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Carroll: ‘We look at the Giants, we see a team that’s really, really transitioned’

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December 11, 2013 5:53 pm

Here’s most of what Pete Carroll had to say Wednesday:

(Opening…) “Well we’re looking forward to seeing this weekend underway. A good start to go to New York. Big match up for us. Big, big time part of this finish of the fourth quarter of the season. We’ve got to make sure that we’re ready and right to go. It’s one of those trips we’ll leave a couple of days early and make our effort as we have throughout the season and hopefully we can do this really well. We look at the Giants, we see a team that’s really, really transitioned from an early part of the season to the last seven games. These guys have been going in a whole different fashion. Their defense has been playing great, they’ve been getting the football and getting it that much better than they did early in the year, when they were having some problems with the turnovers and now they turned that around and they’ve shown to be very effective. So it’s a big deal to us. We got to go get this thing done and it’ll be a cool trip going out there, MetLife Stadium. Yeah it’s my first time. It’d be kind of fun.”

(On Perrish Cox being active on the roster…) “Yeah well that’s because of Jeron Johnson opens up a spot for us. So we liked Perrish [Cox] before and now we’ve got a chance to keep him in here. So we got him.”

(On if Johnson needs surgery…) “No. He’s just got a bad hammy.”

(On if DeShawn Shead will focus more on playing safety…) “Yeah he will do that. We’ve prepared him to do that all year long and he’ll focus his time inside. So that’s why we went and got the corner, if that makes sense to you.”

(On if Johnson’s hamstring injury any worse than the last hamstring injury he had…) “It’s his other leg. So for whatever reason, he’s just had a real susceptibility to his hamstring thing. It’s substantial so he’s going to be done.

(On the approach of getting prepared to play a game in potentially bad weather…) “It’s going to be pretty cold. It’s going to be like what it is here. We’ve had pretty cold weather here so that we can get a chance in it. So I don’t think it’s going to be that much of a change, depending on how much precipitation and all that. We’ll just wait and see. We saw that the league made it. We survived this weekend, with record setting touchdowns. Probably had a lot to do with the fields and the weather and all that. So we’re on it. We’re on it in areas that we can. We won’t be hosing down the field. We’re not doing that.”

(On the timeline of Wright’s surgery…) “The surgery was this morning. I haven’t heard what happened. We don’t know any updates on that yet, but it was supposedly this morning in North Carolina.”

(On if Harvin will practice…) “He won’t practice today. He’s rehabbing.”

(On what will happen to Harvin at this point…) “We’re just going. It’s week-to-week. We’re trying to figure this thing out and when he gets out on the practice field, then it’s truly day-to-day and we’ll see how he responds. So as of today, he’s not going. He won’t be going, he’s rehabbing. That means that he’s running in his rehab work and we have to see if he can tolerate it and come on back and give us a couple of days work. We’ll have to make sure that he’s right. So we’re going to take our time and I know it seems like, ‘How can you take your time when you’re this close to the end of the season?’ But, we still have to do that to take care of him.”

(On if Harvin’s response to his injury has changed…) “It has fluctuated. He has gone back and forth, where he’s gotten close and then it got aggravated a little bit. Just hasn’t quite got over the hump where he’s really clear. He has a whole lot of new movement in that hip that he hasn’t had before and he’s trying to become accustomed to that.”

(On Unger’s injury status…) “Max [Unger] went through the walkthrough today. He won’t practice this afternoon.”

(On if Unger will make it in time for the game…) “We think he’ll make it. We’ll get him back after hopefully tomorrow or Friday for sure.”

(On sensing any differences with the team in terms of refocusing the team after the loss…) “Yeah we haven’t really had enough time to be around everybody but Monday, we set the attitude in motion to handle this and this week coming up, it’s a huge opportunity going on the road. It’s the last road game of the year, in the regular season. So we need to be right. I think our guys; they’re prepared to respond really well. So I’ll be surprised if they don’t. It’s such a big opportunity that we should be right on it.”

(On if he has any problems with playing in the Super Bowl in bad weather…) “No. I think the game of Football has always been subject to weather and conditions and settings and all that. We don’t know what it’s going to be like, but it might be classic. It might be a classic setting for a great match up. We’ll see what happens.”

(On if bad weather favors one side of the ball better than the other…) “Yeah I think bad weather favors the guy with the ball in his hand, if he can keep it. There’s an issue about taking care of the football, but you saw it plainly last week. A lot of big plays, a lot of runs that showed that the tackling was suspect and the field conditions really favored the offense. I don’t know how you can look at it anyway. That was an all-time record at 104 touchdowns.”

(On Malcolm Smith’s progress as an NFL player…) “Yeah he’s been a really steady part of our team and whenever we’ve called on him the highlight of playing time, he’s always played well. He’s given us play at two linebacker spots and in nickel, he’s been a core special teams guy throughout. I don’t know if he’s exceeded expectations of the seventh round pick, but we certainly have seen him rise up and really be a crucial member of our football time for quite a while now. So when he steps in, it doesn’t affect our thinking in any way. We can do everything that we want to do, he has great experience in the system and he can do a lot of stuff because he’s a good blitz guy as well as a coverage guy.”

