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Morning Links: Cause for concern?

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 23, 2013 at 1:44 am with 157 Comments »
December 23, 2013 1:44 am

Good morning.

The Seahawks start the final week of the regular season as losers in two of the last three games.

Some recent issues:

> They failed to hold late leads in each loss.

> They are averaging 17.3 points per game in those three, down from more than 27 per game prior.

> Marshawn Lynch hasn’t rushed for more than 100 yards in over a month. After a strong start Sunday with 46 yards in the first quarter, Lynch gained 25 yards the next three quarters and just 11 in the second half.

> The Seahawks were again heavily penalized. This week, nine penalties for 102 yards. Arizona went 45 yards for a field goal in its second possession of the fourth quarter. The Seahawks gave them 36 of those yards with a personal foul (Tony McDaniel unnecessary roughness) and pass interference (21 yards on Richard Sherman). Seattle is the most penalized team in the NFL.

> Russell Wilson’s touchdown-to-interception ratio in those three is even, 3:3.

> The Seahawks did not control the ball in either loss. San Francisco ran 64 plays to Seattle’s 50 and the Cardinals ran 70 to the Seahawks’ 51 Sunday.

Barring unlikely help tonight from San Francisco, the Seahawks will have to beat the St. Louis Rams (23-13 winners Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) to clinch the division. The good news for the Seahawks is they have not squandered, yet, everything they built over the first 14 weeks of the season. They still are in good position to be the NFC’s top seed.

If the playoffs started today, here’s how the seeding would look:

1. Seattle (12-3)

2. Carolina (11-4)

3. Philadelphia (9-6)

4. Chicago (8-7)

5. San Francisco (10-4)

6. New Orleans (10-5)

The Seahawks and Panthers would have byes. Then, the Seahawks would host the lowest remaining seed. New Orleans would play at Philadelphia and San Francisco would travel to Chicago for the Wild Card round. Arizona is still on the outside looking in. It needs the Falcons to beat the 49ers tonight and then the Cardinals must beat San Francisco next Sunday at home. Or, they need the Buccaneers to beat the Saints next Sunday in New Orleans and the Cardinals still must beat the visiting 49ers in the regular-season finale.

If the Seahawks win Sunday, they take the division and homefield advantage.

Our stuff:

> Here’s my game story, focusing on the offense’s problems.

>  Our Dave Boling writes about the Seahawks’ inability to move the ball.

> Our John McGrath says the Seahawks played like they could afford to lose.

> It was a strange day for Doug Baldwin.

> Several of the Cardinals said after the game they remembered the 58-0 loss last year and they had something to prove Sunday.

> Our photo gallery.

> Also, we’ll chat today at 2 p.m.


> 710 ESPN’s Danny O’Neil writes it was a day to forget for Wilson and the Seahawks.

> Richard Sherman, who had little to say postgame, and Earl Thomas had varied takes on the outcome.

> Here’s a rundown of the Seahawks playoff scenarios.

> writes about Seattle being down to its last chance to clinch the division.

> At Sportspress Northwest, Art Thiel writes the Cardinals show how to shut up the Seahawks.

> The Arizona Republic writes about the Cardinals staying in the playoff hunt.

>  A Washington state representative tweeted that Arizona is a “racist wasteland” following the loss.


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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Still trying to figure out how we have four interceptions and still lose the game.

    Or how we get zero points on a 1st and Goal from the three.

    Hat tip to the Cards. They are getting it done down the stretch.

    Hawks need a strong win next week to close it out and put the loss in the rearview…

  2. boycie99 says:

    Todd, I think you’ve nailed the reasons to be concerned.
    This team whilst good and sometimes great on D cant hold on to a late lead and get the opposition off the field.
    The O is regressing in every aspect, running game, O-line,receivers getting open and Wilsons decision making.
    We are backing into the playoffs whilst teams like the Eagles, Panthers, 49ers and even Cards are getting hot.

    I don’t like the sound of Okung injuring the same toe with Quinn coming to town next Sunday and don’t want to hear PC mention game time decision as we all now know what that means.
    If they are saving Harvin for the play offs now is the time to bring him back as where we are right now next Sunday is a play off game as without home field this team wont cut it the way they are playing and even with home field it will be a stretch.

    I know he is a young man but this Offense starts and ends with Wilson, when he is on it and fired up the rest of the O fires but the last few weeks from the start of the Niners game where he was sacked and fumbled it out of bounds he just appears in a funk, a little sleepy and not the fired up we can win whatever the score we are are used to

    PC needs to work on Wilson this week…. maybe cut down the studying as it seems he is trying to hard and just let him go and play, that also includes Bevell giving this team a chance, enough of the vanilla play calls lets go get our mojo back

  3. CDHawkFan says:

    My 2 biggest areas of concern;

    1) the offense laying an egg like this in the playoffs. We have seen it a few times this year @ SL, Home vs Tampa, and Tenn. Play calling was bad in that it didn’t seem to change with what the Cards were doing/giving. Most of that is on Bevell, but boy did RW look like crap. That was his worst game, not running to get 1st downs, throwing 20 yards down field when its 3rd and 3. He should have been able to do more with screens, short passes, running/QB draw, throwing to were the blitz was coming from. He looked lost.

    2) I worry that if we do get to the SB that we will be up 2 points with 5 minutes left but Denver will have the ball at their 20. If that is the case, I will have to turn to my wife and tell her we are about to lose. There is a reason why I worry about our D, they have yet been able to stop a team when they really need too at the end of the game. They should have put Palmer on his back more, the pass rush has been a disappointment this year (better than last year, but still not good enough).

  4. mquinn73 says:

    Todd & boycie99:

    I don’t think you can criticise the defense for failing to hold on to the lead. They were worn down because Arizona had the ball for 37 mins. They had the opportunity to have 43 run plays and dominate time of possession – all because our offense was so completely ineffective for the vast majority of the game.

    Seriously, the defense gets 4 interceptions – one of which is returned to the 3yd line… and our offense can’t punch it in from there!! Not only that but our special teams can even get the field goal!!

    If I was a member of of defense, I’d be angry right now – angry at my teammates on offense.

    Our defense has only let us down once all season – that was in Indianapolis. Otherwise, they have kept us in every game, including the loss in ‘cisco – and certainly yesterday.

    This loss is all on the offense (and special teams).

  5. Ewalters7354 says:

    I still don’t get the critism of the defense.They took the ball away over and over but the offense couldn’t move the ball to save their lives.I think they had only 2-3 drives where they went over 5 plays on offense.So though the defense surrendered the lead,the game shouldn’t have been that close.Two more score drives (fg or td) the Hawks win.

    I mean,the defense has 9 picks in the last two games.I don’t blame them for absolutely anything except for a few penalties which I attribute to being frustrated with the offense.Just sayin

  6. montanamike2 says:

    it’s all on the offense.

  7. montanamike2 says:

    That ball clearly bounced on the ground in front of Baldwin and they credit the Cards with an interception? How many times refs?

  8. No Defense that allows a broken down Carson Palmer to drive 80 yards for the game winning TD at home can consider themselves great.

  9. Ewalters7354 says:

    Unless they’ve been on the field all game dominating.Waiting on help from their offense.How many defenses will constantly hold opponents without giving up a scoring drive?Those guys were absolutely drained.

  10. montanamike2 says:

    The first goal line stand was awesome, if we had then punched in that 3 yarder or thrown for a TD i think we would have broken them right off.

  11. Southendzone says:

    Ok then pabuwal, say they take away that 80 yard drive, but they don’t get one of the 2 miracle INT’s in the red-zone, just to make it easy, take away the one after Turbin’s fumble and AZ scores from the 6 yard line.

    Anyone complaining about the D today is basically an idiot.

    And Montana Mike you’e right, just watched that last play, the ball hit the ground and his arm, probably the ground first, just barely, that’s what caused the crazy bounce up.

