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Morning Links: Suspensions, bye week didn’t slow down Seahawks

Post by Todd Dybas / The News Tribune on Dec. 4, 2013 at 1:49 am with 110 Comments »
December 4, 2013 1:49 am
Defensive end Red Bryant said everything going on around the Seahawks last week brought them together even more. / AP photo
Defensive end Red Bryant said everything going on around the Seahawks last week brought them together even more. / AP photo

Good morning.

I wrote about the Seahawks blasting through any potential distractions resulting from suspension talk or rust after the bye week.

I thought Red Bryant had some interesting thoughts, per usual, on the matter.

“If anything, we rallied around each other even more,” Bryant said. “It’s unfortunate a couple of our guys got jammed up. But, we support those guys fully. We know there’s a lot of facts behind the scenes in the situations that a lot of people are not privy to.

“They were quick to make judgments. We knew we wanted to go out there and play for those guys and we played for Walter (on Munday).

“We looked at it as another opportunity for this team to come together and we’re not going to let nuttin’ get in our way and deter us from what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Speaking of suspensions, John Clayton said on 710 ESPN Brandon Browner may avoid a one-year suspension. Clayton says there is no timetable for an answer on it. He also said he thinks Browner already turned down one deal.

”The one year, I think is going to be off the table,” Clayton said. “But I don’t think he settles for anything less than just a four-pay check, no-suspension type of arrangement.  Because if not, I think he takes it to federal court.  I think he feels very good about his case.”

Here’s Clayton’s full appearance. He begins talking about Browner at the 16:40 mark:


> 710 ESPN with “What we learned” from the Seahawks’ win over the Saints.

> ESPN writes that Pete Carroll said on the radio he’s hopeful Percy Harvin is ready to go this week.

> A couple of ESPN’s talking heads “debate” who can beat the Seahawks in Seattle.

> San Francisco’s Donte Whitner says the 49ers were “embarrassed” in first game with the Seahawks.

> The Everett Herald says the road to the Super Bowl goes through Seattle.

> writes about the defense moving to the top of a couple rankings.

> A quick look at the 49ers also, from

> SI’s Jim Trotter says the Seahawks’ greatest strength is confidence.

> ESPN wonders who the 49ers’ MVP is so far.

> Whitner also says he wants to stay in San Francisco. He’s a UFA at the end of the season.

> There has been some grumbling about Frank Gore’s production lately.

> No word on 49ers starting left tackle Joe Staley, who sprained his MCL Sunday. He declined to comment when San Francisco reporters asked him about his injury and status. Guard Mike Iupati may still be out, too.

> MMQB’s Robert Klemko writes about the negatives of Thursday Night Football and cash for the league driving it. Duane Brown of the Texans tells him, “It’s dangerous. It feels horrible.” Cliff Avril told me earlier this season he thinks the NFL would force players to play every day if it could.

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Well, I could get killed for posting this but…try a little silliness with your coffee…

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Todd for the occasional early morning links. We Eastern time zone folks appreciate it very much.

    And good news on Browner.

    I love the way this team rallies around perceived set backs. It was just a week ago that if we were to believe what we read from the media and many Seahawk fans alike we were going to have the toughest game of the year playing the Saints.
    Not a snow balls chance was that a tough game.
    Throughout the game I kept looking for that whole other Animal that the Saints were supposed to be, and all I found was a little puppy dog. Lol.

    We have some better animals coming up now starting with the 49ers.
    I wonder how much the Seahawks will use, (being an underdog) to help further motivate them in this one?

    Can’t wait for Sunday already!

    Go Hawks!!!

    BTW- What happened to MontanaMike? did you fall into that Hot Springs?

  3. pabuwal says:

    Would anything be better than clinching the division on SF’s home field?

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I also like what Sherman said in Todds article today.

    “We didn’t think about this game like everybody else did. We got a lot of big-time players. There’s no big-time games for big-time players.”

    I know HFA is great however this is a team very capable of winning it all by going on the road too imo.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Would anything be better than clinching the division on SF’s home field?”

    No pabs, not so far, and especially if it helps the 49ers to lose out on a playoff spot this year.

  6. MarkBWilson says:

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  7. CDHawkFan says:

    I know there is college ball on Friday’s, but I really think the NFL considers moving the Thur game to at least Friday, if not Saturday night.

    I agree that Thursday is just not enough time for proper rest and it has shown on a lot of sloppy Thursday night games.

    Also, Georgia, we get that you called the easy game against the Saints. You were right, many of us, including me, were wrong. Seems like you are rubbing it in because of the amount of times you have brought it up, did someone take a pop at you for your Saints prediction?

