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49ers 19, Seahawks 17: Postgame reaction thread

Post by Kenny Via / The News Tribune on Dec. 8, 2013 at 4:48 pm with 173 Comments »
December 8, 2013 4:52 pm

Niners vs. Seahawks

It was every bit as hard-fought as advertised, but the 49ers pulled it out, 19-17, on Sunday in San Francisco.

A 51-yard run by Frank Gore set up the game-winning field goal for the 49ers in another heavyweight grudge match between these two rivals.

The win probably means more for San Francisco than Seattle, as it keeps the 49ers in the driver’s seat for a wild card playoff berth. The Seahawks meanwhile, still hold a two-game lead in the division with three games to play.

That being said, it was the Seahawks second loss of the season, and one to a bitter rival at that.

Let’s get to some questions:

1. Who gets the game ball? Who is the goat?

2. Should the Seahawks have let the 49ers score earlier to save time on the clock?

3. What is your overall take from this game? Just a hiccup or will it linger?

4. Which of the remaining three games (@NYG, ARIZ, STL) worries you the most?

5. What do you expect to see from Seattle over the course of the rest of the season?

As always, don’t limit yourself to these questions. Any other insight from the game?

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  1. 1. Who gets the game ball? Who is the goat? – Game ball – not sure I have to think – there were a few good games but noone that stuck out to me

    Goat – love the guy but Earl’s lack of a play in the 4th quarter was the game changer

    2. Should the Seahawks have let the 49ers score earlier to save time on the clock? – NO – I am a never a fan of that strategy – WAY more likely to get a FG than a TD.

    3. What is your overall take from this game? Just a hiccup or will it linger? Hiccup – SF played a great game for them our guys played a little flat and still they only came out 2 points better – even after we give up the biggest play against on the drive.

    4. Which of the remaining three games (@NYG, ARIZ, STL) worries you the most? STL seems to play us the best – but honestly I think we win the next 2 and that game won’t matter.

    5. What do you expect to see from Seattle over the course of the rest of the season? Inspired play – They want to clinch this thing – they know what tough defeats in the playoffs are like – they won’t want to see this again.

    All the weird calls but the only one that really bothers me is the Lack of fumble review – they changed the call and it should have been reviewable and the Hawks should have had the ball.

  2. CDHawkFan says:

    I really thought we were going to win this one, but I also thought the Saints game would be close…what do I know.

    Gore’s run and the penalties were the game. Seemed even except at QB.

    Probably not a bad result to keep the guys focused, now we just need to get on another run 6-0.

  3. MoSeahawk12 says:

    1. Who gets the game ball? Who is the goat? No game ball. Special teams is the goat.

    2. Should the Seahawks have let the 49ers score earlier to save time on the clock. No, should have not let Gore gash for 51 at the end.

    3. What is your overall take from this game? Just a hiccup or will it linger? Not the best effort. Lynch had good yards the first half and then Bevel tried to pad his stats and lost.

    4. Which of the remaining three games (@NYG, ARIZ, STL) worries you the most? The Rams kicked our ass last time and we somehow won. Going to NY next week will be tough.

    5. What do you expect to see from Seattle over the course of the rest of the season? Three more wins to 14-2

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    Not really worried.The Niners had so much to lose and came out on top.Defense gave up one play late that hurt but Pete Carroll using all timeouts hurt.

  5. chuck_easton says:

    Seattle should win next week in NY.

    They then have the ability to clinch HFA at home against Arizona on the 22nd.

    A loss today is probably just what was needed to get these guys ready for the final push.

    They don’t want to be coasting into the playoffs. They need to be fighting every game.

  6. Ewalters7354 says:

    as well

  7. Dukeshire says:

    From my post in the previous thread:

    “No post game thread…?

    Anyway, by my count, 3 false starts, running into the returner, and poor use of timeouts: that’s equals a very undisciplined effort. Moreover, For those who don’t feel BB and Thurmond being out aren’t an issue, Maxwell’s play disagrees with you. He was a liability, despite the pick, this afternoon. I’d prefer to see Lane at RCB.”

    Guess the thread is up now, but I’m still as disappointed with the play today as I was an hour ago. Truth be told, Seattle rides a fine line with regard to the penalties, and today it cost them. The sad thing is they could have called so many more. Seattle got away with several.

    All that said, the future is obviously still bright. This is still a real contender to win the SB. But they simply can’t take the field and expect to win. They had better learn a lot from this game.

  8. DanielleMND says:

    I’m displeased to lose to a hated division rival, but the 49ers played us tough today. We still have the best record in the league, and still are in good shape for the #1 seed in the playoffs.

  9. sluggo42 says:

    Penalties and injuries ouch.
    Penalties kept killing momentum. We should have won this game. Stupid penalties and zebra penalties killed everything we did, and extended everything they did.

    No game balls to the losing team.
    Earl Thomas missing gore really hurt.

    Hiccup, cuz we shoulda won

    We will win the rest out handily.

  10. Should have let them score. And niners should have just went down. If we let them score on first down would have time for td.

  11. Vegas56 says:

    Game ball: no one stands out in a flat performance. Goat: Earl Thomas I guess…though I suspect the loss of KJ may have been involved in the Gore run. Once again, Gore gores us…he is our super villain.

    No, I don’t think a little more time would have helped an offense that was outplayed by their D the entire second half.

    I hope it lingers…I hope they never forget how pedestrian they look when they play without fire…like today.

    I think we’ll be OK in our remaining games…I think they’ll sting a bit from this one, and that will focus them.

    I expect they will be better and more focused the rest of the season. But I don’t want to face Carolina or SF in the playoffs, if I had a choice on that.

    And stop this idiotic Wilson MVP talk. He is NOT an MVP calibre QB. Not yet. Wilson was exposed today. He needs to improve to another level. He is no Peyton Manning. Not yet.

  12. mocarob says:

    Haven’t the last 3 losses to the 49ers all been 19-17 ?

  13. Ewalters7354 says:


  14. Duke – I usually agree with you on the clock management issues, but today I don’t – they were Gambling that they would get the stop on third down and DIDN”T – Now IF they had it would have looked GREAT! Oh well it is what it is.

    MoHawk – I am curious how you give the goat to special teams? don’t disagree per-se, but am curious.

  15. CDHawkFan says:

    One thing that I find interesting is the 9ers and concussions. A few weeks ago they lost Reed and someone else in the same game to concussions, but both were back the next week. A few weeks before we lost Unger and someone else and they missed a game. Today the had a DB go out, then come back in.

    I know the NFL has rules, I assume its a doctors call, just seems a bit strange to me.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Earl Thomas misread the Gore run, but to blame him, or goat, for the loss is absurd. It absolutely should have never come to that run. Regardless, that was a poor read on his part.

