ers of all teams. Wilson and the receiving corp are aware of the concerns and unease with the offense. I think those questions and concerns are about to be answered and put nicely to rest this Sunday. Which will include at least a couple backbreaking downfield throws by Wilson and multiple short field third down completions.

  5. SeventiesHawksFan says:


    Agreed about the ‘have to’ on third down. I’m pretty sure the entire offense and Russell are aware of that as well. And I don’t think you’ll see it two games in a row with how much is on the line. We still haven’t seen this team’s best game yet.

    For all the talk of the 49ers peaking and surging (no, they aren’t; they’ve been very beatable with a lot of breaks along the way), our team has it’s surge still waiting.

    Our receivers were getting open enough against the Saints secondary. And Russell did not suddenly become a QB who cannot hit a 5 yard slant seven times out of ten. He had an off game in conditions which he was deliberately adjusting his throws, which also means he probably was thinking too much. That tends to throw everything out of whack.

    We got the run game back in the last two games, which was the much more critical piece of the offensive puzzle. And now we are going against a suspect secondary just in time for a RW resurgence and defining performance to put the rest of the puzzle together. Which is what I think we are about to see.

  6. PFFs Postseason QB Rankings:
    PFF QB Rating:
    1st GBs AR, 2nd SDs PR, 3rd PHIs NF, 4th DENs PM, 5th KCs AS, 6th NOs DB,
    *7th SFs CK, 8th NEs TB, 9th INDs AL, 10th CARs CN, *11th SEAs RW, 12th CINs AD

    Overall Accuracy:
    1st DENs PM, 2nd KCs AS, 3rd GBs AR, 4th PHIs NF, 5th SDs PR, 6th CINs AD,
    7th INDs AL, 8th NOs DB, 9th CARs CN, *10th SEAs RW, 11th NEs TB, *12th SFs CK

    Deep Passing Accuracy:
    1st SDs PR, 2nd CARs CN, 3rd INDs AL, 4th GBs AR, 4th DENs PM, *4th SEAs RW,
    *7th SFs CK, 8th NOs DB, 9th PHIs NF, 10th NEs TB, 10th KCs AS, 12th CINs AD, *13th SFs A.Boldin

    Accuracy Under Pressure:
    1st DENs PM, 2nd GBs AR, 3rd KCs AS, 4th SDs PR, *5th SEAs RW, 6th INDs AL,
    6th NOs DB, 8th PHIs NF, *9th SFs CK, 10th CINs AD, 11th CARs CN, 11th NEs TB, *13th SFs AB

    Percentage of Play Action:
    1st PHIs NF, 2nd KCs AS, 3rd GBs AR, *4th SEAs RW, *5th SFs CK, 6th CARs CN,
    7th NOs DB, 8th NEs TB, 9th CINs AD, 10th DENs PM, 11th SDs , 12th INDs AL
    Note that RW dropped back 7 times, threw the ball 5 times and had no receptions in play-action passes.

    Time in Pocket (Most to Least):
    1st GBs AR, *2nd SEAs RW, 3rd CARs CN, 4th SDs PR, *5th SFs CK, 6th NOs DB,
    7th CINs AD, 8th KCs AS, 9th PHIs NF, 10th INDs AL, 11th NEs TB, 12th DENs PM

  7. seahawks12thman says:

    Blah blah blah, waaaaaah, OMG if I see one more freakin post about how doomed we are and how one person’s sub part performance will inevitably shatter this team’s hopes I’m gonna scream. Wait too late! $hit man its the g@damn NFC CHAMPIONSHIP for f@cksake! One game away from the Superbowl. This team has not died. They haven’t failed. Last check they are one of the final four and playing at home to boot against a team they literally destroyed the last two times they were here. Looking at the natural lay of all things terrestrial, odds are that your perceived ‘WILSON SLUMP’ will correct itself and I pray that ALL will be forgiven so at some point WE can enjoy this ride and sing Kumbaya together. But if you negative nancys have your way you’ll be b!tching about winning the superbowl.

    1 and done.

    Go Hawks!

  8. Speaking of a negative post…

  9. sluggo42 says:

    Ya no doubt…. Sheesh

    Well you know, this blog has excellent posters, and well we’ve done a real,good job this year. I think our preparation is the separation, and this is just another championship opportunity.
    The field is 100×53-1/3, blah blah blah….
    It’s like reading a Klm post, ya just glaze over after a while…

    Klm, not whining about your posts my brotha, rather about me and my lack of focus to keep up with your insight…

  10. If we win the Super Bowl I’m pretty sure nobody is going to complain about it.

  11. ChrisHolmes says:

    Does anyone know the weather forecast? Is it going to be the sort of weather that allows more passing?

  12. hawkfan777 says:

    I didn’t think Seahawks12thmans post was too negative. Maybe he was a little emotional but it does get old hearing about the sky falling when the Hawks are the number 1 seed playing at home in the NFC Championship game. Guys we should be fired up. Worrying about a loss just takes away from our enjoyment of this opportunity. Trust me, us worrying will not help the Hawks win. They don’t come here looking for game advice. Although I’m sure some of us think think they do or should.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol hawkfan777. I agree. If the players were as Debbie Downer as some fans they would be in big trouble come Sunday.

    Thankfully the fans don’t play the game.

  14. aelliott11 says:

    This, and Pete’s comments, sound so similar to the first 3 or 4 games of Wilson’s rookie year. It seems like they are stressing conservative play, don’t turn it over, manage the game, let Lynch and the D win.


    When they stopped treating Russ like a typical rookie and took the lid off the playbook, he exploded. Part of what makes this kid great is his ability to make plays, his ability to throw on the move, and his ability to hit the home run ball when it’s there.

    Let Russell be Russell man! Conservative grind it out ball is fine, but this game is going to come down to who makes a big play or two. The Niners will stretch the field and if they connect, we could find ourselves playing from behind all day.


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