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Morning Links: Just call him Efficient Cliff

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 7, 2013 at 1:49 am with 86 Comments »
December 7, 2013 1:49 am
Cliff Avril is becoming a master of the strip-sack. Here he gets Drew Brees. / AP photo
Cliff Avril is becoming a master of the strip-sack. Here he gets Drew Brees. / AP photo

Good morning.

I wrote about Cliff Avril for today’s paper. He’s been adjusting to Seattle’s ongoing experiment with defensive line rotations. The thing for Avril is, though his percentage of time on the field is down, his totals are nearing previous work.

From my story:

Since joining the Seahawks, Avril has had two outlier games. He played 73 percent of the snaps in Week 3 and 45 percent in Week 9, according to the NFL. Otherwise, Avril has played 49 percent to 59 percent of the snaps.

Last year with Detroit, Avril played up to 81 percent of the snaps, reaching the 70 percent mark seven times during the season.

Despite the downturn in usage, there has been an uptick in production from Avril.

He leads the Seahawks with 7.5 sacks, two off his total from a full season last year and in 286 fewer snaps. Avril also has four forced fumbles, two short of his career high from 2011.

Though Avril is being rotated more often, this is arguably his best season because his efficiency has escalated. He’s 3.5 sacks away from a career high with four games to go.

Also in there is some more information on Brandon Browner’s situation. Early afternoon yesterday, I was able to confirm that Browner has indeed turned down a proposed deal from the league to shorten his suspension from a year. That was first reported by ESPN’s John Clayton earlier in the week. Browner thinks he shouldn’t be suspended at all because he feels he was erroneously moved to Stage 3 of the penalties within the substance-abuse program.

Fox Sports’ Mike Garafolo has some good additional information on Browner’s situation. He says the deal offered would have allowed Browner to return in October (if he was suspended, it would have been for one calendar year). Garafolo has some other good information in his story — including an accusation that the tester mishandled his sample — so go check it out.

Because of his off-field situation and groin problem, I’d still be surprised to see Browner return this season. In addition, getting a little lost in all of this is Browner committed another violation of the substance-abuse policy to spur this most recent issue, whether he should have been in Stage 3 or not. That means he’s violated the substance-abuse program in 2005-06 (that’s what started this most recent process), then the PED policy late last season, then the substance-abuse policy again this season. Yet, the Seahawks, who have had multiple violators of both policies over the past two years, are leaving a roster spot open for him.

Pete Carroll says he’s a big believer in second chances. The Seahawks gave Browner a second chance when they brought him back into the league. Then a third chance when they brought him back after the PED suspension. Now, a fourth chance.


> 710 ESPN writes that a Seahawks win Sunday would mean a changing of the guard in the NFC West.

> ESPN writes about Tarvaris Jackson being questionable for Sunday. He’s sick.

> USA Today writes that the “49ers have hatred in their hearts” for the Seahawks.

> MMQB writes about the “brains behind the Seattle defense,” which would be DC Dan Quinn.

> Some “experts” tell USA Today the key to stopping Colin Kaepernick.

> Here’s the video “playbook” from

> 49ers left tackle Joe Staley is preparing to play Sunday.

> Michael Crabtree thinks the Seahawks will have a tougher time defending the pass in the rematch. A main reason why would be his return.

> writes that Robert Turbin is making the most of his backup situation.

> I had missed this prior, but here is Richard Sherman on Sound FX from the Minnesota game. He has an interesting conversation with Marshawn Lynch.

> USA Today also has an interesting story on rethinking overtime strategy.

> It just about takes cats and dogs living together, but there is a scenario where the Jacksonville Jaguars could make the playoffs.

> The next installment in MMQB’s behind-the-scenes look at referees.

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  1. NYHawkFan says:

    After a slow start due to injuries, Avril has lived up to his contract, and then some. He’s been a big part of giving the Seahawks the pass rush that had been missing in previous years. Hope he puts Kaperdoodle on his back.

