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  1. I think the Packers and Saints are going to get blasted. Colts and Bengals will probably win.

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Packers and Saints will win. Colts and Bengals will win.

    The Bengals are the only unbeaten team at home this season.

    Every Seahawks touchdown this season-

  3. JMSeaTown says:

    Colts, Saints, Bengals, 49ers

  4. Southendzone says:

    Wow 3 in a row, agree with both GH and JM I predict

    Rooting for:


  6. Vegas56 says:

    I’m going with all the home teams this weekend…the Packers only because of the ridiculous conditions that the game will be played in at Lambeau.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    NO and Colts, each on the ML.

  8. Southendzone says:

    Vegas, I just heard that the line on KC/INDY moved by 3 points in 24 hours to KC plus 1.5

    What does that mean? A bunch of heavy hitters waited til the last minute to lay $$ on KC?

  9. Southendzone says:

    er sorry, KC -1.5

  10. mocarob says:

    Looks like Jamal Charles may have concussion.
    7-0 Chiefs

  11. Dukeshire says:

    South- To be specific, went from -2.5 on the 30th to +1 Indy. Not likely “last minute”, just that Vegas is seeing its usual NFL playoff surge. Every year like clockwork, from my experience living down there.

  12. we need a playoff live chat.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    It would be nice to have one tomorrow afternoon, at least.

  14. Chiefs-Eagles-SF-Bengals

  15. Chiefs

  16. who are we cheering for, tomorrow? SF or GB?

  17. I really don’t care who wins any of these NFC Games. I get too nervous watching Seahawk games to want to get nervous rooting in a non-Seahawk game, too. Whether it’s the Pack, Whiners, or Saints – either way that “winner” is going to become a loser come next Saturday evening.

  18. If Saints win, it won’t matter.

    If Philly wins, I’m rooting for Packers.

  19. Vegas56 says:

    If the Chiefs keep cruising Yanker will be impossible next week.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Like I said KC for an easy win. Lol.

    Who would have thought Alex Smith would turn into Brett Favre for a day.

  21. Vegas56 says:

    The Colt defense looks pretty pathetic.

  22. But it is all about how Luck is sucking it up!

  23. thursday says:

    Lol yeah, Colts! Not. It was a contest who I doubted more, KC or the Colts, but Luck without Wayne is pretty much why I took and am still taking KC over them.

  24. Late to the party… fork appears to be well into the Colts… but I”ll take


  25. funny how different this game is from the first meeting –

    I mean look at the 2 Sea v SF games – scores were different but if you watched the games they were pretty much similar games – it was just who made the play when they needed it. both teams physicalled you on defense – tried to run and passed when they had to.

  26. Southendzone says:

    Colts still have a decent chance to pull this game out. So far have to give KC’s offensive game planning a lot of credit.

  27. OK now he is sucking it up!!!

  28. Vegas56 says:

    After that first pass INT, Colts don’t just have the fork in ‘me, they’re carved up and on the plate as Grace is being said.

  29. sluggo42 says:

    OMG, luck sucks!
    Who ever saw that coming?

  30. Cant throw that pick, the party’s over

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Even though the Colts have given up 31 points without Lucks pick they turned into 7, I course, all Lucks fault.

  32. How’s my KC pick looking now, Georgia? ;-)

  33. sluggo42 says:

    Andrew luck leads the colts back to an incredible win!

  34. Vegas56 says:

    Well, if Luck marches them down the field, it’s still a game. This is like a college game. 62-55.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    If Indy puts pts up here, look out…

  36. 4 picks now wow

  37. Vegas56 says:

    Luck has been both very good…and very, very bad…in the same game.

  38. sluggo42 says:

    Doh, c’mon Luck you dolt!

  39. sluggo42 says:

    Still enought time for sure if he can quit with the turnover festival

  40. sluggo42 says:

    Dr Jeckle, mr luck

  41. Vegas56 says:

    Damned entertaining game

  42. raymaines says:

    I’m watching Luck put up his third or fourth INT and thinking about YankinTa. One thought leads to another and I wonder if Yank has Asperger’s Syndrome and isn’t really able to see what a pain he is?