  8. CK can’t roll to his left and throw on the run. Avril is going to be huge once again.

    Great news on the Browner front. Hope he’s rehabbing hard b/c it sounds like he might be back pretty soon.

    Hope those OL are out for SF. Their rushing offense has been tough on us in their house.

    Crabtree, Boldin, Davis and Gore are big names. Their A games will be there Sunday. I’m very interested to see how we respond.

    I really, really hope Percy is good enough to go without restrictions.

    And no…NOTHING would be sweeter than clinching the division @ SF providing we get out of there with most everyone healthy, namely #3, #24, #25 and #29.

    Is it Sunday yet?


  9. Oh yeah…great job on the blog Todd. Eventhough Jaz swore the blog off, I must admit that Jaz did inspire you a bit. More links and better headlines. Blog is on fire just like our Hawks. Nice work!

  10. pabuwal says:

    The NFL is prohibited by law from playing on Friday or Saturday until some point in December.

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I actually thought the Saints would put up a better fight. I didn’t think it would be easy at all, but the Saints are so average on the road, ( especially in cold weather) that I thought it was ridiculous to give the Saints so much props coming in to play against the best team in the NFL, and in the toughest stadium to play in the NFL.

    I wasn’t trying to rub nothing in, I just don’t buy into the Saints hype, and was agreeing with what the Seahawks players were saying in Todds article.

    BTW- I have nothing to brag about when it comes to the pigskin pick em the last two weeks. Lol.

    Some playoff probabilities-

  12. Great news on Browner. I hope the NFL gets a big black eye from their BS handling of his case from the get-go. How the hell can he be forced to submit to drug testing when not employed by the NFL and in another country?! The fact is, he cannot be; its illegal and if Browner takes this one to Federal Court, the NFL will lose and be utterly embarrassed, and the repercussions of that would tear big ass holes in the testing program, and in Roger Goodells God-like power structure. He cant risk it, and I now fully expect Browner to pretty much get away with a fake suspension (the games he missed due to injury) and/or a fine.

    I also think there’s a good chance he gets himself off Stage Three, but I might be all wet there.

    Browner is still a selfish asshat for screwing up multiple times (at least twice) as a Seahawk, knowing full well the repercussions were enormous. But since its not PED’s this time–and may never have been–Im on his side on this one.

    bbmate, Im not going to apologize for forming an opinion with the information we had–we never get it all–but this is a good example of why its good to not totally cement one’s opinion until you have LOTS of information, and why its a good idea to be willing to revise an opinion based on new info. Ive changed my mind slightly regarding BB in light of new information, but I’ll be damned if I waited till his Autobiography in 20 years to form an opinion.

  13. CDHawkFan says:

    I don’t get a chance to see the Saints much, so I did just look at 9-2 & Brees and figured it would be harder than say TB.

    I guess if it was that easy we all would move to Vegas, make millions and buy those TV’s pabs posted.

    BTW pabs, against the law? What the hell have we become to outlaw NFL football on Friday or Saturday before Decemeber?

  14. I hate the idea of having to play NO or SF again in the playoffs. Its too hard to get it right two-three times in a row when gameplanning vs very good teams. Then again, Carolina is scary. Like Seattle, they are getting healthy and getting on a roll. And their offensive line is light years better than ours, even their second and third stringers. We have a better WR corps, and a better secondary; but their secondary is very good, and their front 4 are amazing.

    I really liked Star Lotuleilei and Kawann Short, and would really have preferred either or both of them to Harvin and/or Michaels. Especially this year. Ah well, time will tell. Perhaps Jesse Williams will play next year, but there is a chance he never does hold up with that knee–Tubbs anyone?!

    If Seattle gets homefield, and continues to play like they did last night–coaches and players–nobody will beat them. But this year has seen some rocky performances, especially from the O-line, so nothing is certain.

    Im just gonna take it as it comes and hope for the best! Wouldnt a repeat title game vs Carolina–this time in Seattle–be AWESOME?!

  15. Er, Monday night, not last night.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would love a repeat title game STTBM, especially because Cam Newton has never played in the Clink before and that could give us an advantage over Brees and Kaep.

  17. CDHawkFan says:


    I agree with Bobby, I would love to see San Fran in the playoffs and go for a 3-peat in 1 year.

