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Morning Links: The 49ers are coming back

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 13, 2014 at 12:52 am with 118 Comments »
January 13, 2014 1:36 am

Good morning. We’re a week away from knowing if the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl.

The biggest and obvious news from yesterday is that the 49ers are coming back to town. This will be a battle for every inch Sunday.

We’ll get started with the links on what promises to be a busy day. On the blog today, you’ll hear from Mike Holmgren, Pete Carroll and some of the Seahawks, plus have reports from San Francisco from our Don Ruiz. We’ll also chat at 2:30 p.m.


> For today, I wrote about the offense doing just enough to get by of late and how that may not be enough Sunday.

> Our John McGrath says you can thank the Houston Texans for the Seahawks-49ers rivalry.

> Our Kenny Via writes that the Seahawks have, at times, had trouble closing out games with late leads.

> The Seahawks are limiting ticket sales to six states, none of which are California. This has become a “story” despite it being a common practice across sports leagues. The Denver Broncos are doing something similar.

> SI’s Don Banks says the anti-climactic divisional round produced the best final four.

> Here’s the San Francisco-Carolina game story from the San Francisco Chronicle.

> A take on the 49ers game from USA Today.

> A first look at the conference title games from the ESPN talking heads:

> ESPN’s Ashley Fox writes this is what the 49ers have been waiting for.

> The Seahawks open as 3.5-point favorites.

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  1. jawpeace says:

    Sure we must get past a very hard Whiner team to get to the Super Bowl…. But I was already thinking that I hope that Denver beats New E. The main reason being the Super Bowl being played in Jersey would be over run by Patriot fans. The Hawks already experienced this in the Super Bowl, and I don’t want to see or hear it again.

  2. The talking heads are saying the niners are going to come to Seattle and win. Terrell Davis and Jeff Garcia are saying Seattle might as well not show up.

    In all seriousness though, even the media is calling out Wilson :(

  3. Steve Wyche said:

    Hawks were conservative on offense due to the weather.

    Russell Wilson threw for so little yards because the game plan was centered around Percy Harvin, and he went out early, so apparently a player actually told him they were going to just try to take care of the ball and play the field position game.

    He talked to percy harvin after the game, and he believes that he is going to play.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    That would be welcome news, Seattle will need him.

    And I agree, being that conservative Sunday will not help them win.

  5. TallyHawk says:

    I expect the usual gameplan. Try to establish Lynch and work play action. The nature of the game plan isn’t as important to me as the execution will be Both defenses are playing at a high level so turnovers will be key.

  6. I want to see a convincing win. I’m talking to the tune of 66-3. And Carroll needs to go for 2 when the game is out of hand.

  7. averagejay says:

    Exactly RADEon! That accompanied with lots of whining and antics from the whiner in chief!

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Considering how difficult it’s been for Seattle to throw the ball, I would mind seeing some read-option coming back. Hopefully though they’ll figure out some of the short and intermediate passing woes.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Wouldn’t rather…

  10. I lost all respect for Sean Payton after that head-hunting flurry against Percy. The two players and coach should all be fined (again).

  11. seahawkNJ says:

    Has there been any chatter that Wilson is possibly playing through an injury? Maybe that Bowman hit in SF II left his shoulder a little nicked up. His passes (long&short) seem to be a little bit off. It was really noticeable at the Giants game. He was overthrowing guys that were wide open.

  12. mquinn73 says:

    I’m nervous…. very nervous.

    The 49ers are finding their mojo – the way they beat up Carolina doesn’t give me confidence that our offensive line will be able to contain them. If we can’t open up the running lanes for Lynch, then that means we will be dependent on Wilson to manage the game and make the plays necessary to win.

    From what we’ve seen over the last month, I have very little confidence that our key offensive personnel – Bevell, Wilson and Cable – have the ability to game plan, or make the necessary adjustments in-game, to beat this ‘niners defense.

    Our main hope seems to be that we rely on the defense to create turnovers and provide the offense with a short field in order to score. But even then, we’ve seen interception returns to the 3yd line, and this offense hasn’t been able to convert from there!

    Again, on Saturday, the first touchdown came on a short field after Bennett forced & recovered the fumble.

    We can talk all we want about the conditions – yes, they were a factor – but regardless, Bevell’s gameplan played right into the strength of the Saints defense, and Wilson’s passing was simply terrible. Zero completions in the 3rd quarter. At one stage, he was 1 of 8 in the second half. No way is that good enough in any league.

  13. Kaep poops his pants in Seattle. He really poops his pants when he can’t find someone open. He probably should wear a diaper.

    I was thinking about how there are “coverage sacks” in the NFL, and that’s pretty much all Seattle has. The secondary is THAT good. So good, that it actually makes the defensive line better. It sounds ass backwards, because it is, but I feel like that’s the case.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Chancellor lay down a helmet into a running Kaepernicks face and keep him in his toes.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Championship week!

    I want to see a whole bunch of negative Seahawks talk from the media this week. Pile on media. Fuel the fire on this team.

    Notice how careful the 49er players were yesterday when asked about their thoughts on playing the Seahawks.

    They know better than to disrespect the Seahawks to the media anymore. Especially coming up to our house.

    I think the game more than likely will be a close game. Especially now that they have all their WRs back. The Boldin gift was huge for them this season too.

    Seahawks-24, 49ers-17

    Go Hawks!!!

