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News, notes and quotes: Still no Harvin this week

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 23, 2013 at 3:57 pm with 90 Comments »
December 23, 2013 3:57 pm

Pete Carroll was still bothered by yesterday’s loss, but also said they had to turn the focus immediately in a lockerroom.

Carroll went around the lockerroom to talk to specific players after the game Sunday.

“I’m calling on leadership. Calling the guys to step up who had been the leaders of the team,” Carroll said. “To understand what transition we have to make, starting last night, to get ready for this week. As soon as we’re in that lockerroom, that thing (Sunday’s game) is already done. We have to put it in it’s proper spot.”

Quick hits from Carroll:

> Percy Harvin playing this season seems more and more unlikely. He won’t practice this week. He is still rehabbing in Seattle. He has not had an MRI or any procedures since we last saw him (he had an MRI and some fluid drained after the last time he was sore). When asked if he believes Harvin will play again this season, Carroll said, “We’ll figure that out.”

> Good reviews from Carroll on Michael Bowie, who was at right guard for the injured J.R. Sweezy (concussion) last week. Carroll said Bowie was physical up there. Also said that Sweezy will be tested again this week for concussion symptoms.

> Asked who the kick returner will be Sunday, Carroll said, “You will have to wait and see.” He mentioned that Doug Baldwin did well and that Baldwin is a definite option to again return kicks.

> Jermaine Kearse has a sore ankle. He’ll go through the week day-to-day.

> Asked about wide receiver separation and the offense’s issues, Carroll said, “Don’t go crazy on us now. We’ve had a terrific season. We’ve had a lot of numbers. Yesterday in this game, we missed on opportunities down the field.”

> Carroll said they will work Walter Thurmond back in this week. Thurmond is coming back from his four-game suspension and can receive a practice exemption that will allow him to practice, but not be added to the 53-man roster until Saturday in order to play Sunday.

> On third-down issues: “I was quick to tell our guys, for four five weeks there, we were the best of anybody. We just have to make sure we get back to it. It became a big issue.”

> Carrol said that Russell Wilson was “real frustrated” about yesterday’s game and beat him to the practice facility. Carroll said he arrived at 4:45 a.m. and Wilson was already here. They sat down and rewatched every play.

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  1. I really hope they beat the rams. If they end up the 5 seed, I’m sure I’m not the only one that envisions a Texans like collapse

  2. Let’s face it, Percy won’t play this year. I do like Okung’s chances of playing this Sunday.

    I don’t see why Lockette doesn’t get more time. 4 catches on 6 targets isn’t too bad. I might be the only one to feel this way, but I’ve never seen the guy drop a pass. I think it’s worth a try to give him some of Kearse’s reps.

  3. boycie99 says:

    Pabs, game time decisions in Pete’s world is out in reality. It’s alarming he thinks he is still playing the injury report game and they won’t know if he is playing or not
    Whilst I hope Okung goes Sunday I really don’t see it purely on Pete’s reaction

  4. Southendzone says:

    Since Lockette’s been back he has surprised me a bit. I don’t remember him as particularly reliable in his prior stints with the Hawks. Agree with pabuwal that he should get continued play time.

  5. boycie99 says:

    This team doesn’t match up well against the Rams and with Okung possibly out Quinn will have a field day. Throw in teams now stopping Lynch, keeping Wilson in the pocket and wideouts not getting separation along with Bevells baffling play calling it sounds like it’s going to be another low scoring game.
    Let’s hope the D keep us in it and come up with the stop when needed and get that Monkey from their backs otherwise I’m affraid we are probably 1 and done

  6. Kearse’s ankle (which I am assuming has bothered him for weeks now) makes him look like the 2013 version of Sidney Rice. It’s time for Lockette to get more playing time.