(On after seeing the Giants struggle with turning the ball over and has experienced running back issues is the reason why he emphasizes the run…) “Well I don’t know. I can’t speak for them. I know that when you turn the ball over, they were like negative sixteen or something after six games or something like that and you can’t win. They know that, Tom [Coughlin] knows that, and that’s the big issue. Whatever got them to that, that’s the problem and they fixed it. Since then, they’re plus three. So they’ve really turned that thing around. But in our philosophy, our approach is to have a balanced attack, where you can rely on the running game. That serves many issues and that’s one of them. If the ball is hard to throw and catch and the wind won’t let you do it or the rain won’t let you do it, where are you going to go when you don’t have a running game or you’re not committed to it? So that’s always the thought in my mind. I don’t know how they’re thinking about it, but that’s how we’ve always can justify the makeup in the formula that we have.”

(On the running game the past few weeks…) “We’re starting to run the ball with commitment, which is good. We hurt ourselves. We had a pretty good day just with the two plays that we’re called back. That would’ve lead to other stuff. So I think we’re fine. I think we’re in good shape. Marshawn [Lynch] continues to run hard and run tough, the guys up front are targeting well and are playing hard. I have no problem with what’s going on. I think we still have a lot of confidence in that we can run the football and that we will continue to.”

(On why the Seahawks have produced great statistics on punt coverage…) “Jon Ryan. Really Jon [Ryan] has been really consistent. He’s been a tremendous part of our team, in particular when we’re kicking around midfield when we put the ball in deep. We’re very confident that we can control that and do a great job there, but you have to have the consistency of the coverage. But Jon [Ryan] has really been the key factor and continuing to be so solid that we know where the ball is going and we’ve been able to control that factor. We didn’t kick the ball very effectively last week, we didn’t do as well as we’d like to, but overall he’s been a great factor for us and that whole team has.”

(On why Robert Turbin was returning kicks rather than Jermaine Kearse…) “Ball security. Ball security is most concern to us right now. We can’t get Jermaine enough turns to get him experience back there. He’s only had a few preseason games to put him back there. Whenever we put him back there the balls go out of the end zone so much with the kicking format that you can’t get a guy ready for that. Turbo [Robert Turbin] handles the ball in traffic all of the time. It’s more important to us because the ball is coming out on the 20-yard line all of the time, it’s about there. Until you have something really special. When Percy Harvin is back there it’ll be different. He’s been the best in the history of the game in his years that he’s been around so he’ll certainly be a different factor. Right now we want to make sure we take care of the ball.”

(On Brandon Browner’s situation…) “We don’t know anything league wide, but he won’t make it back to full go this week, but he’s trying. He’s trying this week in hopes that maybe next week he’s ready to go.”

(On being familiar with a new stadium…) “It’s just cool to go to a new stadium. Having never been there I’m not sure how different it is, but the Meadowlands was a classic place to go in the old days so this is a start for us to see what that’s all about. We’re not really concerned about what’s going on way down there. We’re just trying to get to this stadium and get adjusted to it. We’ll go visit the stadium on Saturday and just get to the locker room and do all of the things that we normally do to kind of get acclimated. We’ll look back at that maybe someday and see that there was some significance to it.”

(On Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane…) “I really love the way they’ve played, I think they’ve done great for us. Our expectations were that they could play and that they’ll hold up their end of it, and they’ve done all of that. Matter of fact they were both very productive in the game, and they’re getting some turns, the ball is going away from Richard Sherman so they are getting some extra turns. Maxwell hung tough and played really well, and sure enough Jeremy had three big plays for us in the game. They’re doing terrific and I really think it’s part of the system and these guys have been with us long enough that they’re really our guys and they play with the style and mentality that we want. It’s a real god sign of depth in a program.”

(On Gus Bradley winning four out of the last five games straight…) “I’m fired up for him, I’m really fired up. To see that it was so hard early and that he stuck to his guns and made sure that everybody understood how committed he was to his philosophy and that  if they stayed with it, it would work, and it has. I mean they look like a different football team now. They’re really hitting it. The offense is going, scoring points, and taking the ball off of people. It’s really fun to watch, I couldn’t be more fired up for him.”

(On his most memorable bad weather game…) “We had a game when I was at the Jets we played up in New England. They had a tarp covering the field and it was a night game late in the year and the winds were blowing so hard that the grounds men were trying to keep the tarp down and they were flying off of the tarp, it looked like a trampoline. I was so concerned about it that I was trying to get to a phone, those days we didn’t have cell phones, so I went to a payphone to call Bud Grant to talk to him about how to deal with the weather. I needed some help because it was such a mess. We won the game 6-0 which was fun. It was not a pretty football game though, it was real mess.”

(On managing personnel in bad weather…) “Well you do what you have to do and it’s always about taking care of the ball. Field position becomes huge and it depends on what kind of weather day it is. The wind can really be the most commanding factor when it’s really rolling. It’s the concern for the football in both directions that can really turn the game. You saw a lot of balls on the ground being kicked around and stuff, guys scoring with turnovers last week too. That’s kind of how it goes.”

