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Morning Links: On to the title game

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 12, 2014 at 1:14 am with 141 Comments »
January 12, 2014 1:19 am
Marshawn Lynch had his biggest day in months on Saturday against the Saints. / LUI KIT WONG — Staff
Marshawn Lynch had his biggest day in months on Saturday against the Saints. / LUI KIT WONG — Staff

Good morning.

It wasn’t the most artistic day for the Seahawks, but they are moving on to the NFC title game.

Saturday had everything people have come to expect from Marshawn Lynch: hard running and little talking. He did a brief postgame press conference at his locker before ducking into the back.

Lynch was again ferocious on the field. His 28 carries tied a season-high and his 140 rushing yard were a franchise-record in the playoffs.

Lynch’s locker was littered with Skittles wrappers after he ducked out. His teammates, per usual, spoke on his behalf.

“He’s a guy, like most NFL football players, who is pretty quirky,” center Max Unger said. “We all have our issues.

“The dude runs hard. Anyone who runs as hard as he does is just going to be crazy.”

Lynch is the baseline for everything the Seahawks do. Breno Giacomini told the TNT he wishes they could run on every down. Kam Chancellor said seeing Lynch pound away gets him fired up and vice-versa, those two being menacing alter egos on each side of the ball with their dark visors and physical style.

“One word, tenacious, man, tenacious,” Russell Okung said. “He’s an embodiment of who we are as a team. We’re about being tough, physical, smart, relentless. All those things. It shows every day.

“He’s the best teammate you could ever ask for. A guy who speaks through his actions. You know every time he touches the ball, he’s going to fight for every inch.”

We should know by 1 p.m. or so who the Seahawks will be hosting next Sunday at 3:30 p.m. for the right to go to the Super Bowl.

Tickets for the NFC title game go on sale Monday at 10 a.m.

Here’s our coverage from the game:

> My game story centered around Marshawn Lynch.

> Dave Boling says the Seahawks’ defense earned another chance to achieve “limitless” goals.

> John McGrath says the balanced Seahawks survived the unbalanced wind.

> Percy Harvin was back, but just for a half after taking two shots.

> Another big day for Michael Bennett against the Saints.

> Steven Hauschka had a kick dealing with Mother Nature.

> Once again, the Seahawks took Jimmy Graham out of the game.

> A trio of mistakes hurt the Saints.

> Our photo gallery from the game.

Other Seahawks links:

> CBS’ Gregg Doyel says the Saints tried to come into Seattle and punk the Seahawks. Big mistake.

> Sports Illustrated says the Seahawks’ Super Bowl hopes rest on the defense.

> Also from SI, Jim Trotter writes Marshawn Lynch made a loud statement Saturday.

> The Everett Herald says the Seahawks are perfectly built.

> Some game grades from the Herald.

> Video recap of the game from

> Highlights of the game.

> ESPN’s Kevin Seifert says the Seahawks offense pulled a disappearing act.

> Mike Sando says Percy Harvin holds the key to the Seahawks’ Super Bowl hopes.

> Bruce Irvin explains to 710 ESPN the pregame conversation he had with Jimmy Graham that resulted in an altercation.

> 710 ESPN also writes you can exhale now.

> Here’s the game story from USA Today.

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  1. jawpeace says:

    I live in Eugene where very strong winds were also predicted. I was worried about a power outage and was already to leave the home in case one did occur. Glad I got to see the entire game, sorry for the Hawk fans in Seattle who missed the game. Though I must admit it was not very enjoyable, as I was all tense and nervous. It was not until the final play I breathed a sigh of relief.

    LOL “Im Jimmy” Well Jimmy, you got your ass kicked. I had to laugh at Michel B. comment about “Jimmy” in the post game interview. “Soft and the most over rated….” Were some of the nicer things he said. LOL

    Not sure who I want to win tomorrow. Part of me wants the 40-whiners to win so they can come and get put in their place by the Hawks and shut up the whiner fans. How ever I hate the Whiners and can’t root for them today. So I rather have the Panthers kill them. And if a worst case scenario happened and God forbid the Hawks lose next week, I would rather have the Panthers in the Super Bowl.

  2. jawpeace says:

    BTW do you think that Jimmy probably talks about himself in the third person too?

    Additional thought, PC starting Bowie at LG was awesome and what a testament to his Mantra- “Always compete!” I can’t think of another coach in history who would bench a healthy starter and put in a rookie for his first start at LG for the teams first playoff game. WOW!!! And Bowie did a real nice job. Never remember his number being called and that is the best thing for an O line guy. Also had some nice holes to the left side. I wonder how he will grade out for that game. I have a feeling that he will be back in there next week.

  3. If Marshawn stop on 1yard line, would that end game? Is there enought time until 2 minutes warning or we would have to start action?

  4. montanamike2 says:

    The headhunting was real dirty by NO’s, i thought on several occasions someone should have been ejected, especially the coach!
    I’m glad Harvin’s injury was concussion and not hip related, not that it’s less serious, but nice to know he could be back later.

  5. Guys who wrote the articles about the offense struggling:

    MoSeahawk, GeorgiaHawk, and DanielleMND are going to come in this thread and berate you. How dare you question the offense after a win!

  6. DanielleMND says:

    Our offense struggled, but to hear Kevin Seifert tell it (the man who said “Who is better than the 49ers? My answer: Nooooobody!” after the 49ers beat an 8-win Packers team last week at the last second), the Saints lost the game more than the Seahawks won it. Struggling offense or not, that’s nonsense.

  7. montanamike2 says:

    I think the game yesterday would’ve been a blowout if they didn’t headhunt Harvin.

  8. The offense looked good with Harvin stepping up to make key plays in the first half. The second half showed us that Golden Tate as the primary WR against a top 5 defense is a recipe for disaster.

