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Thomas, Sherman named to All-Pro team

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 3, 2014 at 10:11 am with 78 Comments »
January 3, 2014 10:11 am
Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman were part of the All-Pro first and second team. / AP photo
Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman were part of the All-Pro first and second team. / AP photo

Cornerback Richard Sherman and free safety Earl Thomas were named to the AP All-Pro first team Friday. Strong safety Kam Chancellor was named to the second team. It’s the second consecutive season for Sherman and Thomas on the first team.

Here’s the All-Pro team:

Quarterback: Peyton Manning, Denver. No second team quarterback.

Running backs: LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia; Jamaal Charles, Kansas City

Second team: Adrian Peterson, Minnesota; Eddie Lacy, Green Bay

Fullback: Mike Tolbert, Carolina. Second team: Marcel Reece, Oakland.

Tight End: Jimmy Graham, New Orleans. Second team: Vernon Davis, San Francisco.

Wide receivers: Calvin Johnson, Detroit; Josh Gordon, Cleveland.

Second team: A.J. Green, Cincinnati; Demaryius Thomas, Denver and Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh.

Tackles: Joe Thomas, Cleveland; Jason Peters, Philadelphia.

Second team: Tyron Smith, Dallas; Joe Staley, San Francisco.

Guards: Louis Vasquez, Denver; Evan Mathis, Philadelphia.

Second team: Jahri Evans, New Orleans; Logan Mankins, New England and Josh Sitton, Green Bay.

Center: Ryan Kalil, Carolina. Second team: Alex Mack, Cleveland.


Defensive end: J.J. Watt, Houston; Robert Quinn, St. Louis.

Second team: Mario Williams, Buffalo; Greg Hardy, Carolina.

Defensive tackle: Gerald McCoy, Tampa Bay; Ndamukong Suh, Detroit.

Second team: Dontari Poe, Kansas City; Muhammad Wilkerson, New York Jets, Jurrell Casey, Tennessee and Justin Smith, San Francisco.

Outside linebackers: Robert Mathis, Indianapolis; Lavonte David, Tampa Bay.

Second team: Tamba Hali, Kansas City; Ahmad Brooks, San Francisco.

Inside linebackers: Luke Kuechly, Carolina; NaVorro Bowman, San Francisco.

Second team: Vontaze Burfict, Cincinnati; Karlos Dansby, Arizona.

Cornerbacks: Richard Sherman, Seattle; Patrick Peterson, Arizona.

Second team: Aqib Talib, New England; Joe Haden, Cleveland and Alterraun Verner, Tennessee.

Safeties: Earl Thomas, Seattle; Eric Berry, Kansas City.

Second team: Eric Weddle, San Diego; Kam Chancellor, Seattle, Jairus Byrd, Buffalo, T.J. Ward, Cleveland, Devin McCourty, New England and Antrel Rolle, New York Giants.

Special teams

Punter: Johnny Hekker, St. Louis. Second team: Brandon Fields, Miami.

Placekicker: Justin Tucker, Baltimore. Second team: Matt Prater, Denver.

Kick Returner: Cordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota. Second team: Dexter McCluster, Kansas City.

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  1. doubledink says:

    Well done Sherm and Earl. Congratulations!

  2. Dukeshire says:

    All Pro carries so much more weight than the pro bowl. Congratulations fellas.

  3. aelliott11 says:

    2nd team RB – Peterson and Lacey? I understand AP, but Eddie Lacey? How does he jump Beast Mode? Marshawn had more yards, a higher average, and more TD.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Oh, I see Kam 2nd team. That’s very cool too.

  5. Unger and Okung missed a lot of games – some of our D linemen missed a lot of snaps due to rotations. Surprised no 2nd string QB – Brady?
    We still have the best squad in the NFL. . . .

  6. Bennett had a great year, but outside Seattle is drawing very little attention. I really want them to lock him up for the next few years!

  7. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think the reason there’s no 2nd team QB is Manning got every single vote.

  8. chuck_easton says:

    After naming Manning the 1st team QB there wasn’t any more space in the QB room. Payton’s forehead filled it up entirely.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lol Chuck.

  10. aelliott11 says:

    Man, Sherman is setting himself up for a MONSTER pay day.

  11. tealskin says:

    Manning had a great year but he was surrounded by a very talented supporting cast. Think Brady deserved a mention considering what he had to work with.

