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Morning Links: Second loss taken in stride

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 8, 2013 at 11:21 pm with 135 Comments »
December 9, 2013 6:03 am

Good morning.

As I wrote in my game story and mentioned last night, the reaction in the Seahawks’ lockerroom to the loss was not close to the reaction to the loss in Indianapolis.

There was obvious disappointment, but it was not the flat anger that came through after the loss in Indianapolis.

I have a 7 a.m flight, so we’ll get right to some links:

> Our Dave Boling says this bruising lesson should serve the Seahawks well in the playoffs.

> Our notebook leading with K.J. Wright’s injury and talking about the penalties, Luke Willson’s big day and the blocked punt.

> Our photo gallery from the game.

> ESPN says the Seahawks are not worried after this loss.

> A breakdown of the game from “Sunday Blitz”:

> Sports Illustrated says yes, the 49ers won, but their offense still has issues.

> Here’s USA Today’s take on the game.

> with its game story.

> The San Francisco Chronicle with its game story.

> ESPN also says the 49ers next task would be to win in Seattle.

> Tim Kawakami says the 49ers outbattled the Seahawks.

> Mark Purdy writes that when the going gets tough, it’s time for Frank Gore.

> The New York Times writes that the 49ers showed a homefield advantage of their own.

> Don’t count the Cardinals out of the playoffs. They stomped the Rams on Sunday.

> The Seahawks play the Giants in the Meadowlands next week. They were, uh, bad Sunday.

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  1. TallyHawk says:

    Yesterday was a disappointing loss. I think all three phases can share the responsibility. That said when the D is handed a lead with 6 to go I expect them to shut it down. Gores big run definitely hurt but the 3rd and 7 play was the one that stung the most. Stop Kap and the O gets the ball with plenty of time to get into FG range.

    Reading some of the post game comments you would think we just got eliminated from the playoffs. This team still has every goal right in front of them. My feeling is this loss will help more than it hurts. Also to pin this on the coaches is wrong IMO. The players were in position to make plays and didn’t make enough. Coaches can throw catch or tackle.

  2. TallyHawk says:

    Can’t throw catch or tackle

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I missed the 4th quarter because of a Company Christmas party.
    Bummer to hear of Wright’s injury. Just when he was starting to find his groove too.
    Just like in the Colts loss our special teams allows a block. Those mistakes are hard to overcome on the road.
    Gore ripping off a big run wasn’t a surprise. He’s done that to us before on more then one occasion.
    What was a surprise to me is having Turbin return kickoffs. Why wasn’t Kearse returning them? Even Baldwin is more capable imo. I think that really hurt us,(and the blocked punt) with regards to field position.

    The good news is with all of that we still almost beat them in their house without our A game.
    Moving forward it will be interesting to see if the Giants lay an egg next Sunday now that they are officially out of the playoffs. It’s hard enough for Coughlin to keep them motivated when the do have a chance for the playoffs.

  4. bird_spit says:

    I’m very disappointed in this team. I’m not disappointed in the loss at all, in fact it is close to what I expected. I’m very disappointed at the attitude. So much for playing 1-0 championship. Sherman pregame was calling it a glorified practice. Well he maybe right, as hawks maybe seeing these guys in the playoffs. Anything can happen, so they better get their A game going.

  5. chuck_easton says:

    I posted this in the last thread but it is relevant here. Maybe now we as fans can focus on what is truly important for the team going forward and not have 100+ posts on trivial matters like whether or not Wilson can or will win the MVP.

    MVP hopefuls don’t lose to their arch rival, on national TV, and throw a game ending INT.

    It isn’t fair, but that is what the people that vote are going to take away from this game. That and that other guy, the one in Denver that continues to put up the all time record setting performance, led his team back from a 21-10 half-time deficit.

    So, yes, this one game combined with Payton’s usual day (he now has 4 different WR’s with 10 TD receptions each) pretty much gift wrapped the trophy for the foreheaded one.

    We can stop the Wilson for MVP talk and focus on the important task at hand. The team still needs TWO wins or 1 win and a 49r loss to win the Division.

    Forget the HFA talk. Forget all the post season honors talk. Seattle has to win two out of three to ensure they aren’t the wildcard in the playoffs.

    And this isn’t a negative post or an attack on anyone in particular. It is simply the cold, hard, ice water in the face facts.

    I think Seattle can and will win two of the next three. But that is what should be the focus right now.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sherman needs to shut his mouth for a change. His act is getting old imo.
    He’s like finger nails on a chalk board. I don’t know how his teammates can stand it.

  7. One of the things that worried me most was having a short week to prepare going into a game we all knew would be extremely physical. I really think we are now about to go on a 6 game winning streak. Enjoy the ride…

  8. chuck_easton says:

    And this one game shows why Seattle playing at home during the playoffs is so important.

    They are a very good team. They are practically unbeatable at home.

    I don’t want any scenario that has Seattle traveling to NO, Carolina, or SF for a playoff game.

    TWO WINS. That is the focus. TWO WINS clinches the NFCW.

    Sherman better get his head screwed on straight and realize this game may not have meant much when viewed in a vacuum, but going 1-2 the remainder of the year, combined with SF going 3-0, puts Seattle in a tie with SF and they would have the tie breaker.

  9. I thought Wilson left the MVP party when he threw the 1-hopper to Tate on that crucial third down and when Manning threw his 98 th TD pass of the season.

    However, Wilson and the Hawks are going to beat the donkeys in the Super Bowl. That’s what I care about most.

  10. Southendzone says:

    A lot of talk yesterday about should the Hawks have let them score, I think it’s a clear YES.

    pretty simple decision, where are your chances greater:

    1) Score a TD with 1 TO left and around 3:00 on the clock

    2) Either SF misses a chip shot, or you get a FG after a 40 yd drive minimum with no TOL and under 30 seconds left.

    Would have liked to see PC make a different choice there. I feel like the TD drive was far more probable.

  11. chuck_easton says:

    And that was also why Gore suddenly fell to the ground at the end of his run.

    He knew he wasn’t going to score. So he did the intelligent football move. He went down in bounds which kept the clock running. He knew the team was already in FG range, and he knew they would be able to take more time off the clock.

    The other two alternatives there, going out of bounds, or scoring, would have allowed Seattle to save timeouts.

    I grudgingly have to acknowledge Gore’s football smarts on that play.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    chuck- That was a desperation hail Mary with a snow balls chance in hell to win the game for us.
    If you think Manning would have had a better chance to win a game with 26 seconds left against the 49ers then go on with that pipe dream.

    It was pretty much a no brainer that Manning had the MVP wrapped up before this last game. So that’s a very safe call for you, however I am still very proud to have our qb in the MVP consideration talk and will be much more proud of him when he Gets the Super Bowl MVP.

