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Cardinals 17, Seahawks 10: Postgame reaction thread

Post by Kenny Via / The News Tribune on Dec. 22, 2013 at 4:24 pm with 132 Comments »
December 22, 2013 4:26 pm

Michael Floyd

Not so fast.

Thanks to Seattle’s 17-10 home loss Sunday to Arizona, the Seahawks will have to wait to clinch the NFC West division title and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. The Seahawks can still clinch both with a win next week against the Rams or a 49ers loss or tie in either of the next two weeks.

But Sunday’s loss might be more concerning than just a delay of what most thought weeks ago to be the inevitable. It was the Seahawks second loss in three weeks and the first home loss of Russell Wilson’s career. The offense sputtered throughout and the defense couldn’t hold a late lead once again.

With another division foe coming to Seattle next week in the rival St. Louis Rams, the Seahawks need to get back on track to not only lock up the NFC’s top seed but also to go into the playoffs with a bit of momentum.

Let’s get to some questions:

1. Thoughts on today’s loss to the Cardinals? Game ball or goat?

2. What is the biggest problem with this offense lately?

3. How big a deal is the loss? Just one game or will it cost them?

4. How concerned are you that Seattle has lost two of its past three games?

5. What will be the key to next week’s game against the Rams?

As always, break it all down and more in the comment section.

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  1. Southendzone says:

    Wow anyone still talking about Russell Wilson for MVP doubt it. even though we got screwed by the refs it doesn’t overshadow how pathetic our offense played today

  2. If they were saving Percy for the play-offs, as some have speculated and if that speculation is/was true… I wonder if that means Percy sees the field against the Rams?

  3. grizindabox24 says:

    The interesting thing is that if Arizona beats the Niners at home next weekend, Cards in, Niners out

  4. what can you say – – that’s a bad loss to take this late in the year. you want to be peaking and gaining momentum as you approach the playoffs, and this game is a step back.

    probably the offense’s worst game this year. there were times when Wilson had time, or created time for himself, and still had to eat the ball or throw it away, which tells me that he doesn’t have open guys. my guess there is that they put Peterson on Tate, Kearse wasn’t 100%, and Baldwin only got sporadically open. or maybe RW is missing guys – it’s hard to tell on the tv coverage we get.

    I’m not going to complain about the D, even if they gave up that score. They were good all day, on a day where our offense put it all on their shoulders.

    Big fumble by Turbin, and terrible missed call on that final INT. Disappointing, but far from the end of the world. Need to get it back together next week.

    Every other contending team in the NFL has had their stumbles this year – incl Denver last week.

  5. grizindabox24 says:

    Cards punched the Hawks in the mouth, but the Hawks played their worst game of the season. But the ultimate outcome has not changed, Hawks win they get HFA.

  6. shoehawks says:

    1. Thoughts on today’s loss to the Cardinals? Game ball or goat?
    Game Ball:Defense…can’t ask them to do more.
    Goat: Darrell Bevell…no way anyone hires him away in the offseason.

    2. What is the biggest problem with this offense lately?
    Receivers couldn’t catch the ball. Unimaginative play-calling. Offensive line playing with no fire whatsoever. They mailed it in.

    3. How big a deal is the loss? Just one game or will it cost them?
    We’ll see. A win next week and we will forget about this one.

    4. How concerned are you that Seattle has lost two of its past three games?
    Not very. I am more concerned that the offense start playing like they care.

    5. What will be the key to next week’s game against the Rams?
    Offense needs to show up.

    Read more here:

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I sure hope Percy sees the field against the Rams. Anyone but Turbin.

  8. Ewalters7354 says:

    RW ought to be ashamed of himself for this performance.I know he’ll bounce back,but he lost this game today along with Bevell.4 picks,10 points?Wow

  9. freedom_X says:

    Russell Wilson showed he was human. But he hasn’t been sharp since the 49ers game, so I am concerned.

    1) Goat – Wilson and the receivers. The WR corps showed why they’re average. They really need a 100% Harvin, desperately.

    2) Wilson is not sharp. He’s been off since the 49ers game, but this time he couldn’t put together a good half like he did in the previous games.

    3) It’s significant. I think Seattle is more than capable of winning on the road, but the psychological effect of potentially punting home field advantage is similar to how the Texans blew it last year. Not good.

    4) Very concerned. The offense is extremely poor. It’s not coming on, it’s getting worse. It’s not just the line either.

    5) Somehow Wilson finds his mojo. It’s hard to explain how he’s become so ineffective, though it’s possible the receivers might be partly to blame (the old bugaboo “they can’t get separation.”) There’s a reason why people keep saying that, Mr. Baldwin.

  10. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Not to jump on the Legion of Gloom bus, but…
    1. GOAT: The entire offense
    2. Biggest problem: no execution on first and third down
    3. Loss is a BIG deal.Next week is a MUSY WIN, and you can forget about “resting” key players.
    4. Pretty concerned. More concerned over the over-inflated ego this team has right now.
    5. Focus. Discipline. Not believing their own hype.

    Ridiculous loss today. Embarrassing. We deserve all the trash-talking that WILL come from every direction. Let this be a wake-up call…for real, this time. You just don’t lose AT HOME this late in the season and expect to not get some heat for it.

  11. 1. Thoughts on today’s loss to the Cardinals? Game ball or goat?


    A. Turbin (& this is not the first week I’ve criticized him. He’s not even good enough for the CFL.

    B. Pete Carroll for keeping Turbin on the roster

    C. The officials

    D. Darrell Bevell (did he turn into an alcolholic this week?)

    E. The Offense

    F. Haushka (oh well, he’s been awesome up until today)

    In all seriousness, is Wilson hiding an injury? Something was very not right.

    2. What is the biggest problem with this offense lately?

    It can’t just be the loss of Sweezy, can it……..???!!
    Our lack of depth at WR is starting to show

    3. How big a deal is the loss? Just one game or will it cost them?

    We’d best win next week

    4. How concerned are you that Seattle has lost two of its past three games?

    Something’s not right with the Offense

    5. What will be the key to next week’s game against the Rams?

    Score a few points……………..

  12. Southendzone says:

    the goat is Wilson and Bevell failure to score at the end of the first half from the 3 yard line is unacceptable

    this loss is a big deal because of Wilson is only going to be on target in 1 out of every 3 games that doesn’t bode well for the future

  13. So much for predicting a blowout.. How many were there?
    Why try predicting wins? You just look foolish.. What’s the point?

