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Morning Links: Herrrrrrrre’s Per … well, almost

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 31, 2013 at 1:31 am with 128 Comments »
December 31, 2013 1:31 am

Good morning.

Percy Harvin will. Percy Harvin won’t. Percy Harvin might.

Pete Carroll eschewed his ongoing vague and evasive approach to Percy Harvin questions Monday and said Harvin will practice Thursday. If that happens, it will be the first time since Friday, Nov. 15.

Carroll had stated directly in the past that Harvin would not practice. However, he hadn’t provided the extended answers about Harvin that he did Monday. And, certainly, it’s a surprise that Harvin is expected to practice for the first time in six weeks with the goal being to play in the playoffs.

“He’s come to the point where we can go to that and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for him,” Carroll said. “He wants to contribute and be a part of this team and he’s going to do everything he can to do that. So we’ll see what happens.”

I wrote more about Harvin for today’s paper.

To repeat what Carroll said yesterday:

> Stashing Harvin away until the playoffs was not part of some master plan. This is the way it worked out. He’ll practice Thursday, then they will see.

> Neither Harvin’s contract nor any personal situation had any influence on how he has been handled. It’s strictly an injury issue.

> He is very pleased with the amount of effort Harvin has put in to return to the field.

> He didn’t mention a grassy knoll or second shooter.

One other note about Carroll, who has one more year on his deal with the team that pays him $7 million annually: I asked him if his contract had been extended or changed in any way. He smiled and said, “I’m in great shape.”

And, an additional note that there were reports yesterday that the Minnesota Vikings are interested in talking to Dan Quinn and Darrell Bevell about their head coach opening. The Cleveland Browns have also reportedly asked to interview Quinn.

Our Dave Boling took a look at the NFC playoff picture. He’s already getting revved up for one more visit from the San Francisco 49ers. From Boling:

There’s only one way this has to go.

Philadelphia must beat New Orleans on Saturday, and San Francisco has to top Green Bay on Sunday afternoon.

If those tumblers fall, it will bring the San Francisco 49ers back to Seattle on Jan. 11 for a divisional round playoff game at CenturyLink Field.

Hopefully there will be enough time to do a full seismic retrofit of the region’s buildings and bridges, because a third meeting between these teams this season might cause tectonic shifting — players colliding like continental plates, and fans just coming entirely undone.

Here’s a look at the NFC playoffs from our Darrin Beene:


1. Seattle (13-3)

Strengths: Defense ranks 1st in NFC in total yards (273.6) and points allowed (14.4). Seahawks’ good-but-not-flashy offense doesn’t make mistakes, with a league-best +20 turnover margin and fourth-best mark of 26.1 points per game. Special teams are air-tight.

Weaknesses: Suffered most penalties in the NFL. Offense is streaky and prone to some funks (11th in NFC in total yards at 339.0 per game)

X factor: Homefield advantage is huge; team is 5-1 in the playoffs all-time at CenturyLink Field since it opened in 2002.

2. Carolina (12-4)

Strengths: Led NFL in sacks with 60 and has second ranked-defense in NFC (301.2 yards per game, 15.1 points per game). QB Cam Newton is a true dual threat (585 yards rushing, 3,379 yards passing).

Weaknesses: Offense lacks dynamic playmakers outside of Newton, and finished 11th in NFC in scoring (22.9 ppg) and 13th in total yards (316.8 ypg).

X factor: Teams lacks playoff pedigree, making postseason for first time since 2008. Are they just glad to be here?

3. Philadelphia (10-6)

Strengths: Coach Chip Kelly’s offense was one of the NFC’s best, ranking first in yards per game (417.3) and second in points (27.6). RB LeSean McCoy (NFL-best 1,607 yards) and WR DeSean Jackson (1,332 yards) are special.

Weaknesses: Defense is just so-so, ranking 13th in NFC in yards allowed (394.2), 8th in points (23.9) and 9th in sacks (37). QB Nick Foles makes his playoffs debut.

X factor: How good are they? Six wins were against sub-.500 teams, and two more were against 8-8 teams. NFC East was weak, so winning it is no great accomplishment.

4. Green Bay (8-7-1)

Strengths: With QB Aaron Rodgers and WR Randall Cobb back from injuries, the Packers’ offense might be NFC’s best. And they can run it, too, with Eddie Lacy (1,178 yards) and James Starks (493).

Weaknesses: Weakest defense of the playoff teams, giving up 372.3 yards and 26.8 points per game. Their best defender, Clay Matthews (thumb injury) is questionable for the playoffs.

X factor: Rodgers provided a huge lift in the season finale, delivering the game-winning TD on fourth down. If he gets hot, it might be enough to overcome the leaky defense.

5. San Francisco (12-4)

Strengths: The 49ers are balanced, ranking 7th in NFC in scoring (25.4 points) and third in points allowed (17.0). And they’re the defending NFC champs, so they’ve been here-done-that.

Weakness: This is an older team that will have to win twice on the road just to get to the NFC championship game.

X factor: As QB Colin Kaepernick goes, so go the 49ers. In their wins, he completed 61.4 percent of passes with a 19-2 TD-to-INT ratio. In losses, he was 50.0 and 2-6 TD-to-INT ration.

6. New Orleans (11-5)

Strengths: Coach Sean Payton is back leading an explosive offense after a year suspension, and the defense is much improved, ranking third in total yards (305.7), fourth in scoring (19.0) and second in sacks (49).

Weakness: Saints have no running game, and must rely on QB Drew Brees to move the ball. And, they struggled on the road this season (3-5).

X factor: Like the 49ers, they’re an experience crew but will have to get it done away from home. Already this season, they’ve lost at Carolina and at Seattle.


> Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN with what we learned from Sunday’s win against St. Louis.

> Seahawks playoff tickets go on sale this morning.

> talks to Michael Bennett about the state of the defense.

> Peter King writes about the return of Aaron Rodgers.

> Thought this was an interesting tweet from MMQB’s Greg Bedard:

He’s referencing current Penn State coach Bill O’Brien, who was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at one point in New England. Bedard was wondering if O’Brien would be interested in the Detroit job and if Matthew Stafford carried that level of commitment.

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  1. “He didn’t mention a grassy knoll or second shooter.”

    I take exception to that. I have it from a good source that there was a puff of smoke coming from the grassy knoll of the VMAC in May right at the time of the Harvin injury.

  2. SandpointHawk says:

    And of course the magic bullet was never found…

  3. We’ll see if Harvin plays, and then for how long. Im not buying Carrols crap at this point. We shall see what we shall see.

    Since when has rushing a guy back from injury EVER worked–outside Freak Of Nature Adrian Peterson?!