  12. Just about every Super Bowl (and most playoff games) this century have been decided by which team made the 4th quarter stop and/or which QB made the clutch 4th quarter plays.

    It was one thing when Wilson couldn’t score a TD in SF or the Defense couldn’t hold SF on the final drive. But to have that happen at home against a broken down INT machine? And then against a Defense which saw Ryan Fitzpatrick score 34 points against the previous week?

    Every playoff game the Seahawks play in will look just like yesterdays game which means it will be 50/50. It will come down to which team gets the close calls, which Defense steps up with a few minutes to play and which QB comes through in the clutch.

    Do Seahawks fans trust the team to come through on ANY of these 3 aspects?

  13. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    We also gave them too many yards in penalties.. Also Carson pulled that 3rd down play out of his butt to the TE on the winning drive when he scrambled to his right and was almost sacked.

    Another big play was on the Malcolm Smith INT ,everybody watch that play again. Michael Bennett was caught doing nothing, if he gives Malcolm one last block he scores that TD.

    Its a loss and we all need to move on and beat the Rams. Jake Long is out so we will have a huge advantage in addition to being home.

  14. montanamike2 says:

    Pabs your insights are valuable, i think we’re all pissed about the loss.

  15. montanamike2 says:

    I hope the Seahawks play better next week, they have motivation.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Can we still win the division and HFA with a loss to the Rams and Arizona beating the 49ers next week?

  17. CDHawkFan says:

    This week last year we drilled San Fran 42-13, this was after winning the previous 2 games by 108-17. We have added Avril/Bennett.

    What the hell has happened (no its not the sky is falling, but an honest question)?

    Is it;
    a) teams have ”figured out” RW?
    b) our O-line was better with Moffitt
    c) we were better off with just Clem and Irvin
    d) Marshawn is slowing down
    e) Gus > Quinn
    f) Our WR are not as good as we think
    g) PC not a big enough disciplinarian
    h) RW was busted 3 weeks ago for pot and is worried about it going public
    i) I really shouldn’t invest so much emotion in a sports team

  18. montanamike2 says:

    GeorgiaHawk i think we do.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s all Sweezy’s fault! Oh wait, he didn’t play. Lol.

  20. montanamike2 says:

    I think the Whiners would be out and the Cards in.

  21. Southendzone says:


    a) maybe, he’s not improving right now but there’s still hope. Him & Bevell need to figure out how to succeed vs tough defenses.
    b) Don’t think so
    c) No
    d) maybe
    e) Maybe, but the D is performing great this year, pure speculation to say it would have been even better with Gus
    f) Maybe
    g) Don’t think so, but suppose it’s possible if you believe we could discipline our way out of some of these penalties
    h) haha, don’t think so from our boy scout
    i) 100% true. Time for me to take a break from the Hawks. They are driving me mad.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    This loss hangs solely on the offense. The D did everything possible to put them in a position to win and the lack of production from the O failed to capitalize.

    Also, I can only presume this puts to end the Wilson for MVP talk. Especially considering that Manning now has the single season TD record.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Seriously though, I’m not to worried about the last two losses. It’s not like we were blown out. We had a good chance to win both those games and that’s against arguably the two hottest teams in the NFL.

    The NFC West is no joke.

  24. montanamike2 says:
  25. Dukeshire says:

    South – I couldn’t agree more. Blaming the D is tantamount to admitting you didn’t watch the game in its entirety.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    With due respect, people ought to be concerned about the losses. The offense is playing its worst football of the season. The struggles we saw I’m September are back, only now they are leading to losses.

  27. I actually think the loss of the 2012 version of Sidney Rice is pretty big. Unfortunately he was lost in August when he had that “minor” knee procedure. Kearse just doesn’t bring that same consistency as the 2012 Rice did.

    The Seahawks for the final 7 games of the year faced some pretty good run defenses. Without the run game and Wilson being able to get out of the pocket to buy time, the WRs are getting owned.

    Percy Harvin would go a long way to solving that but he hasn’t practiced in a month. We won’t see him until the playoffs at the earliest.

    If SF loses either of their final 2 games, the Seahawks clinch.

  28. We made 108 yards on offence and lost 102 yards to penalties. Pretty easy to see why we lost the field position battle.

    Can’t blame the defence at all – any time you can hold your opponent to 17 points you expect to have a good chance to win.

  29. confucious says:

    A couple of concerns:

    1. Not the defense. They played lights out all game.

    2. Wilsons passing accuracy. The last couple of games he has sprayed them high, low, short, long, behind, too much lead. Overall inaccuracy.

    3. I can’t remember the last time we ran the ball well.

    4. The all or nothing approach in the passing game. It seems an occasional test for the opposing linebackers would keep honest. Why don’t we throw a screen or two or something over the middle.

    5. Predictability. Teams have finally figured out RW. The playaction roll right play has not come easy as of late nor will it for the rest of the season.

    We must figure out how to implement sweeps, screens, and intermediate throws. Future opposing d coordinaters already have the print on how to stop seattle. If the hawks can’t find a new wrinkle, this will be a short post season.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    I agree that Kearse is not even close to Rice, especially in the catching dept.

  31. No matter how good or bad the Offense performs in a game, if the Defense can’t hold a late game lead then you can forget about winning a Super Bowl, maybe even a playoff game.

  32. Late game lead in a one score game I mean.

  33. confucious says:

    I don’t. Rice dropped more than he caught as a seahawk. Totally unreliable. He was more reliable than percy though.

  34. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree pabs. that was a huge issue last season and now it continues this season.

  35. confucious says:

    Pabs, The defense spent the whole game on the field. They were gassed. It was amazing that they were able to keep the score as low as they did.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    If an offense fails to score from 1st and goal, so too can one forget about a Super Bowl victory. Again, no matter how one tries to spin it, this offense cost them a win yesterday.

  37. The Offense was bad and has been bad for the last month. It may not get better. I don’t see Harvin playing for a long time and whatever ability Lynch had to make people miss is gone.

    But if you feel it’s ok for the Seahawks Defense to blow leads against 2 mediocre offenses, then get ready to have a lot of disappointment this year. Teams with a defensive, run first mentality will find themselves in this situation in every playoff game.

    I believe they call this “Marty Ball.”

  38. RDPoulsbo says:

    Not sure why the defense is to blame when they have the offense 4 free drives. 1 on the 3. Credit to the Cards defense, but most of the blame goes to Bevell for the playcalling. Lynch can scrap out 3 yards on 3 tries. Why so few shots down the middle of the field when they are starting 2 rookie safeties?

    Yes, Wilson had accuracy issues and a lot of it had to do with the pass rush, but there was no adjustments to deal with it.

  39. On another note, it looks like Okung will be out for this game.

    I’d much rather see Bailey get the start at LT then McQuistan. I thought he did ok in his limited snaps.

  40. boycie99 says:

    Agree Pabs we will hear the game time decision on Okung from PC which we all now know means he will be out.
    McQuistan got owned last time we played the Rams so Bailey deserves a start.
    Bevell and Wilson need to shake themselves out of this slump otherwise this team is going nowhere fast. I mean delay of game penalties at home, that’s just dumb from Wislon and elite QB’s don’t do that
    The invincibility at home has gone and the Cards showed everyone how to take the 12th man out of the equation and beat the Hawks, something Tampa and the Titans got close to doing.

    Does anyone thing we could beat Philly, the Niners or the Panthers playing the way we are playing?? at home its a push on the road, not a chance

  41. montanamike2 says:

    We are a much better team then the way we’re playing, we have to sharpen and refocus for the last game of the regular season.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think it’s foolish to expect our offense to play at the same level,(or close to the same level) as our defense, so when they don’t some folks get all up in arms about it.
    Realistically though there is far more talent and depth that the FO has invested on the defensive side, so the expectations of their performance should be higher.