  17. Was Russell Wilson ill? He seemed a little off throughout the game.

    The penalties were obviously a killer, especially on offense. (Not to slight the ones on defense.)

    We should not have let Gore get that long run. We’ve seen it too many times. That was a fold.

    We should have scored after Tate’s great return. What was with the play calling?

    This game took a little swagger out of us. You could see it on Sherman’s face. I’m concerned about that.

    It will be interesting to see what spin Pete and Co. put on this.

    Hopefully they learn something from it and can improve.

  18. Hawkenstein says:

    1. Nobody gets the game ball. ET is great but I thought he over ran some today. Maybe he was just trying to hard.

    2. No I don’t like the idea of ever letting someone score. That long run basically killed us anyways.

    3. Just a hiccup. Coming off a Monday nighter isn’t always easy. Losses will sometimes make you stronger.

    4. None really worry me.I’m more worried about possible injuries from these games

    5. I expect to see less penalties hopefully and more from the offense.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    BTW, can we please get some elaboration regarding Wright on the sideline, after his injury? He threw his helmet and him someone in the face?

  20. Once Gore had gashed us, I definitely believe the better strategy would have been to let SF score and save clock. Instead they scored anyway and left us with only a desperation play.

    The goat was PC – twice over. Once for an undisciplined team that commits costly penalties, the second for not playing the last two minutes more shrewdly.

  21. MEhawkfan says:

    No game balls today. Seattle didn’t really bring their A game. The offense left quite a few plays out on the field. Wilson was definitely not as sharp as he normally is. The goat moniker belongs to the officiating crew in my opinion. There seemed to be several bogus calls and also several non-calls that should have gone against both Seattle and San Francisco. The holding by the niners offensive line seemed pretty bad at times. I could be wrong, but I think the only penalty on that group was an illegal hands to the face toward the end of the game.
    No, they shouldn’t have let them score. What they should have done was hold onto those two timeouts. Hindsight, of course, but still, at the time, I thought they were a little premature in using them. Letting Kapernick get that first down was a killer. That was almost a more egregious error than letting Gore rip off that fifty yard run.
    I think it’s going to hurt a little. The injury situation seems potentially problematic. Despite several lapses, Seattle still played hard and losing a hard-fought game is bound to cause some kind of a hangover.
    I’m worried about all three. But the next one, at the Giants, is probably the most worrisome to me. How Seattle bounces back from this loss might say a lot about their prospects in the playoffs. If it were a home game, I wouldn’t be too concerned. But 10:00am on the East Coast is cause for concern. In case they might have forgotten, they should remember now that nothing is going to be handed to them.
    I expect the Hawks to bounce back and win out. We’ll see how the injury situation is going to affect them.

  22. CDHawkFan says:

    Didn’t Wright have the same broken foot injury before? Guessing he knew what it meant (time off and rehab) when he was told and blew his top.

  23. Vegas56 says:

    Yes Wilson was exposed by an elite D today. Many bad decisions and even some terrible throws on passes that a half-decent throw would have resulted in completions. The last drive where they had to settle for an FG was the result of a horrible third down half-shovel throw that was too low for the receiver to catch. Wilson has plenty of improvement ahead of him yet. He is NOT a legit MVP type QB…yet. So let’s get rid of that ridiculous talk. He may get there soon, but he’s not there yet.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Snappa – I hope you’re right: some of Seattle’s swagger was taken away. Got to play with a chip and disciplined every week. I hate losing, but perhaps this reminds them of what got them here in the first place.

  25. boycie99 says:

    So the Giants next week… Out of the playoffs If Dallas wins tonight. Has to be good for the Hawks, playing a team with nothing to play for

  26. Even more than the Gore run, I thought the last third down conversion was even bigger. That allowed them to milk the entire clock before kicking the game winning FG.

    If we stop them on that third down, Wilson is going to get the ball back with plenty of time to lead a drive where we can kick our own game winning FG.

    In a game like this there are so many “one plays” that would/could have changed the outcome. In the end, SF made one more play than we did. It sucks but I’ve gotta tip my hat to them for their effort today.

    However, I think they are delusional if they think they could win a rematch in Seattle in January, although there is the “Any Given Sunday” scenario that always worries me.

    Lets go get a win at our future Super Bowl site and then win a home game to secure HFA.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Exposed? Here come the reactionaries…

  28. freedom_X says:

    I was shocked at Frank Gore’s speed on the 51 yarder. Either that or Earl Thomas isn’t that fast. Thomas didn’t make up a single step on Gore until Gore ran out of gas.

    I would consider Sherman more of a goat. I don’t think Sherman played up to his standards – far from lockdown quality.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    We’ll said, Bobby.

  30. The Wilson one-hopper to Tate that would have easily converted that third down was simply the work of a great defense that can rattle and hurry anyone. Even Russell Wilson.

    Like I said, so many “one plays.” Or the 52 yard FG they kicked. etc…

  31. boycie99 says:

    Whats with all the really low snaps in the shotgun. Just shows Unger wasn’t playing healthy. Hopefully its nothing too serious and we can get him back in Jan when it matters

  32. MEhawkfan says:

    For whatever reason(s), Wilson was definitely not as sharp today as he usually is. I wonder how much of a factor the crowd noise was? Regardless, I’m willing to bet he’ll learn from this game and improve his play because of it.

  33. Hawkenstein says:

    Not exposed. Little harsh

  34. pabuwal says:

    It’s not such a bad thing to lose a game like this in the regular season.

    The 49ers Defense is still the cream of the crop, which is sometimes lost in how poor of a QB Kapernick is. The Seahawks have a good Offense, got the ball at the 28 and managed a mere 15 yards when a TD would have won the game. The Seahawks gained only 264 yards.

    The 49ers Offense (which is poor) was able to mount a long game winning drive. The Panthers Defense or 49ers Defense would not have allowed that to happen.

  35. CDHawkFan says:

    Unger has been snapping the ball low all year (and maybe last year). You would think he would correct it after watching film for a week or two.

  36. MoSeahawk12 says:

    STTMB making all his points with name calling and temper tantrums. Calling other regulars Nazi’s.
    Credibility gone. Being upset at the outcome of the game is one thing. Acting like a complete ass and showing all of us what you’re all about is another. Find a hobby. Seahawks football is not for you.

  37. pabuwal says:

    Unger leaving the game with a chest injury can’t be good – any word?

  38. boycie99 says:

    SO Wright broke a bone in his foot and out for 6 weeks according to PC

  39. No game balls–except the weekly one for Lynch. Jesus, why he didn’t get the ball more I will never understand.

    Goat is Carrol; In a game the players were dominating, he got conservative, yet tried to be tricky by using Lynch as a decoy–not to mention coaching Wilson to hold the ball too long and not to take the short route…had we ran Lynch and taken what the D have us, as the Niners did, I believe we would have won.