    Had they left Harvin to rehab longer and waited till the original time table, perhaps we wouldnt be where we are now; in limbo. Then again, perhaps it wouldnt have mattered. Go Harvin, lets get some return on that ridiculous contract we gave you…

  4. montanamike2 says:

    I’m almost wondering if this is a ploy to make our next opponent have to prepare for him, i’m hoping not but you never know with Pete.

  5. montanamike2 says:

    I’m still kind of pissed that Harvin came back too early to play against the Vikings and probably had a setback. Funny how the hip surgery was “a minor procedure”, and now it was a major surgery. Help us win the trophy and a lot will be forgiven. If Rice is healthy and willing to take a major paycut i’d like him back, his absence is felt.

  6. Rices absence is only felt because Kearse needs more playing time, and was out for the most if not all of last week and we had Walters playing instead. By next year, Kearse will make Rice utterly irrelevant.

    It also didnt help that after the success on offense in the NO game, Bevell went all conservative vs the Niners, then stuck to his “run the ball then throw deep routes only” and had RW ignoring checkdowns for totally covered recievers downfield.

    Seriously, you could see that the Giants and Cards had our routes totally figured out and were blanketing our WR’s, yet Bevell made no apparent adjustments until the Rams game when he FINALLY began calling short, quick passes….

    You have to mix it up. You cant just run the ball and get chunk plays every time you throw the ball. Duh. Time to bring back some of the old-school WCO staples…

    Rice is a good route runner, and can make tiptoe catches. But he drops the ball as often as not when he’s hit, and was good for a whole 2 catches a game. Its high time to move on, and get the young guys some experience. Kearse will be a hell of a player once he gets some real time in. Not to mention we need Rice’s salary for other guys–like Tate–who can actually affect the outcome of a game.

  7. montanamike2 says:

    I only meant resigning him if he’s healthy and willing to play for chump change. He’ll probably never be completely healthy, but for sure Kearse needs more playing time. Our success as a team depends on our FO’s ability to restock with cheap picks while locking up the core players.

  8. seahawkfan97 says:

    so why aren’t we using the tight ends?? Is it a vision problem across the middle for Wilson? what gives guys…every time we have tried those down the middle to miller passes we get good things…every time is a bit absolute but you know what I mean..if we don’t have time then a short slant down the middle..instead of what you guys are talking about

  9. Its the line. They cant block, so the TE has to stay home.

  10. No worries montanamike2. When Kearse was healthy and Bevell was mixing it up in the passing game, the team was better off without Rice. I think we’re better off going with Tate, Baldwin, Kearse, and hopefully a big fast project from the draft, and Harvin–if he’s actually more than a myth. But Rice does know the system and as I said, was our best route runner besides Baldwin.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Michael Bennett turned out to be a huge free agent pick up! I hope we will be the team that can sign him long term after this season.

    I know his brother in Detroit is trying hard to recruit him but hopefully playing for a winner will influence him to stay.

    Money talks though.

  12. Chicago, Georgia.

  13. montanamike2 says:

    The situation in Detroit is dire right now, i hope Bennett stays to get rings because he’s a disruptive force.

  14. yankinta says:

    Would love it if we could get Trent Murphy!! Cliff will be gone after this season….

  15. montanamike2 says:

    My mistake too. Chicago isn’t a whole lot better than Detroit.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    My bad nate.

    Seahawks finish #1 in the final dvoa ratings for the second year in a row.

  17. Palerydr says:

    @CDHawkfan my professional comment from yesterday was only in reference to his play on the field where he has cleaned up his route running IMO. I also feel he has prepared well for game day. I detest his look at me attitude and am still scratching my head over the bow he took. As STTBM pointed out Tate took some serious hits and kept getting up I was personally impressed by that display of toughness.

    Chuck I don’t see Rice on the field next year we will need that money for Tate but not at 10 mil a year. I see Rices roll filled by Kearse which after watching him play at UW I wasn’t sure he could even come remotely close to the level of play he’s developed in the NFL.

    NFL teams are all about deception so why not make another team game plan for Percy on a possible short week.

  18. Palerydr says:

    Something I try to watch for but lose sight of during the games is how many times does RW through the ball from a 3 step drop? Has anyone else picked up on that cuz I just don’t seem to remember those types of throws? I would guess that his height is a factor in making these type of throws cuz I just can’t seem to remember any WR catching a quick slant which is a staple of the WC Offense.

  19. yankinta says:

    lol, I saw where someone said Carlson Palmer carried the Arizona Cardinals, 1-11 to close 2012, to a 10-6 season this year, the dude still got it and is the real deal….. that’s like saying Luck carried the Colts to 10-6 in 2012….. except the previous teams on both sides had 4th String QBs playing for them previously…. the actual teams had great players on it,, other than the 4th string QBs

    Some people will still look on the surface and jump to conclusion…. Such an amateur move!! :)

  20. Who here believes in Bill Leavy, the Steelers, Super Bowls and Conspiracy theories?

    Stupid question – everyone on this board!

    The last 4 Super Bowl Winners played in Philly for the Eagles home opener. This year’s Eagles home opener was against SD.

    After watching Leavy’s handywork this weekend, you want to run and take the Chargers at 40:1 to win the Super Bowl.

  21. yankinta says:

    pabuwal,, Let’s hope that Bill Leavy nor Ron Winter will not be officiating any of our games this Off Season.

  22. I believe in LEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was a defender of Rice. I still say he was really important in 2012. It’s harder to say in 2013. He didn’t seem the same earlier in the season to me, but the o-line was sooooooooooo horrible that it was hard to judge. Regardless, he is gone now.

  23. Southendzone says:

    Yank, I think you hit on one of the keys to becoming coach of the year. Look for a good team with at least one of these 2 things:

    1) Bad Coach
    2) Bad QB

    Take over, change the QB from terrible to even respectable and you’re in for a big improvement year over year.

    Harbaugh, Reed, Arians, 3 recent examples of this working

  24. What about the Colts going 11-5 in the WEAKEST division, eh yank?

    I would agree with you that they suck and don’t deserve their spot. Almost as weak as winning the NFC Least.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    From Pro Football Focus-

    “Tate notched a season high five missed tackles against the Rams yesterday notching 64 yards after the catch, his second highest total of the season. That took his season total for missed tackles forced to 21, the most among receivers this season, he was third behind Brandon Marshall and now team-mate Percy Harvin last season.”

    If Harvin does get back to playing this season we will have a huge advantage, (with regards to missed tackles forced) with him, Tate and Lynch.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Nate, the Colts certainly do deserve their spot. How many teams that suck have beaten the Seahawks, Broncos, 49ers and Chiefs this season?

    I wouldn’t count them out with Luck as their QB. He’s a proven winner with the game on the line.

  27. TallyHawk says:

    What happened to the TEs? Like the throw that hit Luke in the hands that would’ve gone for 30 yds? Or the 75 yd TD that got blown dead for some reason? I realize that Zach especially is asked to block but if those 2 plays come off Luke is looking at 100+ yds and no one is saying what happened to the TEs.