  43. pabuwal says:

    Luck’s issue has always been his inconsistency during games and it’s because his accuracy is lacking for a top end QB.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    In his defense, that one pick went right through Hikton’s hands into the defender’s. But point well taken.

  45. Are you kidding me, the Colts are now only down by three? Luck with the (kind of) run? lol

  46. Vegas56 says:

    Here we go, we are in for one Helluva finish. Can’t believe Luck getting that goal-line fumble in.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    Wow. This is incredible

  48. sluggo42 says:

    Wow, and in true yanker fashion, who predicted this big comeback?

  49. Vegas56 says:

    It IS like a college game.

  50. ChrisHolmes says:

    Yeah, so that Luck dude sucks. He’s not a top QB. No way…

  51. Vegas56 says:

    Chief players have been dropping like flies today.

  52. sluggo42 says:

    OMG ! Another chief down? If they win this game, they will be in bad shape for next week…

  53. pabuwal says:

    The playoffs come down to which QB makes the clutch plays and which defense makes the big stop at the end of the game.

  54. Vegas56 says:

    Well, it’s set up for Luck. We might get rid of Yankinta forever if Luck drives them for a game winner here.

  55. ChrisHolmes says:

    As Peter King just said on Twitter, there must never be an 18-game season…

  56. Really makes you appreciate the bye this week even more when you see another team with the injuries like the Chiefs have suffered.

    Luck gets the ball needing a TD to (potentially) win. Should make for a fun/interesting finish.

  57. raymaines says:

    Is it too late to put a few $$ on the Over?

  58. Vegas56 says:

    Really good 3rd down pass by Luck

  59. Vegas56 says:

    And another Chief down

  60. This game for the Chiefs kind of reminds me of the ’98 NFC Championship Game when the Vikings kept getting all kinds of guys hurt and the Falcons ended up winning.

  61. ChrisHolmes says:

    If KC loses, Alex Smith loses a game throwing for 65%, 334 yards, 4 TD’s and no INT’s.

    Doesn’t seem fair.

  62. sluggo42 says:


  63. Vegas56 says:

    Scored too fast

  64. Luck (and the Colts) with the lead!!!

  65. sluggo42 says:

    What a crappy throw, the Luck is a horrid QB

  66. Dukeshire says:

    Suck it yank. Lol. What a ball game.

  67. He sucks. Trent Dilfer was better because he single handedly won a Super Bowl ring. lol

    What a great way to start the play-offs!

  68. ChrisHolmes says:

    What Duke said….

  69. Looks like Luck is going to have to lead one more game winning TD drive. Geez…

  70. ChrisHolmes says:

    AFC Wild Card Round Slogan: “Defense is optional”

  71. sluggo42 says:

    Too bad charles went out early, chiefs coulda scored 60

  72. mocarob says:

    How do u lose when leading 38-10 ??

  73. sluggo42 says:

    I’m awesome!
    I called this comeback!
    I’m brilliant!
    Listen and learn you amateurs!

  74. great game lost by one foot

  75. Wow. Reminded me of the Seahawks Colts game a little. When the Colts play fast on offense they can really get it going.

  76. sluggo42 says:

    Quite an entertaining game eh boys?

  77. mocarob says:

    Honest Abe Luck..

  78. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Like I said Colts win. Lol.

  79. Bad defenses.

  80. It’s an instant classic. One of the great and entertaining games of all time. Wow.

  81. That was a crazy game!!! How about the seahawks win by 9 or more so that we don’t have to have crazy heart beats going the last 4 minutes.

  82. sluggo42 says:

    Lol georgia

  83. Amazing the Chiefs offense scored 44 points without Jamal Charles. And amazing their defense was so bad.

  84. If there could be a redraft of ’12, I have a feeling the same guy would go #1 overall. I think some “too short” guy might knock RG3-13 out of the next slot though. lol

  85. Dukeshire says:

    Welcome to the 2014 playoffs… Sweet Jesus.