    Outside of a few players our offense is seriously lacking in talent compared to other teams. Especially with regards to the O-line and WRs.

    Wilson’s been making chicken salad out of chicken $hit for the most part of two seasons now but he can’t pull magic out of his hat every game. Especially against two very good defenses like the 49ers and Cardinals.
    Give him a line that won’t get manhandled,(and get him mauled) and give him a couple big fast WRs that can separate and the offense will be elite like our defense is supposed to be.
    Until then we have to hope for more magic and a little luck moving forward.
    And maybe, just maybe a Harvin sighting.

  43. boycie99 says:

    One small mercy the motivation for the Rams to be the Team that ends the unbeaten home record has gone
    You can bet Fisher will have some trick plays/onside kick etc up his sleeve for next week, our guys need to be switched on to everything and not sleep walk through the game like yesterday.

  44. Given that the Bucs – Saints game will be played the same time as 49ers at Cardinals, I think the Cardinals have enough motivation to go out and beat the 49ers next weekend.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    By the same token if you feel it’s okay for the offense to punt 9 times, produce less than 200 yards, and control the ball for 22 minutes then you will experience disappointment as well.

    Unless you’re expecting the D to score points as well, it thoroughly unreasonable to blame this loss on the D.

  46. That’s what “Marty Ball” is all about.

  47. Dukeshire says:

    No one is saying the offense ought to be as dominant as the defense. I’d settle for mediocrity right now. 103 passing yards? That’s simply awful no matter how you slice it.

  48. Dukeshire says:

    Good, I’m glad you’re putting it on the offense now.

  49. The Offense stinks. I’ve been pointing out the issues for weeks that all came to a head on Sunday.

    But this teams was built to be Defense first. And great Defensive teams hold late leads at home against the likes of Carson Palmer.

    I actually expected the Defense to hold the Cardinals to a 3 and out on that last drive. I must have forgotten the last 3 years of Seahawks Defensive football.

  50. “Does anyone thing we could beat Philly, the Niners or the Panthers playing the way we are playing?? at home its a push on the road, not a chance”

    such an overreaction – we just played the Niners on the road, and barely lost – were up with less than 2 mins left. of course we could have won that game. you’re talking like it’s some impossibility.

  51. My concerns remain the same:

    1. No big WR or go to guy – If opposing teams rush their ends straight up field and keep RW in the pocket, who is he going to throw it to?

    2. Turbin on Kickoffs – I think that experiment is finally, officially mercilessly over. Baldwin was great; hope it wasn’t too little, too late for HFA.

    3. Vanilla offense – Love Beast? So do I. Think he can do it all by himself? Me neither. If you’re still worried about Michael’s ability to pass block, then why draft him in the 2nd for his running skills?

    4. No passion on offense. With the exception of Baldwin, I don’t see any fire or sense of urgency. When you’re playing in front of the 12th man, you gotta bring it and get the crowd fired up. Not having that on offense leaves our crowd wanting more.

    5. Play discipline football. Stop with all the penalties. It’s ridiculous. Having a young team has a lot of benefits; maturity is not one of them.

    I don’t have a problem with the defense although I would like them to cut down on their stupid penalties. With that said, they have played well enough to win and are definitely holding up their end of the bargain.

    Desperate Pete and flustered Russell are a bad combo right now.

    This is arguably THE BIGGEST WEEK EVER FOR OUR FRANCHISE. Lots of hard work put in. More talent and the best chance for us to win it all. Rams will be playing loose, all the pressure is on us. We must respond accordingly.


  52. And now…the week of Christmas…TNT is deciding to charge us to read articles? Really?

    This is why Newspapers continue to fail. You don’t charge the readers…you charge the Advertisers!

    Develop good content (it’s here), create a large database (also here) and charge Advertisers for the traffic with click throughs to their sites.

    If you lose the bloggers, you have nothing and I assure you, the advertisers only care about traffic.

    TV and Cable does the same thing but that formula is changing too.

    Radio is free to listeners and makes it’s money on advertisers.

    Newspapers are greedy thinking that they can double dip when the reality is that there is way too much info on the google machine.

    But to enforce this the week of Christmas is a joke. I could easily leave this site and not come back and just may.

    Put ads on either side of the blog and sell them…not your contributors.

  53. yankinta says:

    I’m GLAD that we lost. I’d much rather lose a game now than in the playoff. This brings us back down to earth!!

    Now, we need to shore up that Run Defense, when they run right AT us.

    And we need to improve our Pass Protection,, that was a Top 5 front Seven…and we’ll see similar Defense in the playoff, now is the time to fix this O-Line.

    You won’t see me overreact to this loss at all (nor have I ever been a part of overreactions),, So, I guess I Love that we lost yesterday… :)

  54. Give an offense enough opportunities to attack a defense and eventually they will either find something that works, get lucky, or both. In a vacuum do you expect the defense to hold AZ on last drive, yes, but reality is that AZ was given too many opportunities due to the inability of our offense to stay on the field. Our defense gave them 4 extra possessions for crying out loud.

    I question the O game plan. I get man coverage you try to go deep but Wilson was off, our WRs couldn’t get open, and Bevell failed to adjust. You attack an aggressive defense with counters, screens, reverses, any type of misdirection. They are not all going to hit but at least you keep the defense honest. More troubling is that our OL is horrible, Okung who is suppose to be our best OL is hurt again, and we don’t have a true #1 WR that demands attention.

    We will need to address this in the draft, too bad we don’t have a 3rd round pick as that was wasted on “he who shall not be named”.

  55. Didn’t Ryan Fitzpatrick throw for nearly 400 yards against the Cardinals the week before?

    The Cardinals pass defense hasn’t been good all year – until yesterday that is.

  56. rufusporter says:

    Russell Wilson last 3 games:
    513 yards
    55.6% completion
    3 TD / 3 INT
    10 Sacks
    6.49 Yards/ATT

    TJack last 3 games of 2011:
    612 Yards
    58.5% completion
    3 TD / 1 INT
    9 sacks
    6.51 Yards / ATT

    Consequently – Marshawn Lynch

    Last 3 games:

    190 Yards
    3.51 Yard per att
    2 TD

    Last 3 games of 2011 with TJack at QB:

    235 Yards
    3.91 Yard per att
    3 TD

    Just sayin’ . . .

  57. HaydenHawk says:

    Tod, dealing with the loss is hard enough; the last link is not sports related and is political BS. Please keep the links sports related.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    Being glad for a loss is a loser’s mentality.

    The Card’s pass D wasn’t “good” yesterday. Seattle’s offense was that inept.

  59. terrible game yesterday, no doubt. cause for concern? definitely.

    But let’s not make sweeping pronouncements about the team based on the most recent, admittedly lousy, performance.

    it was just 3 weeks ago we crushed the Saints – offense went for 400+ yds, defense held down the #1 or #2 offense in the league to nothing. then we play SF in SF, and it was every bit as close and tough as you would expect – nearly an identically even game between the two teams statistically. we then easily beat the Giants (crap team, but it’s still the NFL) by 23 points (offense goes for 329 yds) on the road.

    those are the 3 games before yesterday’s loss. let’s not act like it was some miserable stretch for us – it wasn’t.

    let’s see how the Hawks bounce back next week before writing their obituary.

  60. Funnier about the 2011 and 2013 comparison is –

    * 2 out of the 3 games were against SF and Arizona
    * The Defense allowed 2 late game winning drives to mediocre QBs playing for SF and Arizona
    * The Seahawks QB blew an opportunity to win each game after the Defense allowed the game winning drives against SF and Arizona

  61. Quinn has 18 sacks and Okung’s toe is bothering him again?


  62. Ugh. Reading all this is worse than watching the offense yesterday. I’m no glutton for punishment so I’m going to enjoy Christmas and check back after that. I hope you guys figure out all the teams problems and convince Pete to make your changes to save the season. Cheers!

