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Morning Links: Rising in the west

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 21, 2013 at 2:22 am with 46 Comments »
December 21, 2013 2:20 pm

Good morning.

For today’s paper, I wrote about the improvement of the NFC West, clearly the best division in the NFL this year.

“It’s come a tremendous distance to have to put up with kind of the yucks about being 7-9 and winning the division years ago and you know, who’s laughing now?” Pete Carroll said.


> 710 ESPN writes that more so than the division title, the NFC’s top seed is at stake.

> Double coverage of the game from ESPN.

> The Everett Herald says Brandon Mebane is quietly having a big season.

> We’ve touched on this story prior, but this is a good look at Derrick Coleman and his hearing situation.

> Sunday will be the first time Arizona’s starting tackles have played in CenturyLink Field.

> The Cardinals will start two rookie safeties Sunday.

> Peter King writes about the Saints-Panthers macthup.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OK, Arizona’s starting tackles playing for the first time at the Clink, and they are starting two rookie safeties.

    That’s all I need to know, Seahawks-40 Cardinals-7

    From Banks at SI –

    “I see that the league, for the first time in its history, might finish with more than half of its kickoffs going unreturned, as a touchback. Three years after the NFL moved the kickoff spot from the 30 to the 35.”

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Even without Browners suspension I wouldn’t have been surprised if the team didn’t resign him next season. Especially at his age.

    From Sando-

    “Opposing QBs since ’12 with Browner on field: 21 TD, 20 INT, 76.7 rating on 682 attempts. Off field: 12 TD, 23 INT, 57.1 rating, 414 att.”

  3. Kingpear says:

    GeorgiaHawk… They may get him at a significant discount as no one will touch him with the suspension. Of course Maxwell seemed fine last week, and if Thurmond and he can stop passing the hookah, they will be fine.

  4. I’ve always felt a large part of Browner being successful with limited speed was Earl Thomas. The Seahawks have been plugging in a lot of players in that position with success.

    I think it’s extremely important to get this running game going. The Seahawks might actually face an offense that gets it going in the first quarter at some point in the Playoffs and I’d hate to see them behind because they are spending important downs going nowhere.

    Lynch has run for 4.5+ ypc in just 4 games this year – against 4 of the worst defenses in terms of ypc –

    Atlanta ranked 29
    Indy ranked 25
    Houston ranked 22
    TB ranked 20

    Arizona is ranked number 2 and STL number 7.

  5. montanamike2 says:

    I feel good about Arizona’s rookie tackles and safeties going into clink for the first time. Same game plan, go after Palmer and make him throw it early and often, then pick it off. I want to go ice fishing during the Rams game with some friends, i would be enjoying myself if i knew we had HFA and the division already locked up by then.

  6. montanamike2 says:
  7. Southendzone says:

    I also hope we get the win this week. I’m a little upset at STL because I believe in every conspiracy theory. Here’s my newest one:

    SF and STL work together to try and prevent the Hawks from winning the NFCW this year:

    1) STL plays the Hawks super tough
    2) STL takes a giant dump every time they play SF
    3) STL picks up Mike Person the SAME WEEK Okung went down

    Ok the 1st 2 can be explained, but #3, that is a PURE Harbaugh move right there, pulling players off our practice squad you don’t want at all, but just for strategic reasons.

  8. It occurred to me that Seattle fans were not particularly hostile to SF, more than any other opponent, until Jim Harbaugh got there. They had some great players and coaches before, who were respected and respectful. Those two terms are completely lacking for the present SF regime.
    I think we mostly have respect for AZ and STL, but not fear. (not to imply that we fear SF, we don’t) If SF makes it to the NFC title game, it’ll be another 28-3 shellacking, , , ,

  9. Great piece on Derrick Coleman. I love MikeRob and everything he brings to the team, but really like DC as well to carry the torch when his time comes whenever it is. What a classy kid. We’ve been pretty fortunate to have some great FBs over the years.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Any recommendations as to the best seats for around $500 bucks?
    I may be flying into Seattle on the 18th of Jan and I just couldn’t miss the NFC championship game.