  12. yankinta says:

    RW would have been 2nd All Pro Team…. most definitely!!

  13. seatowntp says:

    Congratulations ET3, Sherm, and Cam! It is a fantastic accomplishment!

    Hey Seahawks players. . . Did you notice that the whiners had FIVE (5) All Pro players named from their squad? Impressive. Wow! They must have a good squad!

  14. Here is hoping Earl and Sherm are willing to take a home town discount for the sake of the team….add RW to that list as well

  15. tealskin says:

    Home town discount? Let’s be realistic. Who would turn down millions to stay with a team? They’re not from Seattle so how would it be home town? They’re professional athletes with relatively short careers. We poach from other teams so why not the reverse? Management will be faced with tough decisions soon. Think Thomas is a must keep.

  16. chuck_easton says:

    Nobody will be giving a ‘home town discount’.

    This is why this is the year. Let’s hope for a Lombardi this season because there are big changes coming.

    2014 FA’s:
    Michael Bennett, Breno Giacomini,Paul McQuistan,Golden Tate, Chris Maragos,Tarvaris Jackson, Brandon Browner, Kellen Davis, Anthony McCoy, O’Brien Schofield, Steven Hauschka, Walter Thurmond, Tony McDaniel, Clinton McDonald, Doug Baldwin, Jeron Johnson, Lemuel Jeanpierre, Michael Morgan, Michael Robinson

    2015 FA’s:
    Chris Clemons, Cliff Avril, Earl Thomas, James Carpenter, Heath Farwell, Clint Gresham, K.J. Wright, Richard Sherman, Byron Maxwell, Malcolm Smith, Jermaine Kearse, Ricardo Lockette, Deshawn Shead,Bryan Walters

    The priorities for 2014 are Tate, Baldwin, Bennett, and Thurmond. The rest who knows? Also the list of 2015 FA’s can be re-negotiated in 2014.

    The priorities for 2015 are Thomas, Sherman, Maxwell (3/4 of our starting DB’s), Wright, Smith (maybe Avril). I don’t think Clemons will be here in 2015 but if he does finish out 2014 I don’t see them re-signing him for 2015.

    And don’t forget that Wilson can re-negotiate that 18 million a year contract after 2014.

    Changes are coming…

  17. I’d add Hauschka, McDaniel And Tarvaris to that list Chuck. I really don’t think Tate will stay b/c we have so much tied up in our WRs now. Baldwin should be a lot more affordable.

  18. tealskin says:

    Agree with Joreb on the additions but I would add McDonald and put a ? with Thurmond. Can he be counted on to stay clean? Would like to keep Tate but think he’ll cost more than he’s worth to Hawks. Gotta draft some WR’s.

  19. CDHawkFan says:

    From the last thread;

    RRam, I don’t think its an urban myth.

    From NBC Sports;

    Teams can buy unsold postseason tickets — at full price

  20. PugetHawk says:

    I would rather have Bennett back then Tate. Tate is great and all, but as Joreb mentioned, the $ committed to WR’s is pretty high with Harvin’s contract.

    Maxwell should be the starter at corner opposite Sherman for years to come. He has been outstanding this year. Browner can ride off into the sunset with Adderall in one hand and a bong in the other.

  21. chuck_easton says:


    I agree about Hauschka. Was just thinking like a coach/GM. A Kicker? But I think Hauschka will be a priority. I think McDaniel and McDonald are also going to get some interest, but I tried to just stick to the top 4 or 5 each of the two years.

    What really caught my attention is that we could potenitally be looking at losing 3/4 of our starting DB’s in 2015. And two starting LB’s.

    GO HAWKS!!! This is the only year we can really count on anything.

  22. chuck_easton says:


    I’m already considering Maxwell the starting CB opposite Sherman. That is why I say 3/4 of the starting DB’s are all up for contracts in 2015.

    Where to begin? Who stays? Who is expendable? Darn that nasty Cap. Why can’t Paul Allen just buy a championship like De Bartolo did with the 49rs and Jones did with the Cowboys in the 80’s?

  23. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Hometown discounts are rare, but they do occur. Take Sherman and see what that means. He is the top DB in the NFL and has the most interceptions over the past three seasons. He’s playing on his rookie contract that he signed as a fifth round pick. He comes from a hard working class family and his father still works as a trash man going to work at the crack of dawn.