    BTW- MVPs don’t blow 24 point leads, That’s why Brady would be MVP if the voters didn’t just count total yards and total TDs.

  13. chuck_easton says:

    And I’m right there with you Georgia. The focus is on the team going all the way.

    Not a knock on Wilson at all.

    Just a quick reminder that the team needs TWO WINS just to clinch the division. They have nothing locked up yet.

    Can they get those two wins? Yes, they can. Will they? I believe they will. But the opportunity to wrap up the Division and ensure a first round bye (both of which they would have gotten with a win) in one quick day is gone.

    I honestly think the team will benefit more from this in the long run. They have to remain focused. They don’t have three or four weeks to revel in the accomplishment.

  14. TallyHawk says:

    I think letting them score would’ve been wrong. Unless someone can find a time when the team letting them score actually ended up winning I will never think that is the right play. What they should’ve done was save a timeout until after the 3rd and 7 play. That would’ve given them the ball back with about a minute left.

  15. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree with that Chuck and what you said last week about 13-3.

    Now it will be harder for the Seahawks to have a big head going into the playoffs like they may had gotten if they beat the 49ers.

    Hopefully that will be the case.
    I’m just hoping we can wrap up HFA before the last game of the regular season.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    One other thing Chuck.
    After I learned last week that the last 13 NFL MVPs haven’t won a Super Bowl I quickly got on the Peyton Manning for MVP bandwagon. Lol.

  17. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I meant haven’t gone on to win the Super Bowl in that same season of being MVP.

  18. chuck_easton says:

    Understood Georgia. And the focus and path is now set for this team.

    1. Clinch Division (2 wins or 1 win and an SF loss)
    2. HFA (13 wins guarantees HFA)
    3. Playoff home games and wins
    4. SB appearance
    5. SB trophy to Seattle.

    Not a time to think about anything but number 1 on the list. Just the check sheet. Can’t get to 5 without completing steps 1-4 in order. No shortcuts, no easy outs, no gimme’s. Time to earn it Seahawks.

    Really this is probably the best thing that could have happened. Seattle is a young team. They need to stay hungry. We saw what happens when they think they are in a ‘scrimmage game (to quote Sherman)’ yesterday.

    A few more ‘scrimmage games’ and Seattle will be traveling to Detroit or Dallas for week one of the playoffs.

    The only thing accomplished even with a league leading 11-2 record is the guarantee of at least one playoff game. It’s up to the team to decide if that game is in Seattle and if it is after a bye week.

  19. pabuwal says:

    If this is how the Seahawks play a scrimmage game on the road against an elite defense like SF, they will win the remaining 3 games by playing like they are scrimmage games.

    They won’t win any playoff games by treating them like scrimmage games however.

  20. GeorgiaRay says:

    Chuck, I believe we win the tie breaker with our victory over Carolina, not that I’d like it to get that far of course…

  21. yankinta says:

    As I said, Run Defense, Run Defense and Run Defense!!! CK can’t do anything…. hold Gore under 100 yards!!!

    And Mike Rob killed us with that unnecessary Penalty after Lynch’s big gain. That was going to be a Scoring Drive!!

  22. chuck_easton says:


    Actually we don’t. Tie breaker within the Division:

    1. Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs).
    2. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division.
    3. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games.
    4. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference.
    5. Strength of victory.
    6. Strength of schedule.
    7. Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed.
    8. Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed.
    9. Best net points in common games.
    10. Best net points in all games.
    11. Best net touchdowns in all games.
    12. Coin toss

    So, if Seattle goes 1-2 that means at least one more loss in the Division either to Arizona or St. Louis. Seattle finished with a NFCW division record of 4-2.

    If SF wins out, they have one more game in Division with Arizona so it means they have to win that game. SF finishes with a NFCW Division record of 5-1.

    Tie break #1 is a wash. SF wins the tie break on #2 with a better Division record.

  23. Macabrevity says:

    I’d rather lose a close one now and have it serve as a wake up call, then have us ride into the playoffs thinking we deserve something. That was a do or die game for the niners to some extent, and with parity being what it is in the NFL, I’m not surprised or disheartened in the least by the loss. We had some plays we’d like to take back, and some calls we’d like to take back, and some penalties we’d like to think shouldn’t have been called. Remind anyone of 2005’s SB Loss? Let’s get it out of our system and realize we need to play perfect games to win in the post-season.

  24. ummmm…yawn

    “as I said”

    good one!

    What else have you said that was so profound?

    Back to regular bloggers…

    Chuck, I agree with your post except for a few things.

    1. Between winning the division and HFA I’d insert getting a bye meaning securing #2 seed. I still think we can win on the road, but would prefer not to go that route. Plus, if anything happened to the #1 that wasn’t us, we’d then get to host the NFC championship.

    2. How does SF hold an advantage over us if we tie? I thought since we’ve beaten NO and Carolina while SF has not and us splitting with them would still give us the Division in case of a tie. Is there strength of schedule that much better than ours? It’s got to be close.

  25. chuck_easton says:


    Who ever wins the NFCW will automatically have a bye. Same with the NFCS.

    The first place teams in both NFCE and NFCN already have 6 losses. The two top seeds and 1st round byes are already guaranteed to the divisions. We just don’t know which two of the four teams (NO/Carolina, SF/Seattle) will have the byes and which will be the WC’s

  26. chuck_easton says:

    One minor addendum. If Dallas or Philly win out they would only have 5 losses. But the winner between Seattle/SF will likely only have 4 losses.

    But if for some reason Seattle backs into the division losing all three remaining games and has an 11-5 record, I think they would still get the bye over the NFCE winner based on wins against the division.

  27. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Looks like a 50% chance for snow on Sunday. I wonder if Wilson has any experience playing in it from his time at Wisconsin?

  28. chuck_easton says:

    Sherman only has one valid point. Harbaugh has made it his mission to bring the physical play of Seattle’s DB’s to the attention of the referees.

    His incessant whining on the sidelines probably got his team two or three of those holding calls while allowing his WR’s to push off without consequence.

  29. pabuwal says:

    Personally, I thought the Seahawks played a strong game against a great team on the road. I can’t be disappointed in the outcome.

    But losing by allowing a long, late game winning drive to a terrible offense is a really bad sign.

    So far this year, the Defense has had this situation in 5 games on the road –

    1. Carolina – got to 7 yard line before fumble
    2. Houston – the best stop of them all and the only one never in doubt
    3. Indianapolis – failed although against the best QB in the NFL
    4. STL – allowed a Kellen Clemens led team to drive to the 1 yard line
    5. SF – failed

    I also think in each case the Defense had a long field to defend which makes this worse.

    Bottom line, I will have no trust in this Defense to stop any of the AFC playoff QBs if the same situation comes up in the Super Bowl.