  86. sluggo42 says:

    Tru dat Bobby

  87. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Luck took this game over. Over 400 yards passing, four TDs and the recovered fumble dive in. Dude is a stud and no matter how many time wanker says otherwise, he’s a winner. Luck had several 80+ yard drives in like a minute and twenty seconds.

    Reid mismanaged the game clock once again. He did this often at Philly.

  88. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Colts and Chiefs D pretty awful. That won’t cut it next round.
    Alex Smith looked pretty good most of the game.

  89. The story of the career of Alex Smith is that he’s almost always comes up short with the game on the line. I know the pass to Bowe was close, but the fact is that it wasn’t converted. The story of Luck’s young career is that he usually gets the job done in crunch time. Nothing is ever 100%, but clear patterns are present with both of those QBs and that’s just the way it is. The margin of error is so small in the NFL and the greats find a way to get it done more times than not, and the near good ones simply can’t get it done enough even if they can get close.

  90. I kind of feel bad for Smith though, because he did have a good game and he’s not the total bust that was made of him. He’s just not elite.

  91. Smith did well, especially with his #1 weapon out of the game. The KC defense was awful.

  92. chuck_easton says:

    Just think what the Colts could have done if they had a decent QB! I mean how good could they be if they didn’t have that no talent bum who just added another fourth quarter comeback to his resume.

  93. Amazingly the Colts came back. Didn’t see that comming. Finally a huge comeback that goes down to the end.

  94. ChrisHolmes says:

    Smith played fine. His defense let him down. They should have NEVER been in that position in the first place. You’re up 38-10, you have to close it out on De-Fence.

    I don’t put that loss on Smith at all.

    “If there could be a redraft of ’12, I have a feeling the same guy would go #1 overall. I think some “too short” guy might knock RG3-13 out of the next slot though.”

    No question. Absolutely no question about that.

    RGIII is a one-read QB. If he cannot improve that part of his game then he’ll be the next Vince Young; short career as a starter and even shorter as a backup.

  95. That Chief D was horrible, just horrible.

  96. sluggo42 says:

    Ok, now let’s watch a game of great interest

    Next game up…

  97. I thought both QBs play great

  98. Luck really turned it up – what a player. he’ll win a SB someday.

  99. Foles has all day to throw so far – he looks good though.

  100. jchawks08 says:

    But guys, guys! Luck only won because of injuries to Chiefs. Luck got Lucky, he’s still garbage. –Anonymous (not really)

    Personally, I think I’m rooting for the ‘Aint’s here. Even though we’ve handled the 9ers at home, they scare me. They’re hot right now. And Aaron Rodgers scares the bejesus out of me anywhere anytime.
    I’m only concerned with my Survivor pick at this point in the playoffs. I picked Cincy. A couple buddies picked Indy and I was talking a mild amount of stuff to them when they were down by 28. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite me. Glad Colts won though. Can’t stand Alex Smith and the Chefs.

  101. sluggo42 says:

    Looking like we will be hosting the aints. I hope they remember their last trip here…

  102. jchawks08 says:

    I would tend to agree, but after the game eariler, I’m not calling this one over just yet.

  103. jchawks08 says:

    Nice 4th and goal TD right there.

  104. Dukeshire says:

    Roman Harper is perhaps the worst starting safety in the NFL. Hyperbole? Yeah… But he’s awful. Like Brian Russell bad. Can’t help wonder who he has dirt on in the Saints organization. I used to think it was Greg Williams, but he’s long gone. Oh well.

  105. pabuwal says:

    I think Harper is only in there because of injury.

  106. jchawks08 says:

    Could be a case of a team holding on to a player too long because of his popularity amongst the team and fans. I think we can relate, as Seattle fans.
    But yea, I don’t know either.

