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News, notes and quotes: No Harvin or Unger today

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 11, 2013 at 2:20 pm with 28 Comments »
December 11, 2013 2:22 pm

Percy Harvin will not practice today, but will continue rehabilitation work. Pete Carroll stood by his week-to-week, then day-to-day assessments with Harvin.

“We’re trying to figure this thing out, then when he gets on the practice field, it’s truly day-to-day,” Carroll said. “He’s running in his rehab work and we have to see if he can tolerate it, come on back and give us a couple days of work. We have to make sure he is right. So, we’re going to take our time. I know it seems like how can you take your time when you’re this close to the end of the season? We still have to do that to take care of him.”

Carroll said Harvin has gotten close, but hasn’t quite gotten over the hump. Carroll says Harvin has a “whole lot of new movement” in his hip he is trying to get used to.

> Brandon Browner won’t practice this week. His appeal is still awaiting an answer.

> Max Unger (pec) participated in walk through today, but will not practice. Carroll said he thinks Unger will “make it” this weekend, however.

> James Carpenter will start again at left guard. He’ll also swap with Paul McQuistan.

> K.J. Wright had surgery today in North Carolina. When he met with the media, Carroll didn’t have any new information on the surgery. Carroll called his replacement Malcolm Smith a “really steady part of the team.”

> Carroll said the key to the punting has been Jon Ryan, though pointed out, “We didn’t kick the ball last week as well as we liked to.”

> Jeron Johnson does not need surgery on his hamstring.

> Perrish Cox was at his locker and said he knew that he was coming back to the Seahawks after he was signed Nov. 26 and cut Nov. 27. Cox said he was happy to go home to Waco, Texas and eat his mom’s food for Thanksgiving.

He also said that the first time he played inside as a corner was this year in San Francisco. Here, he’ll be a backup option in a lot of places. His primary role will be on coverage teams.

“I wasn’t surprised, there was a reason why they did it,” Cox said. “They talked to before they did it (cut him) and gave me a valid reason. Told me not to say anything. I just kept it at that and we just went from there.

“My agent had already talked to me and they ran everything by him. I was cool with it. I knew what was going on before it even got out that I was released. It was because of somebody else (Brandon Browner). It was nothing I could control.”

> Golden Tate: “We’re not discouraged or down whatsoever. It didn’t feel like a wakeup call to me. It was a hard-fought game. I felt we gave it away with the penalties. We’re refocused for this week and excited to get back on the field. That’s the only thing you can do.”

Tate added he thought his offensive PI was a response to the the amount of separation he had after “bumping” the defender, as he put it.

> Talked to Kam Chancellor about the hit on Rob Gronkowski. He said he saw it, then repeatedly shook his head and searched for words trying to explain how he is supposed to hit people now. It was just a few weeks ago I had a similar conversation with Chancellor about Brandon Meriweather and helmet-to-helmet hits.

Chancellor said making a rule that outlaws hits below the knee would only add pressure to the referees.

“I’m going to play my game, but they are making it very difficult for a lot of people,” Chancellor said. “Use your shoulder and aim for the chest. That’s all I can say.”

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  1. PDXCOP80 says:

    Thanks for all the updates Todd

  2. Chancellor is totally correct – how do you tackle a guy anymore? Maybe they should take all the pads off and still tackle -(i.e. Australia or Rugby) Who knows.

  3. montanamike2 says:

    I think you have to pull the little flag from him.

  4. A little birdie once told me that John Schneider didn’t want to give up money and Draft picks for Percy Harvin.

  5. chuck_easton says:

    It’s not the league’s fault or even the current players fault.

    When a few thousand former players sue the league claiming they have head injuries because the league didn’t tell them they might get hit in the head, and then the league did nothing to ensure that the hits to the head wouldn’t stop, of course the league had to make a rule that head shots are illegal to combat the law suit.

    So, now the offensive players are going to have to sue claiming that the league didn’t do enough to protect their knees. The reaction will be the league will make it illegal to hit below the thigh.

    The only target allowed will be from the shoulders to the thigh.

