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Carroll on 710: ‘It was a difficult day’

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 23, 2013 at 11:11 am with 55 Comments »
December 23, 2013 11:11 am

Here’s Pete Carroll’s appearance this morning on 710 ESPN:

— Carroll said he won’t know until later in the week about Russell Okung, who still has a sore toe. It’s the same toe that kept him out for eight weeks earlier in the season.

— There is no update on Percy Harvin.

— Carroll reiterated that he thought the Seahawks protected well, but that Arizona covered very well and made plays right when the ball arrived.

— Carroll said Marshawn Lynch read second-and-goal wrong. “It was a touchdown play,” Carroll said.

— Carroll says he met Russell Wilson at VMAC at 4:30 a.m. to watch film.

— Carroll also said Wilson and Lynch thought it was first down when it was third-and-inches late in the second quarter. Carroll said those two misread what the official pointed at. Wilson chose to take a deep shot to Doug Baldwin thinking it was first down, when he could have ran for a first down. It was incomplete and the drive ended.

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  1. thursday says:

    4:30 wow. must not have been able to sleep lol

  2. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Met at 4:30 a.m.? Maybe Wilson is studying too much. Maybe he needs a mental health day, or two.

  3. Southendzone says:

    1 thing for sure, RW needs to learn the definition of “Off by a hair”. Watching that game to me looked like they were off by an entire 80’s rock band worth of hair.

  4. Screensmoke says:

    Shhhhhhhhhh !!

  5. rufusporter says:

    I got to give it to Wilson, he studies as hard as anyone does.

  6. Thought the D played pretty amazingly considering how long are O was able to sustain drives. I think I said this before, but I was at the game and it is so annoying listening to the loud speaker egg everyone on to chant “for another Seahawks first down.” We’re rockin’ 3 pts and the crowd is celebrating 1st downs like their magical. Pretty embarrassing that we have to get excited for first downs at home like that. Especially when we can’t score, it’s kinda ironic. Also, WTF happened after the int, it’s like we thought the game was already over, we still could of got the ball back using TO’s, but we just let them run right up the middle for a first down on the ensuing play, game over, seriously, WTF.

  7. How do they not turn that int over anyways, damn, it clearly hit the turf and it shot into the air like it did as well, FU…….

  8. rramstad says:

    TruBlu, when you don’t have a first down for the first 20 minutes of the second half, getting one should make you ecstatic. (In fact, once we started getting first downs, we ended up going ahead, stringing together like four of them… me, in a tight game, I’m thrilled if we just have a play that goes for five yards on first or second down.)

  9. No matter how hard you study when you have all the time in the world whether it’s at 4:30 a.m. or not, the fact of the matter is you need to know what down it is at all times and you always need to know how much time is on the play clock. These are basic requirements of being a great QB. Russell fails at this and has failed at this his whole career (although he’s improving from the first few months of his career). Don’t get me wrong, I love the guy, but these are inexcusable things that need to be corrected. And soon.

  10. boycie99 says:

    I’m betting Okung later in the week turns into a game time decision which of course we know means out.
    How does Wilson miss understand 3 and inches instead of a first. How does he have 2 delay of game penalties and did he not communicate the play correctly to Lynch on 2nd and goal.
    Add in him studying film at 4.30am, the kid is burning himself out and losing concentration at key times

    Pete needs to get hold of him and stop him trying to hard and get him to play natural ball after all that’s what’s got him where he is

  11. rufusporter says:

    Agree about the miss read thinking it was first instead of third and inches. Listened to the Carroll interview, and couldn’t believe that. That was a huge play. Still not sure I get Pete’s answer on that one. So he is saying that RW thought it was 1st down, and therefore didn’t run on that play when there was 15 yards of daylight in front of him, instead deciding to throw the ball 20 yards downfield and forcing Baldwin to try to make a toe tap sideline catch. Why would the down matter on that one? Why wouldn’t you take the easy 15 yard run and scoot out of bounds whether it is first and 10 or third and inches?

  12. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Wow!! All you guys are amazing monday morning QB’s. Now you think Russell is burnt out because he had a bad game. He’s human like the rest of the league and will have a bad game every so often. Ever great player has had bad games!! deal with it!!
    I love him and don’t want him to ever change. I hope hes up everyday studying at 4:30 to make himself and the team better. ” The seperation is in the preparation”

  13. Anyone know of a site where we can find out how many delay of game penalties that the greats like Montana, Manning, Brady, etc. have had vs. what a Wilson led offense has had through his first two seasons? I have a feeling they will be embarassing for Wilson.