  28. Georgia, Colts still suck and will lose this weekend. Bet on it.

  29. I give the Colts that they went 3-0 to end the season, but they still played in a GARBAGE division. 13 whole wins by the other 3 teams in the division. PATHETIC!

  30. 70.6 QB Rating for Luck in the 4th quarter while within 7 points.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Doesn’t matter nate, the Colts know they can beat the best and have proven it.
    Plus they have nothing to lose. I wouldn’t want to face them in the playoffs.
    I can see them getting on a roll just as much as I can see them rolling over.

  32. “And of course the magic bullet was never found…”

    Yes it was. But, whatever.

  33. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Something I try to watch for but lose sight of during the games is how many times does RW through the ball from a 3 step drop? Has anyone else picked up on that cuz I just don’t seem to remember those types of throws?”

    Seattle doesn’t run that kind of offense, but those kind of throws have been there.

    RW takes most of his dropback passing snaps from the shotgun formation. When he’s under center, he’s usually running play action.

    There were a few quick passes Sunday. The lanes are there and he uses them when the coverage dictates (there was one pass, in particular, to Tate that was a laser on a play that was a slant/drag). His height is not a factor. Watch the tape.

    The whole 3-step-drop-and-throw thing works in a traditional WC offense where your QB is taking all the snaps under center, like Holmgren used to run. Bevell doesn’t run that kind of offense at all. He throws a lot out of the shotgun with 4 and 5 WR. It’s more of the kind of offense that the Patriots run when they have the receivers to run it.

  34. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk, I’d like to agree with you but all those wins have asterisks next to them. I guess we will see the truth this Sat. My bet is they’ll get blown out bye the Chiefs…. :)

  35. SandpointHawk says:

    Not the third bullet…

  36. Macabrevity says:

    If we can get Percy to come in for us and manage some costocoracoid ligament shortness in a playoff game I think that would be enough to get us to the NFC championship game, but if he can only muster up a case of pyloric stenosis then I don’t think he’ll be the difference maker we were all counting on.

    Let’s hope Percy has it in him to come up with a never-before-seen medical condition which the opposing team’s doctors don’t have an answer for.

  37. We all know that JFK was killed by MAGIC!

  38. vichawkfan says:

    Skins now lining up Bevell. At what point does Caroll say enough?! Time to focus!

  39. thursday says:

    Of course Carroll denies there was any plan, but I’m not buying it. I’m also not as surprised about this as everyone else seems to be (lol) as I’ve been suspecting this appearance all along, in spite of all the noise about IR.

    I feel even better about it because so far Percy hasn’t tweeted he was ready to go unless he was ready to go.

  40. Palerydr says:

    Thanks for the clarifications ChrisHolmes

  41. I’ll bet both my kids’ lives and my own that Oswald did not act alone. It’s easy to make a bet like that when you know there’s a 0.0% chance I could be wrong.

    I’ll also bet anyone $100 that the Seahawks win the Super Bowl if there are no major injuries and Percy can play/contribute.

    I actually want to play the 49ers right away. I think we pound them at home, as has been the pattern in recent history. Even if we don’t pound them, I believe we win. Nothing would be sweeter than taking them out (embarassing them actually) on our way to a Super Bowl victory. Then we could collect money and put up a billboard in San Francisco with a Lombardi Trophy and tell them that this is what one looks like from this century (not that the looks have changed). We could also have a drawing of Harbaugh giving Kap the heimlich inside of Century Link.

  42. hawkdawg says:

    Cliff is NOT gone next year. That’s Bennett. We have Cliff under contract for the 2014 season.

  43. From Harvin conspiracies to JFK conspiracies. Just another day on the Hawks’ blog, eh?

  44. ChrisHolmes says:

    I often wonder if we’ll ever know the truth about JFK. I’m with BobbyK though: I don’t think Oswald acted alone. And various sources/reports and analysis suggest there was more than one shooter involved. It’s s shame we’ll probably never know the truth.

    And while I’m definitely not a conspiracy theory type of guy (I really loath those dudes), I do think there is something to the idea that when you lock down a story like JFK’s for as long as it has been locked down, and keep it locked down, then you have to look at who has the power, means and motive to keep such a story in place and locked down for so long. And I can only think of one entity. Our own government.

    Anyway, back to football. If Percy plays… It’s a huge boost. He’s just an awesome weapon and he’s going to cause serious panic for defenses.

    And I’m with those of you who want to see us play the 49ers again. And here’s my reasons why:

    1) I think our secondary matches up well against their receivers. Clearly we shut down New Orleans and could do it again, but I think with Sherman locked on Boldin, the 49ers passing game becomes less effective.

    2) We’re playing great against the run right now. I think our front 7 would be up for the challenge of stopping Gore and Co, and they’d do it.

    3) I think Kaepernick is the least proficient of the QB’s we’d face. He’s more prone to mistakes. He doesn’t read defense as well and he definitely doesn’t anticipate throwing lanes like the other guys.

    It would be a slug-fest, but it’s a matchup I like, and nothing feels as good as watching Harbaugh make the Harbaugh face.

  45. I have a Magic Bullet! Actually, its my second…the last one was way better. This one I pretty much just use for grinding coffee, and none of the parts fit right. Damn those chinese child workers, they need to get those tolerances back where they belong–what are we paying them 10c per hour for the ungrateful wretches! Gar!

    This blog is a collection of freaks! Theres our resident Lawyer (Canadian, even!), a JFK Conspiracy Nut or three, a drunk (or several), a Troll (Not of the Norwegian Variety, and minus a bridge), a member of the Royalty, A Mary Jane expert, A resident expert in the medical field, a wounded veteran, a couple raging loons, and at least one ex-poster who was likely certifiable (Bonus Points for guessing who that was), not to mention the usual rabble of sycophants and fanboys, and me, the most popular blogger and number one fan of Tom Cable, the ZBS, and JR Sweezebag!

    A Motley Crew for sure, but the best blog in Seahawks land as well. Happy New Year folks, and thanks for keeping the blog real…er, interesting!

  46. We’re all lunatics in our own way. Just like Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas are workaholics. And, hopefully, just as we’re about to finally experience seeing Paul Allen accept a Lombardi Trophy!

  47. Southendzone says:

    Nice one STTBM, did you hear that 4 TNT blog regulars were selected to the 2013 Blogger Pro-Bowl.

    Chris Holmes for his video review & insight
    BobbyK: Lifetime Achievement award
    MontanaMike for his unexpected short quips
    Yanker (voting error).