    I also think the week off really helped Lynch. He looked worn down by the end of the season.

    Root for the Panthers to win today. They won’t score over 10 points against the Seahawks in Seattle.

  9. montanamike2 says:

    The Panthers are tough, but i don’t think they’re used to the Clink environment.

  10. aelliott11 says:

    Kevin Seifert has become my must-not-read writer. His garbage columns make me way too angry. He’s terrible. If there were a petition to bounce him from ESPN, I would sign it immediately. Then I would sign it on behalf of my wife, my kids, my parents, my brothers, my sisters, my neighbors, my co-workers, the guy at McDonald’s, that dude over there, ……

  11. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Hey Pabuwal- I agree with you, Harvin is a true number 1 receiver and Tate is not. We saw yesterday the difference. Teams have to key and plan for Percy. They don’t do that with Tate because he is really an ok number 2 receiver.. Golden is not going to be worth the money he wants so I wouldn’t give him any huge contract especially with other more important guys due for a raise. I would like to see more of Baldwin and Miller on those 3rd and shorts.
    Anyway we are another step closer to out dream.

  12. montanamike2 says:

    I like Tate as a solid #2 and returner, he’s had some lights out plays but not consistently and his first 2 years were unproductive. Definitely not a true #1.

  13. If the 49ers are coming to town next weekend, Harvin is a must have. If it’s the Panthers, he’s a luxury.

  14. aelliott11 says:

    Hate to say it, but I really wish Sidney Rice were healthy right now. He wasn’t highly productive, but he was the guy who would catch a game-changing deep ball every now and then.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree with that pabs.

    This game was similar to the Patriots Colts game in some ways.
    * Poor weather conditions.
    * strong run game by the winning teams.
    * Wilson/Brady ,(not on paper having good games) but managing the games to victory.

    The big difference was the Patriots getting more turnovers therefore their margin of victory was bigger.

    Just curious, for those that complain about how awful Wilson was would you trade his game yesterday for Lucks game?

    Luck had some pretty deep balls and threw for 300 yards. Oh and how many Ints?

    Awful Wilson and the Seahawks move on.

    While Luck and the Colts pack it in.

    I know who I want as my qb moving forward.

  16. averagejay says:

    Can anyone explain why we didn’t challenge the the play where the saints RB was called down and then fumbled and the Hawks recovered, resulting in a Bobby Wagner unsportsmanlike penalty? It seemed there was clear evidence the the player was not down as called on the field.

  17. averagejay says:

    Good point GeorgiaHawk. Seems to me he plays very differently with a lead. Very conservative – No mistakes. When the Hawks are behind…He breaks out the magic. He hasn’t had to be magical much lately.

  18. confucious says:

    Let me help with the whole Tate – Harvin debate. What are Harvins numbers for this season? What are Tate’s? You don’t have to look them up because you already know that Tate crushed Harvin in all categories. Why? Because he is soft and fragile. Tate is clearly the best choice for #1 receiver that this club currently has. Period.

  19. Not sure if someone mentioned it but I’ve gotta say without a number 1 receiving threat on offense Seattle’s pass game is mediocre. Tate, Baldwin and Kearse are definite #2 receivers as evidenced by none of them having a breakout performance in a playoff game. Sidney Rice was the #1 last year and the limited snaps Harvin played proves he is too. Without either one of them (I know Sidney has lost a step) commanding a double team the opponents know they can handle the other 3 receivers pretty well. Russell has struggled the last month but with defenses spying him and forcing him to stay in the pocket and NONE of the receivers creating separation what else can he do? God Bless Marshawn Lynch.

    I know hometown fans always overreact but I really do believe the Saints were head hunting Hawks receivers. And for the idiot announcers to say that “oh, Saints are setting a tone by hitting Seattle receivers hard and making them pay” really? No mention of 2 headshots on Harvin, 1 on Tate and Baldwin gets his helmet ripped off on that amazing 3rd down catch? 4 instances of blatant head hunting and 1 penalty flag. Ridiculous.

  20. the CBS GREGG DOYEL link is very good. Shows they were head hunting, in this age when the NFL is trying to limit head injuries that is unacceptable I would think.

  21. Rufusporter97 says:

    I was wondering the same thing on the fumble. They should have challenged.

  22. I thought he was ruled down before the fumble, and a good non waste of a time out.

  23. I think they could have challenged although I thought the angles weren’t great to overturn.

  24. confucious says:

    Reflections on yesterdays game. Congrats to the defense on another consistently brilliant performance. Congrats to the offense in the first half. WTF? to the offense in the second half. It is difficult to understand how they can move the ball so well for a few drives, then just stop. For the rest of the game.
    The offense, imho, needs to realize that they are the weakest link and need to get fixed quick. RW needs to quit the RG3 impressions and learn how to throw the ball with more consistent accuracy.

    In summation: How can it consistently be so stressful to be a Hawks fan? I gotta quit this gig one day!

  25. They can now close Candlestick Park! Thanks to our great D and Beastmode.
    I dont care who we play


  26. HawkyHann says:

    Sean Payton is the dirtiest coach in sports. That’s very obvious.

  27. Georgia, I don’t really think you comprehend what anyone is talking about.

    I would be comfortable being down by 4 with 2 minutes left in the super bowl with Brady or Luck. Wilson, right now, not so much.

    The Colts defense allowed 43 points. If Seattle’s defense allows 40+ points, this team loses almost every game.

    Compare it to taking a pay cut, and trying to pay your mortgage each month. You barely made it this month, but you immediately gotta start worrying about next month.

    If the offense ever gets in a hole against a good team, like what they’ll see in the playoffs (don’t bother bringing up the Bucs game), they will lose handily, the offense doesn’t have the wherewithal to play catch-up against this gauntlet of teams.