  30. Southendzone says:

    TallyHawk: I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about some method of using the Time Outs to preserve 1 minute on the clock. You said use it after the 3rd down which would have produced the following out come: I assume a 4 second play time and a 40 second run off w/o a time out

    1st (after Gore run), Hawks TO play begins 3:40, ends 3:36, no TO used
    2nd begins 2:56, ends 2:52, no TO used
    3rd begins 2:12, ends 2:08, 1st down run by Kap, TO used
    1st: begins 2:08, ends 2:00 (2 min warning)
    2nd: begins 2:00, ends 1:56 (no TO left)
    3rd: Begins 1:16, ends 1:12
    4th: begins :32, ends 0:28, FG

    By not letting them score, the Hawks are pinning their hopes on a miracle like a fumble, blocked kick, or chip shot miss. By letting them score they need to just execute an 80 yard drive with at least 2 minutes on the clock and maybe 1 TOL even. Not easy, but nowhere near asking for a miracle.

  31. rramstad says:

    Georgia supposedly someone looked it up and the coldest game Wilson ever played in college had a kickoff of 43 degrees, so no, he’s not played in snow before in a game. At least that’s what I remember another poster saying.

  32. rramstad says:

    Personally I think it should be illegal for coaches to berate officials throughout the game. If I was an official, I’d let them have one blow up, then warn them at the second blow up, and then flag them on the third. I would not let a player push me away and shove me, either.

    The Sherman “article” is just ridiculously cherry picking his comments, pretty obviously, but on many levels, I agree with him. If the officials just let the players play, we win this game. If the officials call everything super micro tight, we lose.

    The benefit in all of this is typically as you get into the playoffs there’s more of a tendency for the officials to let the players play and keep the flags in the pocket. That’ll greatly help Seattle when the time comes…

  33. chuck_easton says:

    Snow games favour the running offense.

    Seattle has a better run game.

    Snow favours Seattle.

    Oh, and now Seattle is in a must win game while their opponent is already eliminated from the playoffs thanks to SF and Arizona winning yesterday.

  34. MEhawkfan says:

    The officiating was less than stellar; calls were missed on both sides. I did think the Niner O line got away with what looked like a few holding calls that should have been flagged, and Maxwell should have been hit with a PI call. But the officials didn’t cause the Hawks to lose the game. Seattle just made too many mistakes. Let’s hope this game is a huge wake-up call.

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The 49ers won’t have it easy at Tampa Bay next Sunday imo.

    If the Bucs win, the Panthers win and the Seahawks win next week wouldn’t that pretty much wrap up the division and HFA for us?

    That would be a cool scenario.

  36. chuck_easton says:

    While I much prefer that Seattle does continue to control their own destiny, I also take into account the big picture.

    SF plays one of their only 10am East Coast games next week. They are playing a TB team that is suddenly playing some good football.

    I will find myself cheering wildly for the pewter and red come Sunday morning.

    Also, how is it that Seattle got 5 10am starts and SF only got two? Oh, that’s right, they went into the season as the NFL darling to walk through the division and go back to the SB.

  37. Sherman is correct the refs are controlling the game with judgment calls . Look at the Patriots game or the Raven game. Players are starting to speak up. The hawk game was hard to watch with the amount of flags and suspect timing of many calls. The NFL wants fairy tail endings and can not have home teams being blown out. Bottom line is Offensive/defensive holding, pass interference and unnecessary roughness can be called or not called on every play.

  38. “3. Indianapolis – failed although against the best QB in the NFL”


  39. chuck_easton says:

    The one that stood out the most for me was the roughing call on Lane on the Punt Return.

    Replay showed that the first blocker was holding Lane’s shoulder pads inside the collar for several yards. Lane breaks free of that and just puts his hand out on the second blocker. Lane gets the penalty.

    Either they both should have been flagged or neither.

  40. chuck_easton says:

    Not that it means anything around here, but Seattle might have been the first team in the NFL to clinch a playoff spot, but there is some team that plays in Indiana that is the first team to clinch their division and guarantee themselves at least one home playoff game.


  41. If Seattle wins and NO and SF lose this weekend Seattle seals the #1 seed.

    SF is at TB
    NO is at STL

    Not likely to seal it this week but clearly possible. We will see – It would be cool if that happened. then they could play bland the last 2 weeks – work on putting in wrinkles for the playoffs and basically get an extra few weeks to add stuff and find tune!!

  42. Chuck – the one that killed me was the changed call on the fumble that made it so that the fumble could not be reviewed.

    Now – it would have been up to the replay official to rule it a fumble – which I believe it clearly was on one angle – and based on the reviews we have seen around the league this year that is not a given

    That ended up being a scoring drive for them – AND it would have put us with decent field position to start. So worst case – you take 3 points off of the board for them.

  43. pabuwal says:

    The issue with SF losing is they tend to make average QBs look bad and below average QBs look terrible. Glennon is an average QB at best right now which doesn’t bode well against SF. TB will need to force a lot of turnovers on defense and score a lot of cheap points to win that game.

  44. CDHawkFan says:

    Even though Gore went down (I won’t give him credit for a smart play, I think he gave up) I think the clock should have still stopped as I don’t think anyone touched him until he went/slide out of bounds.

  45. Before we get too hormonal about the refs, let’s not forget the Maxwell PI they should have called on Crabtree around the ten. Instead of a first down they were forced to kick a FG. There were flags flying all over yesterday but it wasn’t like the Super Bowl where the Steelers got every important one.

  46. Vegas56 says:

    Feels like a bad hangover this morning without the benefit of being drunk the day before. Should be happy the Hawks covered at least…some money in the pocket to ease the pain. But all these 49er fans down here are going to be unbearable for awhile.

    Frank Goe’s last great football moment gets all the attention but overall…and especially in the second half…the defense played well enough to win that game (the breakdown at the end notwithstanding). The game ended up feeling a lot like Atlanta last year but the defense wasn’t as bad as that game.

    I think the lack of playmaking and leadership on offense was the culprit yesterday. It could have been a combination of Bevel, Wilson and an offensive line that got beaten throughout the game. Probably was a combination…but of all that Wilson had plays to make to win and he didn’t get it done. He missed receivers, sometimes badly, throughout the game. Being handed the ball inside the 30 late in the 4th and missing an easy toss to Tate…settling for the FG there…that was a crucial failure of QB leadership. He’s young and he learns well…and fast…he’ll be fine and better in the weeks to come. But he didn’t play yesterday, in a huge game, like an elite QB. He’ll get there, but he’s not there yet.

  47. thursday says:

    Lmao best qb in the NFL…didn’t he get blown out by the Bengals yesterday.

