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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good news that Unger is probable.

    Looks like Harvin will be sitting until the playoffs which is not a bad thing imo.

    Surprised that Jason Pierre-Paul is out with the way he’s been talking about playing the last couple days.

  2. Singularitarian says:

    Can we give up the “Percy is sitting out until the playoffs” talk? No he’s not. He’s not. HE IS NOT JUST WAITING TIL THE PLAYOFFS. Dude has a bad hip or the surgery is taking longer than expected to heal. He is not just waiting for the playoffs

  3. princeaden says:

    I’m with Chuck… Who is this Harvin you speak of ?

  4. seaturkeys says:

    Harvin is the guy that’s not waiting for the playoffs. The team is leaving him in New York because he’s waiting for the Super Bowl.

  5. Todd Dybas says:

    Hey, folks.

    One note I should add: the opportunity to add Greg Scruggs or Tharold Simon from the PUP IR list has come and gone. Each will remain on the list for the rest of the season. Pete Carroll said Scruggs was close to being all the way back. Simon injured his toe again, so he was out of the mix for this year no matter what.


  6. raymaines says:

    A few weeks back Greg Scruggs came by the 710 studios to visit with his friend John Moffit, and he sounded like a very cool guy. For no more reason than that, I’m wishing/hoping he will do well. I’ve got to admit though, he’s off to a slow start.

    I’m looking for a fast, explosive start, a brutally slow run first finish and a total domination of the NYG’s. Go ‘Hawks.

  7. montanamike2 says:

    I thought Scruggs looked good at the end of his rookie season, too bad about this year.

  8. I’m very hopeful our guys are taking the Giants seriously. They are a very scary team. Out of the playoffs, lots of really good players at the high skill positions, and they are full of vets. Top that off with a huge amount of pride and little bit of a home field advantage and this game could go to hell really fast if we’re not on our “A” game.

    It will be critical for us to start strong and finish strong. Keys to the game imo are:

    1. Running the ball extremely well…and I mean extremely. We need to pound the rock hard and continuous and then break their backs over the top the moment their safeties start to sneak up to stop the run.

    2. Big plays on defense. Hold them to a very low percentage on 3rd down. Create turnovers. One early in the game to set the tone and one late to seal it.

    3. Limit the penalties in all phases, but especially on offense. We HAVE to stop, stopping ourselves.

    4. And lastly I’m going to contradict myself possibly. Early, early we need Geno to absolutely blast a pile of tacklers trying to take down Lynch. Geno is kind of like our leader in that category. He brings a nasty disposition to the game and it sets a certain tone unlike any other. Call him “The Enforcer”. Yes there is a risk of the penalty (my possible contradiction) but I think it is a small but key element we’ve been missing and this week is the time to get it back.

  9. Geno?

    Hey I was out in Hawaii and missed the Browner verdict. What happened?

  10. raymaines says:

    The Giants are not a scary team. Lots of over the hill players with big names. Totally going to get their butts kicked.

  11. raymaines says:

    In total, their five O-Linemen are 150 years old. That’s a bad thing. Serious butt kicking on tap

  12. I think we are clearly superior to the Giants and think we should crush them.

    However, any given Sunday… The better team doesn’t always win though and that’s why a piece of me is still worried.

  13. VNHLNFAN says:

    33-13 Hawks win..

  14. what a total frustrating disappointment this Harvin signing has been. hope i’m proven wrong, but I’m starting to see it the same way as Singulatarian above.

    i’m not mad about them taking the shot at a bold move – and maybe it still pays dividends down the road, but what a frustration this year.

  15. EzraMelech says:

    I agree from fan standpoint that is disappointing but donall of you realize that he had surgery on August 3? It is only been four months since he had surgery so I don’t think that that is ridiculous timetable for him to fully recover. I realize that NFL has this super rehab program but do we really think that he would be hundred percent after only four months? I think a lot of you were jumping the gun a little bit give it some time and we will know better next year whether this was a good trade or not.
    If he makes it back for the playoffs I would actually consider that Ahead of schedule and like many have said that alone would make the trade worth it. But let’s be fair and actually give the guy a little bit of time to fully recover from a very major repair surgery.


  16. CDHawkFan says:

    Agree Ezra, Harvin could have blown out his knee in camp or week 1 trying to get a few extra yards and nobody would have expected him back this year, and no one would be asking for his money back.

    Glad PC and JS don’t listen to the noise. I think many on the blog would have shut Harvin down a long time ago because I guess they don’t like the unknown of when he will come back and question his toughness.

    I’m glad there is still a chance for his return. Think of how many times a WR is the difference in the SB, just think of SB 40 and H Ward. Harvin is much better, often looking like a man amongst boys, why wouldn’t you want that even if it remotely possible.

    I think Nate said it awhile ago, Havin probably adds at least 4 points to our offense. I think it’s actually more, a few extra yards on the KR, 1-2 extra 3rd downs converted because of his presence, then a big play every so often.

  17. Newborough says:

    Getting help from Harvin towards a Championship this year is certainly a bonus, but then again winning a Super Bowl is also a bonus, this year anyway. I still think that Pete and John had the 2014 season pencilled in from the start of their tenure, as our Super Bowl season.

    Looking at the divisions we have on the schedule next season, it’s hard to dispute that possibilty. Percy’s signed long term and should be fully healthy by then, and now hopefully to help us repeat, rather than just to win our first. We don’t need him this time, at least if it jeopardizes his long-term contribution to The Dynasty. That said, a cameo performance in NY in February, to seal the deal, sure would be sweet.

    But as Pete regularly says, lets focus on the guys who are on the field and playing, rather than those currently in the training room, however exciting the prospect of more Percy-moments might be.

  18. Geno….sigh…I guess that’s what happens when you try to think, type and talk while doped up on pain meds. Meant to say Breno.

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