    Not to mention the sloppy mistakes and ridiculous penalties, a Carrol Hallmark. Get it together, Coach!

    Every third ans short thus year we’ve passed! We’ve got to be able to run there!

    Earl Thomas blew several huge plays with poor technique; the missed sack where he overran Kap and let him step up in the pocket, and the big run by Old Slow Gore. Seriously, how many times have we seen ET make the same mistakes?! Just when I was beginning to buy the hype…he’s not DPlayer of the year, not even close.

    Enough with blind homerism! Seattle will recover, but just like the Colts game, there’s no damned reason they lost…just sad…

  40. Singularitarian says:

    I don’t think most of you even get the question. You absolutely have to let them score after Kap’s first down. you get the ball back with a little under 2 minutes down 5 with R Wilson with the ball in his hands. It is a no brainer. Pete Carroll failed on that last drive with a poorly timed timout and giving up with 2 minutes left to give the offense no time

  41. Vegas56 says:

    OK, I see the points…exposed in the sense that Yanker has him as an infallible second-coming. He is most definitely not that…he’s not a Brady, Rogers or Manning yet. I think he can get there but he’s not there yet. His mediocre play today shows that. That’s all I mean by exposed…that idiotic MVP talk should end here, for now.

  42. pabuwal says:

    It may be a no brainer against most teams but the Seahawks had no success moving the ball in the second half against that Defense. You are telling me they would drive 80 yards with just under 2 minutes left??

  43. Mo, stay classy bringing stuff from a previous thread!

    My point was how on earth can u judge me when all my responses weren’t posted?!

    And yes, saying no one should question the ethics or performance of a PAID blog reporter because the blog is free, IMO, makes you a typical sheep who could easily have been a nazi.. Free Speach– within blog rules–is hugely important.

    And my anger comes from several other live chats where others were allowed to insult me and I was not allowed any reply, even when their insults crossed the line and my response didn’t; Hughes got fired partly for that behavior…,

  44. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I hope the injuries are not too bad.. Pete used his last 2 timeouts way to early.

  45. boycie99 says:

    A loss in the regular season not a bad thing, incredibly tough to beat a good team 3 times in 1 season.
    Hopefully should we see them again we will have the spirit the Niners had today, they just wanted it that little bit more.
    Penalties killed us again and was an accident waiting to happen.
    Now lets wrap it up against the Giants who have nothing to play for and then the Cards…. So we don’t expose Wilson to Quinn in the last game of the season

  46. The_12TH_Hawk says:

    1. Who gets the game ball? Who is the goat?
    No game ball, Goat goes to Special Teams.
    2. Should the Seahawks have let the 49ers score earlier to save time on the clock?
    No, that is a horrible tactic that rarely works in a game of Madden.
    3. What is your overall take from this game? Just a hiccup or will it linger?
    Tough game, but you expected it. How must the 49ers feel if they get blown out at the CLink and squeak by at the Stick.
    4. Which of the remaining three games (@NYG, ARIZ, STL) worries you the most?
    Only thing to think about is the next game.
    5. What do you expect to see from Seattle over the course of the rest of the season?
    Oh have mercy, let’s see Percy!

    No worries, Go Hawks!

  47. And Mo, I never called names.

  48. MEhawkfan says:

    They couldn’t score a touchdown when they were handed the ball on the thirty. Eighty yards for a TD might have been a stretch.

  49. Game ball to the refs they had the most impact

  50. 1. Who gets the game ball? Who is the goat?

    Game ball goes to Maxwell. He continues to play good ball filling in for WT, and certainly was not the reason we lost today.

    Whoever over-pursued and blew their gap assignment on the long Gore run is the goat. We played our asses off all game, and I’m sick of giving up these long ass runs to Gore seemingly almost every time we play him.
    If Thomas messed up the run fit, then he is the goat for today.
    I know he’s played superb all year, but for today he cost us the game.

    2. Should the Seahawks have let the 49ers score earlier to save time on the clock?

    RW only had about 20 secs on the clock to go some 55 yards with no time outs after Tate’s ill advised decision to bring the ball out. We call him the magician on this blog, but that would be more like a miracle. I thought we took our timeouts early also, we should have waited to see if they got the first down before we took those timeouts. In hindsight you could say that was a sound strategy to let them score, but it never feels good to let a team score a TD on purpose.

    3. What is your overall take from this game? Just a hiccup or will it linger?

    We played them close, and played tough but sloppy. It may be good for us to experience the bitter taste of defeat before we go on the playoff run.

    4. Which of the remaining three games (@NYG, ARIZ, STL) worries you the most?

    Not worried about NYG, they got eliminated today. STL DL, esp Long and Quinn give us headaches every time, but they are not as much of a threat as AZ, because Palmer has been hot lately. He was 27/32 today.

    5. What do you expect to see from Seattle over the course of the rest of the season?

    Hungrier than ever, more focused than ever. We will run the table the rest of the way to finish 14-2 with home field advantage. Super Bowl XLVIII here we come!

    This game shows that we could really use Harvin as that X-factor as a receiver and runner, but also as a kick returner to separate us from them, and even if he’s not targeted, he’ll get attention as a decoy and loosen their D up some.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    SF nor Carolina wouldn’t have given up a big play, which the entirety of the game winning drive was, is simply myopic. A very short sighted and foolish statement.

  52. Hawkenstein says:

    The most concerning thing from these next couple of games are injuries. They could really cost us. At this point staying healthy is the most important thing

  53. shoehawks says:

    Go Panthers.

  54. Dukeshire says:

    Vegas- Let’s not use him as any type of metric with regard to what’s good or bad in the league. Lol. Please…

  55. MEhawkfan says:

    “It’s not such a bad thing to lose a game like this in the regular season.”

    I understand the sentiment; although, to me, it seemed like the worst thing in the world while I was watching it happen.

    Here’s hoping it’s huge wake-up call for the team. As some have mentioned previously, they need to get that edge back.

  56. MoSeahawk12 says:

    I’ve tried to stay supportive of many of your comments this year regarding the worst O-line in the history of the NFL and the most overrated free safety that misses way more plays than he makes, according to you of course, but you just went too far and are acting like spoiled child that didn’t get candy after dinner. I offered support in my understanding of your anger and disappointment as I’ve been a hard core fan of this team for 30+ years and want nothing more than for them to finally win a damn Superbowl. But today, you just showed what a complete fool you are. Yes, please stay classy by whining often and weekly. I take take lightly to be called a Nazi. Typically internet coward.

  57. Dukeshire–Lack of discipline is a Carrol staple, and that’s what beat us: the penalties, and ET’s multiple whiffs on plays he just needed to do his job, not be a hero, cost us the game, not to mention bad game planning, no halftime adjustment, and awful clock mgmt by Carrol..

