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News, notes and quotes: Sherman (and Wilson?) comedy show rolls on

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 5, 2013 at 2:31 pm with 14 Comments »
December 5, 2013 2:32 pm

Not a lot of hard-hitting conversation today today with Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman at the podium.

Sherman was his usual self, laughing and making jokes. Wilson did a Michael Bennett impersonation of Bennett impersonating him, and even used the word “pissed” before quickly correcting himself.

Who knew?

If you didn’t read the earlier link, here’s a little explanation: Michael Bennett was trying to get a table at a local restaurant and was stifled. He eventually claimed to be Wilson. When he arrived, he had to tell the lady he duped them and they gave him Wilson’s roped-off, VIP table.

Wilson tried to do an impression of Bennett making the call. It was a rare glimpse of Wilson laughing and playing around.

Here’s Wilson’s full press conference. He starts to talk about the Bennett thing at the 11:33 mark.

He, of course, was much more serious when touting the 49ers’ defense.

“I guess you can consider them a rival,” Wilson said of San Francisco.

Wilson said the last time the Seahawks played at San Francisco, Oct. 18, 2012, about 75 percent of the playbook was open to him. Since, things have been fully open and he’s moved into a spot where he’s able to recognize and change things more often.

For instance, last week’s 52-yard completion to Doug Baldwin was a check out after Wilson recognized signs of a pending New Orleans blitz. Wilson said Thursday that he would have probably made the same call late last season, but that it would have taken him more time to recognize what New Orleans was doing.

Wilson was also asked about his MVP candidacy. He said, “The talk about MVP, I don’t worry about that,” then went on to credit just about every offensive player on the team — from the offensive line to backup tight end Luke Willson — for any success.

As for Sherman, he said “nothing changes for us” in regard to playing San Francisco. He backed Wilson as an MVP candidate.

Sherman also continued his backing of Brandon Browner, saying he thinks Browner has handled the rumors around him “fantastic.”

“He’s a grown man, he took it all in stride and he took it with a humble heart,” Sherman said. “He understood what the situation was and so do we. He knew that people go out there and pass judgment and that’s what people do. People go out there and judge people off what they hear, what they read. Who are we to judge anybody?”

On the lighter side, Sherman was asked about Bennett’s touchdown dance from Monday night.

“I thought he was going to get charged with sexual harassment,” Sherman said.


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  1. Wilson was also asked about his MVP candidacy. He said, “The talk about MVP, I don’t worry about that…” hen went on to credit just about every offensive player on the team

    Love this guy. Team first all the time.


  2. I do wish however that he wasn’t so calculated and sometimes long winded with his answers at his pressers. I’d love to have more insight to the guy himself while being more conversational.

    I understand why he does it, always deflecting to the team and given credit to teammates, coaches, owners and such, but he has such a remarkable personality it’d be great if he could just let us in a little more.

    Maybe in the offseason…some time in mid to late February.

  3. RDPoulsbo says:

    For all the clichés, it could be worse. He could give answers like Kaepernick.

  4. The only thing I wish for from Russell is that he help deliver the Lombardi Trophy to us this year, which he will do.

    I would like to know more about him also but I’ll take the “laser focus” for now and leave the bulk of the entertaining to others. Down the road when he writes his auto-biography I’ll buy it for someone in my family as a gift and read it on the side.

  5. Dont bet on Wilsons autobiography being any different than his demeanor now. He IS Beaver Cleaver. Most of the other guys acting that way are calculated, but not really like that–Peyton Manning, etc. Wilson knows what he’s doing, but I’ll bet he’s really like that.

    I love the guy, but I’d probably have him nearly last on my list of kegger invitees from the Hawks. He’d have everyone singing Religous songs or something…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. And thank God he doesnt match his underwear to his hats and sag his pants like Crapernick. Or kiss his damned bicep after scoring.

  7. Skavage says:

    Is it just me or does Kaep seem like he is just totally burned out with the whole “interview thing”? I’m not sure if his answers are short because he’s tired, pissed, or just totally bummed out, but he demenour certainly wouldn’t inspire me as a fan or as a teammate. He almost seemed depressed.

  8. Russell Wilson, as himself, flying to Seattle immediately after being drafted by the Seahawks:

  9. tealskin says:

    I’d say RW is hardwired to maintain a very consistent emotional base. Doesn’t get flustered. Guessing Kaep is a bit more like the rest of us. Ups and downs and can be rattled by adversity.

  10. That was just a joke about the auto-biography.

    I do love RW as the QB of the Seahawks though and that t’aint no joke. My guess with him is that he regards interviews, press, etc. as something from the “noise” department yet sees the big picture and understands that it is an unavoidable part of being an NFL quarterback. So he prepares for them as he does with everything else. You want to ask a hundred questions every week? He will give you answers. He will PUNISH you with answers.

  11. SlickToxic21 says:

    Can’t believe Russ said “pissed off”……out of character for him…..good times!! Go Hawks!

  12. Southendzone says:

    Russell Wilson got bit by a radioactive spider, and the SPIDER got superpowers

  13. Russell Wilson has counted to infinity…

    Russell Wilson doesn’t sleep.
    He waits.

    Russell Wilson can pull a hat out of a rabbit.

    (love the Chuck Norris jokes)

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