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News, notes and quotes from Pete Carroll: Wait-and-see with Unger

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 9, 2013 at 4:46 pm with 13 Comments »
December 9, 2013 4:46 pm

Just wrapped up with Pete Carroll. To the quick hits:

> Carroll said K.J. Wright will have surgery Tuesday and is out 4-6 weeks. As we saw, Malcolm Smith will step in at Will.

> Center Max Unger is in the day-to-day category because of a pectoral injury. Like I said in the chat, I’d be surprised if he plays Sunday.

> Robert Turbin will continue to be the No. 1 kick returner. Carroll said he is very secure with the ball and they “like the thought of having a big guy” return kicks, for now.

> The Seahawks will again try to get Percy Harvin going this Wednesday.

> There is no timeline or new information on Brandon Browner from the league. Carroll said they are just going to try and get him healthy. They will try him again Wednesday at practice. He did very little last week and didn’t make it through that.

> Carroll said Russell Wilson didn’t run during the game because “we pass protected really well.”

> Carroll said there can be a benefit to a loss. “I don’t think there is any question, if you utilize it.”

> Here’s what he said about the possibility of letting San Francisco score after Colin Kaepernick converted that first down on the sweep keep.

“That’s a serious decision that you can make. We don’t have examples in our history or our backgrounds of any of the guys that we’ve been around of anyone that has ever done that and it’s worked. If it has, I don’t know that. But, we do know it’s an alternative. I do know it’s happened before. People have tried it. I was clear about to see if we could knock the ball down and just stay with our principles on defense. But, when you have a guy like Russell that and your offense that can hit two minutes and are really good at it, it does gives us that option.”

Carroll was asked about balancing the pragmatic part of the clock management versus the emotions of telling his team to allow a score (which is counter to everything they try to teach):

“That’s exactly one of the issues. I think there’s a decision to be made about that, as the situation arises and it has to do with a lot more than that. It has to do with the time; it has to do with your offense versus their defense, your quarterback and all that. We have some factors that are pretty obvious. Like I said, we know that our offense can go down the field in two minutes on anybody. You give us four plays to make a first down, we really believe we can get that done. Russell [Wilson] is great at it. Those are all of the considerations.”

> On the officials:

“I’m not going to stand here and criticize the officials and make that sound like that was part of this game, I don’t think it was. From our side of it, we need to stay out of those situations because those are the ones that we didn’t overcome properly or well enough to make the drives go. We had nine legitimate drives in the game and three of them got stopped because of our penalties. That’s only six real good shots at taking the ball down the field. That’s difficult and that’s why it felt like we weren’t on offense that much in the game. It felt like we weren’t out there because we got backed up three different times. A lot of times we overcome those, but we didn’t yesterday. That’s a sign of a good team and the good defense we played against.”

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  1. I’m perfectly fine with Smith at Will but, all of a sudden, our LBs have no depth. Any injury to Smith, Wagner, or Irvin and we’re going to have somebody who isn’t good on the field.

    Technically, if Wright has surgery tomorrow – four weeks later is the Tuesday before our first round play-off game. More likely, it would be almost 6 weeks prior to the NFC Championship Game.

    Better than that is the fact that we’ll get Thurmond back for the final game of the season. It’ll be nice for him to knock off all the rust in a hopefully meaningless game so he’ll fully be ready to rock come first round of the play-offs.

    At this point with Percy, I’d say keep him the heck off the field until the play-offs. IMO he’s the best kick returner in the NFL (which is a far cry from what we’ve got there; like Tate returning punts though) and even if they don’t give him the ball on offense he’s a guy who MUST be accounted for by defenses.

    Max being questionable is bothersome. Hope he’s 100% for January.

  2. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I guess 4-6 is not the worst news ever for KJ. Maybe he makes it back for the playoffs. Not sure if their are any LB’s we could get off the street at this point. Malcolm, Morgan and Schofield, your time to shine… Also another thought here, Bobby Wagner should not be on the punt coverage team, especially with KJ out, we don’t need him getting injured covering a punt.