  2. DanielleMND says:

    “In addition to arguing he shouldn’t have been advanced to stage three of the NFL’s substance-abuse policy because he wasn’t notified of the requirements to continue drug testing while he was in the Canadian Football League (2007-10)”

    So, for all those years he wasn’t employed by an NFL team, he was required to be drug tested as if he was still the employee of an NFL team? That doesn’t even make sense.

  3. Macabrevity says:

    Our D-line signings have worked out very well… just wish we’d stop going to FA/Trade&sign for WR’s and stick to draft and development.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “This is more of a, let’s go beat the (crap) out of them game,” Boone said.

    Bring it on Boone. Bring it on!

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I disagree with Danny O’Neil.
    The changing of the guard has already happened regardless of the outcome of Sundays game.

  6. NYHawkFan says:

    The USA Today article on SF having ‘hatred in their hearts’ is a good read. Gives an interesting perspective in one of the NFL’s biggest rivalries. The 49ers are practically frothing at the mouth over this game.

    One interesting point it mentioned was on the subject of injuries. It said in part: “The Niners have had multiple starters lost to injuries in games against Seattle, including receiver Mario Manningham (ACL in Week 16 last year), tight end Vernon Davis (concussion in Week 16 and a hamstring in Week 2 this year) and nose tackle Ian Williams (season-ending ankle injury in Week 2).”

    Could they have enough “hatred” to try and injure Seahawk players? Could they have payback in mind? I would hope they wouldn’t be that crazy and recognize that their players injuries have simply been a result of hard hitting football. Thankfully the Hawks have taken the high road and have played down the hatred angle, choosing instead to take the “just another important game” tact.

  7. Southendzone says:

    NY, I’m totally thinking along those lines too, expecting a lot of dirty hits in this game. Hope we get out with relatively few injuries.

  8. NYHawkFan says:

    Ya, we ca expect some dirty play according to Boone. This game is their Super Bowl this year.

  9. Southendzone says:

    The sound FX with Sherm is awesome! I already saw an abbreviated one of it, but Todd’s right, wait til about the last 30 seconds when he and Marshawn are giving each other crap for stuff that happened in the game, hilarious.

  10. montanamike2 says:

    Did you guys read my post on Thursday saying how i got into a staring match for 5 minutes with a SF fan at the airport Wednesday night? I felt like a “blood” in “crypts” territory because of the hat thing. I politely asked him what the f… he was looking at and he turned away and blinked.
    It’s a good time to be a Hawks fan. That there in itself would indicate that we will probably win on Sunday.

  11. NYHawkFan says:

    9ers can’t take it that they’re not número uno this year. Funny how their glorious past makes them feel entitled. ‘How dare you young upstarts think you can beat us. Bow… Lower..’–49ers fans.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Did anyone else hear the play by play guy on Sherman’s sound FX at about the one minute mark when Lynch fumbled? He said something like- “And I think the Vikings got the ball or the Seahawks got it” Lol.

    And I swear Sherman does a great impression of a gobbling Turkey after Thurmonds pick six. Funny stuff.

  13. Read up on that Avril article, STTBM. I don’t want you to be shocked when he stays and Clemons is cut in the off-season.

    I don’t give a spit whether it’s his 4th or 20th chance when it comes to violations of the recreational drug policy if he doesn’t have a massive suspension hanging over his head. They have nothing to lose with trying to get him back this season. I don’t think they were going to bring him back in 2014 unless no one out there offers him much money regardless.

  14. edstang45 says:

    Again Great stuff Todd, Thanks. I was hard on BB on this blog but hope for the best for him, hope he wins his appeal.
    If the Hawks play their game and play like we know they can SF is gonna be whining come playoff time, we can blowup their season come sunday….Go Hawks

  15. confucious says:

    Good job montanamike, we gotta keep all those colon kupyournuts fans in place!

