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Jimmy Graham on limited production, pregame altercation

Post by Christian Caple on Jan. 11, 2014 at 6:03 pm with 39 Comments »
January 11, 2014 6:53 pm
New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, left, sits on the ground next to Seattle Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner during the second quarter of an NFC divisional playoff NFL football game in Seattle, Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
Saints tight end Jimmy Graham, left, sits on the ground next to Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner on Saturday during the Seahawks’ 23-15 in. (AP)

Jimmy Graham made news before Saturday’s NFL Divisional playoff game between the Seahawks and Saints even started.

Graham, the New Orleans tight end, was involved in a brief altercation with Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin that mostly amounted to shouted words and pointed fingers.

Afterward, Graham said Irvin “tried to disrespect me, and I’m not going to let nobody disrespect me.”

Asked to expand upon that, Graham declined.

He was much quieter once the game started. Graham caught just one pass for eight yards, a catch on New Orleans’ final possession serving as his only production. Graham, who caught 86 passes for 1,214 yards this season, wasn’t sure if the Seahawks’ defense was to blame for his lack of catches.

“I’m not sure if it’s something they did,” Graham said. “Drew’s (Brees) going to throw to the open guy, and if you’ve got people on you, he’s not going to throw you the ball.

Seattle’s defense, he said, showed him “a lot of different looks. Some of my routes were kind of underneath, so progression wise, maybe not me. When the ball comes my way I’ve got to make a play. Some of the calls I feel like were a little different. But that’s just how it is.”

Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner said after the victory that the pregame altercation added to the his desire to limit Graham’s productivity.

“We just wanted to stop him and he was talking a lot of trash before the game, too,” Wagner said. “So that kind of added an extra incentive.”

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  1. seaturkeys says:

    Maybe Irvin gets the game ball?

  2. who was on Graham for the majority of the game? Kam? Seemed like we had several guys taking turns in coverage.

  3. freedom_X says:

    If Irvin got Graham off his game, it would be the only thing he’s done in the past 6 weeks. Irvin has been near invisible, and for a guy who’s not doing anything on the field, he’s in no position to talk trash to All-Pros. The combination coverages and bad weather are what took Graham away (plus the fact that Seattle has lots of big, athletic players to cover him – far more than most teams.)

    I think Graham has gotten to be too much of a overgrown receiver in the Saints system. He’s forgotten a lot of the physicality that comes with the TE position. It’s why Seattle can clamp down on Graham, but Vernon Davis is productive. If NO were to play Seattle again, they might stress physicality more with their use of Graham (maybe even threaten to have the guy block once in a while.)

  4. banosser says:

    I saw Sherman, Kam, Thurmond all cover him… didn’t really matter

  5. thursday says:

    I like what Bennett said. Overrated.

  6. Rufusporter97 says:

    Wilson is not getting it done. I’m not a hater, I just think his play the last 5 weeks is not Superbowl material. I wonder what TJack could do.

  7. seaturkeys says:

    Hasn’t Irvin been in coverage?

  8. Screensmoke says:

    U must be high

  9. Rufusporter97 says:

    Just keeping it real. I think TJack could complete over 50% passes for 103 yards. That’s pretty weak.

  10. Russell Wilson got us here. He deserves to get the team as far as he can go. I doubt that anybody in Renton is considering anything other than #3 moving forward into the next game.

    That said, TJack has to be sharp in case Russ gets hurt. If he starts a game, consider it the ‘worst case scenario’.

  11. sluggo42 says:

    Why do so many have trouble accepting that Russell Wilson is struggling? Nobody is hating him, or suggesting in reality that he be replaced, but he certainly is not making anyone stand up and say WOW, WHAT A PASS!

    It’s just a reality, he isn’t lighting up the place with his arm…

  12. hawkdawg says:

    Russell played just well enough to win. Would like to have seen him be more accurate. He is not giving off the same vibe he did last year, when you just knew he would make things happen when the Hawks really needed him to make a play.