  48. “3) I think Kaepernick is the least proficient of the QB’s we’d face. He’s more prone to mistakes. He doesn’t read defense as well and he definitely doesn’t anticipate throwing lanes like the other guys”

    Yeah, but he’s a wild card, and can also make things happen with his feet that none of the other QBs (other than Kam) can do – – he’s erratic, but he can be a scary QB. Also, Gore always seems to have our number. Push comes to shove I think I’d rather play Carolina than SF.

  49. “This blog is a collection of freaks! Theres our resident Lawyer (Canadian, even!), a JFK Conspiracy Nut or three, a drunk (or several), a Troll (Not of the Norwegian Variety, and minus a bridge), a member of the Royalty, A Mary Jane expert, A resident expert in the medical field, a wounded veteran, a couple raging loons, and at least one ex-poster who was likely certifiable (Bonus Points for guessing who that was), not to mention the usual rabble of sycophants and fanboys, and me, the most popular blogger and number one fan of Tom Cable, the ZBS, and JR Sweezebag!”

    Well shite, if this isn’t true then I must be a monkeys’ uncle. Not sure how many of those refer to me. Cheers.

  50. “one ex-poster who was likely certifiable (Bonus Points for guessing who that was)”

    ACIB? ElPerroGrande? we’ve had a few . .

  51. Thanks for the link, pdway. Not going to assume anything for sure, but if Ed Werder turns out to be right then some people here have “Some splainin to do”, as Rickie Ricardo would say.

  52. bbmate–I combined posters in one category, and had a poster or two in more than one category to prevent anyone from getting all bent out of shape. It was lighthearted. I like this blog, even after reading the comments from the Saturday Night Meltdown lol!

    pdway–I’d like to see some other folks make guesses about that one before I fess up, but those are two great candidates. I always thought ACIB and ElPerroG were the same person, but who knows?

  53. pdway–Thanks for the link on the Harvin story. Pretty thin, but any positivity concerning him is a good thing. As hard as Ive been on him, I still hope he plays and plays well. For now, he’s the tooth fairy to me…I’ll change my mind if and when he plays a couple whole games in a row and contributes.

  54. Yes, people tend to forget that we are all fans. And the word “Fan” is a shortened form of “Fanatic”, after all.

  55. I get that Pete wants to give his staff a chance to grow and advance in their career, but what part of “1-0″, “championship week”, “separation is in the preparation” has you taking a bunch of time off to go on interview junkets?

    The coaches need to be barricaded in VMAC getting the team ready for week after next, not jetting about the country looking for new jobs.

    I suspect until Pete puts his foot down, you’re going to see everyone of the teams that has a head coach vacancy looking to talk to SEA staff — they are hot, and once you let one team do it, everybody is going to be asking so that they can get their chance to pitch.

    Or, the coaches themselves need to be saying they’ll be happy to talk once the Hawks are done with their season (hopefully, in February).

  56. STTBM, don’t worry about me getting bent out of shape anyways. I think you nailed it. I took it as at least a semi-compliment. It’s definitely a peculiar crew on this blog. Me probably more than most.

  57. yankinta says:

    hawkdawg, We are gonna try to resign Bennett. However, Either Cliff or Chris Clemon will have to go since we cannot afford 3 DE’s making that kind of money…..

  58. I’d rather that none of the assistants interview during the playoffs so they can totally focus on the Hawks, but you have to consider what restricting them would do to potential coaches coming here. Let’s be real, most want a head coaching gig.

  59. Yanker, Clem is gone. They save 7.5 mil by cutting him. He’ll be 33 and he has 4.5 sacks this year.

  60. Clem is a player you have to lose to keep other, younger players.

  61. montanamike2 says:

    Thanks Southendzone for putting me on the list, i feel honored. Happy New Years to everybody and cheers to our SB run! We’re all weird but die hard fans. I hope everyone is more prosperous this upcoming year than the year before.

  62. montanamike2 says:

    Agreed Clem is gone.

  63. rramstad says:

    Yeah, you can’t lock down the coaches, especially when you have a bye week and everyone has four or so days off. Advancement and visibility are major reasons people sign with high profile NFL teams as assistants, and so you gotta let them interview when they get the chance.

    I don’t know what to make of the Harvin situation. It is interesting, for sure. Just the threat that he might play will create some weird doubts in the minds of whatever opponent ends up coming here. It might give us a serious edge vs. the 49ers in particular as they seem to think they know what to expect when playing us… but if Harvin plays, that all goes out the window.

    I think I’m least interested in the Packers coming here. I’d be afraid of the NFL considering it a revenge game for Tate’s catch. Obviously we also have not played them recently like we have the 49ers and Saints. I think with the 49ers and Saints that we’re already in their heads before they even get on the plane…

  64. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Yeah Clem’s days are probably numbered. Im sure this is the reason Mayowa was on the roster all year, he’s got potential to fill that role at a cheap price playing behind Avril.

  65. Hawks Insider Blog: Where the Weird Never Ends!

  66. Maybe it’s best just to let em go interview, rather than have them stew and fantasize, as long as it’s this week. The earliest we can know for sure who we’re playing is Saturday. So do your interviews Thurs, Fri, Sat, and get it out of your mind. Then if you really want the job, you’re that much more motivated, if that’s possible, to prove you deserve it by winning the SB. I think everyone on the team understands and supports each other’s goals. But nothing after Saturday until we win the SB.

  67. One of the reasons–in fact the main reason–Dennis Erickson was fired was not his sudden decision to abandon the passing game to run Ricky Watters to death, nor his losing season. He was fired due to the dysfunction he caused within the FO and coaching ranks due to his paranoia.

    When asked what quality he most looked for in an assistant coach, he infamously replied “Loyalty”. Thats it; just loyalty. Which is why our new stud LB coach, who coached us to more INT’s by the LB corps in his only season, took his first opportunity and left to be DC of the Eagles. That guy went on to be a top DC in the NFL before dying of cancer.

    Ericksons paranoia made him jealous and suspicious of anyone with ideas or success, worrying they would undermine him. His idiocy undermined the team and created an air of suspicion and fear that ruined a playoff caliber roster.

    And thats why he was fired. Sad thing is, history repeated itself when they brought in Timmay! Numbskull. He laid low for a year, then got a fat head and began immediately undermining Holmgren and planning to put his pet coach Mora in. He made Seahawks HQ so dysfunctional, all Allen could do was to utterly clean house. Lets hope that never happens.

    While we will lose some good coaches, the way Carrol is going about helping his assistants get HC jobs is the right way. He’s like the Miles Davis of the football world–as Holmgren once was, and Bill Walsh before him–where he signs all the best young talent and the next thing we know, his sidekicks are the leaders.

    You just have to keep finding good young talent. Davis did it for decades. Same with Walsh and Holmy. Carrol’s faith in himself and his systems–not to mention his flexibility–allows him to hire and listen to top talent without threatening his ego, the to benefit of the team.