  7. If Okung is out it’s got to be Bailey replacing him at LT. If they put McQ against Quinn again RW might be out before the playoffs start.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    There has to be someone out there better than Lockette. Letting Harper go was a big mistake imo.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    pabs- Isn’t Sidney Rice a 2013 version of Sidney Rice?

  10. Sidney Rice before that “minor knee procedure” was better than what we saw this year. He was never worth that contract, but at least he was a legit starting WR. This year he seemed like a thinner version of Mike Williams.

  11. Glad to get WTIII back. Not happy with the news on Harvin although it really shouldn’t be a shock. I wonder if Percy has choked any of his doctors for his hip not healing fast enough? He’s been paid so I’m not sure if he really cares either.

  12. boycie99 says:

    Bevell has a busy week. He needs to dial up some plays that aren’t run up the gut, run up the gut throw a long bomb incompletion.
    If Okung is out he needs to roll Wilson out and give him a chance to do what he does best. With a weakens Oline, Kearse with a dodgy ankle and Tate’s left hand hurting trying to keep Wilson in the pocket is suicidal.
    Let’s also use Mike Rob a bit more, yes it signals the run but the running game has stalled so time to change it up.
    I’m real interested to see how they adjust after what the Cards stopped us doing. I just hope they do adjust and give Wilson the chance to get his game back.

  13. It would be interesting to get a little light shined on Percy’s hip. If there is nothing structurally wrong as Pete stated then what’s the deal? It’s sore. O.k. How many players in the NFL get sore from time to time. I framed the Harvin trade this way at the time it happened and I still do: If we win the Superbowl this year it was a success(even if he doesn’t play), anything less is a failure.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bill Bailey- Louis Armstrong-

    “Can you play tackle Bailey?”
    “Can you play guard?
    “Because our O-line sucks”
    “We need you more than ever, with Okung out”
    “Cause Quinn is coming to town”

    “La la la la la la la, bla bla bla bla”

    “Blog blog blog blog blog blaaaaaa”

  15. Georgia, Don’t forget how Breano was completly EMBARESSED by LONG last year! ADD that to this week!

  16. Ewalters7354 says:

    I agree that the receivers have been good for the most part.Those guys can get the job done.People are saying they can’t win their 1 on 1s because of one game,but we can’t forget the Hawks have been amongst the leaders in explosive plays.I think our pass catchers have a lot to do with that.

    To me the run game is probably struggling because of the dumb guard rotation.That just bugs the hell outta me!Tom Cable is a good coach,but sometimes he experiments too much during meaningful games.I thought having Bowie at guard would blow up in his face but he impressed.As soon a Sweezy comes back though I’m sure we’ll see he and Bowie jumping in and out smh

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The Mighty Quinn- Bob Dylan-

    “Everybody in the NFC west is building big defenses”
    “Some are building great D-lines, others got great LBs or DBs”
    “Every Seahawk player needs to prepare, because no O-lineman can hide”
    “when Quinn the great D- lineman gets here everybody’s gonna jump off sides”
    “Oh come all without, come all within”
    “You’ll not see nothing like the mighty Quinn”
    “Come all without, come all within”
    “We need a dirt bag like Sweezy to take out Quinn”

  18. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Rams LT Jake Long is out for the season with a torn ACL. Okung will be back, and why worry about Percy when we have gotten along fine without him? Legion of Gloomers, the sky is NOT falling. Seahawks will beat the Rams and all will be well.

    Mad love to you all. Thanks for making the blog fun to read…for the most part.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours ;)

  19. SeahawkFan12, they’re not exactly “fine” without him. A day after the loss to the divisional Cards, there’s cause for concern. Arizona might have nothing to play for next week, and SF might by playing for the whole kitty.

    St Louis @ Seattle is the must win of the season. You can go from 1st seed projected all season to a 5th seed and no bye. Not very optimistic right now.

    Hopefully Kellen Clemens goes deaf from you guys screaming at the CLink. Gonna need it to get healthy.

    The Percy Harvin swap might be worse than the TJ Houshmandzadeh signing.

