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News, notes and quotes: Harvin and Willson practicing today

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 7, 2014 at 2:19 pm with 34 Comments »
January 7, 2014 2:50 pm

Pete Carroll said tight end Luke Willson (ankle) and wide receiver Percy Harvin (hip) will practice today. Only K.J. Wright will miss practice.

Asked a couple times about Harvin, Carroll stuck to his answer of waiting to see Harvin get through practice today, then taking it from there. Carroll again said if Harvin plays, he’s going to fully play. When asked directly about Harvin returning kicks, Carroll said, “We’ll have to wait and see.” Which was also his answer for how Wright is replaced in coverage of Jimmy Graham — and standard go to — when he doesn’t want to answer a game strategy question.

Quick hits:

> Wright will run Thursday, but Carroll again said Wright will not be ready for Saturday’s game.

> On Red Bryant and Brandon Mebane: “Those guys have been the foundation blocks.”

> Asked why he didn’t go to USC, Mebane said, “I didn’t have enough stars.”

> One other Mebane note: He said he picked up his angled stance at the line from watching Rocky Bernard and Chuck Darby.

> Carroll said Bobby Wagner has been “really good” of late. Wagner has an interesting overall line this season if it’s looked at as a blind taste test: 120 tackles, five sacks, two interceptions, nine passes defensed. A pretty solid body of work.

> A little more on Harvin from Carroll: “We’re just going to mix him in,” Carroll said. “He’s going to play as the other guys play. We’re hoping if he gets to that point that he can play, we utilize him as it fits. He has been a very dynamic football player. He has been able to create stuff that’s unique.”

> Carroll compared Rob Ryan, the Saints’ defensive coordinator, a bit to Bill Belichick in that each will shift how they do things defensively from game to game. Ryan in a less extreme way than Belichick — who will re-scheme entirely for an opponent from week to week — but, in that Ryan will shift how much he blitzed and where it comes from. He dialed it down last week against Philadelphia.

“One week it can be a lot of pressure,” Carroll said. “So, we don’t know. We have to wait and see and adapt during the course of the game. We have a real clear idea of what we want to do based on what we see, but we will have to adjust.”

> The Seahawks, of course, play a lot more base defense. Carroll said that’s what every coach hopes for, that the base approach is enough to stifle the other team.

> A quick add from the Saints’ Sean Payton:

“We signed Jordan Pugh, No. 37. We waived Isa Abdul-Quddus. Placed (LB) Parys Haralson in the injured reserve, and then we brought up (LB) Rufus Johnson from the practice squad. Vic So’oto we signed onto the practice squad to take Rufus’ spot: He’ll be in jersey 56. … (Haralson) has a torn pec. In fact, I think the surgery was done today.”

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  1. montanamike2 says:

    Typical Pete, “we’ll just have to wait and see”.

  2. It’s comforting to see/know that Mebane was/is practicing at full health. I was worried about that. We need him. IMO, he’s the most important non-important player (national talking heads) on this team.

    We all know if Percy plays that he’s also going to be returning kicks. He’s pretty much the best in the NFL at doing that so it wouldn’t make sense to bring him back to play him NOT to his strengths.

    Sounds like Ryan (Rex coaches the Jets:) is dictating to Mr. Happy how the game is going to go. I kind of like it when we are the ones who are on the offensive and dictate things although I understand it’s much easier to do for a DC than an OC to do.

  3. “A little more on Harvin from Carroll: “We’re just going to mix him in,” Carroll said. “He’s going to play as the other guys play. We’re hoping if he gets to that point that he can play, we utilize him as it fits. He has been a very dynamic football player. He has been able to create stuff that’s unique.”

    to me, that sounds much more like ‘when’ than ‘if’ re Percy on Saturday. Will be fun to see him out there if it happens.

  4. abqhwkfn says:

    Its no secret what the Seahawks are going to do on offense or defense. To beat them you have to be bigger, stronger, faster and play tougher. Not an easy thing to scheme for Mr. Ryan.

  5. Vegas56 says:

    Percy will remain an enigma until we actually see him used on the field.

  6. Vegas56 says:

    LOL…Bobby, I’d say Rob Ryan was a VERY poor man’s Bill Belichick. Not sure after seeing him with Dallas and NO that we have to worry too much about him dictating the game. Our defensive staff is who THEY should worry about dictating the game!

  7. I think Rob Ryan is a good defensive coordinator. That’s just me.

    I think too many people judge coaches on their talent and not their coaching ability.

    I guarantee that if you give a moron like me a defense of: Revis, Sherman, Kam, ET, Kuechly, Wright, Smith, Watt, Suh, Mebane, and Quinn that I will totally dominate a supersmart offensive guy like Sean Peyton if he had an offense of McQuistan, Carp, Chris Spencer, Carp, and Carp on the OL… Robert Turbin, Heath Evans, Brandon Stokley, Bryan Walters, Anthony McCoy, and Christian Ponder.

    Look at Gus Bradley, was his defense as good this past year as it was in Seattle? No. Why? Talent. One thing I will say in favor of Bradley is that people talked about what a great “teacher” he was (which is awesome) but he never would have gotten his big opportunity if he had Kelly Jennings instead of Sherm, Brian Russell instead of ET, etc.

    Mr. Happy has done a great job at assembling talent with the Duke Boy, that’s why we’re so good. If he was the greatest coach ever, then we wouldn’t have gone 7-9 in his first year. The only difference is that he’s getting better players and that’s why he’s winning more games.

  8. I would be surprised to see Percy return kicks – UNLESS the game is tight and we need a big return

  9. How dare Carroll not reveal his game strategy to the world!

  10. HawkyHann says:


    Could you provide a refresher/update on what ever happened with Sean Payton, Micky Loomis, and the Vicodin situation.

