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News, notes, quotes and video: Full day of practice for Harvin

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Jan. 3, 2014 at 4:15 pm with 26 Comments »
January 3, 2014 5:57 pm

Percy Harvin did everything except participate in the final two-minute drill at practice Friday.

Pete Carroll said that Harvin looked “very sharp” since he knows Darrell Bevell’s system from his time in Minnesota with him.

Barring a setback, Harvin is expected to be back at practice Monday. He won’t be speaking to reporters until later in the week.

“He did fine,” Carroll said. “He looked and I think he felt pretty good about it. He’s still got a little governor on what he’s doing here, which is the right thing to do. We’ll come back next week and get after it. I expect he’s going to make some progress, barring a setback. He’s very encouraged and we’re excited for him.

“If he had any issues we would have pulled him out, but that wasn’t necessary.”

Asked when they will know if Harvin will play, Carroll said he didn’t have that answer at this point.

“We will not rush to the decision at any time,” Carroll said.

Carroll again lauded Harvin’s effort to get back.

“I’m really proud of him,” Carroll said. “I’m so excited about how he’s fought to get to this point and did not back off it. He might have had the opportunity to waver and give into it, say, Ok, I just have to wait. He’s been challenged because it means so much to him. I’m just so proud of him that he’s made it to this point, whether he plays or not.”

Other news:

> An updated note: Marshawn Lynch’s attorney says they were able to push Lynch’s DUI trial date back again today in court. New trial date is Feb. 21.

> Carroll said K.J. Wright will not be back for the first playoff game, but should be ready for a second, if there is one.

> Luke Willson ran and cut today. As we mentioned prior, Willson has had a high ankle sprain before. Carroll said Willson told him the day after the injury, “I’ll play.” Carroll said they won’t know until Wednesday or Thursday of next week if Willson will be ready for Saturday.

> Jermaine Kearse will be back full next week.

> Russell Okung (toe) has been held out of practice and has been rehabbing all week.

> Carroll said they just had the two best practices of the year this week.

Here’s some Earl Thomas video from today:

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  1. Beachhawk says:

    Saying all the right stuff. I like it. Thanks Todd.

  2. thursday says:

    I’m ready for next Saturday lol

  3. That’s unexpectedly good news on Willson — after seeing him get the air cast when it happened, I assumed he was done for the year. He’s an important cog in things.

    Still holding my breath re Percy . . will be very happy if he plays, but still not counting my chickens there.

  4. I really like that Carroll said they just had the two best practices of the year that is awesome. His comments on Percy were encouraging also.


  5. montanamike2 says:

    I wouldn’t want to come to Seattle if i was playing on another team.

  6. DreadHawks says:

    While guys can use the rest I kind of wish we were playing this week. All good things in good time I guess. Go Hawks!

  7. vichawkfan says:

    Coach does a masterful job of managing the players, and by that I mean he will never throw anyone under the bus. This comes in handy when FA period begins. Too early to say but I think he ends up in the HOF when the dust settles.
    Harvin plays I suspect. The bigger question will be the week after and then Feb 2.

  8. edstang45 says:

    Well were hearing all the right things..I’m trying to be patient and not get to confident in the first game trying to be low keyed and not be the Homer I am, but holy biscuit bakin son of a basket weaver I’m ready For this team (including Harvin) to Kick some Saint or 49er ass!!!! or whoever wants to come to south Alaska!!! oooosah nice to have the bye but I’m ready Baby…Go Hawks

  9. Man, I thought Willson was done last week, too. Glad he’s not (even if he doesn’t play next week, as I expect a W vs. no matter who).

    In an unrelated note – Todd – tell the Seahawks (I’m kidding) to offer jerseys for little kids other than a few players. I ordered my little guy a 4T Kam/Wilson/Sherm (for xmas, not many unrelated non-Seahawks presents from me, good thing Mom is around) but there weren’t many other options available. He’s got a 2T Earl Thomas, but that’s almost too small now and I want an updated version! They have plenty Wilson (one “l”) but I needed an upgrated version from 3T, as he’s growing pretty darn quickly!

    This is a random question for other Hawk fans who are owners of the “authentic” wolf grey jerseys. Is the light blue kind of “light” in the numbers on your jerseys? They don’t appear that way on t.v. I want to know if I got scammed on a recent (adult) order of jerseys (from a different website/person I’ve ordered jerseys from in the past). I also ordered a blue and white Wilson and they are the real deal, as have my past ordered from them. The grey just seem a little different than I expected. Thoughts? Thanks. Todd-what about you? You’ve seen the numbers of the grey… are they really almost kind of light blue, in addition to the darker blue???

  10. Vegas56 says:

    “Whether he plays or not.”

