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Snap Counts: Divisonal playoff vs. New Orleans

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 13, 2014 at 10:00 am with 44 Comments »
January 13, 2014 1:37 am

All five offensive linemen played 100 percent of the snaps. Paul McQuistan never rotated in at left guard.

Also, not much fullback usage during Marshawn Lynch’s 140-yard day.

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.20.57 PM










Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.33.20 PM

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  1. Seems to me there were more and bigger running lanes that game than I’ve seen for two years. Nice work big guys!

  2. Yes, in the first half there were better holes and more consistent line play – to the uneducated and unaided eye (mine) anyway – this line does seem a marked improvement with Bowie at LG. Some of the first half line improvement, I believe, is also due to adding the weapon of Percy Harvin to the mix. I absolutely loved that 9+ yard end run on the handoff in the first half just in front of Lynch’s touchdown rumble.

  3. Has any Seahawks WR made such an impact in such few reps?

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    My favorite snap count is Bowie at 100%.

  5. Not in memory anyway…he really changes the offense and its effectiveness, in many ways.

  6. Singularitarian says:

    what a sham. tickets should only be sold at the stadium for a game like this. One Person, 2 tickets. These third party vulture companies are ruining it for everybody

  7. Singularitarian says:

    my buddy was on with 3 browsers going, each with different search criteria, the second they went on sale, and nothing. I was on too, and nothing.

  8. FleaFlicker says:

    Let’s hope the O-Line group stays set for the next week(s). They always play poorest when in flux.

    So the 1st Round LG from Alabama has now offically lost his job to the 7th round rookie….discuss………..

  9. Only one offensive play from Lockette. Maybe they’re resting him for next week….

  10. FleaFlicker says:

    danooly: Lockette may not be a premium reciever, but the guy is always the first dude to the receiver on kick coverage.

  11. seaturkeys says:

    So the 1st Round LG from Alabama has now offically lost his job to the 7th round rookie….discuss………..

    Amazing they can build such a great team while busting like this. Hopefully Bowie is to LG as Wilson is to QB.

  12. chrisj122 says:

    Definitely could see the difference in our Offense when Harvin was on the field. Just having him on the field makes everything that much easier for the rest of our O.

    I do believe if Harvin plays this week, he will be the difference that puts us over the top.

  13. I am tired of hearing about Percy. I think Tate is a better fit for this team TBH. Sure he didn’t make a few key plays Saturday, but regardless, he’s a proven commodity without durability issues. Tate is actually only 1 inch shorter than Harvin, but weighs 20 lbs more. Percy ran a 4.41, and Tate ran a 4.42. I think with more time to develop, Tate can be as good as Percy. Compare numbers from this season…

  14. Thanks, FF. The Rocket didn’t have the flashy plays on ST like last week and I never noticed him. Good to know he’s still getting it done.

  15. spencerdt says:

    I find the wailing and nashing of teeth among the faithful interesting and indicative of the overall subconscious unease of the 12th. I am confident this is the best Seahawk team of all time, including young Mr. Wilson, and I am happy as hell to have Pete at the helm rather than Holmy, who never understood the value of defense or special teams as the keys to consistent winning.

    The Hawks will win by more than 8 points and it will be on to New York. Keep the faith and enjoy the ride.

  16. Oh, and what I am getting at here is, Tate and Wilson have chemistry, and he’s as good as any after the catch. I wish they would put Tate into the offense in Percy’s place to see how it goes, if for nothing else but to keep the chemistry going.

  17. Singularitarian says:

    how much is a good price for tickets

  18. FleaFlicker says:

    Singulatarian: $500 looks like the market for decent sets. Personally, I’m a fan of NFL Ticket Exchange because they re-issue tickets electronically so there are no shenanigans.

  19. chrisj122 says:

    Baldwin and Tate our great, I love these guys but they are Not #1 receivers they are #2’s. Which is fine but without Rice we need another fast receiver.

    Really how many other teams does Jermaine Kerese start on.

  20. Southendzone says:

    My request for an article or even a short opinion this week is someone who knows stuff to break down Bowie’s performance. I don’t know how to really watch an O-Line player and grade it, & would love to see a real breakdown of how the guy did because we’ve all been clamoring for a change this season.