  63. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Mr/Miss 95% right was wrong again regarding a blowout win. Two grand blowout predictions one against the 9ers and now the Cards. Of course you’re glad they lost. Losers have excuses like that to try and save face. Not like it matters here. At least the ridiculous Wilson MVP banter has died a horrible death.

  64. WilliamPercival says:

    Please take the fruit punch goggles off and stop whining.

    The reality is that we’re going to have losses and stuff to take away each week. Obviously we have a little more this week.

    I am glad these hawks have the bitter loss to the Niners from two weeks ago. I’ve said it from the start, they scare me more than any team out there.

    I am glad we got our asses handed to us on offense yesterday and struggled on special teams. I’m glad we got slammed on our backs at our home field where we haven’t had the taste of an L since 2011. They needed a reminder of what it feels like… Clearly.

    The 2 losses they have had in the last 3 weeks come against two of the (arguably) hottest teams in the league right now.

    Our team is young and brash. They have just begun to scratch the surface on what will hopefully be many years of glory. They needed 2 teaspoons of L and 4 cups of humility. If this wasn’t enough to give them the jolt they need to wrap up #1 and rest their players for Rd 1, then they’ll most likely have to play in as the Wildcard team.

    We’ll know in 6 short days.

  65. thursday says:

    I’m not sure how you can expect the defense to hold after being on the field for the majority of the game. I can attest to that as I was there and I’m pretty much hoarse this morning. The offense did too little WAY too late. They couldn’t even get a score when they were gifted position on the 3 by the defense. No point in worrying about Super Bowls or playoff games and whether the defense can hold, because you don’t win those games or get very far if your offense can’t capitalize on even ONE of four takeaways.

    They held the Cards to field goals or nothing all game and the offense went three and out or something close to it with nearly every possession. I’m sorry, but when you lose a game where your defense forces FOUR turnovers, that is completely on your offense.

    I knew by the fourth quarter that if we didn’t get a special teams or defensive score, we likely weren’t going to win.

    And where was the short passing game? Why was Wilson taking all those Flacco-esque deep shots to invisible receivers? Like McGrath is saying, they were playing (the offense) like they could afford to lose. And that is mighty disturbing.

  66. How was this team built to be “defense first?” It looks pretty even to me. Just because Carroll is a defensive guy? And late round draft picks like Chancellor, Sherman, Maxwell, Lane, Smith, etc. have turned out really good so the defense is great (for the first 58 minutes each week)?

    Investments on offense
    QB – 3rd round pick
    RB – Lynch; huge contract when his came due
    WR – Rice; huge contract as a free agent (current starter former 2nd round pick)
    WR – Harvin; huge contract and three draft picks (currently a FA)
    LT – Huge contract and 6th overall draft pick by this regime
    LG – 1st round draft pick
    C – Signed huge extention prior to start of last season
    RG – no investment at all except for a late pick
    RT – Signed extention with team making $3 million this year – just because he’s not overly good doesn’t mean he’s not a $3 million “investment” because we saw that his back-up really sucks.
    TE – Signed to huge contract as free agent

    Investments on defense
    CB – Browner was no investment, WTIII was a 4th rounder, and Maxwell was an “investment” like Sweezy. Lane too.
    CB – 5th round pick
    SS – Signed large extention
    FS – 1st round pick in round after Okung in 2010
    OLB – 4th round pick (current starter 7th round pick)
    MLB – 4th round pick
    OLB – 1st round pick
    DE – Signed big extention
    DT – Signed big extention
    DT – Signed to lower veteran contract (1 year rental)
    DE – Signed big deal to stuff the run and other signed to good money on two-year deal after he didn’t get the bigger payday he expected

    *If I say “huge” contract, that meant it made them among the highest paid at their position in the NFL at the time.

    Both sides of the ball have two first round pick starters.

    6 offensive “starters” are being paid like they are among the best in the NFL, while Kam is the only non-DL paid like he’s among the best at his position on defense. Just because we know ET and Sherman are in line to be among the highest paid – doesn’t erase the fact that there is a significant investment in a guy like Sherman right now just because he’s good. Technically, there is more of an investment in a guy like Michael than there is in Sherman in terms of draft pick selection and contract.

    Their first draft saw them with two #1 picks and they took an offensive player at #6 and a defensive player at #14. Then another player (Tate) was taken in the second round. Looks like offense first to me with respect to the early picks.

    Their next draft we saw them take two OL with their first two picks (then a OLB/WR in the 4th round). Looks like they were focusing on offense to me.

    Then they went with Irvin, Wagner, and Wilson. Defense ruled that draft.

    This past year they went all Percy on us in the first round (and two more picks, too) and then took Michael for the offense in the second round. Seems pretty offensively dominant there too with the early picks. Jordan Hill (pick I really like for future years) gave the team a defender after the first few rounds went all offense.

    Juding from 4 drafts, the team has taken 3 offensive players (including Percy) in the 1st round, 2 defensive players.
    They have taken 2 offensive players in the 2nd round and 1 defensive player. They have taken 3 offensive players in the 3rd round and 1 defensive player. Note: I included Whitehurst as a 3rd round pick because they traded a 3rd round pick for him, the same as they did for Percy and a 1st round pick).

    First 3 rounds for this regime =
    8 offensive players
    4 offensive players

    They have handed out big contracts on offense to Lynch, Rice, Harvin, Miller, Okung, and Unger. On defense they have handed out big contracts to Red, Avril, Bennett, Mebane, Clem, Kam.

    I include Okung as a huge contact and not ET because in ’10 the crazy rookie wage scale was still in effect where Okung got $58 million over six years, where ET 8 slots later “only” got a 5 year and $21 million deal.

    In my world, it looks to me that a more has been invested into the offense (no mention of the Flynn signing).

    So, please, stop with the “this team was built around defense” nonsense. It wasn’t. It was built to be a well balanced team. It’s just that it’s worked out to the point where the defense is great for 58 minutes each week and the offense is not good (in part due to two huge investments in Rice and Harvin not playing – but neither of them can play OL though).

  67. Kam has “huge” contract, too (didn’t insinuate it one, did the second time).

    ET could be/should be added to getting good ching.

    Rushed through that, sorry, but the point is that this team hasn’t focused on defense and ignored the offense like some like to think as evidenced by some of their posts.

  68. I still want to see what Michael can do, but could you imagine how things would’ve worked out had we taken Keenan Allen? 6’2″, great hands, good speed and an aggressive attitude.

    Hindsight is 20/20. I thought Harper could’ve been that possession type of WR that we seem to be missing.

    Not having a ‘go to’ WR is our weakest link. SF has three. We have Baldwin but even he needs some space to work with.

  69. It’s the next day and I’m still mad about the loss. There’s really no excuse to lose to the Cards at home, IMO. I don’t care if they have been playing well (they are) but this team should have won.

    Comforting to me was reading all the Ravens fan comments after the Denver game in mid-December last year to read about how they sucked and weren’t going to do anything in the play-offs even if they made it. They “only” go on to win the Super Bowl.

    With that being said, guys like Ray Lewis have the heart of a champion and demonstrated it. I guess we’re going to find out of our guys have that same type of heart in the coming weeks.

    I expect the defense to dominate for 58 minutes. However, their legacy (with respect to 2013) will be defined as how they handle a late game lead or tie and whether or not they can make the stop they need to make to preserve a win (even if it is gassed because of an inept offense).

  70. Any offense that runs as much as the Seahawks do in today’s NFL by nature is expecting a lot from its Defense against playoff caliber teams.

    Marty Ball works in the regular season against lower end teams but come playoff time if the run game is shut down, then what? Hope the Defense holds onto a 1 point lead? Hope they are playing a terrible Defense like the Falcons last year where passing is easy?

