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Harvin, Browner out; Irvin, Tate in for Sunday

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 6, 2013 at 2:25 pm with 74 Comments »
December 6, 2013 4:35 pm

As expected, wide receiver Percy Harvin and cornerback Brandon Browner are out for Sunday’s game against the 49ers.

Golden Tate and Bruce Irvin are good to go.

Pete Carroll said that Browner did not respond well after testing his injured groin Thursday with some light work. He also said Harvin is going to give it another shot next week. Essentially, this is how it’s going to be every week if the Seahawks keep trying to get Harvin ready for a game.

Also, I can confirm that Brandon Browner was offered a deal by the league and turned it down. He’s pursuing no penalty via his appeal.

Browner thinks he did nothing wrong, shouldn’t be in Stage 3 and has plans to recoup all future earnings one way or another.

A quick clarification here: In regard to me writing “Browner thinks he did nothing wrong,” that’s pertaining to what happened in order to advance him to Stage 3.

One other update I should throw in here: Carroll said James Carpenter will start at left guard Sunday.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Good! Hold Harvin out, we don’t need him until the playoffs.

  2. chuck_easton says:

    Um, playoff of what year Georgia?

    2014? He might be good to go by then.

    How soon before Seattle can get out of this contract?

  3. chuck_easton says:

    To repost my thoughts from a previous thread:

    Now doing the math, 22 million signing bonus divided by 19 plays = $1,157,894.74 per snap that Harvin ‘earned’ this season.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- We pretty much have HFA rapped up, so why is it so important to you to have Harvin play in the regular season and perhaps risk further injury.
    Wouldn’t you rather have him in the playoffs and/or Super Bowl healthy when it really matters?

  5. chuck_easton says:

    I’ll believe he plays again this year when I actually see it.

    There are rumblings out there that Harvin is done for the year. Not coming from the Seahawks, but it is coming from people that have inside information.

    Now when the team loses Tate, Baldwin or Sherman because they can’t afford to pay them due to all the money they have locked up paying Harvin NOT to play I’ll remind you why I’m so upset with Harvin.

    Dude took the money and ran. Once again Seattle has laid a goose egg in getting a WR from outside.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OK, So high risk, high reward. If that’s true then I’m sure the FO will cut ties ASAP.
    They can’t hit the Jackpot every time.

    I personally don’t think having Harvin,(or not having Harvin) will change our fate either way. He just adds to the excitement level.

  7. pabuwal says:

    Chuck – all your anger should be directed at Carroll and company and not Harvin.

    The risks of giving up a huge contract and a number 1 Draft pick for an under 6′ and under 200 pound WR who has never had 1000 yards is well documented in Seattle. Carroll and company chose to go all hormonal in Free Agency on a luxury.

    I do get where you are coming from. I just wanted to see the team that ended the 2012 season together for the next 5-10 years to build a dynasty. I didn’t want any big FA pickups that could blow the salary cap up. They might have done just that.

  8. There is no doubt that a healthy Harvin could pay big dividends but “Percy Watch” is getting old. I would rather just IR him for the year and get someone else in here that could help the team. Too bad the NFL doesn’t have a “Lemon” law.

  9. Singularitarian says:

    He is an added bonus if he plays. Though a expensive one. I can’t even comprehend how this team would sign a player like him without something in the contract for his vaginal issues

  10. chuck_easton says:

    Again, as I said before pabs, it really isn’t Harvin I’m angry with. He’s just the focal point.

    I am upset that the team is very likely going to lose a valued contributor for the very fact that they can’t fit that player’s contract demands under the cap.

    It’s nothing against Harvin the person. It’s against the fact that so much money is tied up for a non-contributor.

    I firmly believe you pay your own guys. If that money had gone to re-up Sherman I’d be thrilled.

    But just like Housh, Branch, and other WR’s Seattle gave big money to a guy that hadn’t earned it with this team.

    I’m more against big FA signings at all.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think a lot of folks here had the same frustration with Rice.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    I would add Rice to that list, but at least he did produce something.