  20. I am still not sure why all the hate is on bevell when they can’t actually execute anything up front – pretty sure he doesn’t coach those guys and pretty sure someone else is the run game coordinator

  21. Because Bevell’s philosophy is run run pass punt.

  22. chuck_easton says:

    If the thought was to get Harvin this year so he can replace Tate next year then everything is on schedule.

    Just look at it as a similar situation to Michael. The team gave up a 2nd round draft choice in 2013 for a guy that will be ready to play in 2014/2015 timeframe.

  23. The hate is on losing and the feeling of being a Seahawk fan from years gone by when all our hopes went up in smoke year after year after year. All we really want is to be and feel invincible. This fan business can be a tough job sometimes.

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree with you RADEoN. I hate that run run pass punt philosophy.

    Time to catch up with the times and realize this is a passing league first and take the chains off Wilson for good and give him the freedom to do his thing like smart coaches do with Manning, Brady, Brees, ect…
    The run game is important, however it can easily take a QB out of rhythm if it is force fed too much like Bevell does.

  25. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    I want to see a heavy dose of lynch next week. I don’t care if he averages 2 YPC, if he gets at least 25 carries we will win the game. I know he has been stopped by opposing defenses lately, but I say run it anyway, make teams have to respect the run and that will open up play action and take some of the pressure off of Wilson.

  26. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Maybe I have been watching different games than some of you guys, but I don’t see run run pass punt, I see incomplete pass, run, incomplete pass, punt. Getting sick of so many incomplete passes on 1st down. Would much rather see a run even if it’s just a short run on 1st down.

  27. Pete should take notes how a 49 niner online works and that is very discipline. Go Hawks!!

  28. Enough whining, you guys. Seriously. You sound like a bunch of recent bandwagon fans. Jesus. This is one of the best seasons we have EVER had as Seahawks fans. Shut up, sit back and enjoy it, you bunch of armchair QBs/coaches. GO SEAHAWKS!!

  29. seaturkeys says:

    Go Falcons!

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    pfah- You get the award for best Whine of the day.

    seaturkeys- Yes, go Falcons! The Falcons hopefully have one A game this season and perhaps this is it.

  31. chuck_easton says:


    Actually the best Season Seattle has EVER had was 2005 when they went 13-3 secured HFA throughout the playoffs and went to the only SB in team history.

    People are upset on here because this team had the chance to at least match the best ever record, have only the second HFA in the playoffs in team history and maybe, just maybe, go one better than 2005 and actually win the SB.

    Now they are a loss to the Rams this weekend away from being the 5th seed, a wild card, and having zero home play off games.

    So they WERE HAVING one of the best seasons EVER and have potentially let the whole thing slip away.

    The frustration on here is because we all expected more from them this year. We are no longer happy to ‘just be invited’ to the dance. We expected to be crowned prom king and the possibility of that took a big hit with some dismal play this weekend

    If you are just happy they had such a good season perhaps you are the bandwagon fan. Those of us that have suffered through 38 years of mediocracy at the best times want and expect more.

    No longer will I just be happy that Seattle managed to get a playoff game.

  32. No worries pfah. That wasn’t even close to the whine of the day. This is how some fans show how much they love the Hawks: by ripping the coach, OC, QB, defense running back, special teams, injured players, receivers and other fans after each loss. It’s why this blog exists.

  33. Manning and Brady are losing key guys. Does this mean the Seahawks are going to play the Bengals in the Super Bowl? I know there’s work to be done but I still think this is our year!

  34. MN .. What part of MN you from?

  35. Buffalo Lake. I’m in the middle nowhere, freezing my balls off tonight!

  36. averagejay says:

    C’mon ATL. Beat them Niners! 10-7 ATL @ Half

  37. An I’m not from MN. Everett, WA. It took a woman to get me out of Gods country….

  38. averagejay says:

    Sorry 10-3

  39. Seriously? I go to BL Days most every year in July and am only about 45 minutes away! One of our best college friends is from there so we come and camp out and I sometimes play softball too.