    And for all the excitement about beating the Saints, they are a 5-5 team in the last 10 games.

  71. rufusporter says:

    I’m a believer (kind of) in Wilson. I think the guy has really proved a lot of his doubters wrong. However, I can’t help but wonder if his height as far as standing in the pocket, surveying the field, and finding the open guy, is an issue. Every great play he makes seems to be on the run, scramble, fire drill type stuff. The problem is, if they can keep him in the pocket, does he become much more predictable. Shove 9 in the box, stop Lynch, keep Wilson in the pocket, and get your hands in his face so he can’t see his receivers, which will force him to scramble and screw up timing on the routes, etc. Seems like the defensive game plan right now.

  72. yankinta says:

    So, This was the first EVER Clunker by RW,, still pretty impressive that the first clunker comes at his 33rd game as a Starter in the NFL…. Let’s hope he only has one every 33 games in his career. :)

    To Be Continue,, :)

  73. With respect to Wilson, his height becomes a liability once the pocket breaks down. If the WRs can’t get open before then, he has to scramble. He can not make a play within a broken pocket like the taller QBs can.

    The 2 solutions are to get a fortress offensive line which doesn’t really exist or to find WRs who consistently win one on one matchups like Kaepernick has.

  74. Dukeshire says:

    First ever…? Lol. There’s that good revisionist history.

  75. How many slants did you see yesterday? No separation. Unable to win 1-on-1’s.

    Our WRs are everything that USA Today article said they were. I’d keep Baldwin and that’s it.

    The reason I’ve been clamoring for Michael is to stretch the defenses. Right now, they can bunch everything up in the middle and it’s working.

    Fisher will do the same. I don’t know if the Rams offense is good enough to beat us but their defense is definitely good enough to stop us.

  76. yankinta says:

    Yes, his first ever to Luck’s 6 total clunkers…. let’s see what you got?? smh..

  77. chuck_easton says:

    Some clarifications. Arizona can only make the playoffs of they beat SF AND the Saints lose to TB at home. Not likely that both happen, but good for Seattle that the games are on at the same time. Arizona won’t know if they’ve been eliminated by a Saints win until after their game.

    Seattle can still get the division with a win. They can also back into HFA with a loss and a SF loss or tie.

    Yesterday was very disappointing. Worst part is Seatle has lost the image of being unbeatable at home. I can see SF being the favorite in any playoff game against the Seahawks even if played in Seattle.

  78. Dukeshire says:

    Last year’s Ram game in St. Louis and at SF, this year’s game in Houston, off the top. Including yesterday that’s 4 games with a passer rating under 50. Luck has yet to have one, since you asked. And no, I’m not saying I’d rather have Luck, simply answering your ignorant question.

  79. Yankster – You are on some strange ride if you think yesterday was the first clunker for Wilson.

    Remember him at St. Louis last year when he had 0 TDs and 3 picks and threw for 160? Or earlier against AZ when he went for 153 yards with a pick/INT each? Or the game at SF last year with that passer rating of 38.7? Those aren’t defined as “clunkers” in your world?

    Granted, Wilson was getting throttled in Houston earlier this year and his passer rating was under a 50. That’s not good.

    If you want to play the blame game, which you’re good at, then maybe you should look in the mirror. Remember whining about how the pick or two Manning “should” have thrown last week but the defender dropped it? Well, what about the stupid pass Wilson threw in the first quarter that “should” have been picked but it was dropped by AZ? Or do facts only count if you say they do?

    Look, I believe in Wilson too. Aside from your personal whipping boy, I wouldn’t take any QB in the NFL over him if I were the GM of an expansion team that could add any one player in the NFL to build my team around. He’s that good but he’s not the God you make him out to be, nor is he Brady or Manning… yet.

  80. Yesterday was Wilson’s 6th career game with a rating under 65. The Seahawks are 2-4 in those games.

    The Seahawks would be favored in any home playoff game.

  81. MoSeahawk12 says:

    This game has left me angry. The game plan, play calling, offense and execution were questionable and poor.
    Marshawn breaks a big run right out of the gate and then hits another a few plays later. Things are looking good, but Wilson misses his first four throws, badly. Not sure what the plan was, but on 3rd and 6 or less why are we throwing the bomb? This happened several times yesterday and we didn’t hit one. The receivers were not open and Wilson’s passes were off. Deadly combination.

    Bevell’s play calling got worse as the game went on. Where was the short, quick passing game? Screens? Wilson was clearly struggling and yet they kept throwing deep with zero success. We got lucky as Wilson could have easily had two or three picks himself on those running to his right throwing it back across the middle into traffic.

    Where were the plays to the tight ends? This season tight ends have done well against the Cards D. Miller catches a TD late, but I think that was the first or second catch by a tight end all day. Yes, the Cards were number one against the run, but Lynch was having success early and then just nothing the second half.

    Baldwin looked bad and Kearse is hot and cold. Tate’s been off for a couple of games now. His decision making has been questionable at best. Hope to never see Turbin returning kicks again. Way to bulky and risky.

    Rams are going to be tough. Seven sacks last time we played. I hope Wilson gets out of his funk fast.

  82. Southendzone says:

    Hearing a lot about we lost an aura of invincibility at home. I’m really not too concerned with that.

    Much more concerned about a recent trend, and really a season long underlying current of inconsistency on offense. I can only think of 2 games where it seemed like we were truly clicking, the 1st AZ game and the ATL game.

    If Tennessee and Ryan Fitzpatrick can put up 30+ points on the arizona defense the week before and we can only do what we saw yesterday, there’s something seriously wrong with this Offense.

  83. Bad hangover in more ways than one today. Note to self: leave the Seahawk gear at home for the time being…it’s a big target for the many Niner fans here in Vegas (they are a damned plague here, like Bear and Raider fans) who are more than ready to give back all the smack talk that has come from Sherman. And they don’t buy drinks…the damn cheapskates.

    Our problems lately are obvious and have been beaten to death already. I think Yankinta is permanently drunk or psychotic, not sure which. I mean, dude, one clunker…you haven’t watched anything this year…you might be a little more right saying he’s only had one good game. Surely it isn’t all hung on Wilson’s shoulders but the guy is the QB of a seriously faltering offense. Watching Carolina yesterday I could definitely see where it might help right now if we had a 6’5″, 250 pound QB. What is Luck, 6’4″, 240?…yeah that could very well help right now too.

  84. Yankster – As long as I have finally taken the bait to one of your statements/questions, I have a question that questions your character.

    When a couple of people were claiming that I was posting as you last year, why did you never deny it?

    If you can’t deny something like that, I think it speaks volumes to your character and that’s part of the reason I have never wasted my time on some of your posts that I think are lunacy (some have been valid, I’ll give you that).

    Back to my world of ignoring the troll…

  85. rufusporter says:

    Regarding Seahawk receivers not getting open, Tom Brady this year has thrown for 4200 yards and 24 TDs’s with no Gronk, no Hernandez, no Welker, no running game, and really no 1 type receivers. Bunch of no names. A great pocket passing QB can throw average receivers open.

  86. A big QB can’t get the ball to WRs that aren’t open any better than Russell can.

    We’re stuck with what we have and must figure it out offensively. For most of his tenure with us, I’ve thought Sidney was overrated. And while he’s definitely not ‘elite’ in my book, he was detrimental to the balance of our offense that could keep defenses honest. I’d love to see the stats since he went down from a passing perspective.

  87. Southendzone says:

    rufusporter, #1, great screen name, #2, great points all around.

    Brady is elite of the elite. Class above and beyond. RW is learning, nowhere near that level. If they went into a McDonalds together, Tom Brady would be seated at the executive table eating a Royale with Cheese, and RW would be in the ball-pit of the play-land with a Happy Meal.