    Rice played all 16 games last season and led the team in WR TD’s, yards, and receptions. Sure he’s not worth 8.5 now, and definitely won’t be getting that, but the point is the team very likely will lose Tate and it will be because they can’t afford to pay him what he’s worth AND pay Harvin not to play.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The only reason Harvin is here is because this team has got Wilson on the cheap through 2014.

    Imagine if the FO had to pay Wilson right now what he is worth.

    I just can’t complain as a fan about players that under perform on their contracts,(like Harvin & Rice) when there are so many more players on this team that are under paid like Wilson, Thomas and Sherman.

  14. chuck_easton says:


    It really isn’t Harvin. It’s the fact that the team won’t be able to pay Thomas, Sherman, or Tate what they have proven they are worth because so much is tied up in Harvin.

    I’m not worried about Wilson. It’s going to be a big payday, and the team will have to try and figure out how to get that number under the cap in 2015, but in the interim I very much see Tate walking after the year. Why should he take less than Harvin when he actually plays?

  15. SlickToxic21 says:

    We’re still not sure what the deal is with Harvin though….so before we go start all the anti-Harvin rallies, we should at least be patient enough to figure out where he’s at.
    The problem is that we keep hearing that he’s progressing well….and then he’s held out of practice….and then we get word that he won’t be playing. If they knew he was out for the season, they would have IR’d him. If there’s a chance he will be able to play, they won’t.
    They obviously feel there’s a good chance he’ll play.
    What I have issues with is the positive reports, followed by the not playing on game day, then the playing at Minnesota….who’s ultimate decision was that? Why play 1 game against your former team?
    Everyone’s a little banged up, so if there’s nothing structurally wrong with him….just a little sore….then get him out there!
    But again, the complete lack of info is frustrating.

  16. pabuwal says:

    Chuck – your posts are always quick to blame Harvin when it really should be about Carroll and Schneider.

    In reading your stuff over the past few years (always well written and thought out), you are generally pro management and anti-workers which might explain why you are quick to blame Harvin.

  17. PHXHawk says:

    I keep posting this question for Chuck, and then a new post appears.
    How do you plan to ensure that any player we sign remains injury free and “contributes”?

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:


    I agree, It sucks! But what can you do? (Wishful thinking on my part) but would if Wilson, Thomas and Sherman & others take a contract discount to keep the team together?
    They can make a lot more outside of football if they continue to play at a high level and win multiple Super Bowls.

  19. chuck_easton says:


    Yes, I am pro-management. And again, this isn’t about Harvin the person. It’s the frustration that guys that actually produce are going to walk because of money tied up in Harvin.

    And the biggest frustration is knowing that IF he was actually able to be on the field, he’d be worth the money. But then again, if I could play piano I’d be headlining at Carnege Hall this weekend.

  20. AKhawkFan says:

    In non-Percy related news. Blakeman, the ref that didn’t flag Tomlin for his sideline shinanigans, will be officiating the game Sunday. Dude has so many questionable calls its just sad. Hope the weird calls fall in our favor.

  21. SlickToxic21 says:

    You can’t praise the front office for all of the spectacular trades, FA signings, and drafts that they’ve had……putting us in the position we’re in now…..the best team in the league, with an extremely bright future…….and then condemn them because Percy hasn’t recovered yet. Nothing is 100%…..they’ve hit on some and they’ve missed on some…but they’ve assembled the best team in that we’ve had EVER.
    Maybe Percy doesn’t pan out….maybe they are just being overly cautious with him. Maybe Percy plays if they’re 8-4 and not 11-1…who knows?!
    Maybe Percy doesn’t play again this season, but next year combines with Tate to become the best PR/KR/WR combo in the NFL for the next 5 years. We shouldn’t judge ’til we see how things play out.

    Go Hawks!!

  22. chuck_easton says:

    That is the point Slick. Tate is a FA after this season. Seattle is only about 3 million under next years cap right now.