  15. Georgia – let’s leave the final score predictions to me ok? Lol

    My final score predictions are 95% right but just 5% of the time.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    mquinn73- You do realize when you are up 16-0 in 30+ mph winds with your #1 threat out of the game and the running game is doing well the smart thing to do is have your qb manage the game.

    Wilson doesn’t care about stats like some fans do. All he cares about is winning and he and the Seahawks have been doing a pretty good job of that this year.

    I expect him to have a better game Sunday but he won’t be throwing for 300 yards.
    If he does that means we are playing from behind.

    I will take 200 yards and a win over 400 yards and a loss any day of the week.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol pabs.

    You have been pretty good of late.
    And so long as you predict a Seahawks win I will be happy to accept your final score prediction no matter what it is.

  18. sluggo42 says:

    Sorry but we will not lose this game.
    Crapperneck will not be able to find his first read and wags will thump him. Hopefully Kam knights up VD and Crabtree !AnD Boldin.

    The media will really get the team pissed, and they channel that into some serious game. Did you notice how many times they missed brees’s arm by an inch, I mean we had so many near misses, that won’t miss this time. rapper will freak out, run, and get hammered.

    Russell Wilson could be at a crossroads this week too. He can’t afford to have another shtty game.

    Any early weather reports?

  19. “Russell Wilson could be at a crossroads this week too. He can’t afford to have another shtty game.”

    Truer words have never been spoken. I have full confidence in him after I vented for a little bit. He’s lost a few tools for sure. I also can’t help but think if they’ve been kinda keeping shackles on him to not give too much away this late in the season.

  20. CDHawkFan says:

    I hope we

    a) allow our D to stop the run 1st and make Kap beat us with the pass. It sounded like the Saints ran against our pass D, then passed against our run D, making the change at the line. If we have too, I would rather just leave the run D in and make Kap throw the ball.

    b) I also hope that Bevell and PC have been hiding some plays; screens, TE involvement, maybe a trick play or two. The O has been very basic all year. I hope like possibly what they did with Harvin at the end of the year, that they have been holding back and will use a few plays this game.

    To me stopping their run and extending some of our drives on 3rd down (not happening lately) will be the keys.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The media bashing will soon begin. First take will be on in 15 minutes.

  22. I’ll have to wait to see the status of William Percival Harvin III before making any score predictions. Wilson was 7 for 9 with him and 2 for 9 without him. Some of that 7 for 9 was against the wind.

    Wilson has never thrown for 200 yards in 4 games against the 49ers and probably won’t in this game regardless of Harvin playing. But it’s obvious Harvin can help with those key third conversions (along with Baldwin).

    Jackson and Wilson’s numbers against the 49ers are nearly even. The difference is the Seahawks Defense did not produce the turnovers in Jackson’s games that they did in Wilson’s games which gave the offense a ton of cheap points. Just like I felt it was unfair to judge Jackson on those 49ers games (like the entire blog did), I feel it will be unfair to judge Wilson on a sub 200 yard game against the 49ers this weekend.

    Kapernick (unlike Alex Smith) will put the ball in the Seattle Defenders hands several times. Another key to the game is intercepting it. GB and Carolina dropped game changing INTs. The Seahawks DBs allowed Drew Gambler Brees to throw all over the place on Saturday and dropped 3 INTs in the 4th quarter. That can’t happen this weekend. If a QB gambles, then he must pay the house.

  23. Georgia, who cares what the media has to say? We may be at odds with each other sometimes, but we’re still a brotherhood, and to quote our team:

    “We all we got, we all we need!”

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I definitely agree with what Ewalters posted yesterday –

    “And I think that’s the big difference.The Hawks D have to be aware of Cam or Kap taking off if nothing is there.Meanwhile teams seem to give RW the yardage to gain if he were to run it but they know he’s not.He’s looking for someone to get open and those plays don’t seem to work as much anymore against disciplined defenses.He needs to use his legs to gain yardage instead of just scrambling to his right,running in circles,and all that old stuff.”

    Wilson needs to mix it up and take off more to keep the defense honest.

    That’s when he is at his best Imo. I know it increases the chance of injury but it’s that time of year to lay it all out on the line.

    And get a hair cut for Gods sake! That mop on his head looks almost as ridiculous as that Rat under Lucks chin.

  25. First off, I do not want to see another slant thrown for the rest of the season. But really, I can see Kaep getting rattled by the atmosphere up hear and their whole offense will start to crumble around him. After we win the game and Kaep has one of his worst games ever (if not the worst) they need to immdiately play that “Beats” commercial.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- Agree!

  27. Did anyone see how he was dressed for that news conference? Looked like when a 4 year old dresses himself in a movie.

  28. madpunter88 says:

    I smile at the comments that Russell Wilson is “at a crossroads” or that the coaches/quarterback are hurting this team. What’s going to happen? If he doesn’t win are they going to cut him? The guy is the franchise. He will be around for the 10-15 years in a Seahawks uniform.

    Russell Wilson IS the reason the Seahawks are in the championship. When a team is playing in the conference championship how can anyone criticize the coaches, QB, offense, etc? What do you want?

    I think the game will be close either way. These are two very good teams. But I would favor the Seahawks for one simple reason: Russell Wilson.