    Now do I think RW can get there? Yes, I think he can and surely hope he does, but right now this offense has PROBLEMS that include the O-Coordinator.

  88. rufusporter says:

    Agreed. Not trying to compare Wilson to Brady. Yet 3 weeks ago, pundits were saying Wilson should be MVP over Peyton. In a year Manning has thrown for 5200 yards and 51 TD’s. Gimme a break.

  89. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The concerning part is they have lost two out of three and can actually go from number one seed with HFA in playoffs to number five seed and wildcard on the road with a loss against the Rams. They need to correct in a flash. Okung re injury could be disaster.

  90. yankinta says:

    lol,, Ummm really?? LOL Houston game??,, where RW took over and made plays with his feet and brought the team back on his shoulder (Lynch asked him to take over at halfway point)?? I think that Rams game last year comes close to a Clunker but he still completed 68% (17 of 25 pass attempts) don’t get me started on the 3 ints… If you’re going use Pass rating to define clunker games, then I would say you Over value the meaning of Passer Ratings…. I think we should Trust our own Eyes… :)

    BobbyK,, I don’t think you know this, so let me explain…. I only exist on this blog from about 7AM to 3PM during weekdays. Even some weekdays I’m too busy to come onto this blog,.. I rarely go back and read all the previous comments…. therefore I have no idea what you’re talking about,, so please elaborate on what you’re talking about…

  91. Tom Brady won a Super Bowl his second season in the NFL. I hope Wilson joins him at the big table with a Super Bowl win. I’ll even dress up like Ronald McDonald to serve him if he wants.

  92. Yank – okay, nevermind. But supposedly when you started posting a lot, you were me (and “I” was posting as someone else, you, too).

    That left a pretty bad taste in my mouth (mostly towards the accusers).

  93. SEA gave AZ their only home loss so far this season. AZ reciprocated. What AZ didn’t have was much of a pass rush, which STL does have with Long and Quinn. The weather is likely to stay dark, cold, wet and drizzly here through the playoffs, so if it was me, I’d have turned on all the stadium’s lighting for yesterday’s game and again for this Sunday. I’d also start TJax instead of RW this Sunday. STL is not looking to just spoil our season, but to cripple our players.

    12-4 would be a very good season. 13-3 would be better, but something this team has achieved before. This team does not appear to be a SB wining caliber team.

  94. Go back and read any team fan blog from any team that eventually won the Super Bowl the past 5 years and after a late season loss – there are always those who say the team “can’t” win it all. Well, somebodys team who “can’t” win the Super Bowl has to win the Super Bowl so it may as well be us.

  95. The offensive line got abused yesterday. Multiple goal line situations and couldn’t score. Being at the game it was hard to tell, but watching it back on DVR was evident…the o-line was manhandled. That needs to be fixed ASAP. HAVE to win this game sunday or everything they’ve wokred for this season is pissed away.

  96. Ummm…starting TJ? Uh, no…no reason to just thrown in the towel. A few NFC teams do look better than us today but that can quickly change. And as much as the bubble of invincibility at home has popped, we still have a much better chance at home than on the road. We have an elite defense and an elite defense hitting on all cylindars combined with a simply average offense can win it all in the playoffs.

    It certainly is possible that our offense can become average. Do I wish we had the Niner receiver corps or a tall, pocket passer…yeah, but that doesn’t mean we can’t come up with game plans to beat those teams. It just isn’t going to be a coronation cake-walk.

    We are going to have to scratch and claw and scheme and be damned tricky too to make it work because we don’t have dominant players on offense…at least until Lynch gets into the second level or a real, healthy, complete Percy Harvin appears on the game roster.

  97. In addition to the o-line getting worked…like many others stated, Bevell did them no favors. Their was no change in game plan. No adjusting to the tight man coverage. No screens, no TE game planning, nothing to mix it up. Bevell needs to be better too

  98. yakimahawk says:

    We ran the ball only 20 times yesterday and had a higher average per attemptt rushing than we did passing. End of story… Every team in the NFL has weak spots that is the nature of the league as a whole now. Seattle’s QB, RB, Receivers and Defense have the talent. We are just playing bad at the most inoprtune time right now. The timing on the offense has been bad for a month. I remember most of us thought (before the season started) they would be 11-5 to 12-4 avereage with schedule and the increasing competition of the NFC west. And now you are all crying with a 12-3 record. Very few of you I would want to be in a fox hole with yet alone be on the same football team with. Most of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Every person, team and/or organization has “off” days. BTW way Palmers QB rating yesterday was lower than Wilson!

  99. Broncos just lost Miller for the season.

  100. God Bless You BobbyK! You are truely a SEA fan! I just watched a home-clinker game and came away with a strong perception that this team’s offense just isn’t up to going to NJ and putting enough points up to hang with the afc’s champion. Yesterday wasn’t a fluke(?)

  101. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I was thinking the same thing jboard1, Why did it appear for most of the game that the TE’s were a non factor.

  102. HeinieHunter says:

    I like our WR’s but losing Rice and not having Harvin is starting to show up. Rice was a big target and as close to a go to guy as we have. Long with a big catching range. Having some success without him doesn’t mean we didn’t need him.
    Harvin (in his short appearance) is scarey good. All our receivers are on the small side, good but not the serious deep threat of the other two we lost. Win Sunday, seal the deal, then (maybe) get Percy back for the playoffs with home field advantage and all is well. IMHO.

  103. HeinieHunter says:

    If we”re truly a Super Bowl contender….this is just a bump in the road!

  104. This is a tough loss but we had to lose at home at some point.We did not get blown out we were more than flat. Our O line sucks still, even without the whipping boy Sweezy. The silver lining to me (and I feel a bit dirty) I have had tickets all year to the Ram game they just got much more interesting.

  105. Ya i dont know Georgia…It seemed like they just kept trying to push it down field with man to man coverage. RW seemed rattled the whole game which made it worse. But Bevell deserves as much blame, he called a terrible game. I figured after half time they would come out with a new game plan and adjust for their coverages. That never happened.

  106. Danny O’Neil finally asked about Michael. Coach said he’s gonna be a nice player that’s trying to work his way into the rotation.

    He also said that Turbin had a ‘groin thing’ going this week which is why Michael suited up. I hope he suits up this weekend because we need a spark somewhere.

    No WRs we can go to on the bench…might as well give the kid a shot sooner than later.

  107. yakimahawk, you just pointed out what was wrong with the Hawks yesterday. The offense was playing like they were inna foxhole, instead of lighting their hair on fire and attacking!

  108. KLM – I’m not happy or encouraged by yesterday. Our OL sucks and our defense never steps up when it’s crunch time (Tony McDaniel is a moron for that 15 yarder that he got called for late in the game). That’s certainly not a good sign. Maybe we should just quit like Raven fans wanted to do after their loss to Denver last December and start focusing on free agency and the draft? Heck, lets hope to lose so we get a better draft pick. No. We can be mad but we can still hope this team can win it all because I think it can, it’s just not going to be easy (like most things in life).

  109. yakimahawk when I just read your post my mind saw “yakinta” at the top. I read it thinking that while this guy is usually full of crap every once in a while he makes a post like this that is good. Had to do a double take and realized my mental error.

    It’s standard procedure to let the emotions flow here after a loss and it’s better to do it here than in other facets of our lives. We are going to have to play the rest of the year with the uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability.

  110. banosser says:

    This is not RW first clunker… regardless.. the entire offense played like crap.. nobody had even an average day.. especially imo Bevel.. when a defemse played like Zonas did the OC has to call plays that counter it… bubble screens, slants, target the TE much more.. the short and intermediate pass play-action.. roll outs! You have to make the LBs pay for their over aggresiveness… I saw zero adjustment from Bevel which played right into Zona’s game plan.. very poorly called game.. very poorly executed offensive game plan.. If they don’t execute with a higher degree of intensity next week they will go into the playoffs with zero momentum and be an underdog to get to NJ

    Shocked and disappointed the O did not show up again.. especially at home..