  16. Macabrevity says:

    Funny how the talking heads are all emphasizing the point that we tend to split with the Niners of late, and completely overlook the fact that Cappy has never beaten this team. It’ll be interesting to see if we really do own him….

  17. confucious says:

    Is that right? I thought he had in Candlestick. Maybe that was still smith. That’s an interesting stat Mac.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Seems like there’s an article on Wilson in almost every major magazine this year.
    What next? Good Housekeeping? Lol.

  19. sluggo42 says:


    They talk tough, but will quickly realize that when you punch with a puncher, things go south quickly. They will quickly realize that they are… The weakest link.

    I’m glad Staley and Lupadi are going to try to go. Nothing makes an injury flare up quicker than trying to react in game speed.

    As far as Harvin goes, yes we are all pissed, but personally having a number of various sports injury surgeries, I can tell you that it usually takes a good year to fully recover.
    If he can get some plays in,during the,playoffs, it would be a bonus. By next year he will be back to full speed and we will utilize him fully.

    If he still isn’t right by next year, I will swing to Easton’s stance.

  20. confucious says:

    Having Harvin would be great but all of our receivers catch the ball well. Tate is a lot like Harvin with his playmaking ability imho. I’m feeling pretty good with the crew we have.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This is an excellent breakdown on the Seahawks.
    And look who is the best long ball passer in the NFL.

  22. “As far as Harvin goes, yes we are all pissed,”

    I for one am not pissed. Disappointed yes. This is the NFL and injuries are part of the deal. We should all know that very well. I believe that the Hawks look at this as a long term investment, hence the long term deal. Anyone saying they knew he was injury prone is a bit of post hoc, ergo propter hoc IMO. It’s jumping the gun to judge the deal already. Now if they cut him in the off-season before his 2014 base salary becomes guaranteed then it will clearly have been a mistake. There’s no guarantee whoever they took at #25 would be contributing.

    Regardless, I personally would rather not piss and moan about the deal in the midst of a 11-1 season. Especially on the eve of giving the Whiners another ass whoopin. We have the value of Andrew Luck and who thought RW was good first to debate! :-)

  23. That’s right confucious, CK has never beaten the Hawks. In fact, his two games against us were two of the worst of his career, and they got blown out both times in rainy Seattle. He probably has nightmares about playing at the CLink, where he can’t hear and gets all flustered and disoriented. At least that’s what it looks like when you look at his eyes: utter chaos and confusion going on in between his ears.
    I don’t think Kaepernick will ever have much success with the Hawks, because of the athletes we have and the scheme we use on D.

    When he tore up GB in the playoffs last year, it was against a poor scheme by Dom Capers that allowed huge lanes for Kap to get his long stride going. In a 40 yd dash, there are not many QB’s, or DB’s for that matter, that can keep up with him. The key is to not let him get his gazelle-like strides going by confining him to a limited space, for example making him roll or scramble left, where he has a harder time throwing accurately on the run. There is a good article on the enemies’ website about how Wilson is more elusive than Kaepernick:

    We, on the other hand, use a base D with very mobile, aggressive linebackers that shut down anything near the line of scrimmage.
    Reference KJ Wright’s sack of him last year’s game, and Avril’s strip sack this past Sep game. When in a confined space, he is not as mobile and elusive as Wilson. So our speedy DL and LB usually can contain him better than most teams.

    Since we use a base D and don’t blitz much, our DB’s are still in man coverage, pressing their WR and messing up timing. Combined with the fact that Kap doesn’t do a good job looking off safeties and he has not progressed as expected in going to his next read, it’s either stare down his first target, or run when he is covered ( usually Boldin or Davis, now probably Crabtree ).

    That, I believe sums up why he has not beaten the Hawks, and will have a poor record against us going into the future. That he played both the past two games in Seattle does have an impact, but I feel like he’ll get blown out in Seattle having a terrible game. And maybe in SF he will play better but we will still win because RW the magician is more clutch and will always pull out the win at the end. Maybe he’ll never beat us:) I feel that as long as they have Kap at QB, we will own this division because we will own the Niners.