  29. The whole team except Willis had some interesting ideas with respect to their apparel.

  30. wazzulander says:

    Pabs – Wilson basically only played for 3 qtrs the 2 home games so that’s a bit misleading.

    The 49ers struggle with calls at the los, delay of games, burning time outs, etc., even at home, so in that way I do like this matchup. No doubt the 12s will be in epic form Sunday.

  31. seahawkfan97 says:

    the players are gonna care that the media is saying Sf is gonna come here and beat us….

  32. madpunter88, it seems even GeorgiaHawk is starting to open up to the notion that RW’s play AS OF RIGHT NOW is becoming an issue. It’s not just his numbers, it’s the missing open receivers, poor reads, and failure to make accurate throws to the receivers that he actually does find.

    If it weren’t for GodBeast, and the best defense ever, this team could have very easily lost a few games over the last few in the regular season. He throws for 310 and looked like the best QB of all time vs New Orleans, and it’s just been downhill ever since. There’s definitely something up with him, not sure if he’s having pain or masking an injury, but something is up.

  33. HawkFromDay1 says:

    There were guys open down the field – no doubt.

    But why risk it? The defense was lock-down and Marshawn was rattling off 5 ypc.

    Was absolutely no need to take any risks.

    BTW – Steve Smith is a hilarious locker room interview. That was one of the dumbest questions I can imagine: “So Steve, gonna root for the Hawks?” I mean… dude.

  34. confucious says:

    I don’t think they are holding RW back at all. The last thing I would do if I wanted the ultimate prize is put that prize in jeopardy. You don’t want to keep games close. Pete never has.
    Not saying that things can’t change in six days time, but, The 49ers offense looks MUCH more competent than the seahawks. To say anything different is to be lying to yourself.
    I think RW better spend more time practicing throws with his receivers and less time telling everybody the recipe for success this week.

  35. The player at a crossroads is really Golden Tate. The man was a stiff last weekend.

  36. One thing Wilson has not done, turn the ball over HUGE!!! I would love to see him run a little and would be ecstatic if he would throw for 200 yds.He is our guy no matter what and he has not been turning it over, that may be difference in this game.

  37. ChrisHolmes says:

    “One thing Wilson has not done, turn the ball over HUGE!!!”

    That’s a big part of what the coaching staff is asking him to do: take care of the ball. It means a more conservative approach, and it certainly isn’t flashy, but with a running game and defense, it wins.

    Anyway… it’s gonna be a war. I hope our guys keep their heads on and play smart, and let the 49ers make the dumb penalties. We do that and we’ll win.

  38. would you rather wilson throw for 270 yards, 3td and 1int, or a 110 yards and 0/0?

    the first option really takes a lot of pressure off the defense, and lowers my blood pressure.

  39. Macabrevity says:

    mquinn73 – thanks for putting my thoughts into words…

    Guys, if I was just betting this game as a non-partisan fan, I’d have to pick SF. At least on paper they have everything it takes, dominant O-line, smashmouth front 7 on D, QB who admittedly has flaws but is gifted nonetheless and can really hurt you, and a pair of stud wideouts.

    Our offense has me really nervous, and our defense can only stay on the field for so long before they start wearing down. We’re going to need a great game from our O-line and some bigtime throws from RW to get this done.

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is playoff football. Even the great Brady and Manning threw for around 200 yards.
    Overall I’m not concerned with Wilson. Can he play better? Sure he can, and I believe he will, However throwing the ball 35 times a game for 400 yards is not necessarily playing better imo.

    We will win this game Sunday if we just take care of the ball and take advantage of Kaeps usual bad passes to defenders.

    Not having a big or tall WR,(like Rice) is not helping any.

  41. Georgia, the difference between Brady/Manning and RW, is that their games weren’t close. Sure, San Diego made a bit of a comeback, but other than the 4th quarter, that game was Denver’s.

  42. Like Pete says “Its all about the ball” dont turn it over and and grab one or two turnovers its the game.

  43. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I forget what game it was this season when Lynch told Wilson to take over the game and he did and looked like a totally different qb.

    He has that in him so it will be interesting to see if the Seahawks get into a similar situation.

    I just hate it though that they have to wait to be in a losing situation before they say “Wilson do your thing”.

    Why don’t just let him do his thing from the get go? Frustrating!

  44. HeisenHawk says:

    Was Tate concussed? Not the normal Tate in my opinion. Also, any word on a fine for Bush on his cheap hit on Harvin?

  45. thursday says:

    The quote up there about the Harvin gameplan and taking care of the ball makes a lot of sense considering the weather. And lbr, all will be forgiven as long as they come out and pummel the whiners. The 2005 team also had a flat win over the skins in that round before coming out and owning the Panthers. I think we see a repeat. After all, the Whiners didn’t just get blown out once in the last year int the clink, but twice. It’s in Justin Bieber, I mean Kap’s head.

  46. The 49ers have Crabtree, Boldin and Davis as pass receiving threats that can put up 100 in any given game.

    The Seahawks have ????

    NO ONE!

    Everyone is complaining about the OL while ignoring the real deficiency that will prevent this team from winning the SB. Now we know why the “unnamed NFC Executive” in the USA Today article bashing the WRs gets paid for this and we don’t.

  47. The Seahawks have Sherman, Maxwell, Kam, ET, and Thurmond. This means the niners have nobody.

    Brees is a better quarterback.
    Colston is better than Crabtree.
    Graham is a better pass catcher than Vernon.
    Boldin is better than NO’s #2 (i think Stills?)