  111. The first question for Todd today should be able the toe of Okung.

  112. MoSeahawk12 says:

    It’s too bad the Cards still won’t be in the playoffs. Mocking Lynch isn’t the best move.

  113. “about” not able

  114. Pete keeps talking about how the WRs were ‘covered up’. Yeah and the question remains…can they get open?

  115. This was totally and completely a TEAM loss.

  116. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Maybe this game will slow down all the Bevel leaving to be a head coach noise. Agreeing with many of you in saying he called one of the worst games again.
    Of course after a game like this, part of me wouldn’t break out the tissue if he did leave after the season. That’s for next year, right now these guys have to pick themselves up and come up with a strong, smart game plan to take out the Rams. Put Wilson in the two minute offense and take advantage of the over aggressive Rams D. We can’t afford to have Russell sacked seven times this week.

  117. yakimahawk says:

    We are 12-3 and in control of our own destiny going into the last week of the season. If this was the picture you we shown before the season started to you would all be wetting yourselves. This a great place to be, its icredible we get this opportunity. And if we clunk and dont get it we dont deserve it. We are the 3rd youngest team in the NFL are are going to do something special. And I agree this is a great place to vent but being negative is still energy that goes to waste. We have 1 game to prove it and if not we go on the road. These are good things not bad.

  118. Boy oh boy, color me extremely worried about this game against the Rams if Okung can’t play.

  119. rufusporter says:

    If I were the receivers, I’d be a little bent if everyone including the coach kept telling me that I couldn’t get open. I saw Kearse make two great catches on off the mark passes (back shoulder and high pass over the middle), Baldwin played well. A couple of the in air camera shots I saw showed guys open. The QB has 3 – 4 seconds to go through his reads and make a decision where he is going with the ball. That is 1 second per read. Once you count to 4, the pocket has broken down, and the chase is on. Make your read and get rid of the ball. Trust your receiver to make a play. Unless you can’t see the field very well, then you run for your life.

  120. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I had a feeling that the Turbin return experiment was going to eventually backfire. I don’t know how a player can carry three footballs at one time successfully for very long. Lol.

    Fortunately the FO got smart and finally put Baldwin back there.

  121. “And I agree this is a great place to vent but being negative is still energy that goes to waste.”

    It is, but ultimately so is telling people how they should be or feel.

    We’re still alive. Let’s finish the season with 4 straight wins. We are capable of doing that imho.

  122. If any of RWs deep throws had been completed (besides the one to Rockette) and if SEA’s OL could get some success with power plays, SEA woulda won that game. Kearse is a willing WR, but he isn’t Rice, acted a little like he was still woozy. Is Baldwin concealing a concussion? Tate was held by P^2 all game long. SEA’s receivers will never get the benefit of any calls against the defense, because of the way our own defensive backs play. Refs are equalizers. That’s why PC said he needed big, fast WRs that will out-fight the DBs for the ball, to start with. I still don’t understand where Willson disappeared to yesterday?

  123. GeorgiaHawk says:

    As much as I think our D is better than our O, (overall) I would rather have the ball in Wilsons hands with five minutes to go, (down by two) than have the D on the field with five minutes to go, (up by two.)

  124. It appears to me that Wilson may be getting burned out from all of the study…it’s possible to spend so much time preparing for something that you get too close to the problem, get lost in the details, and start losing your edge. For example, anyone who writes for a living will tell you that it’s important to put your draft aside for a day or two in order to recharge and keep your fresh mind.

  125. Audible, why don’t you call up RW at the VMAC and get him to go out for a drink or two?

  126. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    O.k., I’ve come out of my depression stemming from yesterday’s loss enough to realize that although it sucks to lose, we needed this loss. I think that everyone, from Pete Carrol, on down to the players themselves were believing the hype about how good they are. Our hubris lead to our demise. Add to that that the Cardinals played a hell of a game and wanted, and needed, the win more than we did.

    It was a team loss. Even though the defense played really well, I still blame them for stupid penalties that lead to sustained Cardinal drives. Gotta give Russell Wilson some blame too; he just seemed off all game. The receivers didn’t win the one on one match ups that they usually win, so I gotta blame them too. It was a good team loss that I hope we use to better prepare ourselves for the playoffs.

    On a side note, it will be telling to see if Percy Harvin plays Sunday. If he does, then, I believe that Pete was holding him back for the playoffs. He doesn’t play, then, he’s some combination of being actually hurt and unmotivated to play.

  127. If you go out for a drink, avoid Niner fans, they are cheap and won’t buy rounds.

  128. WilliamPercival says:

    On the POSITIVE side:

    Saw a good line today that is oh so true.

    The good news for “any team struggling team” is that nobody saw the Ravens coming at this time last year, or the Giants and Packers before them. Those eventual champions surprised everybody because few could believe that their weaknesses could be forged into strengths so quickly. What they also revealed — as the Chiefs must prove — is that everybody has problems by this time of the year. The only thing that ultimately separates contenders from pretenders is how you adapt to them.


    We shall see just what these Hawks are made if now that true adversity has set in. I feel confident we’ll be able to quickly shake the rust and put a more focused product on the field from here out…

  129. montanamike2 says:

    I think we’ll be a better team next Sunday.

  130. WilliamPercival says:

    By the way, I strongly believe we’ll see some William Percival 11 out there this Sunday. Watch for it.

  131. Ya, percy is needed. HFA is a must, get Percy in the game for christs sake.

  132. Notes:

    -Pretty sure nobody here is a “BANDWAGON” fan – most have been here way to long for that.

    – Pretty sure nobody here is JUMPING OFF – since pretty much everything I have read is – “IF” this isn’t fixed “IF” we don’t play better “IF” …. you get the picture

    – I for one – don’t want to be in a fox hole with anyone – that is why I didn’t enlist and have a TON of respect/admiration for those who did/do. BUT I would LOVE to meet a number of people on this blog – even if I don’t agree with their opinions all the time. Heck my BFF and I regularly argue Seahawks, but still watch games together and have a great time.

    – It is pretty clear that everyone here WANTS the Seahawks to win the Superbowl. The smart money knows that it is a tough feat in any year. It all comes down to who is playing the best in January and February – and many SB victors get a lucky bounce or two along the way. and

    – Lastly – I may not agree with ever opinion posted and totally disagree with a few, but I do recognize the right they have to post that opinion just as I have the right to post mine. When someone gets on a rant I don’t like or get tired of I just skip reading the next few posts they make – just like I am sure people do to mine. Makes pulling out the good stuff so much more enjoyable.

  133. I agree with everyone who says the offence did not play well. Still, I am a little surprised with the (over) reaction are having. Here are the defensive stats for teams in the NFC West

    Points allowed / game – Seattle 2nd, San Francisco 3rd, Arizona 7th and St. Louis 13th

    Yards allowed / game – Seattle 1st, San Francisco 2nd, Arizona 6th and St. Louis 17th

    Its pretty easy to see from this that the teams that beat us recently (San Francisco and Arizona) play pretty decent defence. Its also pretty easy to see that we *should* have a little easier time against St. Louis.

  134. Georgia – Fortunately the FO got smart and finally put Baldwin back there

    Pretty sure that JS didnt make that choice ;)

    Pete is a pretty smart guy – he knew what he was hiding back there – but he didn’t feel he had other options – I don’t think he wants his full time WR’s (available now) back there running kicks so he says things (“ball security”) to make the guy he is using feel better about it.

    These players really seem to LOVE playing for PC – and I feel it is partially because of this type of stuff – He is going to trust you when he puts you on the field – He is going to give to an honest chance to earn your way on the field. AND he is not going to throw you under the bus to the media.