  24. sluggo42 says:

    I loved RW when he was just a glimmer in his daddy’s eye…

  25. Singularitarian says:

    I too thought that usa today article was funny. telling us “the keys to shutting down Kapernick” Basically doing a book report on a book Seattle already wrote, twice

  26. Singularitarian says:

    lol Sluggo. I went to preschool with Russle Wilson and I knew then that he would lead the Seahawks to the promised land

  27. Running QBs seem to not have done very well versus the Hawks the past couple of years. Cam Newton twice, Craperstink twice, and RG3. RG3 was playing on one leg though. The Hawks have speed and seem to play disciplined against these QBs.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Check out these cool behind the scenes pics.
    I like the one of Earl Thomas jumping on the back of Ray Lewis.

  29. BTW, I timed RW at a 4.2 from his daddy’s left nut to the egg. That’s when I knew he had the goods.

  30. montanamike2 says:

    I was just born and in the nursery next to Russ, yeah we’re on a first name basis, i knew he was the best QB ever born.

  31. Thanks for that link, Georgia. Very nice.

  32. Singularitarian says:

    was that timed with a hand clock bbmate? I do remember RG3andout killing us early in that game. shredding Seattle like I’ve never seen before

  33. CCVI that article is pretty amazing in that it’s Bay Area press basically admitting that not only has RW surpassed CK in all important categories, but that the Seahawk coaching is superior to SF.

    “If Kaepernick played for the Seahawks and Wilson played for the 49ers, maybe Kaepernick would be the better player right now.”

  34. Nope. I had electronic sensors at both sites!

    I remember Morris and the fear of RG3 beating the Hawks more than RG3 early in that game, but I could be remembering incorrectly. I think the East Coast malaise was also a factor. I still don’t understand how Snyder allows his team to have a field like that and how they allow RG3 to play. Stupid IMO.

    I think people are being overly harsh on RG3. The guy had no off-season really. The team sabotaged him. I think he would’ve come back to Earth some regardless, but I believe he’d be playing much better had he not needed major knee surgery.

  35. It’s an old article about R Dub but one that illustrated his work ethic and humble attitude when he was playing ball in the Tri Cities with a steady eye on returning to football.

    His talent and leadership was pretty easy to recognize early on. I regret not being aware of him sooner and watching him in college. Wisconsin was so lucky to get him.

    I also didn’t realize he was younger than Kaepernick. Bonus!

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I remember a lot of folks were on Cam Newton last year, (including myself) because he acted immature. It seems he has turned that corner now.
    RG3 appears to be going thru the same thing this year. I think he is only 22 or 23 so that may explain some of it.

  37. Sluggo, I loved Russell Carrington Wilson in his previous life as Johnny Constantine Unitas, before he was reincarnated as the DangeRuss we know and love. I could already tell way back then that he would be a Hall of Fame QB! Ha!

  38. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks joreb for the link. I remember reading it awhile back and it’s well worth a second look.

    Just think of all the times here we debated, hoped and dreamed about finding a top QB to lead this team and here he was,(for a summer) right in our own back yard playing Baseball in Eastern Washington.

    I wonder if Wilson ever thought about playing for the Seahawks when he was there?
    That would be a good question for Todd or someone to ask him sometime.

  39. Of all the young QBs, I personally think Cam, Geno and RGIII are punks and to some degree Kaep. Luck, Wilson, EJ Manuel and Foles not so much.

    I hate the way RGIII snaps his throws. Cam does his Superman bit way too often but gets pouty in a hurry when things go South. Geno is just (you fill in the blank). Kaep I think could be managed a bit, but kissing biceps is annoying.

  40. I personally would take RG3 over Geno certainly and Kaep as well, as long as RG3 is relatively healthy. I still believe RG3 will be a good QB. He has been better than average in this “bad” year, despite him being injured and having a bad o-line and not many targets.