  28. HawkyHann, I’d love to smack that grin off his mouth. I hate that guy with a passion.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I will take this ugly win over the comebacks in last years playoffs any day.
    And I doubt those comebacks would have happened if not for the Falcons and Redskins poor defensive play.

    We’re just not as lucky this year with regards to playing poor defenses.
    Maybe our offense will get a break in the Super Bowl.

  30. I will take a win any way it comes, one thing is clear I’m starting to love me some Percy Harvin

  31. Luck’s defense is allowing 43 points partially because he’s throwing 3-4 INTs a game. Turnovers in playoff games, especially on the road, are a big time killer.

    The issue with Luck is his accuracy and decision making are inconsistent within the same game. Sometimes he playing like the next Montana and sometimes he looks like the next Ryan Leaf. His proponents only remember the former and his detractors only remember the latter.

    Like Wilson, Kapernick and Newton, he’s best throwing 30 times or less. Anything more than that is almost a certain loss.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RADEoN- The Colts defense is not on a par with the Saints defense.

    If you look at the whole picture you would understand it.

    Also, (looking at the whole picture) The Colts offense gave up 4 or something turnovers, so that factors into the Patriots scoring.

    It would have been a similar score here if Brees threw 4 picks.

    Looking at the whole picture is important to formulating opinions imo.

    BTW- Brady has had some very average games this year including yesterdays game, however he knows how to manage a game ,(much like Wilson does) and rise to the occasion like Wilson does when needed.

  33. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Looking at the whole picture is important to formulating opinions imo.”

    Don’t be rational here! This message board is only a place for knee-jerk reactions, negativity and hand-wringing! Don’t be logical!!!

  34. ChrisHolmes says:

    I thought this message board would change when this team wasn’t pumping out 7-9 seasons anymore.

    I’m going to do something totally anti-Yankitna now and admit: I WAS WRONG.

    This board didn’t change at all. 13-3 and one game from a Super Bowl appearance, and you’d think we just lost our 16th game of the year.

    Some people are just negative pricks no matter what happens. This team could go 19-0 and win a Superbowl 50-0 and certain posters around here would still do nothing but bitch.

    You negative people ruin the experience of being here.

  35. One thing being missed is when the Seahawks have a 16+ point lead late in the 3rd quarter/4th quarter, Carroll typically shuts the offense down and has the Defense play a softer zone.

    For that to be successful against HoF type QBs, Chancellor and Thomas MUST make those 3 INTs they dropped. The opposing QB has to gamble to get back in the game and Carroll is counting on the Legion to make them pay.

    Brees gambled heavily in that 4th quarter yesterday and they didn’t make him pay. He looked like he played a strong 4th quarter while he did not.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Defenses can play Seattle’s receivers straight man. I’m doing that, defenses can blitz Wilson forcing him to make throws into very tight windows, quickly. Not sustainable. Wilson is at his best, with this collection of receivers, outside the pocket. These receivers get dominated in the short and medium route tree.

    Regardless who they play next week, they need Harvin (and a genuine #1 in the offseason).

  37. Dukeshire says:

    pab – Yesterday they didn’t play zone, late. NO came back because of breakdowns, not scheme.

  38. UltimateHawk says:

    Repost due to this repeated question:

    Hmmm, per NFL, reviewable plays include:

    (c) Dead Ball: When the on-field ruling is:
    1. a runner down by defensive contact, and the recovery of a fumble by an opponent or a teammate occurs in the action
    that happens following the fumble;

    Read more here:

  39. That’s a good point Duke on the short and medium route tree. It’s an issue for a shorter QB like Wilson because if they don’t get open when the pocket is clean on the initial drop, he won’t be able to find them from within the pocket after it inevitably collapses.

  40. I was thinking they played the zone in the final 6-8 minutes of the game, when Brees threw for nearly 180 of his 309 yards.

  41. Hammajamma says:

    The passing game is a concern against elite defenses, and not just because they don’t have that traditionally big target who can win on post routes. Baldwin is a good multi purpose guy who can sit in zone gaps and run a lot of underneath stuff, but he’s overmatched against a good corner like Keenan Lewis. Tate is great in the open field, but you need to scheme to get him there because doesn’t have the ability to separate on his own and he drops too many balls. Kearse is good at many things but great at few, and frankly Wilson just is not comfortable standing in the pocket with pressure. Compare Wilson to elite passers, and ask yourself how many times do you see Wilson delivering a ball from the pocket with defenders closing, just before a hit. You don’t because he’s running wide right as soon as anyone gets close. He doesn’t stand in a deliver like we saw yesterday from Brady, Brees and Luck, which takes that half second off routes which this receiving corp clearly needs. I have to agree with Sando, without Harvin, this offense is not going to cut it this year.

  42. Georgia, if Seattle faces Denver in the super bowl, and they start out down by 17, are you comfortable enough with the passing game to be able to catch up to the Broncos and score more points than them after 60 minutes?

  43. Southendzone says:

    For people not at the game yesterday, the wind in the 1st half, & most of the 3rd quarter was very strong and consistent, blowing towards the Hawks Nest. 4th quarter it was slower and changed direction at times.

    I, like everyone was disappointed in the 3rd quarter performance by the offense, that was the time they could have sealed the game with a long drive and even a FG to open the half. But before you lose your head and start freaking out about RW, remember they were going into a wind that was a major factor.

