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Lynch has a lot of love

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 9, 2014 at 5:39 pm with 22 Comments »
January 9, 2014 5:39 pm

Marshawn Lynch spoke to reporters again today. Here’s some of what he had to say:

(On the offensive line…) “I love them.”

(On Russell Wilson…) “I love him.”

(On the wide receivers…) “I love them.”

(On the fullbacks…) “I love them.”

(On how many takes did the Beacon Plumbing commercial take him…) “Three.”

(On if this is a fun interview for him right now…) “Yep.”

(On if he wants to do it every single week…) “Yep.”

(On how the appeal went…) “It went in my favor.”

(On if he spoke during the appeal…) “That’s confidential.”

(On the fans willing to raise money to pay his fine…) “I appreciated it. It’s big time.”

(On what the Seahawks will need to do to get the running game going…) “Just stay together as a team.”

(On if there is anything he can do to fix the running game…) “No.”

(On Michael Robinson…) “He’s special.”

(On why Michael Robinson is special…) “You said why? Because of his head. It’s true.”

(On why the Seahawks were successful against the Saints the first time…) “Well I mean last time, we were pretty successful. So I just hope for the same outcome.”

(On the running game…) “We’re here to win games.”

(On his touchdown run against the Saints in the playoffs…) “It was loud.”

(On any other memories he had on his touchdown run…) “It was really loud.”

(On if he’s enjoyed being in the playoffs…) “I mean it’s good for everybody; for the team, for this city. So hopefully we can just keep it going.”

(On if he feels responsible for the offense to get things going…) “No. We all are accountable for our job. I just do my job and everything else takes care of itself.”

(On how the bye week went for him…) “Rest.”

(On how much better he feels after resting during the bye week…) “Going into a game, you always feel beat up. But, I feel pretty good.”

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  1. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m guessing he’s trying to bore reporters to death so they don’t bother requesting his availability in the future. I’m ok with that, though it seems to be having the opposite effect right now.

  2. I’d like to have a beer or 10 with Lynch sometime in an environment where he knew he had plenty of confidentiality and things wouldn’t get recorded and people (me in this case) wouldn’t stab him in the back once the night was over.

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I wonder why this Stealer fan didn’t try this after the Stealers got the calls against the Seahawks in the Super Bowl?

    What comes around goes around. Lol.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So they want to call us the Sea Chickens morcarob?

    Time to bring in the Drunkard to set things straight with regards to the Saints-

  5. What a character. Such an awesome interview. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I enjoyed that transcript more than any other interview the whole season.

  6. Georgia – I wonder what that loser would say about us if we seeked an injunction to have the SB XL Lombari Trophy removed from the SteAler facility? He’d probably say we were whiners (yet forget what he was doing if he looked in the mirror). I agree the SteAlers got screwed out of the playoffs, but I despise the fact that those idiots think SB XL went the way it should have (when Leavy himself has since basically apologized) when you look at how pretty much EVERY controversial call went FOR them.

  7. Georgia I’ve got two options for you at #32. Why now? I don’t know.

    OG David Yankey, Stanford (6-5, 314)
    DT Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh (6-0, 285)

    FO history would point to 8 trade-downs before we make our first draft pick. As long as we are trading out of the #32 slot I’m cool with whatever.

  8. I’m okay with Sweezy at RG in ’14. He’ll be in his third year and not a liability anymore. After seeing Bowie against the Cards, I’m fine with him moving from RG in that game to become our LG. With that being said, I think our starting guards, on paper, moving into ’15 are average to above average as a duo (Bowie being the better).

    I think we’ll lose McDaniel in FA and I really don’t care (even though he was great last week) because I think Hill will rock DT next season. That being said, I don’t see G/DT as our biggest needs going into the draft.

    In a perfect world, we’ll see a 6+ foot WR available with our 1st round pick (or RT) — but, really, I don’t care right now because I simply want to enjoy the season of our dreams…

  9. RDPoulsbo says:

    What would be awesome is if a Seahawk fan lawyer sent in a friend of the court brief asking for the SB XL trophy. Of course this is going nowhere, but would be a hilariously fun way to destroy his argument.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- I agree with your perfect world scenario and I also agree with enjoying the season of our dreams.
    I don’t know how many times I dreamed about having a team like this and now we have it!

  11. raymaines says:

    (On if he feels the Seahawks are going to kick some serious Saints ass on Saturday) “Yup”

    (On if he plans to do this sort of interview next week) “Yup”

    (On if he thinks the current NFL policy concerning interviews is total crap) “Yup”

    (On if he feels he should be on the Pro Bowl list) “Yup”

    (ON if……….. oh you get the idea. Yup!!

  12. raymaines says:

    and now we have the season of our dreams and some of us (STTBM)just can’t seem to let our worries go and enjoy the dream.

    Next week we can get all worried about Carolina, SF, or next years draft but this is a week for total optimism. Rock and Roll.