    I think Seattle can shut down the offense.

  48. aelliott11 says:

    I’m nervous about this game too. Mostly because it would SUCK SO HARD to lose the SF in this game. Niners fans are the absolute worst and this would push it over the edge.

    However, let’s remember:
    – 1 week ago, Mycah Hyde drops an easy pick six at the end of the wild card game. At worst, he puts Green Bay inside the 40 with under 2 min in a tie game. If he catches the ball that hits him square in both hands, SF is out of the playoffs.

    – 3 weeks ago, Atlanta had the ball in the red zone at the end of the game. You figure they’re going to score the game winning TD, or at worst, the game tying FG. Then a ball bounces off a guys pads into Bowman’s arms. Otherwise, SF loses that game and faces an elimination game the next week.

    – 2 weeks ago, Ari nearly beat SF. Could have and should have beat them.

    – We all know that we had a lead against SF in their house late in the game, until Earl misses a tackle on Gore. They won by 2. At home. With their backs against the wall.

    The national media is going to trip over themselves talking about how great the Whiners are playing, how tough they are, how they’re road warriors, etc. But 4 of their last 6 games were won because the opponent made a critical mistake down the stretch. Give them credit, but be real about it.

  49. WilliamPercival says:

    One would wonder just how a fan base can be so up and down; hot and cold. Not saying everyone is negative nancy here, but GOOD LORD!

    The comments above are not reflective of the MVP play of our QB for the first 2/3 of the season mostly due to stockpiling wins with NO OL. Yes he has not been as precise lately, but he sure as heck still does what is needed in the circumstances to WIN.

  50. No doubt the Seahawks can shut down the 49ers Offense.

    But the point was, which Seahawks wide receiver can threaten the 49ers susceptible pass defense?

    Because if the answer is no one, this blog will have a meltdown of epic proportions next week with Russell Wilson as the primary topic.

  51. PC came out in his interview after the game and said specifically that he wanted to get into a punting contest in the 3rd quarter with the wind in our faces. All of us watching the game were thinking “one score and it is game over”. PC was thinking “I don’t want to give the Saints a short field to turn this into tight game in the 3rd Quarter.”
    Thus the ultra conservative, even by Seahawk standards, offense in the 3rd quarter. And it did work after all…we had a 23-8 lead with less than 3 minutes to go and those 2 minutes and change were, after all, garbage time…our own defensive lapses and Tate’s inability to corral the onside made it seem something more.

  52. We need Harvin back this week. The two best play sequences in the game were first, the obvious one, the throw to Baldwin on third down followed by Beast Mode 2 around end; and the second was in the first half when Percy Harvin took a handoff around end for 9+ yards followed by Lynch off tackle for the 15 yard score. Percy’s run around end made Lynch’s run possible. He spreads the defense creating room. The OL looked better with Percy there because he spread the defense. The OL was better period, but with Percy in there they created some massive holes.

  53. WilliamPercival says:

    Here’s something to chew on for all you Doubting Thomas':

    Russell had 5 fumbles lost and 6 int’s in week 9 and prior. That’s 11 TO’s. From week 10 forward he had 0 lost fumbles an 3 int’s. A paltry 3 TO’s.

    The other shocking stat that had been mentioned a few times is the rushing yards. 539 total, with 164 coming since week 10.

    He simply hasn’t been running as much lately and I can really only put this on the coaching staff. They need to get him to take off a little more and open up the rest of the offense.

    In any case, we set an attendance record this past Sat, set a record day rushing (140 by Beast) and controlled the game. I expect more of the same Sun.

  54. IM all in,and will be on the phone and computer at 10 trying to win the Lotto. maybe I will have a chance this time, sure did not get anywhere last week.

  55. yankinta says:

    lol,, All of you are missing the point….. The KEY is to shut down their Run Game…. That’s it. Do that!! and we win in a blow out. Gotta Keep Gore under 80 yards and less than 3 yards per carry,, while playing Press Man Coverage….

    And I believe that we will shut down their run game and win in a blow out!!!!

    p.s.,, I can’t wait to hear all the excuses for Andrew Luck’s Luck running out…. That’s what I call an AVERAGE QB… :)

  56. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal hit the nail on the head, IMO, with his analysis of Seattle’s receiving corp. Tate was non-existent last week (aside from botching the onside kick) and at this point they don’t have anyone who is a consistent threat to press the pass defense. And while we can all agree that Seattle is a running team first, they simply have to be able to move the ball through the air if they want to convert 3rd downs on any consistent basis, against the 49ers.

  57. it’s the receiving corps – but yesterday it was also the elements and the way the game played out – all of those contributed to the low passing numbers. this morning, I watched Carroll’s post-game press conference and he specifically called out how much the wind impacted the Seahawks’ plans to pass esp in the 3rd quarter.

    anyway – honestly I think Wilson has shown us enough in these past two years for us to know that the guy can play. And what’s being piled on now as 5 bad games in a row seems to be more fitting facts to a narrative, than actually analyzing them, b/c there was really very little wrong with his games against the Giants and the Rams.

    it’s funny how we diehards view the Hawks games – I was stressed the entire 4th quarter, but when I was talking to a friend this morning, his comment on the Hawks/Saints was that the game was never really close. Which, is mostly true, they needed an onside kick plus a hail mary plus a 2-pt conversion, to get to a tie. In a game where you don’t care about who wins, you’d probably wouldn’t view it as particularly close either.

    expecting a total battle this coming weekend – and agree w/Pabs that Kaep will give our DB’s some chances for picks – and those are chances we can’t flub this time around.