    The most disappointing thing about this was the calls and some of the attitude going in, you can’t not take a desperate team seriously

  48. MEhawkfan says:

    Teams in the NFL have to play well enough to overcome the officiating at times. Do I think coaches can sway officiating crews? Yes. I also think the home team is sometimes prone to an “officiating advantage.” The refs obviously are not infallible. Do they purposely sway games? At times, I have wondered, probably like most fans. But I guess I have to believe the integrity of the game is still intact. If not, then why watch it? The bottom line is, when the calls don’t go a team’s way, they can’t add to that deficit by making mistakes. Shofield’s bone head penalty on that punt is an excellent example. Wilson’s one-hopper, while certainly much less egregious, is another. There were also some legitimate PI calls on the corners that hurt.

  49. Dukeshire says:

    Speaking of Maxwell, Kap picked on him with good reason: he played terribly. He’s just not as physical (or strong) as either BB or Thurmond (or Lane, quite frankly). So while his coverage can be tight (which it wasn’t yesterday, especially in the first half), receivers were able to make plays on the ball. He reminded me a bit of Kelly Jennings yesterday, only with better awareness, as evidence his nice pick at the goal line.

  50. Yes, we had some tough calls go against but that’s not the reason why we lost. Be accountable. At the end of the day, they scored more points and stopped us when they needed to. We will learn and get better.

    I can’t wait to hear what Pete says in his presser today after they review the tape for Tell The Truth Monday.

    Wilson struggled but SF defense is good. I’m so glad SF lost in NO when they did to give us this cushion. Otherwise, we’d be puckering up a bit having to go back east with the Niners a game back instead of two.

    I don’t want to sound too presumptuous but we should hold serve at home and win at least 2 out of the next three to lock up the division and HFA. I’m still holding out hope that Arizona some how catches SF and makes that last game of the year @ AZ a huge game. I wouldn’t mind it one bit if SF didn’t make the playoffs. I’m not saying I’m afraid of them, but they’re still the most familiar with us and pose the greatest challenge on the road to the Superbowl. If we face them, it’ll most likely be in our house, but I’d rather not. It’s just EGO at that point and all I still care about is winning the Superbowl.


  51. MEhawkfan says:

    Yes, despite his INT, Maxwell was a weak link yesterday.

  52. When Gore busted up the middle and gave the Seahawks DB’s a couple of moves, the game was over! But Sherman wasn’t running full speed cuz he thought this was a scrimmage? Never underestimate the Compton players.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    My bad, I thought the Saints played the Panthers next week.

    I think the Rams could give them a tough game too. Especially since the game time temp could be in the mid 20s with a slight chance of snow.

  54. The only problem with AR – catching SF is that AR would have to beat us to do that. Which is only OK with me if we clinch everything this weekend

  55. um Georgia – don’t they play in a dome?

  56. You’re right about AZ…Niners aren’t losing to ATL on MNF and most likely won’t lost to TB. They’re getting hot at the right time which is why I wanted them out of the playoffs entirely, but that ain’t happening.

    Hawks have to finish strong now. 2 out of 3 is what we need, but 3 out of 3 would give us a whole lot more confidence going into the playoffs.

    I hate losing to the Niners!

  57. princeaden says:

    Bottom line for me is this. Take care of HFA, get these teams at the Clink, play with passion and the World is at their fingertips. It is up to them. I have faith it will happen and in 2 months or so we will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:

    My bad again xcman, way too much partying last night.
    Lol, Forget the Ram’s and the Buc’s, I’m just going to focus on the Giants this week.

  59. FleaFlicker says:

    Frustrating loss. But in the big scheme of things, 49ers now have to go all the way to Tampa to play a team that is on a 4-1 run. Mike Glennon could lock up this division for us.

    In any close game there are going to be dozens of “if only” calls and plays. Like Malcom Smith not allowing an untouched rusher on the punt. Or the Crabtree unreviewable fumble. Or the weird hands to the face call on Mike Rob. Or the dirt dart that RW threw to Tate on 3rd down. Or if Kearse didn’t wipe out on that last hail mary. Ultimately we didn’t play well enough to make the “if onlys” unimportant.

    The one thing that could have been avoided in all of this: Walter Thurmond missing from the secondary. Of all the variables, that one was 100% controllable.

    Tough break for KJ and the broken foot. He might be able to make it back for NFC Championship game. Ideally, they keep him on the roster and hold him out until the SB (knock on wood). Broken bones in a foot or hand ideally require 12 weeks to heal. They can probably jack him up with painkillers for a single game – after that he’ll be limping for two months until the bone heals correctly.

  60. “Mike Glennon could lock up this division for us.”

    Mike who? You really think he can best the defense that allowed the Seahawks 16 points?

  61. Southendzone says:

    An analytical solution to what I have been saying all along, the Hawks should have let SF score at the end. Produces an approximate 20% chance of winning vs a likely 10% chance.

  62. chuck_easton says:

    If there is any chance that KJ Wright can get back for the playoffs (either the NFC Championship game, or that other big game that follows), then there is no reason not to continue carrying him on the active roster.

    Not going to find another quality backup LB roaming the streets right now. So the team has to go with what they’ve got at LB the rest of the way.

    Now, if the medical staff determines that KJ is done for the year then by all means IR him and free up a spot to find a healthy body somewhere.

    Same with Browner. If the decision on the appeal comes back against him, he’s off the roster anyway. But if not and it looks like he can’t come back from the groin tear, IR him and get another healthy body in.

    Two more games and Thurmond is back. That should help out in the secondary.

  63. Much as losing to SF sucks, I agree this may provide some motivation down the road (or should I say, at home). Considering that the Hawks were only a few bad calls/bounces away from losing vs. CAR, HOU, TEN, STL, or TB, I’m not going to complain.

    It also seemed to me that the playcalling yesterday was much more vanilla than last week. PC saving the good stuff for the playoffs?

  64. dirtbiker_joey says:

    What’s the status of Tharold Simon? Is he available to bring onto the active roster should BB lose his appeal or go on IR for the groin injury? Or is it too late for Simon this season?

  65. tealskin says:

    Hate to say it but Kaepernick outplayed RW yesterday. DangeRuss was not. From that first sack by Bowman where the ball luckily went out of bounds, RW looked kind of average. Painful,but probably a well-timed slap in the face for the team. Penalties didn’t determine the result. If you have to depend on uncalled fouls to win, you’re not in a good position. SF is the equal of Seahawks when they have their receivers, so to call them a terrible offense is ridiculous. Seahawks made too many mistakes vs. few by niners.

  66. Maxwell is no Thurmond. Not even close. I agree Duke.

    Any word on Winfield signing?

    When will Pete get C. Michael going?

    Turbin is a complementary player but no burst, no moves…just average IMO. I don’t have a clue why he’s returning kicks. It would’ve been nice to have resigned Washington when NE cut him.

    We still need a big WR to help us convert 3rd and medium range to go.