  18. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,, Yup Yup,, totally agreed with Sherman. I wasn’t surprised,, in fact I was expecting it to be a blowout. Both you and I did…. :)

    I am thinking this game against the 49ers will be a 10 point win as well. Not a blowout but I’m thinking around 24-13…. would not be surprise if we score over 30 though…

  19. TallyHawk says:

    At this point I don’t think anybody comes to the Clink and wins. At least not in the playoffs. The rams might with everything wrapped up by then but I doubt it. The team that worries me the most is the panthers. Their D could make it a game. I don’t see Cam coming in here and lighting it up. The speed of our LBs can keep him in check. I have no fear at all about NO or SF coming to Seattle.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Moving on up to the top of the food chain.

    Russell Wilson- the newest elite QB. Of course we already knew that.

  21. yankinta says:

    GeorgiaHawk,,, Thanks for the link…. Remember before the season began, we all were talking about RW’s potential. I said then that RW Will Be a Top 5 QB (if not Top 3) this year….. and the majority of the people on this blog disagreed…. I am thinking, at least you are in agreement now. :)

  22. Southendzone says:

    On Browner, not only is the argument about the specifics of the program solid with his advancement to phase 3 while out of the league, but how about a claim of libel when a LEAGUE EMPLOYED REPORTER coming out with INCORRECT, CONFIDENTIAL information about his job?

    Say you were on short term medical leave from your work for say… cancer treatment. Then your boss leaked information that you had HIV, and published it on a national news site?

    Do you think you just MIGHT have a case there?

  23. Singularitarian says:

    2 things:
    1. I feel like the team Seattle doesn’t want to play in the playoffs is the Eagles. Not that I am worried about anyone. I’m sick of hearing how SF matches up well against us in Seattle after they got blown out twice in a row. They list Crapperneck as and Cam as guys who match up well? Come on. We shut both of those mobile, one read qbs down with our speed and our shut down corners, twice. One read, look to run, panic, get flustered. That’s what these 2 qbs will do. Every time. Throw some man to man and let the team speed take care of em.

    2. I could care less about the Browner situation. Seattle plays better without him. He is a liability to get beat deep and he has too many penalties. Don’t need him, don’t care. He is hurt anyway

  24. Singularitarian says:

    I would like to see him win the case just to stick it to the league tho

  25. bulldog80 says:

    DEC. 4, 2013 AT 6:45 AM  
    The NFL is prohibited by law from playing on Friday or Saturday until some point in December

    What “law” do you speak of exactly? A contractual obligation isn’t a law. Of course they could televise games on those nights. The nfl would just have to appease the other interested parties.

  26. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’ve always had a problem with giving news about their employer. They shouldn’t be called reporters. That’s nothing more than media relations, or PR hacks if you prefer. It’s also why I never go to for team news. Regardless of any suspension Browner may get, I still think the team needs to move on. He had his 2nd chance when Pete brought him the team, then a 3rd chance after last year’s suspension. There’s got to be a point when you have to say enough is enough.

    So the Hawks are underdogs at Candlestick? Sounds like easy money if you’re a betting man. Sea-SF games have been decided in the trenches these past few years and on Sunday, the 49ers won’t have the left side of their line and their front 7 is dinged up pretty good. I’m not expecting a boot stomping like the Saints got, but the Hawks should win comfortably.

  27. RDPoulsbo says:

    bulldog80, I don’t think it’s a law, but my guess is it’s an anti-trust settlement that allows the NFL to keep their monopoly. Friday and Saturday are off limits when it’s HS and college football season while Sunday is reserved for the NFL. You notice it whenever New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday, college bowl games are played on the 2nd.

  28. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Singularitarian- I agree, they do seem to play better without Browner.

  29. jboard1 says:

    I am seeing stuff on twitter saying that the 9ers have sent an email to fans reminding them how to create a better home field advantage. Like “wear RED! Be on time. Be loud on defense and quiet on offense”.

    That is just hilarious. You would think a fan base would already know this stuff, and if they dont, they really dont care to create a home field advantage for their team.

  30. Vegas56 says:

    I’m thinking of running down to the local book (Station) at noon and taking these underdog ‘Hawks and the points for 100…

  31. sluggo42 says:

    I am one who was pretty harsh on BB without knowing the facts, but I believe he still smoked pot? or was that just WT3? Either way its going to be very interesting if BB wins his case. How many teams have 2 players beat Goodell? haha

    The reason I no longer feel threatened by anyone in the league is that none of the QB’s (in the NFC) who are on a worthy team, have the grit for the big game, and crumble under pressure.

    Manning and Brady do though, so the Super Bowl will be one whale of a game.

