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  1. CDHawkFan says:

    Didn’t Coleman play?

    Also, only 8 snaps for M Rob on O.

  2. I think RW has spoiled us to the point where we expect perfection from him all the time. He is only in his 2nd year and will no doubt continue to improve. He’ll probably achieve perfection in his 3rd or 4th year.

  3. tealskin says:

    Maybe I’m spoiled but would have liked to see a sharper performance from the offense. Two games in a row where RW has been kind of ordinary. Going into end of season want the team not to be depending on the defense so much. Not much of a run game either. A beat down of a team with nothing to play for…meh. Better bring a better game next week.

  4. Yeah, it’s shocking to see RW throw bad passes, it’s “uncharacteristic”. I wonder if the swirling winds were bothering him? I still trust in Russ.

  5. There has always a difference between Wilson’s play in Seattle and away from Seattle. Why it is, I don’t know.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Coleman did play, at the end. And I don’t trust Robinson’s snap count here either. Seems low.

  7. Yes for all the opportunities that the offense had it felt a bit underwhelming. Credit the Giants defense some. I thought we looked good running the ball behind Robinson early on and then didn’t see it again for most of the game. On two of Wilson’s off target deep throws it looked like he had an open man underneath but seemed committed to taking a shot. The interception looked bad out of his hand. Also thought we’d find Miller early in the game but that didn’t happen that I recall.

    What a defense though. I didn’t see the S.F. game but both the N.O. & NY games were about as good of coverage as I have ever seen.

  8. WiscCory says:

    Tate didn’t help Wilson at all yesterday. There were at least two plays Tate could’ve made, that he’s been making in prior games.

  9. montanamike2 says:

    It was pretty wet and slippery on the field.

  10. If we could get the running game going, I think we would all feel a bit better. But, don’t look for that to happen this week. AZ has the #1 rushing defense in yards per game and #2 in yards per attempt.

    It’s already been covered, but Arizona is playing for their lives, and I think they come out strong this week. Two very good defenses going at it, this could be very close and very low scoring, in the first half anwyay.

    The home field will be big. I don’t think their offense will be able to do anything, especially if Fitz is out. If we break their will, maybe with a big Tate PR (I’m still looking for him to take one to the house), we could run away in the second half.

  11. Tate had one clear drop, another with the sun in his eyes but he also came back and made a play on a ball that I thought was going to be intercepted.

  12. hawkfan777 says:

    Tate had at least 4 balls thrown his way that he dropped at key times that he normally would catch. They might not all be considered drops but if he had at least a couple of them the offense would have performed at a much higher level. 2 or 3 of the drops forced punts instead of long completions. He had an off day and it happens to everyone.

  13. Tate didnt seem to have his head on straight–pressing?!

    RW was off much of the game. For all the talk about him being such a good passer at deep throws, Im not buying it. The stat used by those claiming RW is a great deep baller is completion % over 10 or 20 yards. Fine, he’s got a good stat line there. But how about 30 plus yards? Or 40 plus? I bet he’s not too hot there.

    RW is great throwing the ball to about 25 yards. After that, IMO, its a crapshoot. He usually just throws them up and lets the WR do the work vs single coverage. Which is fine, but often even the ones that are caught are late/off target, and its usually a great play by the WR to make the catch.

    There is no comparison between the truly elite qb’s with the long ball–Manning, Rogers, Brady, Brees, etc–and RW at this point. Too many times, the ball seems to slip out of RW’s hand as he throws it, and/or the ball hangs in the air and the WR has to wait for it.

    And before the homer masses begin to howl, Im not saying Wilson sucks. On the contrary, he’s a top-10 qb in this league and getting better. But he still isnt there with his deep throws, and he still makes some pretty poor throws (One hopper to Tate, the missed TD overthrow to Miller, the Lockette pick…).

    And with the offensive line regressing badly in run blocking and unable to get Lynch even 1 YPC without contact, the season may well ride on the shoulders of RW. He’s got to be nearly flawless in the playoffs for us to take home the trophy. And thats what its all about.

  14. Nice to see Lemuel Jeanpierre and Alvin Bailey get into the game. Of course, it would be nicer to see Carpenter, McQuistan and Sweezy get OUT of the game too.

  15. blocis–I agree, its good to see them get some work. Honestly, I would have liked to see them subbed in sooner, though I dont think you can knock the guys who were sat down; it wasnt for playing badly but just to get the young guys some game experience.

