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Seahawks injury report

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 19, 2013 at 4:37 pm with 40 Comments »
December 19, 2013 4:37 pm

Jeremy Lane and J.R. Sweezy didn’t practice Thursday. Also, safety Rashad Johnson didn’t practice for the Cardinals. That’s significant because they were already down their other starting safety, Tyrann Mathieu. If Johnson can’t play, that means the Cardinals will turn to rookie Tony Jefferson and Curtis Taylor, the latter of which has not made a tackle this season and has seven career tackles.

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  1. Seattle is gonna throw the ball like crazy if their line can pass pro worth a damn. Looks like another sub-50 yard rushing day for Lynch. God, I’d love to see what he could do with a line that didnt suck.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Boy, I never wish injury on anyone. But I would be very interested to see how a Seattle line would perform without Sweezy.

  3. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    If Jeremy Lane can’t play, then, who is our nickle back?

  4. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    If I understand our depth chart right (why is it so hard to find an updated depth chart?) DeShawn Shead is the only other corner on our roster. That means that if Jeremy Lane can’t go Shead starts at corner. God forbid if Lane is out, and Sherman, Maxwell, or Shead, gets injured, we don’t have another corner on our roster. What do we do then?

    Come the draft, we do need an O-lineman. We’ll need a defensive lineman or two, too. However, picking up another corner or two for depth will be a priority.

  5. Speaking of CBs, it’s nice to know that WTIII is coming back next week. That, all-of-a-sudden again, gives our CBs great depth, whether he starts again or not. The last time WTIII took the field, he returned a pick for a TD. Plus, he’ll have one regular season game to knock off any potential rust before the play-offs begin.

  6. seahawksteven777 says:

    In the offseason, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are locks to be re-signed. However, do you either re-sign Golden Tate OR Michael Bennett? It’d be very hard to keep both of them.

  7. I actually don’t think Tate will be back. They committed their money to Harvin.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Boy, I never wish injury on anyone. But I would be very interested to see how a Seattle line would perform without Sweezy.”

    We already did see it with Moffitt and it was a train wreck!!!

  9. I am really sick of seeing Harvin on the injury report.

  10. I agree – it would be terrific to see the o-line without Sweezy in it. I expect (but don’t know) that they would sub in Jeanpierre.

  11. I think some team will give him more money than the Hawks will spend (or are willing to spend after giving Harvin all that dough). I can see the Whiners signing him for Kap so he has a weapon at WR even if they have to overpay (in part, to take him away from us, too).

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Does anyone really think Palmer is going to have a good game at the Clink against one of the best secondary’s of all-time?

    This game will be over by halftime imo.

  13. Kaepernick needs a guy who gets open consistently, nearly every play because he’s only good for that first read. Tate isn’t that guy.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    So long as we have Russell Wilson at QB it doesn’t really matter if we have the best WRs or not.

    Wilson like all other elite QBs will elevate the performance of any WRs that he has to play with.

    We have the greatest QB in the NFL this year, and We have the greatest Safety and Corner too.

  15. freedom_X says:

    Against Arizona, Russell Wilson will need to be more on-target than he was against New York. Hopefully NY was due to poorer conditions.

    Arizona, if they hold true to form, will sell out on the pass rush and bring the house. In the previous game, there were some series where it caused problems, but Wilson also killed that sell-out strategy with big plays – nice throws to the open guy deep. Another example of this was the New Orleans game.

    But if Wilson is off like he was against the Giants, he won’t be able to make Arizona pay for their unsound tactics. And then it becomes a defensive slugging match, like the earlier Rams game.

  16. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I’d rather have Tate than Harvin any day. Since he got paid, I question Harvin’s motivation. Moreover, besides being explosive, at least Tate is reliable. Sidney Rice and Zach Miller can go (or hopefully restructure their contracts) as long as we keep Tate. Tate is the best, proven, receiver we have and it would be a shame to lose him.

  17. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Thinking about it, that’s why everyone should discount the 49rs Superbowls some: when the 49rs won them, they had a rich owner who didn’t have to worry about a salary cap. If we win multiple Superbowls under Carrol and Schneider they should count for more than the 49rs Superbowls because of the salary cap. It’s simply way harder to build a dynasty with a salary cap, then without one.

  18. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:


  19. seahawksteven777 says:

    Michael Bennett is a must sign player IMO. His pass rushing ability is something this team has really needed. I’d rather sign him than re-sign Tate.