    You honestly don’t think the Hawks don’t want to go down to SF and deeply embarrass the hers? With all the crap over that last few years that emits from SF about the Hawks, I know they are going there with bad intentions in mind. They want to totally grind them into the dirt.

    The 9hers know it too and when you know something is coming its usually worse because you don’t concentrate effectively because in the back of your mind the doubt keeps creeping up on you, and when the game starts and the first thing that goes against you is all that is needed.
    The Hawks have no fear, nor doubt, and expect things to be rough and tough, and, probably assume the refs will be wearing red too. And they will be mentally prepared for it.

    But a few things will happen this game that nobody expects. Could be that Harvin playsand that alone will probably mess with them the second he touches the field. Or it might be something like a long bomb to the Rockett, or Tate will bust off a long TD return. Something, anything. But when it does, the 9hers will begin the implosion.

  32. dirtbiker_joey says:

    After reading the QB index, I’m reminded how bummed I was that we took Carpenter in the 2011 draft instead of Andy Dalton. Well, I can’t say the Carp pick has worked out, but passing up Dalton sure has.

  33. Singularitarian says:

    sluggo- one could make a very legitimate argument that Manning doesn’t have it in big games. I think Brees plays the same game regardless of the size.

  34. jawpeace says:

    I have read oodles of comments about the advantage of the Hawks winning home field for the playoffs. I totally agree with that. But what I have not heard much is with that prize is also a bye week. Normally I get nervous about bye weeks but Pete and his staff had the players looking very sharp off the bye week. They had fresh legs and were sharp on Monday. So my concerns of a bye hurting the Hawks momentum is slightly alleviated do to this past performance.

  35. Great news about Browner.

    I still think Browner is a moron – anyone who could have the life he can have and choose to mess it up with drugs is beyond dumb.

  36. yankinta says:

    You’re Dumb for thinking you’d do better if you grew up in whatever environment Browner grew up in, and having gong through whatever he’s gone thru in life….. Don’t Judge Others!!!. Because you’d just sound Naive.

  37. Pot – Kettle – Black

    “Don’t judge others!!!”

    You mean like…everyone that’s been ‘brainwashed’ by the national media or doesn’t agree with you and your opinions.

    Feeding the troll…couldn’t resist.

  38. Singularitarian says:

    Agree Yanks. People always play the “if I was in that position” card. “If I was Carpenter, I would show up in shape”. Meanwhile they are on their couch relaxing eating pizza and drinking beer

  39. WilliamPercival says:

    Still waiting for everyone, (anyone?) to admit their pre-mature calls for Browner’s heAd and to cut him. Let this be a lesson. Remember that the media only knows so much and you never know who/what you can believe. Better to err on the side of our Haeks and show loyalty to the 12.

    On a lighter note:

    RW is 2nd in the league with Passer Rating of 108.5 to Manning’s 115.3. 3rd if you count Foles’ 125.2

  40. GeorgiaHawk says:

    You mean Gong or Bong?

  41. pabuwal says:

    Seahawks Trivia Time –

    Name the only College Bowl game where both starting QBs were drafted by the Seahawks. Name the QBs as well.

  42. Singularitarian says:

    William I still think Browner is not the best fit for this team, regardless of the outcome of this appeal. I could care less about what somebody does with their own time. I just want the best players on the field. With the way this team plays without him, and the salary he will be offered somewhere else, his age, and the cheap depth we have behind him, I wish him luck somewhere else. If he stays on the team, I will route for him as well. We will need to be saving some big time money next year. I like Sherman, hope he stays, but he could be a casualty as well. I think his numbers this year will keep his salary out of the Revis size though

  43. tealskin says:

    Sing.- No matter how this season plays out, the Hawks will probably look very diferent next year, due to salary cap. So I guess we’re left with hoping they do it all this year.

  44. dirtbiker_joey says:

    2008 Bowl

    Rutgers Scarlet Knights (Mike Teel) defeated North Carolina State Wolfpack (Russell Wilson) by a score of 29-23.

  45. Good work.

  46. yankinta says:

    Just AS I Predicted,,, RW has now moved into No.2 Spot on MVP Watch List…. knew it 100% for sure but still fun to watch it come into reality…. :)

    If Peyton loses one of his last 4 games,, MVP will be RW’s….. let’s watch and learn, shall we?? :)

    “There’s just nothing not to like. He can run. He can throw. He can freeze a safety with his eyes and hit the guy who comes open in stride. If one of his throws bounces off a receiver’s face mask, it lands in the arms of a fullback who can just fall into the end zone with it. He always signals before changing lanes, and he never takes the last buffalo wing. He’s probably a great cook, and the kind of guy to whom you’d go for parenting advice even though you’re not even sure whether he has kids. Wilson just turned 25 and the world appears to be all his. There were 74 players taken ahead of him in the 2012 draft, and right now he’s got a better chance than any of them to be standing there, teeth chattering, around 10 p.m. ET on Feb. 2 as Roger Goodell hands him a snow-covered Super Bowl MVP trophy in the middle of a frozen New Jersey swamp.”