    This game is Carrol and Bevells fault.

  58. pabuwal says:

    An important part of the game winning drive was allowing Kapernick to convert a 3rd and 7 with a run when there was no way they were going to let him pass. Great Defenses stop one dimensional offenses in that situation. They aren’t there yet, but should be with some more time.

  59. pabuwal says:

    The Vegas bookies nailed these odds, didn’t they?

  60. Vegas56 says:

    Duke, points well taken. Damned glad I took the points…a couple hundred bucks to ease the pain…

  61. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    I blame Pete for using his timeouts 2 mins too early… If anything this game allows us to refocus on the number 1 goal.. KJ going down hurts our depth bigtime, considering he is also the backup Middle Lb.

  62. pabuwal says:

    SO if Carroll doesn’t use those 2 timeouts, the 49ers just burn that clock anyways earlier instead of later? Why do you keep saying that? What am I missing?

  63. Todd Dybas says:

    Quick injury update: K.J. Wright has a broken bone in his foot and is out six weeks, Pete Carroll said. Max Unger with a chest injury, Jeron Johnson pulled his other hamstring (not the one that was bothering him earlier this year).

    — Todd

  64. Mo, you are putting words in my mouth again; I never said ET was the most overrated, but truth hurts he is sloppy at tackling and makes too many mistakes to be D player of the year.

    And I never called you a Nazi; I just said you’d make good one since your idea of free Speach is that opinions you don’t care for may be censored. My point is that’s where it starts, and I am hugely passionate about fairness and free Speach; which is why I’m do angry with Dybas and his arrogance this season .

    I don’t expect you to agree. But considering you never got to read my unpublished responses, nor were up here for some of the live chat censorship earlier in the year, I can’t see your opinion on my anger as relevant or informed.

    You’re just like so many others, who demonize those they disagree with and support like minded individuals but won’t stand up for a principle: all traits of weak people who can be manipulated into accepting fascism.

  65. thursday says:

    Disappointing, but it was clear the Niners came out with the intensity they needed in a desperate game and we couldn’t match it early. The silver lining I guess I see is that it ought to make us have a laser sharp focus for the last three games. The last thing I wanted to see was a letting up on the gas for the last games.

    Also, penalties were obviously the killer. Some of them weren’t warranted, but probably at least half were and they were game changers. Felt like they got conservative on that last redzone possession after the Tate punt return too. A FG obviously turned out to be not enough

  66. Hey TNT – you seriously need to upgrade your blog software. No “like”, no editing, no quoting, no threaded conversations, no avatars. I mean really, those are standard features anywhere else these days.

    Unfortunately there are posters here who post stuff with no context – who knows what is being replied to or what their post is relevant to? I don’t see the posters here changing, so perhaps you can upgrade your blog software. Thanks.

    OK, carry on with the rants, etc….

  67. ML had 20 carries today – with 2 8+ yard carries called by on penalties – so it’s not like he didn’t touch the ball at all. 22 is a bunch of touches.

    I wouldn’t ever say that the Seahawks were Dominating the game. so blind homerism . . . . .

    At the beginning of the season all the way up to the last few days people were writing this game down as a loss. We lose and now . .
    1. We suck
    2. Carroll is an idiot
    3. RW needs to improve

    We got some penalities but we adjusted and didn’t get many as the game progressed – We were definitely called tight today – (clearly much tighter than what the NO – Car game is being called right now.) but they adjusted and didn’t get killed.

    We weren’t perfect – didn’t play as well as we could and cracked on the last drive – tough loss – but in reality winning that game was within our grasp and the players didn’t grab it. it is what it is

    As much as we don’t like to admit it – SF is a good team. some of the “poor play” was due to SF playing well. not all of it. We were not perfect.

  68. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Because he used his timeouts before Krap face ran for the 1st down on 3rd and 6. Should have until after that last 1st down..

    We will miss KJ,that injury bothers me.

  69. edstang45 says:

    I can’t tell if we lost or the Niners won. seemed we were lacking the big play capability and when we started moving down the field did the good defense stop us or did we stop ourselves. It’s hard to be objective as I’m a big time homer. Although Kearse tripped on last play, if he would have come up with it, it would’ve been ours. We didn’t get blown out. we are 11-2 at the start of the season we would all have taken that period. I hate losing but this team and coaching staff has brought us to the cusp of a championship run baby. So all you rookie experets who bash the staff, the o-line, the defense, the players remember if you were as football smart as you think you are you’d be in the league, on the sideline, not on the blog. Have faith baby were still in the best position in NFC to reach the goal!!!!

  70. Dukeshire says:

    Not is one took Seattle at either -2.5 or -3. That would be a win for the better, not the house.

    If you’re simply noting how close the score was to the spread, well no kidding: that’s what Vegas does. Those palaces haven’t built themselves.

  71. Lynch should have had 30 carries and RW neede to take the checkdown and not hold the ball so long. D needs to stay assignment correct and stop overpursuing…it’s an old problem. And dont get me started on the penalties…

  72. No half time adjustments? uh – they scored 16 in the first half and 3 in the 2nd but there were no adjustments.

    There were fewer penalties by almost half – first half to 2nd.

    The time out issue is FINE if they get the stop on Kaep – PC looks like a Genius, Players didn’t make the play. He trusted them to make it and they didn’t so that must be terrible coaching – trusting your players such a terrible trait.

    The offense controlled the ball in the 2nd half much better than they did in the first – defense made a couple of mistakes. If RW or ML had made the same plays that Gore and Kaep did they would be all world

  73. Game ball goes to Harbaugh successfully whining enough to influence the officials in throwing some grey area flags. Goat(s) goes to the officials for failing to make obvious holding calls on the 9ers o line, Harvin’s “hip” issue, and WT3 suspension.

    With a total of 82 yards in the 2nd half there was no way we were going to suddenly march 80 yards for a score.

    If our injuries to Wright and Unger are serious this is a game that has the potential to linger.

    Arizona game worries me the most, they still will have something to play for.

    I honestly don’t know what to expect from this team week to week. Sometimes I think they have turned a corner then others it’s like we play down to the competition. This last game felt like we just didn’t have the intensity that we usually play with except for Lynch. What I do know is that you can’t have penalties like we did in the playoffs and expect to win.

  74. MEhawkfan says:

    The impotence that goes with being a fan is sometimes a terrible thing. It’s funny, people crack on coaches and players after a loss, then others crack back on them for cracking on the players and coaches. It all amounts to basically the same thing…an outlet for fan frustration. We got nothing else.

  75. Just so we’re clear, PC didn’t commit any penalties today players did. Bevel didn’t miss any tackles or under throw any passes. Players need to make plays and be accountable for their own onfield mistakes.