    Sherman is a hard worker, smart and obviously talented player that has greatly exceeded his draft round and has out played all other DBs drafted before him that year. He also benefits playing in Seattle with the talented defense and personal that the Seahawks have. He has earned the right to be paid at the top of his position above most of his peers. However, would he be Richard Sherman we all know, say on the Browns, Raiders, or other smaller market, less talented teams?

    It’s near impossible to say, but as he has been building his legacy and the awards and attention that comes with that, would he still flourish on another team. Great players are great players regardless of where they play, however team success seems very important to Sherman as he always passes any praise he receives along to the rest of the team. If he went to the highest bidder and became the highest paid DB in the NFL, but that team only won four games a year, would he be happy with that? We know Sherman will be paid very well and will have plenty of options. He will have to weigh the respect that comes with being the very best and winning over an extended period of time, a la Tom Brady or having the respect of the biggest contract and suffering on a losing team like Revis did this past season.

  24. Over the offseason Pete brought Eric Spoelstra (Heat coach) to talk to them about being champions, how to handle expectations etc. Along with that, the message about money vs team was talked about. Lebron, Wade, Bosh all had to take less money to make the team come together and win. Pete wants to get across to his players that to be great is to not be selfish. To see the overall success of a team, one must make sacrafices. Now, i’m not saying they will go for this, they could all split and make as much as possible. But I do know the message has been preached. Time will tell, but i’m hoping at least a couple of them (earl and sherm) will take the message to heart and stay in Seattle.

  25. I see the franchise tag on Sherman this year

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Pete Carroll interview coming up on ESPN on Insiders, shortly,

  27. Why put the franchise tag on someone who isn’t eligible for it?

  28. Lavonte David is just like Richard Sherman last year. He is good enough to be named ALL PRO, but supposedly isn’t good enough to be in the Pro Bowl. lol

    Congrats to Sherman and ETIII! They definitely deserve first team All Pro recognition!

  29. I expect them to get paid but like I have said before – it will come down to if they want to be paid fairly or be the highest paid at their position (see Joe Flacco) who NEVER should have gotten the contract he did. It cost them Boldin and a few other guys and BOOM out of playoffs one year after winning it all

  30. sorry bobby meant next year – got ahead of myself!!!

  31. bird_spit says:

    I know this wont be popular, but I think the success that Sherman is getting is very admirable, but I also think the whole LOB can be attributed to Pete Carroll and the scheme. yes, I want them signed and fit in, cause they are now very much the best we can do in the next 5 years, but I believe much of that raw talent is duplicatable and the scheme can be taught.. Sherm and Thomas will cost a fortune to keep. I think we keep one of them (Thomas) and let Sherm walk.. I actually hope he can be traded in 2014 for some ridiculous number of draft picks.

    Love these guys, but it is a business.

  32. Ya xcman, this is why part of me feels like our guys might “get it”. Sherm and Earl are no dummies. They are smart and understand how things work. I can see them understanding that taking ALL the money possible from seattle would put the team in a bad position….or vice versa, getting a massive contract from another team would mean no money left for other players for it to be a contender. But who knows…I can’t grasp the reality of knowing MILLIONS of dollars are calling your name. Time will tell, but it would be very cool to see them take it for the team and build a dynasty here. They could start a trend of players who are smart and do things the right way. Hell, sherm is already building his portfolio in the stock market and getting lots of $$ through endorsements. This is how it should be done. Get that side money and build out your retirement, get reasonable $$ from your team and build a SB contender every year. Here is to hoping!

  33. chuck_easton says:

    Wow, I never thought I’d be in the same camp as Nate and Pabs when it comes to player contracts.

    But why would a guy like Sherman or Tate pass up the opportunity to get paid 16 million (for Sherman) by the Browns (largest cap room) or 10 million (Tate) by some WR needy team just so they can stay in Seattle and get 10 million (Sherman) and 7 million (Tate)?

    NFL careers are short enough. We saw last year that teams are already working to bring down player salaries (OK call it collusion, call it gentlemens agreement, call it what you want…it’s pretty clear it happened and unless one owner breaks ranks we will never know). I can’t begrudge either Sherman or Tate the opportunity to get the bigger payday and play for another team if Seattle can’t afford them.