  14. Hawkenstein says:

    I’m really concerned about our run game or lack of one. Is it the line? Is it Lynch? is it the play calling?

  15. Ewalters7354 says:

    If anyone blames the defense just remember those guys played their hearts out but the offense sent then right back on the field all day long.Shameful performance by the offense.

  16. The cracks have been showing for the last month and the dam finally burst.

    Today we saw the Offense take a 4th quarter lead and the Defense immediately give it up. They allowed Carson Palmer to go 80 yards to win the game.

    Wilson has been anti-clutch this year. He’s thrown an INT in every trailing 4th quarter since the Carolina game. The WRs got owned by a pedestrian secondary.

    I keep thinking the 2011 Texans were 11-1 off a huge win vs Baltimore, got cocky and finished 12-4.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Can’t blame this one on Sweezy. Lol.

  18. That call was total bullsh*t. Everyone knows it. I hope will kill the Rams next Sunday.

  19. grizindabox24 says:

    I think everyone can step back from the ledge, especially datwerm.

  20. grizindabox24 says:

    Game falls on failed red zone before half, Hawks score their, game over.

  21. Southendzone says:

    Datwerm, its too bad your post is going to get deleted for foul language because everything you said is right on

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Wilson has been anti-clutch this year.”
    And yet he has had 4 forth quarter comebacks this year?
    Give him the WRs that Manning or Cutler has and see what he can do.

  23. The one positive is that the dam broke today and not in the first game of the playoffs.

    But can this offense get fixed?

  24. We beat the cards by 2+ tds at there house and barely beat the lambs at theirs. Better be worried next week!

  25. kind of silly for a serious fan to put those end of the game picks against SF and AZ on Wilson. SF was a hail mary, and today’s 4th quarter ‘pick’ was an absolute fluke.

    I didn’t see Wilson miss throws today so much as hold the ball and throw it away — so it’s either the receivers aren’t open or he’s missing them. But he seems to have been able to hit them most of the year.

  26. boycie99 says:

    Georgia, even you can’t defend Wilson this week. Over throwing at the start of the game, dumb decisions in the middle and just looking half asleep throughout
    He was woeful today and hasn’t been much better since the Niners, the old 1-0 mentality isn’t serving him that well at present

  27. grizindabox24 says:

    krieg, because what happened in previous games determines what happens in future games…..

  28. Not sure I should bother, but didn’t Yankster predict a blow out and isn’t he right like 90-95% of the time!? I think this was yank earlier this week:

    “No Worries, Bruce Arians is an Overrated Coach. He still thinks we’re a Read Option Team. He doesn’t realize RW is Much more than that. RW can and will kill this Top 5 Defense. It will be a blow out. I predict 35 to 9 easy win.”

    Holy crap that was painful to watch. They get 4 picks and the O delivers a whole 10 points for the entire game? Even if the Hawks take out STL next week, if they keep playing like they’ve been down the stretch to this point, we’re going to have another year where a 1-seed doesn’t make it out of the playoffs.

    RW picked an awful time to have a sophomore slump. Would almost rather have the Hawks playing lights out now with a #5/#6 seed than stumble into the playoffs with a #1 seed.

  29. grizindabox24 says:

    funny how fast people have turned on RW…to bad the Hawks also had zero running game and very few open receivers

    How about the Cards Defense some credit…

  30. sluggo42 says:

    Hate to say, but receivers are average at best. offense was weak,defense was awesome. RW was not very sharp.
    Next week it’s balls to the wall…

  31. “funny how fast people have turned on RW…to bad the Hawks also had zero running game and very few open receivers

    How about the Cards Defense some credit”

    amen . . .

  32. Better to lose in December than in January.

    We’ll be real focused next week and lots of changes will be coming on the offensive side of the ball.

  33. The Cards were awesome.

  34. Well, I hate to say it – but I told you so. The Cardinals have been playing terrific football for weeks now, and with more at stake for them, they managed to squeak out a win.

    RW definitely was not at his best. Thought Lynch ran well and made the most of the opportunities that were there, but again – the Cardinals are a tough team to run on.

    Feel bad for Turbin. Interesting to see what happens with him and Bowie/Sweezy next week. My vote would be to keep Baldwin returning punts.

  35. Hawkenstein says:

    The run game is horrible and putting a lot of pressure on the pass.

  36. bigmike04 says:

    1. Thoughts on today’s loss to the Cardinals? Game ball or goat?

    1A) Good game by Arizona Defensive so let give them a hand as they still won when Palmer gave up 4 incereption that seahawks could even capitalize on..

    2A) Game ball goes Arizona Defensive as they just were the better team today..

    3A) Goats: Robert Turbin for his 2 fumbles on Kick off.. Time for him not be Kick return anymore..

    2. What is the biggest problem with this offense lately?
    With the AZ pass rushing & getting to QB would be blocking, play calling by Bevell.. They need to put the 49ers & this lost behind them..

    3. How big a deal is the loss? Just one game or will it cost them?
    This lost & the 49ers lost are big as if they need to be able to beat teams in their division twice, will it cost them, I don’t think so unless 49ers or AZ come back to seattle to play seahawks again in playoff..

    4. How concerned are you that Seattle has lost two of its past three games?
    Very Concerned..

    5. What will be the key to next week’s game against the Rams?
    Be able to run the ball from the start & to be able to protect Wilson from Quinn & Rams defensive team… Score 1st time you get the ball..

  37. cseahawk says:

    I will translate before datwerm’s post gets deleted:

    You “cowards” won’t say it so I will. Wilson played like “absolute crap”. The play calling was “total dog crap”. Hauschka choked. What the “freaking hell” is so wrong with Seattle that we can’t win anything. It always has to be such a “gosh-damn” choke-fest. Football, baseball, soccer, basketball, college sports. . . you name it.

  38. My thought, if Harvin can’t go next week – shut him down until next season. He is too much of a distraction.

  39. GeorgiaHawk says:

    boycie99- One game doesn’t define a season or career. What do you want? Flynn back? Or Jackson to start?

    Wilson will be OK. It’s really stupid though to expect any top QB in the NFL to always have good performances. Especially against great defenses.

  40. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    The worse thing about this loss is that we’ll have to listen to ESPN, and other “pundits” apostatize and speak ill of the Seahawks, for the rest of the season.