  3. Skavage says:

    I think we lost a lot more than a game yesterday. Far too many injuries just after we got healthy. We need a little good luck now and hope these guys heal up quickly.

  4. slicktoxic says:

    Avril at LB to get him on the field more?

  5. There is always Obrien Schofield to play LB. Dude is talented, fast, and motivated. But it still sucks to lose KJ, who seemed poised to make a liar out of me. Ive said all along he’ll never be a star player in todays NFL because hes slow: but over the last month or so, hes been the best LB in coverage in the NFL. I was hoping hed make me eat my words on the way to the SB.

  6. I too feel Seattle should just shut Harvin down till he feels great. No reason to risk anything until hes ready to rock and roll. Im pissed we signed him for all that money, as it eats up money for guys I hoped wed keep, but since the guy is a Hawk Im rooting for him hard.

  7. Vegas56 says:

    100 TDs in the NFL this week. If we’d had just 3, we’d have won…grrr…they had to mention that on MNF

  8. After SF’s last FG. 26 seconds left and Dawson’s KO was to the SEA 1 yd line. Perfect. Turbin had to catch and run with it(?) If he let it bounce it might have gone through the end zone or out of bounds, or Turbin could have fallen on it somewhere in the end zone. But Turbin caught it and ran with it and only made it to the 16 yard line when he was tackled, with 5 seconds off the clock. Why were the SEA blockers like sieves on that return – afraid of penalties? Nobody in a SF jersey seemed to get blocked.

    RW’s hail mary at the end of the game: 21 seconds left, 1st in 10 at the 16 and RW chucks it 64 yds to the SF 20 yard line. With at least 3 SF jerseys in the TV picture, Kearse fell down on the play and SF’s DB Wright ended up with the pick and yet Kearse made the stop. That left 9 seconds for Kaep to knee down. The clock stopped on the change of possession.

    The clock wouldn’t have stopped if Kearse had somehow come up with the catch. There’s no way that SEA could have gotten set and snapped the ball to even try for a FG even if that play was successful.

    SEA’s D had opportunities to stop SF in their last FG scoring drive. PC’s TOs were judiciously used at critical times for stops, just before a 3rd and 1 at the SF29 with 4:58 left. Miller ran for 2 yds, then Gore made his 51 yd run. The ball was on the SEA 18, 1st and 10, Hunter ran for 1 yd, leaving 2nd and 9, with 3 and a half minutes to go, and PC called his 2nd TO. Gore ran for 2 yards leaving 3rd and 7. PC called his final TO. That was when SEA lost the game, when Kaep ran for 8 yards.

  9. DanielleMND says:

    I wish Sherm would shut up about the penalties. A penalty didn’t run 51 yards. A penalty didn’t scramble for 8 yards on 3rd and 7. It was like a flashback to last season, when our D couldn’t finish in close games.

  10. Hawkenstein says:

    The 12th man was in full effect at Monday night Raw tonight. It was pretty cool to see. Um…not that I watch pro wrestling or anything like that. Lol

  11. seahawkfan97 says:

    I would like to see schofield as well and see what he can do although farwell has does a good job while filling in in the past…good hard fought game…two plays that they just got the better of us… those penalties were sure momentum breakers though…ticky tacky some of em…comes with the style of play I guess.

  12. PugetHawk says:

    Was it just me or did the Seahawks seem to lack a sense of urgency on Sunday? Seems like they know where they stand know with the playoffs but they still have to win against the Rams and Cards (Giants stink).

    Those division games are usually a battle. I do believe that a loss this late in the regular season is better than going in undefeated. Sometimes when you forget the pain of losing you don’t get soft.

  13. Clinching homefield next week against the Giants would not have been a good thing. They would have had a month go by without a meaningful football game.

    To me the gameplan against SF seemed pretty vanilla, almost like they were playing a preseason game and didnt want to do too much. I think they believe there is a good chance they play SF again in few weeks.

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