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  1. montanamike2 says:

    Wow, just got home, pretty buzzed, see you in the morning.

  2. sluggo42 says:

    Lets also not forget about the good play by Bowie at left g! and all the “oh so close” to Bree’s plays the defense just barely missed.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Man… On the train home and thoroughly exhausted and happy. NFC Championship in Seattle y’all. Lol.

    Such a dominating performance by the D. I was shocked by how often NO ran it in the first half. Also, NO interior line did a good job neutralizing Bane and the 3 tech, but Wags and Thomas were superstars today, IMO. (If this has been talked about already, apologies).

    Also, Harvin took two *wicked* shots. Hopefully he can pass the concussion protocol; they need him.

  4. raymaines says:

    OK, now I’m worried. Both Carolina and SF are better than N.O.

    I predicted a low score beatdown and almost got it, next week I’m not predicting anything. Give me a couple of days to sort things out and I’ll let you know what’s going to happen. Right now I’m guessing it’s SF over CAR by 3 points, but what do I know?

  5. New Orleans killed Carolina at home about a month ago and then barely lost at Carolina a few weeks ago. Carolina is not clearly better than New Orleans. If you give me $100 and tell me that New Orleans and Carolina are playing on a neutral field, I’m putting my money on the Saints.

  6. And if SF was clearly better than NO they would have beat them, not lost to them. I always thought the better teams were the ones that win?

  7. thursday says:

    Srsly. And sf lost to new Orleans when they gave them plenty of chances to win

  8. raymaines says:

    Duke: Ain’t being at the game fun? Heck, even the train ride home was fun. Even the obnoxious drunks were fun in their own special way. Good on ya!

    I was supremely confident last week, but not so much this week. Please, somebody talk me back off of the ledge. I promise won’t jump off of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge until after the NFC game on Sunday, but right now I’m contemplating my eternal future.

    Go ‘Hawks

  9. wazzulander says:

    SF did get screwed on that Bree’s roughing call that game otherwise would have won, plus they are WAY better now with Crabtree.

  10. CDHawkFan says:

    Why do I think the team that beat the Redskins and lost at Atlanta last year would beat the team that won today?

    I think the D’s are close (even tough we added Avril and Bennett this year) but this years O is stinkin’ up the joint. Not sure why we aren’t any better.

  11. Whether Harvin had played all season or not – those two hits were wicked shots to the head. When you’re head is bouncing around like that you’re going to get concussed, plain and simple. Him being idle for so long had nothing to do with his head basically bouncing off concrete on that one shot. Ouch.

    Whether they admit it or not, but I think Tate was funny in the head after that early Bush hit on him, too.

    I echo what pabs said earlier in that Wilson didn’t attempt many throws in the second half and when he did they knew it was coming. He didn’t play as well as we’d like. However, when he had to make a play/throw, he did and that’s what winners do.

    With some help from Baldwin (who also got knocked in the gord pretty hard once, too).

    Hoping Harvin can play next Sunday. He really opens things up even when he doesn’t have the ball.

    Absolutely jacked about the game today, even if I was scared to death in a few instances.

  12. wazzulander says:

    Any word on if the botched fumble call could have been challenged? Obviously, it should have been called a fumble.

    Game ball goes to Lynch but props to the much maligned o-line for creating some nice holes.

  13. VNHLNFAN says:

    It was obvious the saints secondary was head hunting today…cheap

  14. CDHawkFan says:

    Agree Wazz, if what I saw was correct, the person responsible should be demoted or fired. There was plenty of time to see the replay and tell Pete to challenge it. I still don’t understand how those admin type of mistakes happen.

  15. ChrisHolmes says:

    I’m with BobbyK. Neither of those two teams are “clearly better” than the Saints.

    In fact, out of those three teams, the Saints scared me the most. They can put points up in bunches.

    I actually like our matchup against either Carolina or the 49ers. Both teams have mobile QB’s with great arms, but neither of those QB’s are as good as Brees at reading defenses and finding open guys. I think it favors our secondary.

    Our offense will struggle against either team, as they’re both great defensively, but I still like our offense enough to win.

  16. thursday says:

    Very obvious. And I think some people are forgetting something. The elements did not magically only affect the Saints offense, it was also obviously affecting our offense. Further, I frankly think the offense looked pretty rattled when Harvin went out the last time and to start the half.

    The Saints clearly played cheap and the thing that makes me mad is that there’s no way the refs would have let US get away with their ish.

  17. Harvin obviously made a difference to the offense. They played reasonably well in the first half, after the half, without Harvin, they were really ineffective. Any score at all in that moribund third quarter and the game was over. Coming out without Harvin they became too one-dimensional and too predictable. Late in the game, Wilson made a throw and Lynch took over giving them what turned out to be the winning drive…but the second half offense was very poor overall. I think the loss of Harvin played a big role in that…along with Wilson’s serious struggles.

