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  1. CDHawkFan says:

    I said it a few weeks ago, I find it strange that when a Seahawk becomes concussed they often miss the next week (Sweezy, Unger, Red). This doesn’t seem to happen with 49ers, or now the Cardinals.

  2. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Well maybe that’s because we take better care of our guys and their long term health.

  3. CDHawkFan says:

    True, I know Paul Allen just gave a lot of money to concussion research. Maybe he has stepped in the middle in regards to Seahawks and concussions.

    Could spin it another way, other teams are pushing their guys to get back out there, not hard to convince 25 year old that are trying to generate some playing stats.

  4. For one thing, we probably have better replacements than most teams, so we can afford to be more cautious.

  5. Singularitarian says:

    Maybe it’s a nice way to tell Sweezy that he sucks and won’t be playing

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:



    “Coach (Pete) Carroll is more of a philosopher, a deep thinker and kind of Zen-for-life kind a guy. (Bruce Arians) is very short and sweet and to the point. Definitely two different coaching mentalities.”

    “Cardinals QB Carson Palmer, who played for Carroll at USC and now plays for Arians”

  7. I am so happy that Sweezy is out, I feel light headed.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Singularitarian- Maybe the FO is being cautious with Sweezy so they can have their best RG ready for the playoffs.
    If they thought Sweezy sucks he would have been gone a long time ago.
    Some folks just don’t get it!
    Some folks would still rather see a lazy fat un motivated Moffitt playing ahead of Sweezy. Lol.

  9. “If they thought Sweezy sucks he would have been gone a long time ago.”

    I was hoping you’d respond to the below comment… any thoughts?

    Dec. 20, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Remember when people complained about Breno and after he was lost – it was pretty clear he was our best option at RT even though he’ll never sniff a Pro Bowl?

    Remember when an aging Trufant got hurt and the better player in Thurmond took over and was playing better than Trufant did up to that point in the season? Then Thurmond got hurt and the guy on the bench after him played even better than Thurmond did? His name was Richard Sherman.

    I don’t think any “haters” hate any of our players. We just simply want positions to perform better.

    Maybe Sweezy will be like the Breno example and it’ll be clear that Sweezy was clearly the better option.

    Maybe Sweezy will be like Trufant to Sherman and it’ll turn out clear that the coaching staff wasn’t playing the best players even though they thought they were because any of us fools of fans can tell (and I bet the coaching staff will now agree) that Sherman performed better a few years ago on the field than Trufant did – even though Trufant started out as the starter.

  10. When you watch the film, Moffitt was a better guard than Sweezy. I don’t think that is hard to understand so criticizing those people who wanted Moffitt to start on a blog is foolish, IMO.

    When you’re a coach, you need to have players who buy into your “program” and give you their all. Moffitt clearly was a stiff who couldn’t carry the jock of Sweezy in terms of dedication and effort. For that, I applaud the heck out of Sweezy (and look down on Moffitt in terms of his effort/committment – I have no problem with him quitting football, but do when it’s in the middle of a season).

    When you’re a coach, you have to make statements to your team and dumping Moffitt, who turned out to be a clown (as he appeared on videos/twitter) proves that Mr. Happy and Co. made the right decision even though, on film and paper, Moffitt would have probably been the better football player for ’13 (assuming he wouldn’t quit here either).

    I think fans calling for Moffitt this year were right – he appeared to be the better player when you watched the games.

    If fans would have been privy to the dedication of Moffitt in comparison to Sweezy – I have a feeling that a lot of Moffitt fans would have sided with starting Sweezy, too (as the staff did).

    I said many times that I think Moffitt would have been better for ’13 but that Sweezy had more long term potential. If I would have been told that Moffitt was a guy who didn’t want to work too hard or whatever… I’d have sided with Sweezy too instead of being 50-50 on it.

  11. Lem or Bailey please. We know what McQ brings so let’s learn a bit. Coach seems to shy away from playing Lem, protecting the back up center, which I can understand due to Unger’s dinged up-ness this year. So… That leaves the rookie and he would be my first choice anyway. Take the job Bailey and don’t look back!

  12. You know, I think Lem is a great player. It seems like every time he’s been in for Unger, he doesn’t miss a beat.

    I don’t know how much G he has played, but he or Bailey would be just fine with me.