  76. toastmaster says:

    I am still mad, but the combination of the hawks pushing the physicallity envelope and bad refs (IMO) was a recipe for disaster. Similar to what Duke said, I just did’t feel the intensity that we usually have and this was a bad time to lose that. That being said, we are still having an incredible year and I am still excited to be a Hawks fan which is sometimes hard to remember when I’M SO MAD!!!!!

  77. Pabs, if he waited to take the timeouts, the clock would have stopped at the 2 min warning anyway, and we have those couple time outs in our back pocket. Maybe we instruct Tate to kneel down and start at our own 20 with all 26 seconds left. It does make a difference because then Wilson can target the middle of the field for an intermediate 15-20 yd chunk play and take the time out instead of heaving up a desperation hail-mary type play.

    Oh, well. I don’t know if they would have won, but it would have put us in a more realistic position to go for the win at the end. Some of these situations that require really sharp strategy calls leave me feeling uneasy, as I don’t think that is PC’s strong suit. I’ve lobbied in the past for the Seahawks to hire a situational strategy specialist, like a sabremetric expert in baseball. It’s Paul Allen’s money, and why not take advantage of the deepest pockets in the league?

  78. Ok give Lynch the ball 30 times – good luck with that. Lynch will take himself out too much for that to happen – because he and PC know that if they over play him he won’t be full strength for the Play-offs – and that 3.6 average was oh so high to begin with.

    Yes RW should have gotten rid of the ball a few times – but if you ask him to change that and just get rid of it all the time, say good bye to all the plays he makes over the course of the season by waiting for the WR to get a chance to shake loose

    D needs to stay assignment correct and stop overpursuing – yes true – but it’s not like they did it on EVERY play all game long.

  79. MEhawkfan says:

    CCVI- I agree. I questioned the wisdom of using those timeouts as they were being called.

  80. Taking time-outs saved about :40 each time – before or after the 2 min warning or the 1st down is irrelevant

  81. pabuwal says:

    This timeout argument makes no sense because the 49ers converted that 3rd down. The end result was the same. Someone spell this out for me, because I still don’t understand the logic being presented here on why Carroll should have waited to use the timeouts.

  82. freedom_X says:

    Sure. The 49ers defense or the Panthers defense never give up long drives in close games. That’s why those teams have better records than Seattle, right?

    Oh, and that’s on the road. After all, some people here have the view home success is irrelevant and only performance on the road has any meaning.

  83. I love what JS and PC have built, but its built more on enthusiasm than on discipline. This hurts us with suspensions and too many penalties.

    The 51 yard run by Gore was (obviously) the killer. Its a result of a young, fast and aggressive defense that sometimes over commits and runs itself out of the play. Even so – I would not change the way we play defense!

    SF is a quality team – not too surprising that we lost a close game on the road on a short week.

  84. Offense appeared to do same crap after halftime, got what?! 82 yards?! Some adjustment..

    Just looked to me to be game that we should have won by a good margin, kept close by bad coaching…

  85. SeahawkFan12 says:

    NEVER like to lost, especially to the 9ers, but meh. Big deal. I’d rather be us than them.

  86. SeahawkFan12 says:

    lose, not lost.

  87. SF is a quality team – not too surprising that we lost a close game on the road on a short week.


    We didn’t play perfect – and occasionally make mistakes and still lost by 2! they were never out of it played hard the whole game – all it does is make us better! (cept for the KJ injury – thank God we Have Smith around)

  88. Blocis–It’s not necessarily an either/or proposition; Seattle can teach ET to do his job and not overpursue–not to mention wrap up–without compromising spied or effort; it’s called Discipline, and Seattle lacks it in spades.

  89. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Lots of winning NFL coaches on this blog……oh wait. Should be five or six openings soon.

  90. Letting a talent-inferior team win by two is not okay.

  91. Mo–I nominate you for the job–it’s obvious you know everything!

  92. STTBM – I am sorry – I am not sure what game you were watching but it must not have been the one I was watching – I thought we would win this right up to the Gore run then I doubted but until Kaep coverted before it became clear. But I never felt like we were going to blow them out during this game.

    SF played pretty well – we made more mistakes than they did – but lets also be Honest the Penalties against both teams were soo inconsistent it was stupid. We got some ticky tack Holding calls – the facemask on Lane. but they didn’t call the one on Maxwell where he didn’t turn on the ball and made contact with the WR before teh ball got there AND hit the guy in the face – no flag.

    For them the PF on Whitner when he bumped ML was crazy – that had been going on all game for both teams and no calls.

    The only one that still bugs me is the change of call on the fumble so that they could not review it. that was BAD

  93. MEhawkfan says:

    Fuzzy Logic…

    You get to the two minute warning one way or the other. Having the two timeouts in your back pocket on the backside of the two minute warning seems preferable to me. You either let them score a TD — down by six with two timeouts and 100 odd seconds or you stop them on first and second, use your timeouts, they use roughly a minute, and you still have a minute to drive the length of the field.

  94. MEhawkfan says:

    This assumes a stop on third as well and a field goal.

  95. Can anyone tell me an NFL game (with a link) to where a team LET another team score to get the ball back at the end of the game?

    Now when you are finding that game also make sure that the score for both teams is under 20 and both offenses around the 100 yard mark for the half.

    If they game had been like 35-42 and we had been moving the ball up and down the field then I would say OK – we hadn’t so I don’t think that would have been a prudent move. the best move was to stop Kaep on 3rd and 7. They have to kick 4 plays earlier more time on clock.

  96. pabuwal says:

    Unfortunately, the 49ers made the stop when they had to and the Seahawks did not.

    Come playoff time, when the situation comes up again, hopefully it turns the Seahawks way – in Seattle or NJ.

  97. Pabs – could not agree more!!!

  98. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Your family must be so proud. Keep making your point to anyone that’s still in the room. Us German’s know something about cleaning out a room.

  99. BTW – who is everyone pulling for in the NO – Car game – I think it helps us if they split the games – each win at home

  100. 100 comments already – here we go :)

  101. Xcman–No worries, just differing perspectives.

    I never thought Seattle would blow them out, but SF never should have stayed so close, nor won. Seattle kept trying to do what worked the last three weeks, even though it wasn’t working today and ultimately failed.

    And the sainted RW made mistakes and looked tentative today…let the wailing and gnashing of teeth begin, not to mention the excuses…

    Give the guy a break, he’s mortal; neither Jesus nor Rick Mirer. This too shall pass…

  102. pabuwal says:

    The 49ers have only lost by double digits at home twice under Harbaugh (NYG and Indy). 6 of the previous 8 Seahawks road games came down to the final few minutes.

    How was this not going to be a close game that came down to the final minutes?