  47. Denver has a ridiculously easy schedule the rest of the way. The Regular Season MVP is his, for this year.

  48. If the hawks win at SF I think RW just might gain enough traction to win that MVP – we will see

  49. Russell is all about the team. Give him a division title, HFA and a Superbowl win and I’m pretty sure he, the team and all of us fans would be more than satisfied.

    MVP is just icing on the cake but I’m sure it’ll only pick up more steam here with those that have a hard time focusing on anything else.


  50. tealskin says:

    RW would have to start throwing 4-5 TD’s per game to have a chance. Even a 15-1 record wouldn’t be enough. His game just doesn’t fit what voters are looking for. Would have to win 2 Super Bowls.

  51. 12’s are everywhere.. Along with the banner flying over Candlestick there will be a Seahawk rally at Pier 39 Saturday night..

  52. Even a Deaf person can feel the noise at the Clink.

    A post from Facebook:

    I spy #12 my brother Ramon, on the right, is deaf/mute, first game i ever took him to, he let me know he could feel the noise. Now thats 12th man for you.

  53. JohnSchneider says:

    yankinta, you are so smart! You are the only person in the whole world who has not been brainwashed by the media and their east coast bias! :)

    You are always 100% right, and everyone else is 100% wrong. They are dumb. . . smh :)

    I know that you are really Vince Lombardi reincarnated. I would like to extend an invitation to you to join my staff. Please drop by the VMAC and come see me. If you would have been with us sooner, we wouldn’t have lost to those lucky SOBs in Indianapolis. ;)

  54. I am surprised to see the support for Browners drug use – “don’t judge others” and whatever hes gone through in his life – blah, blah, blah.

    Whatever. I don’t care what environment you came from. Your an adult. You have a big brain in your head – use it to make good decisions. And if you make a mistake, man up and learn from it. Don’t repeat it. Browner knows he is being tested – knows he has been caught and suspended before – the obvious and inescapable conclusion is that its moronic to make the same mistake again.

    And just because someone comes from a challenging background does not mean he has to use drugs / fail tests repeatedly. Lots of people come from challenging backgrounds and make good decisions.

    I’m sorry if that sounds harsh – I love having Browner on the team. I just want him to be smarter so that he can BE on the team and enjoy all the things he has worked for and accomplished.

  55. FleaFlicker says:

    Let’s not get too confident. Nobody in the NFC West has won @ SF since 2008.

  56. tealskin says:

    All streaks are broken at some point. Don’t think there is a lot of overconfidence on this site, except for one or two bloggers.

  57. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Even Bay Area media like to poke fun at Harbaugh:

  58. The Beast Mode Boys singing “No Sleep Til Jersey”

  59. yankinta says:

    JohnSchneider,, Wow,, For Real?? I’m such a Big Fan of Yours!! Thank you for attending Wisconsin’s games to Scout RW. I heard that you have Fast Food Wrappers in your rental car when you go on these scouting trips to check out College Players…. Almost as if you live in your car. We really Appreciate all the Hard Work you do for us…… Really!! :)

    There are definitely a few (very few) that are not brainwashed by others on this blog as well. But they rarely speak out,, although they tend to speak out a lot more, but only after the fact. :)

    I’m Sorry to say that I would not have made a diff for the Colts games since I can’t control the ineptness of Ron Winter’s Referee Crew. They have had 2 other bad refereeing games after that, so they shouldn’t get chosen for Playoff games (Thank God). Plus, Did you hear the Colts beat Titans this past Titans with help from another inept Referee Crew’s 4 game changing calls (Such a Lucky Team,, these Colts are)….SMH…

  60. I agree FleaFlicker. We haven’t won in SF since something like 2007 and yet people are calling for beating them 3 times this year? Personally, I hope the Niners don’t make the playoffs at all. I’d much rather have someone else in there other than our chief nemesis. That was their fans would have nothing to chat about all off season.

    The Eagles are starting to become a factor and we know that Chip Kelly is all too familiar with Pete. Their Defense might not be that great but if it gets into a shootout, anything can happen.

    Of course that would mean our defense would have to go south and I don’t really see that happening any time soon.