    Even if Seattle cuts Rice, that frees up 8.5 million. Even if they offer Tate that full 8.5 million a season. Why would Tate consider it when he see’s Harvin getting 12.5?

  23. Southendzone says:

    PHX Hawk, that’s why you limit your risk by not doing this kind of stuff for players with questions marks.

    You have a built in organization benefit from the draft pay scale that gives you a pretty sweet bargain on drafted players.

    If you want to risk on a FA, well MOST FA’s don’t require you to give up a draft pick.

    Here however, the Hawks went for broke, they flew too close to the sun on their wings held together by wax and look now, it’s an craptacular failure in every respect. Lost draft picks now, massive salary implications for years to come.

  24. pabuwal says:

    That’s why it’s hard to have a dynasty. You need to do 100 things perfect and if you do just 99, there is no dynasty.

  25. raymaines says:

    Jacksonville won last night. That was probably the biggest upset I picked. So far I’m 1-0 in the Pigskin Picks thing.

  26. Southendzone says:

    Rant not over:

    If Harvin can’t be one of our starters next season and beyond, this dead money is the kind of thing that will kill our chances for long term success.

    As great as the Hawks are this year and as we think they are, simple math says we probably WONT win the Superbowl, even as the #1 seed. Let’s say you think we are SO good, our chances vs any team we play are 75/25. This is a big stretch, especially in the Super Bowl.

    But even if you can talk yourself into that rosy 75%, to do it in 3 consecutive games, well that’s a %42 chance.

    That’s why you have to build the team smart for the long term, so you get year after year of playoff chances to knock on that superbowl door. You don’t do that with 11M of dead cap money for 5 years.

  27. rramstad says:

    “Even if Seattle cuts Rice, that frees up 8.5 million. Even if they offer Tate that full 8.5 million a season. Why would Tate consider it when he see’s Harvin getting 12.5?”

    Ummm… maybe because 8.5 is pretty good money for a WR, and the contract has increases in salary that are reasonable plus a good signing bonus?

    Believe it or not, some guys don’t have to be the highest paid guys on the roster to be happy.

    Just saying… and I don’t mean to have my comments come off personal, because they aren’t, but none of know what is going through the head of Golden Tate. He might very well take kindly to a 5 year $50 million deal with $15 guaranteed or so.

    Would it be nice to have Harvin’s money? Sure. Would it be nice to have Harvin playing? Sure. Hopefully we get the latter, because the former, at this point, is crying over spilled milk. That ship has sailed… we’ve rolled the dice and won’t know the true outcome for another couple of years. What if Harvin doesn’t play another snap this year, but is our leading WR next year? Certainly could happen.

  28. chuck_easton says:

    So, I’ve had my time to vent. There will be further opportunities down the road.

    We just need to focus on the great season the team is having.

    I will just assume that we will not see #11 on the field and if he surprises me, then great.

  29. Singularitarian says:

    Tate would take 8.5 in a heartbeat

  30. Singularitarian says:

    I was thinking 7 mill for Tate

  31. Singularitarian says:

    He hasn’t had the production to warrant over 7 mill

  32. I am beginning to agree with those that think Harvin has been, and will continue to be, a waste of time and resources. We would have been better off using our first round draft pick on a player – not someone who used to play once in a while.

  33. yellaman says:

    On this idea that Seattle isn’t going to have any money left to pay Tate, Sherman and ET is ridiculous. Only Tate is the big FA at the end of this year. and we have player who will be coming off of contracts as well as in future years to come. I see Sidney Rice is done after this year and so is Michael Bennett so why can’t Tate get a portion of that 8.5 & 5.0 millions. And is Tate really worth more than Rice’s contract. ET and Sherman will be FA in 2015 and that’s when Clemons and Arvil contracts are done. So maybe the Seahawks management has some particular numbers that they can pay these players. Also Russell last name Wilson is signed till 2016. That is why we draft players to replace the players who we can’t afford anymore. Also Schneider said that not every Seahawk can be the highest paid player at his position if players wants to stay with this team they are going to have to sacrifice some cash if they want to play with Russell Wilson. Because I don’t think he is going any where

  34. Baldwin and Tate are both free agents.

  35. tealskin says:

    Like Tater but I don’t think he’s a 7 million dollar player, yet. If Golden wants the big bucks he’ll probably be gone. I hope Bennett stays around ahile longer though. No doubt it will be a different team next year.