  11. It really does not matter if Lynch is held to under 4.5 YPC this Sunday – the value of Lynch is just as much that he is a huge threat all the time. Even if opposing teams keep his yards low, because he is always a threat he makes the play-action-pass game work very well and for the Seahawks PAP is a big part of their offensive plan.

    There was a nice write-up in the Seattle Times on how successful PAP is for the Hawks…

  12. plus – the short passes to Lynch sort of count as run yardage, no? he had 70+ yards receiving last week.

    though, overall, I do agree w/pabuwal, I never feel better about the Hawks offense (and kind of the whole team in general), than when Lynch is running effectively. can’t imagine we’ve lost many games the last few years when he’s gotten 100+ yds in a game.

  13. Hammajamma says:

    “Any recommendations as to the best seats for around $500 bucks?
    I may be flying into Seattle on the 18th of Jan and I just couldn’t miss the NFC championship game.”

    Georgia, as you might expect, most of those 300 level seats are similar. Hard to say there is a bad seat in the house. But the Hawks Nest is a pretty unique experience, and surpasses the upper level when play is near that end. I’d say your choice is between decent seats for the whole game or great seats for half the game.

  14. bsinnitt says:

    Georgia – my suggestion would be similar to Hammajamma’s. I used to have season tickets in the 300 level and have been buying single game tickets for a few games eCh of the past 3 yrs on the aftermarket. The best I’ve found for the money are the north corner sections on either side of the Hawks Nest. I think they’re sec 143 & 101. You’re pretty close to the field and have an elevated diagonal view that allows you to see the line play but also the depth of the yard lines. Face value is around $60 but I’m sure they’ll be $200+ for the championship game.

  15. Georgia – there’s really no bad seats at the Clink. I’d buy the 306 – K seats. Closer to mid field than the other seats in your price range and only half way up.

    How come there’s no Seahawks Insider tailgate?

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Hammajamma and bsinntt for the info, I hope I can make it and experience what I keep hearing about,(with regards to) how great the championship games are.

    Do you think some Washington fans regret spending all those high draft picks on RGME when they could have had a better QB in the 2nd or 3rd round?

  17. CDHawkFan says:

    I think we on the blog can agree that drafting RW in the 3rd is probably the best value of a draft pick in at least 10-15 years in the NFL (T Davis in the 6th). I am guessing that will grow even more with time.

  18. John Clayton and Doug Farrar and Greg Cossell pretty much agreed that Doug Baldwin is the most underrated WR in the NFL.

    They may be right…

  19. chuck_easton says:

    Good news with Baldwin is he will only be an RFA at the end of this season. The team can make him a qualifying offer at a 2nd round tender.

    I don’t think there would be any team that will match or beat that price and be willing to give up a 2nd rounder for him.

  20. Baldwin has been excellent this year. Can’t remember him dropping a pass.

  21. The older I get, the more I love people/players like Baldwin/Wilson. They are smart, hard workers, seem like good role models for our youth, etc.

    Georgia – You could do what I’m going to do… just go there any pay the going rate on the street if that’s what you need to do.

    I was at SB XL but all I want this year is to be in Seattle during the play-offs and to watch the Super Bowl by myself in my basement.

  22. Brandon Mebane is the best player on the Seattle Seahawks that gets talked about the least.

    I read a week or two ago when someone posted guys that could or should get cut and Mebane at a little over $5 million was one of them. Really?

    Mebane is a stud and he’s a wall of a man that you’re not going to push around. The Hawks won’t win on the trenches each week as much as they do defensively if they lose ‘bane. He’s worth $5 mil/season. He’s that good.

  23. BK…good suggestions on showing up at the stadium and buying tickets. A lot of those brokers can’t use/sell them all and if you wait until after the game has started, they can be had for a lot less.