  41. Honestly, I first wanted the Hawks to skip RW. I thought he was just another Seneca Wallace before I really looked at him. The Gruden piece really turned my head around. I know it did for many others as well.

    I had wanted the Hawks to draft Cousins or Foles in the 3rd or 4th round. How glad I am they took RW. The more you learn about the kid, the more you like him. At least for me. I wouldn’t take any other QB for the franchise going forward. Including Rodgers.

  42. sluggo42 says:

    Dammit! Had I known RW had a previous life, I would have loved him then too. However, I loved him from MY previous life as a Neanderthal meat hunter, when he was just a carbon deposit in the soil in the Netherlands mountain ranges, and finally freed by large glacier movement in what formed the fjords…

  43. Yeah, that Gruden piece was great. Forgot about that.

  44. confucious says:

    And on the seventh day, instead of resting, God created Russell Wilson. I know that because we talked about it over a pint of No-Li stout on the sixth day.

  45. thursday says:

    Also am not pissed about the Harvin deal. Way too early to judge, etc. etc. If anything I’m impatient for him to play so he can prove all the doubters and cynics wrong.

    As for Kap, imo he’s a guy who believed his own hype. I mean, Kapernicking? Really? He trademarked it and everything. He hadn’t even played a full season, but he seemed to take personal responsibility for the team’s appearance in the Super Bowl. Similar to Cam Newton and maybe even RG3 to an extent, that kind of immaturity doesn’t help you be a good quarterback.

  46. jawpeace says:

    You got it all wrong you were like a Crypt in Blood territory. Bloods were red and black like the whiners and Crypts were green and blue like the Hawks. What a punk you encountered.
    I wonder if Candlestick is going to put some non uniformed police dressed as Hawk fans in the stands as Seattle did the reverse for whiner fans.

  47. Okay, I guess I have to clarify. I knew RW was the man when I was an atom next to him after the Big Bang. Beat that! :-)

  48. sluggo42 says:

    Haha, I was electroning with RW BEFORE the Big Bang. We planned it together…

  49. NYHawkFan says:

    Haaaaah…. You think the guys that were commenting on yesterday’s blog have gotten the hint that they were a wee bit over the top in claiming to be one of the first to recognize Wilson’s talent?

  50. juliusvrooder says:

    In the beginning, there was The Russell, and The Russell was with God, and The Russeell was God. And Julius Vrooder beheld the RussellGod and saw that it was good, stating ‘Damn. The whiners are gonna pay…”
    (New NW Version)

  51. Vegas56 says:

    Well, I went into a Costco here in Vegas this morning, wearing (proudly) my Seahawks hoody…lots of different teams represented there. Guy in a Broncos hat nodded at me knowingly…lady in Saints gear just smiled…and a woman in Stealers gear glared at me in disgust (yeah, eat a Rothlisberger lady). As I was exiting, there’s a guy in full Niners regalia, head-to-toe. He looked over at me with a smile…I said: “you go down tomorrow”. He nodded in agreement, laughed and said “well, we gotta play it.”

  52. SandpointHawk says:

    You guys are missing the point, before there was a heaven, before there was a big bang, yes before there was a god particle there was a Yankinta and he made it all happen. Just saying…

  53. CDHawkFan says:

    Vegas, as a competitor you really ”just want a chance’, I got to believe many 9ers fans are cringing at the thought of tomorrow.

    The Hawks don’t have much to lose, but boy do the 9ers. If the 9ers win then they almost pull even with the Hawks for ‘holding serve’ at home, but will still be behind by 2 games. If the 9ers lose it will be a while before they can legitimately talk smack.

    As a fan, i’m not sure it gets better than this (outside of a SB win), not much to lose and a feeling that the Hawks are going to beat up on a rival in their house to clinch the division.