(On Paul McQuistan and James Carpenter…) “They’re both going to play again. They both did an admirable job. James is going to start again. We had false starts on a couple, so James starts a couple and we’ll see how that goes. We’ll just continue that competitive situation for those guys, but they played solid.”

(On Tarvaris Jackson fighting through an injury in the game against New York in 2011 and how much did the way he fought back from that injury affect the locker room that year…) “It really did. It was a heroic, stellar performance by a guy. He was hurt. Half of his pectoral muscle was torn on his throwing side. You just can’t do that. He couldn’t throw during the week. He’d throw five or six balls and then he’d go out and play, and he was tough about it. He never said anything about it, and he gave us a chance to win. He totally won everybody over and we live him for that and we continue to feel really lucky we have him on our team.”

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  1. A good friend of mine is from New York and has moved back there but we keep in touch and he talks about how “off” the Giants have been this past year. Something isn’t quite right (obviously, based on their W/L record). He expects the GMen to get hammered on Sunday.

    It’s so funny how we’ll be winning the Super Bowl if we win this game on Sunday but we’re going to choke everything away and suck if we lose. I guess it’s 1/16 of a season and we’d probably say the same thing about MLB teams if they went on a 25 game winning or losing streak during 1/16 of their season too.

    I really like the idea of our team playing at MetLife in a cold game because we all hope/expect that they will be playing there on Feb. 2 in another cold game there in the same environment. Except next time, there won’t be as much of a home field advantage for whoever our AFC opponent turns out to be (and Peyton Manning doesn’t like playing in the cold).

    I don’t see the Patriots beating the Broncos in Denver without Gronk. I know they did before, but like I said, without Gronk it’s a different story. He’s an unbelievably huge loss. Aside from Brady, he’s the second most important Patriot, IMO. And, really, if you would have listed the top three most important Patriots prior to the start of the year, you could put Wilfork (who is also out for the year) on there too. I think a physical team like Bengals with an AJ Green will give the Broncos more of a run.

    Beat the Giants. Beat the Giants. Beat the Giants.

  2. Carroll and the Seahawks visited Metlife Stadium in October 2011 so it’s not a new experience. Is he already forgetting games?

  3. Did Wilson, Wagner, Turbin, Irvin, Lane, Sweezy, etc. play in that game or have they never played in MetLife before? Are they important players? And did those players who played in early October ’11 play in temperatures that are going to be like the Super Bowl (much colder) or this coming Sunday?

    This is the last time the Seahawks are going to go on the road this year and I’m glad it’s the location of, hopefully, their next road game too. I’m also glad it’s going to be chilly out, too, because it’s more than likely going to be cold there in less than a couple of months as well.

  4. Last time they are going on the road *until* the Super Bowl.

    These guys don’t look like it’s too cold out from the October 9 game two years ago:

  5. Carroll said this weekend will be HIS first time in that stadium – two separate times.

    He coached 1 season in the old stadium so it had to have occurred to him when he went back two years ago it was a different stadium.

  6. Ohhh… sorry for you thinking it was me (who didn’t know they played there two years ago). Apologies, pabs.

  7. I read Carroll’s press conference transcript and then wrote my original comment based on the transcript.

    He does reference the October 2011 game where Jackson gets hurt so he knows he coached the Seahawks at NYG already. I wonder if it will occur to him he’s already coached the Seahawks in that stadium when he gets there this weekend.

  8. raymaines says:

    Except for crazy crowd noise and the time of day, is there really any special weirdness about playing on the road? Crowd noise in NY isn’t going to be a problem and this crew has won three out of four 10:00 am games this season. The NYG’s really aren’t very good and I’m looking for a 14 point win. That would lock up the division and a bye week. Go ‘Hawks.

  9. WiscCory says:

    Perhaps Carroll is feeling the memory effects from his playing days with the Honolulu Hawaiians.

  10. WiscCory says:

    I recall that 2011 game at Metlife as Browner’s “ticket to the ProBowl” game.

  11. chuck_easton says:


    A win this week won’t lock up the division or the bye week.

    If Seattle beat SF they would have done that as they would have swept the series.

    For Seattle to clinch the Division they need to win two games or win one and SF lose one.

    In other words if Seattle goes 1-2 in their final three and SF goes 3-0 then SF will win the Division.

  12. Magic # is 2 with SF for the Division and 2 with NO for the HFA (unless SF steals it)

    Any combinations of our wins and/or their losses totally 2 means we clinch. Thats why

    1. Seattle wins (most important) – and if that happens then
    2. TB Beats SF ( Clinches division and home field) and if that happens
    3. STL beats NO ( Clinches Home field )

  13. rramstad says:

    Also from a previous post Raymaines the Cowboys are still technically capable of getting a playoff spot, though it isn’t easy.

    (I am 99% certain you had stated they were eliminated this week.)

  14. 2 of 3. Let’s Go!

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