  61. These guys are some serious wafflers…

    I still wouldn’t trade R Dub for any player in the league…period.

  62. ChrisHolmes says:

    Agree @joreb

  63. The 2008 Seahawks with Wallace at QB blew out the 49ers in SF – that was the last Seahawks win there.

  64. Snow day! Showed CNN Student News to my kids before we let out and the Hawks were on… Check it out at the 7:40 mark.

    Yeah, I said before but it’s SF that I’d like to beat for the division and then again is Seattle for a trip to the Super Bowl.

    Pab… nothing would be better than actually winning the Super Bowl.

  65. Southendzone says:

    The last time we lost in SF it was a close loss and one of RW’s first games. This team is far better than that for the Hawks. SF hasn’t proven much this season.

    I’m not going to hate on Kap, but I’ve watched a fair amount of his games this year, and NOTHING I see strikes fear into me. There was a concerted effort to take him out of the running QB style that made him so deadly last year and so far, he hasn’t shown the ability to make the new Kap anything near as scary as that one I saw last season.

    If I had 1 worry in this game it’s a dirty hit on RW, we saw one up here already. If SF gets the win, it will be because they have an all-around strong team, not because they have an elite QB.

  66. RDPoulsbo says:

    Exactly blocis. Browner is no young guy fresh out of college. He’s already 11 years into adulthood and has had plenty of time to claim his own life regardless of his background. Instead, he has repeated is mistakes regardless of whether he wins his appeal through the letter of the CBA. At some point, you have to accept responsibility for your actions. I supported him in during his last suspension, but can’t now because he should have learned after the first time.

    I don’t think the 49ers will be that difficult to beat because of what I’ve laid out before. They have a lot of key injuries on both of their lines. Their running game isn’t clicking as noted probably because of those said injuries, but Gore is slowing down. They are also a run first team, which means they aren’t going to make up for that loss of production even with Crabtree returning. Last I checked, Kapernick was still behind center. So yes, I do think Seattle will win comfortably. I also don’t think Seattle will face them a 3rd time because I think they’ll lose an away game in the wild card round.

  67. SandpointHawk says:

    Talk about stereotyping…Brandon Browner grew up in Sylmar Ca. A rural city in the northern San Fernando Valley of LA County. Average household income $65K+.
    Compare that to oh say Compton Ca.where Richard Sherman was raised; Average household income $39K

    BB did not come from a rough neighborhood, he was raised in an above average rural area, with a very low crime rate for LA county.

    Of course maybe the Sylmar Earthquake traumatized him in his youth…

  68. MoSeahawk12 says:

    Something to throw darts at, line the bottom of your bird cage or just….wipe.

  69. “I said then that RW Will Be a Top 5 QB (if not Top 3) this year….. and the majority of the people on this blog disagreed…. I am thinking, at least you are in agreement now. :)

    I don’t think I’ve ever picked on your posts Yank, but in the event you care, the above kind of post is, in a nutshell, what drives everyone crazy on here.

    It’s always so much more interesting to argue about people’s different observations and opinions (and I think yours are additive here) than it is to read self-congratulations.

    For what it’s worth . . .

  70. We clinch on their field & potentially knock them OUT of the playoffs is going to be motivation enough for these guys, we should’ve won the last time we were down there for crying out loud. Lynch ALWAYS runs well on those guys, & their secondary is suspect @ best, save for Reid, but he gambles a lot. I love that this game hardly even matters in the big picture of things, we could sit our starters & still keep it close I bet.

  71. I think the biggest variable in any SF game is the inconsistent Kaepernick. When he plays well the 49ers are very tough to beat. When he plays not so well, they are beatable. Having his receivers back will help him to play better and more consistently.

  72. The media is just struggling to find things wrong with Mr.Wilson. There are now watching more tape and looking at the numbers and there brains are not believing what they see. Truthfully I shake my head every game. What highlights dont show is the little things. On the Lockett catch which was a drop. Wilson instantly realized this and rushed to get play off to avoid a replay. Payton had the flag out but Wilson took option away and got 5 yards on 1st down. Wilsons best play was the Kearse td drop or the two runs that the refs took away or the picth to lynch that got a 1st but was called back or… Now I dont yell the TV I just smile and shake my head. To say that Phillip Rivers is better than Wilson is so wrong. So wrong . So wrong. Rivers really?

  73. tealskin says:

    Ofcourse how well he plays is greatly dictated by how much pressure he’s under. If Hawks keep a lid on the run game and control the receivers reasonably well, Kaep could start panicing. He’s cool as long as things are clicking.