    We’ll know what happened with Bounty Gate and Payton being suspended, but i forget what happened about his vicodin claim. I guess i was disgusted enough after bounty gate i gave up on him.

    I know we’ve some 20 year olds smoking cheeba and taking adderral, and they too need to abide by rules But i’ll never,ever, forget the Saints coaching staff and how they incentivized/motivated players.

    Seahawks domination on Saturday.

  11. montanamike2 says:

    Wow HawkyHann, thats quite a link.

  12. …and the NFL (ie, Goodell) let this one fade away…swept under the rug once again, in the name of Goodell’s God–money.

  13. Wagner has had a great year judging by stats alone–a Pro Bowl or even All Pro year. But having watched nearly every snap he played, I can say he wasnt that good. He wasnt consistent. He’s had ups and downs–especially his first two games back from injury, where he played badly. But he’s played much better of late, and Im still excited about him going forward.

    Several 2nd round backers from that draft have done very well for themselves. I like Lavonte David, and he’s a beast. Mychal Kendricks has done fine for Philly, and Wags is pretty decent too.

    But Wags kinda had a sophomore slump.

  14. Southendzone says:

    When’s Marshawn’s 2nd interview going to be this week? I saw on the chat that he must be available twice a week to comply with the league.

  15. RDPoulsbo says:

    Willson is probably the biggest news out of this. Everything else is as clear as mud. We knew Harvin was going to practice, but don’t know how much. They could intentionally sit him out a few drills each day just to say he listed as limited all the way up to Saturday to keep them guessing about his status. Even with Willson, we don’t know if he’s going to actually be ready for the game.

    It’s playoff time, so we should expect even more vague answers.

  16. HawkyHann says:

    I’m just curious what happened? I’m guessing it was just dismissed.

  17. Southendzone says:

    Ok I’m officially starting to freak out for the weekend’s game and it’s only Tuesday. Feels like it will end up being one of those times I charge a wickedly overpriced ticket about 2 hours before the game.

  18. HawkyHann says:

    okay, it was dismissed, i did know that. just wish I knew what came from the arbitration. Pretty sure that will never be shared publicly though.

  19. skystyler says:

    Wagner got hurt mid-year, had one or two bad games when he came back too early, but has been stellar recently. Sophomore slump? Not in my eyes.

  20. Vegas56 says:

    Bobby, I have to agree…but Rob Ryan has had a few years and different talent to work with and he’s still struggling. Undoubtedly, his talent isn’t what has been created here, but that talent was obtained in a very short amount of time. I wonder if Rob Ryan is simply banking on his earlier reputation but isn’t able to turn around defenses that do lack that elite talent.

  21. IASeahawkLady says:

    Sorry of subject but what is the weather forecasted to be for Saturday?

  22. rcknrog11 says:

    Rain ASeahawkLady.


  23. freedom_X says:

    Saints defense 2013:
    4th in total yards allowed
    2nd in passing yards allowed
    4th in sacks
    4th in points allowed

    I haven’t watched all the Saints games. But I don’t understand why people on this blog are disdaining what that defense has done and can do. That’s struggling?

    The coaches developed a lot of the defensive talent the team has. It’s no given that these mid-to-low round picks all would develop into good players. Most of the success stories are found at defensive back. IMHO, it’s because Carroll has a clear vision of what he needs a defensive player to do and Schneider can recognize those attributes, and the coaches bring it out of them.

    In other words, to take a case sample, I don’t think it’s a given Richard Sherman is All-pro no matter what team he went to. In fact, he had a bit of luck himself (injuries opening the door for him.)

    If he goes to a different coaching staff with a different scheme, I’d say it’s 50/50 whether he’s the star he is now. Don’t tell me Sherman goes from WR in college to All-pro this fast without the coaching staff being key and essential to that progression.

  24. IASeahawkLady says:

    Thanks rcknrog11!!

  25. I have watched enough football to know that Richard Sherman, as he is now, is one of the best CBs in the NFL regardless of defensive scheme.

    If this coaching staff could turn childen salad out of chicken garbage, then a DB like Mark LeGree (also drafted by the Seahawks two picks after Sherman was selected in the fifth of 2011) would also be a good NFL player.

  26. Rob (and Rex) Ryan are good football coaches.

    But they are still clowns.

    Even if crusty the clown was as good a coach as Bill Belicheck, I would not want a clown coaching my team.

  27. Vegas56 says:

    I can’t believe people are thinking that Sherman might be expendable. Remember our cornerback problems from 5 years ago?

  28. Bobby, I like the Mark Legree analagee, but doesn’t that also explain the J.R Sweezy experiment? (just kidding….. sort of)

  29. BobbyK – no love for Heath Evans?

  30. Wow, Luke Willson is back already? And KJ could be back in another week? I am knocking wood here. This might be the healthiest Seahawks team I can remember entering the playoffs.

  31. blocis — ha! Rex and Rob’s dad Buddy was a clown too. And he won a super bowl.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    Stevos – Where the hell you been, man? Good to see you back!

    klm – Not sure what Bobby said about Evans, but I’ll say this: he’s a complete blowhard behind the desk. Just the easiest opinion that requires zero thought.

  33. Evans hates Seattle because Holmgren never wanted him and didnt treat him right. But its no ones fault Evans couldnt get his poop together onfield fast enough to beat out Mack Strong, and so was cut. He ended up okay, playing well and going to two SB’s with the Pats and Saints, so whats his problem?

    I thought Seattle actually took Legree before Sherm, but they didnt.

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