  13. seahawks12thman says:

    “Going into a game, you always feel beat up. But, I feel pretty good”

    Oh Snap! Somebody might run for over 200!!!

    AND there’s some guy named Harvin playing too…This game is gonna be good!

    How the hell do you defend a healthy Marshawn; healthy Harvin; Tate; Luke; Russell???

    Good luck with that baby!

    Once again:


  14. MoSeahawk12 says:

    don’t waste your time raymaines. It’s not worth it. Some people just prefer to be down and don’t see the positive that’s standing right in front of them. They have probably turned off any potential Seahawks fans by focusing on only the negative issues with the team. Bringing them up daily. There are some. They lost three games this year and one of those was at home for the first time in over two seasons. The Browns, Raiders, Redskins, Jags, and other 22 teams wish they had this problem. After dwelling in that all the time, why would anyone root for this team?

  15. rramstad says:

    This interview was absolutely hysterical. Just as good as anything Sherman has said. Love it.

  16. seahawks12thman says:

    I thought I’d drop a little tip for those of you who reside close enough to actually attend the game.

    There are still several thousand tickets available. Upwards of 5,000. Some are actually not too badly priced. You can find decent seating for below $200 a ticket right now on Stubhub. Also similar pricing on NFL Ticket Exchange.

    The kicker is that a lot of people try to pay for their season tickets this way but end up getting burned because they over price them.

    Anyway if you can hold out (this is what I ALWAYS do) until the day of the game and possibly a few hours before kickoff you can watch the prices drop like a rock and jump in there and get some decent tickets at a doable price. Sometimes you can really score when people have to offload them quicker. I was lucky enough to catch a season ticket holder earlier this year selling some for the SF game and I literally paid $40 ea for two tickets in section 310 row H.

    Anyway sorry for the rant just thought I’d throw that out there for people close enough to make it and dying to go to a Seahawks home playoff game.

    My brother and I were at the last playoff game against the Saints; it was magnificent, couldn’t talk for a week!

    Oh yes and one more note. For those of you tech savvy enough, if you have a smart phone all of the tickets on stubhub and nfl ticket exchange can be emailed to your smart phone and you CAN use that to get in. No need to carry a paper ticket or anything. It’s worked for me several times.

  17. mindnbrad says:

    Where do we find audio or video of the Beast interview?

  18. Dukeshire says:

    That’s incredible. I love Marshawn. That interview is one big middle finger to the league.

  19. SharkHawk says:

    Since the draft was mentioned… I’ll add my two cents on what I think the Hawks think and players I KNOW they are watching carefully and have been for some time. Hawks are geniuses at drafts. They’ll grab a tall receiver like Cody Hoffman who is amazing with his hands, route running, and toe tap ability. He’s a jump ball nightmare. The Hawks scouting department watches Utah schools closely (as evidenced by Wagner and Turbin picks). I know for a 100% fact they’ve watched Hoffman (and Kyle Van Noy) multiple times in person and very much like him (and Kyle).

    Hoffmann’s not going to go early because quite frankly he’s had godawful QB play his entire career, and still destroyed every BYU receiving record (which is impressive considering the QB’s and numbers they have put up). Hoffman is very much like Boldin. Same body type, same hands, better ability on the outside, but also impressive across the middle. The guy is a playmaker that hasn’t been given much opportunity to make plays consistently over 4 years, but has still put up about 8 TD’s and 1000 yards per year on average, including a 100 catch his junior season with statistically the worst QB they’ve had in their program history (the guy couldn’t throw the ball 25 yards… no exaggeration, he was a safety playing QB).

    He’ll be a steal that will drop for no reason other than he’s “slow” (4.5 range for a guy that’s 6’4″ and 220-ish isn’t slow… it’s why Boldin also dropped in the draft), played 4 years of college instead of declaring early, and had no talent surrounding him. At an even marginal program he’d have put up massive numbers.

    He’ll be another “chip on his shoulder” type that will have a really good career. Will he be the Richard Sherman of WR’s? Ha. Not likely. Those types are VERY rare. But he has every chance to be as good of a receiver as Chancellor is a safety or as Maxwell is a CB or as Lane is a CB or as Browner was a CB, Michael Robinson is a FB, et al. If you get that kind of production out of a 6’4″ receiver on this team, then you’re happy.

    I look forward to what the Hawks will do this upcoming draft, and I think Hoffman fits them to a “t”. So does Kyle Van Noy for that matter if they start losing pass rushers and OLB’s to free agency/injuries/etc. which is VERY possible and with Van Noy dropping from a certain first rounder to a likely 2nd rounder just because he put up just as good of a season his senior year as his junior year (go figure).

  20. That’s the kind of in depth scouting that might unearth one of our FO’s picks. Nice work SharkHawk. Van Noy has remained intriguing but your receiver sounds like the kind of guy they dig up where no one else was looking.

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