    I saw the same post about Mebane here recently and thought the same. Of all the things Ruskell did poorly, he actually got that one very right.

    Mebane is a staple without the fanfare. And to here Quinn talk about how much better he is from Quinn’s first and second stint is very encouraging.

    With Palmer and Fitz less than 100% and 2 newbie tackles experiencing the Clink for the 1st time will be interesting to watch.

  24. to hear (spell check)

  25. montanamike2 says:

    I can’t believe how long tomorrow is from now. Having Jordan Hill play good and Mcdaniels back should make us a little bit more stout in the middle.

  26. slicktoxic says:

    I’m (almost) sure I’m wrong….but I have this feeling, deep down inside, that Seattle is going to roll in the playoffs. I mean, really roll. Like they’ve purposely been holding stuff back a little…..schemes, blitzes, Percy, keeping players fresh and rested as much as possible….and that when the playoffs hit, they are going to destroy everyone that crosses their paths. Is this just a crazy dream I’m having? Or could there be some truth to it? Anyone?

  27. There’s no way the Hawks should lose at home in the play-offs. They should roll, I agree.

    If Percy can play, it’s icing on the cake. He’s a stud on the field (but might choke you off it if you look at him wrong or threaten you, at the very least).

    Any play-off game in Seattle shouldn’t even be close.

    However, I’ve been a fan for 30 years and I’m snakebitten – expecting the worst to a degree. What if we start a play-off game like we did at home against Tampa Bay? What if we have a FG blocked like we did with an inferior TN team at home? If it’s the play-offs, we’re playing against a play-off team, not a bad team (like the before mentioned who won’t be in the play-offs). There are no guarantees and the best team doesn’t always win – that’s what worries me the most… the best team not winning because I’ve been a fan for a long time and this is the first time I can ever remember every truly believing that we have the best team in the NFL.

  28. Seattle NEEDS a Lombardi Trophy this season more than any other city or team. Because of that extreme need we are going to get it. Though I will suffer through all the playoff emotions I also believe we are the best team in the NFL this year and that has a very calming effect. Bring our A game and we are champions come February.

  29. Southendzone says:

    Am I the only Hawks fan that’s so paranoid I think Perrish Cox is a double agent planted on our team by Harbaugh, and at a crucial moment he will purposefully miss a play or commit an intentional foul to screw us?

    Never mind, I probably am.

  30. slicktoxic says:

    I have my share of paranoias regarding the Seahawks, that ALL date back to SB XL….but the Perrish Cox one was not one of my paranoias……until NOW!!!! Thanks South!

  31. Baldwin is a stud, but he’s dropped his share. His first start after Rice’s knee imploded he dropped the first three passes his way, for instance. But I agree, he’s the most underrated WR in the NFL; right behind him are Tate and Brian Hartline and Davone Bess.

    Chuck, the rumor was Indy already offered a second or third for Baldwin. With his play this year at Flanker and in the Slot, I’m betting Seattle gives him a first round tender. If they don’t, I wouldn’t be shocked to see someone nab him.

    Bobbyk, I’m with you. I may watch with my Dad, but most likely I will just hibernate where no one else will hear my cussin’!

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks for the further info MRD and BobbyK.

  33. hawkfan777 says:

    Thanks for the links Georgia.

    I remember the days when there used to be 3-4 posts on here every day. I have to remember the team was doing a lot worse back then so that would make sense right??? Wait…..

  34. toastmaster says:

    MRD – would be cool if there was a blog tailgate/hangout area for our blog. We could give our screenname for entrance. Going to game tomorrow – SOOOO FREAKIN EXCITED!!!!

  35. raymaines says:

    slicktoxic – I have this feeling, deep down inside, that Seattle is going to roll in the playoffs. … Is this just a crazy dream… ?