  58. Southendzone says:

    You know what a great move would have been is for the Hawks to have anticipated the 49’ers need for Perrish Cox and kept him active so they couldn’t have snatched him back up.

  59. GoldenGate_Nate says:

    Best rivalry in the NFL, can’t wait for Sunday!

    I think many of you will be surprised if you think this game is going to go the way the past two in Seattle have. No way this is a blowout for either team.

    Yes, Colin Kaepernick has had two of his worst games as a starter in Seattle. But, I think that experience only helps him prepare better and be ready for the environment on Sunday. He’s got his best receiver back in Crabtree, plus the solid veterans Boldin and Davis. That’s a lot of targets who have boosted this offense over the past 5+ weeks, so pick your poison. Add to that winning his last three road playoff games and experience and momentum are on his side.

    I see a few key matchups working in favor of the Niners, especially our D-Line against your O-Line. I just don’t see Lynch going for 140 against our defense. I think we’ll see the Niners trying to make Wilson beat us with his arm, and I like our chances there.

    On the other side of the ball, your defense will certainly make it tough for us to score, but we will score. Kaepernick will make things happen with his legs. He may not break any long runs – your LBs are too fast – but he will convert a few first downs. Plus, it’s tough to shut down Crabtree, Boldin , and Davis in the passing game. Carolina keyed on Crabtree, and Boldin had a big game. The week before, it was Crabtree who went off. Again, pick your poison.

    I’m not going to come on here and guarantee a Niner victory, or even claim to have the better team (besides, we all know the better team does not always win). But, I can easily see the Niners come out with the win and a second consecutive Super Bowl. Either way, I expect a low- scoring, knockdown, drag-out battle.

  60. I’m going to go on and see about the NFC Title game tickets in one hour. I won’t be eligible to buy them but if I get in the 5 minute window, I’ll let you guys know and whichever regular posters can email me and then call me with the appropriate information, I can buy for them.

  61. aelliott11 says:

    I don’t read all the comments – too much petty infighting – so forgive me if this has been brought up before.

    I would love to see Petey take a page from the Holmgren 05 NFCC and run Sherm out there at WR for a couple of plays. Clearly he knows how to play WR, he’s long and he’s fast and he’s a ballhawk.

    I don’t even care if we throw to him. Just seeing him run into the offensive huddle will give their D something to think about. Fake a bubble screen to him to bring their safety down, then go over the top to Tate on a go route on the other side.

    Pete doesn’t go for that kind of thing, but this is the NFC Championship. You gotta take some chances. Pete likes to stay the course and do what we do, but I think this game is going to come down to 1 or 2 plays here and there. So let’s take advantage and let our biggest ballers rise to the challenge!

  62. bulldog80 says:

    I feel way more confident about this game than the NO game. Drew Bree’s is a fantastic player. The 9ers dont have a dynamic passer the last time i checked. Kap typically passes for 150 yards per game and doesn’t get as much criticism about it. WE have the best defense in the league, NOT them. Yes, they’re good, but we’re better. I don’t think they match up well against us in anyway. We may have trouble running on them, buts that’s about the only difficulty I see. 27-17 Seahawks

  63. @goldengate – yeah, I don’t think many on here would predict a blowout victory. That early season game in Seattle was at a certain place and time, and the teams (esp SF) are different today. And it’s pretty clear that Crabtree does make a difference to Kaep’s performance.

    this version of the Hawks has its issues, but they are pretty resilient at finding ways to win. We haven’t had a loss by more than one score in 2 years – and I’d expect a game where the score and the margin of victory is around the same as the game in SF a few weeks ago. We know the defenses will both show up, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the game came down to which QB can make the plays (whether w/their arms or feet) when they are needed.

  64. sluggo42 says:

    What up GGnate?

    Yes, your receivers are good, but you haven’t played anyone with a good set of DB’s since , well.., the last time you played the hawks. Kaep has nothing but nightmares about the clink, and you can’t just shrug those off.

    It will be a good game tho, as these are easily the 2 best teams in the NFC, just as the two best are going at it in the afc too.
    I think Kaep folds again here for the win, and I think Russell Wilson runs for 75+ and that opens up some passes.

    Bad luck to ya!

  65. If Harvin plays…and is near 100%…we might well be able to run on them.

  66. thursday says:

    I would call Luck an inconsistent QB. Obviously he can be very good when he’s on, but an interception/mistake machine when he’s off. Either way, I didn’t think they’d get past the Pats.

    I also agree with Yank and this has been the key almost since forever, stop the run game and they have nothing. Making Kap beat us through the air is unlikely to work with the crowd noise and our awesome secondary.

    Also, for anyone comparing our games, NO is better and more experienced than the Panthers, don’t let their stinkers after the previous game fool you. They also didn’t have half the crowd noise to deal with and they had nice sunny weather there in Charlotte.

    Some people might say the Niners were trying not to piss us off, but to me, I don’t think they looked or sounded all that confident about coming back here.