  103. After the Gore run, it was almost a given that they would get at least a FG. If we contest that FG (as we did) we would then have 25 secs to score a FG with no timeouts to win the game (which is what happened). Or we could concede a TD to SF at the next play and have more than 2 minutes to score a winning TD. I like 120 seconds for a TD more than I like 25 seconds to score a FG. We would have four downs for every play for the TD drive. This kind of gamesmanship is not PC’s forte.

  104. Mo, I swear you’ve really lost it! come back!

    Seriously, calm down and read our exchanges again–then read the chat. You still won’t have my un posted comments, so won’t understand my anger at Dybas and TNT… But I doubt you’d care anyway: it’s clear this blog is only for Happy Homets who all agree…or else!

  105. We still have the best record in football and a *good* chance to lock up home field advantage with three weeks left to play. Thats pretty good.

    Thank heavens we have Smith to back-up KJ.

  106. I guess it’s the lack of logic in the decision making that bothers me more than the result. You would rather wait until that third down and then decide based on the result. If they don’t get the first down, you don’t have to use a timeout, you will get the ball with a minute and change and 2 time outs, which is plenty for RW to engineer a game winning FG drive. I guess the Gore run is the key, if that run had not happened, this debate would have more merit.

    Something just occurred to me though, I don’t think PC is wired to think in a “logical” way. So, as long as he is coach, we will always have these “Big Balls Pete” moments that are driven by bravado, moxie and optimism more than cold logic. And I can accept that, because I love PC as our coach and am willing to take the whole package.

    Ultimately I don’t think this game matters that much except to salvage a little pride for those boys in the little gold shorts…ha ha.

  107. Happy Homers…

  108. MEhawkfan says:

    @ xcman

    I believe Belichick, and I think Holmgren as well, used the strategy of letting an opponent score. No link, but you can look it up if you like.

  109. Pulling for the Saints tonight. And then the Panthers to win in a couple weeks. Actually I don’t care who wins tonight as long as the two teams split, like you said, xcman.

    That way no one team gets too confident rolling into the playoffs.

  110. Happy Homers… which would include you – you feel our players DOMINATED – that would be a homer statement.

    I don’t think everyone is saying we were perfect or that we shouldn’t have won – but they are a good team. I am just not as down on our team – I think they made mistakes and they made good plays in the long run – SF got the play when they needed it and we didn’t

  111. pabuwal says:

    It didn’t matter when Carroll used the timeouts.

    The only 2 things that mattered:
    1). The Seahawks allowed Kapernick to convert a 3rd and 7
    2). The Seahawks might have allowed the 49ers to score to get the ball back with 2 minutes left, needing 80 yards for a TD. But I’m not so sure the 49ers wanted to score. I think they would have just fallen to the ground to kick the FG.

  112. Dukeshire says:

    How is it an elite defense like Carolina can give up 21 points in a half? I’m sure there is a rational that also devalues Seattle’s defense…

  113. Ok Bellicheck did AND LOST THE GAME

  114. Dukeshire says:

    Considering Gore fell to the ground after 50 yards rather than running out, I’d say that’s a pretty sound guess.

  115. MEhawkfan says:

    Holmgren did it as well in ’88 and lost to the Broncos in the SB. It was a strategic decision–not guaranteed to work–but it gave his team more of a chance.

    Gore appeared kind of gimpy…even later when he was in. Did he fall on purpose or did he pull something?

  116. Looking more and more like NO is going to win this game – if that is the case then go Panthers (in 2 weeks)

  117. Xcman–Seattle dominated in the first half except in the most important stat–the score. After that, our coaching doomed us.

  118. I think we underestimate what a really talented team is capable of when they are supremely motivated.

    Every game is a championship opportunity: yeah, that cliche is paid lip service. But every team also has a few stinkers where they come out a little flat. ( Texans, Bucs ) The Hawks were the team that had the intense, laser focus last Monday, and crushed another talented team that I think can play closer to our level than they showed.

    The Niners today were playing like it was do or die. No matter how hard we try, we know in the back of our minds that we have a cushion, so our players can not really match their intensity 100%. It’s all about who wants it more 9/10 times with the talent level pretty evenly matched. They wanted it more today, and it showed, because they needed it more than us.

  119. pabuwal says:

    The rational is they are playing Drew Brees and not Colin Kaepernick which you should appreciate (given you raised the flag on how poor Kaepernick was before he was drafted). When they played Colin Kaepernick, they held the 49ers to 151 yards and just 9 points.

  120. I just felt Seattles coaches kept calling plays for the game they expected to have, not the game that was happening. But the Noners rolled with the punches, and so won despite being generally outplayed, IMO.

    Harvarf out coached Carri big time, and do won despite a weaker team. Any given Sunday…

  121. pabuwal says:

    This is the first game of the year where Kapernick led his team to the game winning score with under 5 minutes left in the game. He previously failed at home to Carolina and in New Orleans.

    In short, he’s terrible and should not be leading game winning drives.

  122. Pete has alot of awesome qualities as a head football coach – clock management is probably not a real strength of his.

    Its interesting to see the differences between PC and say, Mike Holmgren. Mike Holmgren teams had much more discipline (fewest penalties vs. most) and was definitely better at clock management. Having said that, is Holmgren a better coach than PC? I don’t think so.

  123. Not sure what the definition of dominating if we let them score on 4 posessions . . . .

    So we can find 2 examples both of which the team Lost – so I guess I still don’t see it as sound logic – more of a theory to potentially try – clearly not a given that is the way it should be played.

    and a different note – did anyone see how Pitt lost today – lose by a bonehead play by a WR. bahahahahaha

  124. I said earlier this week that the 49er team inconsistency is ALL on Kaepernick. RW sometimes starts abit slow, but week to week, he is much more consistent than Kaepernick.

  125. Blocis–Until Pete wins a SB and makes it there three times Holmy is a better coach. Just sayin’.. Carrolaint done nothing yet…

  126. Just for fun (don’t hate me)….. if Harvin had played, would we have won?

  127. Kap sucked; but Seattle list to him; what does that say?!

  128. Kap sucked; but Seattle lost to him; what does that say?!

  129. MEhawkfan says:

    CCVI– you might be onto something regarding the Niners wanting this game more. The Seahawks defense played fairly well in general, but there were times I thought I saw guys giving up in the pass rush. Also, going back to the two timeouts–Carroll calling them when he did should have been a clear message to the defense that it was imperative they hold on that third and seven. Yet, to me, they appeared somewhat tentative and lacking in intensity.

  130. DanielleMND says:

    We went on the road against a team that will finish with double digit wins, and lost by 2 points. Yeah, it stings to lose to the 49ers, but some people are overreacting.

  131. I hate loosing. Earl was definitely out of position on the the game changing play… not sure that’s really on him. Doesn’t matter. Gore owns us at home.