    That is why my motto is I cheer for the Jersey not the guy wearing the Jersey. The guy in the Jersey today is great, wonderful, walks on water, and all that but he might not be in the Jersey tomorrow and I will suddenly think he’s terrible, overpaid, a Diva, a total jerk. But come next year there will still be 53 (plus 8 PS members) wearing the Jersey I cheer for and the games will still be played.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- Look at the bright side.
    We will be gaining players too. (Next man up.) It worked pretty well with Maxwell when Browner/Thurmond went down and it worked well with Smith when Wright went down.

    We are built for the long hall so long as we keep the fantastic five.


    These are the five most important people for this organization to have continued success imo. Every one else is replaceable.
    But of course not everyone else will be replaced.

    As much as I hate to lose players, I love looking forward to the next hidden gems that will play for the Seahawks.

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Long haul”

  36. ET and Sherman deserve to either be paid the most at their positions or close to it. These guys were drafted by the Seahawks and should remain with the Seahawks. Period.

    You don’t draft a superstar only to lose him (See Hutchinson, Steve) in the prime of their career.

    Does that mean that some other guys will be lost? Absolutely. However, that’s what the draft is for, to replenish players. Keep the core and add the pieces.

    You keep your stars and allow your middle guys to leave if you can’t resign them and then draft replacements.

    Take any of our LBs for example. Could we afford to lose any of them? Yes. Do we want to? No. However, in the grand scheme of things, you must allow some to walk (not that all our LBs are in a contract year – just a hypothetical example) with a cap and sign guys who can take their places.

    Are any of our LBs legit superstars who can claim to be about the best in the NFL at what they do? [Wagner could potentially be an exception] No. So you don’t pay them superstar money or money close to what the stars will get (which is what’s going to happen with Wright even though we know he’s good). Since our defense is so good, teams are going to overpay for a guy like Wright in two years (and probably give him superstar type of money) because he was part of such a great “D.” Is Wright important? Yes. Is he the reason the defense is so good? He’s part of it, but he’s not nearly as much a part of it as ET or Sherman… that’s why you let the Wright guys leave and keep the core. Some “Wright” guys may be kept, but you have to prioritize them and you can’t keep them all.

    That’s just make take.

    I have no problem paying ET and Sherm. I realize others will be lost because of it. That’s part of the business. If you are ET and Sherm – you want the big payday, too (as we all would in that situation).

    If the owners truly cared about keeping all their players – they would get rid of the cap and let guys like Paul Allen spend away to keep their stars and their important players in one place (if a team were good/lucky enough to draft guys like the Hawks have, minus Moffpender, in recent years). However, the owners have determined that it is more important for them to save themselves from themselves (potential overspending) so there is a cap. Now the owners can blame the “greedy” players for wanting “too much” when the owners have those guaranteed safeguards of pretty much being guaranteed to profit every year regardless if they suck or not.

    If I’m ET or Sherm – I want to be paid! Periord. I will never blast either of them for wanting to be the highest paid FS and CB respectively.

  37. mocarob says:

    Anybody who wants a sound byte of Phish’s Wilson chant can download it here..

  38. deaman01 says:

    Haven’t posted here in a long time, but I had to respond to Georgia’s latest post. Who exactly would you replace Sherman with? I don’t see him as “replaceable”.

  39. chuck_easton says:


    We know you absolutely love you some Wilson. But Wilson with a bunch of nobodies around him, especially on the o-line will lead to a losing record and no play off appearances.

    Look at Flacco. Sure he got the big QB payday based on his win in the SB. Unfortunately Flacco forgot that there were 21 other starters and 44 other total guys on his team that helped him win that SB.

    So Flacco got paid. His better skill players had to walk because there was not enough money to go around. The Ravens go from SB champion to 8-8 and out of the playoffs.

    Where I do think Seattle has an advantage is Wilson doesn’t think like most NFL players. He is a student of the game. He sees the big picture. If any of the current Seahawk players would even consider the ‘home town discount’ so there is more money to be spread around, it would be Wilson. I don’t think he NEEDS to be the highest paid QB. He just wants to be on a winning team.

  40. I loved the pick of Golden Tate. Go back and look if you don’t believe me. I wanted him early in the 2nd round and I thought we had lost him when we swapped 2nd rounders with the Chargers that year (Weirdbeard trade) and ended up with a pick late in the 2nd… I was thrilled. He’s turned out to be a great pick and is an important part of this team.

    Fast forward to Tate being in his contract year, which is now: Is Tate important? Yes.

    Is Tate going to be paid superstar money on the open market? Yes (probably).