    Side Note: This Harvin stuff is fascinating. I mean…holding him out ’til the playoffs is quite the calculated risk on PC’s part. Little to lose, LOTS to gain. They know what they have in this guy and can’t wait to put him on display.

    I know that there are skeptics as to whether or not we’ll even see another appearance until next year (puh-leaze my good buddy Chuckles) but I think we’re all crazy if we don’t think we’ll be seeing #11 line up in the slot come the 2nd week of January, if not sooner.

    It’s sooooooooooo dramatic, it’s almost over the top but the reality of it is…

    Who the F*?+ really knows!?

    I can’t hardly stand it…


  13. raymaines says:

    I’m so glad YankinTa had to take the bus home before this article was published. He would clearly have been the first person to see it and would have been 95% right all along. Despite his childishness, this is still a good read and RW really is better than Luck:

  14. raymaines says:

    And as for PH:

    I really thought he’s play this week and then take two weeks off and resurface in the playoffs. Shows what I know.

  15. raymaines says:

    Note to me. Learn to proofread.

  16. I do wonder what the coaching staff thinks of Bailey. Every time I’ve seen/noticed him in a game(including preseason) he held his own at the least and looked surprisingly good at times.

  17. Smart of Pete to hold the Sweeze out until the playoffs/Superbowl. Let the opposing coaches have to run two game plans. Will they sprint through our o-line or merely jog to RW?

  18. NFL Films has a story on John Kitna airing next week.
    The episode is called “Life Lessons”
    Airing Thursday 930pm & Friday 130pm.

  19. raymaines says:

    The NFL world is full of people like Jon Kitna, but that doesn’t diminish the story that is “Jon Kitna.” Local kid, bad neighborhood high school, small college, spends 15 pretty good years in and out of the the NFL and then does everything he can to give back to the community that loved him when he really was a kid. The world is a better place for the likes of Jon Kitna. God bless him.

  20. I grew to love Mike Holmgren but I was pissed when he cast aside Jon Kitna.

  21. adamtoth says:

    Agree that the Harvin situation is pretty fascinating. I think they have some special things up their sleeves for the playoffs, and haven’t wanted or needed to give it away too early for other teams to study. Certainly feeling like there is a bit more to this than just healing up. Makes me real excited for January.

    On the Browner situation though, it just seems a bit strange. Just how transparent and secure is this whole process anyway? Isn’t there a remote possibility that another team could be motivated to research a player’s situation, and sabotage their career? About that appeals hearing that wouldn’t even consider whether he was in stage 3 legitimately or not – isn’t it possible those people were paid off or bribed to uphold their original decision?

    It just seems curious that while we are in the heat of clinching home field advantage, that two of our starters are tagged, and that one of them is having a long drawn out affair that is keeping him off the field, with no apparent sense of urgency to resolve the situation or make quick decisions.

    If you could sideline an opposing teams starter for even a few games, that would be a huge advantage, especially within a division.

    Geez, don’t know why I’m all conspiracy theory tonight…

  22. If indeed they are saving PH for the playoffs, it might turn out to be a genius decision by PC and JS for bringing him in and using him as a secret “queen” chess piece. And if that contributes in a major way towards us winning a Superbowl, hell, even contributes in some small but important way, such as him being an effective decoy on plays we run for other guys or making the other team’s D waste prep time preparing for all his packages, I don’t care how much PH plays the rest of the way as a Seahawk, it was f-ing worth it.

  23. banosser says:

    Regarding Browner… First off he recently tested positive or none of this would be at issue.. so he screwed up period, hurt the team, hurt his upcoming FA.. and therefore hurt his family. Now I haven’t read everything regarding his situation, but I’d like to know do all CFL players submit to NFL drug testing? Or do all CFL players hoping to get into (aren’t they all?) or back into the NFL submit to NFL drug testing? I’ve never seen any clarification on this.. I believe this is what it boils down to. If there is any question whether he should have known for sure that he was supposed to submit to NFL testing then I think he should sue the crap outta the NFL and attempt to recoup the money he would have signed for as a FA this coming yr..

  24. SandpointHawk says:

    Advanced metrics agree with the win-loss records. The Seahawks rank first in Football Outsiders’ opponent-adjusted metrics in overall team efficiency, and they’re the third-best team in those metrics through 14 games since 1989….

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