    As for the Wilson and “John Candy” comments from yesterday and that have been made in the past (comparing him to Montana)… I guess I’d rather Wilson know how many seconds are left on the play clock than who is sitting in the stands. Montana could do both (granted, at the time of the comment from Joe, it was a Super Bowl and t.v. TO or commercial at the time after a change in possession after the kick-off return).

    In the defense of Wilson, I’m sick of watching too many situations where he’s on his back before he can do anything. It happened with Hasselbeck for too many years and it continues to happen.

    While Wilson is better than Hasselbeck when his career is all said and done from where we predict (and certainly from their first two years in the league!), Wilson can’t make a Mike Williams look good by placing it in certain windows like Matt could when the WR makes a play or not. In a way he’s like T-Jack in terms of needing an open guy to throw to and that doesn’t always happen with these WRs.

    Now, please don’t lie and put words into my mouth and say I think Matt is better than Wilson. At this rate, Wilson is going to be, by far, the best QB in Seahawks history.

    And there’s no way I think Wilson is close to T-Jack either, he has too many other intangibles. If you lie and say I like Hass or T-Jack better, you’d be putting words into my mouth like saying I think Matt Lindstrom is a better pitcher than Greg Maddux because he had a better fastball.

    We all love Wilson. That’s a fact. But that doesn’t give him a free pass with respect to any sort of criticism.

    It’s a team game and the head coach and QB usually get too much credit when things are going well and too much blame when things are going wrong.

    No way Wilson would have more wins in his first two seasons if he’d been drafted by Jacksonville (those morons took a punter instead of Wilson).

    It’s a TEAM game and we all want our TEAM to win a Super Bowl in Feb., which I think they can/will. Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen though so lets watch and find out if our guys have the heart of a champion. They can say they do, but actions are better judges than words. Here we go with the Rams…

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If we make it to the Super Bowl and have to play the Broncos or the Patriots at least Wilson will be battle tested with all the good defenses that he has faced in the NFC.

  15. True. The biggest test, IMO, is beating a lesser AFC team.

  16. Although with Rodgers being out, the best QBs reside in the AFC (Brady/Manning).

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    1-Maybe Wilson is having a difficult time finding that happy place he tries to focus on before the game.

    2-Maybe he’s been hanging out with Carroll too much of late and Carroll’s ADHD is messing with him.

    3-Maybe he’s bored with football and is ready to run for President.

    4-Maybe he just wants to get drunk for once and go to a strip club.

  18. Screensmoke says:

    Let it role- little Russ stunk it up yesterday- ok – will it happen next week – no frickin way- he knows what’s coming- he will be prepared – top d ends in the nfl pinching in – they will be ready this time- I’m not even worried about it- merry x mas hawk fans – Be happy- everything is going to be ok-bobby k here is one for you-I’m callin it now when all said and done little Russ will be better than my friend Joey Montana- no I havnt been drinking- atleast for me I’m moving on 2 next week- Go Hawks

  19. Swissair says:

    Typical Seattle fans and writers–always playing happy face instead of really talking about the problems because you love the players and coaches so much–1 of the reasons that city has no championships since the Sonics. Pete Carol and Bevel(sp?) are a darn joke at play calling. The league is no longer a running league. Running Lynch over and over and over into the 3rd quarter and it never worked. Pete has done this on all of our close games this year. What happened to the passing game from last year? This team will NEVER win a Super Bowl with Carol and Bevel at the helm. Look at the high scoring teams like Philly, Denver, etc. No way can Seattle, with this offense, outscore those teams. We were 5 for 26 in 3rd down conversions the last two weeks. Absolutely unacceptable. 9 interceptions and 32 points. That’s play calling as well as lack of execution. On 2nd and long, time after time the coaches call another run with Lynch up the middle–against the team with the best run defense in football. What idiots. How about pass run pass or run pass pass? Never did it until it was too late. Pete acts like the first half is a warm up. Look at the Tampa, Houston, Tennessee, Phoenix, and Rams games. No sense of urgency whatsoever in the first half. By the way, to start another conversation, I think Percy is gone for the year. Possibly his career is over but the powers that be don’t want to say anything until the year is over. 40 million and a first round pick down the toilet?? Possible. This team needs at least two deep threat wide receivers or they won’t be able to put up the points needed. Stop running a social agency Pete and start coaching and disciplining your players.

    PS. I’ve been a Seahawk fan since the beginning. I’m just a realist.

  20. The fans are the reason there there no championships? lol

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One thing I can’t help but think is when Wilson is going through tuff times like this it would be great to have a mentor or veteran like Hasselbeck to talk to.
    that’s where I see Luck having an advantage. It seems like whenever I see Wilson on the sidelines Jackson is appearing either disinterested or at least not as involved as I see Hasselbeck on the sideline with Luck.
    I just wish Wilson had that type of help, especially on game day.