    Is he legitimately a superstar who can claim to be about the best WR in the NFL? No.

    Therefore, you do not pay a non-superstar money that superstars deserve to be paid.

    You pay superstars superstar money, do don’t pull a Ruskell and pay non-superstars superstar money. As much as it pains me, if Tate is going to demand superstar money, you have to let him walk.

    As I mentioned earlier with Wright, can you afford to keep a few guys like Wright or Tate? Yes. But you have to prioritize and can’t keep them all. Not even close. Tate is pretty much as good as gone, IMO. However, lets enjoy him for three more games (and be pleasantly surprised/jacked if he does resign).

  41. Players we have who are deserving of superstar money:

    Wilson – won’t be eligible for new contract until after next season

    Lynch – is in the midst of his final huge payday

    Harvin – only when he’s healthy, obviously (he’s kind of a weird case, because he’s no Megatron or AJ Green, but he can line up in the backfield, is about the best KR in the NFL, and basically commands doubles like true superstars do)


    Nobody else, IMO, is a legitimate superstar at their position at what they do (and I know Kam is 2nd team All Pro so a good argument can be made there)

    The “non” superstars, like Mebane, are handsomely paid and play a huge role on teams. Like I said, you can afford to keep some of those guys at millions and he’s an example of prioritizing a guy you give millions to (but can’t give everyone those types of millions).

    With a core of Wilson, ET, and Sherm… we’re going to be in good shape and need to keep drafting relatively well if we want to turn this thing into a great run that lasts for years and years.

  42. chuck_easton says:


    We agree there. That is why I have been saying all season that we should enjoy Tate this year because he will be playing for someone else next year. Not because I don’t like Tate. I just don’t see how the team can pay Harvin 13.5 million next season and find enough money to make Tate happy.

    Sherman is my worrying point. He is truly the BEST CB in the game. No question. As I said in another thread the other day. The current BEST PAID CB in the league is Revis at 13 million base and 3 million roster/workout bonuses a season for 16 million a year. So that is my starting point. Can the team afford to pay Sherman 16 million, Harvin 13.5 million, pay Thomas whatever the highest paid FS should get, leave enough room to pay Wilson when he’s due?

    Just those names above would add up to 18 million for Wilson (thinking he doesn’t need 20+ to be happy), 16 million for Sherman, 13.5 million for Harvin, and 7.5 million for Thomas (highest paid Safety is Polamalu at 7.5 and Berry the other All-Pro Safety makes 7.1m).

    So we are looking at tying up $55 million of Cap room for 4 players in 2015 or 42% of the total expected 2015 cap of 130m. That leaves the Seahawks 75m to sign 49 other guys.

    And while I agree the Cap stinks it was specifically put in place to stop the spending of the 49rs and Cowboys in the 1980’s when they were stocking their rosters with every elite player and could literally have their backups making more money than the majority of the starters on other teams. This leads to a situation where you know who will be in the play offs/SB pretty much every year and there is little for fans of the other 30 teams to look forward to. Parity is fix. Every year every team has a chance. Parity means that every team must stick within a spending window so that you actually have teams with less stars that can compete with the teams that pay a few guys and fill in with scrubs.

  43. Harvin at practice? Anyone

  44. chuck_easton says:

    Define “AT” practice.

    I’m sure he’s there. What he is actually doing is the mystery and Todd made it very clear that he can’t say.

    As I said yesterday, Harvin was “AT” practice yesterday but that consisted of running some routes with no defender on him and then sitting out all of team drills.

  45. twillis says:

    I am with xcman, it will come down to what they want as their legacy and how they prioritize shots at championships and playing with a close-knit group of players versus “I’m only respected if I’m the highest paid at my position”.

    Personally, if I had a “highest paid at my position” offer from CLE and a reasonable, but lower, offer from SEA, I’d stay with the Hawks. While more money is better, contracts are not guaranteed, and careers are short, there certainly is a point of diminishing returns. This is probably more true for players like Sherman who should have a lot of opportunities to make a comfortable living once they hang up their cleats (and who seem to have their heads on straight enough to take care of what they do earn).

    In the end, Hawks are going to loose some players, I’m just hopeful (drinking Georgia’s “Rainbows and Ponies Hawk Ale”) that *maybe* they’ll get some guys to back away from “Seattle must make me the highest paid at my position” to free up some extra cap to keep a mid-tier key player or two the Hawks might have otherwise lost.

