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Carroll: ‘It’s been a season of continued challenges and this is another one’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 27, 2013 at 7:50 pm with 17 Comments »
December 27, 2013 7:50 pm

Here’s what Pete Carroll had to say Friday (remember this was before the injury report came out):

(On how this week’s practice went…) “We had a really good week. A good, solid week of battling and competed well in practice, which is what we like and these guys are really tuned in. It’s been a season of continued challenges and this is another one and it’s a great one for us. We’re looking forward to it, excited about it, awesome to be here at CenturyLink and these guys are cranking and ready to go.”

(On the importance of executing plays since teams in the NFC West are very familiar with one another’s playing styles…) “Well it always kind of comes down to that, from the teaching side of it. We’re trying to teach them that everybody tries to get a win at each snap, but I don’t think it’s any different. They know us, we know them. So it’s very relative in that regard. But, it makes for another great division match up though and our division is loaded and this is exciting and everybody understands it now. The defense that’s being played across our division is really top-notch and these guys are going to be full of it and ready to go. So it’d be exciting to see how the match up comes out.”

(On if there are any players, other than Percy Harvin, that will not play against the Rams…) “That’s a good question. KJ [Wright] is out yeah.”

(On Jermaine Kearse’s injury status…) “He’s going to be a game-day decision. We’ll see how it goes. He’s going to run now after practice and we’ll see where he is. We won’t know until game day.”

(On if Jermaine Kearse will be listed as questionable…) “Yeah.”

(On Walter Thurmond’s performance this week…) “He had a great week. He worked out really hard during the break and came back here, really full speed and is ready to play.”

(On if Walter Thurmond will be activated to play against the Rams…) “There’s a good chance.”

(On Red Bryant’s injury status…) “Red [Bryant] practiced today, did really well. We’ll probably list him as probable. He came through the week just fine.”

(On Byron Maxwell being the starting corner against the Rams…) “Maxie [Byron Maxwell] is going to start yeah.”

(On if Doug Baldwin will be the starting kick returner…) “Doug [Baldwin] is going to get some turns back there yeah. Hopefully not very many.”

(On Byron Maxwell earning the starting corner position…) “Yeah Byron [Maxwell] has played great football for us and I think he is on a rhythm that we want to take out there in a game like this and there’s no reason to put Walter [Thurmond] in that situation after just one week of practice. But, Walter [Thurmond] is ready to play. If he’s active, he’ll be out there and helping us out. But, it’s really a statement about what Byron Maxwell has done and the way he’s played and we’re thrilled to put him out there again.”

(On how he evaluates Russell Wilson when he decides to either stay in the pocket or scramble out of the pocket…) “It depends on what happens on the protection and then the route running and are we open and available and all that kind of stuff. There’s a number of variables that hit just in a flash of a second there, but he as to determine. So there’s time when we critique it in one way or the other, it just depends. Sometimes, he could hang a little bit longer. Sometimes, he hangs longer than he has to and he’s got the ability to stay in the pocket and he likes doing that. There’s no problem with that. So he’s not antsy to get out. He just takes what’s available to him.”

(On Russell Wilson’s performance in the pocket last week…) “He was forced to move some, more than we liked and it’s a combination of reasons. But, we’d liked to have him in there getting rid of the football. We got covered up at times and so it doesn’t work out as well as we would’ve liked to and that was a combined effort.”

(On how the players responded to the loss last week…) “Well they were very serious about it, took it hard. It was hard for them. Coming right down to the last drive, we had a chance to go win a football game on both sides of the ball. So both sides took it hard, but that was Sunday night and Monday and we’ve moved on, jumped right back after it. Got to work on Tuesday, I think that was important for us. We practiced Tuesday instead of Wednesday for the first day of the week and I think that helped us out too.”

(On if he had received the response that he was hoping for from the players…) “Yeah they’re ready to go. I have no question about these guys. These guys are ready to play.”

(On if Michael Bowie did enough last week to be considered a factor on the offensive line…) “He could be. Yeah he could be. He did a very good job playing. So we’re very comfortable with him going in again in a couple of spots.”

(On if he is making a roster move for Percy Harvin…) “No. No.”

(On J.R. Sweezy’s impact to the offensive line…) “Well it’s terrific. Yeah he’s one of our starters that we’ve counted on. He’s played a lot of games for us. So it’s good. The continuity is really important. This is a difficult defense, with a lot of scheme and a lot of communication issues. So that helps having our regular five guys back in there.”

(On Russell Okung’s performance this week…) “He’s fine.”

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  1. Beast, MRob and RWgotta play like the leaders they’ve been.

    25 carries…30 total touches for #24

    db89 on returns

    can tate, kearse, lockett…anyone run a slant? Not the screen stuff but a real slant.

    roll RW out on play action and target the TEs

    We know what the defense can do. This game is all about the offense and whether or not they can wake up.

  2. “(On Walter Thurmond’s performance this week…) ‘He had a great week. He worked out really hard during the break and came back here, really full speed and is ready to play.'”

    This is funny because WTIII said it gave him a chance to rest his knees and get healed up (i.e. he didn’t work out “really hard,” although we all know he must have “worked out” to a degree on his break which would equal common sense).

    I call BS on this “comPete” thing if Bowie plays really well against Dockett/Campbell and still doesn’t continue playing when Sweezy has played RG for almost two years and I’ve never seen him do as well (against anyone, good or crappy players) as Bowie did vs. AZ last week. Mr. Happy talked about the importance of continuity (which I and most agree with) but he’s the same guy who rotated almost everyone on the OL not too long ago. The better players should play. Period. I know one billionth (if that’s a word) as much football as Mr. Happy, but I do know from one game that Bowie is better than Sweezy. He proved it on the field (and I thought that’s where one should actually prove it).

