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Injury updates on Willson and others

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 30, 2013 at 4:49 pm with 45 Comments »
December 30, 2013 5:58 pm

Pete Carroll on Brandon Mebane (groin), Luke Willson (high ankle sprain), Jermaine Kearse (ankle), Jeremy Lane (shoulder) and Richard Sherman (hip):

“All of those guys, we’ll see as we get back to work,” Carroll said. “Everybody should make it back. Luke will be one that’s in question.”

On a timeline for K.J. Wright:

“It’s not designated specifically yet, but he feels great. I think the hopes is we’ll take a look at him next week and see where he is. Then, it will be a day-today kind of things. That’s what we hope it will be like. (That view) is really optimistic.”

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  1. DreadHawks says:

    Harvin tweeted “see you in 2 weeks 12’s. It’s go time again” Hmmm, we shall see. Great news if true.

  2. The thought of Harvin on the field has definitely lifted my spirit tonight (not that I was in a bad mood before)!

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Great news if we can get all those guys back healthy.

  4. Perfect time for a week off. That was a must win against the Rams.

    Let’s hope the offensive line gets all rested and comes back on a mission.

  5. chuck_easton says:

    I’m more than happy to fly to Seattle, drive to VMAC and continue to taunt Harvin from the parking lot if it adds more fuel to his fire.

    Anything to help the Seahawks in the play offs. And Harvin actually being on the field would indeed help the team in the playoffs. So again, just in case Percy does read this blog…

    What ya gonna do about it Percy? Come on man! Prove me wrong and I’ll stop ‘hating’ on you!

    Obviously Georgia’s eternal ‘don’t worry, be happy’ hasn’t gotten any results from you Percy. Go ahead and shut me up Percy!

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck E’s In Love

    From- Twelve Bars Past Midnight

    “We think Chuck E is wrong”
    “Chuck E is wrong”
    “Chuck E is wrong”
    “Chuck E is wrong”

    “We didn’t believe what you were saying about Percy”
    “This is something we had to see”

    “Is he here?”
    “you look in the pool hall”
    “Is he here?”
    “you look in the drugstore”
    “Is he here?”
    “No, you said he won’t play no more”

    “Now we know Chuck E is wrong”
    “Chuck E is wrong”
    “Chuck E is wrong”
    “Chuck E is wrong”

    Just playing Chuck.

  7. RDPoulsbo says:

    For me, my original opinion if Harvin still stands. Only if he significantly contributes to a Lombardy this year would make him worth it.

    With all the other additions and few subtractions, it was reasonable to expect they’d at last get to where they went last year. That’s guaranteed now with the bye. Harvin was brought in as a purely win now move that takes then over the top. Whether that happens remains to be seen.

  8. If Harvin actually can go I would rather have him regulated to return duty as opposed to starting offense. Easier to run vertical than having to run block, route cut, and just the physicality it takes to play WR. If he can’t go during the game we lose nothing. Plus I think Tate Baldwin and Kearse have earned the right to see this season through. Hard not to accept speculation as truth based on past reports while a viking as well as this whole situation being treated like some black ops.

  9. 2 weeks of this Percy talk? Harvin is old news.

    All we need is for the O line to play better. If they do, then Lynch can run, and Wilson has time to do whatever he has to do. It’s that simple.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bingo rbuzby!

    you win the common sense of the day award.

  11. The OL is fine. This offense needs playmakers in the worst way.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    Keep it going Georgia! All good. We both want the same thing and whatever it takes to get the team there is fine with me.

    You keep being sunshine and happiness and I’ll stick to my role of Oscar the Grouch.

  13. Harvin simply being on the field is going to open up things so much more for our offense.

    It will help the line not have to worry about about getting the box stacked against them all the time. Wait, I take that back, we’ll still get the line stacked – but now we can do something about it to take advantage of these stacked boxes. Instead of hating the stacked boxes, we can now welcome it.

    Percy should command the double teams, leaving everyone else in single coverage (kind of like what Rice provided but people still hated him for it until recently when they realized how important he was without the mind blowing stats).

    Whereas you could get Patrick Hunter out of retirement and have him cover Bryan Walters with both legs tied together, you must now account for Percy to take a short pass for 25 yards.

    And whenever we get a kick in the end zone, I cringe at the thought of any of our guys taking it out. I root for them to down it. Now I’m going to want most of the kicks returned so we’ll have much better field position than simply starting at the 20 yard line.