  41. We really missed Rice today. 6’4″ with an incredible catch radius is hard to replace.

    For all the terrific moves the front office has made, losing Stephen Williams hurt depth behind Rice. Probably won’t make that same mistake again.

  42. So can Wilson not see the WRs because he’s stuck in the pocket or do they not get open?

  43. That’s lucid blocis. Like he had anything to do with the game today.

  44. freedom_X says:

    They don’t get open. I think Wilson has played long enough to show he can spot people if they get open. (the last two games, though, he’s been missing them. Unusual for him.)

  45. Again, I hope Wilson isn’t injured. Today was not the RW we’ve seen all year.

  46. I have to rewatch the game because I had to leave midway through the second quarter and didn’t get back home until the end of the third (7-year old had a Christmas concert/performance) but I will say that whenever I saw Bowie – he played really well. I was impressed. Did anyone else watch him in the middle part of the game because I think I saw what a good RG looks like today. And, please, I don’t want any stupid comments about how he couldn’t have played that well if the entire offense sucked. Whenever I focused on him and what he was doing – it was an asset, not a liability like too many of the other offensive performers. That was a positive I took from todays game (now watch, I’ll watch the late second and third quarters and he’ll have sucked like all of our other guards have been doing since 2006).

    Wilson did not play well but I’m pretty sure there aren’t many guys I’d trade him for.

    One criticism I’ll give him though is that we’ve had a few delay of game calls the last few weeks (one in the first quarter today that was inexcusable) and in the first half of last year we were averaging about one delay of game call per game, but he vastly improved in the second half. However, it hasn’t fully stopped like it does with some who have total game command/awareness and you do not see any of this with a Manning (not even in Manning’s second year) or Brady. They are elite with this type of field awareness, Wilson is not. No amount of studying can prepare you for knowing the play clock is at 1 and not getting the snap off. It can come for him, but it’s not acceptable enough for the standards Wilson has for himself, we have for him, nor up to par if he wants to be mentioned up there in that respect with a Manning or Brady.

    I refuse to blame the OC because Manning and Brady have had many OCs and you don’t see this with them. And as Wilson will tell you himself, excuses are for losers.

  47. Georgia – don’t think anyone wants MF or TJack to be starting over RW, but I do get the concern that RW (and the O for that matter) seems to be slumping at exactly the wrong time. For whatever reason, the O has not looked that great the past few weeks. RW is getting to a point (as everyone here knows) where he has to be good *every* week out or SEA will be watching the SB from home. There just is not a lot of time to get it right.

    Good news is this loss happened now and not in a few weeks when it would have sent them home.

    Props to the AZ D, they played lights out and not only had to shut down SEA but also bail out Palmer and his 4 picks.

  48. We’ve seen 2 things the past month we have not seen for a while –

    1. An ineffective run game
    2. Teams keeping Wilson in the pocket.

    Wilson hasn’t played too many games in his career with an ineffective run game. He’s having trouble stepping up when he’s forced to throw solely from the pocket without a run game to lean on.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Poor Chuck. I’m sure he is pretty upset right now as he should be.

  50. pabs – Did you focus much on Bowie today? Thoughts? If so, did he really look as good as I thought?

  51. boycie99 says:

    I feel for Chuck and his son. Travel from Canada for your 1 game of the season and you get to see a performance like that from the Hawks….Not where this team wants/hoped to be at this point in the season
    Wilson just doesn’t look right…. just doesn’t look as in control as we are used to, have other teams figured him out ??

  52. By stepping up, I mean carrying the team – not stepping up in the pocket.

  53. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Hey any given sunday boys. Winning isn’t suppose to be easy, we want the #1 seed, we have to earn it by playing better.

    I think we have to run some more power runs with the FB leading the way.

  54. Man, I hope Percy is able to go next week. He’d really open things up for Wilson. Might be wishful thinking but that doesn’t mean I can’t hope.

    Although Baldwin looked good returning a couple kick-offs, I really don’t ever want to see anyone other than Percy returning any kick-offs for the next half decade.

    I really don’t ever want to see Turbin return another kick unless it’s garbage time.

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Yes the offense really sucked today but our defense again let the game slip away when it really mattered.

  56. Southendzone says:

    The defense giftwrapped a win and put it under the tree, the offense threw it inthe trash. So pissed at this performance.

    Yay, now we get st louis who are going to play their balls off to beat us and they have that wicked defensive line

  57. Unfortunately I didn’t focus on any 1 offensive lineman. I was trying to figure out if Wilson can’t see the WRs when he’s stuck in the pocket or if they were getting owned.

    I think they need Percy Harvin to stretch the Defense. There was a reason a lot of those other guys were undrafted.

  58. Wilson will look better if Percy is on the field with him. Come on Percy… I’m rooting for your hip to be right!!!

  59. “We’ve seen 2 things the past month we have not seen for a while –

    1. An ineffective run game
    2. Teams keeping Wilson in the pocket.”

    yeah, agree with that. part of the run game issue is, I think, playing against some very tough run defenses. And teams are clearly scheming to keep Wilson in the pocket, as they should, he kills teams when he’s allowed to scramble.

    look, we did take several long shots in the pass game today – and those catches, that have been happening often this year, never did today. run game getting shut down is definitely a concern though.

    not to grasp at straws, but would sure be nice for Harvin to give us a little extra boost right about now.

  60. grizindabox24 says:

    For a poor as the offense played, the Hawks had a chance to win against a good team, a playoff quality team.

  61. freedom_X says:

    The issue of “keeping Wilson in the pocket” is overblown. If that was all it took to make him ineffective, teams would have done it a long time ago. NFL defenses quickly shut down one-trick ponies. It wouldn’t have taken 30 games for them to realize it.

    If you can 1) keep Wilson in the pocket and 2) shut down the running game and 3) shut down the receivers – yes, Wilson can be made ineffective.

    However, if a defense can do all three of the above, they can make any QB who ever lived look ordinary.

  62. sluggo42 says:

    AZ is a good team, and losing is a good eye opener for the team. I have to believe they get it going next week against the rams.
    WR.s ? I saw kearse limping too.

    I have been questioning turbin returning kicks since he started, and today was a great example of why, that experiment is over I hope. And cristin should be available now too.

    RW didn’t have a lot of time, and that sack one 1st and goal was absurd… Was that call on bevell?