  22. Swissair says:

    Some of you act like this game was the only bad performance at home (or away). I think we beat up on Jacksonville, the 49rs (when they had two of their best receivers on the bench), and Our Lady of No Super Bowl. Sure we beat New Orleans, but we have struggled against bad teams at home and on the road. We should all be worried about next weekend. Remember, the Rams took us to the last play of the game in their place. The 12th man can’t play football for the hawks when they play like they did yesterday. Seattle has no prayer if they have to play 4 games on the road to win the SB. I still don’t think they have much of one even if they do get HFA. I just wonder, if Seattle didn’t go to the playoffs the next 5-6 years, would they still keep Wilson and Carol around? Probably.

  23. This team WOULD be able to outscore teams if Rice AND Harvin were healthy, even with the crappy line minus LT when Okung is healthy (which isn’t often enough in ’13).

  24. Swissair says:

    Bobby K. What I meant was that the fans in Seattle are more interested in keeping the “nice”, likeable people around instead of trying to go after better players. That type of attitude doesn’t fly in New York or New England and look at the championships they have. Read the comments in the NY news after a loss compared to Seattle. If you expect your team to win, the owners will listen. Compare the apathy with the Mariners compared to the Red Sox and the Yankees. Seattle fans were more interested in keeping Dan Wilson (catcher) around because they liked him. He was an awful hitter. He wouldn’t have lasted 2 years in NY. That’s my point.

    The 12 man doesn’t have anything to do with them winning either. The players win games.

  25. The Ravens lost 6 games in the regular season last year and “should” have lost a few others. They only won the Super Bowl. Is anyone here really going to be mad if we win the Super Bowl and say things like “I hate our team because they lost to the Cardinals at home?”

    Anyone who hates these Seahawks want to comment on that?

    That being said, if these Hawks lose to the Rams and lose 3 of 4 to end the year, I’ll jump on the bandwagon of giving them hell.

    The only way they’ll escape any wrath is to do what the Colts did the one time they won the SB w/Manning (come through the Wild Card – which is weird b/c they did it the hard way and always choked when they had home field throughout the play-offs).

    All is not lost, it’s just the margin for error is closing and urgency needs to replace being “happy where we are.”

  26. Agreed. Players win games. Sorry.

  27. Swissair says:

    We didn’t have Harvin last year and were a better team at the end–I think. “WOULD” doesn’t matter. Nobody cares about Seattle’s injuries. I agree with you but it doesn’t matter. Ina way i’ll be glad when Lynch is gone in a few years because Seattle needs to start focusing on the passing game like most other teams in the NFL. Love the man but when he’s gone they need more.

  28. Swissair says:

    True. The window in the NFL is small for everyone–even the leagues 5th youngest team. Seattle will have to give up some of their great D to get more “O”. Nobody can afford to have greatness on both sides of the ball anymore. I think the best matchup in the playoffs would be Carolina v. Seattle–two teams that are almost identical. Average offense, running QB’s and great D’s. I’ll be watching them in Atlanta this weekend (I live in ATL now)hoping they win so New Orleans gets the Wild Card–I hate them.

  29. Although we didn’t have Harvin last year, we still had a #1 pick like everyone else and we could have added a Patterson (the Vikes used on him with the Harvin/our pick) to be about the best kick returner in the NFL and a guy, like Tate, who will develop into a good WR by his third year in the league. Plus, we could have had $11 million to add someone to help the team like this year (like an OL who could block).

    I’ve posted so much today I’m not even sure what I’m trying to say anymore! It’s weird having the house to myself (to a degree) on a Monday!

  30. Swissair says:

    Need to go for now. Pray for the Hawks and that the Cardinals, Falcons (tonight), and Panthers win so New Orleans is out of the playoffs!!! Merry Christmas all!!!

  31. Swissair says:

    I’d love for the Hawks to get Austin Savarian (SP?) Jenkins from UW. They need a big, tall tight-end for Wilson.


  32. yakimahawk says:

    This team WOULD be able to outscore teams if Rice AND Harvin were healthy, even with the crappy line minus LT when Okung is healthy (which isn’t often enough in ’13).

    From Bobby K above…

    True, and yes RW had a bad game and he will have a lot more in his career as Brady and Manning have had. But there is nothing for him to go to on offense right now. Slow receiver’s and a bad O-line equal disaster for the run game.