  67. slicktoxic says:

    10 questions I would love to ask Pete Carroll, if I thought he would/could answer them honestly…

    1) Seriously, what was the actual story with Percy this season? All of it. A player or a prima donna?
    2) Is there anything wrong with Wilson physically?
    3) Are YOU worried about Russell’s lack of production the last several weeks?
    4) Will Russell run a little more this weekend, in such a big loser go home/winner go to SB situation?
    5) Do you prefer your team to have to battle late to win games, or pound them early?
    6) Do you think James Carpenter was a bust?
    7) Same question about Sweezy?
    8) Have you been holding back some plays because you want to save some stuff for playoffs?
    9) What do YOU think is your biggest weakness right now?
    10)Who do you really feel this team needs to re-sign….Tate? Baldwin? Bennett? Haushka?

  68. slicktoxic says:

    With this new concussion protocol……I truly believe that at a team like New Orleans had in their (secret) game plan to take a shot or two at Harvin, just to make their ability to defend Seattle a lot easier.

    I’m all for protecting the heads of the players…..BUT, with this protocol in place… won’t surprise me to see teams purposely targeting specific players’ heads, since they know that player will have to be taken out of the game for at least a few plays….and most likely taken to the locker room for an extended period of time.

    So is it really going to help out shots to the head…..or ultimately put star players at risk?

  69. Slick, yeah, there are always unintended consequences to every “legal” action.

  70. I do think that with that 16-0 lead going in to the half, there was no way Harvin would play in the second half. The coaching staff was saving him for availability this week. A smart move in retrospect. (At least, I hope it works out that way).

  71. Every team uses the slant to move the chains. It is a high percentage low risk pass. Our ability to convert 3rd downs is hampered by not executing on slants. They need to keep slants in the mix but RW needs to improve his accuracy and Baldwin/Tate need to get better separation.

  72. Nice try Slick. No coach owes any fans any inside information as to what was really going on or what they’re thinking. Entertaining set of questions, but silly.

    Key to this week.

    Stop Gore
    Press WRs
    Get great pressure on Kaep and keep him contained
    Give the ball to Lynch
    Pray that we get some support from the passing game.

    It’s gonna be a long week.


  73. seaturkeys says:

    Slick – Sweezy can’t be a bust. Even if he never started again, he’d be cheap depth at his price.

  74. I am surprised to see the Seahawks open as a 3.5 point favourite. I bet (pun intended) that shrinks as the week goes on.

  75. Agreed – Sweezy is crap, but he is cheap crap. I expect he will be on the roster next year, even if he isn’t the starter.

    I loved seeing Carpenter inactive and Bowie starting at LG on Saturday. I said earlier this season that Carpenter will be an off season cut, there is no doubt now.

    Still think we need to use half of our 2014 draft on O line.

  76. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Ask Todd for my email and I’ll do my part.

  77. I am banking on it shrinking in order to make a bet on it. I have to think, with the tons of 49er money here in town, that it will come down to 2.5 by later this week. That’s when to bet…even coming down to 3 is good because you push a field goal win.

  78. Really think this game with 49ers will be very, very difficult to win.
    In my mind, this weekend IS the Superbowl. I have no worry that we could beat the Broncos or the Patriots.

  79. Would like to get injury updates on the Seahawks and 49ers ASAP.

  80. good luck ticket searchers, and I am hoping you have slow conections

  81. Singularitarian says:

    I think it’s funny, all the comments about how the Niners dominated the Panthers. The difference in the game was that Carolina had the ball on on the one yardlin on two possessions, and came away with 3 points, meanwhile the Niners came away with 14 in that same situation. Carolina actually dominated the first half. The Niner’s secondary looked average at best.

    I think if Percy plays we win this one no problem. I know I’ve called a couple people out for saying that he was just waiting for the playoffs, obviously I look dumb now. But man, it was a two different offenses before and after Harvin went out

  82. I love the confidence of some on the blog, but if it were my money, I wouldn’t even consider taking the hawks until the line fell to 2.5

  83. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I would call Luck an inconsistent QB”

    Most young QB’s are inconsistent, no matter how awesome they will become. Manning wasn’t consistent his first couple of years either.

    I don’t know why people forget this… Has Kaepernick been consistent? Has Newton? RGIII?

    Nope. Not even close.

    Consistency takes time, practice, and reps. It will come. I believe Wilson and Luck are eventually going to be the leagues “elite” QB’s. They have the right makeup for it. They just need time.

    We’ve come to expect so much from these young QB’s. It was only a few years ago that talking heads were debating if it was a good idea to sit a guy a whole season because the QB position is so hard to learn and takes so long to master. Now we’re upset because a 2nd year pro isn’t as consistent as a 10-year vet?

    Talk about your unrealistic expectations…

  84. aelliott11 says:

    I agree, Singularitarian. I thought the Panthers put it on the Niners in the first half. Some really bad calls along with some immaturity by the Panthers bailed the Niners out of key 3rd downs and let the continue drives. That, and one really horrific throw by Cam was the difference in the game. SF’s secondary looks week.

  85. I think they are sold out already lol.

  86. FleaFlicker says:

    Dang, can’t get a ticket…are they already sold out?