  63. At this rate, we need to win the Super Bowl by 10 points (or any play-off game) because I don’t think our defense (even if it has dominated for the first 58 minutes) will make the stop it needs to make when it counts.

    I realize Maxwell was technically the goat on that play where Floyd got the TD… but Holy Cow, what more could Maxwell do? He had great coverage. Sometimes the other guys make a play and you simply tip your hat to them. That’s why you gotta bury your opponents if you can so you can’t leave it to chance late. Easier said than done though.

  64. grizindabox24 says:

    BobbyK, how about the holding call on Smith earlier in the drive

  65. mquinn73 says:

    1. Defense didn’t deserve to lose. Offense didn’t deserve to win. Arizona were the better all-round team. Better gameplan, greater intensity, more physical. Just all-round better.
    Game ball: Bennett or Sherman
    Goat: Turbin, Hauschka, Carroll

    2. Same problem all season on offense. Simply not physical enough across the line. Heck, you might not be talented enough, but at least play with some fire in your blood. Remember the Redskins famous “Hogs” back in the early ’80s? Those guys were just blue-collar dudes who fought and scrapped their way to greatness. The Seahawks OL are an embarrassment to themselves. They accept their own mediocrity… how else do you explain what happened at the end of the half after Malcolm Smith’s interception? Cable, McQuistan, Sweezy, Giacomini should all be gone in the off-season.

    3. Well, I think today killed off any fears that other teams might have of coming to Seattle during the playoffs. They’ll see that the Buccaneers should’ve won here. They’ll see that the Cardinals came here and slapped us around in our own house. Bruce Arians said that this Seahawks team is good, but they are not dominant… so true. I think that unless there are significant improvements, someone will come here during the playoffs and beat us.

    4. See answer to point 3. Very concerned. Right now, on form, I think were behind Carolina, Arizona & San Francisco… I don’t think we win the NFC unless there are significant changes and improvements.

    5. The offensive line needs to step out massively or else just move out of town. We need to dominate the line of scrimmage and the time of possession. I’m not sure that we can or will.

    pabuwal referenced the 2011 Texans – I actually think that’s an excellent comparison with where these Seahawks are now.

    Carroll must knock all complacency out of the team (and please, finally, do something about the number of penalties rather than sticking his head in the sand) if we are to have any chance at all…

  66. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Even with the poor performance by our offense would we lose this game if our special teams didn’t play poorly?
    A fumbled kickoff return and a missed chip shot field goal certainly didn’t help our cause today.

  67. The Defense allowed a broken down Carson Palmer to drive 80 yards for the game winning TD at home. Along the way, they gave up 3 Third Down conversions.

    If you go back and look at the past 10 years, the Super Bowl Winner has been the team with the QB that makes the plays in the clutch AND with the Defense that makes the game winning stop.

    The Seahawks have had neither this year.

  68. SaigonSun says:

    OK, Wilson is human after all.
    As I always said : it’s Bevell stupid ! Fire him and get rid of all that ex-Mini garbage we got. Getting Percy “Pussy” Harvin is hurting us to much : had to lose Harper and let Stephon Williams go. It will hurt us in the future even more when we won’t be able to re-sign our own good players b/c we’re keeping the Lame “Quack football player” Harvin.
    Can’t blame the team for the Carroll’s mistakes. He should have NEVER listened to Bevell.
    Solution: fire Bevell and trade or cut Harvin. Stick with what works: great drafts and follow what our college scouting department recommends, PERIOD!

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    pabs, not true but nice rant.

  70. Wilson has thrown an INT in the 4th quarter in every game the team has been trailing except for the Carolina game.

  71. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So we finally lose a home game and some folks are freaking out. Lol. Time to strap on the big boys boots and kick some Ram A$$ next week!

  72. freedom_X says:

    Of course Seattle doesn’t have the QB that makes the plays in the clutch or the defense that makes the game winning stop in the Super Bowl. That’s because the Super Bowl hasn’t been played yet. No one else in the NFL has either of those two things either.

    Once/if Seattle is eliminated from the playoffs, then you can say something like that. The fact is, Seattle does have a QB that has won MANY games with clutch plays and a defense that has made MANY game winning stops. Whether they do that in the Super Bowl is yet to be seen, as it is for every other team in the NFL.

  73. freedom_X says:

    Another selective stat. The INT’s thrown by Wilson were last gasp plays. Go tabulate how many INTs are thrown by any QB in the last 2 minutes where the team is trailing by 4 or more and then come back with how bad Wilson is.

  74. juliusvrooder says:

    Russell unfortunately played like Matt. Sailing balls and brain cramps when the money is on the table. The receivers have been phenomenal until they started gator-arming everything today.

    Baldwin, you need to put down the USA Today and shut the F up and go back to playing football. Punk.

    The D gave us 3 pix in the first half in the toughest venue in the NFL against a team we drubbed a year ago, and the O promptly shat itself. We earned this loss, and I feel the final bad call was simply karma and I accept it as such.

    This team needs to stop consuming media, and go back to what got them here.

    Game ball: D and especially Red and Sherman

    Goats: Baldwin and our former kick returner who gets cut the very second that new chick learns to block.

  75. The last three weeks it looks as if we have reverted back to the beginning of the season trying to play a game not to lose instead of playing to win. The one thing the boggles my mind is that we are one of the few teams that does not use a change of pace back to go with our main back. Turbin is a lesser Lynch and doesn’t bring anything different to the offense but a break. I don’t know if Michaels is the answer, but at least he gives us a different look at times. Sometimes defense stack it up and make it harder for a power back to get going and you need the one-step and bust it guy to make them change. Forsett was that guy a few years back. We have always had that guy yet we choose not to try it this year. I really think it will help Lynch get it going. Heck, AZ uses it and used it on us today.

  76. If ever they were going to come out physical and with emotion, the Rams game it is… our OL was physically manhandled against the Rams last time out without Okung and Breno. However, they were so beaten into submission, if ever they fight – now is the time. The Seahawks have one game next Sunday to show if they really want this thing, or if they aren’t as good as they were annointed about a month ago (or after the Giants win).

  77. SaigonSun says:

    Honestly, I think Lynch has had enough with Bevell’s stupidity and has developed a case of ” I don’t give a $hit anymore”. Not very professional? Yes, but I can’t blame him either. It’s hard to put up with morons days in and out. Turbin is definitely a big disappointment. Maybe it’s time to lean on the rookie Michael before he loses his enthusiasm.
    No matter what happens, Bevell got to go !!!