  44. yakimahawk says:

    People want results from RW? How about 14-3 and a trip to the NFC Championship…These are the playoffs and the staff if playing for wins! You say brees was 300+ in yards is because he threw the ball 42 times to Wilson’s 18 attemps and only he had 36 yards at halftime. And Brees should have thrown 3 picks but was as lucky as i have seen by our DB’s drops. Seattle was playing off man more in the second half. How many complaints about Luck’s 4 int’s yesterday which cost them the game or his 7 int’s in 2 playoff games or Brady who was 10-20 for 120 at one point in the game? Anyone? Wilson only threw 18 times in a downpour with 45MPH win gusts and did not turn the ball over and leading us to the Super Bowl!GO AWAY!Rant Over…

  45. HawkfaninMT says:

    To add to the “challenge the fumble” discussion, I thought it was clear the RBs forearm hit the ground, and the ball came out. IIRC, forbear hitting the ground ends the play assuming he is touched, which he was. Even if it was reviewable, they would have lost on those grounds

  46. Ewalters7354 says:

    I think the hair is hurting RW lol

    Honestly though,if this team wants to win next week and go to the Super Bowl,he absolutely has to play better.You can blame the receivers,you can blame Bevell,but good QBs put their team in position to be successful.

    Lately RW has been struggling with underthrown deep balls and overthrown intermediate passes.He’s gotten so spoiled with always looking to throw while he runs,that he totally misses good gains if he were to just tuck and run.Teams have figured that out and it’s not working anymore.

    Not bashing,just stating what I see.

  47. And I’m not exactly sold on the saints defense being as good as they’re claiming.

    They’ve been able to pad their defensive stats against weak offensive teams:

    ATL, @TB, ARI, MIA, @CHI (Cutler went for 358), BUF, @NYJ, @ATL, to point out a few.

    The same Russell Wilson that played almost uninspired yesterday, was able to gash them for 200 more yards in the week 13 blowout.

    I just think there’s cause for concern going forward. Not for just this season, but the future. Hopefully Bevell gets hired elsewhere and the hawks get a better OC, although I’m not 100 percent sure Bevell is the problem anymore.

  48. I am glad the offense apologists are not the coaches of this team. If they were and did nothing to correct the issues so readily apparent the Hawks will not be bringing home the Lombardi. I really do not get why some posters here do not want to recognize there are problems and figure out how to fix them.

  49. Pilot, probably because they’re blind or worshipers. I don’t think my statements are unreasonable.

    It’s really not our job to fix the teams, but it’s always up for discussion. I don’t see how people can be OK with a lack of execution like we saw yesterday, though.

  50. There is no denying the Hawks offense is struggling. That being said, if the defense plays SF/Carolina the way they played yesterday, we will win by an even bigger margin. Cam or Kaep won’t throw for 300 yards in a half. I’m not going to be wringing my hands this upcoming week about the game. I still think that even with the offensive struggles we are still the best team left in the playoffs. Go Hawks!

  51. Ewalters7354 says:

    Meanwhile Bruce Irvin has become my favorite Seahawk.Dudes skillset is ridiculous

  52. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Georgia, if Seattle faces Denver in the super bowl, and they start out down by 17, are you comfortable enough with the passing game to be able to catch up to the Broncos and score more points than them after 60 minutes?”

    Yes RADEoN.

    Remember the Broncos Patriot game this season?

    Or the Seahawks Falcons game last Season?

    The Broncos simply don’t have a good defense.

  53. Hawkenstein says:

    Ewalters, its totally the hair. Since RW has been growing his hair his production has been down. Lol

  54. Hammajamma says:

    I’d bet Kap or Cam would cause cause a few problems with their legs you didn’t have to worry about with Brees. This thing is far from in the bag.

  55. RW can revert to being a good game manager when the situation calls for it, such as when the defense is playing great and the wind is howling. Smart football, few mistakes.

    To paraphrase an old expression, “The superior quarterback uses his superior judgment to avoid situations that would require the use of his superior skill.”

  56. Ewalters7354 says:

    And I think that’s the big difference.The Hawks D have to be aware of Cam or Kap taking off if nothing is there.Meanwhile teams seem to give RW the yardage to gain if he were to run it but they know he’s not.He’s looking for someone to get open and those plays don’t seem to work as much anymore against disciplined defenses.He needs to use his legs to gain yardage instead of just scrambling to his right,running in circles,and all that old stuff.

  57. Ewalters7354 says:

    I love RW but I’m just calling it how it’s been lately.We know he can play at a high level and I’m hoping he plays his best game yet.He’s definitely capable.This team is oh so close to the Super Bowl…

  58. DreadHawks says:

    Our D is lights out but they get tired being on the field so much. Very worried about RW and our O with the exception of Beast Mode. RW was much better this time last year. Bevell remains to be very very conservative in his play calling. I keep waiting for them to open the play book. I wonder if this is by design, play simple keep it close and let our D do the job. As a fan who attends all the games this totally takes the crowd out of it. I can’t tell you how many of us were groaning at our Offense. Glad for the win but I’m worried.

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Ewalters7354- Are you talking about Wilson or Brady?
    Because Brady played pretty much the same way as Wilson did yesterday and for much of the season.

    And they both are one step away from the Super Bowl.

    Remember when Brady had all those great weapons that helped him play at a high level like Manning did this year?

    See what happens when you take them away.

    Remember when Wilson had all those great weapons? My bad, he hasn’t had them yet.

    I put my money on Wilson meeting Brady in the Super Bowl.

  60. Separation is in the preparation. RW3 seems like he needs to get a little confidence back. I do like yesterday that he didn’t hurt the team with his play, but he has it in him to do better.

    I want 49ers and Hawks NFC championship. It would be EPIC!

  61. Positive = O line we really need a number 1 receiver but not much we can do about that now. GO Lynch


  62. HawkyHann says:

    Wilson completed the most important pass of the day, and of course, Baldwin made another memorable catch. This team is built for rugged weather. Just keep pounding the rock and make enough pass plays. DangeRuss is the leader and does not make stupid turnovers.

    60 minutes away from the Superbowl. 60 minutes. Home field for NFC Championship. I love our chances and I want SF, bad.