  36. SlickToxic21 says:

    I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of moves made to free up some money. Red, Rice, Miller, Lynch….all making big coin. Some will be asked to restucture, some will be cut, who knows.
    Word was that San Fran was also interested in Percy. We do know that Carroll and Schneider have been searching for a WR for awhile now….they had meetings with a few WR’s…including Brandon Marshall a couple of years ago. They decided to pull the trigger on Harvin, because he’s a difference maker, and they didn’t want him in San Fran.
    No question they paid him a LOT of money, and he hasn’t done anything yet to earn that….but that may very well be coach’s decision. Percy may be pleading to get in the games. We’ve got to wait to see.
    It will definitely suck if we lose Tate or Sherm or Baldwin because of the nature of his huge contract….but given the opportunity, I think they’d do the same thing…..and I’m sure they’ll find the money to keep their own…the ones they want to keep anyways

  37. tealskin says:

    Would be more sad to lose Baldwin. He has been clutch.

  38. freedom_X says:

    Cordarrelle Patterson will have a huge 2015 year, get hurt in 2016, then Carroll and Schneider will either trade for Patterson or give him a huge free agent contract if the Vikings cut Patterson loose in the 2017 offseason.

  39. Remebering that Percy Harvin is only 25 years old (about 6 months older than Russell Wilson) and can have a long and productive career in Seattle, I think it is wise for the team to hold him out. I don’t think his contract has anything to do with signing ourt upcoming free agents at all. PC & JS have it figured out. They have a plan. Personally, I think that the ability that the backups have shown when given the chance only makes managements point. Do you think they will give Richard Sherman the contract that he wants (you know he will want to be paid as the best CB in the league) when they have shown that when given the opportunity guys can step up? Not to say he isn’t important, but I don’t think they will overpay. In PC & JS we trust.

  40. Singularitarian says:

    The head scratcher to me was Stephan Williams. I thought he dude balled up in pre season and he gave us a down field, big body threat. I couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t kept

  41. Singularitarian says:

    The team IS NOT holding out Percy because they want to. Something ain’t right with the hip surgery

  42. Singularitarian says:

    On another note, it was cool to see Lotulaili (or whatever his name is) getting some air credit on Thursday night. I always rooted for that cat for some reason

  43. SlickToxic21 says:

    No not because they WANT to, but possibly because they want to make 100% sure that he is healthy, and ready to go before they give him the go ahead. They did invest a lot of money, they are 11-1, he is a difference maker, and they don’t NEED him yet.
    Unless they’re lying about the surgery…..all went well, and they’re just controlling the post-surgery inevitabilities….like swelling, scar tissue, etc.
    A lot of Washington fans wished they’d been more cautious with RGIII….hasn’t been himself since the surgery.
    Who knows? I’m just saying we should stop jumping all over PC and JS when we don’t know what’s exactly going on.

  44. freedom_X says:

    Stephen Williams hasn’t done anything for Jacksonville this year. So Seattle doesn’t seem to be missing out with that personnel decision.

    If Robert Griffin III had evolved at all as a pocket passer, then his injury wouldn’t be so debilitating. As he is now he still is probably more mobile that 80% of the starting QB’s in the league. But because Washington crafted a gimmick offense for him, he didn’t really evolve last year, whereas Russell Wilson took his lumps running the standard playbook as he learned. And since Griffin didn’t get reps in the offseason, he didn’t evolve then either.

    I haven’t been watching him closely enough to see if Griffin is getting better as a pocket passer (compared to the beginning of the season) but he doesn’t look good. If Russell Wilson lost his speed (but could still dodge people in the pocket) I think he’s still be 80% as effective as he is now. We’d lose 4-5 positive plays a game. But Griffin looks like he’s only half as effective as he was last year when healthy. Maybe less when you count negative plays such as taking needless sacks or making bad throws.