  78. Pabs, You’re like rainman with that stuff.
    Concise and unwavering with your points.
    Sometimes I disagree but not today..

  79. averagejay says:

    I am hoping that someone hires Bevell this next year and takes his genius play calling away from here!

    BTW Myers and Ryan…Worst crew ever!

  80. freedom_X says:

    Justin Forsett was NOT a one-step and break it guy. He did not have top-end speed at all. He was quick and elusive and had surprising power for his size, but he was regularly overhauled from behind and had less breakaway speed than Lynch.

    Michael is a panacea. Unless you can convince me he can do a better job at breaking tackles at or behind the line of scrimmage than Lynch or Turbin, or that those two guys are missing running holes, I say Michael doesn’t get a chance to show off that speed.

  81. kbaymoss says:

    Wilson looked like he didn’t feel good today. The few receivers he had open he overthrew. However, the bigger issue all season long is the O line. When RW gets decent protection, he makes great plays. When he’s running for his life, he just can’t. The inside running game has sucked for a while now, yet they keep running inside on 1st and 2nd down, leaving 3rd and long and we pass… too predictable if you ask me. If we know the O line can’t pass protect and can’t block for inside runs, then why not call quick passes, screens, and outside runs? I love Pete but hope somebody wants to hire Bevell…

  82. My other issue is with Wilson. It is as if he doesn’t want to be known as a game manager and wants to now be the go for it guy. How many times did we have 3rd and 4 or less and he was throwing for 15 or more? There were open receivers open underneath, but he didn’t look satisfied with that. He even rolled out on a 3rd down and add an easy 1st down and instead he threw it downfield to Baldwin who dropped it going to the ground on the sideline play. Take the 1st down and live another day!!!

    And the other issue for me is, why doesn’t he run when the pocket collapses any more? That is what made him valuable. He is trying to be a pocket QB or make 1o moves in the backfield and throw. Drop back, roll to the side if pocket collapses, then head up field if nothing there. I love Wilson, but he needs to play his game and not try to be the next Manning.

  83. Pabuwai, what is the point of the Wilson stat you keep bringing up? Do you want him benched? Do you really think that ” interception “today was on him? Pointless….

  84. kbaymoss says:

    does anybody know why Michael hasn’t been playing much? The few snaps I’ve seen him play he looks pretty good….

  85. 1. Thoughts on today’s loss to the Cardinals? Game ball or goat?

    Game Ball – Defense. Goat – Offense and place kicking side of special teams. You can’t the Defense to play any better, secure 4 interceptions, including returning one to the Cardinal 3 yard line and do not get ANY points – pathetic.

    2. What is the biggest problem with this offense lately?

    Too conservative play calling, especially at the start of games and our receivers not getting open enough, along with too many drops when they do get open. The offense should really consider running more read-option plays, especially early in games, even at the expense of Wilson getting hurt. They should make a more concerted effort to get our TE Miller more involved as a receiver again as well, we don’t need him to pass block as much now that our starters are back.

    3. How big a deal is the loss? Just one game or will it cost them?

    This is a big deal, though if Carroll, Bevell and the rest of the offensive coaching staff can pull their collective heads out of their rear ends long enough and fix what needs to be fixed, this team could still reach Super Bowl 48 easily.

    4. How concerned are you that Seattle has lost two of its past three games?

    More concerned with this loss than the loss at San Francisco. Some folks on our offense, both players and coaches really need to get called out and challenged this coming week.

    5. What will be the key to next week’s game against the Rams?

    We must be more aggressive on offense and fight like heck to get an early lead. If we can get an early lead like 17-0 or 21-3, the Rams may just fold and go home since their season is already over and not put their bodies on the line in a meaningless come back effort, as long as our defense plays like it did this week, very physical and ball hawking.

    Also, Carroll MUST active Percy Harvin for this final game and at least use him as a DECOY on passing downs if nothing else. I doubt Harvin’s hip is hurt that bad that he can’t at least suit up and play DECOY with the season on the line, if nothing else. Multiple MRI’s show nothing wrong with his hip. Heck, he is getting paid enough to suck it up pain wise and get on the field for this final, must win game at least to serve on DECOY duty for his team and the 12th man.

    If Harvin had been suited up and just ran routes just as a DECOY today, especially deep post routes where he wouldn’t have to turn on his hip, that would have gotten the attention of the Cardinal’s top DB (Peterson) with help from their Safeties, opening up the mid range passes for our other receivers. Even a dinged up Harvin can still attract double teams from defenses, opening up things for our other receivers.

  86. “If ever they were going to come out physical and with emotion, the Rams game it is… our OL was physically manhandled against the Rams last time out without Okung and Breno. However, they were so beaten into submission, if ever they fight – now is the time. The Seahawks have one game next Sunday to show if they really want this thing, or if they aren’t as good as they were annointed about a month ago (or after the Giants win).”

    yeah, I agree. the Rams game just got much, much bigger. and not just b/c of the home field importance, but also a change to get the ship straight, and as you say, re-establish ourselves against a team that out-physicaled us last time.

  87. juliusvrooder says:

    BTW- Our first run was 11 yards, so of course we threw it four times. If Bevelles wife wants to come up north and see the tulips this spring, he needs to say “I’m sorry honey, but I am not welcome north of the Stillaguamish river because I suck at my job.”

  88. freedom_X – Never said he was a speed back. I said they both are one-step and go back. That means they hit the hole w/o hesitation. Lynch is a power guy that needs to get on a roll to over power, but he can’t get going with defenses in the backfield. A one-step guy is just looking for one crack. He may not get it on the first, second, or third rushes, but it just takes one to bust it open and make the defense take a step back. Much like how a screen play slows down a rush. You have to change things up to make the defenses adjust. What adjustment have defenses made on us lately? Rams are going to play our receivers straight up and clog the line. That is not Lynch’s game. Maybe it isn’t Michaels either, but you have to try something new every once in awhile.

  89. And ya, Bevell sucks.

  90. grizindabox24 says:

    with fans like Pabs, STTBM, etc there is no need for enemies

  91. jaybrank says:

    Where was the screen pass today? Hawks needed more shorter throws to edge of the field. Pass protection wasn’t bad, but O scheme wasn’t good. Better learn quick. Rams will try to do the same thing.