  18. Tom Brady completing less than 50% of his passes today with no TDs. No wind either.

  19. freedom_X says:

    The weather’s a much bigger factor for New Orleans than it is for the other remaining NFC teams because New Orleans is offensively oriented. If a team is based on throwing the ball, then that kind of weather is going to hurt them more than a run-oriented team.

    Seattle had them where they wanted them – got a sizable lead – then let New Orleans right back into it. After 3 quarters, there was no way this game should have become a nail-biter – yet it did. I have to think that the 49ers would not have been as affected by the weather.

    And let’s say the score is still 16-8 and then the Saints put on that 4th quarter drive. Are we hearing the same old song about defense not able to close people out in the 4th quarter – again?

    Why couldn’t Seattle pressure Drew Brees then? How is it that when Brees had no choice other than to throw – suddenly the coverage gets lax and the pass rushers do nothing? Was it the hurry up? Is tempo the answer to beating the Seattle D? (bad news if Seattle makes it to the Super Bowl and Denver is waiting for them.)

    Before that – why did the D blow 3 chances to seal the victory? It actually did take heroics and a big gamble on *offense* to secure the win. If they don’t go for the big 3rd down throw to Baldwin – it’s still 16-8 and you may be looking a Brees comeback. And another search for a top pass rusher in the offseason.

  20. Because the Seattle Safeties had no desire to catch Brees 3 INTs.

  21. On the fumble that should have been replayed, the argument might be that the play was wrongly whistled dead before the fumble, hence end of play, even though their runner kept running and we got the fumble.

  22. One of the best things in this game was the play of Bowie. Still cant believe Sweezy still starting, but at least McQ and Carp werent embarrassing themselves. I thought Bowie played a heck of a game, and Im really pumped about his future! You know how long its been since we had even mediocre LG play?! Hint; His name was Hutch.

    Game ball for him!

    Yes, as I said earlier, I think Percys concussion was from repeated trauma, not his final play. Not his fault. But hes rusty and while he made a play or two, he flubbed a couple opportunities too. I know Im in the minority, but Id rather see him play limited snaps next week, let Kearse get some plays hes more in tune than Harvin–though of course not the athlete PH is.

  23. Theres no doubt the weather affected offenses. But RW is slumping. Hes been off for 5 straight games now. I dont have any answers, but to gloss over it is ridiculous. Hes struggling.

    Bobby Wagner, ET and Chancellor had a game for the ages. Bennett made himself a pile.

    Seattle has lots to work on for next week, but its fixable. Go Hawks!

  24. CDHawkFan says:

    Snappa, I think the rule has changed. If blown dead, I think it’s still reviewable and possession could change, its just the advancement of the ball Is not possible. So it should have been Seattle’s ball even if the whistle went.

    Even so, he should still throw the flag to get the reason from the head official. The next play ran quickly so I assume Pete didn’t get the story from the head ref.

  25. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    He looked down by contact to me, but I haven’t seen any replays

  26. Hammajamma says:

    Tate looked like a kid in a man’s game today. He needs to step it up next week.

  27. I didnt see anyone touch the rb, so it should have been a fumble unless Im missing something.

  28. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    Yeah I only saw it live. I thought there was contact before he went to the ground.

  29. Luck 3 playoff games 8 picks.

  30. UltimateHawk says:

    It was clearly a fumble. Why that wasn’t challenged is a bigger screwup then anything RW did today.

  31. It’s hard to challenge a call that rules state you aren’t allowed to challenge.

  32. Just got home… I thought the Saints were clearly out to cheap shot percy and whoever else the could. I’m convinced that’s a low class outfit.

  33. It is time to root hard for the Panthers tomorrow folks.

  34. And on the matter of Sean Payton: he’s a cheating POS and his team is bunch of wanna be bullies that headhunt and take cheap shots. It is too damned bad he wasn’t suspended for life. They tried, in my opinion on purpose, to hamper the passing game by trying to knock our receivers out. They got called on it a couple of times, but there should have been at least one guy, Bush, tossed from the game.

  35. The Saints are the sleaziest organization in football. No respect for them at all.

  36. VNHLNFAN says:

    Tate got rocked in the head early and was not the same. Hope he will be fine.

  37. I AGREE THEY WERE HEAD HUNTING. How many times does a coach slap a guy on the back (good job) after a 15 yd penalty

  38. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Welcome to the scum that is Sean Payton. They wear the bounty gate as a badge of honor. Glad we had the poise and heart to knock those clowns out of the playoffs. They were clearly targeting Percy. I hope they look up at the Panthers for the next three, four years. 0-3 in Seattle. when it’s mattered.