  45. Hawkjitsu says:

    Harbin is like the Death Star. It’s always just about complete, or just about ready to fire, or just about fixed. If we can play football to near perfection without our most destructive weapon, then I guess it’s ok to holster him until he’s ABSOLUTELY ready. That being said….. I’d like to see some carnage.

  46. freedom_X says:

    In the end, you have to go with the medical staff. It’s what you pay them for. If the medical staff clears a player, and the player agrees, then how can the coaches say no to playing him? Either you have a competent, independent medical staff or you don’t.

    The James Carpenter business last year does make me question whether the staff is being careful with the players. But then, perhaps Carroll and co. learned a lesson from that and now is more careful. I haven’t gotten an impression this year that Carroll is trying to rush players back.

    If Harvin practiced well the week before the Viking game, the right to thing to do is to play him. For all we know, you could put him on the shelf until the 1st playoff game, play him, and then find his hip got sore again and he’s out. If everything checks out, you just have to go with the shakedown cruise to validate that all is well. Maybe the hip was inflamed from tackling or hitting the turf, which practice might not reveal.

  47. tealskin says:

    Another factor with Harvin is the season we’re in. Outdoor games in cold weather are hard enough for totally healthy players. Somebody coming off hip surgery? Seems awhile back we would have been happy to have him back for the playoffs.

  48. raymaines says:

    It’s easy to fall in love with your own guys but WR’s like Tate, Baldwin, and Kerse aren’t too hard to replace. Seriously, we’re not talking Calvin Johnson here. Sherman & ET are probably close to irreplaceable but who else on the defense can’t be replaced?

    I’m not worried about Harvin’s contract money. I don’t think any of us have said this since last April or maybe August, but In JS/PC We Trust!

  49. raymaines says:

    Here’s a link that might be of help figuring out who is in what stage of his contract:

  50. PHXHawk says:

    Interesting how Tate was scorched for years by many on this blog, and now the big concern is how to keep him. The FO has made hundreds of deals–they created the best team in the league, and they’re not done with their plan yet.

  51. Singularitarian says:

    I don’t think Tate and Baldwin are easily replaceable. I think Golden Tate has some skills I don’t see from other receivers. He has as good of skills as Harvin with the ball in open space. Maybe not quite as strait line fast, but he is really good. If it was decided that they wanted to have a pass first offense, Wilson and Tate would both be putting up big time numbers. Baldwin has got to be one of the most clutch 3rd down receivers I have seen for Seattle. He has made so many awesome clutch grabs the last 3 years it is unreal. I’m not trying to say we have the best receiving corps in the league, but we’re one traditional Julio Jones type size/speed receiver away from being the best. Percy would do it too if he saw the field.

    After years of watching Seattle try and get a dope receiving corps, and coming up short, left with average to subpar guys (Even from Pete Carroll) I think it’s crazy wrong to say that Tate and Baldwin “aren’t to hard to be replaced” . Remember all the guys Carroll has brought in, and the only ones still standing are Tate and Baldwin

  52. raymaines says:

    Yes, Tate and Baldwin really are good and have particular skill sets not easily duplicated, but the brain trust is really good at finding players that have unique skills and adapting the system to those skills. Thus Tate & Baldwin aren’t perhaps as valuable as we like to think.

    We are, of course, free to stress and worry as much as we want but it’s more fun to divorce ourselves from the quasi GM position we imagine ourselves to be in and just go along for the ride. JS&PC have done whatever they did without asking any of us for advice, the Seahawks are 11-1 and they have earned our trust. Relax, be happy.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Oh when the saints came marching in”
    “When the saints came marching in”
    “Oh it was fun to see we got their number”
    “When the saints came marching in”

    “And when the 9ers think they will shine”
    ” When the 9ers think they will shine”
    “It will be fun to show who’s the best now”
    “When the 9ers think they will shine”

  54. MikeFromNewJersey says:

    Hahahahaha… I was just watching the grammy nomination concert on cbs and some guy held up a 12th man flag!!!