  92. “BTW- Our first run was 11 yards, so of course we threw it four times. If Bevelles wife wants to come up north and see the tulips this spring, he needs to say “I’m sorry honey, but I am not welcome north of the Stillaguamish river because I suck at my job.” ”

    Not with you on this complaint. They gave it to Lynch 18 times, and on most all of the carries it was 1-2 yards. Not blaming Lynch – but the run game was not working today.

  93. Griz, they’re just being honest. No need to hate on them.

    The defense is as sharp as it has ever been. The offense rolled up a turd and smoked it. Absolutely abysmal. Anyone who pins this loss on the defense that picked off palmer 4 times is a damn fool. I’d like to see the last time the turnovers were so heavily swayed and a team lost.

    The cardinals did their jobs and won the game. The last interception call was retarded at best.

    Part of me can’t help but think that Carroll didn’t lay it all on the line against SF and ARI, because there’s a chance they might see them again in the playoffs. Either that, or he wanted the cards to win today, so they can win next week, and knock SF out of the picture, because Arizona is a lot less good.

  94. seatowntp says:

    Thoughts on today’s loss to the Cardinals? Game ball or goat?

    I am really sorry fellas, this loss is on me. There were so many different obligations today that I didn’t have a chance to change into my Seahawks garb – not even a Seahawks T under a sweater. Again, I am very sorry fellas. I will be back on track next week with the Polo’s during the week, the hoodies in the evening, and then a jersey or two next weekend. Russell and the offense should be outstanding next Sunday!

    “it’s only weird if it doesn’t work”

  95. juliusvrooder says:

    Respectfully Pabs, your aggregation of Lynch’s game stats does not speak to the point I was making. Marshawn broke two strong runs early, and Bevell did not ram it home. Nothing breaks a teams spirit more completely than decisively defeating their strength. I saw an opportunity squandered when we showed initial promise in the run game abandoned.

    But do please come north for tulip season, and bring your wife. It’s really cool.
    Just don’t bring Bevell. Because I hate him.

  96. freedom_X says:

    If the back doesn’t have speed, it doesn’t matter. The whole idea of accepting a back who might get stuffed or lose yards on 4 straight carries is that he’ll bust the big one on the 5th carry. Forsett doesn’t have the speed to break the big one, so he doesn’t put any fear in a defense.

    Forsett being a small back, he’d probably lose yards on the same carries Lynch or Turbin get 1-2 yards on. So to make up for it, he has to have the thread of busting it for 60 on any play, and that’s not him.

  97. juliusvrooder says:

    RADEon- I wish I could buy into your point about holding back, but every close-up of Pete seemed to show a very high level of stress. That’s as uncommon as Russells chokery. The whole thing felt tight and chokey, like we weren’t us.

    Seatowntp: You BASTARD…

  98. revpetermohr says:

    1. Thoughts on today’s loss to the Cardinals? Game ball or goat?
    Game ball to Carson Palmer for persevering through the picks.
    Goat to McQuistin and Bouwie for utter FAIL at O Line.

    2. What is the biggest problem with this offense lately?

    3. How big a deal is the loss? Just one game or will it cost them?
    Probably not a big deal, but it does give other teams a blueprint how to beat us at home.

    4. How concerned are you that Seattle has lost two of its past three games?
    niners and AZ are really good football teams. We’ve yet to get beat bad this year. Even our ugly losses we were in it to the end.

    5. What will be the key to next week’s game against the Rams?
    I feel sorry for the Rams already. The Hawks should be angry playing in front of an angry crowd.

  99. juliusvrooder says:

    I think my biggest frustration is the shrink of the C-Link: Everybody says “nobody beats Seattle at home.” So if we secure home-field advantage, we go to NYC. QED. Not anymore. You lose your cherry once, and you don’t lose it half-way. You lose it, and its gone. That’s why I am on the ledge. This is not a small thing.

  100. seatowntp says:

    Julius, I deserve that. Again, I am sorry fellas. I really thought that they could manage this victory on their own.

  101. 1. Game ball to the Cardinals – they outplayed us GOAT – the Seattle Seahawks and everything assoc with them

    2. The offense just doesn’t isn’t in Synch – there were 2 deep passes early in the game they missed on if you get either one it totally changes the feel of the early game – 1- Kearse tangles legs with DB and goes down – then the one just off of his finger tips on sideline.

    3. How big a deal is the loss? Just one game or will it cost them? It could totally cost them! STL is no cake walk – they have had our number – and we could be looking at road game @philly to start – not a matchup I want on the road

    4. How concerned are you that Seattle has lost two of its past three games? Not as concerned with the losses as I am the level of play during those losses. They bring the level of play up and there are no worries

    5. What will be the key to next week’s game against the Rams? – It’s all about execution.

  102. Thoughts on today’s loss to the Cardinals:

    1. We are nowhere as good as we think we are. Remember Tampa Bay?

    2. Our offense is horrible. Horrible. Our offensive line is NOT NFL calibre. Our franchise quarterback is, well, pedestrian. Carson Palmer could throw 4 INTS and still outclass him…with ease…in Seattle.

    3. An elite defense does not make an elite team. Our offense is…in truth, and look for the truth…amongst the very worst in the NFL. You want to pay Wilson the kind of money Manning or Bradley gets in a couple of years? Really? I’d say you are better off going back to the draft and try again. Better than Andrew Luck? Really? Does anyone seriously believe that after witnessing what happened today?

    4. The 49ers are a better team. Period. They probably have a better QB for that matter (at least he’s delivered more than Wilson has…in less time). The 49ers are better coached, as disgusting as that is to say. They will beat Seattle in the playoffs.,,regardless of where the game is played.

    5. The Seahawks are third best team in this division today…maybe the 4th best today. This is a one road win and out team in the playoffs. There are at least 5 better teams in the NFL today…because our offense is NOT an NFL playoff calibre offense. Draft an entirely new offensive line and hope that our current QB, who should NOT be signed to a premier level contract, can manage to improve enough with experience to get us to the Super Bowl while we still have an elite defense. Today…this year…this is not a complete team.

    You want truth…?…think about it.

  103. OK, not to be too hard on our skill players (though yeah, we need a Harvin very very badly) it is really our OL tackle to tackle that we need to replace…you simply cannot win a Super Bowl with an OL as horrible as ours is.

  104. Fair-weather fans call other fans names and over react to losses.
    They either jump off the ledge or jump off the bandwagon.
    Your reaction to losses and adversity define what type of fan you are.