    And it isn’t the NFL’s fault, it’s the retired players trying to get one more big payday because they blew through the money they made as players.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “James Carpenter will start again at left guard. He’ll also swap with Paul McQuistan.”

    Not surprising. Will Carpenter ever, ever, ever get into playing shape?

    Fat chance he does imo.

  7. I totally buy into the idea that Schneider didn’t want that either. That’s not his style.

    I don’t buy the idea that Michael is inactive most weeks due to character concerns behind the scenes. Not from a coach who would trade for a “character” like Harvin. I buy the idea that other have floated (and Mr. Happy has said about him not being able to pass protect).

    For everyone who talks about how Michael was a late 2nd round pick, that’s true, but Turbin was an early 4th rounder the year before.

    As I said last night though, I’d like to see a week with Michael active at the expense of Turbin. I just don’t ever see Turbin do anything impressive and we have all seen with our own eyes that Michael is quicker and Mr. Happy has even said he’s their most explosive back.

    During the draft last year, I don’t think it was 100% that Lynch wouldn’t be suspended and drafting Michael was insurance in case Lynch was suspended for 4 games (DUI).

  8. Southendzone says:

    Does anyone remember what happened to Spencer Ware? Was he IR’ed or no?

  9. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Ware is on IR..

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Agree Chuck.
    It definitely is the players fault, however why would the NFL even settle with them knowing that the players will keep coming back for more?
    I wish the NFL would have fought this tooth and nail instead of giving into the greedy players so fast.
    How could the players even prove their injuries were mostly from playing in the NFL instead of College or high school?

    And what about all the players that never could make it in the NFL because they were injured in College? Shouldn’t they be compensated by the College Pimp program?

  11. Boy, this sure doesn’t sound good, does it?

    “Carroll says Harvin has a ‘whole lot of new movement’ in his hip he is trying to get used to.”

  12. chuck_easton says:


    I took that as Pete Speak which would be translated into English to mean Harvin’s range of motion was restricted before the surgery and he still isn’t used to what the hip will allow him to do now.

    But then again, it’s Pete so it could also mean the hip isn’t sitting right in the socket…

    Who knows?

    And this is why I don’t expect to see Harvin at all this year. Maybe he makes a cameo later in the playoffs or SB if the team gets that far.

  13. If Harvin “can’t get it right” after having already played against the Vikings, I wonder if he’ll even be 100% by training camp or week one next year?

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Harvin makes a cameo appearance in the playoffs and/or Super Bowl and helps us win the whole thing then all that money will be worth it.

    I’m really getting tired of the premature speculating with regards to Harvin.
    Time to focus back on the Giants.

  15. The nerve of KJ Wright to have his surgery in North Carolina and not be rehabbing with his teammates. :-(

    The league hid their own internal study/studies that suggested a significant danger arising from head injuries occurring in the game. They then continued to publicly deny it and tell players that it was safe to go back into games after a concussion. But hey, why actually know what you’re talking about before you start yapping about it.

    I think you either have to take away the face mask or at least make these PF penalties reviewable. They should be overturned if the player clearly wasn’t aiming for the head. You can’t tell at full speed if the receiver ducked into it or not. This MAY give defenders more confidence that they don’t have to go for the legs.

  16. The NFL settled because they know they were culpable and were allowed to admit no wrong doing in the settlement. They also wanted to avoid the numerous depositions. The nitty gritty of exactly how they covered this up would’ve then come out. Now fans can live on in blissful ignorance.

  17. Southendzone says:

    Darn those greedy ex-players! I can’t believe they’d want to get a piece of a multi-billion $ industry that deceived them about the danger of working for them.

    Sorry your brain is half turned to mush bro, stop being so darn greedy about it.

  18. tealskin says:

    I think it becomes an issue when former players can’t remember their kid’s names, and then those damn suicides. Guess those would no longer be the greedy ones. Are we feeling sorry for the poor team owners now?

  19. I heard today that the NFL somehow has themselves organized as a non-profit. Can anyone verify this (Chuck)? And if so…WTF?