  63. tealskin says:

    After doing a lot of handwringing yesterday and having a night for reflection. I’m coming around to giving the coaches a little more credit. They’re doing enough to win and not showing more than they have to. RW hasn’t been great but he hasn’t been terrible either. I’m thinking there are plays being held in reserve for the right time. Only question is if the offense can turn it on like a light switch.

  64. I would love to get the 49ers for the next game,but I can not root for them and their screwed up coach.

  65. Ewalters7354 says:

    Georgia,that was because the Pats ran the ball 46 times.You know darn well Tom Brady can deliver or is a least a danger when the team needs him.

    The last few games when RW has been counted on to sustain drives,make smart decisions,and throw an accurate football.It hasn’t been happening and I’m fearful it may cost the Hawks a chance at the Lombardi.The defense can only do so much and Marshawn can damn well run for 44yrds next week.God forbid.

  66. Niners are dropping early. They’ve got weapons though but man, the Panthers hit hard.

  67. seaturkeys says:

    It seems cruel to make teams play a game to earn the right to lose to us.

  68. I dunno how confident we should be..,the Niners look formidable

  69. Refs are going give it to them

  70. boycie99 says:

    Wow the panthers are playing the officials and the Niners

  71. sluggo42 says:

    Y’all gotta leave Georgia be. He will never stop defending RW, no matter how mediocre his play gets. I admire his loyalty in the face of reality. It’s honorable. RW is a good game manager, and doesn’t make the foolish turnovers. It was a tough wind yesterday. He only missed a few slants that would have kept drives alive. I’m sure that his roll outs to the right are from Bevell, and even though they never work, he just follows his orders. Nobody could have thrown effectively yesterday and since we have Beastmode, why ask RW to throw?
    Why worry about coming from behind by 17, our defense will never let that happen so RW will never have to make that comeback. He isn’t being put in a position to pass a lot due to the play calling.

  72. We know what the 49ers are and will be waiting for them at Clink if its them we play.You have to think the team wants them

  73. sluggo42 says:

    49ers FB, and Crabtree aren’t looking good physically after tough tackles

  74. “Our D is lights out but they get tired being on the field so much” You mean that 1 min longer they were on the field than our offense? 1 min?

    If this defense wants to be considered elite of all time – if they want to get off the field then make a stop!

    Yes our offense is struggling – I guess I am in the middle here – I don’t think the offense is running as well as some of us do. and not as bad as others. To be honest – I think that PC is conservative in nature on the offense end and he is somewhat limiting what the offense does. And like I said yesterday, I still think that RW is learning and growing as a player. Teams have film on him and our offense and are making them work. welcome to the NFL

  75. I hate the 9ner’s and do NOT want to see them anywhere near the clink – Period.

  76. The Panthers are dippy early, the 49ers are more composed…like the Hawks were the more composed team yesterday.

  77. Chippy not dippy

  78. seaturkeys says:

    I think I’d rather play the Panthers.

  79. So far the breaks are going for SF – Weird PF call against Carolina – stop at the goal line and then a dropped pick 6.

  80. seaturkeys says:

    Nice TD pass.

  81. What a TD throw for Cam!!!

  82. Great to get a playoff win any way you can. Defense was great again. Pabuwal, props on your prediction! I went with 23-17 so do I get the 1st loser award?

    Props to the coaching staff for starting Bowie at LG. What took so long? Great to see Percy “little blue pill” Harvin in there. Please get better soon as without you our passing game is a bit deflated.

    On to Russell Wilson. In the chess match between D-coordinators and our beloved QB they now have enough tape on him to scheme him uncomfortable. It’s now up to him to make the next move and out match them. That will require him to step up in the pocket and deliver throws rather than trying to bail every time. Everyone knows that we like designed roll outs and it seems that defenses are consistently well prepared for them. Defenses are also containing the edges essentially giving Wilson the pocket. He is clearly not comfortable stepping up in there. Can he not see? Are receivers not getting open in time? All of the above? It’s also clear that we do not throw the middle intermediate routes and in Pete’s philosophy of making the opponent defend the entire field to spread them thin that leaves a void. What will our counter moves be? TBD. It’s clear though that for the moment Defenses have at least caught up to our passing offense. Harvin, WE NEED YOU!

    I still believe we win it all. Go Hawks!

  83. I’m just going to enjoy the games today – enjoy the fact that we are going to be one of 4 teams left standing. You can focus only on the negative, but it’s only the result that matters. RW missed some throws, but he made the most important one when we needed it, and i’m not going to believe that he has forgotten how to play QB after a few tough games.

    rooting hard for the Panthers – better for us, and I just can’t let go of my dislike of the Niners . .

  84. Ewalters7354 says:

    xcman but they are humans dude!The human body gets tired and drained after playing with so much emotion.The offense meanwhile has fresh legs with the exception of Lynch because the QB/Point Guard isn’t playing well.If RW wants to be considered elite,then he has to play better,periodAnd that’s not me saying he can’t do it cause we all know he can.But facts are facts.

  85. Kaep is crazy talented athletically – but he’s erratic. Always feels like he’s got either a big play or a big screwup in him.

  86. Fact are facts – THEY WEREN’T ON THE FIELD THAT LONG

  87. Difference is I didn’t say RW should be elite – I don’t think he is – I do think the Defense is. in the last few games the have gotten off the field when they needed to – the entire game.

    Also I defense is DEEP – and there are guys to keep other guys fresh – OR DL guys get tons of rest compared to other teams since we have a great group who can rotate. Pretty much all our DB’s play. I am worried about our LB’s since we are short KJ and I feel this is the group that is the thinnest on our defense

  88. sluggo42 says:

    Good points galena,

    The defenses have studied film, and now know RW’s “tricks”. That’s why he is struggling now, but can he make the next step in the evolution of a quality QB? Can he learn to step up into the pocket and deliver?