    Don’t get me wrong…we’re STILL the best team in the NFL, but I’d like us to get a little crisper heading into these last 3 games.

    I’m going to the game versus the Rams and if there is one thing about yesterday’s loss, it’s that THAT game may have more significance. If any of you are planning to attend, I’d love to meet ya for a brew!

  67. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Malcolm Smith is more then capable.. He will be fine. The problem is keeping Wagner healthy. Now Farwell is the understudy at Mike and Schofield and Morgan move up a notch.

    Did Pete say anything about Unger?

  68. Singularitarian says:

    lol I love the pick and choose journalism in that Sherman article. Acting like all he did was talk about the refs

  69. Letting them score sounds good in theory but in practicality –

    1). The Seahawks did nothing with the ball in the second half. They had a gift at the SF 27, unconstrained by time and scored a mere FG.

    2). Russell Wilson has NOT been clutch with his team trailing in the 4th quarter. He did throw the winning TD at Carolina but then threw an INT in Houston, in Indy, vs TB and at SF. So, basically he has thrown an INT in the 4th quarter in every game they have been trailing except the first one.

  70. Singularitarian says:

    everybody is looking too much into this letting them score thing. It is very simple

    would you rather:

    A: Get the kickoff with under 30 seconds left and no timeouts
    B: Get the ball back down 5 or 7, with over 2 minutes and no timeouts

    The answer is without a doubt B

  71. FleaFlicker says:

    jhsdhs: regarding Glennon…that kid put up 24 points on our defense which only allowed 19 points for SF. The transitive law of NFL scoring doesn’t necessarily apply.

    All I’m saying is that SF is playing a very far road game, against a TB team that is playing above average football right now, after a brutal and physical game against the Hawks. Bucs have a shot on Sunday. They might help us out.

    One unrelated interesting thing about both Seahawks and Niners: only losses are to teams that are currently slated for the post season.

  72. Dukeshire says:

    I would like to get some info on the alleged sideline incident with Wright after he came out. Todd, any info on this? Did he actually throw his helmet and hit someone? He was clearly furious walking to the lockerroom.

  73. tealskin says:

    Pabs-What were the odds at their own 15 with 26 secs. and no timeouts? I’m more disappointed by the throw in the dirt to Tate. Let’s face it, RW is still a work in progress and has some growing to do. I don’t have enough knowledge to be too critcal, but the playcalling in the second half seemed very conservative.

  74. They had better odds trying to force Gore to fumble or some kind of fluke Red Bryant FG block then having Wilson drive 80 yards down the field.

  75. That’s funny Pabs. A few of those, like yesterday, were desperation throws. Wilson hasn’t been clutch? Hmmmmm…let’s see…how many games have we been blown out with #3 back there? None, we’ve never lost by more than a TD. That means that we’ve been in every game. Are you a R Dub hater? I can’t recall and am too lazy to look it up.

  76. FleaFlicker says:

    pabs: let’s be a little more forgiving of the INT yesterday. 20 seconds with no timeouts and needing 50 yards. The only option in the playbook is a bomb into heavy coverage. 95% of the time, that’s going to be a pick regardless of who the QB is.

    If anybody heard Mike Holmgren on KJR this morning, essentially: “I’m watching the game with Kathy and I say to her, they need to let them score.” And I agree with Mike. I’d much rather have 2+ minutes and need a TD to win instead of one play to go 40-50 yards for a field goal try.

  77. Actually, the better play is to try to:
    1). Throw a quick pass over the middle to get in position for 1 Hail Mary into the endzone or
    2). Get really lucky and throw a few sidelines passes to get in position for a 60 yard FG.

    Even if Kearse caught it, time would have likely expired.

    Holmgren did let the team score in the SB (after forgetting what down it was), played a Denver Defense which wasnt very good and still failed.

  78. Singularitarian says:

    Pabs. That’s not the better play. You have to believe Wilson in the 2 minute drill has an actual chance to go get a td. He has done it too many times to not want the ball in HIS hands

  79. jawpeace says:

    A couple of thoughts, the Hawks only threw deep on the last play of the game. Wilson looked deep it seemed only one time at Locket. I thought this allowed the 40-whiners to stack the box. Not sure why Bevel did not attempt a bomb or two. Was he calling vanilla plays? Thinking that we will face off again in the playoffs?

    Also I felt like Tate, I wanted to punch Harbough in the face every time they showed him whining on the side lines. And it seemed like every minute. I got SO TIRED of the cameras showing him.

    Wright is out minimum six weeks, Which put him coming back at the NFC championship at the earliest. Smith did an excellent job filling in earlier this year. Not too worried there. But if another LB starter gets hurt that is where it will hurt the Hawks. Should the Hawks IR Wright? Good question no one they could sign now would replace Wright production.

    A lot of posters are whining about the refs. Common don’t be like Harbough. Calls were missed on both sides = typical game.

  80. TallyHawk says:

    Southendzone, I may be wrong about the time out. I’ll have to go back and watch but I remember thinking at the time they could’ve waited until after the 3rd down play, which if they stop this whole discussion isn’t happening, and still had a TO after the 2 min warning. I’m still not a fan of letting them score.

    As for the play calling being vanilla I couldn’t disagree more. RW missed some throws that if he hits no one is blaming coaches. The one hopper to Tate has been mentioned but also threw behind Baldwin in the seam that if it’s in front of him he could take to the house. At worst it’s first down in the red zone.

  81. Southendzone says:

    The refs sucked but not the reason we lost. 2 of the most damaging calls looked like good calls to me. The hold on Okung when Marshawn had his longest run of the game, that one was rough.

    And the Kap 3rd down conversion at the end was really the worst play of the day for the Hawks in my mind. That run to him was super obvious based on the formation I thought. Empty backfield, spread out and you know SF wants to kill the clock there with a low-risk play. No way he should be getting 7 yards on that.

    Other one was the potential pick-6 that Lane had in his hands.

    Just gotta regroup and play really hard vs NYG next week.

  82. I see no reason for pessimism after this loss.

    1) Road game against a very good team.
    2) A must win game for them, not for us.
    3) Their level of motivation was higher for that reason.
    4) We played with toughness, but were not sharp on either side of the ball, and made too many mistakes and penalties.
    5) Despite all that, they were barely able to beat us.

    I am totally confident. We will get home field advantage. We are going to the Super Bowl.

  83. Dukeshire says:

    The refs did suck: they could have easily called 2 more false starts in the first quarter on Seattle, 1 more hold on Okung, and a PI on Maxwell. Seattle got away with several missed calls throughout the game.

  84. Who thinks that if we “let” the score that Gore wasn’t told to just fall down on the 1 yard line..? I know none of you actually thought PC was going to tell his defense to “let” them score when we’re so adept at coming up w/ timely turnovers, sacks & the like. This blog is so hormonal it’s laughable & kind of embarassing.