    We don’t need fans like that.
    Winners think positive and look for solutions.
    Losers have tunnel vision on the negative and wallow in their misery.

    I’ve been following the Seahawks for over 30 years, and I’m sure there are guys on here that have followed them much longer than I have.
    I know how good this team is, and I know how good we have it.
    I love everything PC and JS have built, and I still believe RW will be hoisting the Lombardi in the near future, hopefully sooner than later.

    The whole organization from PC/JS to RW on down are laser focused on competing and winning: their ultimate goal is to succeed.
    We need to trust the guys that get paid to win to fix what is wrong.
    Their reputations and livelihoods are on the line, and I think they will step up to the challenge.

    I’ll root for them to win it all, but even if they don’t, this is still
    my favorite Seahawks team ever.

  105. I am totally frustrated with all phases of the game today ALL phases!

    1. The offense – where to begin – The line could not run block AT ALL – ML got hit in the back field almost the entire game – it just one time per possesion they could have gotten a solid block and hold it for more than .02 seconds it would have helped. (yes Arizona is good – but come on)

    I actually thought RW had a number of plays where he had enough time to make a play but no play to be made

    WR – didn’t get open very often

    RW- his throws were off today – again – same a last week – we are not used to that. throw to Baldwin down the middle of the field didn’t lead him enough – pass to Kearse on sideline lead him too far. He could have run for a first down but instead tries to thread a throw into Baldwin on the sideline. 3rd and goal on the 2 and you take a delay of game penalty

    The only offensive player I am not frustrated with is ML. – constantly got 2 yards after getting hit behind LOS

    2. Special teams – Missing a gimme kick – fumbling without getting touched

    3. Defense – They played spectacular for about a quarter and a half decent for some and mistake fueled to end. The Arizona run game ate them up all game long. They were making first contact 2 yards downfield on a majority of the run plays. (it seemed from the stands)

    on the final drive – they flush Palmer from the pocket he is running for his life and Wags comes off of his guy to go after Palmer (who wasn’t getting away from the DL guys) and it goes for a first down – on third and long I might add. a PF for pushing after the play is over. (look at run game issues)

    4. Coaching – We didn’t seem to adjust very well to what Arizona was doing – even when we continually struggled it seemed to be the same game plan – try and pound – take a shot deep be frustrated – punt.

    5. Officiating – while it didn’t cost us the game by any means it was still very frustrating
    Never got a good angle on Shermans PI to know if it was a good call or not but when Baldwin CLEARLY got hit early at about the same spot on the field if I remember correctly – no call

    On the Arizona fumble that Bennet got – it seemed pretty clear that the ball was moving but not enough to overturn – the officials were confused on if the ball came out and ruled no. Not sure how clear it was on TV but the ball was NOT in his arms when he went down.

    The defensive holding call was ridiculas as far as timing – there is no call – the WR gets up looks at the back judge he shakes his head no – looks at the sideline guy looks BACK to the deep guy – THEN the sideline guy runs out and throws the flag. The play clock was already running again by the time he threw the flag – he was NOT sure about it and had to think about it.

    Then the final “INT” You can read my thoughts on that on the other thread – is it true the official tweeted about it?

  106. juliusvrooder says:

    Hey Vegas, I am so not with you. Russell has been the second coming of Montana, except today, when he was the second coming of Hasselbeck. We can get this done. I am down, but not that down. This is the best hawks team ever. They just need to play their game. starting next week.

  107. Second coming of Montana? Really? Ummm…I’ll wait for some results before going with that.

    I’m just saying it might be best to judge results and performance prior to entering into a big franchise contract with him. I don’t think he’s shown us as much as Kaepernick has shown SF, for example. He got them to the big game. I don’t think Wilson is going to get us there…judging from his performance in the past three weeks.

  108. seahawk44 says:

    Agreed CCVI. Too many over-reactions to a one game loss. Sheesh.

    This loss is about one thing and one thing only. The Cardinals played harder. If they lost they would’ve been eliminated. And there are lots of players on that Arizona team that wanted a taste of revenge for the 58-0 game last time they were in Seattle. Motivation is the real winner and the Seahawks have lost some of that because they are believing all the media hype and getting a little too cocky.

    Another wake up call may be what they needed for a stretch run.

    Now get back to work and win 4 in a row and a championship!

  109. seahawk44 says:

    Vegas56, you are not selling that garbage here. I’ve watched football for many many years, and Mr. Wilson is one of the best I have seen. I can’t wait til he has more than 1.5 seconds in a pocket and that guy Harvin running routes.

    Just saying….what he has done with the limited help has been phenomenal. Without Wilson this team has 4-5 more losses on the season.

  110. Gee, maybe they’ll even need a third wake up call! They might get complacent if they win next week!

    The truth is, on offense, they are mediocre at best…at very best. One dimensional teams usually have short-lived playoff runs…especially those that think they are oh so superior.

  111. juliusvrooder says:

    Chicago last year? Multiple 4th quarter comebacks? I am excited about this guy because of the last two years, not the last few games. We have more than a few drops. We have an ad-hoc line. We have a guy who typically is clutch, and who played poorly today. We have plenty of results. look at them.

    Montana famously recognized John Candy in the stands just before mounting a game-winning drive. Every time Russell goes off, my brother texts me ‘hey, that’s John Candy!’

    I may be on the ledge, but I haven’t jumped yet. Russell usually rox. Chill.

  112. thursday says:

    Mte re:first or second comment here about Harvin. If the rumors are true, you gotta think he’d play next week. Lose that one and we’re screwed

  113. Screensmoke says:

    Pabuwal- your post at 5:19 was the most incredible example of incompitent thinking especially your last statement that I have ever read on this blog- this team is 12 and 3 the last time I checked we gave had a great year – got our ass kicked today on offense- time of possession was atleast double- our defense played great- was on field the whole game- this team is going to be just fine- Tgank you everybody on this blog – no joke-most of you really don’t know much about this beautiful game of ours. U truly r clueless- mind boggling at times- give your team a break and quit embarrassing yourselves-the hawks aren’t weak- just us incompitent fans – u make me sick!

  114. Seahawk44, I’m not denying that he has shown potential but he is a second year QB, they often have serious growing pains. I’d wait to be certain prior to committing the entire franchise because he has shown signs this year of being out-matched by defenses. Not all his fault…but he has not shown himself to be a world-beater either. Discretion is called for, I think. Make him show it first…he hasn’t yet.