    Even if Percy is only gets two touches and is on the field for 15 offensive plays (and return kicks), it’s going to be huge, so much better than we’re used to.

  14. I hope Harvin is healthy and can contribute, but lets not get to far ahead of ourselves….. lets let him make it through a practice before we celebrate.

  15. But yeah, if he can play our top 4 WR group is massively better.

  16. Jeez, Chuck and STTBM almost had me convinced that Percy was scamming the Hawks from the beginning! Running the long con of trying to get paid for a five year contract without actually having to play. All of those “gut feelings” that Percy not playing meant he was just to soft to “play through the pain” instead of just recovering from a serious surgery. Chuck,if you turn out to be wrong about Harvin, how will you ever trust your gut again?

  17. Harvin=Hmmmmmm????

  18. Looking ahead to the first Seahawks playoff game, I think the 49ers will be coming to town because:

    * the temperature will be around 15 degrees when the Saints play in Philly. I just don’t see their offense functioning in that type of weather so I would guess Philly wins.

    * these Aaron Rodgers rumors may provide a pretty big distraction as they are getting ready to face one of the hottest teams in the NFL. And don’t look now, but Kaepernick has led 2 game winning final drive comebacks against 2 double digit win teams.

    The 49ers can not be run upon but they are certainly susceptible to the pass which runs counter to the Seahawks offense. The 170 yards passing per game the Seahawks averaged over the past month won’t get it done. This is the team I want to see the least out of the 3 choices.

  19. banosser says:

    Go back and revisit the Minni game… Harvin touched the ball twice, was in on what 17 plays.. and had a huge effect on the game having to be closely accounted for by the D that game..

    His presence on the field will be help help tremendously… teams will have to game plan for him.. he will help open the field up for Lynch, Wilson and the entire offense.. and that is a very good thing.

  20. I’d be more than happy if Harvin can only return kicks and be a decoy for some plays come the 11th. Really hope that Kearse can get healthy as well. Anyone notice how much he played? I don’t remember seeing him much.

  21. SharkHawk says:

    I want to see Earl Thomas returning a kick sometime. Seriously. Easley returned punts and was good. Earl is Kenny Jr., but faster. Roll that wrinkle out. Kick short to Percy then Earl is up.

  22. montanamike2 says:

    I’ll be stoked if Harvin helps us get a ring, still a bit pissed if his contract keeps us from resigning Tate. The two of them could be the dynamic duo if the finances work. We can’t forget that We got the #1 seed without Harvin.

  23. NFL Films this week spotlights the relationship between Russell Wilson, The band Phish & the 12th Man.

    Airing on NFL Network Tues 12.31 @ 730pm & 1030pm.
    Also Thurs @ 230pm.

  24. “The 49ers can not be run upon but they are certainly susceptible to the pass which runs counter to the Seahawks offense. The 170 yards passing per game the Seahawks averaged over the past month won’t get it done. This is the team I want to see the least out of the 3 choices.”

    I kind of instinctively feel the same way – but if you’re a Niners fan how do you feel about giving up 482 yards to AZ (not exactly the Broncos) and 402 to Atlanta in the last two weeks?

    Niners defense not playing at the level of the Hawks’ D – not lately at least.

  25. It’s all been through the passing game which doesn’t work in Seattle’s favor. Would the Seahawks even attempt a pass heavy game plan much less be able to execute it?

  26. The Seahawks are a mere 7-5 within their division the past 2 years and 17-3 outside of it.

    I’d prefer not to see any divisional opponents in the playoffs.

  27. WilliamPercival says:

    I gotta call Todd out for the title in the past day captioned “Harvin May Be Headed To IR This Week”.

    How you got that out of Carroll’s comments is beyond me and fair blame for the negative vibes on Harvin this past 24+ hrs..

    With that being said, you’re alright Todd. Just don’t let it happen again or we’ll have to send you to the Waivers… ;)

    Stoked that Percy is in line for practice this Thurs. Step 1 of the road to return for our mere 24 yr old superstar to spark the anemia that is our O this past several weeks.

  28. banosser says:

    “The Seahawks are a mere 7-5 within their division the past 2 years”

    and 5-1 within the division at home

    If it’s SF in the CCG so be it.. kicking their asses will be THAT much more sweet…

  29. WilliamPercival says:

    Pabs- only one of those losses came at home. Relax bud.