    And this coming from the lines biggest detractor. They didnt run block worth a damn, but the pass pro was decent.

  16. Todd Dybas says:

    Coleman did play. He was cut off initially and I couldn’t see it because the Internet on the plane is terrible and didn’t load it fully. I’ve updated it.


    — Todd

  17. Todd – Any chance you could create a “Snap Counts” category so that I can quickly look at your historical posts?

    I’d like to see what Marshawn Lynch’s snap counts look like game to game

  18. Todd Dybas says:

    That category exists. I added a few of the posts to it. It’s incomplete right now. I’ll add everything later. The Internet on this flight is way too slow to accomplish anything. Took me about five minutes to get this note through.

    — Todd

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Your elite qbs Manning, Brady, and Brees all lost last week while Wilson won.
    All qbs have different things they do better than others, and all elite QBs have bad games from time to time. None of them are even close to perfect.

    Just look at Eli. Two time Super Bowl MVP and he had five picks yesterday.
    Be glad you have an elite qb here that has helped keep this team in every game the last two years.
    And hope some day he will have a better o-line so he has more time to throw the deep ball.

  20. Georgia–Elite qb’s cant win every game for their teams. How many of those qb’s lost the game for the team, and how many were let down by their team? Wilson didnt play all that well, yet his team won by 23 points, mostly due to his defensive teammates. Winning doesnt make him an elite qb, though I agree thats ultimately how qb’s are judged.

    RW has had two bad games in a row, and his deep throws just arent very good. He’s very inconsistent in that area, IMO.

    And yes, there is much debate as to whether guys like Flacco and E. Manning are elite, or if it was more the team around them. Thats a tough one to answer.

    RW has also thrown INT’s in the fourth quarter of pretty much every game he trailed in this year. Thats not a pretty stat. And he didnt win those games by himself.

    But as Ive said many times, he’s a fine player and Im thrilled he’s ours. He’s just not perfect–yet. But I bet he’s busily working on getting there, and I wont bet against him!

    And yes, my fondest wish is to have two new G’s and possibly a RT to start next year…guys who can actually run block AND pass pro! That would make us unstoppable on offense…if Lynch doesnt wear out before that happens…

  21. In all fairness, the only Seahawks QB who threw a better, more accurate deep ball than RW was Warren Moon and he was a rental. Russell looked “off” yesterday but compared to what I’m used to seeing he has a good, strong arm and is fairly accurate deep. No he’s not Aaron Rodgers deep but neither is anyone else.

    I don’t cringe anymore with the deep ball like I used to watching Dave Krieg wind up to lob it 40 yards or Hasselbeck’s fluttering bombs and those were our “good” QBs.

  22. Southendzone says:

    STTBM, I think you’re pretty on-target regarding RW and the O-Line. I’d say he is struggling to learn all the aspects of the game play and adjustments.

    My basis for this is look at the New Orleans game with 2 weeks to prepare. He was so on-target with not only his throws, but his pre-snap reads. The easy one to remember was the adjustment to the deep ball to Baldwin on the all out blitz, but there was at least one other where he adjusted to a successful run play.

    Then on the short week, SF flustered him a bit, and on a regular week, NYG, he wasn’t particularly sharp.

    That difference could be also due to home vs away and NO defense vs SF, but I think a big factor is his prep time. As he gains experience, he won’t need that extra week of study and practice to do the same things.

  23. Pinch yourself. It’s real. We’re not dreaming and all of us know that we are finally the best team in the NFL. We all know it means nothing without that win in Feb. but isn’t it fun to know that at least for now – these Hawks take a back seat to nobody?

    All elite QBs have had passes that weren’t spot on or games where they weren’t their best. They have also not performed up to their normal standards in every clutch situation. I’ve seen Brady blow a few games but, yeah, normally he’s pretty clutch. When you’ve got 3 Super Bowl wins on your resume, you get a little more slack than new guys who have never won one.

    Being a great regular season QB in terms of wins and losses means nothing. Ask John Elway prior to the last two years of his career. Or Peyton Manning. We all want to win that game on Feb. 2 and nothing else matters.

    However, it’s a *team* effort. As pabs mentioned last season, Russell Wilson completed a second half at Atlanta last January that was up there with “The Catch” in terms of clutch performances of all-time but the defense screwed it up (therefore, the clutch performance to take the second half lead will be ignored when talking about great games/comebacks, as it should).

    We can annoint Russell Wilson a Football God after he’s part of a Super Bowl winner, not before.