  68. Clemons came back strong this year, at least early in the season. But he’s put little pressure on the Hawks the last 8 games or so. He seems to have slowed quite a bit. I just dont see him having the speed to get around the corner like he was his first 4-5 games back. Avril has that speed, but unless they intend to move Avril to Leo next year, I wonder who will replace Clemons? Replacing him wont be easy, as he’s ok in coverage and stout vs the run too.

    I’d guess they dont know yet, and will use training camp to figure it out between Irvin, Mayowa, Schofield, Morgan, and Smith.

  69. Heh, “put little pressure on the qb” is what I meant to say…

  70. ejkimber says:

    Snappa, I think they practice Thur-Sat this week. I would be fine with them interviewing before that. After that it should be all hands on deck and focused. I also read that the Redskins want to interview Bevelle

  71. Jim Johnson was the young LB coach Ericksen signed. He left after one great year to be DC in Philly. The guy who stepped in to replace him when he got sick and passed away was Sean McDermott. Who couldnt get that D to play worth a damn. Then he was hired as DC in Carolina, and I shook my head and thought “This guy doesnt know what he’s doing. Why are they hiring him?”

    Shows what I know. He’s done wonders in Carolina. Now he’s interviewing for a HC position.

  72. I think Avril Irvin, and Mayowa get chances at Leo in 2014. That’s excluding anyone drafted. I like Clem. I almost thought he’d be kept over Avril his first few games back, but he’s old, has slowed down, and has a large cap number.

  73. Avril, Irvin

  74. seaturkeys says:

    Does anyone know if it’s possible that Harvin’s injury has been handled correctly? I’ve seen many suggestions that letting him play vs the Vikings was a horrible screw up but does the pain afterward nessasarily prove that?

  75. Screensmoke says:

    J irish

  76. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Irvin is too small for Leo. I think hes a fulltime LB now. They will still use him at DE on passing downs but not running downs.

  77. Southendzone says:

    Seaturkey, in hindsight it looks that way but if you remember at the time they were working him out carefully, he would practice and if he didn’t feel right the next day they’d back off.

    Hawks had NO reason to push him to get into the MIN game, certainly didn’t need him, nor have they shown at any time this season they were pushing ANYONE to get in before they were ready.

    I can’t believe they were going against Dr’s recommendations to push Percy into action for that game.

    I CAN believe that Percy was particularly motivated to get into that game and he said what he knew needed to be heard (lied) to the staff to allow him to play, and felt really sore afterwards, too sore to practice.

  78. MoSeahawk12 says:

    SI’s Peter King thinks we make it to the big dance.

  79. Singularitarian says:

    If we’re talking “conspiracies” let’s talk about one that is relevant to my time: WTC7 and the plane that 100% deteriorated yet left no wing damage or video evidence at the pentagon

  80. If Percy comes in, gets the Offense going and the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, these Percy is a fraud discussions will be put in the rear view mirror faster than the “Russell Wilson sucks” discussions from 2012.

  81. Singularitarian says:

    If a Player plays when people say he won’t, there is not much to argue about.

  82. ChrisHolmes says:

    @Southendzone Thanks for the kinds words man :-) You’re WAY too generous with that. I’ve haven’t reviewed film as often as I should, nor provided you guys with as much information as I would have liked. I said I was going to review the ARZ loss and I ended up getting the flu over Christmas…

    At any rate… appreciate it. I am totally just a fan. I use my eyes. That’s it. I think guys like Dukeshire are the real pros here. He has obvious football knowledge.

    This blog… is the only place I come to for Seahawks news. Despite certain issues, I respect the heck out of a lot of you regular contributors, and I love everyone’s passion here. It’s a great blog. I think we have a pretty cool community.

    And Todd has done a great job with it this year. We’re really blessed, as fans, to have such a great blog, and such a cool news guy running it.

  83. Southendzone–My comment just disappeared into thin air…

    Great comments today. But what are you doing being all reasonable on a fan blog?! The Geek Police will surely bust you lol!

    A Pro Bowl for bloggers?! Just so long as we dont have a most hated list–I’d be on too many ballots and it might hurt my feelings (though it wouldnt change my mind) lol!

    Yes, I think Todd for the most part has done a fine job running the blog, especially concerning he had the unfortunate position of coming in behind Eric D. Williams.

    On a side note, the Live Chat doesnt work for me on my old-ass Iphone 4, nor on my wifes new tablet. I cant get comments to post. I actually had some positive stuff to say the last few weeks–mostly Tate-related–but was unable to post. I know y’all are pining for my Live Chat comments on GameDay–Har!

  84. STTBM, well, if no one else pines for your comments then I’ll say I do. Even if it’s just to argue with them. I do appreciate your tenacity when it comes to defending your positions, even if I don’t agree.

  85. All you have to do is read a little bit of an ESPN blog comment section or the like and you get a renewed appreciation of this site. Even an unmentionable paper in Seattle doesn’t measure up when it comes to the Hawks.

  86. Stats-wise, SEA is the NFC’s version of KC. Strong D and not-so-strong offense. Stats-wise, thru reg season SEA’s offense is weaker than everybody in post season but IND & KC. And that weakness (SEA’s offense) has been significant, not due to high variability game-to-game, like IND. That is the stats-effect of the combination of SEA’s OL and RWs propensity to hold the ball for awhile, not inaccuracy, weak receivers, or runners. SEA’s skill position performances have been rewarding the offense with better than expected play. RWs ability to scramble and throw on the run has been anticipated by opponents this season and fairly effectively countered by plastering available receivers, and RW may have lost a half-step. Passing, SEA’s reg season stats are below all post-season teams but IND & KC. Rushing SEA’s stats are behind only PHI. On defense, SEA’s run-D stats are behind only KCs. SEA’s pass-rush and pass-coverage stats lead the NFL by a wide margin.

    Wildcards: 6@3, 5@4

    NO @ PHI: As mentioned by someone else on a previous thread, NO & PHI have statistically similar overall offenses, but NO is stronger at passing and PHI at rushing. NO’s overall defense is better than PHI’s, but PHI’s is better vs the run. Giving up and taking turnovers is about equal between the two teams. If Brees can make the throws to his receivers, NO might win, but PHI has the advantage in bad weather, which is more likely.

    SF @ GB: GB has a better offense, but not much defense with Clay Mathews playing sans thumb. Unless they somehow come out totally flat, SF’s defense will likely stifle GB’s offense and SF’s DBs will likely pick AR’s receivers twice. SF should come outta Lambeau field with the win.

    For now, SEA should be planning to face SF.

  87. MrSinister says:

    Re: Assistants Coaches Interviewing Elsewhere.

    I could have sworn I heard on 710 yesterday midday when the news about Quinn first Broke that there are specific rules pertaining to this and that The Hawks really don’t have any choice in allowing coaches to go interview. Anyone know for sure on this?