  39. yeah, that’s what I’m saying… Saints are dirty. They were obviously out to hurt us. Sean Payton is a dirt bag.

  40. HonHawksLSB says:

    Can Russell please cut his Josh Freeman hair?

  41. A few questions – didn’t know where to post them

    1. Hard to tell from the stands – did RW really get taken down by the horse collar?

    2. How close were the DL guys getting to Brees – Seemed like we were getting hands on by not actually getting him.

    3. What was the PF on Wagner for? couldn’t hear what they said in the stadium


  42. Bobby Wagner looks like a Pro Bowl snub after today. McDaniels played well too, as did Avril. I never noticed Smith or Irvin, but that could be good too–no glaring cvg mistakes.

    The run d worrie me though. Both Carolina and SF have great run games. Thoughts?

  43. The Panthers and 49ers don’t have great run games.

    Frank Gore looks like he is over 30 now.

  44. I thought the run def was better in the 2nd half – Red commented that Quinn noticed that they were taking advantage of a certain line up and they made changes to it – the tackling got a lot better after that – they were in better position to get a clean hit on him.

  45. xcman –

    1 – RW didn’t get horse collared. From the replay on the broadcast, the Saints D player grabbed the collar but looked like he let go before he pulled him down. It was close, but probably the right call.

    2 – The Wagner PF was on the fumble that wasn’t called, right? He was furious with the no-call and got up in the ref’s face after they said the RB was down and it wasn’t a fumble. I didn’t get the call on the broadcast, but I assume Wagner said something that the ref didn’t like as he was visibly un-hinged after the call.

    Really sorry to see PH go out, the O looked much better with him in. But then again, given the shots he took, I don’t blame the guy. I thought for sure he was gone from the game after the first hit, not sure how he got through the protocol then. And after Tate got up wobbly from the nasty hit he took, I am really surprised the doctors didn’t pull him too. As others have said, he kinda looked like he was in a fog for the rest of the game.

    I am a bit concerned about next week. They got the win this week which is great, but RW can’t miss those slants on 3rd down and they need to get more of a passing game to keep the opponent’s D honest.

  46. freedom_X says:

    The run defense was also better because New Orleans had to abandon the run as the time melted away.

    You can add me to the anti-Merill Hoge crowd. They’re analyzing the SF-Carolina matchup and they’re talking QB’s. First Newton. Then I hear “Kap”. Hmm? Then “Kap” again. And again. Apparently Hoge likes to use his private personal pet nickname for Kaepernick instead of his full name. “Kap” must be getting Hoge into the right parties these days.

  47. UltimateHawk says:

    Booby K, according to the Fox Announcers and HawkFan above that fumble is reviewable. Anyone know the rules to this ancient game?

  48. Thanks Twillis – RW sure got heated at the official over it – never seen that before.

  49. As I recall, long before the guy fumbled (which he clearly did,) a Seahawk reached out to grab him and only managed to push him, BUT the guy’s knee hit the ground. The guy took his knee off the ground in an instant and kept on running, at which point he was tackled and fumbled. My interpretation is that the ref called the guy down by contact when his knee hit the ground after our guy touched him, but before he fumbled, though I didn’t hear a whistle. That guy was doing his best Marshawn Lynch imitation, and kept running in a lot of plays after he looked like he’d been tackled.

  50. UltimateHawk – Fair enough.

    This is what Todd said during the chat (and I thought I knew, too)…

    “3:39 Todd Dybas: You can’t challenge when a runner is ruled down by contact, which is what they ruled prior to the fumble.

  51. UltimateHawk says:

    Hmmm, per NFL, reviewable plays include:

    (c) Dead Ball: When the on-field ruling is:
    1. a runner down by defensive contact, and the recovery of a fumble by an opponent or a teammate occurs in the action
    that happens following the fumble;

  52. CDHawkFan says:

    Thanks Ultimate for looking it up, I thought I had seen that happen (dead ball situations reviewed this year) a few times. I’m glad they changed it.

    Anyway, I think the excuse that Bennett touched him is wrong anyway, I saw the replay 4-5 times. I never saw him touch him.

    Again, I don’t understand with all the staff and money that is used to run a team, why or how this can happen.

  53. “And let’s say the score is still 16-8 and then the Saints put on that 4th quarter drive. Are we hearing the same old song about defense not able to close people out in the 4th quarter – again?”

    You don’t think they made different defensive calls being up 23-8 as opposed to 16-8 on that final NO TD drive? Good god. That’s football 101. They were basically playing prevent.

    Everyone, And Harvin has no choice about whether he comes back in or not after they start the concussion protocol. Has nothing to do with toughness. He either passes the test or the doctors keep him out of the game. Period.

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