  74. yankinta says:

    pdway,, I agree but it’s fun to poke fun at those that strongly disagreed with me (while calling me childish names). Especially when I’m 95% right about things I say/predict….. It drives them more crazy and it should. :)

  75. What are your upset specials for the week? I need to know where to go with my money.

  76. RDPoulsbo says:

    Looks like some East Coast fans are going to learn what it’s like to watch their team play a 10am local time game.

    Of course the comments from west coasters mention they’re not going to get up at 6:30am to watch, but it’s just as funny seeing the comments from people on the east coast complain about it being so early.


    Bludgeon them at home. Bludgeon the saints at home. The retard experts are jumping on the niners bandwagon in droves.

    Do they need to put 100 points up on a team to get some credibility?

    Harbaugh and Kraepernick are not better than Carroll and Wilson. Media sickens me.

  78. Rdpoulso, watch the east coast racism… I’m from the east coast. sick of the stereotypes.

  79. East Coast is not a “race”

  80. RDPoulsbo says:

    RADEoN, I lived through 12 years of east coast hell. Now that I’m back in the west, I’ll thoroughly enjoy watching them get a taste of their own medicine.

  81. yankinta says:

    RADEoN,, Of those Ignorant Idiots from ESPN, Only Tom Jackson is starting to see the light about RW. He said during MNF Pregame that the nation have yet understood How SPECIAL RW is….. The rest are dumb people that have not really watched Hawks games…

  82. mocarob says:

    Re: Browner.

    Browner was tested roughly 200 times while back in the league, but did not have a positive result until very recently, when he had a small amount of marijuana in his system, according to a source. However, had he not been escalated to Stage 3 for his missed tests when out of the NFL — if he was in Stage 2, for instance — two years of clean tests would have be enough to get him out of the program entirely.

  83. I just hope the refs this coming Sunday won’t spend too much time talking about “stretching out balls” over the loudspeakers.

  84. MoSeahawk12 says:

    No surprise, but Brian Billick is a fool. He basically said the niners will beat us this week cause they want the playoffs to come through SF. He knows they are sitting behind us, the Saints and Panthers right? He barely mentions the domination of the Saints and still throws the playoff teams have to win on the road. Seattle is five and one on the road this year Billy.

  85. “I just hope the refs this coming Sunday won’t spend too much time talking about “stretching out balls” over the loudspeakers.”

    So does Vernon Davis!

  86. SlickToxic21 says:

    Trent Dilfer said on the pregame show that he thinks we’re all being “duped” into thinking Seattle has a top defense. That they will be exposed like KC’s defense was exposed.
    He has since apologized on twitter….giving Seattle their props….but seriously some of these “expert” opinions!!!???

  87. jboard1 says:

    Agreed Mo…he’s blind. But its not just him. Not many media members want to give any time to this team even when they are clearly better than most. Even tho i’m used to it, it still bothers me. They dont want to waste time on our small market team, they would rather talk about the terrible Jets and Giants because of the larger markets. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again…even if we win multiple superbowls, the media still won’t give us the props we feel we deserve. We will always be on the back burner to the larger markets. It is a shame. If Pete had this exact team assembled in say, New York, Texas, even San Fran, the media would be falling head over heels for him and JS and RW and ET and Sherm. But because it is Seattle, they just brush it off. It drives me crazy

  88. SlickToxic21 says:

    I dunno jboard……..I feel like that would be the only way for Seattle to become part of the “conversation”, when different media are discussing top teams. Win a couple of Super Bowls, and find yourself playing 2 or 3 Monday night games each year…..then maybe.
    That said, I try not to get bothered by it……although I will say that it’s nice to see more features on our guys during pre-game shows.
    Winning and having Sherman on our team is most responsible for that.

  89. jboard1 says:

    I know where you are coming from there, i still feel like that could happen. However, we are already slated for multiple Prime time games. 2 mondays this year plus a couple sunday night too. And even when we win those games, i feel like they half way give us props, but then talk about how it was the other team who didnt play well blah blah blah. I dont know, i’m cynical, and maybe i just listen more to the negative because i am so used to hearing it. But i just feel like if Seattle was a larger market on the east coast, they would be eating this team up right now instead of barely talking about us.

    In the end, all that matters is us 12’s and this team. We know how good they are, and maybe someday they will see it too. I need to stop worrying about the stupid media! Go Hawks. I can’t wait for sundays game against the 9ers…i sure hope all the 9er fans read the cheering instructions so they know how and when to cheer for their team :)

  90. Hawkenstein says:

    All these “experts” pick against Seattle just so in the off chance they are right they can be the first one to say….”See we told you so”

    They are so blinded by dislike for the Seahawks it makes me sick.