  24. Kitna threw a pretty mean deep ball, but he threw so many stupid picks Holmy sent him packing. RW’s deep passes are often lobs that look more like something from Dave Kreig than a pass by Roger, Manning, Brees, or Brady. But thats ok for now. Im sure he will improve.

  25. chuck_easton says:

    Still need one more win against either Arizona or, heaven forbid it gets that far, St. Louis to wrap up the division.

    I don’t want to see SF come from behind and steal it away when the Hawks are soooooooo close.

    Come on boys. Time to finish what you started. We can talk who, what, when, where and how of the play-offs once the next most important Order of Businsess has been achieved and settled.

  26. CDHawkFan says:

    I was lucky enough to make it back to Seattle last year for the NE game. Brady on the road absolutely sucked donkey balls that game. RW was better yesterday than the great Brady vs us last year. Point is, everyone has a off day…or two.

  27. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Not sure if it’s an advantage, but chances are every team we play from here until the Super Bowl will be a team we’ve already seen (and beaten) this season. They are teams Russell Wilson has faced 2-4 times already over his short career. Does that give him an advantage with the film he has on:

    Remaining regular season opponents:
    Arizona (faced 3 X past two seasons)
    St. Louis (faced 3 X past two seasons)

    Probable Divisional round opponents:
    San Francisco (faced 4 X past two seasons)
    Carolina (faced 2 X past two seasons)
    New Orleans (faced once this season)

    NFC Championship
    Same as probable divisional round opponents, depending on final playoff seeding.

    The only way we play anyone other than SF, NO, or CAR in the playoffs is if both wildcards lose in the wildcard round (I’m assuming we will be the #1 seed). I really don’t see SF or CAR losing at Philadelphia, Dallas, or Detroit. NO might, since they don’t travel well, but no way both wildcards lose. This is an advantage for Seattle, being able to play at home and having familiarity with all of these teams. I know familiarity works both ways, but I really trust in Wilson’s ability to prepare, more so than Kaepernick and Newton (maybe not Brees, but Seattle’s in his head).

    The only possible monkey wrench I can see is if Green Bay sneaks in with the return of Rodgers. Green Bay is capable of surprising someone now that they’ve figured out how to run the ball behind Eddie Lacy.

    Personally, I would love to take on NO in the Divisional round, then stomp SF in the Championship. I think that would be epic!

    Now don’t kill me for not taking things “one game at a time.” I’m a fan, damn-it, and that’s my prerogative!

  28. Thanks Todd*

  29. We may have the best record, but SF is at full strength whereas we are not. To boot, no one has scored more than 20 pts on SF since Indy and we did back to back.

    SF is our nemesis. It’s why I didn’t want them to even make the playoffs. I think we have the next best team, but SF at full strength will be very, very difficult.

    That is of course if we can get a W in one of our next 2 games (this line is for you Chuck). ;-)

    Hope Harvin makes it back for the post season AND stays healthy through out. Otherwise…

  30. SandpointHawk says:

    Georgia, I seem to remember you calling for T-Jack during the 49er’s game live chat. Maybe I’m wrong I didn’t go back to verify it so maybe it was a dream…

  31. Lynch averages about 70-75% of the snaps a game with his low (that I was able to find) being 49% at Atlanta, and the high being 80%+

    Everything else falls into the 70% range

  32. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Wilson is already in elite company. He will get better and and isn’t asked to throw for 400 yards a game.
    Most wins EVER in first two years. 50TDs first two years joining Peyton Manning and Dan Marino.

    His accuracy is in the top eight of the league and has the highest accuracy with passes traveling 20+ yards.
    His deep ball is above all the elite QBs except Brees.

    Not much to complain about for the next few years if we can keep Wilson healthy with some improved Oline play.

  33. The reason Wilson’s deep passes are lobs is because none of his WRs can get separation deep. But what Tate and Kearse do very well is win one on one jump balls.

  34. MoSeahawk12

    And don’t forget that no rookie in NFL history has thrown for more TDs than Wilson did as a rookie. And he did it on the team that was stone cold absolute dead last in the NFL in pass attempts for the season!

    How a guy sets passing records on a team that is last in pass attempts, is beyond me. He must be pretty good.

    Also, people who say Wilson is inaccurate at times don’t realize he is making sure to throw it where a Seahawks can get it, or nobody can get it. He knows it’s his job to avoid turnovers and not “gamble”. No need to when we have a dominant defense.
    The pass to Miller in the end zone was one example of that. He led him on purpose, away from the D, because there is no point in risking a turnover unless you have to, and he didn’t have to.