    Of course it is, but I’m totally buying into it. I suppose the actual staff and players are properly focused on the Card’s but we’re fans and we can dream, and I’m dreaming big!

    joreb – A lot of those brokers can’t use/sell them all and if you wait until after the game has started, they can be had for a lot less.

    I’m pretty naive about his sort of thing. Where exactly would I go to have the best chance of getting such a ticket? I would assume cash is preferred? How do I know the ticket isn’t counterfeit? Thanks.

    BobbyK – He’s [PH] a stud on the field (but might choke you off it if you look at him wrong or threaten you, at the very least).

    That’s a side of him I didn’t know about. He’s known to be volatile and/or violent off the field? OK then.

    From the GH link about Zach Miller – “Cable is now the assistant head coach/offensive line coach/run-game coordinator for the Seahawks,…” Wow, that’s quite the job title. I hope he gets paid enough that he doesn’t really want to be a head coach in Houston, for example.

    My thoughts for tomorrow, and I’m the first to be 95% right!! Seattle’s defense is WAY better than AZ offense, AZ’s run defense may be the equal of our run game but I don’t think so, and Seattle’s pass game will simply overwhelm AZ’s secondary. Seahawks easily cover the 10.5 point spread and wins big, but I’m picking the (43.5) under.

  36. Southendzone says:

    HA! Not sure if anyone posted this, but remember the grand scheme by the SF fans to put a billboard up by C-Link? Well instead they put it in Fife… Fife? Softy’s page from KJRAM has some funny stuff about it here:

  37. If you haven’t seen this parody of What the Fox says…give it a try. What the Hawks Say….hilarious!

  38. seatowntp says:

    GAHawk – Thank you for linking that article about RW from the Washington Post. It was a great article! I equally appreciate Russell’s greatness is being recognized nationally.

    CDHawkfan – “I think we on the blog can agree that drafting RW in the 3rd is probably the best value of a draft pick in at least 10-15 years in the NFL (T Davis in the 6th). . .”

    Although I will not deny my personal man crush on RW, I am quite certain that there is a large contingency of fans here in New England that would adamantly disagree with your assertion. They might suggest that a certain QB taken in the 6th round in the 2000 draft has provided greater value than RW. Please don’t misunderstand me, I HATE the Patsies and can’t stand that glamor boy Brady, but I might tend to agree with them from a value perspective.

  39. montanamike2 says:

    I think Brady has done a lot more than Manning with less. Either way we have the steal of the decade undisputed, a franchise qb who’s got “it” factor that the higher picked guys don’t have. Right now RW is the king of Seattle. Man crush aside, i’m going to try to sleep even though i know i’ll be up in a few hours just like every game day.

  40. I think we roll too. I believe Pete has us ready to peak at the perfect time, and that they have yet to fully show their A game book.

    Man, I’ve been thinking lately how awesome it was at the NFC Championship game last time… just electric. By far the coolest sporting event I’ve ever attended.

    Super excited for tomorrow. I think I’ll go old-school again with my Ricky Watters jersey and early 90’s knit cap – I wore that jersey through the whole 05 playoff run.

    I do think it would be cool to have a blog tailgate at some point. Maybe I’ll post something when we park tomorrow to see if anyone’s nearby.

  41. The Cardinals winning streak is going down in flames tomorrow. I don’t expect the game to be close unless we commit a few costly turnovers that turn into easy TDs for them.

  42. The goofs on Fox radio this afternoon (national show) – One said that Arizona we going to cover the points “probably keep the game to a later field goal” Saying that Seattle home field would allow them to hold on but since they wouldn’t be able to run the ball. The second said that Arizona was going to win straight up – “they won’t allow” Seattle to run at all, taking away the thing they do well.

    I was like WHA . . . . .. the whole time.

  43. So the Niners fans paid for a billboard in Fife? Fife? I guess they couldn’t afford one in Seattle, near the stadium, or in Renton close to the practice facility. It has to be the money, or else they are not very bright.

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