  20. chuck_easton says:

    Not feeling sorry for the owners at all. But the fact is you have current players complaining that they don’t know where to hit anymore while you have former players suing because they have head injuries.

    Take the head shots out of the game, and problem solved. But then you have fans complaining that the game is becoming too much like flag football.

    Here’s the solution. Every player signs a waiver saying they know the game is dangerous and they can be hurt, permanently disabled and possibly even killed playing it. Despite all that if they still choose to play and something happens it’s on them.

    Or you can have the league continue to make any potential for injury illegal.

    Which way do you want it? Can’t have both.

  21. chuck_easton says:


    The NFL has had non-profit status since 1966. The NFL is specifically granted the status under the tax code. It was put in place when then NFL commisioner Pete Rozelle was overseeing the merger between the NFL and the AFL. The tax exempt status is also why the NFL is not subject to antitrust laws.

    This means the NFL pays no taxes on the 10 million per year profit it currently makes.

  22. chuck_easton says:

    oops, missed a few zeros. The NFL pays no taxes on the 10 Billion a year profit it currently makes.

  23. freedom_X says:

    My interpretation of the Harvin “movement” topic is that his biomechanics are off. When a person has an injury to one part of the body, they usually compensate by changing their motion with other parts of the body.

    This can lead to further injuries elsewhere. The ideal is to rehab properly and analyze the body motion to get rid of any bad compensating habits.

    Possibly they’ve detected some of this and want to make sure that’s fixed. In doing so, getting back to a “proper” motion, while possibly more painful in the short run, will get the body back in line for the long term, which is better overall.

  24. sluggo42 says:

    That’s could be the case freedom,

    I’ve cited my own sports injuries/ surgeries before, and there is more to it than just the 8-12 weeks of structural mending and early physical therapy. It always took me about a year to fully recover. Granted, he is on an unbelievable and highly sophisticated recovery program, yet it still is a long process. I haven’t heard that there are any structural problems that are new, so to me, it’s still just the recovery process… As long as it takes..

  25. Georgia, Id like to see you say that crap to the family members of Junior Seau, Dave Duerson, Mike Webster etc, the folks whos loved one had their mind destroyed by CE caused by repeated concussions.

    The point isnt that they may have had concussions in HS and College that contributed to the CE–no one disputes that–but that the NFL was PROVEN IN A COURT OF LAW TO HAVE LIED ABOUT THE RISKS OF CONCUSSIONS FOR YEARS! They lied deliberately and misled players about the affects of concussions. They downplayed the harm for their own gain. Sickening. They appointed an MD who wasnt even a specialist in Head Trauma to their concussion committee for Chrissakes!

    It IS the league’s fault; the Commish and the owners did this, and whatever they pay isnt enough.

    And why not put the blame where it belongs? On Roger Goodell. He’s the greedy incompetent idiot who makes these ridiculous rules about hitting. He’s the one who forced the crappy rule change that you cant tackle a qb by his legs if your on the ground just because the Sainted Brady got hurt that way. He’s the one who cant make a rule change that works because he’s incompetent.

    Sorry you dont get to see the big hits you love to watch. I guess those are worth what happens to guys like Duerson and Webster. Its Ironic as hell that Duerson was on a committee that oversaw league responses to claims of head trauma by former players, and when on it fought every claim and said they were all full of crap…until his own mind was ravaged by CE….

    The rules needed changing, but the way they are written and enforced is 100% Roger Goodells fault, not the former players fault.

  26. The problem isnt that rules were changed or that football has been made “soft”, but that the rule changes were screwed up badly. Fix the rules, but blaming the former players for being “greedy” is asinine.

  27. CDHawkFan says:

    Nate, I like your idea of PF being reviewed. Assuming it would happen 2-3 times a game, then it would only add 5-8 minutes to the game and would make it much more fair in my opinion. I believe the game is just too fast to call head shots/face masks etc at full speed.

  28. Macabrevity says:

    I wonder if Goodell pays taxes on his 30+ million a year salary.

    As for me, if I go out and buy a jersey for $100 to support my favorite charity…. can I use that as a tax write off?

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