    One thing about Browner… is it possible he could get a positive test by just being in the same room as someone smoking weed off the second hand smoke?

  91. Southendzone says:

    How can any of you get up in arms about the consensus picks on espn?

    You think that panel of experts are truly researching and looking at what’s going on? In general they probably know who’s favored and will always tend to pick the favored and/or home team. It’s meaningless and not even really a sign of disrespect. They probably spend as much time on those picks as on selecting what they eat for breakfast.

    Something truly interesting would be what’s going on in Vegas, how has the line moved? Where is the professional gambler money coming in, are they staying away from this game or what?

    and yes, I also want to see Yankita’s upset picks, just to find out if he can get back on track after last week.

  92. SlickToxic21 says:

    Well I do know that some reporters just say stuff (usually controversial in nature) to create a name for themselves….see Skip Bayless……but clearly the national media would prefer the NYG or Jets or Chicago or the larger market teams would win each year. Sells papers.
    But I do feel like teams like SF, Miami, Pittsburgh, Denver put themselves on the media map, by winning and/or having fancy-schmancy QB’s.
    I feel like this year, and for the foreseeable future, that we may have all the makings of a team that can’t be overlooked….now for sure…but beyond this year as well. Wilson is so good, and so likeable, that he may become the next Favre, Manning, Brady, Rodgers….as far as being one of the “faces” of the NFL.

  93. MoSeahawk12 says:

    The truth of the matter is that our team hasn’t won in SF in about five years. Last year was close and we should have won if not for all the dropped passes, but that’s the way it went. Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, P Willis and Bowman are more concerning than anything ESPN says. If they are missing their top two O-lineman though, that would be huge for us.

  94. RDPoulsbo says:

    Has anyone taken a look at the ESPN “Expert” picks and compared their record to your Pigskin Pick’em entry? For the most part, they’re records are no better than yours. Their job is to entertain. Being an expert is secondary.

  95. SandpointHawk says:

    Let them pick against the Hawks…

    Print it and pin it to the Bulletin Board Pete…

  96. The experts picking against Seattle doesn’t bother me, and that’s not because I make fun if they’re wrong. The pundits are each trying to cover a league of 32 teams and 1600+ players, so their attention has to be spread out, unlike fans like us that can focus on one team. Plus, considering that it’s a business, their attention and study are going to be slanted in favor of teams with bigger fan bases.

    I can’t hold it against them for wondering when the dominant team is going to crash, either. How many double digit win/one loss teams in the history of the league have taken a hard tumble as the season winds down? Quite a few (including this season), so why not the 2013 Seahawks? PC’s taking the team on the road against a team that can reasonably be seen as on the rise.

    I disagree with them, but I don’t see it as a dis.

  97. “Say you were on short term medical leave from your work for say… cancer treatment. Then your boss leaked information that you had HIV, and published it on a national news site?”

    Not only would you have an air tight civil case, but criminal caharges could potentially also be filed. That is an obvious HIPAA violation. Anyone leaking something about a drug test or injury that the player hasn’t given consent to be released is breaking criminal law. Hence the anonymous sources.

    I don’t get why people get all that worked up about what the “experts” predict. You might as well get mad at your dog for licking his balls IMO.

  98. I’m starting to think that yank is hiding a code in his posts composed of all the first letters of the words he incorrectly capitalizes. For what purpose though? Activating Al Qaeda cells? Secret correspondence with Carroll? Directions to a buried treasure?

    Here are the ones in his post from 11:09 today if anyone is interested in trying to organize them into a coherent message: w, f, r, b, f, y, s, f, f, w, c, p, a, h, w, r, s, r, c, p, t, g, d, r, c, s, l, and t.

    P.S. I still got love for ya, yank. I think you do contribute some of the time. It was meant to be a joke. Hopefully you take it in that spirit.

  99. bbmate–directions to his pokemon cards and monster energy drink stash, maybe…

  100. raymaines says:

    Jaws is the best picker in the ESPN world and he’s just a little better than two out of three. I’ve got 120 points on my Pigskin Pickum thing. I think that must be about two out of three.

    Anyway, Jaws is picking the Seahawks, so I’m a total Jaws supporter this week. Speaking of supporters: did Ed Hochuli really take a timeout to switch his balls?

  101. Could be, STTBM. lol :-)

  102. I was clipping along about 70% on the pickem – then missed a week or two :( only got in for the late games a couple of times :(

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