    I’m thinking as the line improves with the addition of Bowie! and less sucking from Sweezebag, there my eventually be a pocket for him to step into.

  89. so when will we likely know if Percy will play next week?

  90. sluggo42 says:

    Cam is big

  91. Another question from Yesterday – that couldn’t see from stands – there was a pass to Tate that looked like the defender had his arm early – the crowd reacted but I couldn’t tell if it was just a combo of a throw that was a little off and Tate not getting his hands on it or if there was “help” not getting his hands on it

  92. sluggo42 says:

    Xcman, are you talking about the slant play?

  93. How close it KJ to making it back?

  94. Sluggo – I think so . . . . . unfortunately can’t remember exactly when it was.

    Cerjam – I thought I heard he was on pace to practice this week – IF all went well.

  95. MrSinister says:

    Anyone that wants to bury their head and say the offense isn’t struggling simply because they are winning, is entitled to do so. But they can’t expect us to blindly agree with them. Our offense has CLEARLY been struggling for weeks now. We need O linemen in a bad way. How nice would it be if we could actually get Zach Miller involved in the passing game rather than keeping him in to block. Give Wilson the protection that guys like Brady and Manning get and watch his numbers soar. Give the receivers the time to get open that protection buys and watch Them tear it up. We have settled for FG’s over TD’s time and again, and eventually that is going to kill us. We had 7 shots in a row at the end zone yesterday and couldn’t get it in. 7!

    And just because I question what I’m seeing doesn’t make me less of a fan as you. I’m overjoyed that they won and I’ve been a Hawks fan forever. But to act like this team is perfect in all areas and couldn’t use improvement is sheer folly.

  96. MrSinister, the poor reads, lack of separation and inability to make accurate throws – even with time – is more troubling than the offensive line. If you are decent at playing man, and can get a little bit of pressure on Wilson, he’s going to freak.

    I am glad people are starting to wake up and see that there’s a problem with the offense instead of lambasting me when I bring it up.

  97. seaturkeys says:

    Harbaugh got flagged!

  98. The way the panthers are playing D, if they win this game, we will see Wilson’s true colors. I expect him to break 200 yards if they come to town. Not a 50 percent completion percentage. Not 110 yards.

    He made them his bitz last time. I expect him to do the same at home. If not, we can be 100 percent sure that Wilson’s funk isn’t in my head.

    Also, harbaugh is a little sissy.

  99. I feel like all us Hawks fans can unite in our dislike of Harbaugh . . .

    Boldin too. shut up and play.

  100. RADEoN – very few are saying there isn’t a problem . . . . .

  101. I’d love to see him clutch his chest and collapse.

  102. sounds like a lot of 49er fans in the stands,that would suck

  103. sluggo42 says:

    Xc, I on degree about that one, we didn’t get a review on TV. All we saw was RW finally hit a slant, and Tate dropped it. At least from what we saw. But I also wondered, because that throw was right in there. So, until we get a review, who knows…

    But the few ho are blind to the offensive struggles are very vocal about shouting down those who bring it up…

  104. Going back to Norman Chads article – about our guys showboating

    – Well I would rather see our WR signal first down than get up and get in the face of the DB’s. and bump facemasks

    – I would rather our coach be excited on the field than run onto the field swear at the officials

    – I would rather our DB’s walk off and dance rather than stand over the WR and gloat.

    Yes – our guys have done that, but not so much and we are seeing from the teams today. and our guys are actually moving away from that – how many PF have we gotten for those types of things? Last season and early this year it was ALL the time. now not so much, now we are getting penalties for playing aggressive.

  105. I dont feel the fans that were on here yesterday were blind to the offensive struggles, they were more like shut up and enjoy the win if only for a day ,my god. They dont come that often,playoff wins.

  106. aelliott11 says:

    I’m pretty sure this message board talks about Andrew Luck more than the Colts board does.

  107. Only when you feed the Yank

  108. So SF is getting the benefit of the doubt on many plays . . . . who knew

  109. Hey Norman Chad – maybe you should watch the SF team and find someone to Hate.

    Lets see – Boldin gloats after most plays
    Harbaugh – gets a PF for running on the field and swearing at an official
    Kaepernick – taunts the other team after a TD play.
    Whitner – stands over a WR and talks smack after a routine play.

    What is there to love about SF?

  110. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Exactly cerjam. The offense is clearly and obviously not clicking. It doesn’t take a genius to see that. The fans have a right to criticize, be concerned and vent. It’s not about that. It’s about the non stop bitching and moaning about every little thing the team does wrong without any mention of success. You can’t have all bad without any good, just like you can’t have all good without some bad. This team just won it’s fourteenth game of the season and is now one win away from going to the Superbowl. They have work to do, but it’s not like this team is playing in the Superbowl year after year. The live chat was awful and some of the comments were beyond classless. Not really that surprising as who they were from. Plenty of trash there.

  111. This isn’t good. Wilson hasn’t thrown for over 200 yard games in any of his 4 career games against the 49ers – and that was when the Offense was playing well.

  112. ChrisHolmes says:

    “I dont feel the fans that were on here yesterday were blind to the offensive struggles, they were more like shut up and enjoy the win if only for a day ,my god. They dont come that often,playoff wins.”

    I think that’s it exactly.

    No one is blind to the struggles. But there were mitigating factors in this one particular game (namely the weather). The game plan was smart; run and play defense. That’s the best way to win in bad weather, and we did it.

    There’s no issue here pointing out struggles. The issue, for me at least, is the constant harping on it, to the point where it sounds like we’re 0-16 Detroit Lions or something. We just won a playoff game (not many of those in our history) and we’re in the final four. We have a one-game shot to go to our 2nd Super Bowl. WTF? Why all the pissing and moaning? Jesus…

    It’s how you put a message across that matters. It’s one think to say, “Wilson and the offense is a liability! We’re doomed!” It’s quite another to say, “Wilson and the offense struggled, but the weather was a factor, the game plan didn’t ask him to win it, and we won the game with running and defense. So hopefully they improve the offensive output next week.”