    At the end of the day, it’s a business and I don’t begrudge these guys for going after every cent they can extract out of the teams. Certainly, teams will cut their buts as soon as they feel the players aren’t performing up to their contract.

    On a slightly related note, Nate Jackson’s book “Slow Getting Up” is a great read about life in the NFL on the bottom end of the depth chart.

  46. Chuck,

    I agree but my take is that you have to pay Sherman (in addition to ET and Wilson).

    The Percy trade really sucks in terms of him eating up so much money when there were other “real” Seahawks (born and raised, if you will, or drafted as the common term) the money should have eventually gone to. Now it is what it is.

    Mr. Happy got so concerned with “now” that he gave up a #1 pick that would have only cost under $8 million over 4 years (and under team control for 5 years) and two more picks for the right to pay a non-Seahawk a crapload of money so he could buy some third-world countries.

    The effects of the Percy trade will be felt in the near future and it had better not cost them a chance at a “real” Seahawk in Sherman or I’ll be pretty irate. If anything, if it was an either/or, I’d release Percy to sign Sherman and eat the lost money.

    Richard Sherman is a Seattle Seahawk, Percy Harvin was simply some guy who wanted to get paid and forced a trade. He didn’t care if he was a Seahawk or 49er or Ram or Cardinal or Titan or Bear… he simply wanted to be paid and be paid now.

    I’m going to be going crazy, in a good way, when Percy touches the ball next Saturday, but like you, I’m rooting for his uniform.

  47. mocarob says:

    Percy could ‘NOT’ be ‘AT’ practice. Would you prefer that?

  48. twillis says:

    Has there been any balloons floated from Tate’s camp on what he expects his next contract to look like? Or are we speculating based on an assumption that Tate looks at Harvin’s contract and says “I deserve that because I was on the field while PH was in the training room”? I can’t remember reading anything, but maybe missed it?

  49. jawpeace says:

    Finally back in town with the internet again. :)
    “According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the bad forecast for Green Bay’s game against the 49ers got worse. According to AccuWeather, the high will be minus-five degrees, the low will be minus-20 and the wind chill will be … MINUS-51 DEGREES.”
    I guess that they were having trouble selling out the game. They should offer discounted hot drinks (like for only $2.00) for fans who come and support their team in that weather. Hope the Whiners freeze.

  50. There is NO WAY Tate will get $10M. I don’t think he’ll even get $8M. Sidney Rice had an unbelievable year with Favre and he cashed in. Tate had a mediocre year and has had a very average career thus far statistically speaking. Look up his numbers versus other WRs in our team’s history. They’re average…seriously. And it’s not like our team is known for being a WR factory.

    He’s tough as nails, an above average returner, but not worth anywhere near $10M. $6M at the most and no more than 4 years. Anything more than that is way too much.

    By the way…Percy is overpaid as is Sidney Rice.

    I think if Sid comes back at a reduced rate to go along with Percy, then Baldwin would be perfect to resign while letting Tate go.

    In the interim, I’ll be cheering my a** off for #81, #89 and #11 as this IS our best chance to win it all.


  51. Dukeshire says:

    Wilson, Sherman, and Thomas will remain Seahawks through their next contracts. The cap would allow for that to happen. And presuming Carroll and Schneider draft well, there’s no reason this train can’t roll on for the next several years, IMO.

  52. Duke – Agreed.

  53. chuck_easton says:


    Actually the “AT” practice as defined by Harvin’s participation yesterday was light years better than the past 6 weeks when he wasn’t there at all!

    I’m just saying he’s made the next step and is attending.

    If he isn’t participating in team drills his chances of seeing the field next week are reduced. Fortunately there are still three practices next week for him to be a participant in and not just a spectator with a jersey as he was yesterday.

    Is that clear enough?

  54. Some of you are wondering why Sherman or Thomas would take less money from Seattle than another team. The answer is that Seattle can pay them after this season, as opposed to waiting another year. That gives Seattle leverage, especially with Sherman who makes very little. Thomas already makes good money but may be willing to take a little less so he can get a big chunk in a signing bonus.

    Just using some play numbers, say Sherman thinks he’s worth 15 million/year. He could wait until after next year (with potential injury / deterioration of play / etc) or he could sign after the playoffs for a contract that averages 12 million/year but pays him 20 million in the first year. That protects him for life and may be worth taking less money.

    They’ll use the same tactic with RW.