  20. confucious says:

    It’s too bad they signed Harvin in the first place. He’s been injury ridden throughout his career. Had they known Tate and Baldwin would be so reliable and productive, I’m sure they would have kept their checkbook in their pocket. Dirty shame that we signed Rice or Harvin in my opinion. ( Of course I’m using hindsight instead of the crystal ball)

  21. confucious says:

    Off topic but I cannot help but think the read option is hampering the run game. Timing is crucial for the line and running back to be productive. I sure would like to see that half of the offense get going again before the playoffs.

  22. slicktoxic says:

    Don’t forget that we also got Harvin because SF was making a move for him.
    I’ll assume that “overall” we are going to be glad that we got him instead of them….but time will tell.

  23. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Didn’t we sign Parrish Cox last week? There are enough bodies, if not talent, at CB to get through the week. The AZ passing offense does not exactly scare me, especially since we should be able to bring pressure.

    As for signings, I would like Tate back, but would put Baldwin higher on the list. He may not be as flashy as Tate, but he catches everything thrown his direction. He has such a great chemistry with RW, would love to see that continue for years. I could live with Harvin and Kearse outside with Baldwin in the slot.

  24. montanamike2 says:

    Bennett needs rotater cuff surgery in the off season,that takes time to come back from. Tate may not have looked great last week but it isn’t an example of his overall season performance, just in the return game he’s got extra value. I’d give Tate a fair bit under Rice’s contract and try to keep Baldwin too, draft a big WR early and some more O-line and call it good.

  25. Southendzone says:

    Tate and Baldwin are must signs both. Harvin is a complete zero in terms of this roster. A negative actually, offers nothing but drags the cap down.

    If Harvin isn’t healthy next year, get ready for dark times as a Hawk fan unless we find some sort of miracle GM who’s dumber than a box of dog crap (think Jerry Jones) to take Harvin off our hands.

  26. Southendzone says:

    Here’s a Hawk fan’s guide on how to feel about the Harvin trade:

    1) He gets healthy this year for the playoffs with no medical setbacks: Feel happy, the team made a bold move and it wasn’t what they planned, but it’s OK.

    2) PH doesn’t play this season: Be a bit worried, his cap hit is acceptable and as long as he comes back in 2014, we should be OK

    3) PH misses ANY time next offseason / preseason. Time to be seriously concerned, the cap is strained due to PH and now you have to have major thoughts that he never will be the player we expected

    4) PH is out 2014 week 1: DEFCON 4, red alert. Time to search the annals of NFL history for a worse trade ever made than the one the Hawks made for PH just so you can sleep at night.

  27. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I think Lane plays this week. Here is the depth chart at corner.
    Shead -cb/s

    Also we might see McQuistan at RG this week if Sweezy is concussed. I actually think Sweezy has been getting better each week. He no longer gets bull rushed

  28. montanamike2 says:

    Southendzone i worry about scenarios 3 or 4.

  29. Displaced – Next season Tharold Simon will be in the mix at corner too. My guess would that group will be Sherm, Maxy (someone called him Lord Byron the other day… funny!) Lane, Simon, Shead + some practice squad guys… WT3 perhaps if he’s cost effective.

    I think they’ll offer Tate a fair deal, but probably not the most money he’ll be offered. I hope they go ahead and get a deal done with ADB and avoid the restricted free agent thing.

  30. I’m going with the “Coach is saving PH for the playoffs” narrative for now… so 1.

  31. Percy Harvin— My prediction is that we see him in the playoffs. He will be practicing during the bye week and good to go for the playoffs.

  32. I would hope that the Seahawks can keep Golden Tate. He has improved so much each year and is finally playing to his potential this year!

  33. rramstad says:

    Yes, Cox is on the roster and would play CB if necessary.

  34. Signing Cox ended up working well.

  35. banosser says:

    If JS is sandbagging to spring Harvin on the post season and help us make a successful run thru NJ… I will be aok with it..

  36. Remember me writin that the NYG had the best run-D SEA had faced? That was an oops… AZ’s run D is better. Their pass coverage is also very good (top 3 teams in pass coverage are SEA, SF & AZ, in that order). Where SEA has significant cum. performance advantages are STs, and pass rush on D, and both passing and running on offense. C.Palmer has recently improved his passing, as expected, getting the ball out quick, but he has taken more sacks and hits than RW this season. AZ’s OL is the worst in the NFL at pass pro. 8 weeks ago we beat them 34-22. Sunday still should be a win for SEA, but a hard fought battle if we run the ball heavy trying to keep CP & Fitz/Floyd off the field.

  37. I can see it now!! NFL Top 10 worst NFL Trades. #1 $$$eahawks Percy Harvin.

  38. tazzmann says:

    If pussy can’t go sunday it will be another bosworth what a slap in the face to baldwin and tate and kerese what a waste of money he turned out to be

  39. I feel u tazzmann!! I feel ya brother!!!

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