  40. montanamike2 says:

    I prefer 10-3.

  41. For the record, Chuck, the 2005 team did not secure HFA throughout the playoffs. They only got the last home game because Carolina beat Chicago in Chicago. Otherwise, we would have played in Chicago. This team has never had HFA throughout the playoffs on its own.

    I’m sorry you and your son had to see such a bad game. Hopefully there were a lot of other good aspects to it and it will be a great memory.

  42. Go Falcons,,,, GO HAWKS

  43. It truly is a small word Bobby! We should hook up at the beer garden in July at toast the first ever Superbowl championship for Seahawks! I still believe!

  44. I remember the Hawks game at Green Bay being meaningless. They had nothing to play for because they already had home field throughout the playoffs. That’s why we benched many starters in the second half after selfish Shaun got his TD record so he couldn’t cry about being stabbed in the back about anything.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Beach Boys-

    “Wouldn’t it be nice if Falcons win this”
    “Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long”
    “And wouldn’t it be nice to tail gate together”
    “At the Clink where we all belong”

    “You know its gonna make it that much better”
    “When we can say the Seahawks are better”

    “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wake up”
    “In the morning when the day is new”
    “And after having spent the night together”
    ” learning that the Falcons had come through”

    “Happy times together we’ve been spending”
    “I wish the Seahawks ride was neverending”
    “Wouldn’t it be nice.”

  46. I understand the anger many posters here feel about the game yesterday, but what is the point of saying the Hawks are “losing it” or are going to get blown out, etc., etc.? Does it make you feel better to say that kind of stuff? Are you going to be happy when you’re proved right? Are you going to cheer against the team? Is that the caliber of thinking you want to see on this blog? Who can we fire? Who can we blame?

    I’ll tell you who’s to blame. It’s YOU.

    You gave up on them.

  47. MN … You got a deal. I love the little burgers they serve up at the softball field. I just get them without the fried onions. Were you there when they had the tornado a number of years ago? The Sunday morning breakfast at the firehall is also awesome after a night of beers at the street dance!

  48. Watch out, Georgia is hammering out the tunes tonight. :)

  49. The tornado was my first year here. We had 12 people jammed into our tiny downstairs bathroom thanks to our trailer dwelling neighbors who damn near broke down our door to get in. It changed direction half a block from us. Everybody in town got a new roof but me.

  50. chuck_easton says:

    Thanks snappa

    In spite of the showing by the offence yesterday we had a great trip.

    I promised him next year we will try to pick a game that Seattle should win easily.

    But this is the NFL. Any given Sunday.

  51. Snappa, easily the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. If you are the number one seed, you secured home field advantage. Regardless of the tiebreaker situation, it’s still how seeding works.

  52. Back to reality on MNF. Damn.

  53. Come on RADeON, have you read any yankita?

  54. At least yank doesn’t post song parodies…

  55. Radeon – they were not the number one seed, Chicago was.

  56. The Seahawks were the number 1 seed in 2005. How do you not know this?

  57. Ewalters7354 says:

    Who gave up on the team?You guys act like us as fans have to post all positives after a loss.Sorry but no.They played poor on offense and we have a right to criticize who ever we want.That’s not giving up.

  58. The Niners are the best team in the NFL right now.

    It pains me to say it, but watching their offensive line play so well and receivers get open so often and easily is frustrating.

    Panthers, Hawks and Broncos are in the next tier but IMO…SF is the team to beat.


  59. Ewalters7354 says:

    The Bears were the number one seed in 06.I can’t believe you tried to correct someone not knowing what your talking about lol

  60. Ok. I’m sorry, I misremembered and was wrong. The Seahawks were number one seed in 2005.

    People can say whatever they want on the blog. But if people are saying (not on this thread) but in some of the others since Sunday (I was only able to start reading today) that the Hawks have lost it and are going to crap out on the season (which they did), then in my mind they’re either venting their anger in a stupid way or giving up.