  85. jchawks08 says:

    I feel ya MB9. All the Sherman and RW criticism is downright laughable.
    Ya’ll realize SanFran is a solid playoff team right? It wasn’t like we were going to go down there and beat them like a red-headed step-child. Or rented mule. Whichever you find less offensive.
    Anyway, we lost a tough game which we could have and maybe should have won. Some calls didn’t go our way, but looking at it with an open mind, some calls did very much go our way. As someone mentioned, the obvious PI on Maxwell that wasn’t called.
    Dukeshire, I want to again thank you for your level-headedness and contributions to the blog. You do a great job of trying to herd the cats.
    If the D would have stopped Kap on that 3rd and 7 run after Gore’s run, that would have been lovely. They’d kick the FG and we’d get the ball back with PLENTY of time to move it down the field. So if you’re looking to place the blame on anyone, place it on the entire Defensive front. One individual does not lose a game.

  86. Southendzone says:

    Mb89 that is the only risk of letting them score is they kneel at the 1 yd line. A sack isnt in the picture cause SF not gonna pass.

    Have to play the odds and make the best choice possible. Same reason u dont hit on 18 with dealer showing a 4

  87. Flea, your point is well taken. I agree Niners were in NO hurry to score a touchdown, and Frank would have fallen at 1 or 2 if was open.

  88. bird_spit says:

    I never thought that potentially Bevell was deliberately holding back. Long bombs are pretty difficult at candlestick with the winds there.

    I think the best thing to come out of yesterday is that the hawks will never again (assuming they win the div) play at candlestick.

    RW looked intimidated from the first series on. It beats me why, but if you are facing those 7 guys, it would take a lot not to be. We needed great production out of Lynch, and we got it. We needed conservative passing and we got it. We needed a stout defense, and we got it, other than that one play. (it seems Gore has the hawks number at least once per game)

    What we didnt have yesterday, and man oh man did we need it, was productive ST play. Kick-offs were just plain bad. That blocked punt was pathetic. And punt returns were not penalty free. I feel ST made all of the difference.

  89. Hardly the end of the world, and perhaps losing vs the niners this time will help the players and coaches keep their edge heading into the playoffs. BUT, damn, was that a frustrating game!

    I still think the players–despite the penalties and mistakes–played well enough to win. I still feel this loss is mostly on the coaching staff for a terrible gameplan and little or no adjustments on offense. Lynch was running the ball very well, yet we kept trying to do the same pass plays that worked so well last week. Memo to our coaches; the Niners watched the tape and were ready for it. Seattle seemed to stay stuck on trying to do the same thing over and over again…

    Quick, short passes seemingly would have worked, as our outlet receivers were often open. Unfortunately, RW held the ball too long before deciding to throw it to the checkdown, and Bevell in his infinite wisdom failed to call a single bubble screen, quick slant, or drag route. He just kept trying to do the same old thing, play after play…

    I guess he was expecting a different result each time. Isnt that the definition of insanity?

    Regardless, what a let down.

    And yeah, I think RW has had quite a few games this year that make it clear he’s not an elite qb yet. And he’s not as good in the fourth quarter as many here would like to paint him. A lot of his struggles can be placed on the staff for poor playcalling, and the line for not blocking, but the line is improving and ultimately, RW has thrown some terrible picks almost every time we’re down in the fourth quarter; and thats not what elite qb’s do.

    The man is scary good, but he’s not Jesus Christ. Nothing wrong with being somewhat objective when evaluating his performance week to week.

    As for allowing the other team to score, I dont even care. I dont think Seattle should have put themselves in that position in the first place. They should have won that game, not pissed it away with a lack of discipline, a bad gameplan, and even worse playcalling and a lack of in-game adjustments on offense.

  90. And I have to say, nothing has pissed me off more than the constant whinging about not seeing Christine Michael in the backfield, and the continual griping about Turbin. Turbin is pretty good at blitz pickup, whatever some say, and he’s done fine as a RB complement to Lynch. In fact, he’s often avg better ypc than Lynch in the same game.

    However, I also have to say it boggled my mind to see him stay back there returning kicks. He was awful. Perhaps they were hoping not to tire out Kearse, or were worried about him getting another concussion, but DAMN! Try someone with some speed and moves–Tate, Lockette, Lane, ANYONE but Turbin!

  91. Hawkenstein says:

    I think RW said it best in the post game presser… You can’t win’em all. It would have been nice to win that game but in the end there were just too many mistakes, penalties etc.

    Letting them score might have been a good option but that is just speculation at this point. Now instead of a field goal you need a touchdown. Both probably end the same way.

    They’ll learn from this and hopefully a fire has been lit and they win out the rest of the season.

  92. Poor KJ WRight. He was becoming a truly fine player, and had improved his pass coverage dramatically over the last month. At least Smith is fast, and should be able to hold his own. Expect teams to try running the ball more against us. But I think he can get the job done just fine…He’s played well when given the chance, and would start on a lot of other teams–just like our secondary backups.

    Great pick by Maxwell, but he didnt have a great game. Lane did fine, but just as I warned, one game wouldnt necessarily prove they could make us forget all about BB and Thurmond. And that held true–they arent going to perform like last Monday every week, that was a fun fluke. We will miss Thurmond and BB very much as the year progresses.

  93. Which game were you watching that Lynch had a good game? He’s averaged just 58 yards the past 3 weeks with an average barely above 3 yards.

    They probably gave the ball to Lynch too much yesterday and played it too conservative. It put the QB in bad third down situations against a pretty good Defense way too often in the 2nd half.

  94. Pabs–I thought Lynch ran well. We just didnt pound him often enough in the first half to wear down the D. Also, the line wasnt playing great, but they werent bad either. Its just too bad we committed a hold every damn time Lynch broke one.

    Also, they kept trying to get the ball downfield too deep; short passing game was open, and RW ignored it until his outlet WR became covered. He waited too long to either dump it off or run…many times.

    We kept trying to get chunk plays on offense instead of just chipping away at them, and moving the chains.

    On third and short, we threw the ball every single time I believe. Which is standard this year. Championship teams can run the ball and get it–especially with a guy like Lynch–on third and short. We dont even attempt it because our line still isnt where it should be. Sad.

  95. I don’t think Wilson looked intimidated. I think he looked sick. As in under the weather. He looked like he was in some kind of stupor. Slow to react. When Bowman came in to get the sack early on, RW seemed to misjudge how fast he was coming.

    Just a guess, but maybe he got a little of whatever it was that felled Tavaris Jackson.

    There was that one play where he faked a hand-off to air. Marshawn was about a yard away from him. Was that a miscommunication? Was someone in the wrong spot. Faking a hand-off to the air isn’t really part of the playbook, is it?