  33. When you say loser Seattle fans, I will agree with you in one area… so many people were mad at me when I was irate about how we lost to the Falcons in the play-offs. I got all kinds of crap about how we had a good season and how we’ll be so much better “next year.” My point was that opportunities to go and win the Super Bowl don’t come around every day and I was mad (still am) that we let that one slip through our fingers with how well we were playing (agreed, better than we are now). I think we could have beat the 9ers and Ravens… but many were simply happy that we were getting better and figured “next year” things would be so much better. You NEVER let an opportunity slip away like that and be happy. Never. This years team still has a chance though, whereas the story of us losing last year, even though they were hot, has already been written.

  34. Ryan Clady is arguably the best LT in the NFL and Peyton Manning has had a good year without him. Why can Manning get by with crappy OL and nobody else can? At least in terms of playing in the regular season.

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    yakimahawk- Totally agree with your post.

  36. Mannings WRs are studs and Wilson’s are not.

  37. agree on the WR’s. when the opposing team has a high-level CB like Peterson, he can take someone like Tate pretty well out of the game – and then who is left among the receivers who can get open and make plays? seemed like Kearse was hobbled yesterday too.

    seems like we would have seen more throws to Lynch, Miller, even MRob, esp after Lynch’s success catching it last week.

    still – i’m not losing hope at all after a bad game, again, let’s see how things play out next week. nothing wrong with 13-3 and HFA throughout the playoffs.

  38. roddychops says:

    Russell has 5 delay-of-game penalties this year, 11 in his career.
    Drew Brees has 7 this year.
    Peyton Manning had 10 his first two years.

  39. Screensmoke says:

    Wow- Swissair- I’m not buying what your selling! How many games did you actually watch this year- to busy flyin the friendly skies – STFU-

  40. roddy – that’s an awesome stat. Thank you. Even though I’ve never heard of “roddychops” and I’ve been here for almost a decade… post like your make me know this is the best place for Seahawks news. If you’ve got good like this, please keep posting into the future…

    Where’s your link… I’d like to analyze that more. If true, and I have no reason to doubt you, that’s awesome news for me (b/c I’ve been critical of Russell for that going back to mid-season last year).

  41. roddychops says:

    You can look up stats on
    Very handy.

  42. I think Manning is so much smarter than every other QB out there that he can, in fact, make chicken salad (OL) without much for chicken. That’s part of the reason I think Manning has had a “good” OL. If Brock (who got taken before Wilson… lol) were there QB, there’s no way in the world those rankings would look as good, IMO.

    Manning may not have had the WRs he’s had now, but he never had any of those guys when he threw for 49 TDs in a season either (or set other records that made him great before his late-30s). You can’t deny Manning is the greatest regular season QB of all-time.

    Although John Elway is the greatest football player I’ve ever seen, he’s not as good as Manning in weeks 1-16. Even before Elway finally won a SB (with a team that ran the ball and Elway didn’t carry it), he still had things like “The Drive” on his resume and other incredible play-off comebacks that define greatness.

  43. roddy – Thank you very much. I truly appreciate it. I’m going to check it out. Thanks again!

    Previous post should say: “their” QB… not “there” sorry

  44. Before I look, my respect for Brees just went down a lot (but still think he’s good) if he’s got 7 delay penalties this year (more than Wilson and Wilson hasn’t been in the league nearly as long). Wow. That’s mind boggling stuff I never would have imagined.

  45. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Peyton Manning’s 6 ints in one game is mind boggling too.
    No QB is above having bad games.

    Just to put it into perspective go back and look at some of the awful games that Elway had in his career.
    I bet for every bad game you can find in Wilsons first two years you can find three or four times that number for Elway in his first two years.

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Just look at how many crappy games Elway had in his career. Even in his Super Bowl winning years he had multiple awful games.

  47. boycie99 says:

    Pete just said Harvin rehabbing and won’t practice this week
    Wow just wow

  48. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I have to imagine some of those delay penalties have to do with communication from the sideline/booth. Especially regarding Brees, who would seem to have total command.

  49. “Pete just said Harvin rehabbing and won’t practice this week
    Wow just wow”


  50. boycie99 says:

    And there you go. Okung will be a game time decision which in Pete’s language means out

  51. gavinwayne says:

    TruBlu After the int there was only one timeout left so it didn’t really matter. What I want to know is when the int happened right before half I don’t know why Bennett wasn’t blocking downfield. If he does we score.

  52. Let’s face it, Percy won’t play this year.

    I don’t see why Lockette doesn’t get more time. 4 catches on 6 targets isn’t too bad. I might be the only one to feel this way, but I’ve never seen the guy drop a pass so I think it’s worth a try to give him some of Kearse’s reps.

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