    Although the shot down the sideline to Baldwin at the end of the game was vintage.

    But anybody who seriously suggests that Carroll should pull him for TJack is higher than a kite.

  13. Rufusporter97 says:

    In not saying he will be replaced. But if he went down next week, how could TJack play any worse than what we have seen the last 5 weeks. Our passing game scares no one right now. Accuracy, slant routes, deep throws, nothing looks smooth. He doesn’t throw picks, but other than that, he doesn’t have much going for him.

  14. sluggo42 says:

    Yes Georgia! you’ve already posted that a few times now

  15. DanielleMND says:

    Is RW struggling a bit? Yes. But he’s not doing stupid things like throwing picks, either. Our struggling offense still put 23 points on the board today against a good defense. 23 points. With our D, that’s enough to win big games.

  16. Graham can talk, but he can’t walk. lol

  17. Wilson is scared to gamble. He always throws away from the defense, even when he doesn’t have to.
    Practicing against the Seahawks defense has made him too cautious.

    Go Hawks!

  18. Rufusporter97 says:

    23 points thanks to Lynch and his 140 yards and 2 TDs. I’m not a Wilson hater. However, this team has a great D, run game and special teams, and is a “game manager” QB away from the SB. I hope Wilson can get that done. All we need is the threat of a pass game to win the SB. Averaging 150 yards the last 5 weeks, isn’t a threat.

  19. ANYWAY!

    This next game is the 3rd Conference CHAMPIONSHIP GAME in team history!

    Congratulations to the Seahawks!

  20. CDHawkFan says:

    Pete has always preached ball control and talking care of the football. It was like that for TJ (lots of sacks to avoid interceptions) and was like that for RW up until the Bears game last year.

    Seems like they might have tighten the reins again on him. Fear the turnover.

  21. seahawkfan97 says:

    we are facing some tuff defenses ..he wins against the better d’s (most of the time)and blows out the bad defenses Ill take that and SF or legend in his own mind Cam Im gods gift to everyone newton in Seattle….Don’t worry be happy

  22. This is the opposite of the 2005 team. It’s all about defense.

  23. WilliamPercival says:

    Shut up!

    For those of you who WEREN’T at the game today it was much less than ideal conditions for passing game. RW us and will be just fine. He made enough plays to win this game. I’m sure someone will complain about his 0 turnovers somehow though..

    Damn, can’t we just enjoy a W without the “W”hining??

    1-0 next week.

  24. freedom_X says:

    While I’m still wondering what’s up with Bruce Irvin’s production – I read more and it seems like Graham was the instigator of things (him coming over to the Seattle side of the field and talking smack.)

    If Irvin did anything, it was in response to the petty behavior of Graham. Good for Irvin. I just hope the Seattle defensive staff can figure out how to unlock some of the that marvelous physical talent next week…

  25. kurtisballard says:

    I agree that Russell is in the worst stretch of his career since the first 4 or 5 games from his rookie season. He’s still playing really smart, though. No turnovers is huge, and something has to be said for his best receiver getting knocked out again. I love Doug Baldwin, but he’s consistently average at best, and Tate is wildly inconsistent. Russ missed a several throws today, but I think Brees missed more. I doubt anyone in New Orleans is thinking about how Ryan Griffin would have done today.

  26. tealskin says:

    WilliamPercival- Guess I’m one of the whiners. 103 yds. is zilch. Missing a multitude of 3rd down passes. Putting the defense on the field to get worn down is not the path to the SB. Nice to win but doesn’t get any easier. Don’t know what the root of the problem is but there is a major problem with the offense. If it doesn’t get better fast, we’re toast next week.

  27. No one but Yankinta cares about how many yards RW throws for. But his completion percentage is very important–the less you throw, the more efficient you need to be. Third down percentage is also a key stat, not to mention Td percentage in the red zone. Seattle and RW have been struggling in these areas for five weeks. Thats quote long enough to count as a trend.