  55. Singularitarian says:

    lol. PC & JS have brought in several receiving options over the last 3 years. Via trade and via over priced free agents. Only Tate and Baldwin have emerged as any good. I give PC/JS big props, I wasn’t worried about depth in the defensive backfield (besides ET), and they can truly find gems in the toilet at that spot. The offensive line and receiving corps is another story

  56. Singularitarian says:

    make that the last 4 years

  57. chuck is absolutely 1000000 percent right.

    Look at all the money wasted on Harvin. The draft pick, the roster spot… I was excited about the addition of Harvin, but with his previous durability concerns, I was never really comfortable.

    I think Tate is more important to this teams long term success than Harvin (or even Rice) could ever be. Not saying he needs to make a billion dollars, but he is definitely an integral part of the offense, and a great playmaker at that.

    Harvin is going to eat up the salary cap while Wilson, Sherman, and Earl Thomas are all potential free agent losses. Wilson far less than the other two, but still.

    Going to have to clean up a lot of cap slop to squeeze all 3 of these guys onto the roster.

  58. Singularitarian says:

    They will not lose Wilson or ET

  59. raymaines says:

    Or Richard Sherman

  60. They might not have a choice but to only retain 1 of the big 3. I think they extend Wilson when the time comes, franchise Sherman, and try to get Thomas to take a hometown deal.

  61. rramstad says:

    The deals don’t all come due at the same time, and I agree with earlier posters. They will keep ET, Sherman and Wilson. I think Kam is more valuable to us than to other teams, so likely to stay as well. I think Browner walks, probably also Thurmond walks, unless they take a hometown discount. I suspect that we’ll resign Baldwin as he’s more valuable to us than other teams. I think Tate will be a bit tougher but again, I think we can give him a very lucrative package that won’t hurt against the cap too hard assuming that Rice leaves.

    The sky is not falling. The key thing with quality depth is that it puts you in a great negotiating position. If an older veteran guy leaves, you plug your two or three year player in, and draft a fresh one at the same spot. Keeps the team young, energetic, and competitive… nothing like seeing someone “established” leave to make an impression that you need to be working all the time.

  62. Vegas56 says:

    In principle, I agree with Chuck…but things never are as bad as they seem from the pessimist perspective (sort of like they’re never as rosy as they seem either). I’m just hopeful (and that’s all it is) that they’re being extra careful with him during a time where they’re almost certain of reaching the HFA goal and where they don’t appear to need him to defeat the teams remaining on their schedule.

  63. Wilson, Sherman, and ET aren’t going anywhere, but somewhere down the line someone and probably more is going to have to go because of Percy and his contract (including, potentially, Percy himself, in addition…).

    No regime is spot on with every transaction. The greatest GMs ever had bad first round picks (they made up for them by drafting guys like Wilson and Sherman when they did).

    One thing I’ll say for Mr. Happy; I remember when the Hawks played the Vikes last year. He talked about how great Harvin was and how he alone created so many nightmares for him as a defensive coach (even though Gus was DC) – you can see why he’d want him.

    Is it the fault of Mr. Happy that he wanted a guy he didn’t want to face as an opponent? No.

    If anything, it’s smart for the Hapster to get him if he thought that much of him. It’s not his fault that Percy hurt his hip, is it? I don’t think so.

    With that being said, go ahead and look at what EVERY coach has ever said about Percy (mostly behind closed doors) and you’ll see a pattern of Harvin the jerk (HS, college [the Meyer meeting with Childress behind "closed" doors], and both NFL coaches before the Hapster). I said this before, if you don’t believe me – research it yourself and you’ll see a pattern… unless you’re the kind of fan who thinks that Percy is the second coming of God except if he played for SF – then you’d want him 6 feet under.

    My biggest problem with the whole Harvin thing is that you trade for a proven character risk and give him a HUGE payday… what leverage do you have over a guy like that? None.