  54. sluggo42 says:

    Wow, NFC play book just showed how that with Crabtree back, the Seahawks are doomed… Oh snap

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I was the first to get Wilson drunk at the mall and he urinated in the parking lot.
    He just never got caught like Moffitt did.

  56. montanamike2 says:

    I watched that NFC playbook too, apparently the crowd noise made the Saints self combust and the Seahawks had nothing to do with it.
    jawpeace thanks for clarifying that.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    More like we that commented yesterday get the hint that you were making things up with regards to others being one of the first to recognize Wilson’s talent.
    It didn’t happen except with Yank, so keep your stupid comments coming so I can shoot them down! Lol.


  58. Game can’t come fast enough.

  59. sluggo42 says:

    Might as well give up now NY, hard to argue with the blog-cop… He is the unofficial “voice” of the blog, and you have been busted!

  60. I found some safe transport vehicals for Seahawk fans going to the SF game:

  61. Last season at this time HOU was 11-1. This year after they hosted SEA they’ve been on an 11-game losing streak (including SEA). Now Kubiak, after going to the hospital at halftime at IND when his team was well ahead only to lose, is fired. NFL = not for long, so keep humble, hungry and set your hair on fire going into the game EVERY WEEK! This is the biggest game of the year coming up and SF is not going to roll over for our lowly Seahawks team. I hope SEA is well represented at SF tomorrow, and

    GO HAWKS!!!

  62. I knew Avril was pretty good but I didn’t know how good he’d be without Suh pushing the inside pocket for him. He’s been better that I expected and I’m pretty darn happy about it.

    One thing you knew though was that Avril was good/great at forcing fumbles from when he was in Detroit, so the way he can knock the ball loose was expected.

    Glad he’s locked up for another year.

  63. Did Ruskell get a job as the GM of the Mariners? He was good at signing and overpaying for players who were at or about to be at the declining years of their career.

  64. GeorgiaHawk says:

    sluggo- Since you claim to be the official spokesmen for NYHawkFan I will ask you this question.
    Name one poster from yesterday that claimed he or she was the first to recognize Wilson’s talent? I don’t even think that Yank did.

    Why is it so hard for you and some others to understand that posting the first time we realized that Wilson was special has nothing to do with saying we were the first to recognize Wilsons talent?

    Are you really that stupid? Say it isn’t so because I think you can do better then that.

  65. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- Agree about Avril. A pleasant surprise indeed.

  66. Since I’m a big baseball fan and Ryan is now at the Times, I just signed up for an account over there (pretty dang weird that “BobbyK” was already taken over there, oh well) and will say that this site is much more user friendly. If anyone “sees” me over there every once in awhile, I’m “BobbyK3″ so don’t be confused if “BobbyK” ever says anything over there, as that’s not me.

  67. sluggo42 says:

    Seriously Georgia, you should get over yourself and this whole RW love affair. Who gives a crap about the whole topic besides you? Seriously, and I mentioned it to you a month or two ago, your entire presence on this blog is hugely overbearing as you have multiple comments to every last statement uttered. You have made this the Georgia seahawk outpost everyone 10:1 easily. You have become extremely passive aggressive to challenge everyone who doesn’t fall in line with your thoughts, just like asking me if I’m really that stupid.
    You should back away from the ciabatta dude.
    You make a lot of good posts, but you don’t need to the all encompassing last word of every subject. Between you and yankster I why I hardly post anymore…

  68. I’m sure you guys saw Bennett grind to BeastMode’s music on realrobreport. It was the training camp episode:

    FYI the song is Problem and IamSu’s “What’s Up”, and I dare you GeorgiaHawk to look up the lyrics and write a poem about it:)
    Even if you take me up on the dare, you won’t be able to publish that poem here without significant “tweakage” of lyrics.

    In the clip, Marshawn is seen laughing and singing along with the rap song, and only stops when he sees mike rob’s camera. Too funny. Anyway, Michael Bennett’s touchdown dance last Monday instantly reminded me of that moment and it made me bust out laughing.