    Go Hawks!

  96. Penalties put the QB in bad third down situations. Not Lynch. Second and 25 against a good defense at home is damn near hopeless. The penalties that were called on the offense were legit and killed several drives in this game. But I don’t know how you can blame the coaching for not instilling discipline when a vet like MikeRob gets a facemask penalty. Or Okung gets caught holding. These players need to look themselves in the mirror and step up.

  97. pabuwal says:

    The Seahawks had a 1st down on the SF 15 in the 4th quarter. They gave it to Lynch 2 consecutive times for 2 yards which brought up a 3rd and 8. It would have been nice to see the first 2 runs net 6 yards. You don’t get too many chances against that Defense to have successful runs and in the biggest point he couldn’t get it done.

    In the last 6 games against SF, the Seahawks have won 2 blowouts at home and lost 4 close games that came down to the last few minutes of the 4th quarter. 2 of those games were started by Jackson and 2 were started by Wilson. In those 4 games, the highest point total was just 17 points. What’s the solution here lol?

  98. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Lynch simply hasn’t played up to his standards of late, for whatever reasons.
    And I’m surprised to not hear any negative things about Sweezy in the last few weeks.

    And I agree with bird_spit.
    If I had to point a finger anywhere for this loss it would be special teams.

  99. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would like to hear more of an update on Ungers injury.
    Even when healthy he’s not the most physical center, but of late it seems like he gets pushed around way too easy. Could be part of the reason for Lynch’s decline.

  100. STTBM…tired of hearing about Christine Michael. Nothing pisses you off more? Wah.

    Turbin can pass block, ok. He runs hard, again ok. Does he have burst or wiggle? Not even close.

    Michael seems to be a nice change of pace back and he’s much faster than Turbin when it comes to returning kicks. I’m not saying he should be the #2 back. I just want defenses to have a different look to face. Marshawn and Turbo like to run through people so it allows def lines to bunch up more. Michael can get outside, turn the corner and be gone. I think he’s pretty good at catching the ball too.

    Obviously, he’s not playing for a reason. But just like we get excited about Harvin stretching the field, I think Michael can do the same.

    So sorry to piss you off…meh!

  101. Southendzone says:

    I’m with you joreb! Michael would bring another dimension, I wonder if they are saving him for the playoffs as a secret weapon to screw with opposing teams game plans, or if they truly just don’t trust him enough to play him now.

    Bottom line yesterday is that effort & execution wasn’t enough to get it done. With all the dumb mistakes, crap calls, and nervous looking RW plays, we came within 2 points. They just weren’t on their game, it’s probably a little due to the short week, and a lot due to SF having a darn good defense.

  102. Vegas56 says:

    I think yesterday was THE day we missed having Harvin on the field. A healthy Harvin probably would have made the difference yesterday…I suspect his presence would also have improved Wilson’s play.

  103. jchawks08 says:

    One thing I can agree with STTBM on is Turbin returning kicks. Can we consider that experiment finished, please?
    Who’s spot would Michael be taking if we made him active to return kicks?

  104. And Rice…and Browner…and Thurmond.

    One of these days, I’d like to see us play the Niners at full strength and let the best team win. It’s not sour grapes…I just think it’d be a different result in our favor.

    Even if Harbaugh greases the officials the week leading up to the game.

    I hate that guy. I respect the Niners, but I can’t stand Harbaugh at all.

  105. jchawks08 says:

    Harvin lol.. I forget he’s on the team sometimes. Yea, I suppose a healthy Harvin really would add some extra dimensions to this team.

  106. Here’s the difference in Lynch and Gore….Gore is small and can squeeze thru holes, where Lynch is big, no squeezing, but he can run over guys too. The best example of this was Gore’s 51 yd burst…slow motion showed him just barely squeezing thru and then he blew past Dreadlock-Man and Earl Thomas. Maybe Lynch is wearing down?

  107. sluggo42 says:

    You can throw a flag on most any play. They just chose to not throw any on the 49er oline all game.
    Typically I would launch into how it’s true the penalties cost us this game, but today it just doesn’t matter. Cuz the game was yesterday. We barely lost a very winnable game, (due to bad calls haha). Giants will face an angry team next week.

    Would Percy have made the difference, ya. And he will during the Super Bowl victory.

    To lose a very winnable game is a bummer, but not the end of the world. I am strangely calm for some weird reason.

  108. chuck_easton says:

    For those that want to see more of Michael I remind you what Eric said prior to his leaving and what Todd has confirmed…

    The team will activate Michael when they believe he has a firm grasp of ALL aspects of the offense, not just being the ball carrier.

    Ok, as a guy who does coach youth football I can tell you what that translates to mean in english.

    “The kid will get more playing time when he can block, pass protect, play ST, and be willing to be more than the ‘man’ carrying the rock.”

    The knock on Michael and why he slipped to the 2nd round was not ability as a ball carrier. It was his attitude and willingness to be a ‘team first’ kind of guy.

    Does it have to be spelled out any clearer?

  109. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Some are wondering why Wilson didn’t have an elite game against the 49ers.
    It’s simple, no qb has had an elite game against the 49ers this year except perhaps Rodgers in the first game and the Packers still lost the game.

    In fact Wilson did worse in the first game up in Seattle.

    8-19, 142 yards, 1 td and 1 int.

    And Brees didn’t do much better then Wilson playing the 49ers at home then Wilson did yesterday. Brees had 305 yards however it took him twice as many completions as Wilson had yesterday to get there, and Brees had 1 td and 1 int.

    Do you think Brees would have done better then Wilson in San Francisco?
    I’m not so sure.
    San Francisco’s defense is about as good as ours and that’s why Elite QBs like Wilson and Brees struggle at times when they play good defenses like Seattle and San Francisco.

  110. Chuck…I understand what he can’t do. I understand, really…but blocks are missed by the starters too. And I know about his attitude that landed him in the doghouse @ A&M.

    What I also believe to be true is that we ‘wasted’ a 2nd round pick on him because HE CAN RUN. Again, I’m not saying he should be a starter or the primary back-up, but change of pace is just that, change of pace.

    We’ve been short on bodies here at the end of the season. He’s been on the inactive list because Lynch and Turbin and the FB’s have been healthy and reliable, but I just wish there was a way to get him some time. I still think back to the preseason game against the Packers when he showed things I haven’t seen from our RBs in a really long time.

    Had we won yesterday, I have a feeling we would’ve been seeing a lot more of him, but since we still have some meaningful games left, we might not see him at all. I just hope our RBs don’t wear down during this stretch run.

    Michael is not what I’d consider a character guy, but the dude runs like wild when he gets it and I think we could use a little boost in the RB game.

  111. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- We have played, (or will have played) all the very best defenses this year,(at least the top five or so, and two of them twice) and still have a top 10 or close to it offense.