    I could care if RW throws for 140 yards if he leads the offense to two or three TD’s and a field goal, and completes 65% of his passes. Just as I wont care if he throws for 300 yards if we keep choking on third down and in the red zone.

    The point is this offense is built for efficiency, and efficient is just what it hasnt been lately. Now, the defense on the other hand–and Special Teams–are really bringing it.

    Dan Quinn is gonna get hired as a HC somewhere…

  28. EzraMelech says:

    Go back and look at the game again and count the actual bad passes versus dropped passes and you’ll easily see it was not all Russell Wilson’s fault. Seriously does anybody attention to how bad our offense line is and how utterly average most the time our receivers are? Is wilson faultless no of course not but there’s much bigger issue here

  29. MoSeahawk12 says:

    there are experts here that can only see the negative that have never achieved anything in life that even closely resembles another person giving a crap. Sad, sad, little people.

  30. Telling people to “shut up” is sure to win your point.

    Many of us here see some real red flags with the offense over the last several games. Can our defense win it all? Maybe. But our chances will be much better if we have a more reliable offense to go with our #1 defense.

    PC always preaches balance, but right now I am not seeing enough balance. We are relying too much on the D and that is risky. The passing game, and RW in particular, need to step it up.

  31. Loved Bennets comments about Graham!!!! So back and watch the play in the endzone where ET and Kam collided – pretty sure he totally gave up on the play when he saw Kam.

  32. Ezra–No one is saying our offense is struggling only because of RW. There were drops, and WR’s not open and at times pressure. But hes just not playing to the level were used to seeing from him.

    As bad as our O-line has been, they opened huge holes in the run game today, and usually gave RW more than enough time to throw.

    The offense is struggling due to a myriad factors, including poor gameplanning, playcalling, and inconsistency from the WR’s, RW, and the line; the only constant has been Lynch.

    But Bowie has really raised my hopes for this offense. Last seasons final quarter showed us what this offense can do with RW at the helm when the line plays well. If they can get the line back up to that level, and Harvin can offer something, then this team WILL win it all.

  33. Earl got his nuts karate chopped by Kam on that play! He tried to get out of the way at the last minute and received a nut wedgie for his troubles…

    Might we be underestimating the loss of Sidney Rice? I know he wasn’t healthy, but he used to be RW’s clutch red line guy. He was the tall guy with huge catch radius that we don’t have right now. RW’s security blanket, so to speak.

    Now all he has is a bunch of quick little guys, but if they don’t get separation, he is being coached to scramble and make the most out of it or eat it on a sack rather than risk throwing a pick.

  34. Watching clips on – the guy who clearly goes to the head on Harvin – gets the congrats from the coach on the sideline. and to the rest of the league – we are the nasty ones

  35. That guy is Bush, and he was clearly headhunting all day. I believe with his coach’s encouragement. Sean Payton is piece of cra…garbage. The Saints are classless, just like Payton. Worst garbage in the league.

  36. Bountygate in full swing from what I saw.

  37. seahawkfan97 says:

    I agree he ran right to payton and was so do I get my bounty coach? Do I Do I??? I thought for sure there were gonna be some heads rolling..It appears PC has the boys taking the high road and playing football…PF penalties are down and pushing and fighting are down and big questionable hits are down..I really wanted Bushes head taken off though (after PH hit) but him going home for the season is enough I suppose.. I do think we miss Rice more than some want to admit and I also think RW is taking less chances to keep the INT’s down as well..Wilson takes chances when we need a big game throw (big play)..Maybe Todd can ask PC about this strategy specifically. It does appear on the outside as if RW is struugelliiinngg.
    Jimmy Graham cracked corn and I don’t care…Let it go boys and beat them.
    It really seems the focus to keep turnovers to a minimum is affecting our big play numbers and that is a good thing but not as exciting.It sure would be nice to really know Pete’s philosophy on this.

  38. Screensmoke says:

    Who gives a rats donkey – bring in crisco

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