  35. Both Tate and Kearse have deep speed. Its more an issue with Seattle’s offense being boom/bust and predictable; they run go or fly routes or they do a WR bubble screen…runs and chunk plays. As we saw vs the Niners, if a team plays us hard vs the run and still can drop a S or two deep, and keys on us throwing mid-to long passes when we do throw it, we dont move the ball worth a darn.

    Seattle doesnt run complicated vertical routes, nor do they use the true WCO with slants, posts, curls, etc very much. Which is a shame. I think if they mixed it up more, they could be unstoppable.

    And I was talking about how it seems most of RW’s passes of more than 20 yards seem to slip coming out of his hands. Watch the tape. Its something that has been bothering me all year. I think that his motion or something is off, and thats causing a lot of the accuracy problems on longer throws.

    He seems to be money up to 30 yards, after that, I think his accuracy is poor. Many of his longer passes that were completions were very off. Just goes to show you that stats without interpretation are useless.

  36. rbuzby–You mean like that interception on the pass to Lockette Sunday?! That one surely slipped, and surely wasnt placed where only Lockette could catch it….and those are the throws Im talking about.

    Very rarely do you see RW throw a pass like the one to Rice to beat NE last year, where it falls right into the bread basket without the WR having to slow up for it…and thats my point. As great as RW is, and as awesome as it is he’s our qb, he still isnt great at bombs.

  37. And seriously, dude, that pass to Miller was awful. It was late AND way over the guy’s head. You HAVE to be able to make that throw…Miller is 6′-5″ tall and was open immediately. That was just a bad throw by RW, all on him.

    Dont think RW isnt practicing that throw 25 times to make sure he never misses it again…thats what makes him special.

  38. SlickToxic21 says:

    I can NOT believe that people are complaining about Wilson and his ability to throw the deep ball??!! He’s the best deep ball thrower we’ve ever had…..some may be “lobs”…but those are called touch passes. He has completed more deep passes, both touch and rockets…than my (former) main man Hasselbeck ever did.
    Loved Hass, but could not throw the deep ball…and always seemed to throw it into triple coverage.
    Are we nitpicking about our 2nd year QB during this particular historic time for us?? What is going on people?!

  39. SlickToxic–Not complaining, just arguing a point to death. And no, lobs that make the WR wait until the S gets there are not “touch passes”, simply bad throws.

    Call a spade a spade. Besides, its something to talk about. The defense played so well, there’s really nothing to critique. And Ive said all there is to say about the offensive line. They suck. Just when they finally begin to figure out pass pro, they totally forget how to run block….they are a total joke.

    Seriously, there isnt another team in the league that would choose to have Carp, Sweezy, or Giacomini as starters on their team. But Im tired to death of talking about it. At this point in the season, we just get what we get regarding the line. you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear…

    But RW is a fantastic talent, and so he is someone I focus on. He can–and will–improve. So when I see a mistake that appears to be repeated–like the ball slipping out of his hand on long throws–I mention it. Especially when most folks comments are anointing RW as the greatest qb of all time before he’s even truly arrived.

    Its a lot more fun to obsess on our star players few flaws than it is to beat the same dead horse that is our pathetic offensive line.

  40. It took 30 years to get a QB like Wilson if the ball slips from his hand–I dont care he will run for 15 the next play.When he is gone It may take 30 more years for another.

  41. Quite right cerjam. But wont it be awesome when RW starts nailing those 40-60 yard bombs to Tate and Kearse?!

  42. dirtbiker_joey says:

    At least we don’t have Romo.

    Or Eli. Could you imagine RW throwing 25 picks in a year. Ever?

    Or Weeden.

    Or Flacco, Schaub, Ponder. . .

  43. STTBM

    Wilson makes mistakes. My only point is that he is super careful, and that is why some throws are not easy to catch. Other throws, he just misses, of course.

    If the Hawks had the Bears two big WRs or the Falcons, I think you would like Wilson as a passer a lot more. I don’t think Wilson is the weak link on our offense. Only Lynch is as good at his job as Wilson is at being QB. The other 9 guys need to step it up.

  44. tealskin says:

    One thing about RW. Anything I could find fault with, he is already 3 steps ahead and is working on it; in his head or on the field. Can’t imagine what he will be like in a couple of seasons. The challenge will be to maintain a top-level team around him. Yes, a competent O-line would put this unit in a while different category.

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