  132. freedom_X says:

    It says that the 49ers are a good team who just barely pulled out a victory at hone. Despite popular perception the 49ers aren’t s 2nd rate team.

    Though I’m disappointed by the penalties – I believe most of these were s function of the intensity of the game. Both teams had many penalties, suggesting this as a cause.

    If only Seattle had been tagged with many penalties, then I would suspect lax coaching more.

  133. Dukeshire says:

    And how did Seattle’s defense fare against Brees?

    Perhaps there is another reason beyond the defense, for their loss today. I realize that May be a difficult concept to accept considering you’ve saddled every loss on this defense for 3 years. But I suggest that beyond you pre-determined notions. At least casually..,

  134. So…it looks like we play the Giants in NY…huh?


    SF is good. They play us tough at home. Gore makes big plays when necessary. Our rush defense is suspect. I prefer Lane on the outside too Duke, but only if Winfield signs and plays the slot. Otherwise, who would play the slot? Shead?

    SF tackles well. I was stunned to see Lynch go do so quickly after contact and so many plays…that usually doesn’t happen.

    I said this in the chat, but I hate how we never hear about our ‘overly aggressive’ defenders until we play Harbarf and the Farty Whiners (I can’t believe I’m resorting to name calling) and then when we play any other team, nothing.

    They got us today, there was a great chance they were going to and we just need to focus on the next game. It’s a bummer but at least we most likely won’t have to go through SF to get to the show. We’ll be okay.


  135. The 49ers are one of the best teams in the NFL. Moving forward, I wouldn’t trade rosters with any team in the NFL for the rest of the season. We are still in the drivers seat to get the #1 seed. We are only going to go on the road two more times this entire season and both of those games are going to be in New Jersey. I like our chances!

    As bad of a downer as today was, the eye on the prize is still well within reach. I’m still confident moving forward.

  136. WOW – The DB’s in tonights game are getting a TON more freedom than was given in our game today

  137. pabuwal says:

    Actually, the point isn’t to blame the loss on the Defense. The Offense couldn’t get it going either.

    The point is that when it counted the 49ers Defense shut down a Top 10 Offense and the Seahawks Defense could not shut down a Bottom 10 Offense. A 49ers Offense that has failed to lead a game winning drive in 2 previous attempts.

    Its likely that on a cold night in February, away from the 12th man, the Seahawks Defense will have to stop a far better QB than Colin Kapernick at the end of the game to win the Super Bowl. Do you trust them?

  138. Ya know – the beauty of pulling out games against TB – Car – STL and Houston earlier in the season sure are nice now :)

  139. Vegas56 says:

    This was probably Frank Gore’s last great moment in his career…and as he has so often, he beats us with that great moment. Kaepernick did not play a great…or even good…game, but he did outplay Wilson. That stings and should give Wilson some incentive (which all that MVP talk most certainly didn’t do). A great, mature, quarterback-team leader, of which there are at least four in the league, would have won that game when they had the first down inside the 30. He’s not quite there yet.

  140. Pabs – I agree on everything except it really wasn’t Kaep that lead that drive it was GORE – we don’t give up that 51 then maybe they have to pass – or they don’t get enough yards to even kick They would still have to Move all that way down the field. Would have been interesting to watch for sure!

  141. pabuwal says:

    That makes it worse when you know a team can’t/won’t pass and still can’t stop it, both on the big run and the 3rd and 7. A team that was missing their starting Pro Bowl Guard and had a less than 100% LT.

  142. but he did outplay Wilson – REALLY based on?

    Russell Wilson 15/25 199 1 1
    Colin Kaepernick 15/29 175 1 1

    Granted Kaep had 29 more rushing yards. but if you add those it’s 206 yards for KAep and 201 for RW – Think you are being a little harsh there.

    We did have 4 first downs called back on Penalties – 2 rushing plays by ML and I think 2 passing plays by RW. Those are the fault of those particular players – and those stats would have made both look better statistically.

  143. Pabs – I will give you that on the Kaep third and 7 that sealed it!! that is for sure, you KNEW they were running and did That one totally pissed me off! still does

  144. Dukeshire says:

    That’s the first concession you’ve made regarding the defense that I can remember. And I do agree regarding the whole of the quality of play regarding both the defense and offense.

  145. Vegas56 says:

    Based on Kaepernick ending more drives with scores…that’s what I base it on. The SF offense scored all of their points…five drives ended in scores…the Seahawks had three that ended in scores and one of those was really because of special teams not the offense. That’s why I say Kaepernick outplayed Wilson. Maybe not by much…but a mediocre QB outplayed him. It just shows that he still has some growth ahead.

  146. Dukeshire says:

    No post game reaction from the locker room yet?

  147. Duke – bunch of tweets. losing sucks – better take care of business next week – what’s next – take care of business nothing spectacular

  148. mocarob says:

    Duke & Mo, Why do you bother? It’s fruitless trying to reason with some people after a game like this.

    STTBM, You’re upset with Todd/TNT & being censored?
    If that was happening to me I would leave..

  149. pabuwal says:

    The Offense has struggled in both games against SF, averaging just 275 yards per game. We can’t call Wilson an MVP candidate (this year) when he struggles to that extent against a top defense.

    I focus on the Defense because their glaring issue is coming up with the late game stop on the road. I think winning a Super Bowl will come down to the team that makes the final stop because it’s being held in NJ and not in Seattle. After watching Kellen Clemens drive 79 of the 80 yards and Kapernick moving 76 yards, it still seems like a major area of concern.

  150. aelliott11 says:

    Over-reaction Sunday. We lost by 2pts on the road to a team that was in the Super Bowl last year, and many people picked to go this year.

    We lost. By 2. On the road. To a quality, quality team.

    Calm down. We were not outcoached, our QB is not exposed. Penalties killed us, and we were flat offensively in the 2nd half. The 49ers made a few more plays than us, and any one of them could have changed the outcome. And ultimately, the loss doesn’t hurt us much.

    A loss like this stings, and hopefully it shakes the team up, gets ‘em refocused. We’ve got 3 very winnable games ahead of us. Time to buckle down and get after it.

    Those of you having a Whopper Freak Out, carry on.

  151. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Sherman did tweet, ” We expected to blow them out but they got the benefit of calls. We’ll see them again & it’ll be different result.” Slightly sour grapes there, although there was several ridiculous calls that removed large gains from us and gave them first downs. Not the reason for the loss though. Plenty of reasons.

    Also Bruce Arians said that Tyrann Mathiew appears to have torn his ACL

  152. Vegas56 says:

    Well, one good thing I will say…when it comes to playing on the road, Seattle is a lot more competitive than Carolina! Brees is shredding the Carolina defense and the Panther offense is ineffective.