    It is possible to point out deficiencies without sounding like Dr. Doom.

    I mean… I just get tired of the extremism here. It’s like politics or something. Where is the middle ground? Either Wilson is the next Peyton Manning or he’s Akili Smith. Neither is accurate.

    Wilson is a smart, heady, kid. He studies hard. It’s clear that he has great athletic talent, a desire to be great, and he is cool under pressure. Doesn’t let stuff rattle him. He makes clutch throws.

    He’s also a 2nd year QB. He’s not going to be perfect. He’s going to miss throws. He’s going to make mistakes. He’s going to have off games, and off stretches of plays.

    He’s also being asked by the head coach and OC to not make mistakes, not give the ball away and take care of turnovers. You have to factor that stuff into his play.

    I’ve seen enough from Wilson to think the kid can be a star in this league. But consistency is something that only comes with time played, practice and games under your belt. He’s not even done with his second year! Peyton Manning didn’t become Peyton Manning over night…

    If people expect perfection from Wilson at this stage of his career, then the problem is not Wilson, but the expectations of the fans.

    He’s lead some great comebacks in his young career. Against Washington and Atlanta in the playoffs last year, against Tampa Bay this year… He can be clutch. He can be thrilling and exciting and make some damn amazing plays.

    Give him a break. Give him time. This team is built to win now, I get it. Everyone is impatient. But this is precisely the sort of guy we need running the offense. We have a running back who is amazingly tough and dominant, and a great defense. We just need a guy who won’t make mistakes. And that’s what Wilson is doing. Not making mistakes, and making clutch plays when absolutely necessary.

    I’m excited for our team and our fans who actually care. This is an exciting season. We’ve been treated to a rarity this year. 13-3. Home field. A defense that is as dominant as I can remember. We have a young franchise QB to look forward to seeing play and grow for the next decade.

    I think enjoying this is better and more beneficial than the constant whining.

  113. Looking more and more like SF is cementing the trip to Seattle – slowly taking over the game. Which is what most of us thought would happen anyway

  114. Thank you Chris Holmes

  115. Hawkenstein says:

    Yes chrisholmes Thank you.much needed

  116. I am pretty sure I would have loved Bodlin as a seahawk – but I hate him as a niner

  117. EzraMelech says:

    Thank-you ChrisHolmes. I got frustrated reading the board yesterday and today. I have not problem saying Wilson has struggled a little bit; I’ll even agree he hasn’t been spot on. The problem with the hand wringing I hear is the extremism. People focus on one little thing and harp on it, rather than seeing the big picture.

    I’ll use Harvin as one example; I’ve seen nothing but bashing on him (Even though he was coming off major surgery) Then I see comments about him being soft yesterday after 2 BRUTAL hits to the head, and NO obvious head hunting, or at very least trying to be EXTRA physical. Despite, despite even that now people are saying “WE NEED Harvin”. Like our offense is lost cause without him??? Do you see what i’m getting at. (Also I think we can use Harvin, he brings a lot of variables) My point though is the extremes and flips by people here, who many don’t have extensive football knowledge.

    My last point which ChrisHolmes touched on, but people just aren’t looking at is this. Pete Carroll is a BRILLIANT defensive minded coach. His offensive style is pound the run, and minimize turnovers. (while stressing going after the ball on defense) TURNOVER RATIO. Russell Wilson is following the scheme and game plan that his coaches layout. He has proven he can make the big play, but he has to have the coaches ok to take the shot…. I think Pete Carroll again preaches minimizing turnovers, and although I think Bevell is ok, he’s not brilliant when it comes to offense. THIS IS WHERE we need change. Our OLine is just barely serviceable IMHO, and our OC (Bevell) is way to conservative (how much of that comes from Carroll i don’t know) But I would not be unhappy if Bevell got a Head Coaching job someplace else.

    Can We and Wilson play better ABSOLUTELY. Does Wilson deserve the beating he’s taking by us? Absolutely NOT. Remember he has to play within plan that he’s given by coaches, if its uber conservative that what we will get. I also give him his due for acknowledging it. He said he was off most of the day, HIS own words. He said he would work on it. He studies like almost nobody else and strives to be the best. Honestly with his age and tools, his work ethic, and his leadership there is NOBODY else I would want at QB more then him. He has the chance to be GREAT. Is he there yet, HELL no, but unlike many other young QB’s (IE: Kaper*****) who thinks they are Gods gift, RW knows he has a long ways to go yet will work his (_!_) off to get there.

    I’m not like (GeorgiaHawk “no offense to you btw) and googly eyed over Wilson, but i do think we are blessed to have him.

    I don’t mind people expressing their opinions (Hell I’m doing it now) what I do get frustrated over is the extreme swings from one game to next, and people being hyper focused on one thing or one player and failing to see or even think about the big picture.

    Rant Off… GO HAWKS


  118. Not sure if it’s been linked anywhere before this but interesting take on the game yesterday from ProFootballFocus:

    Considering how much CHI needs to improve their defense next season, they might be willing to bleed red ink on their books to get Michael Bennett away from us. Is there any way we can tag this guy enough to keep him? Next was ML – sure glad we’ll keep him for awhile. Also, quietly MikeRob had a good game too, along with Kam, ET3, Haushka, Okung, WT3 and especially PH – for the number of plays he was in. Looks like SEA will face Kaepernick next Sunday…

  119. Let’s hope our defense is up to a major challenge next week – gonna need it. SF defense is playing pretty well today as well as they have all year

  120. EzraMelech says:

    Note from SanFran-Carolina game. I love how SF fans always complain about hawks and their physical play and how our players chat. Yet looking at todays game, it looks like SF taking cue from hawks. Talk about the Pot calling the Kettle black.