  88. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Anyone have info if Kaepernick has played much in cold weather?
    Looks like it could be around 10 degrees at Green Bay Sunday.

  89. Singularitarian says:

    O would like to see a list but I feel that the Seahawks have played a tougher schedule against defenses than any AFC team, and every NFC team outside of the NFC west. I think our offensive stats get dumbed down by that, and by the fact that we have ZERO garbage time yards

  90. klm–Matthews is out. Bummer, eh?!

    And I agree, Seattle’s struggles on offense are mostly due to the inconsistent (read;bad) O-line, with RW not taking whats available not helping (holding the ball too long, eschewing running, trying for the deepest receiver when a shorter route is more open, etc).

    I still think RW has failed to make the jump to elite status. He isnt accurate on throws over 25 yards–his completions seem more due to plays by the WR’s than his own accuracy–and has struggled when forced to improvise over the second half of the season. (yes, I know the stats are good for all throws over 20 yards, but watching each throw I am amazed so many are completed. His throws dont look anything like the elite qb’s–Brady, Brees, Manning, or even the touch exhibited by Nick Foles.)

    He may have a sore throwing shoulder. That would explain his being off on throws, and his one-hoppers over the last month.

    But as we all saw at the end of last season, this offense can crush teams when the O-line plays well. But you cant expect to move the ball if they play the way they have this regular season.

  91. Singularitarian says:

    And because we value safety with the ball and put a lot of confidence in our own (the best in NFL) defense. I have no doubt that if we had a dogshit defense and played a soft defensive schedule, we’d be putting up pretty respectable offensive numbers

  92. I agree Singulitarian, that this offense would move the ball more and score more points if we had to. However, the fact remains that the O-line is slowing us down immeasurably.

    Our conservatism in the red zone has pissed me off all year. We run many of the same plays, and rarely try posts, skinny posts, slants, or curls. We try to clear out the safeties and throw it under every damned time. And it rarely works. Thats why RW only throws 26 TD’s when he should easily have had 30 plus. Thats also why it seems so hard to get Lynch into the end zone.

    Seattle needs to improve on third downs and in the red zone on offense, and on third downs on D. They do those things, we win despite an atrocious offensive line.

  93. Singularitarian says:

    I think there is a lot to be said about Wilson putting the ball where his receiver is the only man who has got a play on the ball, or at the very least, to a receiver he has confidence will make sure it doesn’t get picked. Also he’s not throwing to guys with real size, so It’s harder to put a ball in a deep window then it is when throwing to AJ Green or any larger receiver. That throw deep to WIlson that got called back was a pretty well placed ball

  94. Singularitarian says:

    I agree SSTBM, But I think the team feels better coming out with 3 than risking a turnover with our D. Not a move I’m personally a big fan of either. I have never been real impressed with Bevel given that I think Cable is more responsible for the run game

  95. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The reason why most football knowledgeable folks consider Wilson as an elite QB is they look at his whole body of work.
    He can do some things that no other qb in the NFL can do, including Manning Brady and Brees.
    Given the fact that he has played behind arguably one of the worst O-lines and without his two top WRs this year and playing against a brutal schedule with regards to playing top defenses it is amazing that he has improved on almost everything he did his rookie year.

  96. Singulatarian–Ive had a love/hate deal with Bevell. At the close of last season, he seemed a genius. The line was playing well, and we seemed two steps ahead of the defenses we faced. Then the tough game vs the Skins, and the debacle in the red zone in the first half at ATL, and now this year….Bevell seems less willing to adjust his gameplan even when its failing utterly–see AZ game–and the line is not playing well at all in any phase.

    I hate being that conservative in the red zone, especially when you have players of the caliber of RW, Tate, Baldwin, Lynch, and Miller. To say nothing of Turbin, who I think is a fine change of pace back.

    They run too few red zone plays, and too many that are similar and can be stopped by similar defensive schemes. I get that you need to be precise in the red zone, and that happens with repetition. But teams like the Niners and Broncos come up with new red zone plays every damned week, and practice the hell out of them and look great every week. There’s no reason we have to be so conservative.

    Im not saying go all Air Coryell in the red zone, but at least TRY to put it in the endzone with an aggressive call, instead of the chicken little half-assed pass plays and obvious run plays they like to run.

    And what about an occasional run by RW to the left?

  97. Georgia–Thats just it. He hasnt improved in several categories, not to mention the non-stat variety. His completion percentage is down, and his TD’s are the same.

    And counting Harvin as his top WR is bogus. Tate was one of his top 2 WR’s last year, and was even better this year. Rice clearly wasnt the second best WR on the team even before he blew his knee–he wasnt even the fourth best, as Kearse and Miller are both better than him, not to mention Willson. And I would say our passing game improved the moment Rice was out of the lineup. Also, our WR’s are playing at a higher level than they were last year.

    The only thing RW can do that the other elite qb’s cant is his incredible ability to get away from the pass rush. But the elite qb’s dont have to do that, as they can diagnose things faster and dont hold the ball too long. They get rid of it, and they are accurate when they do. Seattle expects the WR’s to make a great play on the ball more than they expect RW to put it where it should be.

    I love Wilson, but he’s experiencing some growing pains and has a good long ways to go to be elite, IMO. He’s overthinking a lot of time this year, you can see him trying to get the ball to the deepest man even when he should take the checkdown, he’s holding the ball too long, and he’s hesitant to run when he should. This I blame partly on Carrol, but mostly on the qb coach.

    Look at the qb coach’s track record. Most of the time, his qb’s threw less TD’s in his second year with them, and declined each year. Thats not a particularly shining track record.

    But it all comes down to the line. I hate being a broken record, but when the line blocks in the run game and in pass pro, this offense usually hums. When they dont, bad things happen despite Lynch’s beastliness and RW’s Houdini act.

  98. Rice was also great in the running game -1. he drew coverage away from the line 2. He was great at blocking downfield. The reduction/struggles in the run game have come right AFTER he got hurt.

    Not saying that they need to bring him back or not – BUT not having him has clearly, IMO, affected the play of the offense. They have adjusted but it has not come without struggles

  99. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Totally disagree with you about Wilson. He is definitely a top five QB in the NFL and has been since the latter part of last season.

    If you were to look at Elway’s stats you would come away thinking “how in the world could you ever call that QB elite?”

    Now give Elway the ball with the game on the line and he becomes one the most dangerous qbs in NFL history.
    Almost any older Seahawks fan will tell you that Elway was their most feared player to face.

    Wilson, (imo) has more Elway in him than Brees or Manning.

    And he has good stats too.

  100. Georgia–Just as Elway was 10 times the player the stats showed, for various and sundry reasons–so too is RW less a player than his stats make him look. Thats my opinion.