  30. raymaines says:

    Pabs @ 7:30: I can see your logic, but I still thing both wild card teams are going to win and NO is coming to Seattle in 2 weeks. I don’t care who wins the other game, it will be Carolina the following week.

    I hate to admit to being so slow, but I just figured out what hash-tags are all about and I’m experimenting here…


  31. just saying – the Niners pass rush can’t be all that right now if they’re giving up huge numbers like that in the passing game. and again, they’re not giving up those yards to the Broncos or Saints. AZ and ATL are not powerhouse offenses, and they’re moving up and down the field against a supposedly elite-type defense. if this was Niners Insider, we’d be talking about it.

  32. raymaines says:

    So, okay, hash-tags don’t work here. Nevermind

  33. all that said – I’m kind of playing a bit of devil’s advocate – Niners are the team that worries me the most in the NFC, without a doubt.

  34. The Niners are currently the “healthiest” team in the NFC. A healthy Harvin would change that precarious balance.

  35. I don’t want to play the niners – we know each other too well. Just like I doubt they really want to play us – the road for both of us is easier if we don’t face the other

  36. The Whiners worry me the most of any of the NFC teams, but the Hawks have run on them before. And they can again IMO.

    I guess some forget that the Hawks ran for 172 yards versus the Whiners at home earlier this year? How about when they ran for 176 yards against the Whiners at home in 2012? The 124 yards against them at home in 2011?

  37. Random thoughts…….

    “I think it’s less Turbin and an age-old sports fan phenomenon I call Backup Quarterback Syndrome. It’s tough for anyone who has a body of work — good or bad — to compete with someone who is never been in the same situation and failed, so, people think the other guy will never fail. Except, in this instance, they have nothing to go on except preseason and garbage time. It’s odd to me. If you think Michael should play a lot, then you must think Carroll doesn’t know what he’s doing, since he chooses not to play him. It can’t be both.”

    This was a response that Todd gave during the chat today. It could be copy and pasted for numerous questions about different positions. Especially about the offensive line. Like it or not, they might just not agree with your assessment.

    Bennett as an UFA is an interesting issue. I can tell you that his shoulder almost assuredly won’t look any better this off-season under examination than it did this last off-season. Does the fact that he made it through the year and played well make a huge difference to teams, knock on wood? Will someone commit a significant long term deal to him? I really hope they can keep him. I think it will be hard for them to do so if someone commits significant money to him unless they cut Red.

  38. bbmate–I think the shoulder was scheduled to be surgically repaired after this season. At least, thats what we heard when it came out he had a problem there after he signed. We’ll see.

    I cant believe you just compared Turbin to the offensive line. You really think Turbin is as bad as Breno, the Sweezebag, and McQ/Carp?! Wow. Ok.

    The offensive line deserves every bit of criticism it has recieved, and then some. Without Lynch and with a slightly less mobile/tough qb, this line would undoubtedly be ranked dead last by a huge margin in the NFL. They are terrible. Lynch has been getting nearly 2/3 of his yards all by himself. This line is an abomination.

    But yeah, it looks to me like they cut Red to keep Bennett, especially if we lose Quinn.

  39. STTBM, the intent was NOT to compare the play of Turbin to the offensive line. The POINT was to suggest that what Todd said about Turbin could be extended to certain o-line positions that people complain about regularly. Disagree if you wish.

  40. And as far as doing surgery on his shoulder, that leaves doubt in EVERY teams’ minds. That’s worse than just making it through the year like he has IMO.

  41. My point was that Bennett’s shoulder won’t look better in an MRI. What teams take from that is up to them. That’s why I asked a question.

  42. I see your point bbmate. Perhaps we all are guilty of backup-qb’ing Bowie. Though he did play well vs the Cards and it wasnt his fault we lost. Perhaps he doesnt know the calls as well as Sweezy, but to me at least he seemed to play better at RG than Ive seen at any G position since 2005 in Seattle. He already outplayed Sweezy, IMO, and so should be playing either LG or RG instead of the crew of scrubs there now. Things would be different if I ruled the world…

  43. I think Bowie played well as well, STTBM. Maybe even better than Carp, McQ, or the Sweeze. Is that possible? I’m just putting it out there that the coaching staff doesn’t seem to agree. Like Todd did. Right or wrong.

  44. Hate to look past this season, but next year Bowie and Bailey will be more experienced and could move up. Also, the defensive line can look forward to having Jesse back.

  45. banosser says:

    ^^ As well as Scruggs.. and Hill will be a yr more developed too

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