    I’ve seen too many conspiracy type TV programs, I guess. That little addendum at the end of his statement is potentially telling. Harvin putting out the max effort to try gives him and Carroll and Schneider some cover. Show you care stuff. Show you want it and don’t make all of us look bad. The Devil’s Advocate could call all this mini-drama with Harvin cover too.

    I don’t really believe that…I don’t really believe anything at all related to the Harvin mini-drama…but it could be PR cover almost as easily as it could be playing with opponents minds next week, almost as easily as it could be Harvin’s face value effort to be ready for next Saturday. Who the Hell knows? And Carroll, as usual, is going to keep the cards hidden.

  11. Vegas56 says:

    If you look at his comments…Carroll gives some very specific timelines for KJ…and even some pretty specific details on when we’ll know Willson’s status…and he was carted off the field on a vehicle five days ago. But his comments on Harvin continue to be enigmatic riddles. It just makes you have to consider that other things are at play here.

  12. Skavage says:

    Thought I would pull a “GeorgiaHawk” and share a link. No doubt many of you have seen this before but if you haven’t it’s well worth 10 minutes or so of your life. And if you are tight on time just watch the 2nd half starting about the 6:06 mark. Makes you want to shed a tear just a bit. But also makes me proud to be both a Seattle Seahawk fan and a Russell Wilson fan.

  13. Audible says:

    Sounds like Carroll is trying to be supportive publicly while taking an, “I’ll believe it when I see it” stance…can’t blame him for that.

    I”m usually pretty supportive of our players, but the Harvin situation leaves me skeptical and suspicious…the timing of the Minnesota game, the timing of his surprising return to practice after Carroll’s presser.

    We all know people who talk a good game but don’t follow through. An old friend used to say, “the proof is in the pudding”.

  14. I think he just was saying he was proud he has made it back this far 4 months after major surgery, the effort he has put in rehabbing whether he plays or not.Sounds like its 50/50 to me next week and if we make it to the next game he should be fine. What an addition that will be to the team if only in the kicking game.


  15. HawkyHann says:

    Here comes Percy…

  16. MoSeahawk12 says:

    To suggest Percy has the final say over when and if he plays is giving the guy too much credit. It’s been a trainer/doctor stance and Carroll has final decision. To imply that Harvin doesn’t want to play and that Carroll would stand for that is ridiculous. He has discarded plenty of players that didn’t want to put in the work. Lendale White, Mike Williams, Curry, Housmanloser to name a few. I think Carroll has earned the benefit of the doubt and I seriously don’t believe he’d stand for a player to dictate where and when. He’s got team buy in and plenty of veterans that wouldn’t let that slide. Percy is in the mix that’s all we know. He may go, may not, but if he’s available that would provide a big spark and a bonus. If not, so be it, but don’t discount the coaching and complete turnaround that Carroll has done in the four seasons he’s been in charge. He’s running this team, not one player, no matter how electric. Enjoy having the best record in the NFL and a first round bye for only the second time ever, to go along with the #1 D.

  17. thursday says:

    It’s funny, because on the other end of the conspiracy theory, I feel like Carroll’s continuous ambiguity at this point is to divert suspicion that he purposely shelved Harvin until this time.

    But reading between the lines with Harvin and his teammates, I don’t believe he’s just giving it a “practice run”. He’s in.

  18. What gets me is to think that Percy Harvin or any player would not want to be in on the Superbowl run is just nuts.

  19. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Exactly cerjam. This is what these guys risk all for. Legends are made in the playoff and Superbowl appearances. To think a super competitive, world class athlete would rather watch is crazy. The big dance has a powerful appeal.

  20. pabuwal says:

    How about that Carroll really has no idea and will only know when the time comes?

  21. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Maybe it’s the long time suffering Hawks fan, but I’m willing to let the homer in me enjoy this historic season and have faith that these guys take care of business this year. With or without Percy.

    From Coach Carroll.
    “I’m really proud of how he’s fought to get to this point,” Carroll said after Friday’s practice. “It’s been a long process, but the fact that we’re near the end now, he’s just going to push to see if he can do it.

    “He would not back off. He might have had the opportunity to waiver and give in to it and say, ‘I just have to wait.’ But it means so much to him. I’m really proud of him that he’s made it to this point, whether he plays or not.”

  22. Southendzone says:

    WTF is up with that reporter on the left side of the frame? His eyebrows are going up and down like crazy, it was so distracting I had to stop the interview at the 1:30 mark.

  23. MoSeahawk12 says:

    That’s Claire Farnsworth, longtime Seahawks reporter. That was kinda distracting. He’s a really good guy though. Been through all kinds of good and bad with this team.

  24. Southendzone says:

    He is a good guy sure, but if you got a crazy eyebrow twitch, scoot out of the camera.

  25. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Solid career advice Southern.

  26. banosser says:

    MoSeaHawk… Exactly re Harvin

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