    RW has a vastly superior team to any Elway had until he won those SB’s, for one thing. He’s got a great run game, which Elway never had. He’s also got coaches who understand they need to put a team around him and support his strengths and mask his weaknesses, as opposed to just expecting the qb to carry an entire team.

    And just about every time he found himself down in the fourth quarter he threw a pick this year. He was something like 4-3 vs teams with winning records. I’d hardly call that elite or clutch.

    If anything, RW has more Tebow than Elway in him. Elway made throws no other qb in history could make to will his team to victory. Tebow–with the help of a great coach and a good team around him–managed to put one or two drives a game together to win.

    Now, having said that, I detest Tebow and dont think he’s a guy who should ever play qb in the NFL, while I believe RW has a good shot at being elite someday. But looking at how he moves the team, he plays more like a game manager with amazing ability to escape the rush than a truly elite qb.

    Having watched RW and Elway–and I watched Elway from a rookie on–I dont see RW being able to carry a crappy team the way Elway could and did, year after year…yet. Im hoping he gets there.

    And dont take this that I think RW is mediocre, he’s a fine qb and the sky is the limit. But I am concerned with his mistakes and innacurate throws deep downfield.

    Believing we had a first down when we didnt and thus making a terrible decision and killing a drive is not a mistake elite qb’s make. Nor is letting the playclock run down AT HOME. Nor was that intentional grounding call last week. He’s making too many of these bonehead moves to be ranked an elite qb, let alone top-5.

    All Im saying is IMO the guy has a ways to go. Right now he’s not consistently playing at the level of Manning, Brees, Rogers, or even Phillip Rivers and Nick Foles. He’s on the cusp of top-5 Elite, but he aint there yet.

  101. GeorgiaHawk says:

    When you maintain a passer rating of over 100 or more, (Which is in the top five for career passer ratings).
    And you can maintain around 500 yards rushing too in your second season.
    And you still have a knack for being clutch when the game is on the line, How much more do you really need to improve to be considered elite?
    How many QBs in NFL history have averaged a 100 passer rating or more in their career, and also averaged 500 yards rushing a season in their career?
    We already know Wilson has the most wins, (in his first two years) of any QB in NFL history.
    Like Cowherd said-“How much more do you need to see man?”

  102. PFT says Cable is being offered an interview by the Lions. Sure wouldnt break my heart to see him leave. Ive had enough of Moffit/FatCarp/Sweezy/Giac and the entire ZBS. I’d much rather lose him than Quinn or Bevell.

    He’s had three years, inherited a top-6 pick and a second round pick on the line, and been given a first, third, seventh, sixth etc picks and yet his line is regressing rather than improving. Not to mention he brought in several expensive FA stop-gaps on the line that left a lot to be desired (Gallery, McQ, Giac).

    Then again, since we let Solari, the best O-line coach in the NFL go, and he turned the Niners crew into something special, I dont have a clue who might be better as a Line Coach.

    I’d prefer to keep all our coaches, but I think the odds are against it. I wouldnt be surprised to lose all three coordinators, and Im betting we lose 2 of 3 at least.

  103. Southendzone says:

    I don’t count RW as elite either. I’m pretty stingy with that label, current elite in my book:

    Brady, Rogers, Manning (Matt Ryan & Phillip Rivers on the fringe)

    You don’t just see it in their stats, you see it watching them The way they get to the line, identify the defense, adjust to it, and execute a successful play.

    RW isn’t quite there yet and a lot of times this year the protection hasn’t allowed him to make that leap.

    With more experience and better protection, he can get there. He showed it in the New Orleans game.

  104. Georgia–Stats without context are lies. Wilson is a good player, as Ive said. I love that he’s our qb and he deserved a Pro Bowl berth. But there are more than 5 qb’s who are consistently outperforming him, and I dont believe he’s elite.

    He didnt catch all those passes by himself. Nor did he make tough catches when his throws were inaccurate. Nor does he help Lynch get 2/3 of his yards after contact. Nor is he part of the number one defense in the NFL. Point is, he didnt do it all by himself, and he’s got more help around him than Brady or Foles.

    The win record is garbage, IMO. Its great he has it, but its more about the team than it is about him. Yes, we go only as far as our qb takes us, but also only as far as our Defense and O-line take us.

    For our team, I wouldnt trade RW for anyone. But if I were picking qb’s in a vacuum, he wouldnt make my short list of elite. Brady (though fading), Manning, Brees, Rogers…those guys make my list of elite qb’s that could win anywhere, on any team. The way Rivers and Foles have played is amazing. Lets see them do that two years in a row or more.

  105. yankinta says:

    Happy New Year to ALL Seahawks FANS!!!! :)

    May God Bless you in 2014 as he has, in 2013…. :)

  106. Rivers – REally??? Come on – he has had very good and really not good – right now I think Rogers is the best QB in the league – then I like Manning – Brady. All the rest still need to prove to me that can do it consistently over extended periods of time.

    Now – I think Brees is good in his system but not sure he could be great in more than a few places. Foles needs to do it more more than this season – see RG3 and Newton.

    But by evidence of proliferation of Wilson appeal in our household – We wouldn’t trade him for any QB right now!

  107. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- You would take Brees on the road to get a win? Peyton Manning in the playoffs?

    I would take Eli Manning over Peyton Manning in the playoffs, and I would take Roethlisberger over Brees any day on the road or in the play offs.

  108. Again, the argument is qb for this team, or qb in a vacuum. This year, RW has been consistently outplayed by Foles and Rivers, who have lesser defenses and lesser receivers as a whole (though we lack a D. Jackson). Rivers doesnt have our running game either, though Foles has McCoy who is ridiculous.

    For our team, I would choose RW over anyone. But I still dont see him as elite. All the qb’s I mentioned can fit balls deep into windows RW can only dream about. He’s got to get there before I call him elite. The truly elite qb’s force even elite defenses to defend the whole field at all times–I dont see RW making defenses do that yet.

  109. This year I would take Tarvaris Jackson over Eli Manning, playoffs or no. That guy just lost his mojo this year, and there was no getting it back. Maybe next year….

  110. Again, vs teams with winning records, RW managed a record of 4-3. Thats not exactly impressive. He threw picks in most, if not all, games the team was behind in the fourth quarter. His fourth quarter rating when down by 7 is not particularly impressive, more middle of the road.

    Its all in how you look at it. He should have beaten Tampa easier, and throwing that Red Zone pick was all on RW. Im sorry but 4-3 with those picks in the fourth quarter are a big reason I cant see him as elite just yet.

  111. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I do agree with xcman, Rodgers is the best followed by Manning and Brady. Wilson is next imo, followed by Luck.

  112. I love how PM’s playoff record is him choking and not the fact that they RARELY had a decent team around him – or even a decent defense.