  153. HawkyHann says:

    A humble loss today. I’d absolutely love to play the 49ers at home in playoffs. I want to see Seattle end their season in our house. They scraped by today, barely. As long as we grow from this and get better , all will be fine. I’m 100percent confident that DangeRuss will make more plays next time.

  154. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    KJ is a huge loss. He also was our backup Mike. Malcolm has been solid all year so he should be fine, we just cannot afford anymore injuries at LB… Hopefully Unger only misses a game or two… Big game next week against a dead giants team, I’ll be there!!

  155. Dukeshire says:

    That’s the biggest loss about KJ; his ability to shift to Mike, if necessary. Smith will be a very capable weak side backer, but here’s hoping nothing happens to Wagner.

  156. Yup…losing KJ sucks but someone will step up.

  157. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    This was a coaching loss. Every last bit of it. Doesn’t mean PC and the coaches are not capable of taking the SB and winning it all.

    But the senseless penalties (again), horrific clock management (again!!!!), allowing a free shot into the end zone to end the first half (take the penalty and hold VD if that’s what’s necessary but no free running into the end zone with under a minute to play, it’s a simple numbers game at that point); wasting timeouts . . . okay those are the obvi ones.

    The less obvious and most telling and important real reason was Bevell at his worst and when he is his least imaginative, careful and too calculated self. It’s like having a broken fuel pump and yoke on the throttle of a Nascar race car. You can stay with the pack and keep up okay. But you can’t blow our the lead drivers when it matters.

    If I was PC, I’d be furious most of all at that. Wilson had time to throw. Receivers were getting open. Marshawn was finding yards and breaking tackles. YOU CANNIOT ASK FOR A BTTER SCENARIO in San Fran with as much as they had to play for. Bevell flat out pissed it away with how that game was called. Easily his worst game of the season.

    Because it makes your playmakers play pedestrian when you call a game such as this one that way. It turns them into average. Making a Honda Accird out of a race car, that part should have everyone watching this team in a bit of a raised eyebrow wtf are you doing Mr, Bevell, if we’re going to lose, then let’s not let it be because your worst fears and limitations put a lid on the ceiling when we needed you to see a bit higher.

    And ultimately that’s on PC.

    This was a coaching loss. And so very unnecessary.

  158. toastmaster says:

    Pete and Holmgren – apples v oranges. They both have very distinct philosophies – pros and cons for both. Today was a good wake up call (although I would have been fine without one) for our guys – Step it up!!!! Dont feed the trolls

  159. I’m bummed at the loss but agree with the silver linings crowd. Let’s win next week.

    Go Hawks!

  160. Dukeshire says:

    I wish there was some post game info: who did KJ hit in the face with his helmet? Why didn’t they try and get Lynch more involved in the second half? Etc… Tomorrow I guess we’ll know.

  161. Screensmoke says:

    Are we done acting like a bunch of candy asses yet- Good lord! I like what bobby k said – 2 more road games- win them both and we are world CHAMPS- goodnight Irene!WOW

  162. Thanks Todd!!

    The Clock issue is a MUTE point – it was player execution that doomed them by not stopping the 3rd and 7

  163. vichawkfan says:

    9ers D played better than ours. We had too many dumb penalties. End of story. I was amused early in the game with Pam Oliver actually admitting on camera she asked the officials prior to the game if they were going to call our secondary more closely. It’s like, WTF lady Jane. And listening to Aikman beat that whining drum over and over.

    Team needs to feel a little pain. Can’t feel invincible forever.

  164. “The Clock issue is a MUTE point – it was player execution that doomed them by not stopping the 3rd and 7.”

    totally agree. not even an argument. we had to stop them on a 3rd down, whenever we used the timeouts. that was the failure. it’s not on the coaches.

    blaming this game entirely on the coaches minimizes what the Niners did – it’s not like this game was going to be a walk-over in their park if we had only used some mythical/magical game plan.

    it was a close, hard-fought, not very pretty game – which is more or less what we all should have expected. We took a lead into the end of the game and this time, couldn’t hold it. That’s on us. But, we’ve made a lot more plays than misses this year, and we’re 11-2. Moving on.

  165. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Screensmoke, nice one. I agree. And…I almost hate to admit it, but I agree with BobbyK.

    Look, Legion of Gloomers, the sky is not falling. We are in a GOOD place. Not great, but we are in the DRIVER’S seat. I think we’ll win big next week, and finish a 2-loss team. Period. Not pie-in-the-sky stuff here, but this loss may rattle guys out of a lull.

    We have the best roster in the NFC, if not NFL. BELIEVE.

  166. Screensmoke says:

    Yes! Believe …….

  167. SeventiesHawksFan says:

    Toastmaster. I think this is the very best sentence in all of the post-game commentary:

    I just did’t feel the intensity that we usually have and this was a bad time to lose that.

    It wasn’t the players. The coaches called the game that way. You play not to lose against the likes of Arizona and the Vikings. They just don’t have the array of weapons to beat you. And they are emotionally unsound.

    This game was not that kind of game. You take the gloves off for THIS game. And then you play controlled for the next three and win at least one. It’s a math game at that point. Only your fears and latent dysfunction can screw it up.

    I saw a coaching staff that was not committed to the requirements and needs of what their team and players are capable of today. They held them back. And made them average.

    And then the players played good but subpar for themselves. Which is the coaches. The undiscipline and penalties and being out of position on the last critical plays of the game is just logical and a foregone conclusion at that point.

    What do you do when someone asks you to put 100% into 85% of what you are capable of? You give him 83% of what you’re capable of. It’s a natural law. The law of belief and expectations.

  168. freedom_X says:

    So MVP’s never struggle against top defenses? On the road?

  169. chuck_easton says:


    MVP hopefuls don’t lose to their arch rival, on national TV, and throw a game ending INT.

    It isn’t fair, but that is what the people that vote are going to take away from this game. That and that other guy, the one in Denver putting up the all time record setting performance, led his team back from a 21-10 half-time deficit.

    So, yes, this one game combined with Payton’s usual day (he now has 4 separate WR’s with 10 TD receptions) pretty much gift wrapped the trophy for the foreheaded one.

    We can stop the Wilson for MVP talk and focus on the important task at hand. The team still needs TWO wins or 1 win and a 49r loss to win the Division.

    Forget the HFA talk. Forget all the post season honors talk. Seattle has to win two out of three to ensure they aren’t the wildcard in the playoffs.

  170. ChrisHolmes says:

    “MVP hopefuls don’t lose to their arch rival, on national TV, and throw a game ending INT.”

    So, by that logic, Manning is disqualified, yeah? :-)

    Listen, Wilson wasn’t going to win the MPV anyway.

    All that matters are playoff wins. We’re still in control of HFA, We’re playing home games for the playoffs.

  171. Saying that Holmgren was good at clock management is rewriting history.

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