    I am happy we have a regime that will take risks on guys… *before* they get their big payday. Once they get that payday, what is there incentive?

    With that being said, I don’t believe the regime thought Harvin would hurt his hip and be out this long (or else they wouldn’t have traded for him).

    It’s almost the exact same thing for some of you older guys like the Nate Odoms signing. He was a great CB that I was jacked about getting, but who knew that he’d blow an ACL while playing basketball after signing the big deal with the Hawks (after leaving the Bills)?

    All in all… when we got Harvin I was:

    Mad – why give that much to a guy who is that much of a character risk?

    Glad – Wow. What a great talent.

    All in all: The story hasn’t been written yet so give Percy a chance (even though I think he’s a meathead). Remember when Hutch broke his early in his second year and missed the season? The Hawks didn’t get greatness out of him until year three. If Percy returns a few kick-offs for TDs in the play-offs (IMO, he’s the best kick returner there is) and we win a Super Bowl, maybe it’ll be worth it. I could care less if someone costs us $50 million for one game – if that game is the reason we FINALLY win a Super Bowl, I’m okay with it (after seeing millions like the Odoms, Chad Brown, Pat Kerney, Branch, etc. contracts in their day… all those guys made huge money but never helped a Seahawks team win a Super Bowl).

    I will say this though – Tate isn’t going to expect Percy money on his next contract. He’ll want it and take it, but he won’t expect it (or get it) because I don’t know how a guy like that can expect that much dough when he’s never sniffed 1,000 yards (oh, wait, that one Brach guy) in a season.

  64. If you’re 40 like me, just look at these two photos and be happy! Lets focus on the happy!

    No matter what age you are, this is exciting:

  65. So this is what happens when you take a nap in the afternoon? What a lively discussion! Great thread folks.

    I’m as guilty as any about getting caught up in thinking about the future, but this season has been so good so far that it’s really hard to get past all the joy.

    It’s all legitimate concern moving forward, but seriously don’t spend too much energy worrying about what may or may not be. Just enjoy this ride…it’s the best one (to date) we’ve ever had.

    I’d hate to lose Wilson, Sherm, Earl, Tate, Baldwin, Bennett and Harvin…but I choose not to worry about it. We probably can’t keep everybody, but maybe we can…who knows?

    As someone mentioned above, in Pete and John we trust. They got us this far and there is no reason to start doubting them now.


  66. Or this?

    I haven’t been overly impressed with Blount @ ESPN but this was a good write up. R Dub’s stats are sick!

  67. .68 HOU@JAX .32
    .24 IND@CIN .76
    .27 ATL@GBP .73
    .37 CLE@NEP .63
    .40 OAK@NYJ .60
    .40 DET@PHI .60
    .49 MIA@PIT .51
    .52 BUF@TBB .48
    .47 KCC@WAS .53
    .42 MIN@BAL .58
    .18 TEN@DEN .82
    .20 STL@ARI .80
    .46 NTG@SDC .54
    .64 SEA@SFO .36
    .29 CAR@NOS .71
    .31 DAL@CHI .69

  68. Anyone see the billboard 49er fans are trying to buy in Seattle – 5 Lombardi trophies with the caption – “how many do you have?” They have raised little over $2000 out of $7200 needed

  69. Todd, Carp thanks you for pairing the announcement he’ll start with the news that Harvin is resting his hip another week. (No wrath for Carp)

  70. Macabrevity says:

    Give Harvin 5 or 6 seasons, and we should have a 16 game sample to put together lol. I for one am hoping we cut ties and free up the money for actual contributors who are integral to this team (Tate being one).

  71. raymaines says:

    .68 HOU@JAX .32

    .64 SEA@SFO .36

    I see that SF has about the same chance of winning as Jacksonville had.

    Oh wait, let me take that back…

  72. I think most people will forgive Percy Harvin as soon as he crosses the goal line with the football while wearing a Seahawks jersey… in the super bowl. That would be Feb 2nd 2014, the last day any of you will give Percy any crap.

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