    I entirely agree that a lot of his problems are really due to the very poor O-line. Does anyone else think that Okung has done nothing to improve the situation? To me it is tackle to tackle…the need to replace this line.

  115. Screensmoke says:

    Okung is one of the best left tackles in NFL- u must be high

  116. juliusvrooder says:

    The nationals are talking Russell up for MVP. Won’t happen, but it is good to be in the conversation. This is the first flat game of Russell’s career. I do not fear it. He has clearly established himself as a guy who does not have many of these. The line? well, the line concerns me…

  117. It is most certainly not Wilson’s first flat game…he’s had a number of them…including at SF and at NY as well as at home against TB in just the last five weeks. That is not an indictment, just the way it is. Let’s keep an open mind.

    Honestly, the way the O line is playing, it is hard to even be kind to Okung…though I think he is certainly good quality at his position.

  118. any given sunday.
    CHI 11 at PHI 54
    NYG 23 at DET 20

    PC has given us a defense that is nearly as good as the one Knox brought us, but the offense isn’t as good as the one Holmgren brought us. Per Boling, today it was performing at the ’92 level. SEA needs better OL performance (AZ’s pass rush was performing at the bottom of the NFL before this game), and SEA’s WRs/TEs need to get open and not drop the ball. SEA’s OL needs to run-block better, they had the opportunity to test themselves against the best run-D and came up lacking.

  119. juliusvrooder says:

    An open mind sees consistent clutch play punctuated by occasional off days.

    Tell me Vegas, who would you trade Russell for straight up? What current NFL quarterback or college prospect would you prefer to sign to, say, a five year contract? A name, Vegas. Give us a name.


  120. juliusvrooder says:

    Put it on the record. Five years. One name…

  121. juliusvrooder says:


  122. juliusvrooder says:


  123. juliusvrooder says:

    Ni ni Vegas

  124. Trade straight up: Rodgers, Luck or Newton. Manning, Brady and Brees are better but too old for a trade. Wilson could be better in the future than Luck or Newton, but if I were betting, the odds would today favor those two. The point is that like Luck and Newton, the school is still out on Wilson…he is not an established elite QB yet. And we don’t know for certain he will get there. He certainly can…and he may, but he hasn’t proved it yet.

  125. mquinn73 says:

    Juliusvrooder – seriously, dude?

    C’mon man, Wilson is good, but he’s nowhere close to being an elite QB.

    Right now, with this defense ready to win, are you telling me that you wouldn’t prefer Brady, Manning, Brees or Rodgers?!?!? Seriously? How many GMs or coaches would agree with you?

    Right now, Russell Wilson is an above average QB. Honestly, Jay Cutler would probably have this team sitting at 13-3 too. Maybe, RW will continue to develop, maybe…

    …but the “second coming of Joe Montana”? C’mon get real…

  126. ljarllrajl says:

    1. Thoughts on today’s loss to the Cardinals? Game ball or goat?

    Goat is the refs. PI on a guy that slips on the turf. Interception on a ball that bounces 12 feet in the air off of a player’s arm? Come on refs!
    The officiating has been awful this season but I attributed that to the league. This game had trash calls that were solely on the striped shirts.

    2. What is the biggest problem with this offense lately?

    Run blocking. And, sorry Angry Doug Baldwin, receivers that can’t beat man coverage.

    3. How big a deal is the loss? Just one game or will it cost them?

    It is a big deal because home field advantage is in jeopardy.

    4. How concerned are you that Seattle has lost two of its past three games?

    Not concerned about on field play, just standings.

    5. What will be the key to next week’s game against the Rams?

    The 49ers losing.

  127. juliusvrooder says:

    Up until today, the guy has had ice water in his veins. That is what made Montana great. Unflapability. Today, he (and Pete) clearly got rattled. It is remarkable, because it is rare. Russells track record of unflappability is “real.” As is Montanas. The comparison is legit due to the similarities of play. The nationals have tuned into this, and I am stunned that posters on a fan blog have not. Joe was a mental rather than physical phenom, as is Russell. Joe was not, however, the winningest sophomore quarterback in history, nor was or is he one of the top three young guns in terms of TD’s. Russell is both.

    BTW Vegas, thank you for putting another name on the record.

    Cam Newton. Five years. That is how long you will wear that name. Five years.

  128. ljarllrajl says:

    I scrolled up to read some posts. I was at the game and almost completely agree with what xcman said.

  129. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Today’s performance again is the curious and infuriating fear of success and sabotage Mr. Bevell. I said the same her after the SF game. And concluded the same after the Giants game. We are watching (metaphorically) a Nascar race car play with a yoke on its fuel pump and oxygen. You don’t just lose speed and acceleration. You lose power. And it seeps into everything, including the chassis and suspension being off at speed that don’t meet what they were designed for.

    And now it is seeping into the QB play. But it really started with putting the reins on Marshawn at the goal line in whatever game that was that he have his coaches the finger.

    When you ask men to give you 100% on 87% of what they are capable of, they will give you less than that. It becomes 97%. Which is then 85% of what they can perform. And which in the field of play in the NFL is not good enough to win. The law of expectations and belief.

    The question in my mind is if PC is going to continue to allow this? We will soon get our answer.

  130. Juliusvrooder, you are a bit of an odd one, my friend. I’ll wear Newton for five years? OK. Wilson has one more career playoff win than Newton…and by all appearances, Cam is going to catch up here very soon. They have similar situations….few playmakers around them and great defenses to fall back on. Right now, today, I say Cam and Carolina beat Seattle in the playoffs regardless of where they meet. Carson Palmer threw FOUR INTS and beat Seattle by a touchdown at Clink. He outplayed Wilson in Seattle by a strong margin in Seattle throwing 4 INTS. OK, I’ll wear Newton for five years. Keep betting on the come…I’ll bet on what is right now.

  131. Wilson has had spectacular moments, just not yesterday. Offensive play calling seemed impotent. Lynch, Lynch, Lynch, punt. Lynch, Lynch, dropped pass, punt. Lynch, dropped pass, Lynch, punt. It was irritating to watch really.

    Defense was totally awesome. Great job. Offense, please – start walking the talk again!

  132. dtacoma- Amen! I have been a fan from game one, but I actually wanted to turn this one off. Bevell’s vanilla offense is baaaaack! Please get a head coaching job next year.

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