    As a fan you can love it or hate it but it appears from this seat that the players love it

  135. I agree this is all on the offense and the play calling from Bevell. But one thing that pisses me off is the defensive penalties leading to AZ points. Now some of those were phantom calls and that is what it is. But they play so aggressive and they can’t allow those big penalties during crunch time. It so frustrating seeing the defense just give yards to the offense time and time again.

  136. MoSeahawk12 says:

    No Jake Long this week. Blew out his knee. ACL, done for season. The Rams will have a reshuffled O-line. Of course, we might have to do some shuffling as well. The awful taste from the Cards game is starting to go away. I’ve decided to look forward to winning the division and home field next week.

    I mean, we can be disappointed with what happened yesterday, but how many years did we actually have something to play for the last week of the season? Many long timers here know how rare that is and how exciting and thrilling it will be. This team will be in the playoffs for the second year in a row and the third time in the past four seasons. They control everything they need and don’t have to rely on other teams winning this game or losing that game. We have simple math this year. We win, division and home throughout playoffs. Better to be us than a ton of other teams that need all kinds of help to even get in.

  137. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Audible- you may be on to something.

    “It’s important to put your draft aside for a day or two in order to recharge and keep your fresh mind.”

    I’ve been working on that myself however when happy hour comes around I usually mess up.

  138. Winning playoff games in today’s NFL is all about making the plays in crunch time and stopping the other guys from doing the same. Unless the Seahawks face the Bears, Cowboys or Saints in the playoffs, expect to see a 50 – 50 type of game like yesterday. Those 3 teams are basically playing .500 ball now.

    The Seahawks are 1-3 in those types of situations against playoff caliber teams this year. Both the Defense and the Offense came up tiny in crunch time of those losses.

  139. Happy hour is the happiest hour of the day…hard to mess that up!

  140. “12-4 would be a very good season. 13-3 would be better, but something this team has achieved before. This team does not appear to be a SB wining caliber team.”

    well, we’ve beaten every other NFC contender this year – and haven’t lost a game by more than 7 points, so why the gloom? Is there a perfect team out there that I don’t know about?

    Every one of the good teams in the league this year has had their down moments. Our defense has kept us in every game this season, and there’s no reason to think that will change. RW has been much more good than bad. it was a bad loss yesterday, but this is still a bit of an overreaction this morning to a 12-3 team that can clinch homefield next week. what, did everyone think we were going to rout every single team? NFC West is tough. Cards D and Seahawks D were pretty even yesterday, and their offense outplayed ours on this day – but they are not pushovers, and I don’t doubt that if we played them again, the results would be different.

  141. “The Seahawks are 1-3 in those types of situations against playoff caliber teams this year. Both the Defense and the Offense came up tiny in crunch time of those losses.”

    but we’ve also won some close ones against some non-playoff teams, those do count, esp since some of those non-playoff teams have beaten some of the good ones in other weeks. the margins for victory aren’t always that high in the NFL.

    and, if we don’t get that flukey/lousy call on the pick w/2 mins left yesterday, things may have ended differently.

  142. The Rams are a good team we will have to play our best game to beat them. The scary thing is they also have the Redskins number one pick next year and it could be number one overall.

  143. Screensmoke says:

    Mo hawk- this blog is a joke – I’m out

  144. LOL…No offense to anyone here but I am reading a lot of doubt from folks after yesterday. Let’s face it, the Cards played great defense and our offense had an off day. It happens. It’s the NFL.

    But the people talking up how hot the Eagles, 49ers, etc., are as we heading into the playoff need to remember one thing. Last year we were the “hot” team going in. How’d that go?

    Fact is, yesterday means we have work to do. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. Time to get to work and take care of business. Time to show we’re mature enough to handle some adversity.

    We still have the best record in the conference. Be glad we aren’t in Detroit.

  145. As frustrating as yesterday was, I’m not scared of the 49ers at home. Maybe going there I am, but not in Seattle ***ONLY IFFF*** our guys treat the game like the Super Bowl, which they should if it meant their season was over with a loss…

    I’m not scared of any NFC team in Seattle (asides from the, now, Cardinals – but I don’t think we’d lose a rematch in Seattle).

    xcman – greatest post here in a long time. Agreed 100%.

    Georgia – I agree that I want the ball in the hands of Wilson with a few minutes to go needing a FG than I want the D on the field for the same situation.

  146. banosser says:

    If you all of a sudden don’t believe this is a SB calliber team anymore, I’d say you’re crazy and get outta here… Denver got smoked by the Chargers last week.. are they no longer a SB caliber team?? The Cards came in desparate for a win.. that is always a dangerous team to play.. just like the Niners were in SF… Now next Sunday we will be the team with everything on the line… I expect a victory and a much better performance by the offense.. If we struggle again next week I will officially be concerned.. but I don’t see that happening. Win next week, with a sharp offense and everything is everything once again..

  147. I think we’ll look back at this game as a pivotal one in our road to the championship. This loss does nothing whatsoever to hurt us…no other team in the NFL has such a straight path to the SB.

    I love the idea of being undefeated at home…but this loss is the teachable moment Carroll needed to dispel the idea that the Seahawks are unbeatable at home…we have three important home games coming up, and with this loss still fresh in their mines, I seriously doubt we’ll see more egg dropping this year.

  148. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One thing for sure, I really miss judged how good and how motivated Arizona was.
    I just figured we had their number since we beat them pretty good in their house this season.
    Plus they played two rookie safeties.
    Boy was I wrong!

    I don’t care if we win 6-3 next week, just win!!!

  149. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “I also misjudged how to spell misjudged.” Lol.

  150. Also…I’m disappointed that Sam Bradford and Jake Long are out…I want the Seahawks to earn their way to the Superbowl.

    I also hope the 49ers beat the snot out of the Falcons tonight…I don’t want the Seahawks getting the #1 seed because of a 49ers loss…I want them to compete with it all on the line…and take take the division and top seed.

    If they don’t, they’re still in the playoffs and that’s what really counts…

    If they blow it and have to take the long hard road to the Superbowl, so be it…if they’re the team they think they are, they’ll find a way to get there.

    If they get eliminated, this team will be better for it next year…and we’ll have another draft and offseason to fix problems, upgrade weaknesses, etc…

  151. And, I don’t want to see Percy Harvin until next year…Let’s just IR him now and fill his spot with a practice squad player. Why? Because he hasn’t earned the right to call himself a Seahawk, play in the playoffs, and go to the Superbowl…

    I don’t want Harvin to take game time away from players who have contributed to the season we’ve put together…he doesn’t deserve it because he hasn’t practiced, played, or contributed to this team in any meaningful way. If I were the coach, and he all of a sudden got healthy, he wouldn’t be a starter this year, or get a significant number of plays, unless someone got hurt.

  152. kurtisballard says:

    They went into the playoffs on a huge roll last year, and all it lead to was two huge first half stink bombs.

  153. And…am I the only one who would like to see Richard Sherman in on a few plays on offense? That diving pick yesterday is one of the best catches I’ve seen all year from any Seahawk…I think he’d welcome the challenge, and his playmaking ability would add another dimension to our offense.

  154. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I thought about that a few times myself Audible. If Peterson from Arizona can do it Sherman can imo. He did play WR at Stanford too.

  155. I think we’re a little short-handed at WR right now. The had Peterson shadowing Tate all day yesterday…They were able to take away Baldwin, who had an off day anyway…

    Kearse and Lockette are not exactly lighting it up…we really need a playmaker to take some of the pressure off of Tate.

    Did anyone see how hobbled Kearse was yesterday, running routes at half-speed with a limp?

    The receivers certainly make things easier for Wilson yesterday.

    I’m really surprised we didn’t see a heavy dose of passes to Tight ends and running backs.

    That unit right now is my biggest concern on this team.

  156. “The receivers certainly”, DID NOT “make things easier for Wilson yesterday.”

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