  21. Interesting to see Clinton McDonald getting more snaps on the defense than Mebane or McDaniel.

  22. thinwhiterope says:

    How many targets for Miller? How many for Willson? They need to get these two going as offensive weapons over the next two games.

  23. Holy Toledo, we had three Offensive Tackles! Who played Left Guard? :)

  24. someone refresh my memory, I really forget what happened with ET. why did he miss a snap?

  25. seahawkNJ says:

    ET got hit in the knots by Kam.

  26. that’s right! thanks

  27. ChrisHolmes says:

    The world is coming to an end. I find myself agreeing with everything RADEoN is saying regarding Tate and Wilson…


  28. jchawks08 says:

    To me it was pretty obvious that having Harvin in there really opens it up for everyone else. I see the points and comparisons with Tate and I agree they are a very similar player. Harvin is the x-factor though. He’s so dynamic and dangerous, more so than Tate. Why does he seem so much faster? Maybe if we had another quality WR in there, then Tate could take on the Harvin role, but we don’t. Maybe next year. I for one am all for resigning Mr. Golden Tate. I love that guy as much as anyone.

  29. Tate is like a very poor poor man’s version of Harvin. Or put another way, Harvin is Paul Allen and Tate is me and you.

  30. Per PFF, SEA had the #1 reg season overall defense (pass coverage 1st and pass rush 1st) and NOs ranked #14 (pass coverage 8th and pass rush 13th). SEAs & NOs offenses each made (6) first downs by rushing the ball. NO’s offense made (3) 1st dns because of defensive penalties by SEA, while SEA’s offense were given (2). When it came to passing, Brees and his receivers made (16) 1st dns while Wilson and his receivers made (5). That seems like a problem, even after a win.

    Against CAR, whose reg season pass coverage ranked 6th and pass rush 12th, SF’s offense made 11 1st downs by passing.

  31. toastmaster says:

    Bummed couldn’ get tics this week. Tried on my computer and ticketmaster app. Worked last week:( News said sold out in 3 minutes. WOW!!!!

  32. CDHawkFan says:

    Agree Pabs, Tate is no Harvin. Do you really think defences plan for Tate, or teams would give up a 1st, 3rd, 7th and $26 million guaranteed for him?

    Also, Tate disappears too often. I think he is fine as a #2 (top 25-40 WR), but when Harvin is healthily he is a #1 top 5 WR.

  33. Harvin could be Jerry Rice+Randy Moss+Marshawn Lynch all rolled into one hybrid, doesn’t mean anything when your stats for the season are 1/17/0

  34. and what I was trying to say was, if Tate was given the chance, he could probably do 80 percent of what a healthy Harvin can do – if he’s ever healthy.

  35. I don’t give a rip what they ran at the combine. Tate does not have the football speed that Harvin does. It is extremely clear the impact that Harvin has when he’s in there. Teams aren’t going to game plan for Tate like they do Harvin. I like Tate and hope they can keep him, but he’s doesn’t have the same impact as Harvin when he’s healthy. You could make the argument that you’d rather have Tate due to the durability, but that’s a different argument. I hope they keep Tate and draft a big receiver in the middle rounds.

  36. “and what I was trying to say was, if Tate was given the chance, he could probably do 80 percent of what a healthy Harvin can do – if he’s ever healthy.”

    We’ll have a better idea come this off-season, but I don’t think that most people in the league agree with that.

  37. Bowie played very well from what I could see. I think the off-week gave the coaches time to become comfortable with him over on the left side. I’d expect the o-line to remain the same the rest of the year. Probably seen the last of McQ and Carp in Hawks’ uniforms, unless maybe McQ wants to come back for the vet min.

  38. Tate really has never been asked to fill in as a Harvin-style player. I could be 0 percent right or 100 percent right, we’ll likely never find out for sure.

  39. freedom_X says:

    Tate doesn’t have Harvin’s body control. Tate can’t change direction or position/contort his body like Harvin. That’s why even though both compete for the ball better than their peers, there are some balls Harvin can pull down and Tate doesn’t. Tate can go straight up (vertical) as well or better than Harvin – Harvin can twist his body and lay out almost prone to pull down other passes.