  61. Ewalters7354 says:

    Matt Ryan is earning my respect tonight.Never liked the guy but he’s a warrior.

  62. The Hawks looked pretty good against ATL too. We looked like the best team in the NFL.

  63. I know a great deal more about the Hawks than most people on this blog, having followed them every game for more years than many of them were alive.

  64. The Hawks can win Sunday and should. I think we’re so p*ss*d right now that our intensity can’t be matched by St. Louis with nothing to play for.

    I’m disappointed in a few areas and hope they correct them before Sunday.

    We are no longer however IMO the best team in the NFL despite record. I’m not trying to stir it up. It’s just my opinion.

    I bleed slate blue and lime green but I’d really hate to have to go back to Candlestick right about now.

    Gotta close out Sunday.


  65. Ewalters7354 says:

    So that means you know more?

  66. I have followed the team since 83 but that doesn’t mean I know more about the team this year than someone who has only been a fan for a few years. We’re all in this together and nobody is better than anyone else. Just my opinion.

  67. Sometimes. :)

  68. The Hawks are good enough to win the Superbowl. So are the Niners, Panthers, Cards, Broncos, Chiefs, Saints etc. There is no 90’s Cowboys or Niners who are dominant. Those days are over.I just want to enjoy this season. F all the negativity.

  69. When do we begin the Matt Ryan for MVP discussion?

  70. That onside kick was crazy!

  71. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Damn Falcons!

  72. Brutal…..

  73. So much for Okung getting an extra week to rest that toe.

  74. Guess we still gotta earn it.

  75. very brutal

  76. Arizona will take the at home

  77. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Damn Falcons….hate the 9ers!!
    So close. Oh well, let them have their last win at home. We win Sunday and take the division and home field.
    Niners gave up a ton to a crappy team.

  78. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Every team is beatable as we found out yesterday. We’re 12-3 and have the best set of cards left at the table.
    I’m all in.

  79. Feeling snarky…

    It’s a ‘bummer’ that the Niners didn’t win @ NO so we could get HFA.

    Ah, memories…

  80. “The Niners are the best team in the NFL right now.”

    you said that at 8:00 pm – – – is it any different 1/2 hour later, after they should’ve lost a game at home to the 4-10 Falcons?

    good teams can lose games they’re supposed to win, my point is that the Hawks are not the only ones who have had setbacks this year. they’ve got flaws, and yet they sit w/the best record in the league.

    Dammit . .. really thought the Falcons had that one, the way it was going there at the end. Sure made the Niners defense look VERY ordinary there.

    let’s not be afraid of any team, we can hang with anyone in the league.

  81. “Every team is beatable as we found out yesterday. We’re 12-3 and have the best set of cards left at the table.
    I’m all in.”

    I like that . . .

  82. Tate woulda caught that!

  83. Nope. Nothing has changed. Their momentum is a lot more positive than ours at present status.

    Falcons had a chance but blew it. Oh well.

  84. My apologies to any and all offended by my erroneous comments above, as well as my poorly expressed opinions, and defensive comments. It seems that I was providing a good example of exactly what I was criticizing, namely writing stupid things in a fit of emotional reaction to the game.

    With that said, I echo MoSeahawk12:

    I’m all in.

    Go Hawks!

  85. We win next week SF loses to Cards then were is the momentum

  86. That’s a big IF my friend but I’d love for that scenario to happen.

    Until then…it’s going to be a really long week.

  87. Hawks win by 21 on Sunday. Just like I’ve been saying! :)

  88. Yup yup…from day 1 I’ve been telling you that I’m right 95% of the time. I don’t listen to experts…I just see it with my own two eyes but you’re probably just brainwashed. smh :-)

  89. I couldn’t resist.

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