    It’s too late for Tate (he’s in his final contract year), but Baldwin can be tendered at a reasonable rate as a restricted free agent.

    Most importantly, the Hawks have a guy to do all this thinking. And he’s done pretty well so far (witness the Avril and Bennett signings this year) at managing the salary cap.

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree with Duke.
    And when I said the five most important people to the Seahawks organization for long term success, (Owner, FO, Wilson and Thomas,) I wasn’t leaving out Sherman as important to the teams short term success, as several other Seahawk players are too.

  56. I’d be willing to bet money that Tate will get a contract that pays him $6.01 million or more. We saw with Ruskell that teams will pay star money to players who aren’t stars so they can upgrade what they have. There are still numbskulls out there in charge of teams.

    If Danny Amendola can get over $6 million per year last year, there’s no reason Tate won’t get it this time around. Greg Jennings was almost 30 last off-season and got almost $50 million over 5 years.

    Some team is going to get crazy stupid and give Tate more than the Hawks can. It happens every year.

  57. Agree “eas,” They can save some dough by signing those guys now. I’d love to see Sherman resigned this off-season!

    I hope our guys don’t pull a Percy and weezil their way to a new team by whining about their money even though he was under team control for another full year, too.

  58. Thankfully, in that scenario, I don’t see Sherm or ET as a Weezil.

  59. I got Amendola @ $28.5M over 5 years and Jennings @ $47.5 over 5.

    Jennings has had 4 seasons with 9+ TDS and 65+ catches 5 times in his career.

    Tate has yet to see those numbers.

  60. The state of Minnesota already cancelled school for Monday. We border Wisconsin. It’s cold in these parts! We’re going to be about -30 to -70 (wind chill) on Sundaynight/Mondaymorning.

    If the 49ers win, playing in that cold for that many hours, you know that’s going to take a toll on their bodies and that some of those guys, you would think, are going to get sick. I went outside to shovel yesterday and it was “only” -14. I can’t imagine playing football in it for hours.

  61. mocarob says:

    I’m here everyday reading the comments. I know what you were referring to & what you meant. I asked if you preferred him not at practice.

  62. “Wilson, Sherman, and Thomas will remain Seahawks through their next contracts. The cap would allow for that to happen. And presuming Carroll and Schneider draft well, there’s no reason this train can’t roll on for the next several years, IMO.”

    Hope so. Agree w/everyone, those 3 (and Okung assuming he plays more like last year’s healthier versio) are the core of this team going forward.

  63. I saw Amendola at over $30 million for 5 years:

    When I said Jennings was “almost” $50 million, I thought that $47.5 million was pretty close to it. Either way, he wasn’t getting better, his play had declined (even though he used to be better) but he got $47.5 million over 5 years (and we all know he’s going to suck around the last few years of that contract, or at least I think most people know the Vikings are overpaying for those final years especially).

    I’ll rephrase the Jennings contact. He got $30.1 million over 5 years at 29 years of age. :)

  64. RDPoulsbo says:

    When I went to school in Iowa, -55 wind chill was the cutoff point for cancelling class. Cancelling due to snow is for the weak. Why is -55 a magic number? That’s when you’ll get frostbite with less than 5 minutes of exposure. Players might want to get special goggles to fit under the helmets along with fleece masks.

  65. chuck_easton says:


    As I said, ANY participation by Harvin at this point is an improvement.

    He hasn’t practiced, even in a limited capacity, for 6 weeks. He’s always been in doing his rehab alone while the team was on the field at practice.

    So, this is an improvement.

    My comment was more for the people that think Harvin being at practice somehow means he’s definitely going to play. It doesn’t. How many times is a player listed as a limited-participant in practice up until the Friday before the game and then he’s either OUT or Doubtful on the final injury report.

    Harvin being at practice in what was destribed by as a VERY limited capacity does not mean we will see him next week on Saturday.

    Of course I want to see him at practice, but as a FULL participant so that he can finally get out on the field on game day and start earning his keep.

  66. Realistically, Tate is probably gone. The theory being that some team will be willing to overpay for him. But realistically, some team probably should have done that for Avril and Bennett last year, but didn’t.

    Seattle has shown a willingness to pay top dollar for young, established offense players. Zach Miller. Harvin. Lynch. Rice.

