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Tweet link: Bevell being interviewed today by Redskins

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 31, 2013 at 4:35 pm with 18 Comments »
December 31, 2013 4:35 pm

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  1. Hawkjitsu says:

    They flew here and interviewed him TODAY. Guess they like him…..goddamnit.

  2. Bevell hasn’t done anything great here. I would love to see him coach the DC team. “GD” is a bit of an over reaction.

  3. Redskins worst owner in the NFL

  4. they gave permission today – they have to do it before the 5th or he won’t be allowed to do it until out of playoffs

  5. seahawkfan97 says:

    I just read the hawks live chat and saw at the end of it that cox was signed by the whiners…isn’t it a bit rude and selfish to sign a bunch of our players, glean the info and discard em?? I mean really get a guys hopes up and then cut him again…

  6. Snyder – Jones – Lerner all 3 of those guys are totally goofball owners

  7. If Bevell stays, that’s fine. If he goes, that’s fine, too.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So much for the I knew he was gay assumptions.
    Almost as ridicules as the Harvin going to IR assumptions.
    Or Michaels refusing to Play special teams assumptions.–nfl.html

  9. Unless someone molests children, I could care less about their sexuality and what they want to do behind closed doors. If they are good people, who cares?

    The only thing that matters is getting your job done on the field if you’re a football player. I’m pretty sure I’d rather have a Richard Sherman talent at CB (note I didn’t say Sherman specifically) who was gay over a straight Kelly Jennings type of player any day of the week.

    You guys ready for the next 4+ weeks of Seahawks football? It’s going to be special. I have that feeling!

  10. Let’s not forget the impact Bevell has had on Russell Wilson. It would be a loss for him to go elsewhere.

    I am kind of surprised to see the interest in Quinn at this point. After all he inherited a hugely talented defense.

    Frankly I’d like to see the NFL incorporate a rule of no interviewing or hiring of ANY head coach positions until after the Super Bowl. But given the length of the season and relatively short time between the SB and the draft, that would put undue pressure on new coaching staffs.

  11. I guess I am – more or less – in the if he goes or not is fine camp.

    But if he DOES go, who would we the replacement OC be? Not saying Bevell is the best OC ever, but we have had worse…..

  12. SaigonSun says:

    I’ll ( try) to be like GeorgiaHawk ;
    Go Bevell go, and don’t you come back
    no mo’,no mo’,no mo’
    go Bevell to DC
    and don’t come back no mo’.


  13. How many coaches has Snyder run through? Sure, it’s a head coaching gig in the NFL, but not sure why anyone would want that job with that ownership.

  14. The Texans hired Penn St’s HC Bill O’Brien to replace Gary Kubiac. Whatever happened to the Rooney Rule?

  15. And O’Brien was just making promises to new recruits. Not a good way to handle business.

  16. ChrisHolmes says:

    I like Bevell. Quite a bit. He runs a style of offense I’ve always wished we would run. It’s very attacking (as witnessed by RW’s yards per pass attempt, and his completion percentage on passes over 20 yards).

    We run an offense that is predicated on running the ball. But what you do off that is what I like: Lots of play action from under center (although Bevell will throw a straight-up 5 or 7-step dropback from under center as well, which is good, because teams can’t key on anything when Wilson is under center).

    But what I really love is his use of the shotgun, the 4WR and 5WR sets. He goes empty backfield a lot (when we have the healthy WR’s to do it), and he spreads the field and makes everyone a receiver.

    On top of that, he keeps Marshawn in the game and splits him out (much like Holmgren used to do), which creates all sorts of mismatch problems with the slot receiver to that side, or Lynch against a LB on the sideline, way out in space. Holmgren used to do that to create the slot receiver mismatch, because they never wanted to actually throw that pass to Alexander. But with Lynch, the defense has to respect it.

    Anyway, I could go on. I like the offense a lot. Bevell does a couple of things I don’t like (the WR screen is still too ineffective on a yards-per-play basis to merit how often he throws it) and I do wish he’d incorporate more draws and screens, but overall I really like his style. And I think he works well with Wilson.

    Changing offense coordinators is always a crapshoot, and history has proven it can set QBs and whole offenses back. I like watching Bevell grow and trust Wilson. This offense that Bevell runs will only get better as we acquire and develop more receivers (like if Harvin and Tate could actually play together next year).

    So… Maybe I’m the only guy, but I’m firmly in the “I don’t him to go” camp.

    And one last thing: Griffin can’t run Bevell’s offense. He’s a 1-read QB. So that’s not a good fit.

  17. raymaines says:

    Considering that at least 6 head coaching jobs open up every year, I think if I were a hot prospect (I’m thinking of Dan Quinn) I would be pretty fussy about which owner I worked for. Snyder goes through coaches in D.C. fast enough to make me think he’s really hard to work for but the Ford family in Detroit are loyal to a fault, as examples.

    And I’m not hyper ambitious so maybe nothing I say about this has any real meaning, but I think I might be tempted to stay on as a coordinator working under JS&PC and for Paul Allen on a successful team in a nice city rather than be the HC in Detroit.

  18. twillis says:

    klm – I think the Texans interviewed Lovie Smith shortly after they fired Kubiak.

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