    I was screaming, cheering, and laughing hysterically at the same time.
    Like Sherman’s frequent crazy gesture, I’m “LOCO” ’bout my Hawks.

  69. fast forward to 20:58 for the soul train moment.
    18:20 is pretty funny too, BB making fun of Kearse’s freestyle skills.

  70. Sherman when asked about Michael Bennett’s TD celebration and Byron Maxwell jumping on his back said that Coach Carroll told the team to just stay away from a guy for a few seconds when he gets like that so he can get it out of his system”


  71. mocarob says:

    The Playbook I watched had 2 of the 3 analysts picking Hawks.
    Can’t get much better than that..

  72. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Feeling Butt hurt now?
    If you think Russell Wilson is going away then you are in nates words,(delusional).

    Again, can you name one poster from yesterday that claimed he or she was the first to recognize Wilson’s talent?

    You can try to attack me all you want but at the end of the day you look stupid when you can’t back it up.

    Looking forward to seeing some good posts from you for a change.

  73. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    @ Georiga
    I think Cliff stays longterm probably at the expense of Clemons considering the age of each guy.. I also think the Mayowa will be a player next year, they have been keeping him on the 53 this year to protect him from waivers. He could possibly fill Clems spot.

  74. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think you are right MikeFromNewJersey. Nate said something about that a few threads back and I agree with him.

  75. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Mawoya’s got a chance. It still amazes me how good Schneider and his staff are at finding talent.

  76. sluggo42 says:

    Oh boy Georgia, you sure put me in my place!

    Am I feeling butt hurt? By what? Another senseless post from the spokesman? Who said anything about RW leaving? And you are the one who looks stupid because I skipped most of that stupid rant from yesterday, and that’s why it’s was being made fun of today. Because its stupid dude. You think I look stupid because I refuse to take the time to answer a ridiculously stupid challenge from you? You’re just like yanker dude. Except you never stop
    Do you do anything besides post in here?
    It’s cool you’re a fan, but you should do some other things in life too, besides thinking your job is to make 300 posts a day in a seahawk blog. So whatever dude, keep up the good work, you are an excellent teachers pet of the blog. Congratulations!

  77. klm – there is no “like” here so all we can do is post. I agree with what you are saying completely – fame and success are fleeting, so grab it and run with it while you can. Who knows where we will be next year, but this year can be all ours if we keep the peddle to the metal.

  78. NYHawkFan says:

    Touchy Touchy, I kept my comments general, didn’t mention anyone by name and I’m blasted in return. In fact I apologized yesterday to someone who misunderstood my One post. No need to get personal.

  79. Bbmate–You seem to want to always pick a fight with me, not sure why.

    Avril has really been playing well the last month or so, and has been getting consistent pressure on the qb. Meanwhile, Clemons has not been getting much pressure, but has been playing well vs the run and in coverage. Seattle seems to be rushing Avril more than Clemons, and dropping Clemons into coverage more.

    The first half of the year or so, I thought Avril wasnt playing consistently well–garbage time sacks and mostly disappearing. Now, he’s really playing steady.

    Not sure if it’s scheme, injury, or what but Clemons isn’t getting pressure like he was early on. Who knows which one stays or if they both are let go at this point? A lot of football left to play…

  80. just saw a crowd of 12s down in SF for the game on the news… pretty awesome

  81. davidste48 says:

    Please stop addressing each other in your posts. It ruins the blog. Which should be The destination to celebrate the greatest run of Seahawks football evah.

  82. Davidste–Please go away. You contribute little to this blog. While annoying, the spats between a couple asshats and some regulars need tone resolved. I just wish the personal attacks and snide comments would stop.

    You don’t like commenters addressing individuals, scroll past–or go away.

  83. davidste48 says:

    I’m away. Just a lurker who got tired of preadolescent sniping!

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