    Seattle has shown a willingness to go young on defense. That’s where Pete and company can coach up the kids and turn them into stars. That’s where aggression and youth can pay off. Still, Kam was resigned. Clemons was resigned. Avril and Bennett were signed short term.

    I guess my point is, Seattle is unlikely to overpay for Tate. They will have a number they would love to have him back at, but if other teams see his potential and are willing to throw crazy money at him… well, Seattle has already invested enough in the WR position.

  67. SandpointHawk says:

    Our hope as fans is the New England model. You want a ring you play for less. The hard cap is bringing down salaries yearly, we saw it with the D-Line last year, good players who were willing to sign with Seattle for less in hopes of getting the ring. Sherman and Wilson have a real chance at long term employment if they can score a couple of rings. Just look at the career of Terry Bradshaw. Life after football, well the studio for a couple million a year works just fine for me…or I could buy a Subway franchise…

  68. jchawks08 says:

    How in the blank does Lacy make 2nd Team All-Pro and not Lynch?

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    At least chuck you are now holding out some hope.
    That is a major improvement over you saying a few days ago that Harvin going on IR this week was a done deal and there was no need to talk about him anymore. Lol.

  70. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Yeah big artic blast is hammering us as well. We got 8 inches of snow and single digit temps today and tomorrow.

  71. jchawks08 says:

    Scrolling through some of the comments. Just loving how people are discounting everything that Sherman has done in his Seattle career. IMO of course, he’s every bit as valuable as Thomas. Sign both and make sacrifices elsewhere. This team is built on defense and those 2 are the elite of the elite. ‘Next man up!’ Doesn’t always apply.

  72. jchawks – Couldn’t agree more. When you get a rare player that is legitimatly the best at their position in the NFL – you simply do not let them go.

    The good and very good players are replaceable although it always sucks to lose them. Superstars just don’t fall off trees.

  73. Vegas56 says:

    I skied last year in Utah in -14 (temperature, no idea what the wind chill was). It was impossible to stay comfortable even in the heaviest gear I had. My feet became so cold after 15 minutes skiing that I had to go inside to warm them before going back out. Those conditions really take a physical toll. I can’t imagine the winner being able to turn it around on a short week to come into Clink on Saturday and be at full effectiveness in the adverse conditions that Clink always is on a road team. What a nightmare scenario for the 49ers…surviving Lambeau in true arctic conditions then turning it around to play the Hawks in Clink on a short week. Even the Packers…that would be a nightmare for them too. No way either of those teams survive Clink after playing Sunday in those conditions.

  74. MoSeahawk12 says:
    Coach Pete said Percy practiced without setbacks.
    Good start to the weekend.

  75. PHXHawk says:

    Hope to not sound completely naive, but I can see that perhaps some of our players might want to stay in Seattle. Winning tradition, great coach and owner, quality facilities, top teammates, and the 12th man. Great place to raise a family compared to most other venues, and no income tax. If it was me, I would be willing to take a little less money than be on a perennial loser or in a crappy city.

  76. Average tenure for an NFL player is less than seven years. If you can make say, $30M by going to some other city or stay here for $20M, knowing that after your NFL career is up in 7 or so years, you can move back to Seattle, which would you do? That $10M is probably more money than that player will make in all the years after he leaves the NFL. That is a lot to leave on the table. And even if you decide to take a pay cut and stay in Seattle, there is a 90% chance you will be traded or cut before those 7 years are up anyway.

  77. raymaines says:

    An article of interest on a cozy evening in the Banana Belt of our fair country. How the Packers do things:

  78. I really think Tate can be a superstar in our offense, so hopefully we can keep him if we offer him somewhere around 6-8 mil/yr.

    If he plays for any other pass happy team he could put up crazy numbers. I always compare him to Steve Smith for people who aren’t familiar with GT.

    I don’t think there is any doubt that we will extend RW, ET, and Sherm.
    The question is how we keep the other important role players on this team such as Tate, Bennett, Baldwin and C. McDonald. We are going to have to cut many veterans including Rice, McQuistan, Giac, Red Bryant, and maybe Clem to create cap space. Many long nights and hard decisions for PC and JS. But for now let’s get this damn ring and worry about all the personnel decisions later.

    The question facing them is do they want to be really good for a few years or set themselves up to be great/dynasty level for a long time to come. Unfortunately I’m starting to think the PH trade may mess our cap up for awhile and create a hurdle for us to overcome in terms of being great for a long time. It just makes JS’s job more difficult.

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