  112. Chuck–They dont want to hear it. Its the Madden/Video Game Generation. You know, the ones who refer to RW as qb1 and T-Jack as qb2, and talk about Harvin being our new WR1. PPPPTTHHT! As if the real world operates like a video game…

    Seattle has made it clear Michaels has a ways to go before he plays, both maturity-wise and in understanding and executing his responsibilities on any given play.

    Meanwhile, I feel Turbin has played well in a reserve role. Yes, I expect Michaels to someday be a star and outshine Turbin, but not this year. And Turbin has played well when given decent blocking–which has been in short supply this season.

    Perhaps Lynch is slowing. He seems to have lost that extra gear, and he never was a burner to start with. But I think his lessened production has more to do with poor and inconsistent blocking. The same thing thats wrong with Turbin’s game this year.

    Turbin and Lynch didnt fall apart in the offseason, the line did. And playing Michaels wont change that fact.

  113. joereb–I agree, when Michaels gets his chance I bet he sets the world on fire. Now if only he can learn to blitz pickup like Lynch…

  114. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – Special teams would get him activated, alone. They have Turbin returning kick offs for god’s sake.

    Pick up a blitz like Lynch *and* Turbin. Turbin, in one year, become a solid pass protector.

  115. The talk about Bevell being a HC kind of baffles me. He’s a fine OC, when he isnt being too conservative and stubborn, like this week. But he appears to have the personality of a wet gym sock…

    How’d that work out for Brad Childress?

    As much as Sundays offensive idiocy pissed me off–and its not the first time this year–I want Bevell to stay and have RW and our WR keep growing in the system.

  116. chuck_easton says:

    So Todd said that Michaels would be willing to return kicks. That would get him on ST, but he still can’t be used on the KO cover team, punt return or punt cover teams.

    Do you activate a guy just to be the designated kick returner? Hard call there. Not sure I’d be willing to make that choice.

  117. I think part of the problem with activating Michaels just to return kicks is that we have guys like BB, Wright, Unger, etc who are hogging roster spots but not able to play. Besides, not sure if Michaels has ever returned kicks, putting him out there cold late in the season might not be the best bet. But at least they could practice during the week with someone besides Turbin….he’s not getting it done.

  118. boycie99 says:

    Pete just said in his presser Turbin will continue returning kicks.

  119. Dukeshire says:

    In fairness, he’s only returned 5 kicks, so far. And while he’s not ideal he has shown a remarkable ability to adapt to whatever he’s been asked to do.

  120. Thats a good point Dukeshire. I would say SF’s Special Teams played well, and perhaps ours could block a bit better for Turbo–he had guys in his face way too soon.

    Still, I will be glad to see Harvin come back and take the occasional kick thats for sure.

  121. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Remember when BobbyK had his Username high jacked on the live game chats?
    Well some douchebag has done the same to me.
    I was at a Christmas party last night during the last half of the game. I decided to check out the live game chat today and low and behold someone used my username several times.
    Makes me wonder if it was Mr. Butt hurt? But in any case for future reference if you see my username on live game chats anymore it won’t be me because I will no longer participate in them.

    Too bad Todd or someone else at TNT can’t set it up better so the usernames can’t be high jacked by blog losers.

  122. MEH – my username has been taken alot – whatever! if it makes them feel good great – I just change to guest or something simple and when they stop I go back to my name.

    the first time it made me mad but really I decided that most people know my opinions anyway so if it is directly opposite of that – I think people can figure it out.

  123. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – That used to happen to me all the time as well. That’s why Eric made me a moderator, that way, anyone who posted under my name, you knew was a fraud. Once Todd took over and that “program” stopped, I basically quit the chats. So, I understand where you’re coming from.

  124. Southendzone says:

    haha, I say enough stupid stuff on my own in the chats. If someone hijacked my name there, my reputation would improve.

    Turbin really doesn’t look like the right fit at KR. Really I just pray for touchbacks each time he’s back there.

    On one of SF’s kicks I think they might have kicked it short on purpose because they know he doesn’t have the burst to get a good KR.

  125. Todd Dybas says:


    You can email me about stuff this like this.

    The trouble with making any name a moderator is what happened to Georgia. If it’s someone else and we give them locked-in approval, then we can have a problem. Unfortunately, there is not a way to know beforehand in the chats that I am aware of. I’ll look into options with that software.

    On a sidenote: I can’t resolve what I don’t know about. Talk to me, and we’ll see what we can improve/fix. I’m always open. If I can’t handle it directly, I can push it up the food chain.



  126. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Duke, and thanks Todd.

    I didn’t know about your trouble with this Duke until now. I just remember BobbyK having to deal with this.

    I probably should have emailed this to you first Todd, so I mean no disrespect to you.
    I’m sure you had no idea.

  127. Sorry you got hijacked Georgia. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been called Slave To The Bowel Movement, and other insults–I’ve been called stupid, idiot, etc for voicing unpopular opinions.

    Oh, and while that stuff was permitted, my responses were not, even though most were within the rules. I feel just as powerless as you when that crap happens.

    Insulting those you disagree with is ok I guess as long as I’m not the one doing it.

  128. I love how Sherm spoke the truth about the awful officiating in that game. Should have those refs taken out and shot twice in the back of the head with 44 magnum hollow point at point blank range. Should do the same to every SF fan too, as well as every SEA fan who questions Sherm’s opinions.

  129. Klm–??!!

    The refs sucked but they missed fouls Seattle committed as well. Just wish they were consistent, crew to crew, or even in-game. I do think they ignored holding on the whiners line far more than on us; seemed like they threw a flag anytime Lynch got to the Los without contact…but maybe that’s cause we had to hold to make a block…

    Refs didn’t cost us the game.

  130. Dukeshire says:

    My god, that’s about the most absurd post I’ve read in some time.

    STTBM is exactly right, IMO. Not only should have Seattle have been flagged several more times, the refs had no bearing on the Seahawks loss Sunday.

  131. Face it, Sherman is a thug, from Comptom and loves to run his mouth when he loses! The Seahawks are a class group EXCEPT for that loudmouth. The Seahawk fans are fabulous and have a right to feel proud of this team, they have exceeded expectations and RW is the real deal too. KLM: Violence has no place in NFL, maybe in Compton, but not the NFL!

  132. Pretty sure klm was in full sarcasm mode…

  133. Sherman came across as much of a poor loser as Krapernick after a loss. Sad.

    Sherman, expecting to blow out the Niners is a big reason Seattle lost. No NFL team should ever expect to blow out another team, let alone a team as good as the Niners. That is a prime example of Hubris.

  134. I think the players need to pause and think about what they say to the media…think about it before you go make headlines about running off your mouth..sorry that someone hijacked too..some people have too much time on their hands I guess!

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