  87. Well, not exactly scientific, but 63% of 163,512 voters on think the Seahawks are going to win this weekend.

  88. The 9ers scored one more point than the hawks, and their offense is “rolling”, while our offense is “sloppy”. The broncos scored the same points we did and they are the “best offense”. Its all perception

  89. thursday says:

    Lol that’s why all I said was that he’s inconsistent, no comment about whether he will eventually be Manning or eventually be Romo. It’s too early to judge. I’m not willing to rate him average, below or above average or great at this point. He’s simply inconsistent. I also think he tries to do too much at times and ends up making mistakes. But sometimes it ends up in him winning games too.

    Idk about y’all, but in the end, I’d rather have the consistency, even if it’s boring, sometimes frustrating and not sexy, of Wilson.

  90. Singularitarian says:

    sold out

  91. Singularitarian says:

    what a sham. tickets should only be sold at the stadium for a game like this. One Person, 2 tickets. Theses third party vulture companies are ruining it for everybody

  92. jboard…the best offense (other than New England’s) that I saw this week was our offense in the first half (with Harvin).

  93. aelliott11 says:

    that’s why there were only going to sell to WA residents, to cut out the 3rd party vultures. But there are only a few hundred for sale to start with.

  94. I got through on the phone I would try it if you are still looking

  95. i thought about buying a ticket to the NFC Championship game, as my cousin i just got in contact with lives in pullyap (i think that’s how it’s spelled), and all i had to do was buy a ticket and a flight. two problems arose:

    I’m afraid of flying.

    I can’t buy tickets since I’m in PA.

  96. IASeahawkLady says:

    The Hawks will be just fine and Russell Wilson will lead us. Some smart people on here told me last week not to listen to the media. Russell has proven over and over he can do this. Yes everyone has a right to their opinion so this is mine.

  97. If you get on the phone with ticket master press zero get a human they will stay with you and when tickets release grab them. Oh boy I,m going

  98. slicktoxic says:

    joreb….don’t take this the wrong way….but seriously man, I wasn’t looking to have Pete answer those questions.

    I was saying that as a fan, wouldn’t it be nice to know all of those questions and more.
    Esp. for those of us that live and die with the Hawks, wondering what’s going on? Why has the offense stalled somewhat? How did Percy really go from almost being IR’d to starting, 100% full go….that’s all. Just for fun man.

  99. Hope you’re right about Percy playing from the Prisco article. I actually feel better reading that. Thanks.

  100. Vegas…i agree. Thats my biggest takeaway from the game. Tale of two halves, with and without harvin. Now is that conservative because of the lead and weather? Maybe, but why not score once more and put the game away? Just frustrating. I hope like hell Harvin comes back and plays, but you know the 9ers will target him as well.

  101. slicktoxic says:

    A healthy Percy, and I believe we win this game “handily”. If he can’t go, or gets injured early…then it will be a dog fight. We’ve owned them at home the last couple times….but this is the playoffs. They are a good road team. Kaepernick has apparently got the “do what it takes” mentality, and that means running if he has to.
    That scares me a bit.
    Damn I would love to see a blow out!!!

    Got my ticket already… I’m set to make some NOISE!!!!

  102. yankinta says:

    thursday,,, I can tell that you’re an intelligent person and very knowledgeable when it comes to football, not to mention not easily scared nor brainwashed…. :)

    I’ve been reading all the excuses for Luck and enjoying it. lol

    P.S., RW had to tone it down a little because he needed to protect the ball last Sat… he did make a couple of nice/tough throws when he needed to in the second half…. I’m not worried at all. He’s an Elite QB although he hasn’t been as dynamic (his usual self) the past 2-3 games…. but there’s no way he’s gonna throw 3-4 ints,, he’ll do whatever necessary to win this game for us this Sunday….. The key is our Run Defense!! and Run Defense Only!!

  103. Singularitarian says:

    how much were tickets

  104. Southendzone says:

    Cerjam, great job I tried on the phone from 9:35 through 10:00, nonstop busy signals. The website is a complete joke, tried at 10am sharp, went to the screen where you enter the passwords that prevent robot buyers and it crashed. 2nd time through at about 10:02, nothing available.

    As always, Ticketmaster lives up to my expectations. I can’t believe Californians are upset about the ‘we won’t sell to you’ policy, because in my experience, Ticketmaster doesn’t sell to ANYONE!

    I didn’t even know that busy signals existed in 2014! Hasn’t every company advanced enough to put you in an automated waiting queue?

    The person above who said it should be in person 2 tickets per person at CLINK is 100% correct.

  105. My tickets were 150

  106. WHY – why- why do people still answer?

    Anyway – I went back, since I am laid up. to the post the day after games and made a list of the players that the people on this board say should be, cut, benched, reduced in playing time. . . . . etc.

    It goes something like this:
    R. Wilson
    G. Tate
    S. Rice
    J. Kearse
    M. Unger
    J. Carpenter
    P. McQuiston
    J. Sweezy
    B. Giacomini
    Z. Miller
    R. Turbin

    R. Bryant
    B. Mebane
    C. Clemons
    C. Avril
    B. Irvin
    K. Wright
    B. Wagner
    B. Browner
    W. Thurmond

    So about the only starters who are good enough to be on this team.

    Okung – Lynch – Baldwin – Bennett – Sherman – Thomas – Kam.

    Of course I missed some but I thought it was interesting

  107. slicktoxic says:

    I have season tix, so luckily just face value….other tix are going for crazy $hi$h!! $1000-$1600 for some club seats.