    Todd – I know you said some weeks ago that LG and RG were the two worst positions on the Seahawks. However, do you think that Bowie and Sweezy, being young guys, can develop into solid starters (I know you said that before Bowie played so well last week). Thanks.

  3. Just win, baby.

  4. Ditto, pfah!

  5. How is it possible that the colt QB did not make the pro bowl? He is so good and someday he will be so good he will go the whole season without a incomplete pass. Aloha

  6. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I think Sweezy has been playing very well lately and has been getting better and better. He should stay at RG..Bowie should be playing LG, we know what Carp and McQuistan can do and the kid played decent against the cards.

  7. Every Super Bowl winner that I can think of in recent memory wasn’t an invinceable team. Everyone had weaknesses. When the Steelers beat the Cardinals in the Super Bowl a number of years back, their OL was about as crappy as ours is now. We can still win this thing even if we don’t have every position dominant even though we’d like all positions to be as good as our DBs, QB, or whatever. It’s just not possible to have Pro Bowlers at every spot. We’ve got as good of a chance or better than anyone to win this thing…

    I know that we’ve lost Rice and haven’t had Harvin, but most teams have missed or are missing others, too. Think of Denver and Ryan Clady. He’s out for the year. Prior to the season, you could have made an argument that he was the second most important player on Denver because he was protecting the blindside of their franchise QB. If you wanted to argue that Clady wasn’t the second most important, then you would have put all your argument for Von Miller as the stud pass rusher. Well, they have lost him for the year too (even though they were awesome before he played a down this year doesn’t mask the fact that the Super Bowl becomes much harder for them to win without him). Most teams have lost key guys like we have with Rice/Harvin and you simply have to overcome those things if you want to be a champion… like the Hawks did when they were without Okung…

  8. MikefromNJ – I am not a Sweezy hater and I agree that he’s one of our five-six best OL (Okung, Bowie, Unger, Sweezy, Breno, Lem; no McQ but he’d have to be seven) now that he’s got some experience. And you’re right, he’s getting better. He’s certainly not approaching the status of a really good football player, but he’s vastly improved from earlier this year (and obviously last year).

    I just simply think that being an OL you can’t get “lucky” against guys like Dockett and Campbell. You can either punch them in the mouth and not back down or you can’t and we all saw that Bowie stood up to each of those studs.

  9. Biggest key in this game will be our 3rd down conversions. Can we protect RW? Are we prepared to counteract a hard rush? Will Lockette step up or is he simple filling a spot until we get someone new next year?

  10. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Agreed Bobbyk.. Also earlier in the year Bowie did a decent job at RT getting better each week at that spot. Carp and McQuistan are so bad that we have nothing to lose by giving Bowie a shot at LG .

  11. Perrish Cox cut to make room for WT3.

    Rams Pro Bowlers:
    P Johnny Hekker
    DE Robert Quinn

  12. What about Alvin Bailey? I would argue that he is the 4th best OL on our team behind Okung, Unger, JeanPierre, and ahead of Breno, Bowie, Sweezy and McQ in that order . I think Bailey is ahead of Bowie, mostly because he has shown he is a capable LT albeit in limited snaps, and LT is a more difficult position to play than RT/RG/LG (Bowie).

  13. (On if Michael Bowie did enough last week to be considered a factor on the offensive line…) “He could be. Yeah he could be. He did a very good job playing. So we’re very comfortable with him going in again IN A COUPLE OF SPOTS.”

    So does “in a couple of spots” mean RG & RT or could it also include LG? Stay tuned. Count me in the crowd hoping for a Bowie start at LG and a January Harvin miracle.

    Of all the heavyweights heading for the playoffs the 49ers appear the healthiest for the moment.

  14. It may sound strange but our “best” O-line combo right now might be Okung, Bailey, Lem, Bowie, Breno. If Unger was 100% he would be the C. I do wonder about the coaching staff with regards to the O line. On one hand they proclaim “always compete” then go on to name two rookies starters without a fight (Carp & Moffitt). Now however when it seems two rookies should start (Bailey & Bowie) by demonstration of their play they are hardly given any snaps at all other than injury fill in. Where is the consistency? There isn’t any. The O line is seemingly under a different jurisdiction.

  15. STL is gonna play outta their minds this Sunday. C Scott Wells has been the most efficient center in the NFL at pass-blocking, while Max Unger ranked 11th. Roger Saffold has moved from RT where he played last time vs SEA to RG to replace injured Harvey Dahl, and has not allowed a sack. LG Chris Williams has the worst pass-pro performance of STL’s OL. RG Shelley Smith subbed in at RG and has played really well at run-blocking. RT Joe Barksdale has been excellent at pass-pro, but average at run-blocking. LT Jake Long has played well all season at run-blocking but has been average at pass-pro.

  16. FYI: LT Jake Long out for the season with a torn ACL. Saffold will most likely swing over and start at LT in place of Long, which will have a trickle down effect across the whole line and weaken STL OL.

    Which means our DL ( esp Avril, Bennett, and Clemons – our ABC’s of pass rushing) should feast on their weakened and vulnerable line. Time for another strip sack by Avril and another crazy TD dance by Bennett!
    If he does that again he won’t have to impersonate Russell Wilson to get a table at a nice restaurant.

  17. Southendzone says:

    Testing part 2, without a link.

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