    It also is why Harvin gets open more easily (he can run routes more precisely and has more abrupt change of direction when trying to fool a defender.) Tate has some open field moves and shake but I don’t get the feeling he cuts sharply and precisely – certainly not like Harvin.

    Tate is like a muscle-bound Harvin.

  40. What Tate can do is stay healthy despite taking 10 big hits. Harvin wilted after two, though I really dont hold that against him, your brain is your brain…and his arm got mangled too, dont forget. But Tate has proven his durability, Harvin has proven he is not durable.

    Not to mention Tate can run through tackles by DB’s, and I have yet to see Harvin do this. Tate can take a huge hit and still hold onto the ball–Harvin dropped his ball before Bush even hit him–dude heard footsteps.

    Tate also has amazing body control in the air, and can outjump just about anyone. He’s far better at that than Percy. Yes, Percy has speed that is far more explosive than Tate–its almost surreal. But Tate is plenty fast enough. Also, Tate is improving rapidly the past three years, while Harvin is just missing time the last couple, not improving.

    I believe Tate could put up some crazy stats if Seattle leaned on him. But thats not in their scheme. By design, they had Tate and Baldwin catch the same number of TD’s–Carrol said so–so other teams wont know who to focus on. Thats fine and all, but it angers me they dont give Tate more chances to score in the red zone.

    Seattle would be morons to let him get away. I dont think he’ll command Harvin money, and he shouldnt–he’s not the route runner Harvin is–yet. But he will command good money, and Seattle should pay the man; he’s damned well earned it.

  41. And yeah, Michael Bowie right now is my favorite Seahawk. Maybe of all time. Im not making this up! as Dave Barry says…Seriously, we havent had even mediocre–let alone adequate–play at LG since the Ice Fisherman betrayed Seattle and decided to spend most of the rest of his career Ice Fishing during the playoffs in Minny…and Bowie comes in, plays his third position this year–AS A ROOKIE–and outplays Sweezy, Carp, and McFinished combined.

    Im not anointing Bowie the next Ice Fisherman, but I watched him pretty closely and most of the time I liked what I saw from him–alot! I just wish he was playing RG for Sweezy and Bailey had stepped up to take over LG. Maybe next year…I hate it that Sweezy has had most of two seasons and sucked every game, yet still starts, despite the fact that Bowie played one game at RG and did better than Sweezy ever has.

    But I never want to see Bowie at RT again. Im hoping we draft a good one in the first or second…after we whup the Niners asses and bring the Lobardi home to South Alaska…

  42. Its hilarious to me the idiots who came out of the woodwork after the Rams game talking about how well Tate had been playing…a week or two after talking about him like he was trash…and two weeks later he’s poo-poo on a stick because he played an entire game with his bell rung and dropped a pass and an onside kick…

    So, let me get this straight: RW can play 4 bad games and one decent one in five weeks, missing multiple times per game on easy throws–never mind the hard ones–and he’s Football Jesus, and its sacrilege to even wonder what gives…But Tate catches a few key passes in a bad conservative gameplan and makes TWO mistakes in a game, and he’s back to being garbage?!

    Now that, folks, is asinine.

  43. I’m on the Bowie train. After seeing what I saw from him against AZ (Dockett AND Campbell – BOTH great players/DL) it baffled me when he didn’t start again that next week (wasn’t even active!!!). That was pure lunacy from the coaching staff because hicks like us knew he was the best guard on the roster.

  44. bobbyk–To me, the benching and making inactive of Bowie was another in a long line of stubborn mistakes by Cable. Sweezy has no business starting. Lem Jean-Pierre has no business sitting on the bench. I am convinced if given training camp to play G, he would beat out anyone currently playing G for us excepting Bowie.

    At least Cable finally reached the end of his rope with McQ and Carp. Hopefully he gets there soon with Sweezy, but its not looking good.

    Im betting Sweezy gets beaten out in camp next year by Bailey or someone else. Still doesnt mean Cable will bench him then…but if they outplay badly enough, eventually Carrol will make him bench Sweezy.

    Sweezy has improved, but he’s still a liability in that he’s so inconsistent. And if this team really is all about competition, other players should at least be given the chance to beat Sweezy out. I dont feel thats been the case, as Cable seems to see his redemption for blowing the Carp/Moffitt picks in Sweezy…

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