  108. slicktoxic says:

    And xcman, don’t forget there have been many to call for Pete’s, Bevell’s, and Cable’s heads.

    Don’t think I’ve read any on Quinn or Schneider.

    But yeah, a lot of complaining for a 13-3 team, with HFA throughout, and now just 1 win away from the Super Bowl!!! I mean, seriously people, I know it can be a frustrating game….but it really is tough to win in the NFL….it takes a lot of work, prep, game tape, practice, more practice, more tape, and then you have to come up with a game plan, while the other team has also come up with a game plan. Every team in the NFL has athletes…fast guys, strong guys, elusive guys, etc… many variables.
    Nothing wrong with complaining a bit….but seriously, we have it sooo good right now! Let’s enjoy it a bit too!

  109. Time to pull out all the stops. RW needs to let the damn ball fly and trust his guys down field to make some big plays for him. Defense just keep doing what you’re been doing. And let’s add a huge Special Teams day to the mix!

  110. tealskin says:

    Really don’t think there’s anybody calling for 3/4 of the team to be benched or for Pete to hit the road. Most complaining has been about the O-line (justified), the playcalling (same), and RW’s shakey play(less so). There will always be hyperbole and over-reaction on a website. Everybody deals with anxiety in their own way.

  111. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    I don’t have any concerns that there is something ‘wrong’ or ‘off’ with RW, especially insofar as he may play not well enough to win next weekend.

    We still haven’t seen him miss throws at critical game junctures yet, the gameplan was specifically designed to keep him reined in, which is when he plays his worst (and which is still good enough to win).

    RW is at his best when allowed to take over the game, improvise as necessary and make big thows.

    And Bevell is at his worst when he keeps the gameplan vanilla and conservative. The whole offense freezes and tightens right along with the playcalling.

    This weekend against the Niners should answer the question I’ve been wondering the last several weeks: How much have PC and Bevell been holding out and dumbing down the offensive play calling to vanilla in order to give opposing defensive coordinators a limited view of what to prepare for when the need to open up the playbook and finally arrives? Is there a rope dope and ‘long con’ going on?

    Is Bevell asking D Coordinators to prepare for us by defending the long and play action pass over the top and stop our running game? Because that seems to be precisely what he’s been telegraphing loud and clear.

    The things we haven’t been seeing the last several weeks: There has been so little use of our tight ends and throws in the five to seven yard range? No trick or creative plays. So many long developing pass plays. So little read option for RW. Keeping RW under tight wraps in general, which I believe makes him not perform nearly as well.

    Or have what we been seeing as far as playcalling goes just what they believe is the surest way to win? And if there really is not enough confidence in the offense to execute well in the short passing game that has been rather notably absent?

  112. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Also the narrative on the 49ers in the news media does not fit the actual facts of how they are playing. They are a team to be taken seriously but in no way feared. And they also look very, very beatable.

    There is no surge or peaking with that team. They’ve won courtesy of games being gift wrapped with penalties and mistakes.

    There is no part of me that believes that their best game beats our best game.

    So the real question is does our best game show up?

    And the two keys to me will be stopping their run game and putting the outcome on the arm and decision making ability of Kaepernick.

    And on offense does Bevell get more dynamic in his playcalling and use the entire playbook and allow Russell Wilson to be Russell Wilson. All of which will also allow us to ride Marshawn into the teeth of their front seven, which is what would truly break them.

  113. Percy Harvin has no choice whether or not he plays this Sunday when it comes to the concussion. He either passes the protocol or he doesn’t. He has to get back to his baseline cognitive tests. Period.

    pabuwal, do you realize that RW would’ve easily passed for over 200 yards last December had they not been blowing the Whiners out? I don’t expect a bunch of passing yards, but your oft-repeated stat is a bit misleading.

  114. RW threw for 4 TD’s in Dec(2012). Who gives a good damn about the yards when you throw for 4 scores? I guarantee you that every time a QB has thrown for less than 200 yrds but 4 TDs and no picks that they won the game. You can take that shite to the bank. Just regurgitating stats doesn’t mean anything, after all stats are just numbers. You also have to know how to analyze them and interpret them for significance.

    I felt like I had a moment of clarity just now. PC is saving the clever trick plays and setting up explosive plays for the Super Bowl, since we will be going against veteran QB’s that can potentially put up a lot of points. They started doing that (going vanilla and not showing our hand in terms of good offensive plays) after the Saints win, so opposing D Coordinators didn’t have much to scout us on.

    And no matter what happens this game, Percy will be ready to play for the Super Bowl. I really do believe that he wanted to save Harvin and unleash him for the playoffs. He was kind of our “secret” weapon.
    He feels, rightly so, that we can beat any team in our house even being vanilla. The AZ game might end up being a great lesson, that we can still lose even in our own house. So we will run the ball, stop them from running, and our D will step up with some turnovers off Bieber. And the 12’s will carry us through. You can’t underestimate the willpower of 70,000 passionate folks willing you to win. That’s just my 2 cents worth.

  115. * PC and Bevell are saving plays, if we make it to the big game, that is.
    If we are scrambling to win the SF game at the end, you’ll see all kinds of stuff come out of the woodwork in the 4th quarter. Or maybe they pull out all the stops from the beginning, who knows? I don’t care as long as we win, even by one measly point. But to crush them would be so sweet!

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