    Next week is going to be brutal but fun to watch.
    Go Hawks


  121. Man is it ever going to be loud next week. 49ers will see a better Defense next week we are sure to get some takeaways.

  122. tealskin says:

    So its going to be the bicep-kisser and the tantrum thrower. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Cam is too inconsistent vs. a very good D. OK its time to pull out all the stops. Gonna have to dial up some surprises for next week. Good surprises I’m hoping. Don’t think we can pound Marshawn to victory.

  123. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I am worried about the 49rs–but it’s the playoffs, so every game worries me. Russell Wilson has struggled lately, but I don’t see him struggling against the 49rs. Too much hatred. Especially if Percy Harvin recovers, I like our chances.

  124. I think Cam got wolly headed early in the game on a run up the middle, where he got hit helmet to helmet. Isn’t that sposta be a penalty?

  125. takes a high-class coach to try the fake punt up by 13 with less than 30 seconds to play. what a douche.

    gonna take our A game to beat them though – god I hope it all comes together for us next week . .

  126. raymaines says:

    I agree about the O problems, but get tired of hearing about the line and receivers as though we could pull some new and better guys out of a hat. We can fix the situation in the off season but not before next week. Thanks for your input, we’ve all noted it and pretty much agree. Now give it a rest. Relax and be happy for a week. Go ‘Hawks.

  127. Like Russ said “60 min of football”


  128. wazzulander says:

    Great post Chrisholmes!

  129. “He’s gotten so spoiled with always looking to throw while he runs,that he totally misses good gains if he were to just tuck and run.”

    I’ve been thinking the same thing lately, EWalters. Although I don’t have the same view as he does on the field. I like that RW looks to throw while moving in the pocket and don’t want that taken away, but it seems like he should tuck and run earlier sometimes. It’s a balance.

    See, I just critiqued RW without having to jump to hyperbole and suggest that he’s a liability or that TJack should be playing. It’s one thing to criticize. It’s another when you have to do it constantly, inaccurately, and unfairly.

    Someone was the 2nd biggest critic of RW last year and now is trying justify his original position after being shown to be foolish. You’ll need Luck to bring you back at the end because he will likely put you into a whole by turning the ball over. I think that Luck is good for a young QB and will be a good QB in the future, but he tends to turn the ball over too much. Turnovers are a killer in football. No other single statistic is as good for predicting wins and losses.

  130. Dukeshire says:

    Comparing Wilson to Brady is a fools errand. If we’re singling out Wilson alone for the offensive struggles (I am not) then should they win the SB this year, we’re looking at a Trent Dilfer situation. That may sting the blind Wilson supporters, but it’s true. Sorry.

  131. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Wow! So much Wilson hate, but that’s not surprising. Comparing him to Dilfer is about the biggest insult you can give a QB and also is about as off base analysis of Wilson that I have heard yet.

    But again if one goes back into the Archives you will find the same folks that doubted him from the start are the same ones that have crept up of late to doubt him again. And that’s not surprising at all.

    It’s very simple. Much like there are bandwagon Hawk fans, there are bandwagon Wilson fans.

    I’m confident that Wilson will rise above all this nonsense and help us win our first Super Bowl.

    But like so many times before,(unlike the great Ravens defense) our defense will more than likely be responsible for not holding a lead at the end of the game than Wilson will be for helping us win the game at the end.

  132. Dukeshire says:

    How anyone can interpret what I said as “Wilson hate” is to say they are unable to understand what I wrote.

  133. freedom_X says:

    When you compare a QB to Trent Dilfer, you can’t be surprised at people taking it as an insult to the QB being compared.

  134. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Well said freedom_X.

    And comparing our Defense to the great Ravens D is very premature imo.

    Let’s see how we do on defending 3rd down conversions and defending late game winning drives,(moving forward) before we anoint our D as the best thing since the Ravens D.

    I actually think the 49ers are better at defending 3rd downs and late scoring drives for the last two years.

  135. Dukeshire says:

    I suppose you’re right, even if they completely miss the point. (And that point was clearly stated; that if one is blaming the offensive woes solely on Wilson, then you’re looking at a “Trent Dilfer situation”. And that situation is of course, this teams wins in spite of its offensive shortcomings. I also said that “I am not” blaming the offensive struggles solely on him. But that of course was lost.)

  136. Dilfer was a starting quarterback for a long time and was an SB MVP – not an insult.

    BUT he wasn’t a take over the game any given day guy either – while he was playing there were far worse QB’s in the league.

    At this point in time – I don’t see Wilson taking over a game single handedly – can he lead us to victory, YES. Can he do it on his own NO. That is what the OL opening holes for Lynch is extremely important and the Defense not letting SF have any sustained drives (or as few as possible)

    As I have said before – I still think he is learning and growing as a player – he is not a finished product yet.

  137. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Our run game did not struggle at all against the Saints. With the winds the way they were and the run game the way it was, and the lead the way it was, and the D playing the way it was, It made perfect sense to have our QB manage the game.

    Much like Brady did against the Colts. That’s what playoff football is all about, playing smart.

  138. GeorgiaHawk says:

    xcman- you have missed a lot of games the past two years if you think Wilson can’t take over a game single handedly. Lol.

    Unless you meant that he couldn’t go one on eleven in which case no QB in NFL history could do.

    But you are right, he is not a finished product yet.

    And Dilfer is certainly an insult to compare him to any top five or ten QBs in the NFL.

  139. “AT THIS POINT IN TIME”. . . . .

  140. Dukeshire says:

    And again, the point is missed completely…

  141. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “AT THIS POINT IN TIME”. . . . however you give no explanation as to why you think that way.

    Because it just is?

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