    It’s like saying Marino was a bad (or lessor) QB because he never won a SB – Football is a TEAM sport and you have to have a good TEAM to win in the play-offs.

  113. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t know how Montana, Aikman and Bradshaw won so many Super Bowls with all lousy talent on their teams?

  114. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No ones gonna bit on that? Lol. I was joking of course.

  115. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Happy New year everyone.

    Have a drink for everyone’s New Year around the world.

    United Kingdom is next up for me in about 30 minutes.

  116. Exactly. Both Montana and Aikman were overrated as the incredible talent around them was rarely taken into account. Were they elite? Montana was, IMO, and Im not sure about Aikman. That one is debatable.

    The point is taking stats alone isnt a good way of measuring a qb, nor are qb’s responsible for a teams failures and successes.

    Elway was a far better player than the stats showed. Just as Tarkenton and Marino were elite qb’s despite no SB wins. RW is not quite the player the stats would have you believe, IMO.

  117. I agree, Rogers is my pick for best qb in the NFL right now. He’s the scariest one to play, and the one who IMO needs the least talent around him to win. He’s also every damned bit as competitive as Manning, Brees, or Brady. He’s also a jerk about losing, like Brady. He’s not on my list of favorite players in the NFL lol!

    What I love most about Wilson is how positive he is in his competitiveness; he’s classy when he wins, and no matter how frustrated, he’s classy when he loses. Brady, Rogers, and guys like RIvers and Krapernick wouldnt know how to spell Classy Winner let alone act like one!

    With most of those qb’s, its about rubbing noses in the fact that youre “better” than them. With Wilson, he doesnt make judgements, he just wants to outcompete you on any given Sunday. Thats worth a lot in my book, and boring as he is to listen to in Press Conferences, I love that guy!

  118. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “RW is not quite the player the stats would have you believe, IMO.”

    But yet you say he has the worst O-line in the NFL?
    You can’t have it both ways STTBM.
    If Wilson has the worst O-line in the NFL (like you say) then he is even better then what his stats say he is.

    What do you think Wilson would have done behind Jimmy Johnsons Cowboys O-line, or Bill Walsh’s 49er O-line? And with Rice or Irvin as a go to WR?

  119. Hoist a couple for me, Georgia, Ive got a long drive home tonight so mine will be delayed. Remember to thank those you love for being there for you this year.

    Personally, Im going to count the good things in my life, instead of counting the hardships Ive weathered, as Ive often done in the past.

    Thanks for arguing with me on several points without making it personal. Believe it or not, its been a great escape for me from the truckload of stress Ive been under. I appreciate it.

  120. Georgia–I agree, with a real NFL line, RW would have even better stats. I just think he cant use the whole field like other elite qb’s, and just as he covers up for the lines deficiencies with his scrambling genius, so too do guys like Tate and Baldwin and Miller make RW’s less than stellar deep throws look good.

    I always wondered how well Dave Kreig would have played in a real WCO. I used to dream about what he would do in Montana’s place. Now, I never was fool enough to think he’d be Montana good, but I bet he’d have made the HOF, small hands, fumbles and all!

  121. I wouldn’t have thought of comparing RW to Elway, maybe Fran Tarkenton, when Bud Grant was HC (and PC was an asst). Check this stuff BobbyK…

    Tarkenton had already played for Vikes HC Norm Van Brocklin for 6 yrs before Grant took over, but they never got to postseason under Fran & Norm. The Vikes D were made into the “Purple People Eaters” under Grant. Fran was traded to NYG for Grant’s first 5 years, then came back. In his sixth year at MIN, Grant had Tarkenton as his starting QB and for the next 6 years thereafter. Tark’s first year back at MIN, the Vikes missed the playoffs. Over the next 6 yrs though, MIN went to (and lost) 3 SBs, otherwise they lost 2 Div playoffs and 1 Conference Championship. Chuck Foreman was their RB who only broke 1000 yds for only 3 of those 7 yrs. In 14 games/reg season Tark threw for 2651 in ’72, 2113 in ’73, 2598 in ’74, 2994 in ’75, 2961 in ’76, 1734 in ’77 and 3468 yds in ’78 under Grant.

    Under PC, Hasselbeck threw for 3001 yds in ’10, TJax threw for 3091 yds in ’11, RW threw for 3118 yds in ’12, and so far has thrown for 3357 yds this season. ML ran for 573 yds in ’10, 1204 yds in ’11, 1590 yds in ’12, and 1257 yds so far this season.

    STTBM – I wonder what you meant about DEN not having much of a run-game when Elway was QB? Terrell Davis has been a HoF semifinalist since he was eligible in ’07. In the 2 years they won the SB, TD ran for 1750 yds and 2008 yds. In the 2 yrs before that he ran for 1117 & 1538 yds. I think the only reason TD hasn’t been inducted into the HoF yet is because their OL was so dominent with their ZBS that the voters came to believe that any RB inserted into that offense would have automatically gotten 1000 yds/season. (?)

  122. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Cheers to you STTBM.
    Fortunately I think we are built to win it all without an elite QB and a poor O-line.
    Hope so anyways.
    Happy New Year to you and all the Blogoholics around Seahawks land.

    BTW- I always thought Krieg was a poor mans Montana. If only he had Wilsons hands.
    OK, don’t go there anyone. Lol.

  123. klm–I meant that Elways run game wasnt on par with ours for most of his career. Look at Seattle’s total rushing yds compared to Denvers. They had some decent backs, but it wasnt a year-in, year-out thing like its becoming here. There was Bobby Humphries before Davis, who was a great back for a couple years before his injury. But before Humphries there wasnt much. Sammy Winder?!

    He also never had a real recieving corps to strike fear into anyone until the days of Shannon Sharpe and that WR I cant recall the name of….CRS again!

  124. Klm–Are you saying Carrol was an assistant coach under Grant with Tarkenton at qb?! Thats crazy! You know our first Coach, Jack Patera was the DC for the Purple People Eater D, right?! Small world, wheels within wheels…

  125. KLM – Running game BEFORE the superbowl years.

    I just want our OL to play well and the offense to get back to what we are best at. Move the ball a little early – win the field position battle – take advantage of other teams mistakes – That way you can pile on when the other team gets tired/frustrated.

  126. Oops, didn’t mean to say PC was there when Fran Tarkenton was QB, it was at the end of Grant’s HC career there:

  127. ChrisHolmes says:

    “Now give Elway the ball with the game on the line and he becomes one the most dangerous qbs in NFL history.
    Almost any older Seahawks fan will tell you that Elway was their most feared player to face.

    Wilson, (imo) has more Elway in him than Brees or Manning.”

    One of the best things you’ve written on here GeorgiaHawk. And totally, 100% true.

    I hated Elway. He was our Achilles heel. And I, too, feel Wilson is every bit the menace Elway was, it not more so.

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