  107. toastmaster says:

    Late to the party (at work) – the chiefs game was rediculous – not the outcome I wanted. GO SAINTS and GO GREEN BAY. Not sure about chargers/bengals. . . I think San Fran is better but I’m hoping for them to be too frozen to prevail!!!!

  108. jchawks08 says:

    What the Eagles really need to do here is put in Chris Polk at RB. :D

  109. jchawks08 says:

    That game will be crazy to watch. I think the extreme cold nullifies any advantages either team would have had. Should make for a great game though.

  110. jchawks08 says:

    Wow.. What a rough PI call. Dang.

  111. “That Chief D was horrible, just horrible.”

    That’s an understatement.

    Think the Chiefs still win this if Charles doesn’t go down.

    Luck made some great plays, although that last deep throw hardly needed to be that great with the awful coverage. I have said that I think he will be a good QB. I think that Mr. Luck and RG# duke it out for the #2 behind RW.

    I don’t get why RG3 gets so little respect here. He had a better rookie year than either RW or Luck and had to play this year coming off of a major knee injury due to his idiot coach and owner. And he still had a decent year. 82.2 QB rating and 489 rushing yards in 13 games. He certainly has some growth that needs to happen in the passing game, but I think he will still be an excellent QB if healthy,

  112. And the Colts are losing in Indy or NE.

  113. sluggo42 says:

    Egads, going to all be on the shoulders of a new kicker to the team. But, dude has played for 16 years, so inexperience won’t be a factor.

    Should philly let them score?

  114. jchawks08 says:

    It might come down to that if they get down within the 10 or 5, Sluggo

  115. sluggo42 says:

    Last second game again. It’s playoff time again…

  116. jchawks08 says:

    Well, Welcome back to Seattle, Drew Brees and team. lol…Good luck to ya.

  117. Radem44 says:

    Saints!!! Love it!!! Now if the Niners can fall apart tomorrow…

  118. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Man, since it’s a one and done, every possible opponent scares me. So, I don’t know if I’m happy we’ll play New Orleans, or not. We match up pretty good against them; so, here’s hoping….

    Damn, it’s going to be a long, anxiety ridden, week.

  119. ChrisHolmes says:

    Bring on the Saints.

    Hope the LB’s can handle Graham with K.J. out.

    I like our chances though.

  120. Hawkenstein says:

    Bring on the Saints!

  121. seatowntp says:

    I certainly don’t mean to be getting ahead of myself, but I don’t think I could have imagined a better match up for the Hawks! Yes!

  122. montanamike2 says:

    This has the makings of a good home game!

  123. jchawks08 says:

    Displaced, your concern is misplaced.
    We arguably played our best game of the season at home vs The Saints.
    Great win for them today, though. I have all the confidence in this game.

  124. Welcome back to Seattle Saints

  125. montanamike2 says:

    They have a weak secondary and a sub par running game. I think we win the turnover battle.

  126. Game planning starts tomorrow. Russ might already be watching film.

  127. Wow, should they just advance Seattle to the nfc championship game? I mean everyone here thinks this is going to be a quick blowout.

    It might be a blowout, but I’m not going to rest easy until we see the hawks win. Gonna be a tough one.

  128. Be careful what you wish for……Drew Brees is a champion….. That being said the Hawks own the Saints!

  129. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I don’t see any mention of a blowout. Will be a tough game.

  130. I have no doubt this will be a much tougher game then the last time we played them. It’s the playoffs. NO will have a different plan based on their last experience.

  131. jchawks08 says:

    Nah, they still have to play the game, but I do feel confident in this one. More so than I would if it were GB or SF.

  132. Dukeshire says:

    Pabuwal – He’s been a starter there for years.

  133. Vegas56 says:

    Well…we get NO. Philly played over their head this year. They’ll be tough next year.

  134. Vegas56 says:

    We get to watch that strange game in GB tomorrow without any stake in the outcome.

  135. I thought Kenny Vaccaro was the starter at SS before he got hurt a few weeks ago.

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